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Issue 133  |  31 May 2018
Featured Story
From our Principal

Dear Parents and Friends,

I was privileged last week to attend a conference. One of the central questions posed by the facilitator was, “What does it mean to put the word “Catholic” before the word “Education”?" It is a challenging question and one which would require many more lines than is available in this forum. Those attending the conference were asked, as part of his presentation, to recall the Parable of the Seed (Lk 8: 5-8). In this story the sowers seed fell on a variety of surfaces including the edge of path, on rock, between thorns and on fertile ground. At St. Peter’s College our mission is to strive at all times to scatter the seeds of learning on fertile minds and in doing so be witnesses to the growth in each and every individual. Our mission as a Catholic school is also to scatter seeds which enable our students to grow in faith, a faith in God who is ever-present and always loving. It is the mission of Catholic schools, including St. Peter’s College, to engage and educate the whole person – head, heart and hands. I was reminded again last week that Catholic Education, amongst other things is to teach for Faith – at a minimum for a “transcendent perspective”. In my mind it follows then that to teach for faith we are called as a school community to:

  • Learn about Faith – the beliefs, practices and codes
  • Learn from Faith – in doing so allowing spiritual wisdom to enrich our students’ own faith
  • Learn from within our Faith – aligning actions with beliefs

St. Peter’s College  provides opportunities to shape our young people and who they become. We are in a privileged space to help facilitate this awakening.

Plenary Council Meetings with Bishop Patrick O’Regan

This week myself and members of the leadership attended the Plenary Council sessions held at St Thomas the Apostle Primary School and St Agatha’s Primary School. It was a privilege to attend and listen to such positivity around the future of the Catholic Church in Australia. Whilst much of the Bishop's presentation centred on contextual information about the why of the re-forming of a Plenary Council and the next steps, Bishop Pat also presented a challenging question to the parish communities as to what in our eyes is a vibrant and living Church today. We look forward to the next two years where we are invited to engage in an open and inclusive process of listening, dialogue and discernment about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.

Athletic Sports – West Campus

On a cool and windswept athletics track this week the West Campus Athletic sports were held. There was a wonderful community spirit and feel to the day as students competed in their house colours in an attempt to take home the Athletics Shield. Congratulations to Avila House who came away with the Athletics Shield, closely followed by MacKillop just 12 points in arrears. MacKillop house did not go away empty-handed winning the House Spirit award. Special mention to each of the House Captains who performed sterling work in organising the teams on the day and to the VCAL team who worked tirelessly to provide an excellent array of food. Congratulations also to Justin De Goldi and the rest of the PE staff for their significant contributions to what was a highly successful event.
2018 Athletics West 1
2018 Athletics West 2

2018 Athletics West 3

2018 Athletics West 4
SIS Cross Country

Congratulations to the outstanding efforts of the combined East/West SIS interschool Cross Country team who competed last week. A large team represented St. Peter’s College with the following excellent results:
St. Peter’s College finished second in their division. Some outstanding individual achievements included:
From the East:

  • Damon Hall - 1st place
  • Motasim Komi - 2nd place
  • Tom Ryan - 3rd place
  • Brodie Matthews - 3rd place

From West:

  • Tahlia Coates 3rd Open Female
  • Emilia Van Soest - 3rd under 17 females
  • Dyllan Lalouette - 3rd Under 16 males
  • Shahd Mohamed - 1st Under 15 females 
  • Jasmin Walters - 3rd Under 15 females

Collectively St. Peter’s College won the Senior Section shield across all schools along with U13 Male, U15 Female and U17 Male pennants.
SIS Cross Country 1

2018 SIS Cross Country 2

2018 SIS Cross Country 3

2018 SIS Cross Country 4

National Sorry Day

This day, held every year around this time, is an opportunity to stop and reflect. It is a day to acknowledge and remember the mistreatment directed towards our country’s Aboriginal people. It is an important opportunity to share with our students and in the spirit of Reconciliation it provides learnings about how people should be treated, no matter what their race or the colour of their skin. At St. Peter’s College this week we have re-introduced students to the background and all have shared in prayer. Below is one such prayer.

