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Issue 127  |  12 April 2018
Featured Story
From our Principal

Welcome back

Term 2 commences in somewhat cooler surrounds. I hope you had the opportunity to enjoy some of the fine autumnal weather we experienced over the past two weeks. We continue to celebrate the Easter season. Scripture reminds us that there was a period of uncertainty and fear as the apostles tried to make sense of the “Risen Christ”. I’m sure there was much joy as the events following the resurrection occurred, however this must also have been punctuated with much questioning and confusion as to what this all meant. I read this reflection only the other day and feel it apt as we continue to reflect on and celebrate this Easter season:

From Darkness to Light
In all the Easter work of Jesus,
he led the disciples
out of darkness into light,
out of sadness into joy,
out of isolation into community,
giving the living bread of hope
for the dry bread of their disappointment.
He did this by sharing himself with them,
sharing the scripture that spoke of him,
and the bread that was his body
No long instructions,
no long exhortations
just the openness
of sharing himself with them.
This is his plea to us, his church:
be light in darkness,
be joy in sadness,
be community in isolation,
be eucharist to dry bread, 
be wholeness to broken life.
Donal Neary SJ

The Focus for Term 2

It was great to catch-up with parents and students during the Parent Teacher Interviews in the last week of term. No doubt discussions within these forums had much to do with working on goals for improvement. Term 2 is traditionally one which has a significant focus on assessment. I look forward to witnessing students prioritising their school work and focussing on achievements that reflect their potential. Students in Years 10-12 will have exams as part of their assessment regime in Term 2 and their revision program should be initiated at the beginning of this term.

New Caledonia Cultural Immersion Project

Fourteen students and three staff are this week in New Caledonia. Our international exchange program has grown from strength to strength. A significant aspect of the program is the homestay experience with our sister school, College Magenta. It is the school experience as well as the homestay which enables students to, in an intensive way, develop their French language development. All reports thus far have indicated that both staff and students are benefitting greatly from the experience. We look forward to hearing of the experiences upon their return.

2018 New Caledonia Trip

New Attendance Requirements

New legislative attendance requirements come into effect at St. Peter’s College this term. In part this legislation states: “If a parent does not contact the school to provide an explanation on the day of the student absence, the school must attempt to contact the parent (for example by telephone) of the student as soon as practicable on the same day". I ask all parents to ensure that they make contact with the College to notify an absence by 9.00am of the day of absence. If we are not notified by a parent or guardian an SMS text will follow. It states: “Your child …. was absent from St. Peter's College today. Please call the school to explain this absence. Thank you”. We ask you to then please ensure, at your earliest opportunity after receiving this message, that you make contact with the College to confirm the absence. Any non-respondents will be followed up by making contact with parent, guardian or emergency contact. I thank-you in anticipation of your support.

Board Matters

The College Advisory Board operates ultimately to serve, support and work toward the mission and vision of the School.  The School Advisory Board operates as the principal consultative and advisory body in the school. The School Advisory Board acts as an advisor on strategic planning, support to the Principal, school renewal and development, policy, and general leadership.  Our current membership includes:

The Parish Priests of St Agatha’s and St Thomas the Apostle (ex officio)

  1. Fr Joseph Abutu – PP of St Agatha’s
  2. Fr Denis O’Brien – PP of St Thomas the Apostle

The school principal (ex officio) – Mr Chris Black
The Business Manager (ex officio) – Mr Phillip Mustey
Four (4) Parish representatives. This is at least one from each member Parish. These are parents of children attending the school

  1. Ken Barnes – Chair
  2. Stephen Van Der Velden – Deputy Chair
  3. Sharon Clover
  4. Tony Coco

One staff teacher representative – Ms Michele McArdle
A representative of the Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Ltd (DOSCEL), appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of DOSCEL (Maria Kirkwood) – Mr Oronzo Farina                                                                       

The Annual General Meeting for St. Peter’s College Advisory Board will be held on May 9th. I write to inform you that all Parish representatives will be continuing on in their roles for the following twelve months as their term of office has not expired. Michele McArdle, the staff representative has served her term of office and a nomination process will occur in the coming week to find a replacement. I, on behalf of the Board, would like to thank Michele for her contributions to the Board over the past 2 years.

