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Issue 119  |  07 February 2018
Featured Story
From our Principal

Dear Parents and Friends,

The year is finally underway. 

Awards Assembly

This began with our opening awards assembly where we were able to acknowledge and congratulate the high achieving class of 2017. There was much to celebrate as the summary of results below suggest:

  • An increased percentage of students obtaining an ATAR in the 90s, 80s, 60s and 50s. 
  • The same percentage of students obtained an ATAR in the 70s
  • The number of students achieving an ATAR in the 80s
  • Two perfect scores of 50 in Biology and VET: Sport and Recreation
    **Congratulations Zane Hyde and Brittany Phillips
  • Dux: Zane Hyde with a wonderful ATAR of 99.4
  • 100% satisfactory completion of our VCAL students
  • 20% of our VCAL cohort placed in employment or have gained an apprenticeship
  • Students placed in University courses such as Aeronautical Engineering, Biomedical Science, Criminology, Law, Business, Education, Nursing, Health, Physiotherapy and VET studies

Our Dux – Congratulations Zane Hyde

ATAR 99.4
         Biology:                      50
         Psychology:               49
         Chemistry:                 46
         Physics:                     43
         English:                      42
         Maths Methods:         38
         Specialist Maths:        30

University Course: Monash University – Biomedical Science

Here was a couple of excerpts from his Dux Speech:
“…….for me, year 12 felt very long. It is a marathon of studying and working harder than you ever have before, where every step counts. It is only when you finish your final exam and look to the future that you realise that what felt like an entire marathon was only the first few steps. The freedom you have will be exhilarating, and, at times, worrying. But this talk of hard work and marathons does not mean I think you should bury your head in a textbook. At the end of the year it is not the number you’ll look back on, but all the times you spent with friends at school, SIS, or elsewhere.” and 
“My last piece of advice is somewhat of a cliché at St. Peter’s College. It is an always present message – Be Not Afraid. Be not afraid to fail, as it will give you the chance to improve. Be not afraid to try new things, as the memories will last a lifetime. Finally, to the year twelves, be not afraid of the score at the end of the year – you’ll be better off for having worked your hardest and for having experienced the year amongst great friends, no matter the result.”

Who’s Who

Attached to this newsletter is a list of our staff and their roles in 2018. Please ensure you retain a copy (click here) so that you can refer to it when the need to contact the school arises. In respect to pastoral or well-being issues, the first reference point must always be your child’s Learning Advisor. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome the staff new to our community this year. They include:

East Campus

  • Brooke Adams – History/English
  • Helena Gallant – House Leader (Romero), VCAL, PE
  • Amy Lowe – Music
  • Rita Mouchacca – RE, History, Humanities
  • Ernie Rijs – House Leader (MacKillop), English
  • Michelle Roberts – Yr 9 Program (HUME)
  • Cameron Ross – ICT Coach, Web Publishing, Robotics, Dig Tech, Hum
  • Courtney Ross – Maths, Eng, VCAL
  • Andrew Sambell – House Leader (Marian), Eng, Hum
  • Aiden Stewart – Y9 Program, English

West Campus

  • Mary Armstrong – Glowrey House Leader – Bus Man, Accounting, Humanities
  • Christina Burton – Drama/Humanities
  • Mady Bolch – Dance and Drama
  • Michael Dalley – Middle Yrs Curriculum Leader, Drama, Media, English
  • Pam Fox – Arts Coach, Art
  • Clifford Frantz – Maths, RE
  • Sironi Karunakaran – English
  • Marjorie Lenette – French, Humanities 
  • Bernadette McDermott – English
  • Cathy Michael – House Leader (MacKillop), Psychology, English
  • Michelle Matthys – Maths, Science (Sem 1)


We express our condolences to staff member Christine Buhagiar whose son was tragically killed just prior to Christmas. Christine will be taking a leave of absence and will return in term 3. Condolences also to Trudi Perkins whose partner's son also died in tragic circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with both these staff members and their families.

