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Issue 113  |  25 October 2017
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From our Principal

A Fond Farewell to our Year 12s

2017 Confetti East Campus 012017 ADF Awards East Campus 01








Mixed emotions were the order of the day as we said farewell this week to the Class of 2017. For students, I could sense a mixture of relief, joy, sadness and excitement. Each and every emotion is understandable. What an achievement. Thirteen years of education completed. All of our Class of 2017 should be congratulated for achieving that milestone. As 17 and 18 year olds, school has become a large slice of their life when you consider 13 years has been taken up with schooling. For the past 6 years (or part thereof) our Class of 2017 has been home and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all students for all that they have given of themselves to the St. Peter’s College community. There are many things we hope you take from us apart from our well-wishes. St. Peter’s College has three distinct pillars from which it draws inspiration as well as guidance: Faith, Education and Service. 


In respect to Faith, the following scriptural passages go a long way in describing the core elements of a faith-filled person. The first of the passages is this: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Jn 10:10. Our wish is that all our graduands leave us with the confidence, the skills and the learning to make a significant contribution to the world with the assurance that with Christ in the centre of their thoughts, words and actions they will be both guided and protected. The second passage from Paul’s Letters is this: As it is, these remain: faith, hope and love, the three of them; and the greatest of them is love. Cor 13:13. Our hope is that wherever their futures lie and wherever their journey takes them that our graduands that they are guided by love. Love in their hearts, love in their hands and love in their thoughts, words and deeds.


Our hope is that all students have recognised the value of education and most importantly recognise it as a life-long journey. The skills of Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity (the 4 Cs) will be significantly in ensuring all students are in possession of the necessary toolkit to make a significant contribution to the workplace and beyond.


At St. Peter’s College, through means such as the RE program, the Social Justice events and activities and by way of belonging to our House system, our graduands have had the opportunity to experience a lived faith. One based on gospel values such as: service to the poor, humility, love, kindness, hospitality and supporting the vulnerable. It is our hope that our graduands will leave knowing the importance of care for the vulnerable and oppressed but more significantly possess the confidence and skills to look outwardly, to want to make a difference and be the difference.

My congratulations is extended to all our Year 12 students who have made these past weeks wonderful celebrations. Your mature and respectful approach to each of the significant celebrations was exceptional. These celebrations included: a graduation liturgy, a thank-you morning tea with staff, the final assembly, the Graduation Mass and finally the Valedictory dinner. At each of these occasions there was an overwhelming sense of pride expressed by the students for their achievements to date but also pride in being a student of St. Peter’s College. I wish all our Graduands the very best in whatever pathway their journey takes them, always know that St. Peter’s College will ride alongside them. Be comforted that our school motto: Be Not Afraid will guide light their pathway no matter how dim or dark it might appear.

2017 Tiffany & Nikita 012017 plaque & tree at West campus 01







Year 12 Final Assembly 

Congratulations to the following students who were presented with awards at our final assembly.
                                      East                                  West

ADF Long Tan Award – Yr 10 Mikaela Gardner      Mikaela van der Velden 

ADF Long Tan Award – Yr 12 Nikita Mascurine      Emily Lace 

Caltex All - Rounder Award Tiffany Forbes             Henry Cooke 

The ADF Long Tan Leadership award recognises students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader local community. At the same time, they recognise those who display strong values, such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship”, characteristics that are integral to Australian society. Four very worthy winners.

The Caltex All-rounder Award, as the name suggests celebrates achievement in excellence in their studies, on the sports field and for their work in the community. Tiffany and Henry are both very worthy recipients, who have made a significant impact on our college community.
2017 East Mass 01  2017 West confetti




Valedictorian Medal

One of the long standing traditions at St. Peter’s College is to acknowledge a staff member who has played a significant role over the past six years, the same duration as the graduating class. The award recipient is chosen for the impact they have made on this particular group. Below is an edited version of the speech delivered at the West Campus Valedictory dinner on Wednesday Night;

The Valedictorian Medal is awarded in acknowledgment of a staff member’s outstanding contribution to the St. Peter’s College Community.

The criteria are:

A staff member who:

  • Has played a significant role in supporting the learning of the students during the time of the Graduating class.
  • Has inspired students to consistently strive to reach their full potential
  • Is passionate in wanting to make a difference to the lives of students
  • Works tirelessly to form positive working relationships with the students they come in contact with
  • Displays exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subject area and/or Position of Leadership
  • Is innovative in their approach to learning and teaching
  • Strives to develop self and others
  • Demonstrates both an innate and an explicit means to inspire, empower and educate both students and colleagues

Research is very clear on the impact that teachers have on student learning, teachers use their expert knowledge to provide experiences that inspire and facilitate student learning, the most important work we do happens on a daily basis in our classrooms. It requires great skill, enthusiasm and passion to develop in students a love of learning and persistence to learn.

