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Issue 138  |  28 June 2018
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From our Principal

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

The Feast of St Peter

Happy Feast day. Today marks the feast day of our patron St Peter. The apostle Peter had a unique and very close bond to Jesus. It was Peter that was entrusted with the “Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matt 16:18-19). It was Peter that was referred to as the “the rock upon which the Church will be built”, and, it was Peter that Jesus commanded to “Feed my sheep, look after my lambs” (John 21:15-19). It is important as a community to not only celebrate the day (as we did on Tuesday) but to pause and reflect on how we can be more like Peter. What is it in our daily interactions with others, family, friends, colleagues or indeed the strangers we meet on life’s journey where we can embrace Peter’s mission of building the Kingdom of God. How can we live out faithfully our mission of feeding the College community with the life-giving Word of God. One certainty is that this can only happen if the College community, parents, staff and students, commit to this in partnership.

St Peter

St. Peter’s Day

Our traditional St. Peter’s Day took on a new tradition as we came together as one school, at the beginning of the day, for a mass celebration at Casey Basketball stadium. No longer have we the space to house the whole school but this didn’t stop us from experiencing a wonderfully uplifting  mass in a creatively designed sacred space. Mr David Hansen spoke eloquently of the 6 character strengths Peter possessed: Spirituality, Fairness, Leadership, Kindness, Love and Humility. Mr Hansen challenged all to strive to be witnesses to each of these character strengths in our everyday lives. This was preceded by a talk by Mr David Edwards from the St Vincent de Paul Society. He spoke of Cranbourne being the second most needy suburb in Australia.  These were sobering words and placed the concept of one of our three pillars, Service, front and centre as we celebrated mass.

After mass it was back to the respective campuses for great activities and events, culminating in the traditional talent quest. Days like these are perfect vehicles in building community and I congratulate all concerned.

St Peters Day Chris

St Peters Day

2018 St Peters Day

2018 St Peters Day

Central Australia and Northern Territory Expedition

41 students and 4 staff headed off on the annual pilgrimage to Central Australia and the Northern Territory on Wednesday morning. The group will visit such places as: Cooper Pedy, Uluru, Kings Canyon, Alice Springs, Katherine Gorge, Kakadu and Darwin. During their time they will be immersed in the history and culture of our Indigenous people. You will be able to follow their experiences on the St. Peter’s College Facebook page. We wish them a wonderful trip and a safe return

School Improvement Framework

As mentioned a number of times this year, St. Peter’s College is undergoing a School Improvement process throughout 2018, reflecting on our strategic plan over the past 4 years and projecting ourselves forward to the next 4 years where a rigorous School Improvement Agenda is to be planned and implemented.

In the next week all parents will receive a short survey, to complete via Care Monkey to complete. I encourage all parents to take this opportunity to contribute to our future directions.

Building a Sustainable Environment

This year we have invested $500,000 dollars to ensure we reduce our Carbon Footprint. This week we, on both campuses, connected our recently installed solar panels to the main electricity grid. From day 1 this project is cost positive in that the costs saved through the use of Solar energy will fund the costs of the project. It is expected that excess energy generated will soon be flowing back to the grid and be picked up by our electricity company. No longer will St. Peter’s be relying on energy generated by the burning of fossil fuels, thus assisting in reducing greenhouse gases. A win for the college and a win for the environment. I congratulate all that have contributed to this project.

Solar Panels

Wishing all a safe and restful holiday break. A reminder that school re-commences on Monday, 16 July.

Mr Chris Black

Chris Black Signature

Latest News
East Campus News

St. Peter’s Day - A Celebration of the Life of St. Peter.

St. Peter’s Day 2018 was a truly blessed event. The whole school mass provided us with the opportunity to explore a richer understanding and experience of the life of St. Peter and his impact on each of us. A closeness was felt by our community as we shared in the Eucharist and began a deeper connection with the teachings of St. Peter.  The celebrations continued back at East Campus where staff, students and parents had spent many hours over the past few weeks preparing adventures, including an escape room and a haunted house. Games of skill, such as just dance, nearest the pin, and minute to win it challenges had also been meticulously planned for our day. For those who wanted more of a relaxed time, a great movie with popcorn was on offer. Many students took the opportunity to record this special day via the photo booth. Thank you to all who were involved in making St Peter’s Day 2018 a wonderfully spiritual and fun day.

We are so very lucky to be able to celebrate our patron saint’s day, and do so with great energy and spirit as we never forget that this day is also about raising much needed funds for those in our communities that need support.  We indeed have learnt much from St. Peter and below are a few more lessons that we can take from our St. Peter.

Lessons We Can Learn from the Life of St. Peter.

Jesus overcomes fear. Whether stepping out of a boat onto a tossing sea Peter found courage in following Christ. “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear” (1 John 4:18).