Mr Chris Black

Chris Black Signature

Latest News
East Campus News

2018 Mindful Moments

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” Mother Teresa.

For many of us we look forward to the holidays as they provide a designated and necessary time for  us to have space and the capacity to rest,  to relax, and spend time doing things we like. In many ways we are seeking to be mindful. That is to have time to be present and pay attention to life and the rich connections and experiences we share with each other. It would be wonderful not to have to always wait for holidays to be mindful and more present and therefore have both the capacity and ability to develop more rich connections with our children, our students. 

The introduction of our new Pastoral Program, Strive & Thrive has enabled the College to embrace the best practices of learning through the science of Positive Education whilst fully supporting our Gospel values and following in the footsteps of St Peter as true servant leaders. During the holidays, I along with other staff members, was fortunate to attend the annual PESA (Positive Education Schools Association) 2018 National Conference hosted by Geelong Grammar, in Geelong.

The conference was attended by over 800 international and Australia wide delegates. Leading child and adolescent experts in the fields of positive education and positive psychology delivered keynote addresses and workshops. All in all the experience enabled us to gain greater understanding through shared experiences and develop key competencies and skills in positive education. There can be no doubt that supporting the wellbeing of young people through positive educational experience programs supports and improves academic outcomes. 

One of the key aspects to supporting the positive wellbeing and positive education of our young people is through the use of mindful-ness interventions in schools. Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention to the present moment with intent and purpose. The research shows that practising mindfulness leads to improved levels of wellbeing for both the teacher and the student. Other benefits include:

  • Improved attention
  • Increased levels of self-control and emotional regulation
  • The promotion of pro-social behaviour 
  • Enhanced academic achievement, working memory and metacognition.
  • Reduced anxiety and lowered levels of stress.

For information about how to practice quick mindful moments, and the research associated with the benefits of mindfulness click on Mindful Moments.

As part of our pastoral program Strive & Thrive, teachers will be using Mindful Moments, quick little exercises to support our students’ ability to become more present and appreciative of their environment, their learning, and themselves and others. I encourage parents to try some of these mindful moments at home to foster greater awareness and understanding of how important it is for our young people to be able to appreciate and experience the benefits of mindfulness. 

Term 2 is busy! A quick snap shot of upcoming events

  • Year 11 Reflection day Monday 23rd April – look out for Caremonkey notification
  • Pastoral Period Tuesday 24th April – Sports uniform
  • St Kilda Football Club visit – 24th April
  • ANZAC Day assembly 24th April 
  • ANZAC Day 25th April 
  • Catholic Education Week begins 27th April – lots of activities to follow
  • House Cross Country event – 1st May
  • Campus Assembly – Period 4 – 8th May – parents welcome, details to follow.

And of course lots of House activities will provide much enjoyment and fun throughout the term as Houses compete for the Rosemary Graham Shield.
Have a wonderful and mindful week.

2017 East Cross

2018 East Campus Virtual Tour Admin Bld 3

Ms Julie Banda
Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Welcome Back

It is good to be able to welcome back all our students after the Easter break and see them ready in their winter uniform for Term 2.  It is particularly pleasing to see some of our girls have taken up the opportunity to wear the pants and they look great.  A reminder that students should also be wearing the new monogrammed shirt or blouse.

Positive Education at St. Peter's College

A number of staff from St. Peter’s College attended the annual Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) Conference during the holiday period at Geelong Grammar School.  This will further assist our efforts to embed Positive Education practices particularly through Tutor Group and our Strive & Thrive Pastoral Program.    Positive Education is the combination of the evidence based science of Positive Psychology with the best practice of learning and teaching to ensure that school communities thrive. 

Next Tuesday, our students will be looking at the importance of Gratitude (Year 7 & 8), Kindness (Year 9 & 10) and Self-regulation (Years 11 & 12).  Please read the following ideas about these various character strengths so that you can discuss what they learnt and help encourage your children to live to their strengths and further develop certain areas in their own lives.


