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Issue 129  |  03 May 2018
Featured Story
From our Principal

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome to Catholic Education Week

Our school, along with the 43 other Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sale, will celebrate Catholic Education Week from 27 April to 4 May. The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Come and See".

As Catholic schools, we are called to do more than just pass on the faith: we are invited to translate our faith into deeds so we are truly living God’s Word. The theme: ‘Come and See’ is invitational and in a school context that same invitation is very much alive. It is equally important, however, to recognise the invitation is one which comes with a clause attached,  one which invites all to stay and to contribute to a living, breathing and stimulating faith and learning community.

Catholic Education Week is an opportunity for all Catholic schools to celebrate our distinctive mission and share features that are special about our schools. Members of our staff attended the Leadership Mass and Dinner held in Traralgon last Friday. Here we celebrated not only the beginning of Catholic Education week but we also celebrated with the Van der Velden family as Mikayla was awarded the Fr James Wall award and bursary ($4,000). Mikayla was presented with her award by, Bishop Patrick O’Regan, Ms Maria Kirkwood (Chief Executive Officer of the Diocese of Sale) and Mr Matthew Cassin (Chief Executive Officer of the Catholic Development Fund).

2018 Mikayla Van der Velden Chris

Our school will also hold a number of activities throughout Catholic Education week including: a lunch-time Music concert and a mass on each campus.
Zoning Policy

Enrolment offers were made for Year 7 2019 last week. It is timely therefore to remind parents, both prospective and current of the importance of maintaining our current zoning policy. To ensure as many families can access a quality Catholic education St Peter’s College applies stringent guidelines to which campus an offer is made. The recent release of the Bureau of Statistics report into population growth and our own enrolment projections highlight the challenges of supporting enrolments within the Cranbourne area; this emphasises further the need to enforce the zoning policy and practice. The accompanying diagram indicates our catchment and the divisional lines which determine the offer of campus. 

2018 Zoning Map

Attendance – the importance of

In recent editions of this publication we have highlighted the change in attendance policy at St. Peter’s College, particularly in respect to ensuring we receive contact with a parent or guardian on the day of a child’s absence. I appreciate the patience of parents as we continue to refine our processes in ensuring the accuracy of this data. It is important within this context to present some important information around school attendance.

Research suggests the following:

  • Increased attendance can facilitate better student learning outcomes
  • The better the school attendance rate the less likely students will drop out of school early
  • Students with excellent attendance records are less likely to have developmental issues or fall behind socially
  • Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12, or an equivalent qualification, have: 

         - better health outcomes
         - better employment outcomes 
         - higher incomes across their lives.

  • School participation maximises life opportunities for children and young people by providing them with education and support networks.  
  • School helps children to develop important skills, knowledge and values that set them up for further learning and participation in their community.  
  • School helps them to make the most of life opportunities.

It is important to acknowledge that in respect to this issue in particular, parents and the college need to work in partnership. If you have any concerns regarding the attendance rate of your child you are encouraged to discuss this with your child’s Learning Advisor or House Leader. On the flip-side staff working most closely with your son’s and daughter’s will continue to engage with parents or guardians regarding any concerns regarding attendance. 

Active Learning

In a previous edition I spoke of our first day back this term where staff experienced a Professional Learning Day based around Active Learning. Our Middle Years Curriculum Leader at the East Campus, Emily McClelland, presented a video to staff of her interpretation of Active learning. This video can be viewed as a link on our web-page. Alternatively please click on the link here.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable week.

Mr Chris Black

Chris Black Signature

Latest News
East Campus News


2018 Quality of Fruitfulness 01

Jesus is telling us we have the potential to bear fruit, and challenging us to step up to the task, willing to shed ourselves of all that refuses to hear the word and live it. It's a good challenge to those of us who are committed and involved in our faith. We can sometimes allow ourselves to become complacent with the fruit we are bearing. "By this is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit." It is one thing to hear the word and let it soak in. It is another to be pruned by that word and to choose to live up to the expectation it places upon us.  (an extract from Molly Hickey, please click here

The passage above relates to John’s Gospel; 15:1-8: (All who live in me, and I in them, bear much fruit) and as the fifth Sunday of Easter featured at both my local Parish mass on Saturday evening and the Leadership mass offered up for us on Sunday at St Thomas the Apostle. This Gospel and the homilies presented resonated with me at a very deep level. It represents the many ways parents and teachers alike commit on a daily basis to ensure that the quality of the connections we have with our children/students bear a sustainable fruitfulness. Last Sunday’s Gospel also leads perfectly into the theme and message of Catholic Education Week “Come and See” Jn1:39, which invites us all to strengthen our journey not just to see but, to be fruitful in purpose and intention. Our shared challenge with students is to present opportunities for them to explore and develop a good understanding and fully utilise their character strengths in the light of gospel teachings throughout the year and indeed their lives.

Over the course of last term we introduced students to the concept of practising GEM (Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness) as a proven way of increasing positive mental health. Pastoral sessions have included discussion and activities on both Gratitude and Mindfulness, and will continue to, however this week the emphasis is on Empathy. During Tutor Groups teachers will discuss the concept of empathy and how it relates to action and building resilience. By placing ourselves in the shoes or experience of others we shall not be complacent in the fruit we bear, but rather we are seeking the challenge of Catholic education week to come and see.

A huge list of Character Strengths – but who they belong to?
 2018 Character Strengths
All students have now completed their VIA character strengths survey and are actively exploring how best to develop and utilise their strengths through the Strive & Thrive Pastoral Program. During classes the everyday conversations between students and teachers is increasingly about character strengths. But what about our teachers, what are their character strengths? This led me to ask a range of students at all year levels; what are the character strengths you see and experience every day in your teachers? Here are just some of the many strengths students see in their teachers. When we combine the strengths of both student and teachers we are building a culture that ensures members of our community will flourish.

