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Issue 115  |  15 November 2017
Featured Story
From our Principal

Remembrance Day

This year Remembrance Day was commemorated last Saturday. An event which occurred over 100 years ago could easily be forgotten or at least the meaning behind the day can. St Peter’s College was represented by next year’s West School Captains, Cambell Bryan and Brooklyn Faamausili and staff member Greg Nelson at the service held at the Cranbourne Cenataph. A wreath laying ceremony was held as part of remembering the fallen with Cambell and Brooklyn able to present a wreath. It is important for St Peter’s to have a presence in such an important community event, more importantly though is that we acknowledge the contribution of the fallen to the subsequent peace we now experience in our lands. My thanks is extended to Mr Nelson, Brooklyn and Cambell for their attendance and representation.

2017 Remembrance Day Wreath 01





Wreath laying Ceremony                               

2017 Remembrance Day 1 01






Cambell and Brooklyn with Cr  Amanda Stapledon and staff  member Mr Greg Nelson

Staff Movement 2018

Headstart 2018 commences next week. The 2017 headstart was a huge success as students buckled down to commence their 2017 studies with their 2017 teachers. It provided both staff and students with an ideal ‘entrée’ in preparing for the year ahead. Students were engaged in their learning and excited by commencing their academic program early. It also enabled a seamless commencement to the following year. This year’s program will be more of the same but also provide an opportunity for staff and students to engage fully with the new Learning Management System, Schoolbox – an exciting addition to the delivery of curriculum, one which brings parents closer to their child’s learning.

It is appropriate therefore that with the commencement of the 2018 academic year that I make announcements around staff movement. We will be farewelling the following staff at the end of this year: Jason Blackburn, Rebecca Crozier, Orwin DeKretser, Marissa Joyce, Matthew Laurie, Sophie MacReadie, Shannon Maher, Kirsty Molesworth, Steve Nash, Olimpia Rosenblum, Helen Smith and Peter Woodhouse. We thank them for their significant contribution to our community. We will welcome a number of new staff in 2018 and I look forward to introducing you to them next year.

Uniform Changes 2018

I am happy to announce that from 2018 we will be introducing pants as an option for Girls as part of the Winter uniform. Girls will be able to purchase and wear the long pants option in Terms 2 and 3 only. This decision has been made after an exhaustive consultative process which commenced with the formation of the Uniform sub-committee, the distribution of a survey to all key stakeholders, a presentation to the Parents and Friends Committee, to staff, students and finally to the College Board. The board approved and ratified the final submission to introduce the option at our last meeting. We are currently in negotiations with our Uniform provider, Perm-a-pleat regarding the cost. One of the key recommendations emanating from the survey results was that the design should be a tailored pant designed for women. A variety of shades of grey will also be considered. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to this process but particularly the uniform sub-committee for their work on this project.

SIS Art and Technology Exhibition

I was privileged to attend the SIS Art and Technology exhibition this week. At the conclusion of the East and the West St Peter’s College Arts and Technology exhibition a number of our pieces of Art and Technology are then short-listed to be exhibited in the combined SIS schools exhibition. It was inspiring to attend the exhibition and there was also a sense of pride as our student’s work was showcased alongside the exceptional Art and Technology pieces presented from across all other secondary SIS. It was an opportunity to also catch-up with lots of parents on the night. Congratulations to all our budding Artists and Technology students whose pieces were deemed worthy to exhibit.

High Achievers

Congratulations is extended to the following High achieving students:

Jackson Boyd for being awarded a two year College scholarship to Northwest Florida College to play Baseball

2017 College Baseball 01

Shahd Mohamed for winning the silver medal at the All Schools U15 Women’s 400M Athletics Track Championships and has now qualified for the National titles in 2018

2017 Shahd Mohamed 01
Mohamed Mohamed won the Under 18 men's hammer throw. Mohamed has now qualified for the National All Schools Championships in Adelaide to be held in December and National titles in Sydney in March. 

2017 Mohamed Mohamed 01
Both Shahd and Mohamed were competing for the school against the best school aged athletes from around the state, so both of these results were outstanding performances.

Poppy Gardner who has been selected in the School Sport Victoria Team Vic 12 and under Cricket State Team competing in the School Sport Australia Championship to be held in Barooga, NSW from 5 January – 12 January 2018. We congratulate her and wish every success for her come January.

Enjoy the week ahead.

Chris Black Signature
Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

Care Monkey

Please note, information pertaining to Care Monkey mentioned in West Campus news, also relates to the East Campus.