Keep this date free

The House welcome evenings are to be held in the coming weeks. It is critical that families make every attempt to attend as there is some important information that all parents need to be familiar with in respect to Schoolbox, our new Learning Management System and the process of Continuous On-line Reporting. End of semester reports are now a thing of the past. Please ensure you make yourself available for the respective Parent evenings:

  • East Campus: February 20th 
  • West Campus: February 22nd 

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Chris Black Signature
Mr Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

Welcome back as we find ourselves so very quickly back at school. 2018 is the year of the youth, and a wonderful opportunity for us to continue to embrace not only our College motto of Be not Afriad, but also engage in real and tangible ways to adopt our College theme this year: But what I do have I give to you. Below is an extract from Pope Francis addressing a group of Peruvian youth. It is a most potent consevation as the Pope challenges the youth to opt out of the fake photoshopping of ourselves and become more like saints, such as Peter and present to serve the world with all that we do have rather than only presenting what we consider is perfectly formed.

On Sunday, Pope Francis told Peruvian youth that Jesus doesn't want disciples who have been “photoshopped” to perfection, but like the great saints of the past, God calls people to follow him with trust and enthusiasm, despite their weaknesses.

“When Jesus looks at us, he does not think about how perfect we are, but about all the love we have in our hearts to give in serving others,” the Pope said Jan. 21.

With technology, it's easy to digitally enhance photos to make them look the way we want, but this only works for pictures, he said. “We cannot 'photoshop' others, the world or ourselves. Color filtering and high definition only function well in video; we can never apply them to our friends.”

These pictures might turn out nice, but they are “completely fake,” the Pope said, and he assured the youth that their hearts “can’t be 'photoshopped,' because that’s where authentic love and genuine happiness have to be found.”

“Jesus does not want you to have a cosmetic heart,” he said. “He loves you as you are, and he has a dream for every one of you. Do not forget — he does not get discouraged with us.”

The Pope’s message is clear, none of us are perfect, but all of us have the ability and potential to love and serve as Jesus did. We will succeed in doing this if we unsubscribe to the photoshopped lives presented so often in the 21st Century. Therefore the challenge in 2018 to all students – our youth, be not afraid, and let your self-talk this year be one of worthiness and potential; but what I do have I give to you. 

Year 7 and 12 start:

As always our Year 7 and 12 students begin the year first and together. It is a wonderful meeting of the two extremes – the brand new and those who will be leaving us within and very short time.

Year 7 students and many of their parents started the day attending a short assembly with the Principal, Mr Chris Black. The energy and optimism that radiated from our new Year 7s was inspiring and infectious. They enjoyed a number of activities organised by our Pastoral Care Leader, Ms Janelle McRae and well supported by teachers. The highlights included an Amazing Race challenge, being assisted by the Year 12 students with their configuring their laptops and of course the BBQ at lunchtime.

Year 7 students reflect on their first days at high school:

Hi, my name is Paris and I am a Year 7 student at St. Peter's College. I was always a little nervous to start high school because of not having any friends and being surrounded in new people having heaps of homework and huge buildings where I go from class to class not properly knowing my surrounding but my first day with the whole school I realised it was nowhere near as bad as I made it out to be. I made a whole group of new friends quickly and started to realise how much I love high school.  All the teachers are so kind and helpful such as my tutor group teacher Mrs Hirst who helps me with everything I need to know. There is also the food truck with is so      good and the ladies that sell the food are so nice.

Today I had peer support which is when you have 2 Year 10s in your house and a couple other people from your house meet up weekly to talk and play games which is fun. I have experienced most of my classes now and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. Paris Nikolakos 7K

My first impressions of St. Peter's College was the teachers were very friendly and forgiving if we got lost and come to class late or if we forgot a book or two. The BBQ on the first day was fun and I am grateful for the older students that would help if I was lost. I also enjoyed the Amazing Race around the school. Thank you to all the teachers and students that made my first days so fun.   Blake Murphy 7H

I am very impressed by the St. Peter's College especially the teachers. The teachers should be very proud for all the hard work they put in to educate us. Although I have had a little trouble getting around the College, many of the upper year level students have helped me find my way around. Thank you to the staff, students and the College for getting me this far. Jack Murray 7H

These are wonderful reflections and provide us with great insight into how our year 7 students perceive our College.

Amazing race challenge was on as was a great BBQ for all to share and collection of the text books! 

