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Issue 112  |  18 October 2017
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From our Principal

What a big week at St. Peter’s College

Year 12s Finishing Strongly

I was privileged to attend the Year 12 final at West liturgy this week. It was an opportunity to reflect and give thanks for their time at St. Peter’s College, for the friendships formed and the teachers they’ve met along the journey. It was also a time to reflect on their House and the inspiration they have gained from their patron. I have spoken already to the Year 12s about the importance of leaving a legacy and, of the importance of finishing off their schooling in a positive and respectful way. It is important that this same message is sent to the whole of the school community. It is the Year 12s celebration and the rest of the school community are required to respect that. It is also important that I reiterate the expectations surrounding the final celebrations and the consequences of non-adherence to these.

All Year 12 students have been briefed of the following non-negotiables:

  • All will respect other persons and property at all times and that nobody comes to school or a school event affected by alcohol. 

Those who cannot live up to that expectation would find themselves with all or some of the following consequences:

  • unable to sit their exams at St. Peter’s College.
  • unable to attend community celebrations like the valedictory dinner and graduation mass.
  • other consequences if necessary.  

Sometimes this response is required when somebody’s actions say to us that they don’t respect this community and don’t value what this community stands for. Having said that I have every confidence that students will be respectful and will follow these simple expectations. For Year 12 parents I extend another invitation to attend our celebratory assemblies. Please refer to previous correspondence for dates and times.

Arts and Technology Exhibition

What a wonderful ensemble of Art and Technology pieces that adorned the walls in our exhibition space at West Campus this week. It was a true celebration of the artistic, creative and technical skills of our students. There was a terrific attendance on the night of staff, students and parents who were enthusiastic in their support of our students and their work. I was at a conference of Australian Curriculum Education Leaders recently where the number one attribute identified as the most significant in developing tomorrow’s leaders was creativity. The pace of change in our world is making it difficult to predict the lifestyles and careers of the future but there is no doubt that our young people of today will be constantly asked to problem solve, innovate and imagine new ways of doing things. Creativity and a passion for lifelong learning will be important foundations for their future success. Opportunities such as this exhibition are critical to ensuring our students are provided with the encouragement to foster these essential skills. Two Principal’s Award Prizes were awarded and presented on this night, one for Art and the other Technology. Congratulations is extended to Alexandria (Sasha) Shashkoff, Year 12 Glowrey House who was awarded the Principal’s Prize for Art and Bailey East, Year 10 MacKillop House who was awarded the Principal’s Prize for Technology.

2017 Art Prize 1 01 2017 Art Prize  01





Teresa of Avila

On Monday we celebrated the feast day of St Teresa of Avila, one of our House patrons. Teresa was not just a quiet, placid saint. She had an endearing, natural quality; her life energy attracted and inspired many who were close. They admired her for both her outer charm and inner serenity. On one occasion Teresa complained to God about her mistreatment from so many different people. God replied to her saying “That is how I always treat my friends.” With good humour St Teresa replied, “That must be why You have so few friends!” At the age of 43, St Teresa decided she wanted to found a new order recommitting to the values of poverty and simplicity. She wanted to move away from her present convent which made a life of prayer more difficult. Initially her aims were greeted with widespread opposition from within the town of Avila. However, with the support of some priests, the opposition waned and she was allowed to set up her first convent. St Teresa proved to be an influential leader and founder. Although she underwent many tribulations herself, to others she stressed the importance of experiencing God’s Love. The House motto is this: “Light up the world and illuminate thy path”.

St Teresa’s life was illuminated by God and, as a result, her actions and positivity, also illuminated the lives of so many poor, destitute and impoverished people.
St Teresa pray for us

2017 Avila Symbol

VCAL Presentation Night

I was privileged to attend the VCAL presentation night at West this week. It was inspiring to listen to the second year VCAL students present to both staff and parents of learnings throughout the year. This was a formal and final assessment with their presentation piece required to be of 10-15 minutes duration. VCAL provides a unique skill-set including a vocational pathway to the next stage of their work/study journey. It was wonderful to see how the students confidently presented and the manner in which they showed pride in their achievements. Congratulations to all students and a sincere thanks to the wonderful team of staff that supported them in that journey. 

2017 VCAL Presentation 012017 VCAL Presentation 1 01






Congratulations Kay Bannan

We were presented with a wonderful image this week of Kay having a round of golf with none other than Greg Norman this week. Kay’s golfing talents have been described in these pages before but having a hit of golf with Greg Norman must rate for Kay as one of her proudest achievements to date.
Congratulations Kay

2017 Greg Norman and Kay Bannan 01

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

Be not afraid as graduation practice begins.

As the excitement builds and the reality of the end of Year 12 starts to sink in, it was a fun and joyous occasion as singing practice commenced for the Year 12s this week. The task was to sing our College song; Be not afraid, with confidence, pride and joy. The Year 12 students will continue their rehearsals for both the graduation assembly, and mass through this week. Please note the times for these events are listed again for your convenience. We are very much looking forward to sharing with parents these wonderful occasions, especially the Mass and Valedictory Dinner. I have also included in this week’s newsletter some useful websites to support both parents and students navigate their way through the weeks ahead leading up to and including the exams and importantly those weeks that follow the release of ATAR scores and university or TAFE placement offers. It is critical that students stay healthy, get plenty of rest, exercise and eat well in order to be in the best possible physical and mental health as they journey through what can be a stressful yet exciting time.  