2018 National Sorry Day

Prayer for Reconciliation

In the midst of conflict and division,

We know it is you
Who turns our minds to thoughts of peace.
Your Spirit changes hearts:
Enemies begin to speak to one another,
Those who were estranged join hands in friendship,
and Nations seek the way of peace together.
Let your Spirit be at work in us.
Give us understanding and put an end to strife
Fill us with your mercy and overcome our denial
Grant us wisdom and teach us to learn
From the original peoples of the land.
Call us to Justice.
2018 Dove
Mr Chris Black

Chris Black Signature

Latest News
East Campus News

In this week’s newsletter I wanted to highlight the key frameworks that are embedded in our management of student behaviour. All student behaviour is managed in the light of the St. Peter’s College four critical Rights and Responsibilities. In a Catholic school, we always take a student centred approach with Restorative Practice as a critical component in managing student behaviour. It involves a whole school approach that is based on collaborative decision making in a proactive community rather than a reactive organisation. It is an explicit framework of practices based on Restorative Justice Philosophy that builds and strengthens relationships and social connections promoting accountability and responsibility and to repair harm when relationships break down through wrongdoing, mistakes and misunderstanding. 

Our new Pastoral Care Program, Strive & Thrive, has introduced the concept of positive education through the language of character strengths, resilience and GEM (Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness), providing greater capacity for teachers and students to build positive, productive, resilient and respectful relationships.  Thereby Positive Education and Mindfulness now play an active role in supporting the management of student behaviour and wellbeing, alongside Restorative Practice.

‘Intuitively Restorative Practices, Positive Education and Mindfulness sit together. Each of these approaches have scientific research to indicate higher levels of connectedness, mental health and wellbeing and lower levels of feelings of isolation reducing the impact of mental health risk factors’. (extract from Three Worlds Collide: Celebrating the alignment of Restorative Practices, Positive Education and Mindfulness in school settings.  Therese Sheedy)

Getting the right combination for behaviour management is crucial for all schools: At St. Peter’s College our behaviour management and pastoral frameworks and practices include: 

  • Restorative Practice fosters understanding of the impact on those who have been harmed by our actions. It develops our ability to be accountable, take ownership of our words and actions and repair or restore the harm and the relationship
  • Positive Education can be defined as “education for traditional skills and for happiness”, when students flourish
  • Mindfulness encourages us to deliberately pay attention to the present moment without attachment or judgment, being able to manage situations whenever they arise

Restorative Practice, Positive Education and Mindfulness do not operate in isolation when managing student behaviour and/or fostering strong mental health and wellbeing. But rather they operate on a multi-dimensional level, overlapping, intersecting, supporting and providing the right blend or balance that is needed for each individual situation. Resolving issues in schools, and in life, is therefore facilitated and supported when we, as we do, at St. Peter’s College:

  • Practice mindfulness that is ready to be in the moment, to listen, be present
  • Understand and use our character strengths (positive education) such as honesty, social intelligence, fairness, self-regulation, perspective, kindness and the collective strength of citizenship or teamwork. Recognising these personal strengths develop efficacy for students, teachers and all of us in managing conflict and our behaviour
  • Access and employ restorative practice to repair and rebuild relationships

For more information about these critical frameworks please click on the article link above.

Knowing me knowing you (and our character strengths) a great ABBA song for those that remember the Swedish sensation. The Year 8 literacy class have been working to improve their literacy skills and were set the task to interview a teacher and write a short Teacher Profile for publication. A range of skills were used and students demonstrated improvement in interview techniques,  planning, editing and proofing, speaking to the class and cooperating with each other and writing formal and interesting pieces.

It was pleasing to see the positive characteristics that students recognised in their teachers, and making connections with our Strive & Thrive pastoral program. 

Miss Ross Report

Miss Ross enjoys helping students. She wants them to achieve their goals and also achieve their little milestones.
When Miss Ross was younger the favourite part of her job was to interact with students and to get to know them. She wanted to help them and to see them achieve what they wanted to be when they continue with their careers. 

What she doesn't like about her job is that there are many students who don’t behave and listen to her and that makes her job a lot more difficult.  

She looks up to her friends and family, especially her parents because they helped her get to where she is today and she is grateful and thankful for that.

Her childhood dream was to be a professional basketball player and she wanted to play for the Australian Olympic Team. She also wanted to be a vet because she likes to work with animals.