2018 Year 7 First Day

2018 Year 7 first day 1

2018 Year 7 first day 2

2018 Year 7 first day 3

Week two is already upon us, all students are busy in classes and Year 12 are off on Retreat on Wednesday 7th. We are certainly back at school!  

Term one is always very busy, please be reminder of the following important dates and events for the East Campus.

February 2018

Wednesday 7th – Friday 9th February – Year 12 Retreat
Monday 12th Feb – East Campus Swimming Carnival – please ensure you have responded to the eform sent via our new system Care Monkey.
Tuesday 13th Feb – Shrove Tuesday and East Opening school Mass at West Campus – Full summer uniform to be worn.
Wednesday 14th Feb – Ash Wednesday liturgy for staff and students.
Friday 16th Feb – East Campus Tour
Tuesday 20th Feb – East Campus Student Seminars and House Family Evening.
Monday 26th Feb – Hogan Cup & House Golf Competition – both East and West Campus
Tuesday 27th Feb – Pastoral Period 4 – Sports uniform to worn

And remember Year 7 Camp 7th March – 9th March.

More reminders will follow in the going weeks.

Finally please be aware of the conditions required for drop off and pick up and parents/caregivers are also reminded of the expectation that all students will be at all times in correct school uniform. Learning Advisors will be sending reminders home this week should any corrections need to be made regarding uniform. Your continued support in ensuring our students are always presenting themselves and the College to the best of their ability is very much appreciated.

Pick up and drop: Your assistance is kindly needed.

MacKillop entrance – parents/caregivers are asked not to enter the school grounds via car – please drop and pick up your children from outside the school gates.

Heather Grove entrance – again please do not enter the school grounds via car to pick up or drop your child, this entrance is only for the College Bus.

Again Welcome back and I look forward to a wonderful Term and 2018.

Julie Banda
Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus 

West Campus News

The Resilience Project

Teaching staff began the year by attending a professional learning talk with Hugh van Cuylenberg from The Resilience Project.  Hugh was particularly insightful and motivational in outlining his approach to positive education emphasizing gratitude, mindfulness and empathy.

Your child’s Student Record Book is set up with daily reflections and a wellbeing tracker to encourage and support your child in practising these qualities throughout the year.  Our Strive & Thrive Pastoral Program, which have moved to Week 2 Tuesdays, will also support this.  Students may even like to download The Resilience Project app which is free. 

More information will follow throughout the year, but please look at your child’s objectives on page 4 of the Student Record Book and sign off on them.  While looking at this, please read about Hugh and Stunzin to find out a little more about how we are hoping to build resilience in your child this year.  We want you to join us in this project.

First Day for Students

Our Year 7 and 12 students started well last Wednesday. We deliberately modified the program for the Year 7 students to ensure it was a much gentler transitional experience. 

From all reports it worked out very well. Our Pastoral Care Leader, Miss Fiona McKenna did a great job organising the day which included an Amazing Race (designed to help students learn their way around the Campus), an introduction to the person of St Peter, an orientation in the Library, and a Minute to Win It Competition run by our Year 12 leaders. 

Of course, Year 7 students won points for their house with these competitions and had an immediate impact on the McGuigan Shield.

2018 West House Table

Peer Support

This week, we have had our first peer support lesson where Year 10 students lead small groups with our Year 7 students to help enhance the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of all the young people involved.  This program is evidence based and encourages leadership in our Year 10 students as well as assisting our Year 7 students in making a smooth transition to St. Peter’s College.

Year 12 Retreat

This week our Year 12 students are going on retreat to locations in Shoreham and Flinders.  The retreatants have been blessed with great weather, locations and staff.  They also have the opportunity to deepen their faith, reflect on some of life’s bigger questions and build new and closer friendships with their peers.  Thank you to the work of our Pastoral Care Leader, Miss Fiona McKenna, our new Deputy Principal, Mr Matthew Williams and our generous staff for organising and enabling these retreats to happen.

