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Student Wellbeing

St Peter's College Anaphylaxis Policy and Plan

The key to prevention of anaphylaxis in our College is knowledge of those students who have been diagnosed at risk, awareness of triggers (allergens), and prevention of exposure to these triggers. Partnership between parents and St Peter's College is important in ensuring that certain foods or items are kept away from the student while at school.

St Peter's College Student Medication Management Policy & Plan

This policy aims to ensure the physical wellbeing of students who may need to take medication  during school activities (internal or external).

St Peter's College recognises that students may need to take prescribed and/or non-prescribed medication(s) during school activities (Internal or external) and that student's continued attendance at school and benefit from education my be dependent on this therapy.

Students have the right to learn in a safe environment, including when they have access to ICTs to enhance their learning.

St Peter's College is committed to the responsible and educational use of ICTs and to the protection of students by providing secure access to these services as part of their learning experience. 


St Peter's College recognises its duty to students to provide a safe and positive learning environment where individual differences and diversity within the College is respected and accepted.

Bullying is not tolerated at St Peter's College.