Jesus forgives unfaithfulness. After he had boasted of his fidelity, Peter fervently denied the Lord three times. It seemed that Peter had burned his bridges, but Jesus lovingly rebuilt them and restored Peter to service. Peter was a former failure, but, with Jesus, failure is not the end. 

Jesus patiently teaches. Over and over, Peter needed correction, and the Lord gave it with patience, firmness, and love. The Master Teacher looks for students willing to learn. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go” (Psalm 32:8).

Jesus sees us as He intends us to be. The very first time they met, Jesus called Simon “Peter.” The rough and reckless fisherman was, in Jesus’ eyes, a firm and faithful rock. “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion” (Philippians 1:6)

A prayer for St Peter’s Day.  Dear God, We ask that like Peter we too will try our best to be fearless, faithful, and patient and learn to love fully in Jesus name. Amen.

Mass is celebrated at Casey Stadium.

2018 Mass

2018 Mass

The fun and games begin back at East Campus!

2018 St Peters Day  

2018 St Peters Day

Just Dance was very popular!

2018 St Peters Day

2018 St Peters Day

Lunch is always good, especially when it is free. Thanks P&F for your culinary expertise.  Thank you to the following helpers:

Naomi Bartlett
Kim Butler
Sandra Ramirez
Shannon Cassidy
Nirene Inati
Deanna Drozario
Tarryn Stewart

2018 St Peters Day

The Finale and one of the great highlights of the day is the Talent Quest. Hotly contested this year, it was very difficult for the judges, in particular Mr Myers, to separate the contestants.  A big thank you to Mr Wallwork, Mr Pulley and all of the staff and students involved in setting up and running this event.    And the winners are: 

2018 St Peters Day

Congratulations to
First Prize – Mia Raso Year 7
Second Prize – Jacob Sita Year 8
Third Prize – Kirstine Duran Year 7

2018 St Peters Day

2018 St Peters Day

2018 St Peters Day

Thank you to all involved in making this the best St Peter’s Day ever.

Rosemary Graham Shield update:

Not much movement over the past few weeks in the ladder. Next term we need to see more events run by each house as a way of building spirit and providing extra curricula activities run by and for the students. 

Rosemary Graham Shield - end of Semester 1 2018

2018 Rosemary Graham Shield Results
Refugee Assemblies:

The importance of goal setting and using our character strengths.
On Monday 16th July, first day term 3, all students will be involved in Goal Setting.  During this session, Learning Advisors will assist students to revisit the goals that were set at the beginning of the year. The program is designed to have students revisit, renew and/or redesign the academic goals they will strive to achieve throughout semester 2. Students will further develop their goal setting page in their eportfolio on schoolbox. Using character strengths identified in semester one, students will develop strategies they can use to support the development and achievement of the semester two goals. Learning how to frame goals and being willing to review and re-set goals are important skills that support effective learning and help us to become our best self.
The goal setting exercise is designed to:

  • focus students on educational outcomes; 
  • build capacity  to tackle challenges;
  • sort out what is important; 
  • assist motivation;
  • inspire students to take responsibility;
  • develop good learning practices; and 
  • provide students with strategies for achieving their goals.

Students will set SMART Goals which are:   Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Rigorous, Realistic and Results Focused, Timely and Trackable.
I would encourage all parents to view their child’s eportfolio on schoolbox and discuss the importance of setting goals, and the relevance of our character strengths in supporting the achievement of these goals.

Special reminder

The next Family Prayer Meeting is scheduled for this Friday, 29 June at 7.30pm upstairs in Lyons building as usual.

I wish all students and their families a very safe, productive and peaceful school holidays.

Mrs Julie Banda
Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus

West Campus News

St. Peter’s Day

St. Peter’s Day at the West Campus provided a huge variety of events and activities for students to participate in once again this year.  The big attractions were the UFO Thrill Ride, Human Fooseball and the Gladiator Challenge.  Strike Bowling provided a ten pin bowling machine in the Donnelly foyer. 
2018 St Peters Day West  

2018 St Peters Day West

2018 St Peters Day West

2018 St Peters Day West
Houses organised many things and the work that House Leaders and Student Forums did was greatly appreciated.  These included:
Assisi House: Longest kick competition
Augustine House: Pizza for sale
Avila House: Basketball competition
Glowrey House: Hair & Henna
Kolbe House: Bake sale
MacKillop House: Photo Booth and cakes
Marian House: Xbox competition
Romero: Mini Golf and Hole in One Competition (Golf & Soccer)

2018 St Peters Day West

2018 St Peters Day West

2018 St Peters Day West
A number of other successful activities included the Trinity Foundation guess the lollies competition (Social Justice Committee led by Ms Gonsalves), Peter’s Parlour Ice Cream shop (run by Year 8 Shark Tank students) and the fairy floss and popcorn once again organised by Ms Pina Marciano and Ms Kim Rackham.