This year the award is being presented to: 

  • a staff member who has not only had a significant impact on this graduating class but many classes that have gone before it.
  • Who began is teaching career at St Peter’s in 1999.
  • I’m understood was, amongst other roles the first IT network manager at St. Peter’s College as IT started to gain traction in schools.
  • Has serviced the needs and wants of our VCE students in a formal capacity since 2011
  • Who has taught a wide array and variety of subjects but Physics Maths and Science are his areas of expertise and passion
  • Who has been the Senior Curriculum Years Leader since 2011

The Valedictorian award Recipient for 2017 is Mr Barry Fisher.

The Victorian Institute of Teaching identifies the values that underpin the Teaching profession as Integrity, Respect and Responsibility.
Integrity, Respect and Responsibility underpin the way Barry works in the classroom and his work in the classroom each day makes a difference to student learning. 

Integrity, Respect and Responsibility have been the hallmarks of his role as Seniors Years Curriculum Leader in supporting and catering for both staff and students

Please acknowledge the winner of the Valedictorian Medal for 2017, Mr Barry Fisher. Congratulations Barry and just acknowledgement for your contributions to St. Peter’s College.

Yr 12 School Captains Final Speech – West Campus

Here is an edited excerpt of Emily Lace’s and Henry Cooke’s final address as School captains of the West Campus:

Our time at St. Peter’s College has involved many memorable events, and although have some bad whilst others have been good - each and every one of them is important to us, and the lessons we have learned will stay with us forever. Whilst the thought of leaving such an extraordinary school greatly saddens us, we’re also excited to embark on a new chapter in our journey. We as year 12’s and students to graduate will leave knowing that the life lessons and experiences passed to us have prepared us for whatever future may throw our way.

To the teachers who put up with our “smart alec” remarks, multiple piercings and our horrendous teenage attitude, thank you. Your endless support and encouragement has led our relationships to further develop beyond teacher and student, into mentors and more importantly friends. Something I know that we will, if not already, come to appreciate. 

Your determination and willingness to go above and beyond what happens in classroom, has been able to teach us lessons that can’t be found in a textbook or study design. This is also something that we as a cohort are eternally grateful for. We have been so blessed with your wisdom, passion and dedication, which has had such a positive impact on our learning journey.

To the St. Peter’s College students, if you can take nothing away from this speech, at least remember this. The opportunities provided by this school are not just for your amusement.

They, for Emily and I, shaped us into the people we are today.

It might sound silly, but from SIS sports, to competitive house activities, conferences at the Sale Diocese, immersion programs and leadership opportunities, St. Peter's College should pride themselves on how they have taught the true meaning of teamwork, stewardship and selflessness.

So just remember, if you believe more, dream more and do more, you’re already half way there to achieving anything you set your mind to. So students, be a credit to this wonderful school, tackle anything that gets thrown at you and utilise the wonderful support network of teachers that surround you. For Year 12s, today is the day, the day that when that final bell rings, there will be no returns, but merely a new and exciting chapter of our life waiting for us.  

“Be not afraid” Is something that we see every day. We see this on our blazers, record books. “Be not afraid” is something that our cohort has learnt to embrace this year, as we embarked on one of the toughest years of our lives. It encouraged us and will continue to do so throughout our adulthood, so take risks and believe in yourself when you do, and seek guidance whenever you are struggling.

So on behalf of Henry and myself we congratulate our Year 12’s on their extraordinary efforts throughout the year. So class of 2017 good luck, embrace whatever life throws at you and may your efforts over the past 13 years through your schooling pay off. Congratulations guys we have finally made it!

High Achieving Students

Congratulations is extended to Andrea Newlands, Year 10 from the East Campus, the sole participant representing St. Peter’s College in a 4-stage competition in equestrian. On Saturday Andrea completed the 4th stage and came first. A fantastic achievement considering she was a solo participant and competing against some of the most elite schools in the state. Andrea will now go on to compete in the senior section. Who knows we might just have a future Olympian on our hands.

Enjoy the week ahead.
Chris Black Signature
Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

Year 12s Last Two Weeks

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy with the commencement and conclusion of Health and Physical Education Week, Health projects including Clean up, preparations for the upcoming Art and Technology Exhibition and of course the last week of school for our graduating class of 2017 – our year 12 students.

Late last week we had the last SRC meeting that would include our current Year 12 College leaders. The SRC has been left in good hands and the rest of the team are planning lots of events until the end of the year. Lunch activities will hopefully become a regular feature from next week on.

