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Issue 125  |  22 March 2018
Featured Story
From our Principal

Dear Friends,

Early Saturday morning we bid a fond farewell to our friends from Sapporo Seishu High School. Whilst it was a short stay, I am certain the memories will last for some time to come. Our exchange program provides wonderful opportunities for shared learnings. These learnings are just not the further development of language skills. The welcome of someone from another country into our homes and lives, albeit for a small moment in time, provides a rich opportunity to learn from another culture. My thanks is extended to the generosity shown by our families in extending their hand of friendship and welcome to our visitors.

Feast Day of Oscar Romero

Blessed Oscar Romero was often referred to as the voice of the voiceless poor. Romero was a light that shone brightly over the people of San Salvador. Elected to lead his people as the new Archbishop of San Salvador in 1977, Oscar Romero was not a surprising choice at the time. He was recognised as a “conservative bookworm” who would not agitate the status quo. Through his role as the new Archbishop he began to take real notice of the persecuted flock which were his mission to care for. Not did he just notice but he began to agitate for change. He began to champion for and provide ministry with a preferential option for the poor, one of the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching. There were many important statements attributed to Romero, this was one which epitomised his approach to the poor and outcast:
    “I offer you this by way of example. A building is on fire and you’re watching it burn, standing and wondering if everyone is safe. Then someone tells you that your mother and your sister are inside that building. Your attitude changes completely. You’re frantic; your mother and sister are burning and you’d do anything to rescue them even at the cost of getting charred. That’s what it means to be truly committed. If we look at poverty from the outside, as if we’re looking at a fire, that’s not to opt for the poor, no matter how concerned we may be. We should get inside as if our own mother and sister were burning. Indeed it’s Christ who is there, hungry and suffering.”

This Friday at both campuses the House of Romero will come together for a mass. Celebrated by Fr Joseph and Fr Denis, it will be an opportunity to reflect and give thanks for the legacy of the Blessed Oscar Romero.
Note: Pope Francis has recently recognized a miracle attributed to the Blessed Oscar Romero paving the way for him to become a Saint.

2018 Blessed Oscar Romero

On occasions the comment is heard, “we spend too much time and energy on ensuring our uniform is worn correctly”. Uniform and the appropriate, correct wearing of uniform IS important and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Reputation
    Uniform is a vehicle for upholding the school’s reputation. Our local community instantly is able to recognise what school a child is from just by looking at their clothing. Therefore, each individual is a reflection on the school. 
  • Life skills
    As an educator, our job is to contribute to preparing your child for adult life. Rules around uniform are an important life lesson. There are few occupations where people won’t have to obey some sort of dress code. Office workers usually dress in business attire, whereas public services – like the police and fire brigade all wear instantly recognisable uniforms. Therefore, what we’re actually doing is teaching children that they can’t just dress however they please.
  • Disciplined approach to learning
    Having well established, closely monitored and consistent approaches to the wearing of uniform signals and exemplifies the approach that is encouraged in student learning and an approach to schooling in general.
  • Routine
    Lastly, uniform helps establish routine. When students don it, they know it’s time to knuckle down and learn. Meanwhile, their own clothing can symbolise an opportunity to relax and enjoy their leisure time.

It is with the above in mind that I ask parents to help support the school’s endeavours to have all students adhering to the uniform regulations. Our winter uniform will be worn from the beginning of Term 2 and it is anticipated all students will consistently abide by our expectations. Please look elsewhere in this newsletter to find opening hours of the Uniform shop.

All the best for the week ahead.

Mr Chris Black

Chris Black Signature

Latest News
East Campus News

Easter is nearly upon us as we start to realise the end of first term is very close. Whilst there is much focus on finalising class work and assessment tasks, all Houses have been very busy running their fund raising events in support of Project Compassion. After the fantastic Harmony Day celebrations, the end of the week brought us the reality of taking a stand against bullying and violence. Houses ran insightful and thought provoking assemblies to heighten the awareness and knowledge of all students in relation to the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. As a community we will continue to always strive for a world free of bullying and violence. 