Swimming Carnival

The House Swimming Carnival will take place at the Doveton Pool on Monday, 12 February. This is a compulsory College event for all students. Any student who is absent will need a medical certificate. Parents are most welcome to attend but must bring some identification and sign in at the front entrance. Due to the new Child Safety Policy, parents are asked to remain within the one area to view the swimming and not to wander around the venue. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these new procedures 

A Care Monkey outlining the details of the Carnival has already been sent and parents and guardians are asked to respond promptly. 

VCAL students will be selling food and drink all day and students are encouraged to bring some money that will support our Term 1 charity, Caritas.

House Welcome & Information Evenings

On Thursday, 22 February we will conduct a House Welcome & Information Evening for all 8 houses. ALL students and their families are really encouraged to attend this evening to build House spirit and receive some important information.  It is NOT just for parents of new and Year 7 students. It is a great opportunity to meet your child’s House Leader and Learning Advisor on an informal basis.

A social gathering will begin in each of the House areas at 6.30 pm with finger food and drinks.  If you don’t have your child with you and are not sure where to gather, then move to the Hall foyer and our student leaders will take you to the correct building.

A Care Monkey invitation will go home to each family shortly. Please RSVP for catering purposes. The program below indicates that the launch of our Online Reporting is very important for all parents to know about.

2017 care monkey


2018 West Event Table


Student Uniform & Appearance Regulations

Please note that over the first few weeks, student’s uniform and appearance will be inspected and letters will be sent home with each student who had a uniform or appearance matter that needs attention. 

If you have any queries regarding your child’s uniform, please contact their House Leader.  Of particular concern at present is facial piercings and school shoes.

School shoes must be black, lace-up, flat heeled, hard soled, smooth polishable leather upper.  No boots or runners, slip on or buckle/T-bar shoes are permitted.

Opening Mass & Assembly

We will have our Opening Mass next week on Tuesday, 13 February at 10.10 am.  Parents are welcome to join us in the hall for this celebration.  The Mass should be finished no later than 11.10 am.  Please remind your child that full school uniform is to be worn.  Sports Uniform must NOT be worn to the Opening Mass.  The glance planner in the Student Record Book (pages 4 & 5) outlines what uniform is required throughout the year for the Week 2 Tuesdays.

2017 Hello


Finally, I would like to remind parents who are parking on the school property to do so courteously and carefully, and drive at the speed limit to ensure the safety of all our staff and students. When parking in the streets around the school, please do not block driveways or the roadway.  Our neighbours have already expressed concern and are likely to notify the council if drivers are parked illegally.

I wish you a very positive 2018 school year filled with gratitude for all the good things that are happening in our lives.


West St Peter

David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching News


Once again in 2018 the College has invested in Edrolo for all Unit ¾ students.
During a recent Maths Conference, Mrs Antony entered an Edrolo Competition and has won a 12 month subscription for the school for Units 1/2 Maths Courses. This will be an excellent introduction to Edrolo for our Year 11 students – Well done Mrs Antony. In his address to the College the 2017 DUX, Zane Hyde mentioned that one of the most helpful resources he had used to gain his outstanding ATAR was Edrolo. Instead of hours wasted scrolling through social media, Zane made a point of watch all of the videos BEFORE the topic was taught in class. This way he felt he was reinforcing his understanding when teachers taught the topic and could ask clarifying questions. A wonderful strategy for our current students!

I encourage all Year 12 students to make Edrolo a regular part of their study routine 

What is Edrolo?

Edrolo is a comprehensive, premium, interactive online video and exam simulation resource for the VCE, providing our students with the best opportunity to perform to their potential throughout the year. We have extensively assessed the resource and are confident it is an extremely valuable investment for our teaching and learning culture.  
You can see Edrolo in action by clicking here.

How do students use Edrolo?

Edrolo is currently used by over 500 schools and 60,000 students. Crafted by outstanding VCE teachers (including exam assessors and textbook authors, some of whom are from our own teaching staff) and built in accordance with VCAA Study Designs, its curriculum-specific and engaging content will provide our students with a differentiated and targeted level of support as they prepare for their most important examinations.

How will our students and teachers use Edrolo?

We will use Edrolo as a tool to further enhance what our teachers are doing day-to-day. 