The tremendously successful Health and PE week concluded last week, with the main event, staff vs Year 12 student netball match. Clearly the staff were no match for the talent, fitness and speed that was is the youth X factor for the students. The staff put up an enormous effort, with RJ Pele often towering over Ms Barrett, whilst it seemed so unfair, that is unfortunately the nature of competitive sport. The final score may have reflected a resounding defeat for the staff but they fought hard, kept their dignity intact and above provided great fun and laughter for the college community. This match was definitely the highlight of the week. My thanks go again to the wonderful efforts of the Health and PE teachers for putting together a terrific program of fun and activity.

SRC - the final meeting with Year 12s

2017 SRC Mtg with Year 12s 01

Health and PE week wrap up - Sorry Mr Woodhouse
No victory here?

2017 HPE Netball Game

Participation is winning!!!!

2017 HPE Netball Game 1

Year 10 Community Health Project - Littering - a student driven initiative

Within the Year 10 Health and Human Development class as part of our Community Health Project, our group decided to work on the extensive littering issue which resulted from a survey that we conducted with Year 8 students. This survey showed students were concerned about this issue above others such as bullying, obesity and sunsmart. This drove our project and motivated us as a group to work together to remove litter from our campus. We, as a group came up with the idea of getting one tutor group from all the eight Houses in the College to spend some time in the mornings outside in their assigned House areas picking up any rubbish lying around. This project was run for an entire week during Health and Physical Education week, in order to address the need identified in our community, by our community. Our strategy created to address littering turned out to be a great success as day by day, the trash lying around in our school kept decreasing! Our College is something we should be proud of, and with the strategy we hope we have raised the awareness of littering in hopes this will reduce the amount of rubbish and encourage people to be more aware of putting trash in the bin or bringing nude food (wrapper free).

We would like to thank everyone that worked with us to pick up rubbish, including Learning Advisors and students as without their efforts, or strategy would not have come to life. Behind the scenes, support, advise and encouragement ensured this program was a success, therefore, we would also lke to acknowledge and thank all the House Leaders, Mrs Slykerman and Mrs Banda.

We hope people are now more aware of the damage caused by littering and hope people think twice before littering at St Peter’s College. Chelsea, Maurice, Neha, Trae

Footnote: The success of this initiative has meant that the campus has committed to this program until the end of October. Welcome all involved – a great community initiative.

2017 Planting Tree East campus

Farewell to our Year 12 students of 2017

It was always going to be a tricky week, balancing the excitement of the events leading up to our Year 12 students final day culminating with the Valedictory Mass and Dinner and the sadness that can is also felt whenever goodbyes are involved. Nevertheless it was a wonderful series of events that could leave no doubt in hearts and minds of our Year 12 students that we value and care deeply for them and we will indeed miss them.

Last Friday, a special prayer service was held to show the Year 12 students that they are and will always be kept in our prayers. Special thanks go to Mr Antione for organising this beautiful service and to all the students who gave up their lunchtime to join the year 12 students in a peaceful reflective prayer service.

A community prayer for the Year 12 students 

2017 year 12 community prayer east campus 01

Year 12 Liturgy and Legacy tree plaque

As part of the events leading up to the final assembly, mass and Valedictory dinner, is the Year 12 Liturgy and the unveiling of the 2017 Class legacy tree plague. Our statue of St Peter provides us with a very spiritual and safe place in which to engage in prayer, be at peace and reflect on our past, present and future. The Year 12 students presented a most thoughtful Liturgy and truly celebrated their love of St. Peter's College with a joyous performance of our College song, Be not afraid.  Prayer plays an important role in our lives and it has been our mission and hope that by providing our students with opportunities to explore and experience prayer, they will to continue to find peace, comfort and inspiration from prayer long after they have left St. Peter's College. 

The unveiling of the legacy tree plaque, consolidates the presence of all of the 2017 Year 12 students at St. Peter's College now and forever. Their presence was and will continue to felt by the St. Peter's College Community.

2017 Year 12st last liturgy East campus

2017 Year 12st last liturgy East campus 1

2017 Plaque Chris Black

2017 Plaque East campus

Graduation Final Assembly 2017

The final assembly provided the teaching and support staff and the entire student body the opportunity to celebrate the journey of our graduating class from year 7 to year 12. It was wonderful to see that many of the year 12 students’ parents and grandparents were able to join us for this special event. The assembly celebrated and showcased the skills and qualities of the graduating class, ranging from sweet singing voices, to community and social justice leadership. A new tradition was started with the year 12 students’ rendition of Be Not Afraid A cappela style. This now will be the way it is done, a new tradition begins.   