National Day of Action

VCAL student reflections on Harmony Day

From all the lands we come…

Over the last few weeks the Year 12 VCAL students worked on variety of projects which were presented on the Harmony Day. The East campus celebrated Harmony Day on 13th March, the day was a chance to celebrate the diversity of the many cultures at St. Peter's College.  

Some of the highlights of the day included:

Cultural Dance

The Samoan cultural dance was a big hit, many of the students and teachers loved it. The students who were in the dance have been practicing for a long time, preparing themselves for the day. The Men’s dance “Sau Eva” is about the people to come and dance and the Ladies dance “La’u Hani” is about a loved one. - Wesley Ioane & Loretta Faalili 

2018 Cultural Dance

Mapping our Heritage

The BIG Map of the World that was located outside the DC, it was a chance to get everyone to identify their Heritage on the map of the world, to see how our school has so many students that have different backgrounds and may have come from different countries as well. Countries identified included: Philippines Sudan, Mauritius, UK, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Poland, New Zealand, Samoa. - Kyle Henderson Gillespie

2018 Mapping our Heritage


The Origami that was shown to the students was Flapping Cranes and Love hearts. They were given a process that they were to follow and once they understood that process they were off and running. There were about 15 students who attended and were also guided by two of our Japanese exchange students. - Jordan Cairns

Mini Olympics

A miniature olympics was conducted for two Year 9 PE classes. The students were allocated a country (e.g. Poland, Jamaica, UK, etc) and completed against each other in a variety of track and field events. Including the ball-between-the-knees race, and a bean bag shot put.  The overall comments from the Year 9 students was that they “wished we had more time to do more activities”. - Sarah Trew & Ryan Pulley

Food Stalls

The Year 11 VCAL students cooked up around 300 serves of Spaghetti and Nachos which sold out to a hungry crowd of students. The proceeds of the sale of food and ice cream went towards our CARITAS Fundraising.

2018 VCAL Food Stalls

Culture Quiz

Each morning over the last week students were bombarded with facts and trivia. This culminated in a tutor group quiz, the winning tutor group was Avila H, with 13 out of 15 correct! - Michael Miller


The interhouse touch competition will be run at a later date, this is an event to look forward to in the coming weeks. - Matthew Lenette

For more East Campus News including Hearts for Justice, Tennis, Strive & Thrive Pastoral Program, Safety in the Car Parks please click here.

Mrs Julie Banda
Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Romero House Activity - European Handball

In an extraordinary break from tradition Romero House have dumped their Running with the Bull and are instead running with a European Handball Competition. 

House Leader, Mr Mark Sinclair has trusted the voice of his House Captains and student forum leaders who wanted a new activity and they have hit the mark with the popular uptake of European Handball.  

Results for the first two days are:

  • Avila 3 defeated Assisi 1
  • Kolbe 4 defeated Augustine 3
  • Glowrey 6 defeated Marian 1
  • MacKillop 7 defeated Romero 4
  • The Wednesday semi-finals are:
  • Semi Final 1 - Avila v Kolbe
  • Semi Final 2 - Glowrey v MacKillop

Romero House will celebrate their feast day on Friday with a House Mass during first period led by Fr Joseph.  Other celebrations will happen during lunchtime.

Congratulations Romero House on a fantastic week and we look forward to publishing the final results and house points in next week’s newsletter.


Head lice infection can be a sensitive issue for parents and your children and can be difficult to manage.

The responsibility of treating and detecting head lice rests primarily with you, as parents.

We will always be sensitive about head lice and will maintain student confidentiality if a case of head lice is detected.

There is no way to prevent head lice so it's important to check your child's hair regularly even when you don’t think they have head lice.

Using conditioner is a cheap and effective way to help find head lice in your child's hair. Conditioner doesn't kill head lice, but it stuns them for about 20 minutes, so they cannot move around or hang on to the hair.

This method gives you time to comb through the hair with a lice comb and determine if your child has head lice and begin a treatment method as soon as possible if they are detected.

The Department of Health website includes information for parents about head lice, including a fact sheet about treating and controlling infections and a list of frequently asked questions.

If your child has head lice, please do not send them to school until the day after appropriate treatment has started.  

