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Homework Club

Educational research is inconclusive regarding controversial debate about the benefits of homework. If you have a son or daughter who is happy to quietly do their homework without a fuss, the issue most likely won’t be of particular interest to you. If however you have a child who groans about homework, who finds homework a challenge or who thinks that if they are working at school all day they should not have to work at home as well......

St. Peter’s College may have a solution to your problem…Homework Club!

Homework Club is a place for students to study and to receive one onone help with their homework and assignments. Students are encouraged to do their best in a helpful, positive and friendly environment.

Attending Homework Club once or twice a week can enable students to take personal responsibility for managing their schoolwork commitments, to develop a study routine, self-discipline, organisational and time management skills.

Homework Club runs from Monday to Thursday, during Term 

3:30pm to 4:30pm and is available for all students, Years 7-12.