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Issue 132  |  24 May 2018
Featured Story
From our Principal

Dear Parents and Friends,

Plenary Council 2020

An opportunity to contribute to the Bishops Plenary doesn’t come along very often. The last Bishops Plenary was held in Australia 80 years ago in 1937. The Plenary Council has recently been established and will be held in Adelaide. The Plenary Council is the highest gathering of churches in one place and has been called by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. It will be held in 2020.

A Plenary Council has legislative and governance authority. Decisions are voted and become binding on the Catholic Church. Everyone has been invited to contribute to dialogue and reflect on the future of the Catholic Church in Australia. You have your chance to contribute to this dialogue and in doing so you will be invited to think about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia to form your contribution to the Plenary Council. Bishop Patrick O’Regan will be coming to the two Cranbourne parishes next week. Below are the details and you are warmly invited to attend either session.

  • St Thomas the Apostle Parish – Tuesday, 29 May, 7.30pm at St Thomas the Apostle Primary School
  • St Agatha’s Parish – Wednesday, 30 May, 7.30pm in the St Agatha’s Hall

School Improvement Framework

2018 marks the end of one Strategic Vision and Plan, a four year program of school improvement strategies. It is a time to reflect, celebrate and analyse the achievements; it is also a time to embark on a new four year plan, setting goals and targets to meet. The Sale Diocese have developed a School Improvement Framework to guide and support this process. Three distinct areas are required to be addressed: Catholic Identity, Teaching and Learning and Leadership. Throughout this term staff meetings have been dedicated to sourcing input from staff. Prior to the end of term students will be asked for their reflections and input. Parents are a significant stakeholder and to this end a special meeting is to be held on June 13 at 7.30pm at the West Campus to hear the views of parents and to gather your input regarding priority areas to be considered over the next four years. Please put this date in your calendar. More details will be provided at a later date.

St Agatha’s Retreat 

It was wonderful to welcome the Grade 3 students from St Agatha’s to spend a day with us this week. The relationship between our three Parish Primary schools and St. Peter’s College is valued highly for, amongst other things, the shared learning opportunities which are presented to both the primary schools and ourselves. A number of Year 10 students were involved in the St Agatha's retreat on Wednesday, 23 May. Workshops were created and planned by the Year 10 Youth Ministry class. Workshops ran from 10.00am with a whole group prayer the culminating event. My thanks is extended to Ms Maria Gonsalves, the Assistant RE leader at the West Campus as well as the 20 or so Year 10 students who developed the day.

Staff Changes

There have been a number of staff changes over the past few weeks. We extend our good wishes and blessings to Chloe Maltar, Sports Manager (East) and Mel Ryan (Assistant Office Manager) who commence maternity leave and await the birth of their first-borns. Chloe is replaced by Rachael Hickey with Shannon Samaranayake taking on the role of Sports Manager whilst Chloe is away. Mel is replaced by Wendy Height. We welcome both Rachael and Wendy to St. Peter’s. Mary Martin, our Financial Accountant is retiring and leaving us at the end of this week. Mary has played a significant role in the finance area at a time of rapid growth in the college. My thanks is extended to her for her visionary work and for the dedication she has consistently demonstrated. We wish her well in her retirement. Mary has been replaced by Sonia McQuilten who has had considerable experience in the tertiary sector around Financial Manangement. We welcome Sonia to our team. 


Last weekend we celebrated Pentecost. The word Pentecost is Greek and it means "50th day." Fifty days after Easter Sunday, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and their followers, and the beginning of their Earthly ministry to make disciples of all nations. It is often referred to as the birth-day of the Church.

A Prayer for Pentecost

Spirit of wisdom and understanding, enlighten our minds to perceive the mysteries of the universe in relation to eternity.
Spirit of right judgment and courage, guide us and make us firm in our baptismal decision to follow Jesus' way of love.
Spirit of knowledge and reverence, help us to see the lasting value of justice and mercy in our everyday dealings with one another.
May we respect life as we work to solve problems of family and nation, economy and ecology.
Spirit of God, spark our faith, hope and love into new action each day.
Fill our lives with wonder and awe in your presence which penetrates all creation.


Enjoy the week ahead.

Mr Chris Black 

Chris Black Signature

Latest News
East Campus News

Pastoral Sessions

This week our pastoral session concentrated on developing skills, knowledge and understanding of issues specific to year levels rather than House based activities. We continue to strive to provide our students with information and forums for discussions that enable them to consider those issues that are most relevant to their age group and developmental stage.