Our teachers are provided with training on how to best utilise the resource, and you should expect them to guide students to make full use of Edrolo in a range of ways across the year, including:

  • holiday homework;
  • pre-class work;
  • post-class consolidation;
  • assessment preparation; and
  • exam revision.

Please encourage your sons and daughters to fully utilise the variety of opportunities that the College provides. If you have further questions regarding EDROLO or any other matters , please do not hesitate to contact me at the College 

Homework Club

As part of our commitment to developing a strong learning culture at the College, we are once again providing Homework Club at both the East and West Campuses. Staff are available to assist students with completing homework tasks, assignments or to encourage private study. The use of the library after school is not provided as a child minding centre. Students who stay after school are expected to study, read a novel or complete homework.

East Campus
Monday – Thursday 3.20- 4.30 

West Campus  
Monday – Thursday  3.20 – 5.30 

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

Mission & Catholic Identity News

The true purpose of Catholic education 

As we start a new school year it is important to remind ourselves to what is the purpose of what we do as a Catholic place of learning. A key part of my role in the newly created Deputy Principal: Mission and Catholic Identity position is to support all within the St Peter’s College community to what is our core purpose and to how we fulfil it.

The true purpose of education according to the vision of a Catholic school, can be seen in the words of Pope Francis. He laments what he sees as the secularisation of Catholic education, where we only offer an education ‘in immanent things’. He makes a strong appeal to all Catholic educators to communicate ‘the things of God’. He goes on to explain what needs to happen if a school is to be an authentic Catholic school:

“Transcendence is what is wanting – for me, the greatest crisis in education, in order that it be (truly, authentically) Catholic, is this closure to transcendence. It's in school where one learns truth, the good and the beautiful. It is a path that leads to the three languages that a mature person needs to know: the language of the mind, the language of the heart, and the language of the hands. All in harmony. In other words, think of what you feel and do; listen to what you think and what you do; and do well what you think and do. The three languages, in harmony and together. School is a place of encounter, where parents can meet teachers and collaborate along with them. That's why family and school go hand in hand.”

2018 pope francis

Year 12s retreating from School!

From February 7th till February 9th our Year 12 cohort go on retreat across three retreat sites. Our goals through the St. Peter’s College Retreat programs is for students to:

  • Explore the ability human beings have of being able to do what is correct and maintaining the courage of convictions despite odds and pressures.
  • Explore the pressures that can be unfairly place on others.
  • Appreciate the uniqueness of each person and consequently avoid perceiving others through the basis of stereotyping.
  • Develop decision making skills.
  • Develop a healthy self-esteem.
  • Develop skills in decision-making.
  • Use objective principles in their decision-making.
  • See the value the role of prayer in Christian decision-making.  

In the next newsletter I will put in some student reflections and images from the retreats. They promise to be exciting days for the students with many rich activities planned.

2017 East Statue 1

Matthew Williams
Deputy Principal - Mission & Catholic Identity

St Agatha's Parish News

CLERGY MOVES: Bishop Patrick wishes to announce the following moves to become effective 1st March 2018. Fr Malcolm Hewitt, PP retirement from the role of Parish Priest of St Mary’s, Cowes. Fr Manny Lomagno, PP of St Mary’s, Cowes. Fr Darren Howie, PP of St Joseph’s Wonthaggi. Fr Janesh Jose Puthenpurackal CMI, PP of Parishes Yarram & Foster, resident in Yarram. Fr James Fernandez, PP of Parishes Morwell & Churchill, Fr Siju Xavier, PP of Parishes Maffra & Heyfield-Cowwarr and Fr Saji John, Assistant Priest of Narre Warren (part-time, shared with duties in the Syro-Malabar Eparchy.) There will be now only one priest, Fr Francis Otobo, in Traralgon and Fr Aju Varghese CMI will remain PP of Parishes Leongatha & Korumburra. 

HEALING MASS:1 st Sunday of the Month, this Sunday at 6pm Mass led by Fr. Joseph. 

ALTAR SERVERS: New rosters have been emailed this week, some printed copies will be available from the table in the foyer. 

HOME CARE PACKAGES: A guest speaker Edith Jones from the Brotherhood of St Laurence will be at all Masses on Sunday 11th February. Home care packages are a payment from the government for services to help people stay at home longer, they work best for those over 65 and on a full pension. 