The long weekend has come and gone and we now find ourselves half way through November. I hope all our students enjoyed a restful cup weekend and have returned with more energy and vigour for the coming weeks. VCE examinations continue, and Year 10 and 11 students have begun their final examinations. Year 9 are bound for camp this week, leaving just the Year 7 and 8 students to fully occupy the school grounds. The commencement of these events also means that students are nearing the completion of their work and assessments associated with semester two.  A reminder to all students to ensure that they continue to strive for excellence in all subjects right up to the very end of the Semester. 

Monday 20th November is a student-free day as staff finalise preparations for the commencement of Head Start. Head Start is a great opportunity for all students to begin to experience the next chapter of their schooling, gaining insight into the expectations of each new subject. The current year 8 students will be welcomed into the new Year 9 Learning Program and this will mark a very exciting chapter in their educational journey as well as St. Peter's College. Year 7 students will no longer be the most junior students on campus and the Year 10 students will commence their VCE/VCAL pathway. And for our current Year 11 students, they will become our Year 12 students, signifying the beginning of their final year at school.

There is always great excitement around Head Start and it is encouraging to see our students embrace their new subjects and for many new leadership roles within the College. The success of this program allows us to end the year full of energy and new beginnings.

Year 9 Camp started on Tuesday 14th November and what great weather to start a surf camp with. We wish all of the students and staff a safe and enjoyable camp. Next week I shall include some student reflections and photographs of their adventures.

Year 7 Orientation Day – Tuesday 5th December 

A reminder for parents whose child will be starting Year 7 at St. Peter's College East Campus in 2018, that you and your child are warmly welcomed to the Orientation Day held on Tuesday 5th December. Parents and children should arrive by 8.45am and make their way to the Lyons Basketball courts where we will begin with prayer and a welcome. Parents are invited to stay for a quick cup of tea and a chat, as their children are lead to their pastoral groups and activities for the day.  Students can be collected at 3.20pm.

City of Casey Australia Day Study Tour Award 2018
Applications are now open for the Australia Day Study Tour Awards - Closing this Friday 17 November

2017 Australia Day Study Tour 01

As part of the municipality’s Australia Day Celebrations for 2018, the City of Casey is giving ten Year 11 students the opportunity to participate in the annual Australia Day Study Tour program.  This program provides students with the opportunity to participate in a tour of the three levels of Australian Government, which consists of three stages including a 4 day all expenses paid trip to Canberra.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students. Last year Natalia Girvasi was successful in participating in this study tour program and is featured in the photograph. Natalia has written about her experience and would rate this as one of her most memorable and insightful learning experiences she has encountered. We have had some nominations already, but I would encourage any student who feels they would like to try for this study tour to contact myself before Friday.

And finally – a Rosemary Graham Shield update:

The Rosemary Graham Shield 2018 Competition has started with great enthusiasm, energy and house spirit. Over the past month we have had two very successful pastoral sessions involving a range of tabloid sports in which participation secured valuable points for each house.

From the table below we are able to see the diverse range of activities that students competed in and the tremendous level of participation that produced the high scored in the ladder to date. Whilst MacKillop House won the 2017 Shield competition, the scores were reset before this first round of competition and it is Marian House which has taken an early lead as the 2018 Competition commenced.

2017 shield

2017 Rosemary Shield
I wish you a safe and productive week

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus 

West Campus News

Care Monkey

St. Peter’s College families will have received an email recently asking them to create a profile on Care Monkey.  This will be a priority for parents as from 2018 we will be using this company to communicate with parents about camps, retreats, excursions and various other events or activities at the school.  It is therefore important that parents update any student medical details for each of their children at St. Peter’s College in the Care Monkey profile.  It will also be important for all parents to have up to date email details.

Because only one email address can be used for a Care Monkey profile it is important that the primary caregiver should be responsible for the profile.  If the email has been sent to a parent or guardian who families would prefer not to set up the Care Monkey profile, then it is important that you contact the school to inform us of the preferred email address.  Please submit paperwork for this change as this may impact on the address that other correspondence from the school will go such as finance.

Parents of current Year 11 students will need to use the Care Monkey e-Form to order the 2018 Year 12 top.  This will be the only way in which these tops can be ordered and payment will be online.  We encourage parents to set up their Care Monkey profile as orders for these tops will only be possible up until Thursday, 16 November.  These tops can only be worn by Year 12 students at school during Term 4 or when Sports Uniform is permitted to be worn (eg. Certain excursions) or at the following times in 2018:

2017 Hansen Table 2018

Presentations for our Students

As an e-Smart school, St. Peter’s College is assisted by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation to create a holistic approach to cyber safety. On Thursday last week, this involved presenters coming to the campus to speak on some basic cyber safety issues and strategies for our students in Years 8 & 9.  