Remind your child that if they have hair below the collar, then it must be tied back as outlined in the College Uniform & Appearance Policy.  

Thank you for your support on this matter.

Secondary School Vaccinations in 2018

The Secondary School Vaccine Program offers free vaccines to Year 7 and 10 students. These vaccines provide protection against: 

  • Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) – one dose for year 7 students
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – two doses for Year 7 students
  • Meningococcal A,C,W,Y – one dose for Year 10 students

Parents/guardians of Year 7 and 10 students should have now returned the vaccine consent card booklet. You need to read the information, complete and return the card regardless of whether your child is being vaccinated at school.  

Please ensure you return your child’s card as there is a financial incentive of $500 that will be handed on to the Student Representative Council to decide how to spend if we achieve an 85% return of cards from parents.  There are greater cash incentives to schools that achieve a 100% card return.

In 2017, both East and West Campuses could only achieve an 81% card return rate which was one of the lowest for secondary schools in the municipality.  Please help us to achieve a higher rate this year.

The City of Casey immunisation service may contact you about the Secondary School Vaccine Program. Schools are authorised to provide basic parent/guardian contact details to local councils for this purpose. Contact the school by 28 February 2018 if you do not want your contact details given to the City of Casey immunisation service. 

To learn more about the Secondary School Vaccine Program, the vaccines, the diseases they protect against, or how you can prepare your child for vaccination, please click here.

Additionally, the Commonwealth government is funding vaccinations for all children under 20 years who missed scheduled vaccines. If students have missed vaccines, either in childhood or adolescence, and require catch-up vaccines, they should speak with their immunisation provider. (ie. local council or GP).

Important dates for both the East & West Campuses are:

  • Year 7 Immunisations: 26 March (next week) & 12 October
  • Year 10 Immunisations: 14 May

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

Learning and Teaching News

Why should I attend Parent Teacher Interviews?

Often once students are in secondary school, parents begin to wonder if they need to attend Parent Teacher Interviews. As a parent of adult children and as a teacher the answer is a resounding YES.

Even if students do not want you to attend it is important for Parents to prioritise this twice a year opportunity to meet with the teachers who spend so much of their day with your son and daughter.

There are Three Compelling reasons to attend Parent Teacher Interviews

  1. Show Students you Care – The research is clear that parents who take an interest in their child’s education achieve improved educational outcomes. Whilst teenagers may not voice their appreciation, turning up, shows you care and they will appreciate your interest. Teenagers are then encouraged to do their best when adults are interested in their learning. 
  2. Improve Communication – In the world of emails and text, still nothing beats a face to face conversation. Putting a name to a face helps you to communicate with your children about their teachers and their day at school. Knowing the perspective of the teacher and explaining your concerns depths communication and understanding. Parents are the primary educators of children and model good communication and partnerships to students. With greater clarity and understanding, issues that may arise can be nipped in the bud, before they impact on learning
  3. Learn something new about your child. Parent Teacher Interviews can be a time to discuss academic or behaviour problems and to give teachers the opportunity to tell parents something new about their child. Staff have been working with both PAT and Naplan data to better understand your sons and daughters learning needs. Conversations around starting points , growth targets and learning strategies helps to give both parents and students a clear understanding of the learning targets set for our students. As always our emphasis is on GROWTH and this year the College has made explicit the target for at least 12 months growth in 12 months of school, for every students. 

This year Parent Teacher Interviews will take place from 4.00pm – 8.30pm on Wednesday 28th March and from 9.00am – 1.00pm on Thursday 29th March.
Instructions for booking Interviews were sent Friday 16th March via email.  If you require this information again, please click here. Bookings close midnight 27th March.
For assistance please call the Front Office. 
I look forward to meeting many of you during the Interviews.

Mrs Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

Mission & Catholic Identity News

Aspire not to have more but to be more

I pass this quote every day at both campuses of St. Peter’s College in the Romero House areas: ‘Aspire not to have more but to be more’. I look at the quote sometimes and think about what Oscar Romero’s message is really about. That it is ‘what I am’ is far more important than ‘what I have’.
I know that sometimes this is not what I live up to but I have this quote to point me in the right direction!