Miss Ross was very lucky to go to a good high school. For Miss Ross, it was a very enjoyable experience to have nice friends and teachers.

Written by Manas Singh and Benjamin Mejia Molina

Are we true pilgrims or are we merely tourists? 

On Monday we were very fortunate to have Father Dennis address all of the Year 12 students for our Ethics Religious Education class. Father talked about his experience of Catholic pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place for religious reasons. He explained how the journey went, having to travel hundreds of kilometres on foot for 30 days. He was hoping that going through the journey alone would give him an opportunity to meet new people. By meeting new people it gave him the opportunity to learn new languages and learn about their culture and lifestyle. Through this journey it created an even closer relationship with God as it did for his other fellow pilgrims which changed all of their lives. He shared how even a man who was raised a Catholic but did not practice it became closer to God and even decided to move to a new city just to be closer to his faith after this experience. This pilgrimage really made a difference to Father Dennis' life, helping him grow a stronger bond with his faith as it did for everyone who did the pilgrimage and confirmed for him how we as Catholics must be pilgrims and not just tourists in our lives. We thank Father Dennis so much for his time, insight and for always supporting us in our faith journey.  

Reanne B

Julie 1

Teen Chef:

A taste testing invitation was extended to staff on Tuesday, to judge which dish would be the entry for the Teen Chef SIS competition. Staff did not hesitate in making their way to the Food Tech room for this test. Potato & Chickpea Masala took on Broccoli and Cream Cheese Quesadilla with tomato salsa and guacamole. The votes are in and I can announce the winner is: Broccoli and Cream Cheese Quesadilla with tomato salsa and guacamole!!!

Great work to all of the student contestants and thank you to Ms Whimpey for the invitation and organisation.  

Julie Food 3

Prayer Group @ East - Special notice:

Family Prayer has been rescheduled for this Friday, 1 June at 7.30pm. Upstairs in Lyons due to the power outage last Friday. 

Two gentle but necessary reminders:

  1. Please ensure your son/daughter is wearing correct school uniform every day. We are seeing far too many breaches particularly the wearing of non-uniform jackets, boys unshaven, and additional jewellery. We want each and every student to wear their uniform with pride

  2. Car Parks – I remind parents and guardians that our car parks are for staff and visitors only, they were not designed or intended to facilitate the drop off and pick up of students. It is now becoming a serious issue with increased risk to the safety of students from parents/guardians using the car parks as drop off and pick up zones. Staff are on duty to support this process. Your assistance is greatly appreciated

I wish you all a happy and productive week.

Mrs Julie Banda
Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Sorry Day & Reconciliation Week

Last Friday, staff and students remembered Sorry Day in Tutor Group time or through House Assemblies. Student Leaders led the House in a Reconciliation Prayer. Students then viewed the National Reconciliation "Why Sorry Matters" Video Clip.  Finally, House Leaders led students through the Sheet which outlines some key reasons for why Australia is sorry for its treatment of our Indigenous peoples.  This then lead us all into Reconciliation Week where students chose one of the items from the video, to write their own 'sorry' message on a hand stencil during Tutor Group. These stencils will then be put up in the House area. 

Please engage your child in a discussion on what Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week means to them and our nation.

2018 Sorry Day

Environment Team Tree Planting Excursion

Last Saturday, Ms Stephanie Lomas and the Environment Team organised a tree planting excursion for 15 students to Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve in the Yarra Ranges.  This location is the last remaining wild population of the Helmeted Honeyeater, a bird that is one of Victoria’s faunal emblems.  With only 200 living here in the wild, the protection of this reserve is highly important.  Our students planted 950 trees, bushes and grasses all indigenous to this region and of importance to the Helmeted Honeyeater.  The students were fortunate to see some of these birds in the wild and really appreciated the opportunity to be part of something bigger.  We hope that this inaugural excursion for National Tree Day will be the first of many.

2018 Tree Planting

Lip Sync Battle

Last Thursday saw the Grand Final of the Glowrey Lip Sync Battle.  Avila kicked off the competition with a clever compilation involving a wedding and jilted lover.  The horror make up on the bride was very impressive and despite the persistent technical difficulties, it was very entertaining.  Despite the creativity of Avila, it was the superior lip synching and choreography that allowed MacKillop House to win the competition by a narrow margin of only 2 points.  Thanks to Glowrey House on once again running a most enjoyable house competition. 