Our Year 7 students continued to unpack their learning from the Brainstorm presentation called “Cyberia”.

On Wednesday this week, our Year 9 students will undertake the Respect, Connect and Protect Program which explores the following issues:

  • Safe Partying
  • Sexting and Cyber safety
  • Positive relationships
  • Sexual Assault and Harassment ( including consent and sexual consent laws)
  • Pornography
  • Grooming / Protective Behaviours / Child Abuse - the laws and you.

This program is run by the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (SECASA).  SECASA is an organisation that offers a range of services including counselling for victims/survivors of sexual and physical assault, children from the age of 4 and adults, female and male.  The Centre also works with non-offending family members, partners, care-givers and support workers.  If you would like to know more about the work of SECASA or need their assistance, please look at their website: here

I always encourage parents to speak with your child about these presentations to further explore their learnings and ensure that you reinforce the Christian values that we are hoping to develop in our students.

One Family Basketball Team

One of our Learning Support Officers, Deng Chuor has been working with a number of our boys in establishing a basketball team with a view to participating in an external competition in the future.  They have decided to call their team One Family. It is open to all boys who are passionate about extending their basketball skills and it is a multicultural group.  
On Tuesday evening, the team played the Black Rhinos a team based in Dandenong.  

Black Rhinos Basketball Club is the brainchild of Afri-Aus Care founder Selba Luka, Jamy Alex and other founding Black Rhinos.  Selba joined us at the match and has been a great support to our team, having already visited the school twice this year.

The priority of the Black Rhinos Club is helping the youth from African and other migrant communities. They want to encourage the players to improve their lives and the community as a whole at the same time through their commitment to the game of basketball.

This idea of connecting school improvement and sport for our students is what Deng is attempting to do with One Family as for the Black Rhinos it seeks teach the players to be their best in all aspects of life – not just as a player or a team member.

It is no surprise that many of our South Sudanese students were quick to take up the opportunity to compete against the Black Rhinos.
Our boys were not disgraced although clearly outplayed by the talented Black Rhinos and we went down 26-13.  Congratulations to our team of Akau, Bowar, Daoud, Fogi, Gatwech, Jok, Obidaiah and Stephen.

2017 basketball team
Thanks also to the many staff who came along to support the team including Michele McArdle, Yolanda Bonica, Anthea Zafiropoulos and Trudy Perkins.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

 Learning Walks – The Law Makers 

This week my Learning Walks took me into a Year 8 Civics and Citizenship class. Students were delivering oral presentations to their class around the arguments they had formulated regards the need to either change or introduce a new law.

Students had selected their area of interest to research and topics were wide and varied

  • Householders should be fined for placing incorrect recycling in recycling bins
  • Animal Testing should be illegal
  • Smoking under 19 should be illegal
  • Harsher consequences for domestic violence convictions
  • Reduce the age of driving to 16 years
  • Ban all gambling advertising
  • Eliminate the mentally impaired plea.
  • Regardless of the topic students presented convincing arguments which were well researched and presented with confidence. One group has gone a step further and arranged an active petition and are gathering signatures to present to our politicians.

2017 Legal image 01

When asked about their learning and why they were studying such topics I was heartened to hear the responses.

“We need to know how Australia works.”

“We need to learn so that we can make a difference in our country.”

2017 politics

I have a sense that our future lobbyists and politicians may well come from this passionate and engaged group of young men and women and I congratulate their teachers on the work they have undertaken to create this wonderful scenario. 

2017 East Statue 4

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching

Religious Education News

We all know that the coming of Christ is a season of joy. Of course, for those who are struggling financially or who are suffering from illness and in many other ways, this season can be anything but. Through the Gospels, Jesus taught us to show extra care for these people. 

Although it can seem to be a difficult task, there is a way that we can bring joy to those in our community who are struggling at Christmas time. We are called upon by our Catholic Social Teaching to consider those who are less fortunate in our community and by helping just one person we are fulfilling the mission that Jesus issued to us.

Each year St. Peter’s College supports the St Vincent de Paul Society Christmas Appeal through donations of food hampers and Christmas gifts for children. These donations are then passed on to families in our local area to ensure that they don’t miss out at Christmas.