LECTORS & EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS ROSTERS: Rosters have been emailed to you, if you did not receive a roster and would like a roster emailed please email the parish office so we can add your email to the list. Copies of the Rosters are available from the table in the foyer.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS will take place every Friday during Lent at 7.30pm in the Church, beginning 16th February. 

CHILDRENS LITURGY: Could Children’s Liturgy leaders please pick up their 1st Term Rosters and materials from the usual folder on the cupboard in the foyer. For enquiries contact Sr. Faustina 

JUNIOR RCIA: Will resume on 12th February after 9.00am Mass. 

RE CLASSES: Do you have children who attend Government Schools Grades 1-6? If so you may wish to enrol them for the Catechetical Program which is held on Wednesday’s during school terms 4pm to 5pm in the hall. Please note new enrolments for 2018 will make their sacraments in 2019. Please collect enrolment forms from the parish office. Classes resume on Wednesday 7th February at 4.00pm. For enquires contact Sr Lucy on 5996 1985. 

FAMILY PRAYER PLACE MATS are a great way to encourage praying together at meal times. Our Diocese has produced place mats with a double-sided design which feature traditional and contemporary prayers for before meals. Laminated to be easily wiped clean after eating, they are an ideal way of introducing simple prayers to children. A perfect gift for families, birthdays, grandchildren, students commencing school or preparing for Sacraments. Just $2 each. Available from the Parish Office! RCIA: Meetings will resume on Sunday 11th February in the Parish Hall. 

HSI DISCIPLESHIP SCHOOL: Resumes this Friday 9th February in the Parish Hall at 7.00pm. New members welcome! 

10.45AM MASS TEA & COFFEE: We are calling for more volunteers to assist in serving a cup of tea after the 10.45am Mass. Many parishioners enjoy having a quick cuppa and a chance for a chat after Mass and it’s also a great opportunity to reach out to new parishioners or visitors. All you need to do is bring some milk and a packet of biscuits and setup the cups and saucers before Mass and clean up after Mass. If you can help please contact the parish office. You will need a Working with Children card which we can help you apply for. You will be placed on a roster, approx. 4 times a year. RCIA: Rite of Election for Catechumens and the Formal Recognition of Baptised Candidates. An invitation is extended to all catechumens, candidates and their families, RCIA team members and parishioners to the Rite of Election celebrated by Bishop Pat O’Regan on Sunday 18th February at 3.00pm in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sale. 2.00pm Bishop Pat warmly invites catechumens, candidates and their families, sponsors and RCIA teams to meet him at the Chapter House (at the rear of the Cathedral precinct), 3.00pm The Rite of Election of Catechumens and Formal Recognition of Baptised Candidates in the Cathedral. 4.00pm Afternoon tea in the Cathedral gathering space. Please bring some food to share.

St Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

WE WELCOME AS CHILD OF GOD: Meleena Victoria Nichols, child of John & Christina.

FIRST RECONCILIATION: The Parent Information & Workshop night will be held in St Thomas the Apostle School on Tuesday 6th February at 7:00pm. All families who wish their child to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation this year must attend. If you are unable to make the first meeting a second meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th February at 7pm. For enquiries, contact Fiona at the parish office.

WESTERN REGION YOUTH CONFERENCE is on Saturday 17th February 8.30am – 4.00pm at St Agatha’s, Cranbourne. It will be a day for claiming your Mission in Faith with other youths! Please see flyer on the notice board.  

COMBINED PARISHES RAFFLE 2018 – There are still individual tickets available for $2 after Masses over the next few weekends.  These are selling fast.  Don’t miss out on your chance to win these fabulous prizes, including 3 Suzuki cars!! For all those with booklets, please return them as soon as possible ensuring that they are placed with monies ($20 per book) in a sealed envelope.  These can be placed on the collection plate or returned to the parish office. Please do not remove the staples which holds the books together.