Thank you to the parents Ms Briony Molloy, Mr Paul Leitao, Ms Geralyn Pallada and Mr Carl Scott who so generously gave up their time to cook the BBQ for the students who were all provided with free food and drink.

Finally, well done to all Ms Mady Bolch, Ms Laura Appleby and Ms Christina Burton for organising the Talent Quest to finish the day. Mr John Phillips once again worked hard to provide top quality sound. It was good to have the expertise of Arts Captain Kira May to improve the quality of the judging panel.  The winning acts were:

First Place: A combined performance involving dancers, Sheridan Kraszka, Breannyn Cordell & Natalie Angus with Celeste Hill singing and accompanied by Suvansh Khanna on keyboard.
Second Place: Suvansh Khanna who played a mash up of songs on keyboard.
Wild Card: Jason Chan singing an original composition performed on keyboard lampooning love songs.
2018 St Peters Day West

2018 St Peters Day West  

Environment Trophy – eWaste Competition

The Environment Club, under the inspirational leadership of Ms Stephanie Lomas, ran a very practical eWaste Competition for the Term 2 Environment Trophy.  Basically anything that had an electric cable or could take one could be recycled.  Fortunately, we did not have an inundation of washing machines or refrigerators.  However, staff and students certainly took advantage of this competition that saw MacKillop House as the chief recyclers for the term.

Thanks also to Mr Chris O’Hara who assisted with taking a lot of the waste to the recycling centre with his trailer.
2018 west article

McGuigan Shield

With only one term remaining, and the three major competitions now finalised (Swimming, Cross-Country & Athletics), the final ladder is becoming clearer.  Though MacKillop recently narrowed the margin between first and second by winning the Term 2 Environment Trophy, it will become increasingly difficult to displace Avila from top spot.  The Assisi House Indoor Soccer Competition will begin again in the first week of Term 3 and a number of houses will also run competitions to provide an opportunity for involvement in the extra-curricular life of the College.
2018 west article

Musical Performance

On Sunday, our senior music teacher, Mr Frank Carter, invited 5 of our Year 12 students to perform with him publicly at the Baxter Tavern.  It was a wonderful opportunity for Brooklyn Faamausili, Isabelle Hamilton, Celeste Hill, Kira May and Jade Thomas to sing and play saxophone and keyboards in front of a large crowd.  They all performed admirably and were all professional and entertaining.  Most importantly, all these students looked to really relish this chance to showcase their talent.  Thanks to Mr Carter, who as a professional musician himself, encourages his students and provided them with this wonderful opportunity.


As we enter the last week of term, I know that many staff and students are looking forward to a well-earned break and no doubt some extended restful sleep.  I recently read the following extract from Luke McKenna who shared this weekly Positive Education Practice about sleep:

“Restful sleep, being active and eating healthy are all connected to each other. When we get a good sleep at night, it makes it easier for us to eat well and move more the next day (Rath, 2013). These things have a flow on effect, and can cause either an upward or downward spiral in our daily lives. Research has shown exercise can help to improve not only the quantity of sleep but also the quality: daytime physical activity can stimulate longer periods of slow-wave sleep, the deepest and most restorative stages of sleep (Breus, 2018). Getting enough sleep is really important, as during sleep our body repairs itself, while our mind is able to rest and consolidate previous learning. We all have a natural sleep and waking cycle - if we disrupt this cycle we can find it hard to get to sleep. It can also make us irritable, and lead to low concentration and health issues such as heart problems, weight gain and depression. Having a bedtime routine is a great way to cue our bodies for rest (Rath, 2013). This might include journaling, listening to quiet music, reading, prayer, doing some gentle yoga or meditation. To help maintain our natural rhythm we should turn off electronics a few hours before sleep, at roughly the same time every night. The exposure to light from our devices suppresses melatonin which is our sleepy hormone, making it harder to fall asleep and decreasing sleep quality.  

Description of Positive Education Practice: Bedtime Routine

  1. Think about two habits you could include in your routine to get ready for bed each night.  
  2. In order to implement your new bedtime routine, finish this sentence for each of your two bedtime habits.

“I will [INSERT ACTION] every weeknight at [TIME] in [PLACE].”
e.g. 1- “I will [stop using my electronic devices] every weeknight at [7:30pm] in [my bedroom].”
e.g. 2- “I will [read] every weeknight at [8:45pm] in [my bed].
The main message is for students to take care of their mind and body so that they can get the best out of their schooling.  Please talk with your child about some of these positive practices and see how to help them be implemented. 

Study Leave

This Friday I will travel to Israel for a 4 week course at Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem.  This study leave will allow me to visit a number of sites in the Holy Land and deepen my understanding and spirituality surrounding Saint Peter in particular.  I look forward to coming back renewed at the end of Week 3, Term 3 and being able to share my learnings with the staff and students.