Romero, as I heard in a Year 8 RE class that I observed recently, a student made mention that he was killed as a ‘martyr for the faith’. That he spoke up for the faith, part of which included speaking out against injustices and inequalities committed against members of his community. He was the voice of the voiceless.

On Friday March 23 we celebrate Romero House Masses at both campuses with Fr Denis and Fr Joseph. A message that I will hear at both Masses is that if Romero, a reserved man, could speak out so eloquently and with such passion, then why shouldn’t we?

I thank Mr Mark Sinclair (West Campus) and Mrs Helena Gallant (East Campus) as Romero House Leaders for their work with organising their House Mass, aimed at increasing awareness of the charism of Romero House with staff and students.

Romero House

Walk for Refugees

Did you know that Jesus was a refugee? In the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, we read the story of the ‘Flight into Egypt’.

The St. Peter’s College will have a presence at the Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees in Melbourne on Sunday March 25 at 2pm. All are welcome to attend.

The Australian Government continues to punish people who seek protection in Australia. An example being:

  • The thousands of people that have been held on Nauru and Manus Island during the last four years, and the deliberate cruelty of the offshore detention regime has resulted in deaths, with many people developing serious mental illness and untold misery and despair.

Now more than ever Australians of goodwill need to stand together and call for justice for refugees. Come along on Sunday. Be a voice for the voiceless.

Mr Matt Williams
Deputy Principal - Mission & Catholic Identity

St Agatha's Parish News

Message from our Parish Priest

Dear Parishioners, Please continue to pray for our young parishioners and their families who will be making their First Reconciliation this week on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Our Parish Tenebrae & Lenten Reconciliation ceremony will be held on Tuesday 27th March at 7.30pm. There will be several priests available so we ask as many parishioners as possible to make the effort to attend this evening, as Holy Week will be an extremely busy week time. Please make a note in your diaries. God bless Fr Joseph 

PARISH OFFICE: Will be closed on Monday mornings and will be open from 1.00pm to 3.00pm

STATIONS OF THE CROSS will take place this Friday at 7.30pm in the Church.

THURSDAY EVENING MASS focuses on a special intention of the week, praying for different needs within our families, parish and the wider community. Intentions for the month of March: 22nd For the sick especially cancer patients & 29th For those who celebrated their birthday in March.

HOLY WEEK TIMETABLE Tuesday 27th March 7.30pm Tenebrae and Parish Reconciliation. Wednesday 28th March Mass 9.30am. Holy Thursday 29th March Morning Prayer 8.00am, No morning Mass Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7.30pm. Adoration at the Altar of Repose until Midnight Good Friday 30th March. Morning Prayer 8.00am Stations of the Cross 10.30am [School Oval] Reconciliation 11.30am – 12.30pm. Solemn Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion 3.00pm. Holy Saturday 31st March. No morning Mass or Holy Hour Easter Vigil 8.00pm [Candles will be supplied by Parish] Easter Sunday 1st April Mass 7.30am, 9.00am, 10.45am & 6.00pm.

MASS OF THE OILS: You are invited to join in Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sale on Tuesday 27th March at 11.00am. Concelebrated by Bishop Patrick and diocese priests. The Oils are blessed and consecrated and distributed to parishes for use in the celebration of the sacraments. The clergy recommit to priestly and diaconal ministry. other parishes.

ST AGATHA’S SCHOOL ENROLMENT: Will be taking enrolments for Foundation 2019 from Tuesday 1st May. Enrolment application forms will be available at Open Days. Open night/information session for new parents to the school 7pm-8pm Wednesday 2nd May, 4pm-5pm 3rd May. Open day tours 9.30am, 12pm & 2.30pm 2nd May 9.30am Thursday 3rd May. Please see notice board for more details.