A grateful person is aware of the good things that happen to them and never take these things for granted.  People recognise gratitude in someone who takes the time to express thanks.  Gratitude is increased when we write down three good things that we are thankful for every day or by setting aside at least 10 minutes every day to be mindful of and savour a pleasant experience.  Students have been encouraged this year to use their Resilience Project Student Record Book or the Resilience Project App to practise gratitude and mindfulness.  Check how your child is going.  It only takes 21 days to create a habit that will pay huge dividends to creating a happier, healthier person.


The character strength of kindness means that a person acts in a helpful and caring way to another.  Kind people are more connected to their peers and researchers have concluded that, like food and air, we seem to need social relationships to thrive.  Research has also shown that people who are more generous with their time, money and in their relationships were found to be happier, less depressed and healthier.  People who receive acts of kindness are quite likely to “pay it forward”.  This of course has led us to encourage our students to participate in “Pay It Forward” Day (Saturday, 28 April) based on the movie of the same name.  Students are encouraged to participate in some random acts of kindness and use their pay it forward cards to encourage an explosion of kindness in our local area.  Of course we hope that these kind acts are not just restricted to one day of the year and look forward to students reflecting with parents and teachers, how they felt about being kind.


Self-Regulation is the practiced ability to monitor and manage one’s emotions, motivation and behaviour in the absence of outside help.  It means you are a disciplined person.  We will be encouraging the students to make a conscious effort next time they get upset to control their emotions and focus on positive attributes.  They should set goals to improve their everyday living (eg. Room cleaning, doing dishes) and ensuring that tasks are completed.

Have a look at our image below and notice that thriving or flourishing of our students and staff is at the centre of Positive Education at St Peter’s.  This thriving will be achieved through practising and deepening our signature character strengths in striving for Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning (or Purpose), Accomplishment and Health (PERMAH).

2018 Strive & Thrive 1

Road Safety

Finally, I would like to remind parents who are parking on the school property to do so courteously and carefully, and drive at the speed limit to ensure the safety of all our staff and students. When parking in the streets around the school, please do not block driveways or the roadway.  

Please remind your children, as we do, that they are to cross Cranbourne Road at the controlled crossing and follow the directions of the supervisors.  Students should always enter via the pedestrian gates and never via the traffic gates.

I wish all a happy and productive Term 2.

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching News

St Peter’s is an ACTIVE Learning Community

While students enjoyed one last sleep in on Monday, staff at St. Peter’s  College participated in our Active Learning Professional Learning. The day started with an excellent summary of what we at the College believe Active Learning really means – this definition has evolved from school renewal which identified the need to engage students in ownership of their own learning.

In order to utilise the expertise of our current staff the morning session involved "Lightning Talks". Staff rotated around to several 20 minutes sessions and learnt through hand on participation what activities other staff had designed around Active Learning.

2018 PD Term 2

2018 PD Term 2 1

The afternoon sessions allowed staff time to plan an active learning lesson for the first cycle of Term 2. This will be followed up by visits to classrooms to observe Active Learning lessons. Feedback from staff was that the day provided many new ideas and created discussion about how we as a College can encourage students to take ownership of their own learning. In a future which is largely unknown, the skills to navigate independently will be vital to student future success. 

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Mission & Catholic Identity News

Mary Glowrey - a true ANZAC digger

Coming up soon on our calendar is ANZAC day on April 25th. Do any reading around this day and you will read of the qualities the soldiers were believed to have shown on the battlefield. These qualities included endurance, courage, ingenuity, good humour, larrikinism and mateship. The soldiers were perceived to have been stoic and laconic, irreverent in the face of authority, naturally egalitarian and disdainful of class differences.
Also coming up on our calendar is our St. Peter’s College celebration of Sr Mary Glowrey, with House Masses (who are named in her honour) on May 4th. 

It is fitting I think that theses two dates fall so closely – many similarities. Do any reading around Mary Glowrey and you will hear the qualities of courage, good humour and disdain of class differences. 
Mary Glowrey enduring influence? 

She was an Australian born and educated doctor who spent 37 years in India, where she set up healthcare facilities, services and systems. She is believed to be the first Catholic Religious Sister to practise as a doctor. Beloved, selfless and said to radiate Christ by word and example, Sr Mary Glowrey could well become Australia's next saint.