No doubt the highlight for many students and teachers was the student video which provided a unique insight into their sense of humour, their ability to rap and their appreciation of one another, their teachers and most all their school, St Peters. A special thank you to Mr Brad Pulley and the teachers for assisting in the completion of the technicalities associated with their final video.

The finale of the assembly was the dismissal of the Class of 2017 for the last time by the Principal, Mr Chris Black and as they left the assembly to the Cat Steven’s song, “The old school Yard” passing their House banners, an explosion of colourful confetti rained down on them.

Both the Graduation Mass and the Valedictory Dinner were wonderful events and completed a perfect day and perfect end to what has been a great journey and experience for the year 12 students, their teachers and families. I would like to thank Father Denis, Mr Hampson, Mr Nash, Mr Wallwork, Mrs Hampson and Mr Antione for the planning of the Graduation mass and the Valedictory.

I wish to personally thank the students for the way they finished their final weeks of school. They finished with great pride, respect and joy that was evident by their actions, words, laugher and even a few tears. It says a lot about the character and integrity of this group and we are rightly proud of them. One of the many wonderful opportunities I have had this year as Acting Deputy Principal has been the joy of sharing time with our year 12 students, either in RE classes, at major school events and particularly in the yard sharing great conversations. It has been a privilege to hear of their dreams for the future and the respect that they express for the school in full knowledge of the role they have played in its establishment phase. They are intelligent, passionate, joyous, funny and articulate young men and women and I wish them every success as they now set out to make their dreams a reality.   Go well, go happy and continue to learn and shine in light of St Peter as you become true servant leaders of your community and world.

2017 Last day Choir East campus

The Year 12 A cappella version, now a tradition of Be Not Afraid

2017 East Campus Mass

Joyful songs and prayers at the Graduation Mass

2017 East campus Mass 1

So goodbye, and good luck, we will miss you - all of you

2017 Year 12 final shot

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Year 12 Final Day

Wednesday, 25 October was the final day for our Year 12 students. It was an emotional day for students (and staff) as we farewelled a group of impressive young men and women from formal education at St. Peter’s College. By the way they have conducted themselves, we have seen values of pride and respect as well as great joy and enthusiasm. It is very evident that they care for their school and one another. It does say a lot about the character and integrity of this group and we are rightly proud of them.

2017 west assembly 01

2017 west college leaders last day 01

Our day included House Assemblies, that gave the eight houses the opportunity to farewell Year 12 students in their own unique way. After recess, students moved to a whole Campus Assembly. It was great to see so many parents and former students join us for this event. Highlights of this assembly included, School Captains Emily Lace and Henry Cooke’s speech, the clever parody of songs by Kisharn Waiti (ukulele) and Sasha Shashkoff), the moving farewell mix of songs performed by Gemma Clover, Britney Phillips and Tom Kelly (guitar) and the Year 12 video edited by Eli Moss.

2017 West Campus candle

The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards were presented by Lieutenant Scott Mansell from HMAS Cerberus to a Year 10 and 12 student. These awards recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the bradier community and who display strong values such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship:, that are integral to Australian society.

2017 ADF Long Tan Awards 01

Nominations and winners of the Long Tan Award were:


House Year 10 Year 12
Assisi Chloe Watherston Hayley Tisdale
Augustine Jono D'Rozario Henry Cooke
Avila Hailey Cummins Joanna Picerini
Glowrey Mikayla Van Der Velden (Winner) Emily Lace (Winner)
Kolbe Kayla Sluka Chloe Harbour
MacKillop Jessie McGuigan Joseph Mammone
Marian Ashwin Palanisamy Miya Peterson
Romero Damon Quirk Raphael Kostopoulos


2017 ADF West

Congratulations to Mikayla and Emily on being such outstanding role models

The other significant award at the assembly is the Caltex Best All Rounder Award. For over 30 years this award has been presented to thousands of final-year students, acknowledging their all-round contributions to their schools and communities. 

Recipients should excel in the following categories, though not necessarily all of them:

  • Academic – achieves scholastically across a range of subjects

  • Attitude – willing to help others; makes selfless contributions

  • Personal conduct – exemplary at all times

  • Leadership – a role model for other students

  • Service – participates in school and community activities

  • Sport – represents the school without necessarily being a champion

  • Arts – participates enthusiastically in the cultural and artistic life of the school

2017 caltex best all rounder 01

House Student
Assisi Hayley Tisdale
Augustine Henry Cooke (Winner)
Avila Joanna Picerni
Glowrey Dina Ivkovich
Kolbe Chloe Harbour
MacKillop Britney Phillips
Marian Miya Peterson
Romero Abby Breen


Congratulations to Henry who was a very worthy winner.