I thank Miss Fiona McKenna for taking on the Acting Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus role in my absence.  The Acting Pastoral Care Leader will be Mr Peter Brannan and Mr Calen Robinson will take on the role of Acting Assisi House Leader.  I know they will experience the wonderful support that you show me.

I wish all our students a restful break and hope that our parents and carers get the opportunity to enjoy some extra family time over the school holidays.

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching News

VCE Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews will take place on Tuesday, 24 July from 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Year 12 East and West VCE teachers will be available for Parent Teacher Interviews in upstairs Benedict Building on the West campus. These interviews are deliberately scheduled to coincide with our Futures Expo to encourage parents and students to meet with VCE teachers and then attend the Expo in the hall and discuss post-secondary options with the attending providers. This is also the ideal time to assess student progress to date and ensure all students are on track for successful completion of the Victorian Certificate of Education. Instructions to book will be emailed in the very near future.


Year 7 - 12 End of Semester Reports will be available via Schoolbox by the end of this week

Any parent who requires a hard copy or assistance with language conversion is asked to contact the College Front Office.

Changes to Reports can be summarised as follows.

  1. Throughout semester 1 staff mark common assessment tasks in each subject and publish results as they occur. Parents have continuous access to student progress via Schoolbox. Assessment tasks should appear in Schoolbox no later than 2 weeks after student submission.
  2. At the end of each Semester, a summary of student progress against the Victorian Curriculum Standards will be produced. This will include growth since the Semester 2, 2017 Reporting period, together with the age expected standard.

Parents are asked to contact myself or teaching staff if they require further clarification.

An email home will indicate when Reports are available together with Instructions for viewing.

2018 report example

Year 9 into Year 10 - So much choice

Because the Year 9 into Year 10 level provides so much opportunity for choice and personalised pathways it is vital that all avenues and combinations are clearly understood before subject selections take place. Therefore all Year 9 Students will be asked to attend a Subject Selection Interview with their parents and a Staff member on Thursday, 26 July and Friday, 27 July. Details and interview times will be emailed shortly.

Year 10 into Year 11 Subject Selection

Unlike a number of Colleges, St Peter's chooses to canvass student subject interest before determining which subjects are offered in the VCE. It is therefore very important that all students take the subject selection process seriously. The process offers a variety of supports for students in selecting Year 11 and 12  subjects.

  1. The College Handbook is now distributed ready for reading over the holidays.
  2. The first pastoral programme of Term 3 is focused on Careers
  3. All Year 10 students are required to attend and ask questions at the Futures Expo
  4. Each Year 10 student is invited with their parents to an interview with either House Leaders or the Curriculum Team. Attendance at these interviews is compulsory in order to discuss the two year program of VCE, VCAL or VET.

These interviews will take place at on Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 July. At the East Campus interviews will be in the Discovery Centre and in the Terry Feely Learning Centre at West.

Mrs Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Mission & Catholic Identity News

St Peter’s Day Mass

It was great to celebrate St Peter’s Day (June 26) with a Mass as a whole College under the one roof of Casey Stadium. It has been the first time that the College has gathered together as one, since student numbers have grown to levels whereby the West Hall cannot cater for.

We thank our Parish Priests, Fr Denis O’Bryan and Fr Joseph Abutu for celebrating Mass with us. 

To have so many gathered in one place takes much organisation and effort. 

  • We thank Pastoral Associate, Mr Deng Chuor who trained and guided 12 altar servers for the Mass
  • We thank Mr David Edwards from St Vincent de Paul, Cranbourne and Mr David Hansen, Deputy Principal (Head of West Campus) for your reflections and words of wisdom on themes connected to our St Peter’s Day
  • We thank our 14 Student Leaders for your help and support with the Mass
  • We thank our music staff who had over 40 students involved in the choir or on instruments
  • We thank the 12 staff members who put their hand up to be Extraordinary Ministers
  • We thank the Staff who offered to be Ushers and did this job so well
  • We thank our IT crew who organised the sound and that there was no hitches with technology!
  • We thank the many ‘quiet’ members of staff who played such important roles on the day such as preparing the space, guiding students, driving buses, amongst many ‘jobs’
  • We thank members of our community for attending

After hearing David Hansen speak about his St. Peter it made me think as to who St Peter is for me…

June 29 is the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. When I was in Grade Six I made my confirmation. As is the way, I was told to research a saint’s name that would be given to me as my confirmation name. I put forward a couple of names that I read about that sounded good to a Grade Six boy. My mum didn’t agree with them and explained that Barabbas was not a saint and we don’t want to upset the Archbishop. So I got the confirmation name, Peter. A safe bet for mum, but a saint with a great story and message.

I have had some great experiences that have involved the story of Peter. The first was on my first trip to Rome and like many people on visiting Rome, seeing St Peter’s Basilica in the flesh for the first time is a moment etched in the memory. Another was walking the land that Peter would have, around the Galilee in Israel. 