2016 Stations of the Cross East 3

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Message from our Parish Priest

Dear Parishioners,
Every Sunday at Mass we profess the Creed, including the words “I believe in life everlasting”. The Christian who unites their own death to that of Jesus views it as a step towards him and entrance into everlasting life. So often for the last time, as a priest, I have spoken Christ’s words of pardon, peace and absolution over a dying Christian, sealing them for the last time with a strengthening anointing, and giving them Christ in viaticum (Holy Communion) as nourishment for the journey. It is a powerful grace in the life of a priest to witness over and over the humble faith of those who entrust their lives to God with love and hope in their dying moments. We commend to God those who at the dying with beautiful words of faith and hope: “May you return to your Creator who formed you; may Holy Mary, the angels and all the saints come to meet you as you go forth from this life; may you see your Redeemer face to face.” Our hope of eternal life is grounded in God’s faithfulness to us and our trust that God will fulfil this, our deepest longing. May God bless you all, Fr Denis       

PROJECT COMPASSION: We are well into our Lenten journey. Please be generous to those in need through Project Compassion. Thanks to Project Compassion (Caritas Australia), young women from disadvantage families are able to grow up with an education, confidence and hope, providing them with a just future.

REHEARSALS FOR GOOD FRIDAY: Any youth that would like to help out at our Good Friday service, come along to the rehearsals on the 18th  and 25th of March at 10am. This will take place between the 9 and 10:45am Sunday Masses. For those who have joined the drama team, your rehearsals will take place on the 17th and 24th of March at 4:30pm before the Saturday 6pm Mass. If you have joined the Music Ministry, rehearsals will take place on Fridays, 16th and 23rd of March at 6pm. More information will be sent out by email this weekend. We are still looking for more youth to join up and if you would specifically like to join the drama team or music ministry, please email sheryllin.tan@gmail.com. 

COMBINED PARISHES RAFFLE 2018 –For all those with booklets, please return them as soon as possible ensuring that they are placed with all monies ($20 per book) in a sealed envelope.  These can be placed on the collection plate at Mass or returned to the parish office. Please do not remove the staple which holds the booklets together.  Please note that these must be returned by Friday 20th April regardless of whether or not they have been sold.

RCIC: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Meeting: every Sunday 10.00am at St Agatha’s Providence House, Cranbourne. Enq:  Sr Lucy 5996 1985.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Meet our Liturgy Captains

Introducing Our College Captains 2018

Name: Krystal Johnstone

Role: Liturgy Captain Campus: East Campus

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?
I started my studies at St. Peter’s College in 2016, when I was in Year 10.

Tell us about your family?
I come from a family of 3 - just myself, my mum and my dad.

Tell us about your other interests?
I spend most of my time outside of school at church, and I’m in my 3rd year of theological studies in Bible College. Alongside that, I’m often found at the gym, writing for my blog or on my next food adventure.

Year 12 Studies:
At St. Peter’s College, I am currently studying, VCE Economics 3&4, VCE English , VCE Mathematical Methods, VCE Chemistry, VCE Religion and Society

Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?
In Year 10, I completed Year 12 Legal Studies

2018 College Annual Theme
but what I do have, I give to you

What does this mean to you? 
It means that sacrifice goes beyond the bounds of monetary value. In context of the scripture, it means that faith is an invaluable and free gift that if possessed can change your world, and give hope. 

How will you live this statement throughout the year in your role?
As Liturgy Captain, I hope to reflect the same faith Peter had when he declared this statement, and look to not only give more, but be more; and not define giving or sacrifice by monetary value, but to invest humanity and compassion rather than simply deeds into my role. 

What are your goals for 2018?

For yourself in your role?
To be a vessel that can be used to bring advance those in the college community a step further in their faith, whether through practicality or perception, and be part of raising this generation of leaders to be better than the last.

For yourself as a Year 12 student?
Make every moment count, be an active learner and put my all into everything I do.

Challenge my limitations, try new things, maintain balance and have no regrets.

What would you like your legacy to be for St. Peter’s College?
I hope to leave a legacy as someone that lived out their faith, and someone that inspired those around me to be a better person. 

What are you immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College? 
I hope to study either at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Medical Imaging or Creative Writing

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?
Long term, I hope to gain a dual masters degree in theology as well as my secular field and write a book. My biggest aspiration in life is to always be thankful with whatever life throws at me.