Health & Physical Education Week

Thanks to Mr Chris Landman and the teachers in the HPE department for organising various activities this week at the West Campus. Some of the lunchtime activities included:


Staff verses students (Year 12 Student) Volleyball Match.


House Soccer Match. Year 9/10 mixed team. Bike and Blend at school for Students during lunch time.


Round Robyn Bat Tennis competition in cage.


AFL longest kick and Hand Ball competition.

In the Staff v Student Volleyball Match, the staff were victorious over the students 25 to 16 in the first set. The second set was incomplete at the bell. Therefore the staff team will have to claim victory on this occasion. It was a fun match played in good spirit. Thank you to all those who participated, including the officials.

However, by far the best event organised by the department was the fruit and pancake breakfast with real coffee for staff on Wednesday morning.

McGuigan Shield

The McGuigan Shield is named after Fr James McGuigan who was the Parish Priest of St Agatha’s Chruch in Cranbourne. He had the vision of a great Catholic Regional College and until his death in 1991, he was the driving force behind the establishment and development of the Cranbourne Campus of St Francis Xavier College. It was this small campus that has grown into our large two campus school of almost 1500 students.

The McGuigan Shield provides opportunity for friendly cooperation within houses and competition between houses. It provides real leadership opportunities for our students to organise, promote and engage in relevant activities that enable them to utilise their skills. It gives a sense of belonging to all students which is what helps to make our College a safe and welcoming community.  

Although there may have been only one winner, nearly every house excelled at something. Over the past 12 months of the competition the various houses won the following:

House Winning Event
Assisi House Golf, Environment Shield Term 1, Indoor Soccer Competition
Augustine Chess Competition
Avila Tug of War, Hungry Hippo, Term 3 participation
Glowrey House Swimming, Lip Sync Battle, House Athletics, Term 1 participation
Kolbe Minute to Win it, Amazing Race, Nun on the Run
Romero House Feud, Environment Shield Term 3, Term 4 participation
MacKillop Swimming House Spirit, Running of the Bull, House Cross Country, Environment Shield Term 2, Mixed Netball, Athletics House Spirit, Spelling Bee, Term 2 and Term 4 participation


Congratulations to all the students and staff in MacKillop House on all their success this year, particularly House Captains, Alyssa Di Nuzzo and Joseph Mammone.  Well done also to Miss Janelle McRae who inspired the house to victory for a second year in a row.

2017 Final McGuigan Shield Ladder

2017 McGuigan Shield 01

Care Monkey

2017 care monkey

Parents will receive an email this week asking them to create a profile on Care Monkey. This will be a priority for parents as from 2018 we will be using this company to communicate with parents about camps, retreats, excursions and various other events or activities at the school. It is therefore important that parents update any student medical details for each orf their children at St. Peter’s College in the Care Monkey profile. It will also be important for all parents to have up to date email details.

Some of you may already have a Care Monkey account and be using it for your local sporting club or scouts. If so then it will just be a matter of sharing this profile with the school. There is NO cost for parents in setting up a Care Monkey account. The app that can be downloaded on your device is free of charge also.

Care Monkey will help us with a duty of care to know exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency. CareMonkey lets you securely share life-saving information with us when we take your child on camps, retreats or excusions. Once a Care Monkey Profile has been created, parents can sign medical and consent forms online with ease. 

The personal profile data you enter is owned and controlled by you. You can grant and revoke access at any time. Care Monkey does not share your data with any other group or individual without your consent. 


West St Peter

David Hansen
Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

Pathways with VET

Globalisation and technological change are placing greater demands on education and skill development in Australia and the nature of jobs available to young Australians is changing faster than ever. Skilled jobs now dominate jobs growth and people with university or vocational education and training qualifications fare much better in the employment market than early school leavers. To maximise their opportunities for healthy, productive and rewarding futures, Australia’s young people must be encouraged not only to complete secondary education, but also to proceed into further training or education.

Increase your career prospects and start training while still at school. 

Our VETiS (VET in Schools) program enables you to gain practical, industry-related skills by combining your senior school studies with a Vocational Education and Training (VET) program. 

VETiS programs: 

  • May be undertaken alongside, or as part of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), or a School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship (SBAT) 
  • Are approved by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority 
  • Are recognised within the Units 1-4 structure of Years 11 and 12 
  • Can contribute towards satisfactory completion of the VCE. 

Selected programs offer scored assessment for Units 3 and 4. Credits may also lead to further studies or employment opportunities. 

