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Issue 126  |  28 March 2018
Featured Story
From our Principal

Christ is Risen

This will be the cry come Easter Sunday, it will be voiced with passion and with joy. Easter represents the fulfillment of God's promises to mankind, it is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar. Easter is the celebration of Christ's resurrection from the dead. It marks the end of Holy Week, the end of Lent, the last day of the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday), and is the beginning of the Easter season of the liturgical year. As we know from the Gospels, Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion. His resurrection marks the triumph of good over evil, sin and death. Whilst lent is the season of inner reflection, the season of Easter is one which enables us to set forth and pave new ways of contributing to the Kingdom of God. I wish all (in advance) a very holy and blessed Easter.

On Wednesday at both campuses, the Stations of the Cross were re-enacted providing the community to reflect on the role they can play in building a better world.

  sotc2EAST SOTC







Project Compassion is the focus of fund-raising efforts in Term 1. Whilst the total is yet to finalised, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Social Justice Captains, House Leaders, students and staff for their efforts throughout this term in both awareness-raising and fund-raising efforts.

2018 East Mass Chris Black 1EAST CARITAS

SIS Big Night Out

I, together with many others, were blessed to be in the audience on Tuesday night as we watched St. Peter’s College, together with other SIS schools, participate in the Performing Arts combined concert. Items included: Concert Band, Choir items, Dance, a Percussion item and a final ensemble piece involving the combined talents of all schools participating. It was a wonderful performance opportunity for our students and a terrific opportunity to showcase the combined talents of schools and their performance artists. My thanks is extended to both our talented staff and talented students for their work over Term 1 which culminated in this wonderful event

Parent Teacher Interviews

It was great to see and speak with so many parents this week during our Parent Teacher Interviews. It struck me as I both observed and talked with parents, the great sense of pride St. Peter’s College is held in. As I mentioned to many, Parent-Teacher interviews are a formal reference point, however this should not be the only contact forum parents utilise. The opportunities presented through Schoolbox, it is hoped, will only increase opportunities to make contact. Subject staff, Learning Advisors and House Leaders are also only a phone call away. 

High Achievers

Rhiannon Elsworth - Figure Skating, Year 10 Kolbe, East Campus
Congratulations is extended to Rhiannon who over the weekend, in Sydney, competed at the Mira Artistic Trophy placing First In her Division. Rhiannon has been skating for 8 years and now has her mind set on October this year, when she competes in the Victorian Championships with the aim of qualifying for Nationals in Sydney during December.

2018 Rhiannon Elsworth Ice Skating

Term 1 Draws to an End

As Term 1 draws to an end I’d like to thank all for contributing to a highly successful term. I continue to marvel at the energy and passion of staff, the plethora of key events which contribute to the vibrant community we have and the commitment of students to their learning and to building a culture of involvement and engagement. I wish all a safe and restful term break and I look forward to catching up with students on Tuesday April 17th.

Mr Chris Black

Chris Black Signature

Latest News
Learning & Teaching News


Term 1 has been a frantic 9 weeks with many significant opportunities for all of our students. Harmony Day, Year 12 English Incursions, House Masses, SIS, Top Act Excursions, Drama Excursions, City Experience excursions, Chess Club, Student Exchange Programs from Japan, visits to Aged Care facilities, Bike Education, Magistrates Court visits, Geography field trips, staff V students tennis - just to name a few .

These activities demonstrate St. Peter’s College staff commitment to the development of the whole person. It makes me proud to lead such a hard working group of professionals who continually go over and above to ensure our students have the best possible opportunities to learn in such a wide variety of fields.

As the holidays approach I wish to thank the hard working staff and encourage a well deserved rest.

For our VCE students, Year 12 is a marathon, not a sprint. Easter is a time to relax, recharge and re organise so that you are well prepared to start Term 2. In the second week of holidays, Holiday homework , revision and preparation will be important to ensure you have “No Regrets”. 

From my discussions with students during Breakfast Club, I know that many families are heading off on holidays. I wish families safe travel and a rejuvenating break.

I wish all students and parents a restful and safe holiday. As we draw near the holiest week of the year, I hope that you all find the time to reflect and pray and to celebrate the mysteries of Jesus Passion, Death and Resurrection.

St. Peter’s College is an ACTIVE Learning Community

Active learning: learning that happens through student participation in activities that emphasize active retrieval, application of knowledge, and reflection. Responsibility for learning shifts from the teacher as students are expected to do more with information than simply receive it.