Peter’s conversion holds much significance for the Catholic Church and therefore for us as a Catholic place of learning. A theological insight can be seen in Matt 16:13-23 with Jesus anticipating that the institutional Church would be developed after his death and resurrection. He names Peter as the ‘rock’, as called to be the foundation of the Church. Peter took Jesus aside and began to rebuke him that he was to suffer ‘this shall never happen to you’ it is an example of the faith or fides qua, that Jesus expected of his followers and what was going to be required of them to continue his mission and evangelise.

Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium presents a similar message to that found in Matt 16:13-23, with Jesus responding to the concerns of the disciples, that they must have faith and to build a Church that is for all people. Therefore, a key theology point outlined in Evangelii Gaudium, for us in a Catholic education context, is that the mission of Jesus is open to all and that Christians must commence a ‘new evangelisation’. Pope Francis is teaching a message to Catholic Christians, again similar to a message presented to Peter, that we the followers are the new ‘rock’, and that Christians today need to be part of a movement that includes all people.


Mr Matt Williams
Deputy Principal - Mission & Cathloic Identity

General News

Team 11 Ambassadors

Cranbourne East Campus has become the first school to appoint official Team 11 Ambassadors to spread the word about the A-League and W-League bid from south-east Victoria.

East Campus College Captains – and avid football fans - Eddie Elbazi and Natalia Girvasi have been given the roles in an initiative driven entirely by the school.

Eddie and Natalia will publicise the Team 11 bid throughout the College community, while also encouraging fellow students and parents to sign-up to the bid’s database and follow its social media channels.

Eddie Elbazi said he had been bugging his teachers to do more to support Team 11’s A-League and W-League push for some time.

“We wanted to be Team 11 ambassadors because we love football and, having a club based next door, it’s a wonderful opportunity for our school” Eddie said.

“I think Team 11 would be a huge success for the A-League because south-east of Victoria has one of the largest growing populations in Australia and there’s heaps of soccer talent and lovers out here, because there are more than 100 local teams”.

“Just like the impact Western Sydney Wanderers had on the A-league when they joined, I think Team 11 can have the same contribution”.

Natalia said she is relatively new convert to football but, with one of her passions being community work, the Year 12 student said she thinks the benefits of having a professional football club in the region would be huge. “I think Team 11 will have a massive impact on my community because it allows all junior footballers the opportunity to rise to the elite level through pathways and programs the club is offering”. Natalia said.

“With that, there are going to be a lot of positive male and female role models right here in the community”.

“Throughout the rest of this year we are going to be encouraging fellow students and the wider community to like the Facebook page, join the Team 11 database and get excited about this wonderful opportunity for our region”.

Eddie and Natalia will hand on the ambassador baton to two Year 11 students before the end of the school year, but are committed to continue their support of Team 11 into the future.

2018 Team 11

2018 Reach Out

Free support service for parents over the phone and computer / tablet.

If you are worried and want to build on your relationship with your teenager, we can provide a free one-on-one program to help you stay connected.  

Follow the link to ReachOut Parents Coaching.

Solomon Islands Immersion Program Fundraising

Solomon Islands Immersion Program Fundraising Update!

Our Year 12 students will be putting on further fundraising initiatives throughout Terms 1, 2 & 3 and your support is warmly welcomed.

Krispy Kreme Donuts Fundraiser. Thu July 19

Delivery Fri 3 August

$20.00 per dozen Sugar Glaszd origninal donuts.

Contact College Reception to place your order and pay prior to Thur 19 July.  Order Form attached.

Delivery on Fri 3 Aug to your choice of West Campus, East Campus or to your Trivia Night Table.

To download an order form please click here

2018 Krispy Creme

Trivia and Silent Auction Evening.  Fri 3 August

Why not get a group of 10 together and join us on the night, $20 per person. Great fun as we battle it out to see who will be 2018 Trivia Champions and to pick up a bargain. No Reserves, everything will be sold!
Check out our Facebook Event notice for more details. Book you tickets at College Reception NOW on 5990 7777. 

We are currently seeking donations of goods and services that can be auctioned on the night.
To donate Goods and Service for our Silent Auction please contact April Hampson, Marketing Manager on 5990 7777 or email ahampson@stpeters.vic.edu.au

Outlet Shopping Tour. Saturday, 25 August

NEW DATE: A full day of shopping at some of Melbourne premium outlets. Pick up and drop off in Cranbourne. $60.00 per person. Pick up and drop off in Cranbourne.
See more details on Facebook and register your interest. Places are limited so reserve you place now at College Reception on 5990 7777
 2018 Shopping Tour Poster 
Our Solomon Islands Immersion Program is the pinnacle our Social Justice programs here at St. Peter’s College and includes the students initiating a number of fundraising activities throughout the year, with the aim to raise much needed funds for our sister school Bishop Epalle Catholic School in Honiara. 

