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The SRC contributes to the College Community in many ways. Their organisation and involvement in Harmony Day and St. Peter’s Day, Campus and House Assemblies, Forum and SRC Meetings, the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser and as guides at our Campus Tours and Year 7 Information Evening.






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SRC West Campus News

St. Peter's Day 2017

On the 27th June we celebrated St. Peter’s Day. This day was full of many new things, joy and excitement for both the staff and students.

To start off our day, we had an amazing Mass filled with many hymns sung by our VCE students and inspiring teachings from our Parish priest, Father Denis. As an SRC Member this year it was mine and my fellow members duty to make sure St. Peter’s Day was a day to remember. To ensure this, we all went out of our way to arrange new rides, new food stalls and an amazing DJ.

Throughout the day you could see many new things and we had student after student come up to us saying what a great job we did this year.

St. Peter’s Day may be a day full or rides, food and music but aside from all of that we dedicated this day to our St. Peter.

In the afternoon we had our annual St. Peter’s Day Talent Quest. Thank you to all those students who put themselves out there and preformed for us all. This was a great way to end a full but tiring and long Semester 1 and for that we as the SRC want to thank all the teachers who helped make this day happen and our College Captains for devoting time and effort to ensure everything went well.

Now as we enter Semester 2 we have our Athletics Carnival coming up! As we all know this is a compulsory school event which will be happening on Thursday the 3rd of August at Casey Fields Athletics Track. We hope to see everyone put in the same amount of effort as last year and to see which house will take home a win!

Last year we had the mighty Romeo walk away with the overall win, but Assisi House won the House Spirit Shield! (GOOOOOO ASSISI!!!!).

Let’s all give it our best shot and ensure we turn up in FULL sports uniform on the day.

Rutendo Pasura, SRC Media Liaison West Campus

SRC 2017 Training Day

On Monday 22nd of May, the SRC were given the opportunity to attend a training day for both the West Campus and East Campus SRC Representatives.

The day was an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to each other and participate in team building activities. Students were required to form groups with students from both East and West Campus and discuss things we have in common.

We were also given the privilege to have people from ‘Survivor’ come in and host Team Building Competitions. We formed teams of six and were given a flag to represent a country. Students then developed a team chant to perform and came up with a team name.

We were then spit into half and competed against other teams. One of the most favoured team building activities was when everyone in the team had to build a tent, blindfolded within 15 minutes. A Team Captain was decided and they weren’t blindfolded and had to guide us through every step, but they were not allowed to touch the tent.

The aim of this activity was for us gain trust in each other and learn how to work as a team, while being disadvantaged.

Throughout the day we all made new friendships and got to familiarise ourselves with other SRC students and teachers, as well as learning skills to assist us to be a Leader.

On behalf of the SRC, a special thank you to Mrs McKenna, Mr Hansen, from the West Campus, and Mr Woodhouse from the East Campus for organising the day as well as our College Captains for their valuable participation on the day and lunch.

Rutendo Pasura, SRC Media Liaison, West Campus

2017 Harmony Day

On Thursday 16th of March 2017 we celebrated Harmony Day.

Harmony Day is a day used to celebrate all the different cultures around the world and to get to know our fellow students backgrounds. This year on Harmony day students wore clothes from their cultural background or the colour orange. Throughout the day there were many stalls being run by Houses as well as our VCal students, to raise money for Project Compassion. These stalls consisted of food from around the world, henna and hairspray.

The day started off with an assembly in period one, where we were given the opportunity to have our very own students perform cultural dances. We had a Bollywood dancer come in and perform a dance for us, then she taught a few students a few basic Bollywood moves. We then had a Samoan group of girls who sang as well and danced to their cultural music, then to finish it all off we had a group of Africa girls perform 2 different dances. These girls spent a lot of time and effort creating these routines and a special thanks to Miss Robertson for her contribution.

During recess, there was a fashion parade held in the courtyard. The name of a country would be called and people dressed in that attire would walk down the catwalk and show there cultural clothes, whilst music from the country/state would be playing in the background.

Overall it was a very inspirational and motivating day and a special thank you to Mr Hansen, Mr Black and all the students who made Harmony Day an unforgettable one. 

All fundraising monies from the day, contributes to our Caritas Project Compassion donation. West Campus raised just over $2,150.00

Rutendo Pasura, SRC Media Liaison West Campus


Hello, my name is Rutendo Pasura and I am the official SRC Media Liaison for West Campus. I am 15 years old and currently in Year 9. I was given the opportunity to be Forum Leader for Assisi House for the second year in a row as well as the opportunity to be in the SRC. So far I have enjoyed my time in the SRC and I look forward to the many great things we have in store for 2017.

On February 21st we had our first meeting. In this meeting we introduced ourselves to each other and starting suggesting ideas to make changes towards the school. The duty of each and every SRC member is to be the voice of the students. Not everyone will be able to speak up and be heard so connecting with one of the SRC members is a way for you as a student of St. Peter’s College to be heard. A motto I like to think to myself is, “that no idea is a bad idea”, which is why every issue or idea a student raises with a SRC Member will never be neglected.

A few different things that made this meeting one not to forget was how well everyone got along and how open it was. People were not afraid to make suggestions and just from looking at everyone you could see how culturally diverse the group was.

Rutendo Pasura, SRC Media Liaison West Campus

New Structure for SRC

Each Campus Student Representative Council would be made up from a selection of Forum Leaders and the eight Year 12 College Captains:

  • Male College Captain
  • Female College Captain
  • Arts Captain
  • Environment Captain
  • Liturgy Captain
  • Social Justice Captain
  • Male Sports Captain
  • Female Sports Captain

The House Leaders, Pastoral Care Leader and Deputy Principal nominate & vote on two Forum Leaders from each House to fill the following positions:

  • Year 7 SRC students (at least two)
  • Year 8 SRC students (at least two)
  • Year 9 SRC representative (at least two)
  • Year 10 SRC representative (at least two)
  • Senior (Year 11/12) SRC representative (at least two)
  • Some year levels will have three student representatives as the number of Forum Leaders, but the number of Forum Leaders on the SRC will be fixed at 16 students.
  • House Leaders may choose up to five other Forum Leaders
  • Two Middle School SRC students representatives (Year 8-10) will be elected as Uniform Committee Representatives
  • This gives a total number of students on the SRC as twenty four students