In focus: SRC  Newly elected SRC representative Lea (Year 9) interviewed Charlie (Year 11) who is in his second year of the SRC. 

Why should students join the SRC and how did you become a member?
At first I was chosen to be part of the SRC but after the first year I asked if I could stay on as a member. I wanted to continue because I found it really good as you get to help out at school on so many activities and areas within the school. The SRC opens up more opportunities in what you can do and it is a lot of fun as well as a great learning experience.

What is your favourite aspect of being an SRC representative?
My favourite part about being in the SRC is being able to interact with and get to know students of all year levels.  The SRC has helped me feel a lot happier as I feel it lets me have a say in things that happen around the school. 

What skills and experience have you gained from being part of the SRC?
I discovered that I have leadership capabilities – which I did not know I had. 

What does the SRC do?
We help conduct tours of the Campus grounds for prospective parents and children. On the tours we try to give as much information about our school and what we really like about it. We are given really good feedback from the teachers about our tour guiding ability. We also help organise and run lunchtime activities and fund raising events.  We have regular meetings with Mrs Banda and Ms McRae, at lunchtimes and this is where we plan and discuss.

Why is it important for students to have a voice at school?
Personally I think students deserve a voice as they know what is best for them and what will help them improve in all aspects of their time at school. 

This week’s campus conversation with students. 

A conversation with some students today prompted me to ask the question, are we feeding our brains at school on only Maths, English, Science, or You tube and texting? If so will that be enough to sustain us throughout the day? The reason for this question was a discussion on how tired students were feeling already and it is only Week 3 of Term 2, and a Monday! One student decided that a sugar fix at lunch via a can of Coke would be the pick me up she needed to get through Maths period 5. Not a great idea I suggested but then wondered if my plan to get through the day might rely just on more coffee. Neither plan seemed wise or sources of sustainable fuel for both mind and body.

So a gentle reminder to all of us that we need to eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep. A simple recipe for brain and body health but one that actually requires consistent commitment. So the challenge this week is to check in on your recipe for brain and body health, and make the necessary adjustments even if that means less sugar drinks, less coffee and more good food, rest and exercise. For more information or reminders about what foods are good for our brain and body health click on Brain food:  I challenge all parents and students to take the opportunity to improve their recipe for good sustainable brain and body health.  Exercise you brain with these teasers.

 2018 Brain Food 01 

  • All students are required to carry their student identification card with them throughout the school day. ID cards are a vital way of communicating information and accessing student services including bus, photocopying and issuing late passes.  Learning Advisors will be conducting an audit to check identification cards this week, so please ensure your child has their ID card at all times. If your child has lost their identification card, they will need to pay $5 to the office for a new card to be issued. 
  • Year 10 Immunisations:
    Meningococcal Vaccination - This free vaccination will be offered at St. Peter’s College East Campus on Monday, 14 May.  These immunisation forms were given to your child last Term in Tutor Group and should have been delivered to you.  If not, please ask your child to go to Student Reception for another form.  Please fill these forms in and return them promptly to the school granting consent to have your child immunised.  This vaccine could cost up to $150 from your local GP and so we would encourage all parents to take advantage of this opportunity as they are currently free and there is no suggestion that it will be funded next year. Please click here for more information.

Have a wonderful week in Catholic Education and stay healthy.

Mrs Julie Banda
Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus

West Campus News

From the Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus 

Harry Styles & encouraging respect with young men

My eldest daughter is a little crazy over the singer Harry Styles (formerly of One Direction fame) and recently went to his concert where she spent most of the concert either screaming or crying.  So you can imagine that I was a little sceptical when she insisted I read an article by a feminist author Karen Pickering entitled People don’t believe me when I say I named my son after Harry Styles.  It was a terrific article that initially pointed out that part of the reason we don’t take a person like Harry Styles seriously is because teenage girls do!  The fact is that we can be a little bit superior about teenage girls and not take them seriously enough.  However, it might just be worth us (and especially teenage boys) listening to what it is that they love about this young pop star.

What teenage girls love about Harry Styles is he is gentle, thoughtful and kind.  He has kept his humility and sense of wonder despite the tremendous ego inflation. He takes an ethical stance defending equality, acceptance of others and love.  He reminds people that caring about each other and doing what you can for your community is the most important thing that we can do.  He knows that being kind is cool.  That being yourself will mean that you will be accepted, valued and loved by the people in your life who matter.  He understands that truly being a man is about finding your character strengths and yourself through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

Karen Pickering argues that what she loves about Harry is that he breaks the constraints of toxic masculinity.  In her experience: 

“…the only way to be a man was to push your feelings down, turn them inwards, hurt yourself, and hurt others. That manhood was equated with physical strength, with toughness, with proving sexual prowess, earning more money than other men, with disrespecting women and using fists to solve disputes. I’ve come to know that a lot of men think this is what makes them manly. I’ve seen men do terrible things to prove that they are man enough, including to me.”

I often tell our young men to have the courage to be their own person and not to become victims of society.  We can all encourage our young men to be more respectful of women.  Thank you to our counsellor, Ms Nadia Picinali, for providing a valuable YouTube clip of Dr Justin Coulson who suggests the following 5 ideas to encourage our teenage boys to be respectful and caring:

  1. Challenge our boys when they are disrespectful.
  2. Model respect to our boys.
  3. Help our boys to help others (ie. Develop empathy).
  4. Expect our boys to Own, be Accountable and Responsible for their behaviour (OAR).
  5. Help boys to understand the world from a girls’ perspective.