"Active learning" means students engage with the material, participate in the class, and collaborate with each other.

2018 Active Learning

Student Free Day

Students and Parents are reminded that Monday 16th April will be a Staff Professional Learning Day.

All teaching staff will be involved in developing ACTIVE learning strategies in order to enact our Vision for Learning.

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

Mission & Catholic Identity News

A big week in the life of a Catholic College

As a Catholic community in the midst of Holy week, may we take time to reflect upon the significance of the action to reach out to the other?

On the news at night or through social media we witness devastating events that shatter the existence of many people. Nonetheless, in the midst of this devastation we witness remarkable acts of kindness, generosity and hospitality. We see a light emerge from the darkness and hope emerge from despair.

Lent, as a time of contemplation, encourages us to take this time to truly reflect upon these personal and intimate feelings so that we may realise the potential of our own life and what it means to us as Christians. The Jesus story is a rich and inspiring ministry that is based upon the importance of reaching out to the other, particularly in times of great difficulty, sickness, devastation and sadness. Jesus entered our world and showed us how we can allow God to work within us, to reach out to the other in selfless ways. His life models for us a call to enact our deepest centre, so that we can attain our potential. May we be open to modelling our life on Jesus, ‘not to be served but to serve’ and to ‘be not afraid’. May we delight in the resurrection of Jesus this Easter and may it bring us light and hope.

At St. Peter’s College we have had student led Stations of the Cross at both West and East Campuses to acknowledge the significance of Holy Week.

The Stations give thought in that we greet Jesus as a King on Palm Sunday, yet by Friday, he is dead. Whilst we know the end of the story, his followers did not and they were wrought by grief and dashed hopes. The days of Good Friday and Holy Saturday are perhaps the most important days of reflection and prayer in the whole year for us, as Christians. They offer us insight into, as St Paul says, the hope that is within us. How do we cope when nothing makes sense? When we are going through challenging times, how do we endure those experiences of incomprehensible questioning and doubt that life will ever be 'normal' again? It is Paul again who assures us that God's grace is sufficient for us, and it is in that knowledge that hope is possible.

The events of Holy Week are not just a week in history. They are an insight into the human journey - a journey of exultation and pain, of friendship and broken relationships, of healing and of faith, and always, of being held in the ever-present love of a caring God.

Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees

We had a group of students, Mr. Deng Chour and myself attend the Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees to show our support with expressing concern about the treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum. There was a great turnout at the State Library on Swanston Street and many thought provoking speakers, which hopefully has some follow up action.

Mr Matt Williams
Deputy Principal - Mission & Catholic Identity

East Campus News

Last week of Term 1

Over the course of this term we have been discussing the launch of our new Pastoral Program for Years 7-12, Strive and Thrive. Tuesday period 4, it was finally launched. 

Character strengths were the key focus for all year levels. Sessions were year level based and ranged from first identifying our character strengths in Year 7 through to beginning to understand which of our character strengths will support our success in VCE. Each House now has a Character Strengths wall, with each strength identified and explained. The walls will be a reminder to staff and students to reflect daily on how best to develop and use our key character strengths.  Staff also raised the bar of enthusiasm by wearing their character strengths T-Shirts highlighting the logo now unique to our Strive & Thrive pastoral program. The logo has been cleverly designed to represent the aims of the program to promote and support positive education, positive outcomes and active lifelong learning. Take a moment to really examine the logo and you will see the connections between positive education, character strengths and our College vision, and motto.

2018 Strive & Thrive 1 

Staff take Strive & Thrive advertising to a new level!     

2018 Strive & Thrive 2

Kolbe House’s Wall of characters strengths will be a great source of inspriation and challenge for all.

2018 Strive & Thrive 3
Strive & Thrive requires active learning from both staff and students.

2018 Strive & Thrive 4
 2018 Strive & Thrive 5
Character Strengths – Students identify and begin to unpack the meaning of their own character strengths. 

2018 Strive & Thrive 6
Mindfulness: This will also be a key feature of our Strive & Thrive program as we teach students the benefits of mindfulness, and taking time to be present and reduce the level of stress we can place on ourselves. I have included an article for parents and guardians to help you look at mindful practice that is being encouraged by experts for all of us to explore in an attempt to reduce the daily stress of our busy lives.   Click here: Reduce workplace stress in 15 minutes

Student attendance impacts school completion – new study 

As the term comes to an end with Parent-teacher interviews, it is an important time for parents and their children to reflect on the importance of making every school day count. A recent study has confirmed what many of us already know, that student school attendance does have significant impact on the ability of a child to successfully complete their senior years in school. The study provides further insight into how a student’s lack of attendance especially in the early years can also impact a child’s post-school study or work opportunities and success. It is an interesting and thought provoking article, I encourage all parents/guardians to read with their children.