She was a champion of the poor, of the right to health for all and of religious freedom. She was a pathfinder and model for many especially for us at St. Peter’s College. She was a woman who in her courage - dared greatly and fearlessly.

If you would like to attend the Glowrey House mass at either West or East campus, email mwilliams@stpeters.vic.edu.au 

Year 11 Reflection Days – we are all in this together

Coming up we have our Year 11 Reflection days on Thursday April 19th (West) and Monday April 23rd (East). The days will have a theme of ‘Many Faiths, One People’ with students visiting key sacred places in the south east of Melbourne.

Mr Matt Williams
Deputy Principal - Mission & Catholic Identity 

Meet our Arts Captain - East

Introducing Our College Captains 2018

Name:  Yevgeniya Medvid
Role: Arts Captain Campus:    East Campus

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?
I have been attending St. Peter’s College since Year 7, 2013, first attending the West Campus for a Term, and the rest at East. 

Tell us about your family?
I came to Australia when I was five and a half, and live in a family of three, my Mum, Dad and myself.

Tell us about your other interests?
I love drawing, painting with watercolours, reading, music and dancing. I play on the Alto Saxophone and piano, as well as sing. Nature, in particular flowers, I absolutely adore and I am also a big lover of animals, especially pandas. 

Year 12 Studies:
At St. Peter’s College I am currently studying English, Religion and Society, Further Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology and French. I intend to study either Psychology or Visual Arts at University, preferably Monash University, RMIT or Latrobe.

Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?
I have completed Year 12 Art, taking it as an Accelerated Subject in Year 10, and completed it last year.

but what I do have, I give to you
What does this mean to you? 

This theme, 'but what I do have, I give to you' means to me considering others around you. It to me means helping others, not necessarily materialistically but emotionally, through support, a simple gesture, such as a warm smile or a greeting. Materialistically giving to someone doesn’t mean giving something expensive, but it could be as simple as lending your textbook to a classmate. In giving we receive, but one shouldn’t just give to someone to expect a deed in return, in my opinion that isn’t necessary. 'What I do have, I give to you', also means to me that we should be ready to give someone a helping hand during hardships, as nothing is more important and wonderful than people who feel safe and happy knowing that they are not alone on their journey, whether that journey is one with a rocky and uneven surface, or one that is smooth and easy to walk on. 

How will you live this statement throughout the year in your role?
Throughout this year it is my mission to promote Art throughout St. Peter’s College, not just Visual Arts but also Performing Arts. I intend to introduce the benefits and how Art is all around, all around the school and in the students.

What are your goals for 2018?
For yourself in your role?

My goals include creating a Visual Arts Club, for students who enjoy art, to come in during lunch times, to relax and take a break from their heavily loaded school life. If all runs smoothly, I hope that this goal will get accepted.

For yourself as a Year 12 student?
My goals are to finish my VCE studies, reaching high study scores across all of my subjects. I’m also hoping to receive a 75 plus ATAR Score in order to be accepted into a University.

Build up self-confidence, by conversing with different people from different year levels and also staying on task with all aspects of my life.

What would you like your legacy to be for St. Peter’s College?
I would like to be remembered as the person that sparked the art inspirations at St. Peter’s College, so that the generations and future Arts Captains will continue to build on from what happens this year.

What are your immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College? 
I want to successfully getting into University, buy a dog, get a full time, well paid job and to find an apartment or house when the time is right.

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?
My long-term life ambitions include keeping those that are dear to me close, trying to balance all aspects of my life, and living it to the fullest, as living a life with regrets to me, is meaningless. Living life to the fullest, and positively leads to new opportunities and opens many doors that may have been closed previously.

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in your College?
Stay true to yourself, don’t change for anyone and allow for others to do the same. Be proud of who you are, where you are and want you do.

Meet our Arts Captain - West

Introducing Our College Captains 2018

Name: Kira May
Role: Arts captain Campus: West Campus

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?
I have been at St. Peter's College since I started high school in 2013.