Please view the Youtube clip here

House Cross Country

The House Cross Country was run on Tuesday this week and we had a record number of students compete in beautiful autumn conditions.  220 students raced around Casey Fields to compete for Level 1 House Points in the McGuigan Shield.  Individual winners for each race were as follows -

Under 13 Female - Kayla McLeod (Romero)
Under 13 Male - Jacob Tisdale (Assisi)
Under 14 Female - Breanna Caples (Glowrey)
Under 14 Male - Patrick Natoli (Augustine)
Under 15 Female - Shahd Mohamed (Romero)
Under 15 Male - Aiden Williams (Glowrey)
Under 16 Female - Talya Cunnington (Avila)
Under 16 Male - Dylan Lalouette (Glowrey)
Under 17 Female - Emilia Van Soest (MacKillop)
Under 17 Male - Jaiden Jakubenko (Glowrey)
Open Female - Tahlia Coates (Glowrey)
Open Male - Mitchell Tharle (Augustine)

The results for the House Competition will be announced at our Campus Assembly on Tuesday, 8 May.

SIS Public Speaking

On Tuesday, 1 May, Mr Greg Nelson took four students to John Paul College for the SIS Public Speaking Competition. Congratulations to Bailee Kehagias, Seleini Abeyratne and Latesha Franks who represented St. Peter's College, West Campus. The students had a choice of topics, amongst which were ‘Australia’s Gun Laws are too Strict’ and “Australian schools are not preparing students for the 21st Century”. The winning school received an average mark of 78. St. Peter's College received an average mark of 74. This was slightly above the median mark. Bailee’s speech on Australia’s Gun Laws was particularly well researched. Selini spoke on 21st Century Education and Latesha did very well as a first time speaker from Year 7. Overall, the girls represented the College very well. 

Student Representative Council

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) usually meets about three times each term. They are an important voice that empowers our student body.  At our most recent meeting the topics that dominated the meeting included a discussion on hats and/or caps and the colour preferences. The other issue was the results of the student survey into the location of picnic tables and shade sails to ensure that these can be used with some protection from the harsh sun. These issues ultimately are about our students’ health and safety and it is good that our SRC take them seriously.

Road Smart (Year 10)

Road Smart is a road safety education and training program designed to build on the existing road knowledge, skills and behaviours of Year 10 students. The program aims to help lay down the foundations for safe driving among young drivers.
Funded by the Victorian Government, Road Smart is an initiative that supports and enhances Victoria’s Graduated Licensing System, featuring: 
• An interactive classroom session
• eLearning for students and their supervising drivers
• An in-car session
• A teacher resource toolkit linked to the Victorian Curriculum.
The program is designed to provide students with a broader understanding of:
• road trauma and it's causes
• how the safe system works
• the Towards Zero vision
• the Graduated Licensing System 
• importance of a staged approach to learning to drive.

Road Smart also provides supervising drivers with an eLearning module, featuring practical information and advice to help them in their role as a mentor, and to ensure the learning to drive experience is as stress-free as possible.

On our next Pastoral Period day on Tuesday, 22 May will be the beginning of the interactive classroom lessons. A consent form will be sent to all parents of Year 10 students shortly.  Once we receive these consent forms we can upload students and Vic Roads will send students an email containing information about their account setup and login. After students have set up and activated their account, they will then be able to undertake eLearning modules and access a lesson ID for the free driving lesson. 

Upcoming Campus Assembly

On Tuesday, 8 May, we will have a Campus Assembly at 10.10 am on the West Campus in the Multi Purpose Hall. While there is not a specific theme associated with this particular assembly, we will reflect on Catholic Education Week. I want to remind parents that they are always welcome at our Campus Assemblies as you are an important part of our community and your presence with us at these celebrations is greatly valued.

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 13)

During the week, it was my sad duty to attend the funeral of a colleague, Mr Rick Van Duppen, Deputy Principal at John Paul College, Frankston.  It was a beautiful mass celebrating a wonderful life of a man committed to family, faith and service to Catholic Education. His son spoke of how Rick hated shopping and each year, in the week before Mother’s Day, he would take the three children to Eastland Shopping Centre and say to them: “Here’s $10, be back here in 20 minutes with a gift for your mother”. Needless to say, Rick’s wife was underwhelmed each year on Mother’s Day.  
This story did prompt me into action. It reminded me how important our family is to us and that this is the week, to start preparing for Mother’s Day.  I thank Ms Annette Marschener, one of our textiles teachers, who provided staff this week with the opportunity to make fabric flowers for their mothers (or other important person in their life). I encourage all of us to think about what we can do in the week ahead to make Sunday, 13 May a special day for our mothers.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus


Learning & Teaching News

Trial of PreCAL for Year 10 West Campus

In Semester 2 of this year the College would like to trial at West Campus a  PreCAL Program. As the name suggests, PreCAL is intended to give Year 10 students an opportunity to test out a program of learning based on the Victorian Applied Learning model. The VCAL Model is one that has students learn numeracy, literacy and work related skills via a practical, hands on approach to projects. The program develops work related skills and introduces students to teamwork, careers and applied learning

A wonderful example of this approach is the recent Year 11 ANZAC unit. Year 11 VCAL students interviewed residents at Botanic Gardens Aged Care facility, planned and implemented an incredibly moving Anzac service, complete with white crosses which set the atmosphere so poignantly. Students also cooked Anzac biscuits and attended morning tea with our special guests from Botanic Gardens. The ability to integrate numeracy and literacy into real world projects sees learning come to life.