VETiS subjects are delivered from the Certificate II and III levels with partial completion for Certificate IV. 

Most VETiS programs take two years to complete and follow the Victorian school term dates, with students generally attending classes one day per week. Some courses run within the timetable.

VETiS applies competency based assessment although some programs also have an externally set exam. 

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships allow students - typically Years 10, 11 or 12 - to work with an employer as paid employees, while studying for their senior certificate. At the same time, students undertake a training qualification with a supervising registered training organisation
The benefits of undertaking a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship include:

  • receiving both an education and a job
  • being a step ahead of the competition for jobs
  • learning the latest knowledge and skills
  • getting paid while you learn
  • working towards achieving a nationally recognised qualification
  • gaining hands-on experience in a real job
  • gaining the skills and experience to help you go on to tertiary study
  • experiencing a great way to move from school to work
  • gaining a sense of achievement.

Doing a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship is a great start to your career

An example pathway through VET would be something like:

  • Cert III Early childhood education (SBAT-1Yr) you now have the minimum employable certificate.
  • Diploma Early Childhood Education- Direct through TAFE or pathway to 2nd UNI course
  • Bachelor of Early childhood education- Direct through University (increased opportunity for course offer)

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching


Free Short Courses at Monash

Monash short online course are offered for free through the FutureLearn platform.  For more information or to register click here.

  • Law for Non-Lawyers - Course commences Monday 23 October.
  • How to Survive on Mars: the science behind the human exploration of Mars - Course commences Monday 30 October.
  • Food as Medicine - Course commences Monday 23 October.

Exam tips from past Year 11 and 12 students, get the tips here

2017 Brain

Legal Studies HeadStart Workshop

21 November: Victoria University, Queen Street
Year 11 students who are planning to study Legal Studies next year can get a headstart on the year in this workshop. Students will find out what working in the legal profession is like and about studying law at university. Students and schools can book here.


Do you know a high-achieving Year 12 student who enjoys working with young people and wants to make a difference? They can apply to become an Access Monash Mentor and they’ll be considered for the Community Leaders Scholarship, valued at $4000 per year!

2017 mind matters footprints

Our Access Monash Mentors are a community of passionate Monash volunteers supporting under-represented school students, helping them to make informed decisions about their future.

Becoming a mentor is a great opportunity for students to develop their leadership, public speaking and teamwork skills, and participate in leadership and networking opportunities with senior Monash staff and alumni.

Interested students can apply to become an Access Monash Mentor click here

Three things first year uni students need to know, get the tips here

2017 Hello

Melissa Dillon - Careers Counsellor West Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

The Australian Youth Festival 7th – 9th December. Interested youth
member to contact Sr Mary or the parish. The parish is willing to provide
some support to any youth member who would be willing to attend.
God bless you. Fr Joseph

this weekend to support of our priests, brothers and sisters working with
the poor and vulnerable of the world.

Cemetery will take place on Sunday 5th November at 1.30pm.
RCIA: Inquirers will be celebrating the Rite of Acceptance in the Order
of Catechumenate at the 9.00am Mass next Sunday 29th October.

MASS OF THE ANGELS: Annual Mass will be on 17th November at
7.30pm. This special Mass is for all those that have suffered the loss of
an infant due to stillbirth, miscarriage or sids. Please put this date in
your diary and tell others about it.

A DAY WITH BISHOP PATRICK: ‘Death where is Your Sting’, a
Christian Reflection on Life and Death. St Joseph’s Church and Marian,
room. Warragul. Saturday 11th November 2017. 9.30am-4.00pm. Day
will conclude with Mass at 2.30pm. BYO your lunch or some to share.
Tea and coffee provided. All Welcome! Enquires Cathy McLure on 03
51743001 or Michael Power 03 56782271. See notice board in the foyer
for more details.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: For New Tea & Coffee Rosters, Do you like
to socialise and have a chat? Do you know how to make a cuppa? If
you answered yes to these questions, and would like to join this ministry.
If you would like to help contact the parish office on 5996 1985. New
rosters will be available for collection next weekend.

REFORMATION 500: Ecumenical Commemoration of the
Quincentenary of the reformation. A day of ecumenical prayer, Tuesday
31st October 9.30am Morning Prayer at Good Shepherd Lutheran
Church, Kay St, Traralgon, 12 noon Liturgy of Remembrance & 7.00pm
Vespers at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Kay Street, Traralgon.
Refreshments served after all services. All are warmly welcome! See
notice board for more info

menALIVE WEEKEND FOR MEN: Will be held at St Patrick’s

Pakenham on 11th- 12th November. Could you benefit from a weekend
featuring talks, personal testimonies, opportunities for discussion and
space to reflect? Since menALIVE commenced in 2003, thousands of
Catholic men have been encouraged inspired at weekends across
Australia. Enq Brian O’Connor on 5941 9276. See notice board in the
foyer for more details.