The Smith Family’s research has found that attendance and achievement even in a child’s early years of high school can help identify students at risk of not completing Year 12.  According to the data, three in four students (75%) with high attendance in Year 7 completed Year 12 compared to less than half (48%) of those with very low attendance, according to the study of more than 30,000 Australian school students. To read the full article, click here.

Last week of term activities

It may have been the last week of term, but that did not stop a hive of activities that were run by staff, students and parents.  One of our parents John Duiker, shared in a lunchtime musical session sharing his love of music and gospel songs. It was a lovely way for students and staff to enjoy great music, a singalong and we thank John and his partner Jason for their time and the fun and enjoyment they generated for us. 

Basketball – The Marian Basketball Tournament was run-and-won. Monday and Tuesday of this week saw the heats played out on the Graham basketball courts, having the senior & junior boys compete for spots in the finals. Tuesday we had our Senior Girls teams play against each other, also vying for spots in the finals. With an extreme wind on Wednesday, the teams were courageous in battling it out. 

The finals were played in great spirit, with the following results:

Senior Boys:
Augustine def Assisi

Senior Girls:
Marian def Kolbe

Junior Boys:
Glowrey def Marian

Overall, it was a great tournament, raising money for CARITAS. Special thanks to Marian House Leader Mr Andrew Sambell, his team and the students.

Hot Cross Buns Sale: Whilst Marian were fighting it out on the Basketball courts, Kolbe took a different tactic in how to raise much needed funds for CARITAS – good old passion bake off – Hot Cross Buns were on sale and literally flew out the door. 
Well done to all the Houses for their fantastic support of CARITAS with the many varied and enthusiastic fund raising activities held throughout the term. 

Finally I wish all families a most holy and blessed Easter. Be safe, stay happy and I look forward to seeing you all next term.
Happy Easter

Mrs Julie Banda
Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus


2017 East Statue 4

West Campus News

Romero House Activity - European Handball

The European Handball competition has now been completed with semi-finals last week and the Grand Final on Monday.

In the first semi-final, Avila 8 defeated Kolbe 5.
In the second semi-final, Glowrey 6 defeated MacKillop 1.

The Grand Final saw Avila 7 prevail over Glowrey 3.

This new competition was a great success and I would like to thank Mr Mark Sinclair, Romero House Captains, Lara Breen and Mohamed Mohamed and the House Forum Leaders on running a terrific event that saw great student participation.

Final order for placings are:

2018 European Handball Table

Environment Club

Throughout the year the EnviroClub, a group of environmentally conscious students meet to discuss the current environmental issues within our College and plan ways to actively combat them. They do this by organising competitions each term to support and encourage the students of the St Peter’s College to care and look after our environment. This term the EnviroClub set out to combat litter in the school yard. During the 19th – 23rd of March at lunchtimes, EnviroClub members were stationed at 5 bins within high litter areas across the school yard.

For every piece of rubbish placed in these bins students were awarded one point for their house. This encouraged students to not only bin the rubbish they brought to school but to pick up extra pieces that students had left behind. After a week of tallying MacKillop took out the top spot with 180 pieces of rubbish put in the bins – well done MacKillop House. I hope that we can keep supporting one another to continue to do the right thing and keep our school tidy and our environment cared for.

I would like to express a big thank you to the members of the EnviroClub who gave up their lunchtime to support this cause and for all the teachers and students who supported the group and the environment by using the bins. The Term 1 Environment Shield will be presented at the first Campus Assembly in Term 2. The final results are below. 

2018 Environment Club table 01

McGuigan Shield House Competition

After Term 1, and half way through the competition, the McGuigan Shield House Ladder is looking like this:

2018 McGuigan Shield  01

Caritas Coin Line

Last week, over 40 students gathered in the hall to participate in a House coin line to raise money for Project Compassion (Caritas) during the Lenten Season.  Our Social Justice Captain, Emma Pocock, under the guidance of Ms Maria Gonsalves and the Social Justice team did a great job in inspiring our students to raise $444.65.