For this reason, the College will offer a limited number of places to Year 10 students who wish to test out a VCAL environment for the last semester of 2018. This trial WILL NOT LOCK students into a VCAL Program in Year 11.

Students are still eligible to select a VCE pathway if they wish during subject selections.

As part of the PreCAL Program students will undertake two blocks of work placement.

One in Term 3 and one in place of Exams at the end of Term 4.
Year 10 students will be invited to join the trial via a letter home to parents. If any parents would like their child to be involved please contact myself or Mr Chris O’Hara at the College on 5990 7777.

Understanding the AITSL Standards

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers are a public statement of what constitutes teacher quality. They define the work of teachers and make explicit elements of high-quality, effective teaching in 21st century schools that will improve educational outcomes for students. Click here for more information.

In this week’s Professional Learning meetings all teaching staff will complete the AITSL Self-Assessment Tool. This self-refection tool (SAT) developed by AITSL requires staff to reflect on their practice. At the end of the Self-Assessment Tool a profile is delivered and a rating given. Staff are then able to set goals to move forward towards EXPERT Teacher. For some years now St Peter’s has worked towards ensuring that all teaching staff are “EXPERT” teachers. Our professional learning this year will focus on what makes an expert teacher and what support staff need to move further along the continuum towards becoming an expert teacher. The reason for this focus is based in research. Studies by John Hattie, a well-known educational researcher and Chair of Aitsl, indicate that teachers have a significant role to play in improving student outcomes. If we are to provide the best possible learning outcomes for each and every student then we need to support our teaching staff in becoming the best they can possibly be as educators. 

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

Mission & Catholic Identity News

St. Peter’s College – part of a large and vast story

For the 43 schools found within the borders of the Diocese of Sale – this week is Catholic Education Week (CEW). It commenced on Friday 27th with a Mass and Dinner at St Michaels church in Traralgon. On Sunday we celebrated CEW with our St Thomas the Apostle parish with staff and student leaders attending Mass.

As said by Mrs Maria Kirkwood (Director of Catholic Education for Sale), Catholic schools are for providing students with the opportunity to grow in the love of God and develop a respectful knowledge of their world in an atmosphere of peace, joy, hope, justice and love.

Catholic schools have been a major component of Australian education for over 175 years. They offer the Catholic community and the people of Australia an educational foundation for life to the full, meaning the full development of the person - intellectually, spiritually, physically, morally and emotionally. They help promote a particular view of the person and the community centred on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Did you know?

  • More than 760,000 students attend Catholic schools
  • Across Australia, one in five school students is in a Catholic school
  • Almost 90,000 staff are employed in Australia’s 1,728 Catholic schools 

From a very quick conversation in the staffroom, we came up with the following who have attended a Catholic school in Australia.

  • Eddie McGuire - Christian Brother College, St Kilda
  • Rachel Griffiths - Star of the Sea College, Gardenvale
  • Trent Cotchin - Parade College, Bundoora
  • Matthew Richardson – St Brendan’s Shaw College, Devonport
  • Lucy Turnbull - Sacred Heart's Kincoppal School, Sydney.
  • Bert Newton - St Joseph's Marist Brothers, Fitzroy (now closed).

Plus the following names came up!
Justin Bieber, Madonna, George Clooney, Barack Obama and Kim Kardashian.

As you can see Catholic Education has provided an education to an eclectic range of personalities, who have succeeded in many different fields. 
It is a strength of Catholic education, in that it caters for a range of students from a range of vastly different backgrounds.


West St Peter


Mr Matt Williams
Deputy Principal - Mission & Catholic Identity

Meet our Sports Captain - East Campus

Introducing Our College Captains 2018
Name: Nyakuar Wunbi
Role: Sports Captain Campus: East

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?
I began my education at St Peter’s College in Year 8.

Tell us about your family?

I grew with both my parents, my three brothers, my aunty and my cousin. My brother’s and I growing up were very close, they influenced a lot of the things in my life, one being my love for sports. 

Tell us about your other interests?
Other than sports I have an incredible love for art, history and books. Art has always been something which brought me comfort, as did reading books and writing. As for History, I’ve always had an interest for the past and how it has moulded everything we have in our present and what it can do for our future.

Year 12 Studies:
At St. Peter’s College I am currently studying English, History, Religion & Ethics, Drama, Art and Business Management.

Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?
Unfortunately, I haven’t completed any VCE studies prior to this year.

2018 College Theme

but what I do have, I give to you
What does this mean to you? 
This statement overwhelms me with a sense of hope and unconditional love. What I think it means is that like Jesus, we too should give to others, whether it may be in a big proportion or little, giving is more powerful than receiving. We were created as stewards to love those around us, to help one another; it’s what makes us human. It’s strange because even though God owes us nothing, here He is giving us everything and we should do the same.

How will you live this statement throughout the year in your role?

What I want to get out of this role this year is the ability to know I helped bring students come together using sports. I aim to give back as much as I have received from St Peter’s College. I myself know that Sport is a great force that can bring people together no matter what colour, religion, nationality or gender we are, we all play under that same sky. I will live this statement throughout the year by encouraging students to get up, have fun, create new relationships and have a go, but not before promising to do so myself, if one of us is doing, then all of us could do it.

What are your goals for 2018?
For yourself in your role?
I aspire to bring students together. By using sports, I hope to bring a fun atmosphere to our school and use sports as a source to motivate, inspire and push students forward.