MARIAN MOVEMENT OF PRIESTS: Four-day prayer retreat with Fr
Hugh Thomas CSsR. Wednesday 1st to Saturday 4th November.
10.00am to 3.30pm daily. Our Lady’s Chapel – The Fatima Centre, 205-
207 Poath Rd, Hughesdale. See notice board for more details.


The Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) is a national gathering of Catholic young people established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC). It exists to provide young people with opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus, be empowered to be disciples in the world today and encounter and celebrate the vitality of the Church in Australia. For more information, www.acyf.org.au

St Agatha's Parish


St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

CATHOLIC MISSION SUNDAY Appeal helps support catholic missions around the world. In Pope Francis’ World Mission Message, he reminds us all that mission is at the heart of our faith. A separate collection will be taken up at at Masses this weekend. Please support generously. More information can be found at http://www.catholicmission.org.au

ST PETER’S COLLEGE YEAR 12 GRADUATION MASSES will be celebrated in St Agatha’s Church next week: East Campus on Tuesday at 6.00pm, and the West Campus on Wednesday at 6.00pm.

CATHOLIC THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE OPEN DAY on Wednesday 8 November RSVP by Friday 3rd November. For bookings and Information contact Jenny Delahunt on 9412 3314 or email jenny.delahunt@ctc.edu.au. Flyers can be found at both entrances. 

‘DEATH WHERE IS YOUR STING’ a Christian Reflection on Life and Death with Bishop Patrick at St Joseph’s church and Marian, meeting room. Warragul on Saturday 11th November 2017 from 9.30am-4.00pm. The day will conclude with mass at 2.30pm. BYO your lunch or some to share. Tea and coffee provided. All welcome. Enquiries, Cathy McLure 03 51743001 or Michael Power 03 56782271. For more information please refer to flyer which can be found at both entrances.  

VATICAN YOUTH SURVEY FOR 2018 SYNOD OF BISHOPS: The international survey of youth is being undertaken in preparation for the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. We extend an invitation to post-school youth to complete the Vatican survey:  click here. The data from this survey will be provided directly to the Fifteenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops next year and will be the only International survey conducted.  This survey is in addition to the survey of youth undertaken by the ACBC earlier this year. This survey is an opportunity for young people to communicate, express and recount who they are and what they want to say about themselves.

ST JUDE’S FEAST DAY: Fr Martin, Parish Priest of St Jude’s Church Warrandyte, Langwarrin, invites all parishioners to celebrate the Feast of St Jude at on 24th October at 7.00pm. Main celebrant is Msgr Greg Bennet, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Enquiries: 9770 9935.

VOICE FOR LIFE MEMBERS: will be praying and fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays for the Institution of Marriage to remain as God’s design. We will be at St Agatha Chapel on Friday mornings for an hour of Adoration before Mass. For more information contact St Agatha’s Parish Office on 5996 1985. 

MASS OF THE ANGELS: This annual Mass at St Agatha’s Church will be on 17th November at 7.30pm. This special Mass is for all those that have suffered the loss of an infant due to stillbirth, miscarriage or SIDS. Please tell others about this Mass. More information coming soon.

CELEBRATE JESUS: The St Thomas Syro-Malabar parish invites all parishioners to an evening with Rex Band on Saturday 11th November 6.30pm at Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf. For tickets or information contact Derin – 0421 504 073, Mathews – 0421 320 318 or Soni – 0433 441 110.

PREPARATION FOR SACRAMENTS 2018: From next year, St Thomas the Apostle Parish will be conducting the preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation, separately from St Agatha’s Parish. We ask all families whose children are not in St Thomas the Apostle Primary School, and who wish to prepare for these sacraments to please register at the parish office during the next month so that we have a clear idea as to how many children will be involved. 

CATECHISTS REQUIRED: If you are able to the assist children who are preparing for their sacraments as a catechist, please contact the parish office.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Health & Human Development - East Campus

Community Health Project Newsletter- Anti- Bullying

In the Year 10 Health and Human Development class at the East Campus, we have put together a Community Health Project focusing on Bullying. A survey was conducted with Year 10 students, which revealed bullying is an issue. Students felt they needed support and a way of communicating their feelings surrounding the issue of bullying.