Therefore our pastoral sessions were a mixture of sessions led by our own staff and external providers. Students have provided feedback on these sessions and I include this as a way of opening up discussions with your child about these sessions if you have not already experienced such discussions. 

I want to thank all of the students who provided feedback and engaged in the conversations about these important issues. I would also like to express my thanks to our students who participated in a most thoughtful and respectful manner. The feedback that we have received from the external providers is so positive and complimentary about the way our students, your children behave, respect and respond so engagingly with the dialogues and information presented.

Year 7: Writing letters of gratitude:

2018 Julie Yr 7 image

Pastoral Period for me was quite enjoyable. I enjoyed writing my letter of gratitude alongside my friends from both Assisi and Augustine! This Pastoral Period session was a thumbs up and probably the best one I have had so far !! :)  Abigail

I learnt that being grateful can not only bring happiness to other people but it can also make you as a person have a better outlook on life. Also that it is important to tell people how thankful you are for them being in your life. Olivia

I learned that you can be grateful to almost anything and anyone. I also learned that something small like a letter can change someone’s life. Vishrutha

Year 8: Sexting - a really important and for many of us a difficult topic.

2018 Julie Yr 8 image

The Year 8s Pastoral Period gave useful information about sexting (which is illegal) - to guide us in the future. While being very educational (and maybe a bit awkward for some), it was still great and I liked how everyone was able to work together and share their thoughts and ideas in the group activities. Josephine

Year 9: Class Act - Respect!

2018 Julie Yr 9 image

I had a deeper understanding on how to approach people when they are feeling bad. Also the way the Actors expressed themselves and making it fun was really fun to see. Thank you for making our pastoral periods fun. Het

Year 10: Road Smart

2018 Julie Yr 10 image

Very informative and well explained. Thank you for your time, I learnt so much. Great tips before getting on the road. Simple but effective and very thorough. Today we learnt about road safety, she was very clear on all sides and everything she talked about she included us in the topic. Victoria & Maddie

Year 11: Safe Partying with Sonya Karras

2018 Julie Yr 11 image

I loved that session and would 10/10 do it again and suggest it to next year year 11's. She was really real with us and practical and told us real life stories and it was just amazing all in all. I would love to do something similar to this again for pastoral :) Oh and I learnt about safe drinking and important life lessons once I turn 18 which I will definitely keep with me throughout life. Natasha

As a year 11 student, I felt our presentation was really useful for the real world and I think it really emphasised the dangers of alcohol if misused. We learnt about the legal repercussions of underage drinking, the physical dangers of alcohol and we even heard a few stories about Sonya and other people in their experiences with drink drivers. Sonya was an amazing speaker and entertained us throughout her entire presentation. Monica

Year 12 Resilience; Michelle's story

2018 Julie Yr 12 image

2018 Resilience

After listening to Michelle's heart touching story, I learnt the importance of 'hope' on a whole new level and how strengthening it is. Her story motivated me to never give up under any circumstances, and to have 'hope'. Michelle and Anne showed me how powerful the gift of 'love' is within a family and how having 'faith' in God and putting your trust in him, there's always a way to "dream bigger". Wendel

Michelle Newland was amazing. Her story was truly inspiring and I’m sure it gave all of us year 12’s a reality check, especially for this year. You can do anything you put your mind to. I loved the presentation and I’m quite sure everyone else did also! Natalia

VCE Breakfast:  For Teachers

2018 Julie VCE Breakfast

2018 VCE Breakfast

Staff were very impressed with the breakfast that our wonderful year 12 students put on for them. It is an absolute pleasure to get to work early when breakfast is provided by your students! 

Thank you Year 12 for acknowledging your teachers with such a warm and thoughtful event. The highlight was definitely the Kahoot quiz which I am very happy to say that my team won – go purple. The time, effort and consideration that went into the planning of this event was tremendous and I believe typical of the calibre of students we have at St. Peter's College. So thank you Year 12, on behalf of your teachers, thank you!

Prayer Group @ East:

An invitation is extended to parents and families of St. Peter's College East to join the St. Peter's College Family Prayer this coming Friday, 25 May, at 7.30pm upstairs in Lyons Building. 

I wish you a safe and productive week.   