Congratulations to the very generous Assisi house for the longest coin line!  Assisi was followed by Avila, MacKillop, Augustine, Glowrey, Kolbe, Marian and Romero. 

Royal Australian Air Force Visit

On Friday, about 60 men & women of the RAAF football teams visited St Peter’s College to train on the Pat Grant Oval in preparation for their matches against the Navy and Army teams.  A former student, Flight Lieutenant Adon Lumley (Class of 2002) took the opportunity to visit his former school and we took the opportunity for many of our students to have a very informative presentation from the officers and enlisted members about the various roles in the defence force. 

Melissa Dillon was quick to organise this careers opportunity and our students were able to hear about becoming a pilot, plumber, weapons combat officer, air traffic controller, loadmaster or firefighter…just to name a few.  All the speakers highlighted the terrific opportunities for travel, the great people they met and the above award wages for the jobs they were doing, I do not doubt that a number of our students went away inspired to join the air force.

Winter Uniform

Parents and students are reminded that Winter Uniform is required as of Term 2. There is now the availability of the Girls Winter Pants and new College Scarf.

Online Gaming

As we approach the holiday period, it's important that we parents don't let our guard down! For a lot of children, the holidays means more screen time and in particular: video games.

The gaming industry is changing rapidly. And it's no longer just violent content that's concerning. As online multiplayer and chat functionality is becoming the new norm in modern games, it's impossible to know who you're playing with, or what they might be saying over the internet.

Brett Lee has presented to our school community in the past and he has put together a downloadable handbook for parents, caregivers and teachers alike. It covers new business models, gaming addiction, online multiplayer worries, and more. Please take the time to have a read, and feel free to share this around to anyone you think might be interested! Please click here.

Brett presents the following 5 Simple Rules To Remember As A Parent To Keep Your Child Safe:

  1. No game is essential to my child’s development.
  2. It is my right to decide what games are played and when.
  3. I need to verbalise to my expectations and rules.
  4. If I suspect something is wrong, I will act.
  5. I can find any answer I want by talking to others or researching online

Together we can - Campaign to End Family Violence

I would like to promote a meeting on Monday, 16 April featuring  Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, aimed at professionals and community members, and held in the Pakenham Library complex as part of the Together We Can campaign to end family violence. 

The program is as follows:
3 - 6pm - Support Services for students, community and professionals to roam and chat
3.30 - 5.30pm - Professional Development Workshop: Facilitated by Heart Links on Trauma Informed Practice
6.30 - 8pm -  Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Keynote Speaker: Building Healthy and respectful relationships.
Heartlinks Trauma Informed Practice and Dr Michael Carr-Gregg seminars are free but bookings are required.
To book your spot, simply click here or here.

I wish all parents, staff and students a very happy and holy Easter as we celebrate the life giving God of Jesus Christ in our various families and communities.

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

WE WELCOME AS CHILDREN OF GOD: Jordan Goodwin, child of John & Mary, Antoni Sastre, child of Juan & Judit and Christian Alvaro, child of Mathew & Taryn.

CONGRATULATIONS to the children who made their First Reconciliation this week. May the peace they experience through the Mercy of God continue to lead them through their Christian journey.

PARISH OFFICE: Will be closed on Monday mornings and will be open from 1.00pm to 3.00pm.

MASS OF THE OILS: You are invited to join in Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sale on Tuesday 27th March at 11.00am. Concelebrated by Bishop Patrick and diocese priests. The Oils are blessed and consecrated and distributed to parishes for use in the celebration of the sacraments. The clergy recommit to priestly and diaconal ministry.

LENTEN RECONCILIATON: If you are unable to attend Reconciliation at St Agatha’s, Our Lady Help of Christians will be holding their Reconciliation on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

GOOD FRIDAY is a day of Fast & Abstinence. Catholics who have completed their 18th year and have not yet begun their 60th year are obliged to Fast. In addition, all Catholics who have completed their 14th year are obliged to Abstain from meat. The Paschal Precept requires that each of the faithful receive Holy Communion at least once a year. This is done between Ash Wednesday and Trinity Sunday. All the faithful are obliged to confess their grave sins at least once a year.

ALTAR SERVERS: A practice for Easter ceremonies will held on Wednesday 4.00pm to 5.30pm in the Church.

ALLIANCE ON OF THE TWO HEARTS SISTERS: 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima Commemorative 2018 Calendar for Sale in the Piety Stall for $5

DIVINE MERCY NOVENA will be prayed each day, beginning Good Friday after the Solemn Commemoration, and continuing at 3.00pm each day in the Church until Saturday 7th April. All Welcome!

DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY: Bishop Patrick will be celebrating a special Mass on Sunday 8th April at 3.00pm at St Agatha’s Church.

FEAST OF THE ANNUNCIATION: Fr Antony and his colleagues will be celebrating the feast of his Order “Institute Voluntas Dei”. Bishop Patrick will be presiding Mass on Monday 9th April at 9.30am. Parishioners are invited to share in the celebration followed by morning tea in the Parish Hall. Please bring a plate to share.

UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF THE BIBLE STUDY: Have you missed a few bible study classes and would like to catch up? Catch up sessions will be held at 7.15pm on 8 th & 15th April.

GOOD FRIDAY COLLECTION: The annual Pope’s Good Friday world-wide collection offers Australian Catholics an opportunity to the upkeep of the Holy Places and to express our solidarity with Christians in the Custody of the Holy Land. Our donation is a direct way to make a difference in the lives of those caught up in war, violence and instability.

HOLY THURSDAY COLLECTION: A special collection will be taken up at Mass on Holy Thursday to help a needy Syrian Refugee Family in our Parish.

St Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Tuesday: 7.30pm at St Agatha’s Church Cranbourne
Wednesday:  Following 9.15am Mass at Blue Hills
Wednesday: 7.30pm at OLHC Church Narre Warren
Thursday: 6.00pm – 7.00pm at St Peter’s College
Friday: Following Stations of the Cross at St Peter’s College
Saturday: 10.00am – 11.00am at St Peter’s College

CHRISM MASS (Mass of the Oils will be concelebrated by Bishop Patrick with the priests at St Mary’s Cathedral Sale, on Tuesday 27th March at 11.00 am. You are invited to participate in this Mass at the Cathedral. This is always a beautiful occasion when the Oils being blessed and consecrated and distributed to parishes for use in the celebration of the sacraments. The Chrism Mass is also the occasion where the clergy recommit to priestly and diaconal ministry.  

GOOD FRIDAY COLLECTION: This collection help support the missionary work of the Churches in the Holy Land and it help to preserve the sacred shrines associated with the life of Jesus. Please give generously to this cause. Envelopes can be found at the entrances

RCIA: We continue praying for Amanda Ah Colt and Sala Fatialofa that they may be strengthened in their spiritual life to receive the Holy Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. We pray for Tominiko Fatialofa who will be Confirmed at this Easter Vigil also. May they be filled with love, hope, faith and be blessed abundantly as they prepare themselves for the Sacraments at Easter. 

HOLY MASS ENVELOPES – The Parish has ordered envelopes for you to offer Mass booking for the faithful departed. You can return the envelopes in the collection plate or the Parish Office. We do request that you write your phone number so that we can contact you should the Mass you request is not available. 

PROJECT COMPASSION: The boxes are due back on Good Friday. Please be generous to those in need. 

COMBINED PARISHES RAFFLE 2018 –For all those with booklets, please return them as soon as possible ensuring that they are placed with all monies ($20 per book) in a sealed envelope.  These can be placed on the collection plate at Mass or returned to the parish office. Please do not remove the staple which holds the booklets together.  Please note that these must be returned by Friday 20th April regardless of whether or not they have been sold.

LOST & FOUND: If you or someone you know lost a bank card recently, please contact the Parish Office. 

ALL ADULT PARISHIONERS - The Parish Council has recently updated our Parish Code of Conduct for the Safety of Children and Vulnerable Adults within our Parish and feel that in order to truly create a child safe environment it is necessary for all adult parishioners to read, understand and sign that they will adhere to all aspects of the Parish Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about this, please contact our Parish Safety Officer at the Parish Office. 

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Meet our Social Justice Captain - East Campus

Introducing Our College Captains 2018
Name: Arizona Durbin
Role: Social Justice Captain Campus: East

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?
I started St Peter’s College back in 2013, when I was in year 7

Tell us about your family?
There are 7 people in my family- my mum, my step-dad, my two younger twin brothers who attend spc, my little younger brother and my older sister who finished her year 12 studies at spc in 2016, and also my cat and my dog.

Tell us about your other interests?
I enjoy eating, going to the city and visiting art galleries, photography, creating art and hanging out with my friends. I love meeting new people and discovering new places in Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs.