For yourself as a Year 12 student?
As a Year 12 student I aspire to do my best, I refuse to leave St Peter’s College thinking I could’ve or should’ve done better. I want to know what I did for myself was enough and in a couple of years I will reflect on my last year of school and congratulate myself on my accomplishments, knowing I treated Year 12 as a marathon rather than a sprint and took my time each day to cherish what I’ve been blessed with.

Personally, I aspire to find out more about myself throughout the year, I could write a list of goals instead of having a vague answer, but this is what I truly want, to get to know myself before anyone else does and from there I will make my next move. 

What would you like your legacy to be for St. Peter’s College?
I want my legacy to be what brings me back to the College after graduation and see that my efforts have inspired other students to lead, not for the title but the ideas they inhabit and hope for making St Peter’s College better each day. 

What are you immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College? 
After my completion at St Peter’s College I would love to attend University at Deakin in hopes of studying Philosophy, History whilst trying to do some humanitarian work. 

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?
To discover as much of this world as possible. I want to continue learning more about the planet in which we inhabit, through History and Philosophy. I want to find the answers to many of life’s questions. With that in mind I also would love to go back to my homeland and work towards making a difference. 

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in your College?
Everything takes time, do your best but don’t forget to breathe and relax, the world isn’t going anywhere. 

Meet our Sports Captain - East Campus

Introducing Our College Captains 2018
Name: Connor O’Riordan
Role: Sports Captain Campus: East 

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?
I started at St Peter’s College in Year 7, 2013

Tell us about your family?

I live in a family of 6 with 3 brothers and my parents. My dads side of the family is Irish so unfortunately, we don’t see them much.

Tell us about your other interests?
I’m a passionate supporter of AFL, so I spend my time either watching it or playing it. There have been a few heartbreaks over the years following the Dees but by far the best local league is Tooradin. I’m also a big fan of shows like Arrow and American Dad. 

Year 12 Studies:
At St. Peter’s College I am currently studying English, French, Drama, Psychology and Further Maths. After Year 12 I hope to move into the field of Psychology.

Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?
I chose not to do a VCE subject during Year 10, instead choosing to continue French.

2018 College Theme

but what I do have, I give to you
What does this mean to you? 

For me this statement isn’t necessarily about giving what you physically have to other people. It’s about helping people through the gifts you’ve been given. We should be there to help people and offer them support by using our strengths, as well as what we physically have, to try and help people. 
How will you live this statement throughout the year in your role?
Throughout the year I want to try and help others, not just to be more active but also enjoy it when they are. I will try. Together with Nyakuar and the House Captains I want to provide opportunities for people to spend some time being active, not because they’re forced to but because they enjoy it.

What are your goals for 2018?
For yourself in your role?
As Sports Captain, I want to try to help people enjoy spending time being more active, by themselves and with their friends. 
For yourself as a Year 12 student?
To enjoy my last year and finish it as well as I can. I also want to maintain my friendships that I make throughout the year.

I want to break into the AFL Senior side at Tooradin and play consistent football. I also want to improve on the social side of my life.

What would you like your legacy to be for St. Peter’s College?
The sense of enjoyment people get trying new things and being active.

What are you immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College? 
I want to visit my family in Ireland and spend some time in France. After that I want to enjoy my football and study Psychology further.

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?
I want to enjoy my sports and enter a field of work that I enjoy. I just want to be able to enjoy what I have and not dream about what I don’t.

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in your College?
We’re lucky to go to such a school as St. Peter's College and should take every advantage of the opportunities that it offers you.

2017 East Cross  

2017 Confetti East Campus 01


Music News

The College production of 'High School Musical' has kicked off with two very high-energy rehearsals. Students have been working hard to learn "We're All In This Together" and "Start of Something New". Singing and dancing at the same time is very new to most students, but their enthusiasm is definitely making up for the odd missed note and forgotten step. With a dedicated and persistent cast, High School Musical is looking to be THE highlight of 2018!

The Production Team

2018 High School Musical Cast 01

On Friday 13th and Saturday 14th April, Hayley Garnham, Avila House West Campus, was involved in a production of Grease the Musical. The production took place at Hisense Arena in front of three sold out shows in front of in excess of 25,000 people. The production is aimed at allowing students of age groups between 10 and 21 from the local area to take part in the ensemble of a number of different parts of the show with professional performers taking on the main roles of the show. Hayley took part in an audition initially, then was involved in Bootcamps as well as weeks of intensive rehearsal before the show itself.

During this time, she was required to learn a number of routines including Grease is the Word, You’re the One that I Want and the most exciting - Grease Lightenin’. The process of learning the choreography, singing and acting was one, which initially put Hayley out of her comfort zone; however, she soon flourished and thrived in to be one of the most outstanding performers in the show.

We here in Avila  House and St. Peter's College congratulate Hayley in both successfully being accepted into the show, as well as her outstanding performances at Hisense Arena. We wish good luck in her future endeavours and I know she already has her eyes on High School Musical in 2020 when the process begins again return.


2018 Grease Lightening 02


2018 Grease Lightening

Andrew McMellon
Avila House Leader - West Campus

New Caledonia News

It's Our Turn To Host: New Caledonia Trip 2018

This past month East and West Campus students studying French had the opportunity to travel with their teachers to French speaking New Caledonia and share a week with a family there. 

The East students who participated were; Achok Ajak, Emily Coco, Joshua Bartlett, Brandon Benson, Renai Marney and Daniella Puot. The West students who participated were; Chloe Pieipers, Milly Cortese, Laureen Laviolette, Alana Wilkins, Ebony Cudmore, Jayme Cudmore and Talia Parker. 

These students were brave and adventurous to volunteer to leave the safety and comfort of home and experience a new culture, language and school. They extended their world by creating relationships with youngsters from another country, living with a different family and having to get along in a group for ten days. These lessons cannot be learnt in the classroom. They create adaptable, resilient and experienced global citizens. 