PLENARY COUNCIL 2020: The Australian Catholic Church is to hold a Plenary Council in 2020. Bishop O’Regan has established the “Gaudium et Spes” committee in the Sale Diocese to assist us in getting prepared for the Plenary Council. The members of the committee include Bishop Pat, Frs Peter Slater & Brendan Hogan, Deacon Mark Kelly, Mrs Jennifer Fitzgerald (Sale), Mrs Michelle Grimsted (Bairnsdale), Mrs Jenifer Hanratty (Traralgon), Mr Michael Hansen (Traralgon), Mrs Sophy Morley, Mr Dominic Ryan & Mrs Ann Taylor (Cathollic Education Office). Bishop Pat will be visiting every parish to introduce the preparation for the Plenary Council, coming to Clyde North on 29th May.

ST AGATHA’S FEAST DAY: An invitation is extended to St Thomas the Apostle Parish to attend our Feast Day Mass at 10.45am followed by a cultural luncheon in the St Agatha’s School Hall.

THE RITE OF ELECTION FOR CATECHUMENS will be celebrated on 18th February at 3.00pm at St Mary’s Cathedral Sale. All catechumens, candidates and their families, RCIA Team Members and parishioners are invited to this event celebrated by Bishop Patrick O’Regan.

PARISH SINGERS AND MUSICIAN WANTED FOR RITE OF ELECTION on 18th February. Rehearsal starts at 1.30pm. To register your interest and receive the music pack, please contact Sophy Morley on smorley@sale.catholic.org.au as soon as possible or phone 5622 6677. 

BISHOP O’REGAN HAS MADE THE FOLLOWING CLERGY APPOINTMENTS to take effect from Thursday 1st March: Fr Manny Lomagno to be PP at Cowes; Fr Darren Howie to be PP at Wonthaggi; Fr Jenish Jose CMI to be PP of Yarram & Foster (resident at Yarram); Fr James Fernandez to be PP of Morwell & Churchill; Fr Siju Xavier to be PP of Maffra & Heyfield. Fr Saji John will become assistant priest at Narre Warren and will also be available to the Syro Malabar community. Fr Malcolm Hewitt is retiring. The Leongatha and Traralgon parishes will no longer have an assistant priest.

PIETY STALL: Holy Beginnings will be here next weekend at all Masses for you to purchase all your religious & personalised items. 

FIND US ON FACEBOOK!! Find out what’s happening in our parish. ‘Like’ us at www.facebook.com/stthomasap 

WORLD MEETING OF FAMILIES with Pope Francis – “To form a family is to be a part of God’s dream, to join him in building a world where no one will feel alone.” (Pope Francis). World Meeting of Families from 21-26 August 2018, guided by the theme “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World”.  Please visit their website for more information click here.

For details send your email address to chanel.geelong@gmail.com  OR your postal details to PO Box 3069 Geelong West 3218

St Thomas the Apostle

Careers News

Year 10 Work Experience Forms Are Now Overdue

In August 2017, the College introduced the mandatory Work Experience program to students, which will run from Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th June 2018.  Students have been reminded through email, Newsletter and Schoolbox to return their completed Work Experience Arrangement form at the beginning of Term 1.  If students will be travelling in a car with an employer during their placement they must also return the Travel and Accommodation form.  As this form is now overdue we request all Year 10 students do return the forms as soon as possible.  Careers Coordinators are available at both campuses, 4 days per week and can work with students and assist them to start the process.

Can my part time job contribute towards my ATAR?

Many fast food organisations offer employees the opportunity to complete a Cert III in Retail, School Based Traineeship.  Students lucky enough to undertake this opportunity can have their Certificate recognised through our internal VASS system.  This means students may have an additional subject they can use to contribute towards their VCE.  Students who would like this qualification recognised by the College must supply a copy of their Certificate to the front office.

Australian Defence Force Careers Expo

Discover what life's like in the Navy, Army and Air Force. Meet serving personnel, experience interactive demonstrations, and get your hands on our formidable hardware.
EVENT: Melbourne ADF Careers Expo 2018 
DATES: Friday 23 - Sunday 25 February 2018
LOCATION: Royal Exhibition Building 9 Nicholson Street, Carlton

Surviving Year 12

This article from Youth Central has some great tips on surviving and succeeding in Year 12. Start your year off right by thinking about how you’re going to balance your year.
Read the tips here 

Breaking bad study habits

Start the new school year off right with these great tips for staying focused while studying.