Tell us about your family?
In my family I have my mum, dad and an 11 year old brother named Nick. I am also very close with grandparents from both sides, and have been since I was very young. 

Tell us about your other interests?
I have always had a strong passion and enjoyment in singing and performing, but in my spare time I also like to exercise, write, read, draw and of course eat. 

Year 12 Studies:
At St. Peter’s College I am currently studying English, Further Maths, Health, Literature and Music Performance.  

Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?
Yes, I completed Units 3 & 4 Psychology last year, and it was an amazing subject and very rewarding.

but what I do have, I give to you
What does this mean to you? 

I believe that this theme is filled with selflessness and is something that I believe in very highly. It means to me that we should support people, whether it be by giving our time, support, respect or love. Also, it means that we should sacrifice aspects of what makes us happy, to make another person happy. 

How will you live this statement throughout the year in your role?
I will give to others what I have gained from the Arts at St. Peter's College in my time being here, and help inspire other and give them support. I will be giving and always open to helping others in their fears and confidence.

What are your goals for 2018?
For yourself in your role?

In my role I really would like to be an ambassador for the Arts, and present the Performing Arts in a fun, exciting way. I would love to bring forward and emphasise the wonderful Arts Program that we already have at this school and make it even better, such as the College Production and VCE Performance Nights. I also want students to be able to speak to me about any fears they have about the performing side of Arts, as I would love to give advice on how to overcome those barriers to getting involved. 

For yourself as a Year 12 student?
In Year 12 I would love to become involved in the College as much as possible, and give back as much as possible to the place I have been since Year 7. I want to continue to work hard and smart, and receive good results out of my final year of schooling. Lastly, I would like to stay positive throughout the year and try to not let the stresses of Year 12 get to me too much. 

Starting 2018 I had a goal for myself to take on any opportunity that comes my way, and embrace everything with open arms. For the rest of 2018 I would love to personally continue this goal and go above and beyond to grow as a person. Of course I want to spend this year not only studying, but also balancing my school life with socialising and building relationships with others. 

What would you like your legacy to be for St. Peter’s College?
I would like to leave behind a legacy that is within any students that I have inspired and helped over my time here, and create a sense of confidence and positivity within the school community. 

What are your immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College? 
After leaving the College I would love to go to Monash University and study either Primary or Secondary Education, and possibly a double degree in Psychology. 

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?
In life I have always just wanted to achieve happiness within myself, and become a strong and selfless person who is kind to others. I also want to be happy with whatever comes my way, and no matter how things turn out still remain positive. 

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in your College?
Make sure you take your time at school seriously and appreciate all that this College does for you as people, because you get out of your schooling what you put in. Also, don’t ever be afraid to do what you love, because in the end you are yourself and no one else. 

Career News

Zoos Victoria – Devil’s Advocate Student VCE Biology Conference

6, 7, 13, 14 and 20 September
Students will learn first-hand how Zoos Victoria is currently working to save Tasmanian Devils through both in-situ and ex-situ breeding and research programs. At the Gene Technology Access Centre students, will analyse DNA samples that were collected from Tasmanian devil populations before and after the emergence of DFTD.
Find out more here.

Dare2B Youth Conference

Dare2B Youth Conference provides young people with an opportunity to explore their full potential including education and career pathway options but also links to the importance of how a healthy body and mind will contribute to their success.  It’s FREE to attend.
MOORABBIN – Thursday, 26th July
GEELONG – Thursday, 16th August
Complete an Expression of Interest Form here to be included in the Registration process.
Find out more here.

5 Uni Courses that didn’t exist 10 years ago – from ECU

  1. Bachelor of Science (Sports Science and Football)
  2. Bachelor of Design (Games and Interactivity Major)
  3. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Renewable Energy)
  4. Graduate Diploma of Aeromedical Retrieval
  5. Master of Disaster and Emergency Response

Read the article here.

Stakk – Freelance Jobs for Students

A 16 year old has founded a jobs marketplace for young people to take on freelance jobs including gardening, tutoring, babysitting and coaching.
See his story here. Find work here.