The students who stayed with students from our New Caledonia sister school will host from the 3rd of August to the 11th of August. There are only thirteen families and there are twenty four New Caledonia students coming. We need your help in hosting these students. If you are willing to open your home to one of these students please contact the school. For those of you interested in the 2019 New Caledonia Study Tour the students arriving in August will host you in 2019 so a great way begin a friendship before you do home stay yourself is to host these students. All inquiries about exchange matters (hosting or travelling) please email Miss Bonica on ybonica@stpeters.vic.edu.au.  

A few thoughts from our students: 

Emily Coco Augustine H

The trip to New Caledonia really opened my eyes on how lucky we are in Australia. School in New Caledonia starts at 7:20am and finishes at 4:30pm. They have eight classes a day with only two breaks. The New Caledonia students speak French but their English skills are awesome. This really made it easy for us to communicate and make friends. We can't wait for them to visit in August. 

Jayme Cudmore MacKillop C

Throughout the trip to New Caledonia I learnt many things about a different daily life and culture. My host family was extremely welcoming and happy to have me as part of their family. They showered me with gifts and souvenirs. They really made my stay a terrific adventure to remember. I can't wait to see them in August to show them around Melbourne and to show them how different school life is here and the Australian culture. 

2018 New Cal  03 

2018 New Cal  02 

Ms Yolanda Bonica
Languages Coordinator – West Campus

General News

Our Triple Zero Hero

Congratulations to Shashini Kandamulla, a Year 8 Kolbe student at West Campus, who was named one of ESTA's 'Triple Zero Heroes' for showing bravery and clear thinking in an emergency situation.

She was one of 31 children who received awards from the Minister for Emergency Services, James Merlino, Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy, and guest presenter Shane Crawford at a ceremony in Melbourne Town Hall on Wednesday, 18 April 2018.

“Victoria’s brave Junior Triple Zero Heroes remained remarkably cool, calm and collected and are shining examples of how preparing children for an emergency can save lives,” Minister Merlino said.
Shashini is pictured 2nd row, 2nd from left.

2018 Triple Zero Hero

2018/19 Entertainment Books are now available

Order online via our link here or from College Reception.

All funds raised by our Parents & Friends Committee go to support our students extracurricular activities.

This year funds from the sale of the Entertainment Book, will go towards supporting the cast and crew of our Bi-annual Musical Production, High School Musical, for their weekend dress rehearsal.

If you haven't had a membership before and would like to consider it, consider these testimonials:

"We use it for accommodation and each year save over $650.00 on accommodation bookings alone. While in Cairns we purchased the local one and again saved on local attractions and restaurants." Roger Hampson

"We use it for heaps of kids activities....saving hundreds of dollars" In the past I have also bought the Geelong & Ballarat, as we head off there for holidays" Rebecca Ramsdale

"I use it for a host of different thing, accommodation, restaurants, flower deliveries and movie tickets. In a year I have saved over $600.00". Jo Hart

If you have a membership your current Entertainment Book membership runs out on the 31st May.

Even if you think you don't want a membership please forward this link to family and friends in case they do.

Also each year our Student Representative Council at both the East and West Campus are given a grant from our Parents & Friends Committee of up to $1,000 for them to spend on any item or equipment that directly supports students activities outside of the classroom. In the past these items have included, chess sets for our Student Chess Club, Practice Soccer Goals for our new Soccer enthusiasts.  Tables and chairs and benches have also been purchased for around the College grounds, where students prefer to gather and spend time.

2018 Entertainment book


Health and PE News

Active April

Students and teachers participated in Active April at St Peter’s College across both campuses with a total of 695.1 hours at East Campus and 265.28 hours at West Campus, giving St Peter’s a total of 960.38 hours of physical activity in one month. 

Alongside existing Physical Education classes, activities (such as Basketball, Pilates, Meta fit Madeness, Beastmode, Ab Blast, Egg and Spoon Race and the staff versus students soccer match, just to name a few) were run before school, recess, lunch and after school. Students and teachers recorded extensive activities outside of school which included walking, golf, gym, swimming and dancing. This physical activity saw an increase in active socialisation and community spirit within their own sporting teams and the St Peter’s College community. 

I would like to recognise the efforts of Tom Ryan (Year 10), Mr Roger Hampson, Charlie Ratten (Year 11), Rachel Jayawardene (Year 7) and Mr Andrew Sambell for being the top 5 contributors for the East Campus. I would also like to acknowledge the top five contributors of the West Campus Kayla Sluka (Year 11), Mr Calen Robinson, Mr Peter Brannan, Mansi Nand (Year 11) and Alannah Egan (Year 7) for their outstanding efforts. 

We would like to extend a massive thank you to the Physical Education team and extended staff members across both campuses for giving their time to run a variety of events that engaged our students and teachers. Finally, my appreciation goes out to all the students and teachers who participated and supported the events at the college and who were physically active during Active April. 

Coles Tokens
The Health and PE Team at East Campus are very grateful to the families within our community for their generosity regarding the Coles Tokens collected during Term 1. We collected over 9000 tokens across the 8 week promotion, which is over 1000 tokens a week! Together as a team, we will work out the equipment we need to best deliver an engaging and active curriculum for our students and complete this order by the end of this week. The equipment will come to us at the beginning of Term 3. 

Sporting Schools
With passion and enthusiasm, our first Sporting Schools session for Term 2 kicks off this Thursday 3rd of May at 8am on the Lyons Basketball Courts- which will be converted into Netball Courts. We have thirty four excited junior girls signed up to this program, and still have places for fifteen more girls from Year 7 and Year 8. Remember, there is no cost for this event and all equipment is provided. 