Check them out here 

Melissa Dillion
Careers Co-ordinator - West Campus 

Health and PE News

Welcome back to our St. Peter’s College community for 2018. This year we have some exciting initiatives planned within the Health and PE Department. To kick off 2018, the East Campus has received a government grant from Sporting Schools, designed to help schools to increase children's participation in sport, and to connect them with community sporting opportunities. Research shows that an early connection to sport can positively influence participation and encourage a lifelong love of sport.

St. Peter’s College has elected to undertake Tennis in Term 1 2018. Students do not need to be playing tennis outside of school, or know how to play any tennis in order to be part of this exciting program, they simply need a desire to have fun, learn a new sport and increase their physical activity. There are four sessions offered across Term 1; 

  • 19th February: Clyde Tennis Club- 450 Clyde-Five Ways Rd, Clyde VIC 3978. Departing East Campus 3.40pm and returning to East Campus 4.30pm.
  • 22nd February: St Peter’s College East Campus. Starting at 8am until 8.45am.
  • 27th February: Clyde Tennis Club- 450 Clyde-Five Ways Rd, Clyde VIC 3978. Departing East Campus 1.25pm and returning to East Campus 2.00pm.
  • 28th February: St Peter’s College East Campus. Starting at 1.40pm until 2.20pm.

Students will be bussed to and from Clyde Tennis Club, all equipment and accredited coaches will be provided. It is preferred students commit to as many sessions as possible over the term, but if all sessions cannot be attended, this can be negotiated with the supervising teachers. If this interests your children please have them sign up on the board next to S.I.S in Coffey.

Secondly, St. Peter’s College East Campus has signed up to the Coles promotion ‘Sports for Schools’. If you shop at Coles, for every $10 you spent, you will be given a token which can be used to redeem sporting equipment at the end of the promotion. This promotion starts Wednesday 7th of February, so please get on board and bring in as many tokens as you can to support our College community.

Thank you 

Sarah Slykerman
Health and Physical Education Coach- East Campus

General News

St. Peter’s College 2018 Production Announcement 

Every two years during Term 3, St. Peter's College presents a full College Musical Production. It is my pleasure to announce that this year the Production will be Disney's HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

The production will take place in week 5 of Term 3 and will involve 4 performances at the Monash University, George Jenkins Theatre in Frankston.

Auditions for all roles for this production will take place in week 5 and 6 of Term 1 with rehearsals commencing in Term 2. Please check SchoolBox regularly for updates on when and where to sign up for these auditions.

The College Production is an exciting time for all students and staff involved and I encourage you to join us on stage as "We're all in this together".


2018 musical 01


Brian Wallwork
Production Coordinator - East Campus

Peer Support - East Campus

On Tuesday of this week, 160 excited Yr 7 students met 36 even more enthusiastic Yr 10 Peer Support Leaders to officially begin our Peer Support Australia Program for 2018. Peer Support Australia provides school learning communities with an evidence based, peer led approach to enhance the emotional, mental and social wellbeing of young people. Each week this term, small groups will work together to learn about Thoughts and Outcomes, Wellbeing, Challenges, Resilience, Skills and Strategies and Relationships. Below are some Yr 7 student reflections about our first session. 

The best part of our first Peer Support session was...

"... it was fun, happy and relaxed." (Raymond Taula, Assisi)

"... being able to meet new people in Yr 7 and bigger kids in Yr 10." (Mikhaila Lambert, Assisi)

"... being in a group with other students in my class so that I can get to know them better." 

"... our Leader. She was really good and enthusiastic." (Mia Raso, Avila)

"... introducing myself to new friends and cooperating all together." (Lee Garcia, Assisi)

"... meeting new people." (Brodie Matthews, Augustine)

"... our Leaders were funny, friendly and awesome!" (Madeleine Gaspar, Assisi)

"... playing games together." (Aymeric Lenegge, Avila)

2018 Peer Support

2018 Peer Support 1

Janelle McRae
Pastoral Care Leader

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13 FEB
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14 FEB
Ash Wednesday
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15 FEB
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West Campus Swimming Carnival

16 FEB
Term 2 Start
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