St Peter’s families are invited to support the Vinnies Christmas Appeal by:

  • Donating non-perishable food items and other essentials such as toiletries through tutor group; and
  • Selecting a gift tag from the Christmas tree in St Peter’s College Reception and purchasing a gift for the child on the tag.

Any donation is greatly appreciated; even the smallest gift can bring enormous joy to a child in need in our community at Christmas time.

Kimbe 2017 Report 

For the last five years, St. Peters College has been involved in the Kimbe Project. At the end of each year we collect unwanted used stationary, educational materials, sporting equipment etc, to send to the Papua New Guinea Province of Kimbe. One year we even fund raised to supply two remote hospitals with solar power.

The equipment we collect is combined with resources collected by the Kimbe Project from around our diocese and is packed onto a shipping crate which is sent to Kimbe the following year. These crates are valuable in themselves, as they are used, when emptied, as storage or even accommodation.

Last years supplies have just arrived and have been distributed to the schools and Health Clinics in the diocese. Each priest collected his share of the boxes depending on how many schools he had in his parish.  They collected boxes for all the schools in their area being careful to count both Catholic and Government Schools.  This ensured that the whole Province would be catered for. As always, the people of Papua New Guinea are incredibly grateful for the assistance and it makes a real difference in their lives.

We will soon begin collecting again for the Kimbe Project. If you have any stationary, educational supplies, sporting equipment, etc, that you would like to donate, or if you would like more information on the Kimbe project, please contact either the office or mgonsalvez@stpeters.vic.edu.au. The Kimbe project also accepts medical equipment and work tools.

Marissa Joyce
Assistant RE Coordinator

St Agatha's Parish News

the traffic will be disrupted on Scott Street and the driveway between
the school and the parish office. 23 trucks are expected to be using this
area. Parishioners are asked to enter and exit from Sladen Street. For
safety reasons no parking outside the parish office and pedestrians are
asked to take care on Scott Street and use the Sladen Street driveway.

THANK YOU: Catholic Mission appeal last month raised $3353.25 for
their appeal, thank you St Agatha’s for your wonderful response.

MASS OF THE ANGELS: This Friday 17th November at 7.30pm. This
Mass is offered for all those suffering the loss of an infant, in the womb,
or through stillbirth, miscarriage or sids. For those families that have
plaques ordered for this year, they will be blessed after the Mass.
Followed by supper.

DURING NOVEMBER we especially remember our dearly departed
friends and families. In remembrance, parishioners are invited to write
the names of their deceased loved ones on the cardboard provided and
place them on the cross near the statue of Our Lady.

29th November 4.00pm in the Church. End of year party Wednesday 6th
December at 4.00pm in the parish hall.

ST THERESE’S ‘COLOURS OF THE WORLD’ CARNIVAL: Saturday 18th November, 2017 from 11:00am until 4:00pm. Come and support St Therese’s ‘Colours of the World’ Carnival and enjoy Carnival Rides, Continental Food and a variety of stalls. A fantastic family event ending in a Continental Colour Run!! contact our school on 5996 7525 or Stay up to date with the latest information by viewing our Carnival Facebook Page click here

St Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Parish Notices

SISTERS OF THE NATIVITY: Today at the 10.45 am Mass in St Agatha’s Church, with a function following in St Agatha’s School Hall, Sr Mary & Sr Lucy will celebrate their 50th Birthdays, and the Sisters will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the coming of the Sisters to Cranbourne. One of the original team of Sisters, Sr Grace, will be returning for the occasion. St Thomas the Apostle Parishioners are invited. The parishioners of St Thomas the Apostle Parish Congratulate and Thank the sisters for their missionary work in Cranbourne. 

RELIGIOUS SHOP: Starting this weekend and every 2nd weekend of the month thereafter, Holy Beginnings will set-up a religious shop at all Masses. Parishioners are able to purchase religious items and other beautiful gifts for your special occasions.  

Upcoming Meetings:
Wednesday 15th November Western Region Pastoral Meeting: 10.30am at Clyde North

Wednesday 15th November Cranbourne Combined Churches Prayer: 7.30pm at St John’s Anglican Church Rescheduled: Thursday 30th November

Combined meeting for Church Building Committee, Pastoral Council & Finance Council: 7.30pm at St Peter’s College Thursday 23rd November

Parish Finance Council: 7.30pm at 50 Heather Grove Tuesday 28th November Music & Choir leaders: 7.30pm at 50 Heather Grove

Wednesday 29th November St Peter’s College Presentation Night Thursday

7th December 6.00pm Grade 6 Graduation at St Thomas the Apostle School Friday

8th December Altar Servers Pizza Night: 6.00pm at St Peter’s College

St Thomas The Apostle Parish


Employment Opportunities

Big Fish - Fish and Chip shop, Langwarrin
Juniors Wanted - Please drop a Resume off to the Manager.  The store is located in the block of shops located between Quarry Rd and Potts Rd, Langwarrin.  Hours will be after school and on weekends.