In the event of our off campus training sessions, students will be bused to and from Casey Indoor, which requires the CareMonkey Permission Form to be completed by parents prior to our first session at the venue on Tuesday 8th of May. Our outstanding coaches Miss Ross and Miss McClelland, along with myself as the assistant, are looking forward to offering this Program at our College and improving girl’s participation and desire to be involved in sport.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Physical Education team members, or myself.

2018 Egg & Spoon 01
Ms Sarah Slykerman
Learning & Teaching Coach - Health & Physcal Education - East Campus

Career News

Get Ready for NDIS Webinar

31 May 
It’s designed especially for young people aged between 12 – 25. All you need is a computer or mobile device with a high speed internet connection! There will be Auslan interpreters and live captioning.
We’ll cover three different topics and answer any questions you might have.
Register here.

Australia’s Booming Industries

SEEK has revealed the Australian industries that boomed in the last 12 months. We look to the data and speak to industry experts about the trends that will shape the year ahead. Read the article here
They’ve also got a resource that shows how hard it is for employers to fill jobs across lots of different industries. Please click here

Seek Free Resume Template

A winning resume is achievement-focused, beautifully formatted, keyword optimised, grammatically correct and… we could go on. Instead, we thought it would be more helpful to simply provide you with our first-ever, professionally-designed resume template. Find it here.

Monash Art, Design and Architecture 

Come and join our students and staff from Monash Art Design and Architecture (MADA) for a workshop on creativity. At our workshop you’ll experience some of the processes we use to creatively engage with the world, and see how we contribute to its culture and help solve some of its challenges.

Monash University (Peninsula Campus)

Wednesday 9 May 2018 from 4pm—6pm
Year 11 and 12 students attending must register here or email: madaworkshops@monash.edu


Ms Melissa Dillion
West Campus Careers Coordinator 

Ms Robyn Cardamone
East Campus Careers Coordinator

SPC Alumni News


Graduating Class of 2008 10 Year Reunion

Save the Date 

  • Date:     27 October 2018
  • Time:      7:15 for College Tour
  • Start       7:30 pm; finishes 10.45pm Last Drinks
  • Venue:   St. Peter’s College Hall. Navarre Drive entrance
  • Dress:     Formal
  • $70.00 per person, Food and Drinks and Live Entertainment included
  • Partners invited to attend

Intention to Attend
Please send an email to April Hampson, Marketing Manager, ahampson@stpeters.vic.edu.au with your intention to attend (or your inability to attend) response. This will allow us to keep you up to date with all activities in relation to this very important evening, regardless of whether you can attend or not.
If you know of any past classmates who may have changed address in the last ten years, please ask them to contact the College Office by phone 5990 7777 or send an email to so we can update our address files and keep in contact with them.
We look forward to celebrating ten years on from Year 12 with you!

To register as part of St. Peter’s College Alumni 
Please Click Here:


 2008 Class Photo


April Hampson - Marketing Manager

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

Fr Antony will be on holidays for the month of May, we wish him a wonderful trip and look forward to his return. No Thursday evening Masses will be celebrated during the month of May while Fr Antony is away. Sr Anna will be leaving on Monday for Nigeria, we thank her for her time with us. Please keep her in your prayers. This Tuesday will be the last opportunity for parents to attend the Confirmation Information session & Parent Workshop if you wish your child to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Thank you and God bless you all, Fr Joseph

THANK YOU FROM SR ANNA: I would like to express my gratitude and say a big thank you to everyone for your warm welcome and hospitality during my visit. God bless Sr Anna. 

COMMITMENT WEEKEND: Children preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation will be making their commitment along with their parents at all Masses this weekend. Please keep these children and their families in your prayers. Parents please ensure you have handed in your child’s commitment/enrolment form and collect their 1st worksheet. Please contact Sr. Mary on 5996 1985 if you have any questions or concerns.

SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION: If your child is in Grade 6 and has received the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and Holy Communion and wishes to be Confirmed, an Information session and Parent Workshop will be held on Tuesday 1st May at 7.00pm in the Parish Hall. Parents need to attend only one session. Attendance is essential for parents who wish to prepare their child for Confirmation [failure to attend means postponing Confirmation to 2019]. This information Session is also for children from government schools who have attended classes with us since 2017.

NEW PRESBYTERY CARPARK: Our new carpark has some final works to be completed but is now ready for use. Parishioners are asked to enter and exit from the Presbytery driveway. You may also drive through the carpark and exit onto Scott Street, but this will be a left turn only exit. This will assist with traffic flow so traffic won’t build up because of the lights. Please do not block the entry into the adjoining Providence House carpark. We do not want cars exiting near the traffic lights so a front fence will soon be erected to block this driveway. A walkway will be created along the rear fence near the presbytery garage. Please help by parking in the designated parking spots only and keep all other areas clear.

SCHOOL CAR PARK: The school carpark gate at Binding Avenue is now be open for use at weekend Masses. This is a left turn, exit only.

CHILDREN’S LITURGY: Is for school aged children from Prep upwards as age-appropriate versions of the readings are presented to children in a relaxed and engaging environment in order that children comprehend the stories at their level. Children then re-join the congregation to participate in the rest of the Mass with their families. Please do not send young children to the group.

THE TALK: This is a 6week program for parents. The whole sex talk. Empowering parents to be the educators of their children. Guiding your adolescent with healthy ongoing conversations. Giving parents the motivation, confidence and tolls to talk to their kids about sex. Biblically based program. Information evening 25th May at 7.30pm in St Agatha’s Church, program will begin on 6th June in Providence House.