Year 12 Studies:
At St. Peter’s College I am currently studying Ethics & Morality, English, Further Maths, Business Management, Art and Drama. I attend Study Hub if I don’t have work on Wednesdays and study mostly English and Maths.
Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?
In Year 11 I completed units 3 & 4 Geography and it was good to prepare myself for Year 12.

but what I do have, I give to you
What does this mean to you? 

To me, this is means to give what you have or can without expecting anything back, it doesn’t have to be much because it’s the giving that really matters most. 

How will you live this statement throughout the year in your role?
As social Justice Captain I will spread this message, and give as much to the school as possible as they have given me everything and made me who I am today. I will teach those who are enthusiastic to learn to give without expecting anything back because that’s a big part of social justice; giving what you have and helping others and that comes from the heart- it isn’t something people do because they feel they have to.

What are your goals for 2018?
For yourself in your role?

My goal is to get more students involved in Social Justice within East Campus, I feel at the moment it is hard to get people involved and I want to raise more awareness to issues not just within the world, but within our school and the local community. I wish to have a team of students that are keen to help me this year and they can carry on the enthusiasm once I finish this year.

For yourself as a Year 12 student?
I would like to be able to work to the best of my ability towards my goals and make sure I accomplish them as much as I can, I would like to have a fantastic final year of my school and have as much fun as possible while keeping that personal-work-school life. I want to look back on my last year as the best, with no regrets and I want to really step out of my comfort zone.

I would like to find out who I am. I would love to take a giant step out of my comfort zone. This year I would like to spend more time with friends and family and keep those around me close to me. I also want to volunteer a bit more than I do because it’s a good feeling when you know you are doing good for others.

What would you like your legacy to be for St. Peter’s College?
I would like people to know that I was there for them and if anyone needed help or to talk about anything that they felt comfortable talking to me. I hope to leave a legacy of compassion and service towards others, I hope to inspire those to go out and do good in the community.

What are you immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College? 
I either would like to be a Flight Attendant or to study Hotel and Resorts Management at William Angliss Institute. I also want to travel and be with friends and family.

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?
Travel, work in either Tourism or Hospitality/Hotel and Resorts Management areas and be successful, put 110% into everything I do, continue to strengthen my faith, get married and have a family of my own.

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in your College, yourself and those around you?
St. Peter’s College is like a second home to me, we’re all one big family and I have so much pride in what we have become and how much we have all grown together. Never be afraid to speak out and do what is right, no matter what.  

Meet our Social Justice Captain - West Campus

Introducing Our College Captains 2018
Name: Emma Pocock
Role: Social justice captain Campus: West 

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?
In year 7, 2013. 

Tell us about your family?
I live with my Mum, Dad and younger brother. 

Tell us about your other interests?
I enjoy cooking and helping others. 

Year 12 Studies:
At St. Peter’s College I am currently studying 

  • English 
  • Further Maths 
  • Religion and society 
  • Legal studies 
  • Health and Human development

Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?
Yes I completed units 3 and 4 psychology last year 
but what I do have, I give to you

What does this mean to you? 
To me this means that even if I do not have something material to give to someone I can share love, kindness and happiness with them 
How will you live this statement throughout the year in your role?
Through-out the year I will use this statement to keep me grounded and to refer to through-out my time as Social Justice captain.

What are your goals for 2018?
For yourself in your role?

This year I want to inspire, others to give back to the community, I want to tell people that the “giving” doesn’t have to be $100, it could be something like helping for an hour at willow wood aged care which really puts a smile on the faces of the people who live there. 

For yourself as a Year 12 student?
As a year 12 student I want to work hard to achieve the ATAR I want but I also want to have a good time with my friends and look back on this year as one I won’t forget. 

Personally, I want to be pushed to do the best I can. I also want to be a good leader and role model to the younger year levels.  

What would you like your legacy to be for St. Peter’s College?
To have continued to the works of the other social justice captains and created new projects that will run hopefully for years to come. 

What are you immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College? 
Go to Solomon Island 
I want to get into ACU (The Australian catholic university) to study teaching or nursing

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?
Hopefully after I have finished my teaching or nursing course, I want to travel overseas to help people in 3rd world countries. 

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in your College, yourself and those around you?
St Peter’s is such friendly and welcoming community and a community that’s ready to learn, embrace it and make the most of it.  

2017 West confetti


west balloon release


West St Peter

Health and PE News

Active April

Active April is almost upon us, with the first two weeks of this promotion being run in the holidays, we thought we would offer some suggestions for you to be active with your family;

Spend the day being active around Melbourne: Public Transport can be daunting for our young students. Spend the day catching the train into the city, walk around and see the amazing sites our beautiful city has to offer. Perhaps visit the Sea Life Aquarium with your two for one pass.