Mrs Julie Banda
Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Positive Education at Home

You will have noticed this year through your child’s Student Record Book, the Newsletter and hopefully even with what your child is doing and telling you about school, that we are embedding Positive Education practices in our St. Peter’s community. Our hope is that the concepts taught in Positive Education will go with our students – and teachers – long after they leave this school. A recent article by Tara Clark, encourages us to apply a few key elements of Positive Education at home.  This in turn can help make our lives and the lives of our family, friends and the broader community, happier and more meaningful. 

The following is a direct excerpt from the Institute of Positive Education Newsletter coming out of Geelong Grammar.

1. Savour the moment

Savouring is the capacity to attend to, appreciate and enhance the positive experiences in one’s life. (Hefferon and Boniwell, 2011). Take a walk with nature, enjoy a meal with friends or sleep in late on a cold Sunday morning. The important point is to be present in the moment, grateful for the experience and to use all of your senses to develop a heightened awareness of how that moment makes you feel. In-the-moment present mindedness allows us to take a more detailed mental photograph that we can relive or share with others at a later time. 

Research tells us that people reporting higher levels of gratitude levels experience lower levels of envy and depression, improved social integration, increased life satisfaction, and increased academic performance (Froh, et al., 2010). Allowing yourself these little moments of happiness can have a big impact on your wellbeing.

2. Express gratitude

On weekends or during holidays, you might find that you have a little more time on your hands to reflect on the people that enrich your life. Try writing a letter or a card to a significant person in your life, detailing why it is that you feel such gratefulness towards them. If you are feeling brave, tell that person face-to-face for a greater impact. Not only will you make that special person feel valued, research tells us that there are many benefits for you too.

Gratitude gives us a sense of abundance. We turn our attention to what we already have rather than striving for more, or comparing ourselves with others, or wishing things were otherwise. In a reciprocal way, the joy that the present moment gives us when we are in a state of gratitude has generative power to enable us to want to be in the present more often (Howells, 2016). When we focus on what we receive from others, our gratitude towards them not only gives us a greater sense of interconnectedness, but it can also make us less self-absorbed and less consumed by our own worries (Howells, 2016). The ‘amplification theory of gratitude’ claims that gratitude potentially amplifies our awareness of beneficial events and good in others, as well as amplifying the good we experience in positive events (Watkins & McCurrach, 2016). In short, the more we practice gratitude, the more we will benefit from it. 

3. Use a growth mindset to try something new

Stanford researcher Carol Dweck (2006) has found that people tend to maintain one of two mindsets. A fixed mindset corresponds with the belief that intelligences and talents are set in stone and that people are born with a set amount of intelligence. In contrast to this belief is the growth mindset; the belief that our basic qualities, such as intelligence, can be grown and developed via effort and practice. Those with a fixed mindset tend to invest much more time and energy in trying to prove themselves instead of being open to new challenges and experience. 

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to try a boxing class, cook the delicious-looking dish in the latest glossy food magazine, finally try your hand at sewing or join your local community garden, just give it a go. A growth mindset allows people to value what they’re doing regardless of the outcome (Dweck, 2006). Daily, we encourage our kids to try new things, to embrace failure as a necessary part of learning rather than fearing it and to take on worthwhile and meaningful risks and challenges. To be a good example, we should be modelling these behaviours and attitudes. Be optimistic and open-minded - you never know where it might take you.

4. Highlight WWW (What Went Well)

Maybe you are high-fiving yourself for that great purchase whilst online shopping or investing time in immersing yourself in an engaging book or film. These seemingly little acts of self-care generate positive emotions which are important for your wellbeing. Things that have gone well do not necessarily have to be great achievements. Rather it is the practice of identifying these things, sharing them or writing them down that generates positivity.

‘Panning for specks of gold’ or recording positive events in a gratitude journal is something that children can engage in from a very young age. These rituals can help to balance out our inherent negativity bias; that is the tendency for people to focus on and remember negative experiences in our lives. As these rituals become habit, we become more proficient in “taking in the good” as Hansen (2011) calls it and consequently, more positive emotions will be experienced. Research has found that experiencing positive emotions has benefits for mental and physical health, social relationships, and academic outcomes (Lyubomirsky, King, & Diener, 2005). The sharing of WWW also connects people in a powerful way.

Implementing Positive Education practices at home can be easy and fun. Focus on what makes you happy, savour it, be grateful for it and share it and you will be nourishing your wellbeing as well as helping to create a happier home.

Strive & Thrive Program

This week our students engaged in a variety of activities as part of their Positive Education Pastoral Program.  Please ask them about what they learned.