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in your College?
Have faith in the community this college has created and make the most of every opportunity that is given to you- don’t stop until you’re proud, never be afraid of failure and don’t underestimate the power that lives within you to change the world.

2017 East Statue 7

2017 East Statue 1

Meet our Liturgy Captains

Introducing Our College Captains 2018

Name: Celeste Hill

Role: Liturgy Captain Campus: West 

When did you start your studies at St. Peter’s College?
I started at St. Peter’s College in Year 7. 

Tell us about your family?
There are 5 people in my family, my Mum, Dad, older Brother, younger Sister and my dog. But of course, my family also consists of my Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and cousins and we are all very close. 

Tell us about your other interests?
I love music, singing, performing and I use my spare time to continue to learn guitar and write songs. I enjoy being at church with the youth group and youth Choir and spending time with these people who have the same beliefs as mine. 

Year 12 Studies:
At St. Peter’s College I am currently studying English, Biology, Music, Further Maths, Health and Human Development and Madjitil Moorna. 

Have you already completed any of your VCE Studies prior to this year?
Last year I completed units 3 & 4 Psychology and enjoyed it a lot. 

2018 College Annual Theme
but what I do have, I give to you

What does this mean to you?  
For me this year’s theme of ‘but what I do have, I give to you’ is what I think Jesus would be saying to all of us. I also see it as what Jesus would want us to do for others. Even though we may not have a lot, we should all give the little that we have to others. Not only does this motto have its religious values but it also means a lot to me as a leader. Being a leader at St. Peter’s College I want to give my gifts and talents to the school. It also means giving without holding back and giving selflessly with an open heart. 

How will you live this statement throughout the year in your role?
I will give all the time I have to my role, to the school and to my peers. I aim to give all I can to help bring people closer to God in a different way that many people haven’t yet experienced. I hope I can live out this statement simply by being a person people can come to, by a kind gesture or even just by a smile.

What are your goals for 2018?

For yourself in your role?
This year I hope to make people enjoy being part of religious celebrations by making them fun and youthful. To me it is important that as we are a community of young adults, our liturgies and masses should be celebrated in a way that is suited towards our age. I want to help people realise that God isn’t some untouchable, out of reach imaginary friend, but a person who is by your side every step of the day. 

For yourself as a Year 12 student?
I want to make the most of Year 12, by doing the best I can in all my school work, making new friends and enjoy Year 12 to the best that I can. 

I would like to strengthen my friendships and relationships and I would like to start taking my music seriously and try to make something out of it. 
What would you like your legacy to be for St. Peter’s College?
I would like people to remember me as a girl who was friendly, kind, caring and funny. If even only one person feels more accepted or connected to our School community or has a sense of belonging I feel that would be a legacy I’d be proud of leave behind.

What are your immediate life ambitions and aspirations once you complete your studies at St. Peter’s College? 
I want to go to university and study something along the lines of nursing or medical research or anything to do with biology and life sciences. 

What are your long term life ambitions and aspirations?
I aspire to have a career that I enjoy, to be happy and make music and perform. 

In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in your College?
Life at school is what you put into it. The more you step out with courage, the more you’ll belong. Be brave! 

Mind Matters @ St. Peter's College

In 2017, students from St. Peter’s College created paper stars for an Art Installation during the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 2018. This is the latest update…

Dear Star Weavers and Supporters,

We did it! The One Million Stars installation, presented by the Museum of Brisbane, will be open to the public from Thursday 29th March to Sunday 15th April 2018!

Step into the One Million Stars temporary public art installation in King George Square, Brisbane and view a universe of one million stars woven by thousands of people from across the Commonwealth and the world united in their hope for a peaceful future.

We are gathering the community under the stars on Thursday 29th March 2018 (5:30pm for a 6pm lighting) to witness the lighting of the installation for the very first time and we would love you, your family and friends to join us.  For more information visit, here

Over 15 counties contributed stars to the project so we understand that not everyone will be able to make it to Brisbane. We would love everyone to be part of the experience, so we will be live-streaming the community gathering on our social media channels and posting photos and videos throughout the duration of the installation to make sure that you are part of it. 