Full Time Traineeship Programs

Peninsula College – Audio Visual/IT Traineeship
Peninsula College – Physical Education Assistant Traineeship
McClelland College – Physical Education Assistant Traineeship
John Henry Primary School – Education Support Traineeship
For more details and to apply click here

Work Experience Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th June 2018

If not already done so, all 2018 Year 10 students will be confirming their Work Experience placements for 2018, this term!  As a College we introduce Work Experience to Year 9 students in August, allowing plenty of time to research and apply for their placements of interest.  Some applications open up to 12 months ahead of placements.  Other local industries fill up very quickly because of the competitiveness of other schools also completing Work Experience at the same time, for example Hospitals and VET clinics.  Further workshops will occur over the coming weeks to assist.

Note:  All work experience requirements, including the completed Arrangement form must be returned to the College by Friday 2nd February, 2018.

University Extension Programs for high achieving Year 11 students

Deakin Accelerate - Applications for 2018 close 15 December.
Deakin Accelerate is Deakin’s extension studies program. High-achieving VCE students can study a university unit and have it contribute towards their ATAR. To find out more click here

Monash Extension

Applications for 2018 close Mon 11 December.
Monash Extension is Monash’s extension studies program. High-achieving VCE students can study university units and have them contribute towards their ATAR. To find out more click here

University of Melbourne Extension Program

Applications for 2018 close Fri 22 December.
The University of Melbourne’s extension program provides high-achieving VCE students with the opportunity to study university subjects while at school and have them contribute to their ATAR.
To find out more click here

La Trobe: VCE Plus Application and Offers Day

Mon 20 November, 1pm – 6pm @ Bundoora campus
Year 11 students who are interested in participating in VCE Plus, La Trobe’s extension studies program, can attend this day to find out more information about the program and potentially even receive an offer on the day.
Register here

Destination Federation University – Also available for Year 10 students – FREE PROGRAM

Students enrol in two units per year and can commence from Year 10 (going into Year 11).  Units are available in Marketing, Accounting, Health, Philosophy of Learning and Knowledge.  Find out more click here

Melissa Dillon
Careers Counsellor - West Campus

Upcoming Events

16 Nov 
SIS Junior Sport

17 NOV
SIS Intermediate Sport
Friday Detention

18 NOV
Saturday Morning Uniform Shop Opening

20 NOV
Student Free Day
SIS Art Gallery Exhibition
ACYF Information Mtg for participants and parents

21 NOV
SEMESTER 1, 2017 START Whole School Head Start
VCE Study Skills - West

22 NOV
PAT Year 7-9 R&M
VCE Study Skills - East

23 NOV
HPV RACV Breakthorugh
2018 College Leaders meet with Bishop
SIS Junior Sport
Solomon Islands Trip

24 NOV
SIS Intermediate Sport

27 NOV
Peer Support Training Day
Shared Stories Publication and Launch

28 NOV
VCE Study Skills - West

29 NOV
Presentation Night

30 NOV
Pastoral Period
Campus Assembly
SIS Junior Sport

01 DEC
Campus Tour East
SIS Intermediate Sport
Friday Detention

04 DEC
2018 College Captains East & West Photography

05 DEC
Year 7, 2017 Orientation Day
VCE Study Skills - West
Parents & Friends Dinner

06 DEC
VCE Study Skills - East

07 DEC
Last Day VCAL Students Year 10 & 11 2018
House Assemblies
Year 11 & 12 2017 Last Day


2015 News & Events Banner balloons


West St Peter

General News


In preparation for the Head Start program, could parents please contact the relevant House Leader if your child is not returning to the College in 2018. The process of an exit interview and relevant documentation needs to be completed to officially withdraw students from the College. Fees will be charged until a completed exit form has been received. 

Kerrie Birrell
College Registrar

Bus 2018 - East Campus

Parents & Students would have received an email earlier this week with information about the Bus for 2018. We ask Parents to return their Expression of Interest (hard copy) to the office by 27th November 2017, or email to officee@stpeters.vic.edu.au. Click here to view a copy of this letter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the College and request to speak with the East Campus. 