Lip Sync Battle

The Lip Sync competition kicked off on Monday and was again very popular and entertaining.  Glowrey House Student Leaders and Mrs Mary Armstrong did not let us down with excellent organisation and although some technical difficulties with music hampered some of the teams, the contestants rose to the occasion.  Performances were judged by five staff members on the basis of Creativity, Accuracy, Choreography, Entertainment, Costumes/Props and Year Level Involvement.  

The winning houses were Avila and MacKillop who will battle it out for the trophy on Thursday this week.

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner Survey

Thank you to the 186 Year 12 students and parents who responded to the survey for our 2018 Valedictory Dinner.  This was a good response, giving us confidence in making the decision to leave the Valedictory Dinner at Cranbourne Racecourse for this year.  It would appear that cost and location are the two biggest factors for people in making their choice, though it is clear that the number of tickets that people can purchase was the third most important factor.  Consequently, we will be very strict this year on our deadline for the purchase of 3 tickets.  This is so that the estimated 46 students who want to purchase more than 3 tickets are given every opportunity to do so.  

It is important that we do not lose sight of the fact that no matter where the evening is held, it is about celebrating as a community the wonderful achievements of our Year 12 students over six years of secondary schooling at St. Peter's College.

Which venue would you prefer to attend for the 2018 West Campus Valedictory Dinner of Wednesday 24 October?

David Graph 1

How many tickets (including the student) do you intend to purchase?

David Graph 2

What is the most important factor in selecting a venue for the Valedictory Dinner?

David Graph 3


Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching News


Commencing this term the Year 9 Introduction to Robotics students have been invited to participate in RoboCup Junior. Mr Stergiatis and his keen team of students will meet after school on a Monday to build the rescue vehicles and program them ready for the competition.

What is Robocup Junior? Robocup Junior is a project-based education initiative that supports various robotics events for primary and secondary students across Australia. The three major events are Rescue, Soccer and Dance. The Rescue event has been chosen for this year. Students from St. Peter’s College team work together to complete a series of coding based tasks using the Lego Mindstorms robotic system in order to meet a design objective.

Finally, students compete against other schools, demonstrating their coding and problem solving skills within a given time frame. Points are awarded for the successful navigation of their robot around a course to meet the design objective. More information can be found using this link. I wish these students all the very best of luck in this first competition and encourage our Year 9 students to get involved.


Change of Subject

Subject selection for students in Years 7 - 10 will not change in Semester 2. For students in Year 11 there is a small window of opportunity to change subjects. Whilst it is not ideal to miss the Unit 1 sequence of any VCE study, it is understood that sometimes students wish to change subjects after trying a unit in Semester 1.

Any Year 11 student who wishes to change subjects must first see their House Leader to discuss the reasons for this change. Subject Change forms are only available from your House Leader. Once the House Leader has signed off, signatures from the subject teacher and Mr Windley at East or Mrs Mansfield at West Campus, together with the Careers Advisor must also be obtained.

Completed forms must be handed into the Front Office on each Campus by Friday, 15 June. Students must stay in current classes until a new timetable is received via Tutor Group and must complete all Semester One assessments.

Any changes will be dependent upon class size and availability. Late forms cannot be accepted due to the requirement to receive holiday homework and any hurdle tasks before the end of Term Two holidays. 

2018 East Campus Virtual Tour Admin Bld 3


Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Mission & Catholic Identity News

What is a Catholic School?

Recently at St. Peter’s College there has been much dialogue about what it is to be a Catholic school.

On May 9, I had to present to the College Advisory Board on our Enhancing Catholic School Identity project data. Data which assists schools to better understand how their Catholic identity is expressed in work and practice, and supports them in the future development of that Catholic identity.

On May 11, a School Improvement Framework (SIF) focus group gathered to look at the Catholic Identity and Religious Education domains of St. Peter’s College. Members included Ms Maria Gonsalvez, Ms Fiona McKenna, Fr Denis O’Brien, Mr Jean-Paul Antoine, Mr Greg Nelson, Mr Deng Chuor, Mr Roger Hampson and myself.

On May 21 we had Sr Rose Duffy from the Sale Catholic Education Office present to twenty staff about ‘What is Catholic Faith’?