The final placings were:
2018 West Lip Sync Battle

2018 Lip Sync

2018 Lip Sync

Athletics Carnival

2018 West Campus Virtual Tour Avila House tag

On Tuesday, 29 May, the West Campus students headed to Casey Fields to participate in the annual Athletics Carnival.  There was strong participation from the students and the program ran very smoothly under the leadership of Mr Justin De Goldi and the physical education team.  A number of exceptional individual performances saw school records smashed by Shahd Mohammed (400 m) and Mitchell Tharle (high jump)

Senior students looked terrific in their various house coloured costumes and were inspired by the SRC suggesting further prizes for individuals and houses.  

Awards for the day were as follows:
Best Dressed Female(s): Alyssa Di Nuzzo & Melanie Phillips
Best Dressed Male: Kobe Souvannasing
Best Dressed House: Assisi
Best House Chant: Marian
House Spirit Award: MacKillop
Athletics House Championship: Avila

Congratulations to Avila House who once again has notched up an important victory and have moved even further ahead in the McGuigan House Competition.

2018 West Athletics Carnival

2018 West Athletics 6

2018 Athletics West 5

2018 West Athletics 7

2018 West Athletics 8

Can I take this opportunity to remind parents of the necessity of granting permission on the Care Monkey forms?  It is a system designed to make life a lot easier for parents, administration staff and teachers in managing students on excursions and camps.  This is particularly important when over 800 students are to be taken by bus to an external location.  We cannot accept written, faxed or emailed permissions on the morning of these excursions.  Buses and bus lists have been organised, medical information and risk assessments have been finalised and it is not possible to reassess a student being added to any excursion or camp without delaying the process of leaving.  The Care Monkey app is the means by which staff can access medical and consent details of your child if required while they are out of the school. 

I ask your cooperation and understanding so that parents and students are not upset when they miss a deadline.  These deadlines are made as close as possible to the date of the activity so that we can finalise details during the previous day.  If parents have a problem accessing Care Monkey, then they are encouraged to contact the Office Administration staff.  Parents who do not have access to Care Monkey are reminded that their child will be given a hard copy permission letter that is to be completed and returned prior to the due date.

Mixed Netball

The mixed netball house competition comes to a close this week with the Grand Final set for Friday, weather permitting.  The ladder after all teams in both pools have completed their matches is: 

2018 West Mixed Netball Results

Semi-finals are to be played on Thursday this week to determine the grand finalists. These matches are Glowrey V Assisi and Avila V Romero.

Chess Tournament

With the continued success of our chess team at St Peter’s West Campus, Mr O’Hara has decided to host a chess competition here at school.  This is a credit to him and our students and is an indication of the increased reputation of the school in this regard.  We wish our 15 or so students all the best on Friday as they compete with a home ground advantage.


Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus


Learning and Teaching News

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD)

I have mentioned previously in our Newsletter the new requirements of the NCCD. Our staff have always provided learning adjustments to ensure equitable access to the curriculum for all of our students. The major change for staff is the requirement to document these adjustments, quantify them and provide evidence. As a staff we have already undertaken considerable professional learning to assist staff in this space. If you would like to speak to staff in regards to the NCCD, please contact Mrs Ann Jeans at the West Campus or Ms Margaret Anthony at the East Campus. For further details of the NCCD please click here.

VCE Performance Evening 

Last Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of watching our Year 11 and Year 12 VCE students perform in front of a packed audience in our transformed hall. The multipurpose hall had been kitted out beautifully to suit the performance needs of our students. The acts covered a variety of performing arts from music to drama, dance and Vocational Music.  I was taken back to my youth by the 80’s Mash up of the VET Music Band and was entranced by the synchronicity of the dances as they explored the theme of insomnia. In the drama performance many of our students had explored the theme of narcissism and expertly wove the theme through history, from the Greek tragedy of Narcisi to the present day selfie. The use of Physical Theatre was at times confronting yet always engaging. The use of the space by our dancers and the strong choreography sets our students in a positive position for their VCE final Performance Examinations. Thank you to the past students who returned to support your fellow performing arts colleagues- it was wonderful to catch up and hear what you have gone on to achieve already. 