This survey showed that although 76% of students say they have never contributed to bullying, 21% feel they are the victims of bullying on a regular basis. Bullying is an issue students are prepared to make a stand about; 65% have attempted to stop bullying and 79% feel a friend is the best person to talk to when they are the victim of bullying. A strong message that bullying is not acceptable in society needs to be promoted to keep the issue to the forefront of people’s minds. 

Therefore, Brad Fielden, Jacob Noorbergen, Sidney Senora and I have put together a hash tag to address the issue of bullying. Posters have been displayed around the school that encourage students to take a photo of themselves covering their eyes, mouth or ears and post along with our hashtag #SpeakSeeHearNoEvil.

We hope that this visual and active approach will remind students that being a bystander to bullying is not helpful.  Students should not speak words of bullying to others and or be inactive if they hear friends or peers bullying others. We are an inclusive school; we do not tolerate bullying.

This program has come about from student input, this is what the student body thinks is an issue, therefore, we as a community, as a school, and as a student body should stand up, take a picture and spread the message that we #SpeakSeeHearNoEvil.

2017 Anti bullying

Thank you 
Ebony Lee - (Year 10 East Campus)


Religious Education News


What if, instead of more action, what we need is more stillness? What if, instead of more speech, we need more silence? What if all of our words—whether spoken, in an article, blog post, or group message—will make more sense if understood by attending to the Word underneath all words, the Word that gives rise to language itself? Could it be that paying more attention to silence might actually make us more attentive to one another, in the way that paying attention to what we eat makes us more attentive to our health?

Can you be alone with only your thoughts?
Can you live free of screens and wireless Internet?
Can you listen to silence?
What memories emerge in your consciousness when you give yourself time to reflect? —Excerpted from Living Against the Grain by Tim Muldo

East Campus Valedictory Mass 

Thanks must go to Mr. Brian Wallwork and our choir for leading the congregation in mass with their singing.

Special thanks to Neha Thomas and Dona Simon who put in a number of hours preparing and presenting our PowerPoint for the mass.Thanks to Mr. Brett Barber and Mrs. Helen Smith for supporting our choir.

Thanks, thanks and thanks again.

praying hands

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Coordinator

Sports News - East Campus

Throughout this year Andrea Newlands has been representing St. Peter’s College in a series of Interschool Dressage (ISD) competitions. The series consisted of four rounds and has been taking place since March this year.

The series is ran by Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre and students can enter as a team or individually and Andrea was part of the Novice Senior category. If you placed in the top six at each event you received a ribbon and points were then added to the overall series.

On Saturday 21st October was Andrea’s last competition for the series and she performed exceptionally, scoring a 9.5 out of 10 in two of the categories for her dressage.  Andrea was then crowned Preliminary Senior series Champion for the entire series which is an exceptional effort.  Andrea said ‘I am extremely blessed and lucky to own such an amazing horse’. Well Done Andrea!

2017 Andrea Newlands Equestrian 01

Mrs Maltar
Sports Manager - East Campus

General Information


In preparation for the Head Start program, could parents please contact the relevant House Leader if your child is not returning to the College in 2018. The process of an exit interview and relevant documentation needs to be completed to officially withdraw students from the College. Fees will be charged until a completed exit form has been received. 

Kerrie Birrell
College Registrar

Upcoming Events

28 OCT
TBC HPV Casey Fields

30 OCT
Art & Technology Exhibition - East

31 OCT
Year 9 Camp 2 - West
SWAC Year 7 East Campus
SWAC Year 7 West Campus
VCE Study Skills - West
Year 7 2018 Information Evening - East

01 NOV
Exams Year 12
VCE Study Skills - East

02 NOV
House Forum Leaders Speeches & Voting
Pastoral Period
SIS Junior Sport

03 NOV
House Forum Leaders Interviews
Campus Tour - West
SIS Intermediate Sport
Friday Detention

04 NOV
VCE Performance & Oral Exams Conclude


Parents & Friends Committee

2018 Compulsory Uniform Changes The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per Term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Tuesday 14th November, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm - 9.00 pm St. Peter’s College East Campus
Administration Centre, MacKillop Way, Clyde North

2017 Marisa Joyce

GUEST SPEAKER  –  Miss Marissa Joyce
B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed.
Social Justice ‘The Way of the Lord’
Marissa joined the St. Peter's College community as a classroom teacher in 2015 and Learning Advisor for Romero House. She expanded her role to include Assistant RE Leader in 2016. 

Marissa is very passionate about Religious Education (RE) and, in particular, Social Justice advocacy.

Marissa will share your journey in teaching and in particular the work that has been undertaken over the past two years in this area in the College with you, as well as discuss the importance of offering students the opportunity to engage in social justice and how the Parents and Friends can continue to support the college in this area in the future.


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