Some common themes to the conversations…

  • The overarching purpose of Catholic schools of the past as well as the future is to bring the good news of Jesus to all who will hear it 
  • That we work towards the formation of people who experience faith not as an obligation or restriction, but as a gift which enhances their capacity to live rich, full and meaningful lives
  • Catholic schools of the future need to be good stewards over the world which God’s love continues to entrust to us
  • Our school is a genuine community founded on relationships which are based on shared beliefs and common goals
  • Catholic schools are more than places of learning. They are genuine communities where positive relationships are actively developed and strengthened by shared beliefs, Gospel values and common goals
  • We are welcoming to all. Our school engages with people wherever they are in their lives and faith journeys
  • Our school will continue outreach to those who will most benefit by our service
  • We are centres of holistic learning. A focus on the holistic growth of individual people is the prime educational purpose of a Catholic school
  • Be places that are sowers of change
  • Our school will actively engage with the communities of which we are a part

And then there are the real examples of the above in action. In the past week we have witnessed at St. Peter’s College:

  • Student Leaders and student volunteers running a Breakfast Club
  • A Youth Ministry class running a retreat for St Agatha’s Catholic Primary School
  • A Yr 10 RE class that specialises in liturgical music called Madjitil Moorna, perform at a St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Primary School assembly
  • Students helping out at the local Vinnies centre

To name just a few, these are amongst the many faith in action activities that happen every week at St. Peter’s College.

Mr Matt Williams
Deputy Principal - Mission & Catholic Identity

Careers News

Save the Date

Futures Expo
Tuesday 24th July
11 am to 7 pm
West Campus

The annual Futures Expo is our event to gather all the important information about subject selections and pathways for the coming years.  Families can speak directly with the staff from our Key Learning Areas, attend workshops to hear the relevant Year Level information and have questions answered from our Tertiary and Employment Representatives about future options beyond school.

Displays will be set up in the College Hall from 11.00am with workshops available on the hour.  Tertiary Providers will attend between 5.00pm – 7.00pm.  The timetable of our workshops will be available in the coming weeks, with details on how families can register their attendance, at the workshops, through Eventbrite.

Mid Year School Holiday Programs:

Each term many University and TAFE providers offer workshops and seminars to secondary school students.  The purpose is to inform students about the many opportunities available through University and TAFE, and to gain some experience for future course and career decisions.  Many Universities also offer free VCE lectures.  Please use this link to view the programs available

Monash University – Year 8 Engineering ChallENGe

July 2- 4 | Monash University, Clayton Campus  

Encourage your Year 8 students to explore the wonderful world of engineering with seven exciting workshops! 
Click here to find out more!

Monash Uni

La Trobe



Ms Melissa Dillon
Careers Coordinator - West Campus


Education Week - Celebrating The Arts

CTA 2018 newsletter reduced (2)_Page_1




Ms Pamela Fox - The Arts Coach West Campus

Health and PE News

Despite the cold wet weather, the keen Junior Netball girls still made it outside with Miss Ross and Miss Hickey to gain new skills and develop their passion for sport on the Graham basketball courts on Monday, 21 May at lunchtime. It didn’t take long to warm up their muscles, co-ordination and desire to work as a team as the coaches lead the students through a range of drills and skills to learn game sense and spatial awareness on the court. The students desire for more led them into a game with the SIS netball girls taking on the Sporting Schools girls, in what was a competitive match.

Ensuring chest passes were strong, shooting was accurate and pivots were precise, students rotated through the positions and maintained their energy as they came to understand the vital role and boundaries of the Goal Shooter, Goal Keeper, Wing Defence, Wing Attack, Centre, Goal Defence and Goal Attack. Some students felt challenged by their skill level, their height or their stamina, which then helped them to work out the best position on the court for their abilities. With the help from the coaches, students are realising the potential they have and the enthusiasm they bring to the game in order to extend their abilities.

With two sessions left, all booked at Cranbourne Stadium, our passionate junior girls have many opportunities to work with their peers and develop their knowledge and understanding of Netball. This program has extended our opportunities for sport development beyond compare and as a College Community, we feel very blessed to be able to conduct Netball and see our students shine in another aspect of the College environment.

The dates for the remaining two sessions include:

  • Tuesday, 29 May: Casey Indoor - 65 Berwick Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC.  Departing East Campus 12.40pm and returning to East Campus 1.40pm
  • Monday, 4 June: Casey Indoor - 65 Berwick Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC.  Departing East Campus 2.00pm and returning to East Campus 3.15pm

These sessions only have minimal places left, if your child is keen and is in Year 7 or 8, please don’t hesitate to email Mrs Slykerman or speak to your child’s Physical Education Teacher. 