Follow all of our activity via our Facebook account

Careers News

Futures Expo - just around the corner

Tuesday 24 July


See the Careers page on SchoolBox or use the direct link.

Emails were to families with suggested workshops by Year Level and direct links to register.  Please be sure to register the number of family members attending.

Our Providers are keen to speak with our families about student future course and career plans from 5 pm to 7 pm.  Organisations available in the evening include:

Advance Education, Australian Catholic University, Australian College of Applied Psychology, Box Hill Institute, Chisholm Institute, City of Casey Local Laws, Collarts, Dandenong Valley Job Support, Federation University, Health Skills Australia, Holmesglen Institute, Melbourne Polytechnic, Monash University, Navitas College of Public Safety, RMIT University, Skills Plus, VFA Learning and Victoria University

School Holiday Workshops

Click here to see the list of school holiday workshops available to students.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment – Work Experience Program

Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra & Adelaide
The AIE Work Experience Program is a great way for secondary school students in years 10 to 12 to learn about the interactive entertainment and digital industries. The week will open the door to the range of career possibilities in the industry and allow students to get hands-on with the tools of the trade.
Click here to find out more 

VCE Study Skills Day – Federation Uni

FedUni's VCE Study Skills Days have proved to be highly popular, helping VCE students develop skills to manage their way through Year 11 and 12, and the transition into university.
The July sessions are now open for registrations.
Tuesday 3 July | 9.30am - 2.00pm | Gippsland Campus (Churchill)
Wednesday 4 July | 9.30am - 2.00pm | Berwick Campus
Thursday 5 July | 9.30am - 2.00pm | Mt Helen Campus (Ballarat)

Register now  

Thiess – Apprenticeships

For almost a decade, the Thiess Apprenticeship Program (TAP) has been striving for excellence, best practice and innovation. Founded in QLD, it is a centrally coordinated national program that is recognised Australia wide for delivering consistent, high-quality on the job and off the job training.
Read more 

Ms Melissa Dillon
Career Coordinator - West Campus


Mind Matters


Mind Matters

Childhood bullying hurts parents too, poll finds …

Australian parents are crying out for more help to address and prevent childhood bullying as research shows one in five report one or more of their children was bullied in the last school term. 

Almost every parent (89%) of a child who was bullied said the experience had affected the whole family. One in six parents had felt physically sick, and one in five felt depressed or anxious. Almost half (48%) worried about the long-term effects of bullying on their child, while many were angry (44%) and frustrated at being unable to help (44%). One in three (32%) felt guilty for not being able to stop the bullying while one in four felt helpless (28%). 

The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) National Child Health Poll on childhood bullying found while most parents have a good understanding of what bullying is, and the serious potential effects on children, half of all parents still said they needed more information on how to protect their child, including on cyberbullying. 

Poll Director, paediatrician Dr Anthea Rhodes, said, “Bullying is a health problem and a community problem – it is serious and common and it can harmful the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people.’’ 
“The best way to address and prevent bullying is for children, parents and schools to work together in a whole-of-community approach.” 



  1. Talk with your child regularly and listen to what they have to say 
  2. Reassure your child that it is not their fault and bullying is never OK 
  3. Contact your child’s school for support 
  4. It is best not to approach the bully or their parents yourself 
  5. Seek help from a counsellor, psychologist or GP if needed 


  1. Block or defriend the offender 
  2. Discuss the situation with a school staff member 
  3. Collect evidence with screen shots 
  4. Report inappropriate behaviour to the app or social media site 
  5. Report inappropriate behaviour to the eSafety Commissioner 

For more findings, or to sign-up to the quarterly newsletter, click here.

Mrs Clare Ziino
Wellbeing / Student Counsellor

Parents and Friends Committee News

Parents and Friends Committee News

The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.
Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Wednesday 18 July 2018
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm - 9.00 pm St. Peter’s College EAST Campus
Administration Centre, MacKillop Way, Clyde North
GUEST SPEAKER – Mr Michael Dalley, Yr 7-10 Curriculum Leader          B.A.(Hons);Grad.Dip.Ed.; Postgrad.Dip.Animateuring; M.Ed.

2018 Micheal Dalley
Michael started at St. Peter’s College at the beginning of 2018, taking up the role of Year 7 to 10 Curriculum Leader at the West Campus. Michael will introduce himself and tell us a little about his journey in life, and in particular his journey in Education.

He will also tell us a little about his role, and the ongoing developments within our Curriculum.

With our Futures Expo the following week and students needing, maybe for the first time, to select their subject preferences for 2019, I am sure Michael’s presentation will be very informative and helpful to all parents and in particular our parents of Years 7-10 students.                                  