NCVER Report 2018 – Future Job Openings

Key findings:

  • The shift towards higher-skill jobs is continuing
  • The majority of the job opening will be for professional occupations and managers
  • We can see that young people are working in low-skill jobs, then leaving for higher skilled jobs after their training is complete
  • We can also see that there is demand for employees in fields where there are a higher proportion of older people, such as in agriculture

Read the full report here.

10 Skills You’ll Need By 2020

Click here for more information. 

Ms Melissa Dillion
Careers Coordinator- West Campus 

Health and PE News

Despite the cold weather on Tuesday 17th of April, students jumped straight in to Active April with a Skipping Challenge at recess in order to keep warm. Boys and Girls, young and old(er) participants used big ropes and small in order to join together in some fun and add minutes towards the St. Peter’s College East Campus total physical activity for April. A range of small games were played with the ropes, and students were challenged to jump as long as they could without stopping, a massive achievement by all.
At lunch the momentum continued with Tennis being set up on the Graham courts for all students with the equipment obtained from the Sporting Schools grant received in Term 1. Students took on their peers and some keen staff members with balls flying in every direction and some enthusiastic participants expressing their desire for more. Rotations kept the games going and although there was no end score, it was great to see staff and students actively participating in a friendly spot of Tennis.  

Currently, St Peter’s College East Campus have logged an astounding 177 hours and 49 minutes, with West Campus catching up with an amazing 130 hours and 22 minutes. We are chasing a total of over 2000 hours from last year’s efforts and with just 14 days left, we need to get moving. There are lots of exciting events planned for the next two weeks including Ab Blast, Beastmode, Staff v Students Soccer, Table Tennis, Egg and Spoon Race, along with the exciting events of student’s timetabled PE classes. 
It is not too late to sign up to Active April, simply click on the link attached to the newsletter to visit the Active April website https://www.activeapril.vic.gov.au/ and create an account for free, download the app and join the correct team:
St Peter’s College East: st-peters-college-east
St Peter’s College West: st-peters-college-west
Please encourage your child to participate in as many activities as possible, with some great prizes being awarded and lots of fun, community spirit and a little rivalry to be had by all!!
2018 Active April 01
Ms Sarah Slykerman
Health and Physical Education East Campus

Parents & Friends Committee News

The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Wednesday 2 May 2018
St. Peter’s College East Campus
Administration Centre, MacKillop Way, Clyde North
6.45 – 7.30 Solomon Islands Immersion program Fundraising
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm - 9.00 pm General P&F Meeting

Mrs Julie Banda, Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus
B.Arts, B.Ed, CertIV Training & Assessment; M.ED (Student Wellbeing)
 2017 Julie Banda
Julie will share with us her journey in life and teaching so far and her vision for the future.


General News

ParentZone Parenting Programs Term 2

For information on Parents Building Solutions for parents, step-parents, grandparents & carers of children ages 3-12 years please click here.

For information on Beyond the Violence, an 8 week program for mums and their children who have experienced family violence, please click here.

For information on Parenting Australia Today for migrant and newly arrived parents and carers, addressing the challenges of parenting in Australia, please click here.

City of Casey

At the City of Casey we are extremely proud of the job our crossing supervisors do across the municipality to keep our children safe.

Every two years, School Crossings Victoria holds a dinner and awards night, to honour the supervisors from across the state that are recognised by people in the community (including schools), for the wonderful job they do.

Please click here for the nomination form. 

St Agatha's Parish News

THANK YOU: On behalf of the Institute of Voluntas Dei, thank you to all our parishioners who attended the Mass and made food for the morning tea and to the Parish Pastoral Council and other parishioners who planned such a wonderful celebration on the feast of the Annunciation. Thank you and God bless Fr Antony. 

EASTER OFFERING ENVELOPES may be given on the 2nd collection plate over the next coming weeks. Thank you.

PROJECT COMPASSION would like to THANK YOU for supporting Project Compassion. Boxes and envelopes can be returned and placed in the basket on the Sanctuary or visit www.caritas.org.au to make your donation online. Receipts will be available shortly in the foyer.