Year 10, 11, 12 Examinations 

Year 10 / Year 11 Examinations commence next week on Monday, 4 June. Year 12 examinations commence Tuesday, 12 June. The College conducts these examination along similar guidelines to the requirements of the VCE. Through practice and feedback students will understand the requirements of the VCE exams and will be best placed to understand important examination techniques. This year Monday, 18 June has been designated ACTIVE Learning Day. On this day most students will receive feedback on exams in an active and engaged manner before moving onto Semester Two on Wednesday, 20 June. Students should check Schoolbox for their Exam timetables. It is the responsibility of each student to know their own individual exam timetable and to ensure they arrive 10 minutes before each examination. Students with an exam clash or three examinations on one day should see their Learning Advisor for a change of date form. All students should ensure they have the correct equipment for each exam and should be familiar with the strict no mobile phone policy during examinations.

Year 10 and Year 11 students are only required to attend during examination times. For those who wish to study at the College between examinations McGuigan 1 and 2 will be available for Year 10 students. Year 11 students may study in the library. At the East Campus Coffey 3 will be available for study. These venues are for individual , quiet study and will be supervised by staff. During class times no student should be wandering around the school, disrupting the learning of others.

Full College school uniform is required for all exams. 

Bike Ed Bikes have arrived !!!!

This week our excited staff and students took delivery of 20 brand new TREK bikes. These latest addition to our VET and VCAL program will be used as part of the Outdoor Recreation program. Students will learn bike maintenance, road safety and experience a challenging exercise routine as they participate in Outdoor Recreation activities. 

2018 Bike Ed Bikes

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Mission and Catholic Identity News

2018 Reconciliation Week


I always enjoy this week - National Reconciliation Week. I enjoy that it is a week for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements and to explore how each of us can join the national reconciliation effort.

I enjoy attending the blockbuster match played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the Saturday night between Essendon and Richmond. The two teams have been playing in this celebration game since 2005, and were selected because together, the team colours, yellow, red and black, make the colours of the Aboriginal flag.

Aussie Rules is thought to have its origins in a traditional indigenous game known as Marngrook from the Western District of Victoria where Tom Wills one of the founders of AFL grew up.

The Diocese of Sale serves three main Aboriginal groups and territories. For St. Peter’s College we are mainly in the Bunurong territory which extends along the northern, eastern and southern shorelines of Port Phillip, the Mornington Peninsula, Western Port as well as land to the south-east down to Wilsons Promontory. Our East Campus is around the boundary with the Wurundjeri People.

Year Nine will study Aboriginal Spirituality in Term 3 in Religious Education.

Students will learn about Australia's first peoples and Aboriginal spirituality, which will further develop an understanding and tolerance. Students will learn that the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians has been wounded by injustice and misunderstanding. That the relationship needs healing so that we can build a better future together. This is what the process of reconciliation is about.

To understand what our faith asks of us in this process of reconciliation it is helpful to remember what the Catholic Church teaches about the theology and sacrament of reconciliation.


Reconciliation Week


"And the Church herself in Australia will not be fully the Church that Jesus wants her to be until you have made your contribution to her life and until that contribution has been joyfully received by others."

Pope John Paul II, Address to the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, Alice Springs, 26th November 1986.


2015 Chapel 6


West St Peter


Mr Matt Williams
Deputy Principal - Mission & Catholic Identity

Careers News

Save the Date

Futures Expo
Tuesday 24 July
11.00am to 7.00pm
West Campus

The annual Futures Expo is our event to gather all the important information about subject selections and pathways for the coming years.  Families can speak directly with the staff from our Key Learning Areas, attend workshops to hear the relevant Year Level information and have questions answered from our Tertiary and Employment Representatives about future options beyond school.

Displays will be set up in the College Hall from 11.00am with workshops available on the hour.  Tertiary Providers will attend between 5.00pm – 7.00pm.  The timetable of our workshops will be available in the coming weeks, with details on how families can register their attendance, at the workshops, through Eventbrite.

Get Ready for the Future – from the Study Work Grow Blog

Here are 5 things you can do right now to prepare for the future or work:

  1. Don’t blend into the background
  2. Do more of the stuff you love
  3. Commit to your learning
  4. Think outside the box
  5. Learn how to communicate
    Click here to read the post. 