Robocup Junior Regional Competition

On June 15, five students participated in the Robocup Junior Regional Competition at Christian College Geelong. These students were Datt Patel, Kelly Holt, Denver Samarakoon, Lochlyn Vanderwiel and Dylan Tilli. This was the first time these students had participated in any Robocup event.
Out of the three divisions available on the day (Rescue, Soccer or Onstage), St Peter’s College  participated in the Rescue course. This involved a straight and curved black line against a white background. Various obstacles and challenges were placed along this path, including a tunnel, a ramp and the final challenge consisting of a green tile with a foil covered aluminium can. This green tile simulated a chemical spill and the can being the ‘victim’. The team had to program their robot to navigate the black line, through the obstacles and rescue the ‘victim’.

The St Peter’s College team had worked on their code for a few sessions previous to the competition but they did not know what the final layout of the track including obstacles would be. Often, the layout would change for each round. The team displayed excellent team work skills, often delegating certain skills amongst themselves. Their coding had to be modified each round to cope with the changing layout, which include re-calibrating light levels for their light sensor. The team demonstrated a very good ability to be able to problem solve under pressure and adapt to changing circumstances. 

The St Peter’s College Robocup team are commended for their participation in the Robocup Junior Regional Competition and I wish them luck in future competitions.

Mr Stephen Stergiadis
St Peter’s College Robocup Junior Mentor

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners, We thank Bishop Patrick O’Regan who has been visiting our parish this week for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Congratulations to our Confirmation Candidates and their families.  We thank the teachers for their help.  We pray the children claim the gifts of the Holy Spirit to live their Christian life courageously and urge you to continue coming to the celebration of Mass every weekend, may God bless you and your families. 
If you wish to speak with the priest after Mass that you stand outside the Sacristy door in the foyer and wait for the priest to greet you when they leave the sacristy.  I ask that you be patient and do not enter the Sacristy. I thank you for your cooperation with this request. God bless you all, Fr Joseph                                     

SPECIAL COLLECTION: A special collection will be taken up next weekend for Peter’s Pence. Peter’s Pence is the name given to the financial support offered by the faithful to the Holy Father as a sign of their sharing in the concern of the Successor of Peter for the many different needs of the Universal Church and for the relief of those most in need.

NEW ALTAR SERVERS ROSTERS have been emailed out this week, if you did not receive a copy please collect a copy from the table in the foyer.

CHURCH DRIVEWAY: Please keep the driveway in front of the church clear. We have erected new ‘no standing/no parking’ signs to remind parishioners.

THE SCHOOL CARPARK gates are locked from 9am during the school week so please do not park in the rear school carpark when attending weekday Mass. 

CHURCH FLOWERS: If you would like to make a donation towards Church flowers please place the money in an envelope marked “Flowers” in the second collection.  Thank you.

JUNIOR RCIA: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Children attend Mass at 9.00am followed by class in Parish Hall on Sunday’s during school terms.  Please contact Sr Lucy for more info or collect an enrolment form from the office.

R.C.I.A. INQUIRY NIGHT: St. Agatha’s Parish If you’ve been coming to Mass for a while but are not Catholic. Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic faith? An inquiry night will be held for those who may be considering becoming a Catholic. Or are you a baptised Catholic Adult, but have not received the Sacraments of First Communion or Confirmation? Come and See this evening on Wednesday 18th July at 7.30pm. Providence House, 135 Sladen Street.  All welcome! For more information contact Tina at the Parish Office on 5996 1985 

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION:  Is available in our parish at Providence House, 135 Sladen Street. Each session is totally confidential and is for approx. 1 hr by appointment only.   Contact Ruth 0477 800 161 

HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE: St.  Agatha’s invites a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 28th April to 11th May 2019 with Fr Joseph Abutu.  Magi Pilgrimages. For more info call Rebecca on 0421 521 550

CHILD SAFETY: To satisfy the requirements of keeping our children and vulnerable adults safe, it is imperative that all groups organising events, where guests be they speakers, musicians and/or volunteers are involved, liaise with the Parish office at the planning stage as all involved including all guests are required to have a current Working With Children check as well as to have signed the Parish Code of Conduct. This is to avoid disappointment of postponement or cancellation of the planned event due to the failure of any guest obtaining or qualifying for a Working with Children Check.

ALL GROUP LEADERS are reminded to ensure that all members of their respective groups including new members have obtained their Working With Children Check and signed the Code of Conduct before they can begin any activity in that particular ministry. Please inform the Parish Office of the inclusion of any new member. Should any member have difficulty in applying or renewing their Working with Children Check, please contact the Parish Office for assistance.

YOUTH CORNER:  Invigorate Youth: St. Agatha's and Divine Mercy youth groups meet every second Saturday (Excursions) and Fourth Friday (Incursion) of every month. For those interested in being part of the youth contact Tavonga on 0488683256. If you are 18 years of age you will need a working with Children check which can be applied for online or if you need assistance please contact the parish office. 