The VET Building Students have completed their yearly project of a Shed these are for sale at $450.

This is a substantial saving on the cost of the materials for the shed which is $1800. The Shed is 1900mm X 2500mm.


2017 VCAL Shed for sale 01

Outdoor Table 4 sale

Made of Cypress Pine they will last forever.
2600 X 1600 $350  less than the timber costs.


2017 Wooden Table


2017 VCAL Table Pic.3

Contact: Mr Collings VET Building Department St. Peter's College

Library News

Readarama Class Pizza Prize Winners: Congratulations to 7F, 7J, 8C and 8K for reading the most number of hours!

2017 Readorama


2017 Readorama 1


Angela Gargano
Library Manager

On November 2, students from West campus took the opportunity to go and see the Melbourne United Basketball Club vs Cairs Taipans basketball game at Hisense Arena. 


Melbourne United Game


Despite a blowout in the end for Melbourne, the boys enjoyed the opportunity to see their heroes in action and with hard work and determinitation, some of them might be playing on the court in a few years' time as professionals!!


Melbourne United Game 2

Public Notices

Cranbourne Lions Concert Band Inc.

The Cranbourne Lions Concert Band is a not for profit community band which celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2016. 
We are currently trying a new tack, in an attempt to attract new members, and as part of our plan, we are asking schools in Cranbourne and surrounding areas if they would assist us, by including the attached brochure in their newsletter to all school parents.
Should you have any queries regarding the band or any other matter, please feel free to contact the writer at the email address above, or by phone on 0414 706 587.

Thanking you for your assistance in this endeavour.
2017 Cranbourne Lions Concert Band

Jack Simpson
Hon. Secretary – Cranbourne Lions Concert Band

Caritas Global Gifts- We are One Human Family

2017 Caritas Global Gifts 01

Send a message to those you love, and give to those in need. When you choose a Global Gift this year, you are bringing a moment of joy and helping create a lifetime of change for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

This year help bring the gift of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love to our one human family around the world. Each global gift will go towards supporting our most important work; from responding to emergency situations with food and water to supporting education programs and training farmers with new sustainable livelihood techniques.

2017 Caritas card $10 01 $10

2017 Caritas card $25 01$25

2017 Caritas card $50 01$50

2017 Caritas Card $100 01$100

Share a message of compassion this Christmas - simply select one of our beautiful global gift cards. When you send a Global Gift card to your friends or family, you also share a gift with the world and help support our one human family. Order Global Gift cards online here or call on 1800 024 413.

Clyde Carols by Candlelight

Gethsemane Church Presents the Clyde Carols by Candlelight, Sponsored by Barry Bourke Motors. The Event takes place on Saturday, December 2nd 2017, at the Hillcrest Christian College Oval from 5.30 pm – 9.00 pm. This Fun Filled Family Night will officially Launch the Casey Christmas Carols.

Free Entry, Free Entertainment, Free Kid’s Amusements, Free Chair-O-Plane, Free Giveaways and even some Free Food. Plus a $500 voucher compliments of Barry Bourke Motors to put towards a new or used car, to everyone who turns up on the night and grabs a Program.

Performers include Derrick Junkeer, Mel Manuel, Lisa Ann, Noami Horsley, Dancin’Lines, Ebony Portelli, Triple Treat Talent Academy, Gethsemane Church Band and Kerrigan La-Brooy. The Festive Cheer & Carnival Atmosphere will include Sausage Sizzle, Coffee Van, Ice-Cream, Popcorn, Slushies, Cakes, Vendors and Much More.
2017 christmas carols

Please ring 0404-875-647 or email kerriganlabrooy@bigpond.com for more details.

Mind Matters @ St. Peter's College

On Wednesday, 8th November 2017, Year 9 EAST Campus students attended 2-hour workshops led by presenters from SECASA. The students separated into two groups, male and female to facilitate discussion and to enable the presenters to cover content most appropriate for each gender.

2017 south east 01

Topics included:

  • SECASA, role and services
  • Confidentiality
  • Stereotyping
  • Respectful relationships
  • Consent and the Law
  • Rights and Responsibilities         

 The South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (SECASA) offers a range of services including counselling for victim/survivors of sexual and physical assault, children from the age of four and adults, female and male. The Centre also works with non-offending family members, partners, caregivers and support workers.    
For more information: click here                    

2017 no means no 01
Clare Ziino
Wellbeing Team

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