Become active through a new sport: encourage your child to try a new sport during their two week break as research has shown being active can improve concentration levels. Using your 5 free group dance lessons through Dancesport Victoria or the 1 hour free tennis court hire at Melbourne Park or Albert reserve my help to ease the cost and encourage participation.

Stay local but be active: We have so many great resources to use within our local community which may be a short walk, bus ride or car trip away. Using your 10 free passes to a participating YMCA recreational facility may start new healthy habits to form, as you can try it out over the break to see if it is something you would like to sustain long term. 

Have fun with your children: encourage them to be active through bike riding, skate boarding, walking, playing at the park and simply getting outside. Doing this with your child or a friend makes it all the more engaging.

How do you take advantage of these great offers you ask? Sign up to Active April and you can access all of this AND MORE. Click here to visit the Active April website  and create an account for free, download the app and join the correct team:
St Peter’s College East: st-peters-college-east
St Peter’s College West: st-peters-college-west

The roster (to view, click here) has been finalised for this initative, with the Health and PE Team (plus a few extra keen staff) running a range of activities to get our kids moving in the first two weeks and one day of Term 2. Please encourage your child to participate in as many activities as possible, with some great prizes being awarded and lots of fun, community spirit and a little rivalry to be had by all!!

Coles Tokens

This promotion has only 8 days remaining. For those final days, there will be double tokens! Please continue to bring in the tokens after the school holidays if you collect them this week and forget to bring them in. We really appreciate the generosity and support of our College Community in improving the access to resources we have to improve student learning.

The PE team at East and West would like to wish you all a restful and happy Easter.

Thank you

Physical Education Faculty

Pastoral Care News

SRC Training Day

On Thursday 22 March, SRC members of both East and West Campuses joined forces to engage in the SRC Training Day. This year it was hosted at our East Campus and was led by our School Captains with help from Miss McRae and Miss McKenna. The aims of the day were to give us an opportunity to develop our public speaking and communication skills as well as give us time to collaborate and creation action plans in smaller teams.
Our first session was led by Brooklyn and Cambell as School Captains from the West Campus. They talked us through communication and gave us some tips about how to speak in front of our peers. One of the highlights of the day was the Mini-Olympics.

2018 SRC

We formed small teams, adopted a country and competed to see who would win the Gold Medal. This activity was really fun but more than that, it helped us to break down barriers, to get to know each other and have fun whilst working together to achieve. After having lunch and an impromptu basketball game, Natalia and Eddie as School Captains from the East, helped us brainstorm what are the issues and concerns that as a student body we have. After prioritising our list, we then broke off into small groups and each worked on an Action Plan. These Plans included our vision, ideas for change, resources and a timeline. We then shared our ideas with all of the SRC and with Mr Black. We are really excited to work with other students and all our Captains to turn these plans into action! 

2018 tug of war

Please see below some more reflections about the day. 
Which session was the most beneficial to you and your development as a leader?

Session 3: Action Planning
This session allowed us to put our ideas to action rather than just think about them. It also identifies the students perspective of the issues in the school and how they can be fixed. (Natalia Girvasi, School Captain: East).

Session 2: Mini Olympics
It was good to bond with other people in different year levels and meet the people from the other Campus. (Olivia Russo, Yr 7 SRC: West).

It taught you to think on your feet, to work with other people and you had fun while doing so. (Krystal Johnston, Liturgy Captain: East).

To read more Pastoral Care News including Year 10 Youth Ministry, please click here.

Ms Janelle McRae 
Pastoral Care Leader - East Campus
Ms Fiona McKenna
Pastoral Care Leader - West Campus

Parents & Friends Committee News

The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.


Wednesday 2 May 2018

St. Peter’s College East Campus
Administration Centre, MacKillop Way, Clyde North

6.45 – 7.30 Solomon Islands Immersion program Fundraising

7.15 pm Tea and Coffee

7.30 pm - 9.00 pm General P&F Meeting


Mrs Julie Banda, Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus
B.Arts, B.Ed, CertIV Training & Assessment; M.ED (Student Wellbeing)

2017 Julie Banda

Julie will share with us her journey in life and teaching so far and her vision for the future.