ALTAR SERVERS: We are in the process of compiling new rosters, in the meantime please serve at the Mass you are attending. Could all the new Altar Servers please return their permission/consent forms ASAP so new rosters can be compiled for the coming months. Any Altar Servers wishing to change your Mass preference please contact the parish office immediately.

HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE: St. Agatha’s invites a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 28th April to 11th May 2019 with Fr Joseph Abutu. Magi Pilgrimages. For more info see flyer in the Church foyer. Parish Office on 5996 1985 or Rebecca on 0421 521 550 rebeccadaly19@gmail.com

PLENARY COUNCIL: As part of preparation for this, Bishop Patrick O’Regan will be visiting our Parish on Wednesday 30th May.

RCIA MYSTAGOGIA MASS: Parishioners, especially the newly baptized and those received into full communion in the Church at Easter, together with their Sponsors, families and Team members are invited to attend a “Mass of Thanksgiving”, celebrated by Bishop Patrick at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sale on Sunday 22nd April at 2.00pm.

RCIA: For those who have become Catholic there will be follow up meetings for individuals who are interested in developing their prayer life further, more information with dates and time to follow

SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION: If your child is in Grade 6 and has received the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and Holy Communion and wishes to be Confirmed, an Information session and Parent Workshop will be held Tuesday 24th April at 7.00pm and repeated on Tuesday 1st May at 7.00pm in the Parish Hall. Parents need to attend only one session. Attendance is essential for parents who wish to prepare their child for Confirmation [failure to attend means postponing Confirmation to 2019]. This information Session is also for children from government schools who have attended classes with us since 2017. For info call Sr Mary on 5996 1985.

CAR RAFFLE: If you have any outstanding books please return them ASAP so we can finalise the tickets and send them off for the draw.

UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF THE BIBLE STUDY: Have you missed a few bible study classes and would like to catch up? Catch up sessions will be held at 7.15pm tonight 15th April.

CHILDREN’S LITURGY: Is for school aged children from Prep upwards as age-appropriate versions of the readings are presented to children in a relaxed and engaging environment in order that children comprehend the stories at their level. Children then re-join the congregation to participate in the rest of the Mass with their families. Please do not send young children to the group.

CHILDRENS LITURGY LEADERS: Children’s Liturgy leaders meeting will be held at 11.00am on Saturday 28th April at St Patrick’s Pakenham. Please bring a plate to share for lunch. Leaders please collect your new rosters & materials from the usual folder on the cupboard in the foyer. For inquires contact Sr Faustina.

THURSDAY EVENING MASS focuses on a special intention of the week, praying for different needs within our families, parish and the wider community. Intentions for the month of April: 20th for the Youth & 26th for those who celebrate their birthday in April.

BRIGADIERS OF LOURDES: will resume meetings on Saturday 12th May 2.30pmto 4.00pm. For more info contact Lorraine on 5996 8771

VOICE FOR LIFE: Mother’s Day Raffle, great prizes you mum will love! Tickets will be selling after all Masses on the 22nd, 29th April,6th & 13th May.

MATTHEW: THE KING AND HIS KINGDOM IS A CATHOLIC BIBLE STUDY that brings the history of Christ to life through Matthew’s Gospel. You will see Jesus as the awaited Messiah who fulfils the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament, establishes the New Law, and inaugurates the Kingdom of Heaven. Join us for Matthew: The King and His Kingdom at St Agatha’s Parish Hall beginning on 22nd April 2018 and continuing every Sunday except during school holidays from 7.15-8.30pm. For more information or to register for the study, please contact the parish office on 5996 1985 or email parishoffice@stagathas.com.au, For a registration form go to our website click here


St Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION: The first workshop for the parents of Confirmation Candidates is to be held at St Thomas the Apostle Primary School at 7.00pm on Tuesday 24th April. The next meeting is on Wednesday 2nd May at 7.00pm. All parents must attend one of the Parent Meetings. For further information please contact Leah at St Thomas the Apostle School or Fiona at the Parish Office.