Sarah Slykerman
Teaching and Learning Coach
Health and Physical Education East Campus

Mind Matters

Mental Fitness for High School Students Webinar 

Black Dog

A special Wellbeing event at St. Peter’s College on 22nd May 2018.  In partnership with the BlackDog Institute, a group of students participated in an online Webinar, Mental Fitness for High School Students.
We all know the benefits of keeping physically fit, but what about our mental fitness?

In this free, 30-minute interactive presentation, the students:

  • Learnt about the importance of mental fitness
  • were shown practical ways to build their mental strength, flexibility and endurance
  • took part in activities that can help improve overall wellbeing and resilience



2018 Mind Matters

Mrs Clare Ziino - Wellbeing Team

St Agatha's Parish News

TRINITY FAMILIES: Special Collection will be taken up at all Masses next weekend. Trinity Families is our diocese’s own charity and was established by the Diocese of Sale to provide support for families within our region. Like many charities we are hampered by lack of funds which limits the effectiveness of our work. Trinity Families is a charity for other charities operating within our diocese and without our aid, many vital programs to assist families and individuals would not go ahead. We have distributed more than $1.4 million over the past 14 years but unfortunately many other worthy programs could not be supported because of lack of funds. We ask all parishioners to consider making Trinity Families their charity of choice by making a meaningful donation at least once a year. Donation envelopes are available either in the pews or at the back of the church and these can be used for cash or credit cards. Credit card and cheque donations can be mailed but envelopes with cash should be placed in a collection plate. Direct debits details and more information from the link or Colin Coomber on 0407 213 328.

PLENARY COUNCIL 2020 – LISTEN TO WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING: Pope Francis has approved the Australian Bishops’ decision to hold a Plenary Council in Australia in 2020 and 2021. It is a significant moment for the Church in Australia to make decisions about the future. To prepare the agenda for the Plenary Council, all of God’s people are invited to reflect on the question: “What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?” Find out more about the Plenary Council 2020 at the new website.

ST AGATHA’S PARISH MEETING with Bishop Patrick O’Regan is scheduled for next Wednesday 30th May 2018 at 7.30pm, St Agatha’s School Hall. All parishioners are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting as it is a great opportunity, please keep this date free and mark your diaries. 

ALTAR SERVERS are invited to help serve at Confirmation ceremonies in June. Do you have a sibling that is making their Confirmation in June and would like to serve at that Mass? If you would like to serve at a Confirmation on Thursday 21st June at 6.00pm, Friday 22nd June at 6.00pm or Saturday 23rd June at 11.00am please inform Fr Joseph or contact Sue or Tina at the Parish Office on 5996 1985 or email parishoffice@stagathas.org.au

STEWARDSHIP GIVING: Everyone in the Stewardship Program is reminded to collect their statement and letter from Fr Joseph from the foyer. Parishioners giving by Direct Debit, please note giving for April will be included in your next giving statement. Some parishioners may notice that on the 22nd April there is no pledge amount showing, but if you have given on this day it has been recorded. We have reported this issue to the program developer for rectification. A reminder to all parishioners that your contribution to Stewardship is not tax deductible.

PROJECT COMPASSION: Receipts have been emailed this week. For parishioners who did not request an emailed copy, please collect your receipt from the table in the foyer. Thank you for supporting Caritas, Project Compassion.

HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE: St. Agatha’s invites a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 28th April to 11th May 2019 with Fr Joseph Abutu. Magi Pilgrimages. For more info see flyer in the Church foyer. Parish Office on 5996 1985 or Rebecca on 0421 521 550 rebeccadaly19@gmail.com

VOICE FOR LIFE: Life Dinner 2018, with guest speaker Prof. John Whitehall. Saturday 2nd June 6.30pm to 11.00pm, Aurora Receptions, 149 Donald St, Brunswick East. Adults $80, Students $65 Auction/Raffle RSVP Friday 25th May Anne-Maree 9816 0800 or 0447 352 252 Email: events@family.org.au or see the website.

THE TALK: Information night for parents. A 6-week program for parents. The whole sex talk. Empowering parents to be the educators of their children. Guiding your adolescent with healthy ongoing conversations. Giving parents the motivation, confidence and tools to talk to their kids about sex. Biblically based program. Information evening 25th May at 7.30pm in St Agatha’s Church, program will begin on 6th June in Providence House till 11th July 7.30pm to 9.00pm. For more information contact Maria on 0409 563 864 or the parish office.