My Future – Supporting your Child’s Career Development

Support from family and key people in their life is important in helping young people through the process of thinking about and planning for their career.
As a parent or carer, four areas where you can provide practical support are self-awareness, opportunity awareness, decision making and transition support.
Read more here: 

School Holiday Programs

Last week’s newsletter had an attachment outlining the many school holiday programs available through our TAFE and University providers.  Further program details have been released and outlined below.  

RSPCA Victoria – Youth Holiday Programs

July & September | RSPCA Education Centre, Burwood East
Two fantastic programs if you’ve dreamed of working with animals. Spend a day at the RSPCA and discover what’s involved to be an Animal Attendant for a Day in July and Vet for a Day in September.
Click here to find out more:

Chisholm Institute – Tech Games Fest

July 3 – 5 | Victoria
This is an exciting three day event during the school holidays for Year 9 – 12 and TAFE students interested in the development of games, games culture, ICT networking and other ICT stuff. If you like Oz Comic-Con or Supernova, then this event is for you. Better yet it’s FREE!
Find out more: 

Chisholm Institute - School Holiday Workshops

July 10 – 12 | Victoria
Our workshops are aimed at students in Years 9 - 12 (aged 14 to 19) to assist in exploring different career paths and courses that are available during and after school.
Students who have participated in these workshops have found it helpful in making informed subject choices and identifying a clearer career and study pathway. 
Find out more:

La Trobe University – Aspire/Aspire Generation

Aspire is open to current Year 12 and non Year 12 students who have positively contributed to their community.
Successful Aspire applicants also receive an early conditional offer into their chosen course at La Trobe. Applications open June 1, 2018 and close August 31, 2018.
The Aspire Generation are students in Years 9 to Year 11 who want to up their skills and get involved through volunteering.
Find out more: 

General News

Exam Timetables & Rules

Year 12 Examination timetable please click here:

Year 10 & Year 11 timetables please click here:

St. Peter's College Examination Rules please click here:

City of Casey School Holiday Program

2018 COC School Holiday Program 1

2018 COC School Holiday Program 2

For more information please contact the Youth Services team at the City of Casey on 9705 5200 or click here to visit the website.

Northern Territory Expedition 2018

Parent & Carer Information Evening
Thursday 7 June 
6.00pm - 7.00pm 
McGuigan 1 & 2 - 
West Campus

2018 NT Info Night Graphic

St Agatha's Retreat

On Wednesday 23rd May, 75 Year Three students from St Agatha’s Primary School visited St. Peter’s College West Campus for a retreat day. This retreat was called “The Climb to Forgiveness”, and was based on the story of Zacchaeus. The day consisted of six different workshops and a prayer service, all of which were planned and facilitated by the Year 10 Youth Ministry class. The Year 10's displayed outstanding leadership, teamwork and creativity. 

“We were very impressed with the maturity and organisation of the Year 10 students and how well they engaged in working with our students. I hope to see a few of them as teachers in the coming years. Thanks for such a wonderful day!” 
Mary Lenko, Teacher at St Agatha’s

“We were able to interact with the kids and were able to teach them about the story of Zacchaeus and forgiveness through fun and interesting workshops. The Grade 3's were extremely well behaved and got involved, which took me by surprise. It was awesome!”
Meagan Harbour, Year 10 Youth Ministry student

“At the retreat I ran the music station. I enjoyed it because everyone joined in to sing and dance. I also got to meet the cutest Grade 3's
Zoe Fitzsimmons, Year 10 Youth Ministry student

“I really enjoyed leading the Grade 3's in playing fun games that got them to think about forgiveness. The students were really well behaved. I didn’t expect that. They were funny too!”
Huno Pinkao, Year 10 Youth Ministry student


St Agatha\'s Retreat 4

Arts Week

Arts Week provided students from the College with a wide range of lunchtime and extra-curricular activities last week. 
Year 9 Drama students have just completed a unit of work focused on character development, including the design and application of special effects makeup. They learnt how to create 3D cuts and bruises and then ran a workshop for Arts Week where they used and taught these new skills to other year levels at the East Campus. Some of the makeup designs were very realistic (and a little bit scary!) and students loved sharing these techniques with their teachers and peers.
 Arts Week 2