CHOSEN NATIONAL YOUTH CONFERENCE for young adults (aged 18 - 30) at Mannix College Clayton, 12th - 15th July 2018.In the Year of Youth, Jesus Youth. Come and experience amazing youth rallies, up-lifting talks, workshops, Theatre, Eucharistic celebrations, Vocation & Mission Expo and Live music by 'Master Plan' (a band which has performed at the last two World Youth Days). Visit the website. Registrations and group discounts, go to register@chosenconference.org.au  or call 0403 709 531 / 0491 002 081. See notice board in the Church foyer.

St. Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTS (RCIA): The RCIA is for any of the following: An unbaptised adult seeking to become a full member of the Catholic Church; a baptised adult of another Christian Church desiring to be in full communion with the Catholic Church; A Catholic who has not been fully initiated into the Church and needs suitable preparation prior to the celebration of Confirmation and Eucharist; A Catholic seeking to be renewed in his/her faith; a non-Catholic who just wants to know more about the Catholic Church. Now is the time for people who wish to participate in the coming RCIA group to contact Fr Denis at the Parish Office. We invite every family to invite one person or family to join the RCIA. St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church is always delighted to welcome and assist those who wish to know more about the Catholic faith.

PARISH FEAST DAY MASS: Next Sunday we will celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Foundation Mass for St Thomas the Apostle Church. That first Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Christopher Prowse, then Bishop of Sale. Next Sunday Bishop O’Regan will celebrate the 10.45am Mass. This will be followed by luncheon together and all parishioners are invited to attend and to assist by bringing some food to share. Our parish has much to celebrate and for which we wish to give thanks to God in this particular Mass. Please join us.

ST PETER’S COLLEGE: During this week St. Peter’s College will celebrate its Feast Day on Tuesday, beginning with Mass. St. Peter’s College is an outstanding part of the mission to young people in both St Agatha’s Parish and our own parish. We give thanks to God for the great source of blessing it is to our young people and their families. We pray in this Year of Youth that St. Peter’s College may always be a place where young people encounter Jesus Christ, like St Peter did, and hear his call to follow him. We also take the opportunity to once again thank St Peter’s College for assisting us so much for the celebration of our parish weekend Masses.

FAMILY PRAYER MEETING: Last Friday of every month at St. Peter’s College, Clyde North 7.30pm – 8.30pm. For enquiries, contact Jean-Paul Antoine 59907777 or the parish office. Month of June is on 29th June.

YOUTH GROUP meets twice a month. For enquiries, please contact the parish office.

PIETY STALL – Every 2nd weekend of the Month. For orders and enquiries, call Rick & Anita on 0450 782 558. 

PROCLAIM 2018: Bishop Pat is encouraging parishes to consider sending representatives to Proclaim 2018. This national conference in Brisbane will engage parishes and faith communities in a conversation focusing on five key areas: Leadership, Culture Change, Young People, Belonging and Evangelisation. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Make your home in me” (Jn 15:4) and the conference aims to assist Catholic communities in preparing for the Plenary 2020. Register at the website.  Please see notice board for additional information.

CATHOLIC CARE provide family and relationship services, relationship courses, pastoral services, refugee and asylum seeker support, and school and education support. All services are offered to the whole community, regardless of religious belief or background. Visit www.ccam.org.au or call 9287 5555.

CATHOLIC THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE (CTC) is offering The Graduate Certificate in Ageing consists of three units:

  • Human Ageing: Theological and Spiritual Perspectives – offered as a Saturday intensive in 2018: Semester 2
  • Ageing Persons and Pastoral Care – offered in 2019: Semester 1
  • Ethical Issues and Human Ageing – offered in 2019: Semester 2
  • For enquiry, please contact the Registrar on 9412 3309 or email: registrar@ctc.edu.au.

STEWARDSHIP ENVELOPE #82 – Would the parishioner who uses envelope #82 for Stewardship giving, please contact Christine at the parish office on 5998 0947.

ALL ADULT PARISHIONERS - The Parish Council has updated our Parish Code of Conduct for the Safety of Children and Vulnerable Adults within our Parish and feel that in order to truly create a child safe environment it is necessary for all adult parishioners to read, understand and sign that they will adhere to all aspects of the Parish Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about this, please contact our Parish Safety Officer at the Parish Office. 

FORMED.org is a revolutionary online platform featuring the best Catholic videos, audio talks, eBooks and movies from trusted partners like the Augustine Institute, St. Paul Center, Marian Fathers, Lighthouse Catholic Media, Ignatius Press and Word on Fire. Catechism and Personal Faith Formation are at the fingertips of every parishioner. St Thomas the Apostle parishioners are very privilege to have free access to this. To get the parish code contact Parish Office: 5998 0947 or email: parish@stthomasap.org.au.        

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

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