CHOSEN NATIONAL YOUTH CONFERENCE for young adults (aged 18 - 30) at Mannix College Clayton, 12th - 15th July 2018.In the Year of Youth, Jesus Youth. Come and experience amazing youth rallies, uplifting talks, workshops, Theatre, Eucharistic celebrations, Vocation & Mission Expo and Live music by 'Master Plan' (a band which has performed at the last two World Youth Days). For more info visit the website. registrations and group discounts, go to register@chosenconference.org.au or call 0403 709 531 / 0491 002 081. See notice board in the Church foyer. 

St Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

CONFIRMATION PARENT & CHILD WORKSHOPS: Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 30th May at 7.00pm at St Thomas the Apostle School.

SPECIAL COLLECTION this weekend: Trinity Families was established by the Diocese of Sale to provide support for families within our region.  Please support this charity work in the diocese. Donation envelopes are available at both entrances and to be placed in the collection plate. Thank you.

BISHOP O’REGAN OPEN PARISH MEETING: Tuesday 29th May at 7.30pm at St Thomas the Apostle School. We invite every parish family to be represented, and we especially invite our young people from Year 10 upwards to take an active part in this process which will continue over the coming years.

PLENARY 2020: Today is the launch of a 3-year process towards the Plenary 2020. The journey commences with Open Dialogue and Listening Encounters.  For more information, visit the Plenary Council website http://plenarycouncil.catholic.org.au for more information.

Plenary Council Prayer

Come, Holy Spirit of Pentecost.

Come, Holy Spirit of the great South Land.

O God, bless and unite all your people in Australia and guide us on the pilgrim way of the Plenary Council.

Give us the grace to see your face in one another and to recognise Jesus, our companion on the road.

Give us the courage to tell our stories and to speak boldly of your truth.

Give us ears to listen humbly to each other and a discerning heart to hear what you are saying.

Lead your Church into a hope-filled future, that we may live the joy of the Gospel.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, bread for the journey from age to age.   Amen.

Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us.

St Mary MacKillop, pray for us.

PROCLAIM 2018: Bishop Pat is encouraging parishes to consider sending representatives to Proclaim 2018. This national conference in Brisbane will engage parishes and faith communities in a conversation focusing on five key areas: Leadership, Culture Change, Young People, Belonging and Evangelisation. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Make your home in me” (Jn 15:4) and the conference aims to assist Catholic communities in preparing for the Plenary 2020. Register here. Please see notice board for additional information.

HOLY LAND COLLECTION – The Custodian of the Holy Land sent a Thank You letter to St Thomas the Apostle Parish for raising $2,231.25.

COMBINED PARISHES RAFFLE – Thank you to everyone who participated in the fundraising event. Here’s a few things for you to note:

1. The Raffle will be drawn at St Simon’s Parish, 2 Taylor’s Lane, Rowville at 7.15pm on June 2, 2018 and as many people as possible are encouraged to attend.

2. Winners will be contacted on the day of the draw.

3. The results will appear on The Age, Herald Sun and Geelong Advertiser newspapers on the Wednesday (June 6) following the draw under “Public Notices” classification.

4. We aim to have all prizes available within 7 working days of the draw.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me, Christina Liew on 0459 824 110 or email Christina.liew@bigpond.com. Thank you for all your anticipated cooperation and for making this Combined Catholic Parishes Raffle a success.

CENTENARY OF ST COLUMBANS MISSION SOCIETY – Mission today and tomorrow lectures presented by Columbans: Fr Noel Connolly and Rev Dr Patrick McInerney. Date: Wednesday 20th June 7.30pm at Cardinal Knox Lecture Theatre, Australian Catholic University, East Melbourne. Please see flyer at both entrances.

ST VINCENT PALLOTTI SCHOLARSHIP: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN – the Scholarship Trust offer scholarships to enable lay people to further their understanding and skills in leadership/ministry or a specialised activity, such as promoting faith enhancement, social justice and pastoral care.  Applications close 23rd July 2018. Details and application to the website

CHOSEN “You did not choose me but I chose you, and I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last” -

As our Church in Australia is celebrating 2018 as the Year of Youth, Jesus Youth, an International Catholic Association, is organising this conference with a focus on evangelising young people and nurturing their missionary initiatives. If you are interested and wish to register, please visit the website.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

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