Every star and star weaver is special. Thank you for contributing stars towards this record-breaking installation that will inspire the world during the Games. What an amazing platform for us to send our collective message for global peace.
I have attached a photo that gives you a sneak peek at star strings that will be used in the installation. It is going to be amazing!     

2018 Mind Matters

Love & light,
One Million Stars to End Violence project and the One Million Stars installation is proudly supported by the Queensland Government as part Festival 2018 in Brisbane during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Ms Clare Ziino
Wellbeing Team

Year 7 Camp - West Campus

Year 7 Camp Report  – West Campus

It’s been two weeks since West Campus’ Year 7 camp and the students are still on a high from having a great time away!

These are some of the things they enjoyed:

  • I met new friends and learned new things about other people, including my friends! The Forest Edge staff were extremely nice and friendly and the campsite was incredible. I enjoyed the activities such as river sledding, the flying fox and rock climbing.  Sienna
  • Year 7 camp was really fun because lots of memories were made and they were all good memories!   Kayla
  • I loved the mountain boarding – it was awesome!  Jayden
  • Camp was great! The activities were fun and the views were beautiful. The food was nice and the staff were very friendly. The cabins were very nice to sleep in and I met some new people.  Scarlett

Many thanks to the teachers who accompanied the students and ran activities, and well done to the Year 7’s who participated so positively in the whole camp experience.

2018 CW Yr7 Camp

2018 CW Yr7 Camp Pic.3

2018 CW Yr7 Camp Pic.2

Miss Fiona McKenna
Pastoral Care Leader - West Campus

Careers News

Inside Monash Seminars

Get the inside story of what it’s really like to study at Monash. You’ll hear from a current student, a past student and an academic. It’s the best 90 minutes you could spend researching your course. Campus locations may vary, depending on the course.  Places for these events fill quickly, please use the link below to register.

19 April: Design
19 April: Law
23 April: Fine Art
24 April: Biomedical Science and MD
24 April: Media Communication
26 April: Architecture
26 April: Business
26 April: Science
8 May: Arts, Criminology and Global Studies
8 May: Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
9 May: Public Health and Health Science
10 May: Advanced Science – Global Challenges and Research
16 May: Biomedical Science, Radiography, Radiation Science and Nutrition
17 May: Education
17 May: Information Technology
22 May: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Paramedicine
24 May: Education
24 May: Engineering
6 June: Nursing and Midwifery
20 June: Psychology
21 June: Business
12 July: Science
14 August: Music
6 September: Information Technology
13 September: Engineering

Find more details about these events  – click here

For more news on Careers, please click here.

Miss Dillon
Careers Coordinator - West Campus

General News

Parent Volunteers Needed

St. Peter’s College SRC Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
Can you spare 1 Hour?
Date: Saturday April 21st
Where: Bunnings, Cranbourne, Thompsons Rd & Sth Gippsland Hwy
Time: Anytime from 8.00 am to 4.00 start times
Our Solomon Island Immersion program students will also be in attendance, selling ‘Win A Car’ Raffle tickets.
2016 Bunnings BBQ Pic

Moonlit Sanctuary

Moonlit Sanctuary is a Wildlife Conservation Park located in Pearcedale. It is a place where people can experience the rare and unusual animals that once roamed the Australian Bush.  We are committed to raising awareness and educating people about these wonderful creatures and the need for their conservation.
One of the educational programs we offer is our Keeper Club School Holiday Program. This is run by our Education Officers and offers children hands on experience with environmental activities, animal encounters and native animal care. Learn about our animals, their conservation and the environment. 

Please click here for Flyer

2017 Moonlit Symbol

Health and PE News

Woolworths Earn and Learn

In 2017, St. Peter’s College East and West Campus were part of the Woolworths Earn and Learn promotion, which saw our College Community collect a staggering 3,480 stickers between August and September. The stickers within this promotion have been used to purchase a range of art supplies which have been shared between the key learning areas of the College to be utilised by all staff and students. We were able to purchase:
50 felt colours
5 reams of A4 coloured paper x 500
11 pairs of Scissors
10 packets of coloured markers
10 glue sticks
11 packets of coloured pencils.