Arts Week 3
To keep out of the cold, and continue the good habits developed in Active April, students were invited to join in a lunchtime dance session. They loved keeping warm while practicing their dancing moves and had a great time. During the colder months students have requested that we continue to offer lunchtime dance workshops.
Arts Week 4 

Arts Week 6
Miss Karen Williams - Integrated Learning Coach

Health and PE News

SIS Junior Girls Football:

St. Peter’s College Junior Girls Football Team played host to St Francis Xavier (Officer) on May 24 in their first SIS game of the season. The game proved to be a showcase of the girls’ football skills. As a result, the team scored fourteen goals. This is being regarded as the record high score for the Junior Girls Football. It was truly a team effort but there were some outstanding individual performances. Sophie Honeyman scored four goals, and Kayla McLeod and Breanna Caples each scored two.

First gamer, Aurora Geminian scored a goal and did some great work around the forward area. Montana Webb played a courageous game before going off at half time. Kaysia Lega played an outstanding game in the ruck. The defence was not to be outdone with Madelynne D’Alberto playing a great game at fullback. A highlight was the many numerous passages of linked team play that set up many scoring opportunities. Co-captains Laura Natoli and Poppy Gardiner led the team very well, even spending some time on the bench themselves.                   
A big well done to all the girls.
Mr Greg Nelson (Coach)
Laura Natoli and Poppy Gardiner (Co-captains)

SSV 17 & Under State Selection Golf Trials - Tom Ryan

On 18 May 2018, I was able to compete in the School Sports Victoria (SSV) 17 & Under State Selection Golf trials at The Metropolitan Golf Club, Oakleigh. The morning started gloomy and wet, the sun was barely up for the 7.30am tee-off but the rain cleared up later in the day and the wind started to freshen. The course was presented in a beautiful condition and I was able to putt a strong round of 75 (3 over par). This result placed myself 7th out of 53 players which is a huge result for myself.

Also, as a result of my great score I was selected in the SSV 17 & Under State Squad as the 2nd reserve (emergency) which is an honour not many people get to experience, representing your own state. I would like to thank Mr. Samaranayake for taking me to this event and thank you to the PE Team for their continual support towards Golf and other sports.
 Tom Ryan Golf
Tom Ryan (Year 10) East Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

MONTHLY HEALING MASS next Sunday 3rd June at 6.00pm Mass, led by Fr. Antony. Held on the first Sunday of each month.

MONTHLY ALL-NIGHT PRAYER VIGIL will take place this Friday 1st June.  It will begin with Divine Office at 7.00pm, Mass at 7.30pm followed by a spiritual teaching and All-Night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  The Vigil will conclude on Saturday morning with Morning Prayer of the Church at 9.00am, followed by Mass at 9.30am. The all-night Prayer Vigil is held on the first Friday of each month.  All Welcome!  

FIRST SATURDAY DEVOTION Mass of Reparation in honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will take place Saturday 2nd June 2018, after the 9.30am Mass.  This devotion includes the reciting of 1 Rosary and meditating on the other 3 Mysteries of the Rosary and concluding with a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. All Welcome. 

ALTAR SERVERS: Are you able to serve at one of the Confirmation ceremonies in June.  If you have a sibling that is making their Confirmation in June Altar servers are invited to serve at that Mass?  Confirmations on Thursday 21st June at 6.00pm, Friday 22nd June at 6.00pm or Saturday 23rd June at 11.00am please inform Fr Joseph or contact Sue or Tina at the Parish Office on 5996 1985 STEWARDSHIP GIVING: Everyone in the Stewardship Program is reminded to collect their statement and letter from Fr Joseph from the foyer.  If you are at Mass today please stop and collect your letter.  This will save the parish the postage cost of $2.00.

PROJECT COMPASSION: Please collect your receipt from the table in the foyer.  Thank you for supporting Caritas, Project Compassion.

THE TALK: A 6-week program for parents.  The whole sex talk. Giving parents the motivation, confidence and tools to talk to their kids about sex.  Biblically based program. Beginning on 6th June in Providence House till 11th July 7.30pm to 9.00pm.  For more information contact Maria on 0409 563 864.