West St Peter



On the 19th of March the East and West campus year 11 VCAL class took and excursion to the ANZAC Remembrance Shrine in Melbourne. There was a tour underneath the shrine where all the artifacts and stories of the war are kept to have a look at.

We learnt a lot of things like the youngest person at Gallipoli was only 14 yrs and 6 months, and a large percentage of Victoria’s population attended the commemoration of the Anzacs at the shrine in 1935.

Overall the tour was a great success and we would be recommending this experience to everyone. After the shrine we went to the Melbourne Museum where we saw the WW1: Love and Sorrow exhibition where we learnt more about the conditions of the soldiers that went to war in the trenches.

There were stories of people's experiences of war, for those who went in war and those that stayed and supported their soldiers from home.

2018 ANZAC Shrine

Retirement Village  

The Year 11 VCAL class went to Botanic Garden Retirement village where we had conversations with the residence to understand their views of and their experience with war. Surprisingly everyone had a good time and learnt a lot from our visit.

All the residents were very kind and open to share their experiences with us. We later had a Barbeque where we all sat outside with the residents and enjoyed lunch with them. 

2018 Retirement Village

General News

SIS Senior Boys Soccer - Season Report

A somewhat disjointed campaign as a lack of numbers from the Year 11/12 cohort saw players selected from Years 8 to 10 in order to field a side. With a squad of 18 assembled, each Thursday felt like Christmas as I was surprised to see who would actually turn up. On two occasions we only had 11 players which was not ideal, particularly when it's a 30 degree day. On that subject, I would like to thank those that fronted up week in, week out to represent the College with enthusiasm. The scores of the games were as follows:

  • St. Peter's 3 - 4 John Paul
  • St. Peters 6 - 4 Padua
  • St. John 6 - 0 St. Peter's 
  • Berwick 2 - 1 St. Peter's
  • SFX 8 - 3 St. Peter's

The standout performance was the first half away at St. John College. They are always the strongest side in the competition and we held them to 0-0 in front of a packed crowd. Unfortunately we tired and couldn't raise our game to a similar standard in the second half. The standout goal was Finlay's free kick from the halfway line. The standout running style was Peter Nawood's. The standout 'holding on to the ball for too long' was Peter Nawood. The standout 'working twice as hard going forward as chasing back' was half the team. The standout dummy spit was Jonah when subbed off vs Padua. For some, their St. Peter's Soccer career has come to an end and I would strongly encourage all these boys to continue playing long into the future.....Good Luck !!!

Parent Volunteers Needed

St. Peter’s College SRC Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
Can you spare 1 Hour?
Date: Saturday April 21st
Where: Bunnings, Cranbourne, Thompsons Rd & Sth Gippsland Hwy
Time: Anytime from 8.00 am to 4.00 start times
Our Solomon Island Immersion program students will also be in attendance, selling ‘Win A Car’ Raffle tickets.

2016 Bunnings BBQ Pic

Important Uniform Changes

Change Over to Winter Uniform

Change over from Summer to Winter Uniform is due for Term 2, Tuesday 17 April.

Please check you have all uniform items prior to the end of Term, as the Uniform Shop is not open during the School holidays, with the exception of Monday 16 April which is a Student Free Day.
Important changes to the St. Peter's College Winter Uniform:

  • Boys are to wear Monogrammed St. Peter’s College short sleeve or long sleeved white shirts with the College Tie
  • Girls to wear St. Peter's College Girls White Monogrammed Pocket blouse, which is worn with the College Tie
  • Girls Winter Trousers are now available from our Uniform Shop. These are not a compulsory item with the choice between skirt or trousers. Trousers are to be worn with black socks, Skirt with black tights (minimum 70 denier)
  • 2018 sees the Introduction of our Grey banded College Scarf. Availability will be announced over the coming weeks.
  • College Waterproof jackets are available from the Uniform Shop, and can be worn to and from the College, but must be worn over the blazer.


  • Thursdays: 22 March and 29 March – 8.00 am to 12 noon
  • Tuesdays: 27 March - 1.00 pm to 5 pm
  • Monday16 April. Student Free Day Extended Trading 10.00 am to 5 pm.

To order online please click here:
Second-hand Uniform Sales
The uniform shop does not hold and sell second-hand uniform. St. Peter’s College parents can utilise the service of Sustainable School Shop for the sale and purchase of second-hand uniform and stationery items.
To read more about purchasing second-hand uniform items please click here:
To see what second-hand uniform items are currently listed for sale please click here:

2018 Girls Winter Uniform 2

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