WELCOMERS ROSTER: Please collect your new roster from the table in the Church foyer.

ALTAR SERVERS ROSTERS: Copies have been emailed this week, if you did not receive a roster, please collect a hard copy from the table in the foyer.

CAR RAFFLE: If you have any outstanding books please return them ASAP so we can finalise the tickets and send them off for the draw.

VOICE FOR LIFE MOTHER’S DAY RAFFLE: Tickets are selling after all Masses from this weekend until Mother’s Day. Come and check out the great prizes.1st Handmade Quilt, 2nd Wok & 3rd Hamper. Tickets are $2.00

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION: is available every week at Providence house. Each session is totally confidential and is for approx. 1 hr., by appointment only. Contact Ruth on 0477 800 161

HEALING MASS: There is be no healing Mass on the First Sunday of the month 6th May while Fr Antony is away.

MONTHLY ALL-NIGHT PRAYER VIGIL will take place this Friday 4th May. It will begin with Divine Office at 7.00pm, Mass at 7.30pm followed by a spiritual teaching and All-Night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The Vigil will conclude on Saturday morning with Morning Prayer of the Church at 9.00am, followed by Mass at 9.30am. The allnight Prayer Vigil is held on the first Friday of each month. All Welcome!

FIRST SATURDAY DEVOTION Mass of Reparation in honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will take place Saturday 5th May 2018, after the 9.30am Mass. This devotion includes the reciting of 1 Rosary and meditating on the other 3 Mysteries of the Rosary and concluding with a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. All Welcome.

St Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

SALE DIOCESE CATHOLIC EDUCATION WEEK: Each year the celebration of Catholic Education Week in the Diocese of Sale is a highlight. It offers all forty-four schools in the Diocese the opportunity to celebrate their Catholic identity and educative mission in their local communities and across the Diocese. In this, the Year of Youth for the Church in Australia, the theme for Catholic Education Week is inspired by the words of Jesus as proclaimed in John’s Gospel, “Come and See” (John 1:39), and will be celebrated between Friday 27 April and Friday 4 May.

ST PETER’S COLLEGE: During Catholic Education Week we welcome Staff and Student Leaders from St Peter’s College to our 10.45am Sunday Mass this weekend. It gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the very important place that St Peter’s College has in the lives of the families of our parish, but also the opportunity to once again express our deep gratitude for their continuing generous and practical support for our parish. It underlines the importance of our relationship but also the wonderful fruits that are come from it.

THE FATHER JAMES WALL BURSARY is awarded to a Year 10 Catholic secondary school student who demonstrates leadership potential in a range of areas, including science, arts, public speaking, sporting activities, community service and social justice activities. Congratulations to Mikayla van der Velden of St. Peter’s College Cranbourne West Campus who was selected from a very strong field of candidates across three Diocese, Melbourne, Sale and Bunbury. 

CALLING ALL YOUTHS: Hi guys! We’re setting up a new Youth Group this term and we would love for any youths in high school or older from the parish to join. Our first gathering will happen on the 4th of May from 7.30pm to 9.00pm at St Peter’s on the 1st level of our worship place. Come and have some fun! If you’re interested, please send an email to Sheryllin.

On Pentecost Sunday this year (May 20th) the 3-year process towards the Plenary 2020 will be launched in Catholic parishes around Australia. The journey commences with Open Dialogue and Listening Encounters for 12 months from 2018-2019. More details of launch resource materials and ongoing resources for this 12 month process will be supplied by the Plenary Council Executive and the Plenary Facilitation Team.
In the meantime, you can stay up to date by visiting the Plenary Council website and subscribing with your email address for the latest updates.

PROCLAIM 2018: Bishop Pat is encouraging parishes to consider sending representatives to Proclaim 2018. This national conference in Brisbane will engage parishes and faith communities in a conversation focusing on five key areas: Leadership, Culture Change, Young People, Belonging and Evangelisation. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Make your home in me” (Jn 15:4) and the conference aims to assist Catholic communities in preparing for the Plenary 2020. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION CLOSES April 22 and there are also group discounts (5 delegates for the price of 4). Register here.  Please see notice board for additional information.

COMBINED PARISHES RAFFLE 2018 booklets are due back now regardless of whether or not they have been sold. Please ensure that they are placed with all monies ($20 per book) in a sealed envelope.  These can be placed on the collection plate at Mass or returned to the parish office. Please do not remove the staple which holds the booklets together.  

HOLY MASS ENVELOPES: The Parish has ordered envelopes for you to offer Mass booking for the faithful departed. You can return the envelopes in the collection plate or to the Parish Office. We do request that you write your phone number so that we can contact you should the Mass you request is not available. 

*RAFFLE BOOKLET beginning with 027601: If you have this booklet in your possession, please contact the Parish Office immediately.*

ALL ADULT PARISHIONERS - The Parish Council has recently updated our Parish Code of Conduct for the Safety of Children and Vulnerable Adults within our Parish and feel that in order to truly create a child safe environment it is necessary for all adult parishioners to read, understand and sign that they will adhere to all aspects of the Parish Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about this, please contact our Parish Safety Officer at the Parish Office. 

The L.A.M.P. Music Festival
Come join us at St. Patricks Parish Pakenham, on Saturday May 12th 2018 from
12 pm to 7 pm, for a day filled with music, fun and games, ending with a 6
pm mass with youth (13 years and above) from all over the diocese. Our
Special Guest for the day is Hip Hop artist and Catholic Missionary Joshua
Angrisano. For more information and registration, click here.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

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