RCIA MYSTAGOGIA MASS, Sunday 22nd APRIL at 2.00 PM: this "Mass of Thanksgiving" will be celebrated by Bishop Patrick at St Mary's Cathedral, Sale. This is a special event in the RCIA calendar - a time of thanksgiving for our new members Amanda Ah Colt and Sala Fatialofa who became part of our Catholic community at the Easter Vigil. Parishioners, especially Amanda and Sala with their Sponsors, families and Team members are invited to attend this Mass. We continue praying for these ladies and Tominiko Sagele to support their growing faith in our Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

CALLING ALL YOUTHS: Hi guys! Our Parish is setting up a new Youth Group this term and we would love for any youths in the parish to join us. Details will be put out soon but if you are interested in joining the Youth Group please send an email to Sheryllin at parish@stthomasap.org.au.

FR BERNARD BUCKLEY: Please remember Fr Bernard (Pakenham) in your prayers as he continues to have medical treatment following recent surgery.

WORLD DAY OF VOCATIONS is next Sunday 22nd April. In his Letter for this Day, Pope Francis reminds us: 
‘God comes silently and discreetly, without imposing on our freedom. Thus it can happen that his voice is drowned out by the many worries and concerns that fill our minds and hearts.’ 

Let us all offer one prayer this week for the young people that we know. Let us pray that they will hear the voice of the Good Shepherd amidst the daily events of their lives. Please click here for additional resources. This website is hosted by Vianney Vocations, a USA based group dedicated to supporting diocesan vocation directors.

On Pentecost Sunday this year (May 20th) the 3-year process towards the Plenary 2020 will be launched in Catholic parishes around Australia. The journey commences with Open Dialogue and Listening Encounters for 12 months from 2018-2019. More details of launch resource materials and ongoing resources for this 12 month process will be supplied by the Plenary Council Executive and the Plenary Facilitation Team.
In the meantime, you can stay up to date by visiting the Plenary Council websitehttp://plenarycouncil.catholic.org.au and subscribing with your email address for the latest updates.

PROCLAIM 2018: Bishop Pat is encouraging parishes to consider sending representatives to Proclaim 2018. This national conference in Brisbane will engage parishes and faith communities in a conversation focusing on five key areas: Leadership, Culture Change, Young People, Belonging and Evangelisation. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Make your home in me” (Jn 15:4) and the conference aims to assist Catholic communities in preparing for the Plenary 2020.

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION CLOSES April 22 and there are also group discounts (5 delegates for the price of 4). Register here Please see notice board for additional information.

PROJECT COMPASSION: The boxes can be placed in the basket and are due back now. Thank you. 

COMBINED PARISHES RAFFLE 2018 booklets are due back now regardless of whether or not they have been sold. Please ensure that they are placed with all monies ($20 per book) in a sealed envelope.  These can be placed on the collection plate at Mass or returned to the parish office. Please do not remove the staple which holds the booklets together.  

HOLY MASS ENVELOPES: The Parish has ordered envelopes for you to offer Mass booking for the faithful departed. You can return the envelopes in the collection plate or to the Parish Office. We do request that you write your phone number so that we can contact you should the Mass you request is not available. 

PALMS AUSTRALIA: Communities in Myanmar, PNG, Samoa, Timor Leste, Kiribati and Kenya seek volunteers to mentor locals and build capacity. Palms volunteers don’t do quick fixes, but immerse themselves in overseas communities for long-term skill exchange. If you have teaching, medical, business, admin or trade skills, share them with our global family!  Go here or Contact Palms on 02 9560 5333.Come to the Palms Info Session: Saturday 5 May 10:30am Ross House, Jenny Florence Room 247 Flinders Lane, MELBOURNE

Fr. Peter De Souza, would like to invite you for a 14-day pilgrimage that he is leading. The group departs on 28th of May, 2018, featuring Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, Patmos, Crete, Santorini, Thessaloniki, Philippi, Meteora for an all-inclusive price of $5690. Avail a Closing Weekend exclusive offer of $4,990 if you call now. HURRY... OFFER Valid only till 11th April 18 ONLY! This fare includes a 3 Night Cruise with all meals + Return Airfares + Local Transfers + Stay in 4 Star Hotels + All Breakfasts & Dinners. For inquiries & bookings call 0385 622 246 or email pilgrimage@magiholidays.com.au

St Thomas the Apostle 

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