CHILD SAFETY: Parish Groups: When planning events for your group, where you are inviting visitors into the parish, please advise the parish office immediately as consent must firstly be obtained from the Parish Priest.  The Parish Office will then liaise directly with the visitor to obtain clearance from the diocese. All visitors must have a current Working with Children Card.

ALL GROUP LEADERS are reminded to ensure that all members of their respective groups including new members have obtained their Working with Children Check and signed the Code of Conduct before they can begin any activity in that particular ministry. The Parish Office must be informed of the inclusion of any new member before they begin. Should any member have difficulty in applying or renewing their Working with Children Check, please contact the Parish Office for assistance.

JUNIOR RCIA: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments.  Classes begin Sunday 3rd June.  Participants attend Mass at 9.00am followed by class in Providence House.  Please collect an enrolment form from the Parish Office.  Sr Lucy.

HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE: St.  Agatha’s invites a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 28th April to 11th May 2019 with Fr Joseph Abutu.  Magi Pilgrimages. For more info see flyer in the Church foyer.  Parish Office on 5996 1985 or Rebecca on 0421 521 550 rebeccadaly19@gmail.com

ST ANTHONY’S REUNION FOR 1969 GRADE 6 STUDENTS: A reunion is planned for 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Grade 6 in 1969 at St Anthony’s Noble Park. A list of the contact details is being compiled. Please e-mail Teresa Kemp at teresak@bigpond.com for information or to leave contact details.

St Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

YOUTH GROUP: Hey guys, remember to come along to our Youth Group where we have worship, fun and games on the 1st of June and 15th of June. We meet from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at St Peter’s College on the first level of our worship space.

PLENARY 2020: The 3-year process towards the Plenary 2020 has begun. The journey commences with Open Dialogue and Listening Encounters.  For more information, visit the Plenary Council website.

Plenary Council Prayer

Come, Holy Spirit of Pentecost.

Come, Holy Spirit of the great South Land.

O God, bless and unite all your people in Australia and guide us on the pilgrim way of the Plenary Council.

Give us the grace to see your face in one another and to recognise Jesus, our companion on the road.

Give us the courage to tell our stories and to speak boldly of your truth.

Give us ears to listen humbly to each other and a discerning heart to hear what you are saying.

Lead your Church into a hope-filled future, that we may live the joy of the Gospel.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, bread for the journey from age to age.   Amen.

Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us.

St Mary MacKillop, pray for us.

PROCLAIM 2018: Bishop Pat is encouraging parishes to consider sending representatives to Proclaim 2018. This national conference in Brisbane will engage parishes and faith communities in a conversation focusing on five key areas: Leadership, Culture Change, Young People, Belonging and Evangelisation. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Make your home in me” (Jn 15:4) and the conference aims to assist Catholic communities in preparing for the Plenary 2020. Register here. Please see notice board for additional information.

COMBINED PARISHES RAFFLE – Thank you to everyone who participated in the fundraising event. Here’s a few things for you to note:

1. The Raffle will be drawn at St Simon’s Parish, 2 Taylor’s Lane, Rowville at 7.15pm on June 2, 2018 and as many people as possible are encouraged to attend.

2. Winners will be contacted on the day of the draw.

3. The results will appear on The Age, Herald Sun and Geelong Advertiser newspapers on the Wednesday (June 6) following the draw under “Public Notices” classification.

4. We aim to have all prizes available within 7 working days of the draw.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me, Christina Liew on 0459 824 110 or email Christina.liew@bigpond.com. Thank you for all your anticipated cooperation and for making this Combined Catholic Parishes Raffle a success.

ST ANTHONY’S REUNION FOR 1969 GRADE 6 STUDENTS: A reunion is planned for 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Grade 6 in 1969 at St Anthony’s Noble Park. A list of the contact details is being compiled of the students who completed Grade 6 in that year. Please e-mail Teresa Kemp at teresak@bigpond.com for information or to leave contact details.

ST VINCENT PALLOTTI SCHOLARSHIP: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN – the Scholarship Trust offer scholarships to enable lay people to further their understanding and skills in leadership/ministry or a specialised activity, such as promoting faith enhancement, social justice and pastoral care.  Applications close 23rd July 2018. For details and application please click here

St Thomas the Apostle Parish 

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