2018 Earn & Learn

Teaching and Learning Coaches will use these materials to top up their class sets of stationary which all staff can access to use in the classroom to engage students, teach a versatile curriculum and cater for a range of learning styles. We wish to thank our community for their input into this promotion and look forward to making the most of these new resources.

Staff versus Students Tennis

Thursday 15th of March began with an overwhelming number of staff wanting to participate and a few nervous Year 7 and 8 students, but by the time the first ball was hit, it was an even playing field with a number of keen players diving with their rackets, working out strategies with their doubles partner and enjoying a spot of tennis in the sunshine. The spectators were in abundance in order to support and cheer on our competitors and our youngest members of the College Community were able to display their new found skills and passion for Tennis which has been developed as a result of the Sporting Schools Program. 

2018 Health & PE Tennis 03

For more news on Health & PE including Tennis, Active April and Coles Sports for School Tokens, please click here.

Ms Sarah Slykerman
Health and Physical Education Coach - East Campus

Important Uniform Changes

Change Over to Winter Uniform

Change over from Summer to Winter Uniform is due for Term 2, Tuesday 17 April.

Please check you have all uniform items prior to the end of Term, as the Uniform Shop is not open during the School holidays, with the exception of Monday 16 April which is a Student Free Day.


Important changes to the St. Peter's College Winter Uniform:

  • Boys are to wear Monogrammed St. Peter’s College short sleeve or long sleeved white shirts with the College Tie
  • Girls to wear St. Peter's College Girls White Monogrammed Pocket blouse, which is worn with the College Tie
  • Girls Winter Trousers are now available from our Uniform Shop. These are not a compulsory item with the choice between skirt or trousers. Trousers are to be worn with black socks, Skirt with black tights (minimum 70 denier)
  • 2018 sees the Introduction of our Grey banded College Scarf. Availability will be announced over the coming weeks.
  • College Waterproof jackets are available from the Uniform Shop, and can be worn to and from the College, but must be worn over the blazer.


  • Thursdays: 22 March and 29 March – 8.00 am to 12 noon
  • Tuesdays: 27 March - 1.00 pm to 5 pm
  • Monday16 April. Student Free Day Extended Trading 10.00 am to 5 pm.

To order online please click here:

Second-hand Uniform Sales

The uniform shop does not hold and sell second-hand uniform. St. Peter’s College parents can utilise the service of Sustainable School Shop for the sale and purchase of second-hand uniform and stationery items.

To read more about purchasing second-hand uniform items please click here:

To see what second-hand uniform items are currently listed for sale please click here:


2018 Girls Winter Uniform 2

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Together with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

Summit featuring Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, aimed at professionals and community members, will be held in the Pakenham Library complex as part of the Together We Can campaign to end family violence. 

Together With Me @ The Library summit

Monday 16 April 2018

3-6pm Support Services for students, community and professionals to roam and chat

3.30-5.30pm - Professional Development Workshop: Facilitated by Heart Links on Trauma Informed Practice

6.30-8pm: Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Keynote Speaker: Building Healthy and respectful relationships

Heartlinks Trauma Informed Practice and Dr Michael Carr-Gregg seminars are free but bookings are required.

To book your spot, simply go to: http://www.cclc.vic.gov.au/event/trauma-informed-practice-heartlinks-professional-development-session/ 

Please click here for Flyer

Parents and Friends Committee News

The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.


Wednesday 2 May 2018

St. Peter’s College East Campus
Administration Centre, MacKillop Way, Clyde North

6.45 – 7.30 Solomon Islands Immersion program Fundraising

7.15 pm Tea and Coffee

7.30 pm - 9.00 pm General P&F Meeting


Mrs Julie Banda, Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus
B.Arts, B.Ed, CertIV Training & Assessment; M.ED (Student Wellbeing)

2017 Julie Banda

Julie will share with us her journey in life and teaching so far and her vision for the future.

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28 Mar
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Stations of the Cross
Parent, Student & Teacher Interviews 4.00pm-830pm

29 Mar
Parent, Student & Teacher Interviews 9.00am - 1.00pm
Student Free Day 
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14 Apr
French New Caledonian Trip
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