2017 graduation practice

2017 graduation practice 1 01

Schoolies – how to be safe, wise and still have fun… Great advice from 
Leading Senior Constable David Smith from the Casey Proactive Policing Unit.

Year 12 students were presented a very informative and critical discussion on the topic of schoolies, how to have fun, be safe and look after each other. Invaluable advice from Leading Senior Constable David Smith, who along with his partner Mark Alabaster have supported our young people throughout the year running seminars and discussions on very topical and critical issues such as Schoolies, safe partying and road trauma. We are very blessed to have a great relationship with The Casey Proactive Policing Unit. The police do amazing and difficult work within our society and we cannot present better role models than police officers such as David and Mark. We thank them most sincerely for their time, advice and guidance throughout the year.

2017 schoolies  01

2017 schoolies 1 01

For tips on Surving the Now and After Year 12 please click here

Graduation Assembly: Tuesday 24th October at the College starting at 11.30am
Graduation Mass: Tuesday 24th October at St Agatha’s Church – please arrive no later than 5.45pm  
Valedictory Dinner: Tuesday 24th October at the Cranbourne Turf Club: 7pm  

Health and Physical Education Week @ East 

One of the highlights of the school year is the Health and Physical Education Week run by the ever energised HPE team lead by Sarah Slykerman.  Below is just a sample of what the team achieved this week so far…

This week started with a bang at the East campus as Health and Physical Education week kicked off. At lunch, Miss Stewart and Miss McClelland lead some enthusiastic students in a few matches of table tennis. Staff also showed their competitive side with the Avila/ Assisi House Leaders taking on Romero/MacKillop House Leader and Learning Advisors. It was a friendly match and there was some competitive team spirit exhibited by all, with Glowrey House taking out the win. 

Surf Life Saving Victoria came to the College period 5 on Monday to speak to our Year 9 students as a follow up to the Aquatics Program and in preparation for the upcoming Year 9 Surf Camp. Students were shown strategies to use when faced with difficult water situations such as a rip, when someone needs assistance in the water and that despite being a confident swimmer, it is always best to call for help when faced with danger. These strategies are useful in all water situations, and should be discussed together as a family as we head into the hot weather.

Tuesday was again, another busy day for students with Yoga being offered at recess by Mrs Barrett in the DC, where it was nice and cool. This gave a moment of peace, restfulness and mindfulness to what can be a busy time of the year. Staff embraced the opportunity to join the students and relaxed in the air conditioned environment in order to recharge. This was followed by the House versus House Mine Field Challenge. MacKillop turned out with a strong team and took out the win, despite some energetic competition. The students travelled through a field of mines blindfolded, hoping to make it to the other side guided by their partner. Most had success, but we may have lost a few along the way in the battle field. 

It has been fantastic to see students and staff embracing the events on offer as tomorrow marks half way for our Health and PE week. We still have a range of activities to come on Wednesday including AFL clinics, Thursday will see Mrs Maltar's Meta- Fit Madness before school, Beastmode offered by the Year 10 Health students as part of their community health projects and the annual Staff versus Students Netball. Friday will be our final day which will see Beastmode offered by Mr S, accompanied by the Humanities and Languages Day activities which will also get students and staff moving. We look forward to seeing as many participants as possible at these events with more House points up for grabs and some great prizes for students too.    (Ms Sarah Slykerman)

2017 HPE Week

2017 HPE Week 1

Have a wonderful, productive and energetic week.

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Year 9 Camps

Our first Year 9 camp headed off to Anglesea for four days of water based activities and a program designed to assist personal development and build strong relationships between students and staff.  The weather has certainly improved at the right time of the year for this initial group of students.

I would like to thank our Pastoral Care Leader, Miss Fiona McKenna for her organisation of the camp program and Mr Gerard Brown (Augustine House Leader) for leading the first group.  The next group of Year 9 students will leave on Tuesday, 31 October.

Year 12 Students

As the Year 12 students draw to the conclusion of their formal secondary schooling, I remind all to remain focussed on the task at hand and ensure that they remain committed to studying for examinations until the end.   It is easy to start relaxing too soon and squandering the good work done over such a long period of time.  

This week the Year 12 students have, in addition to their normal class timetable, completed an exit survey, practised for the final assembly and graduation mass and participated in a final liturgy in the chapel.  

I present the program for next week so that parents can see what is on the agenda and are reminded that they are invited to the final assembly and BBQ.  Please ensure you have notified the office if you are coming to this for catering purposes.

Wednesday 25th October - Year 12 Graduation Mass & Valedictory Dinner

Period 1: Normal Classes (50 mins)
10.00 am Period 2: House Assemblies (House farewell to Yr 12s)
11.00 am RECESS
11. 20 am Period 3:  CAMPUS ASSEMBLY (parents invited)
12.30 pm: BBQ on soccer pitch (parents invited), students to leave by 1.00 pm          
Graduation Mass: Arrive St Agatha’s 5.45 for 6pm Mass 
Valedictory Dinner: Arrive Cranbourne Turf Club 7.00 for 7.30pm dinner.

We look forward to joining parents to celebrate this wonderful occasion of your child completing their secondary schooling at St. Peter’s College.

Political & Ethical Debate Within Our School

Two contentious issues that are dominating Australian media right now are the same-sex marriage vote and the bill to legalise assisted dying for terminally ill Victorians.  Many students will be curious about these contentious political issues – but the question seems to have arisen as to if it is really a school’s place to facilitate discussion?  It is a strange question for me as a teacher of Year 12 Ethics where to avoid these issues would be like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.  

On 25 September, “The Educator” reported on the thoughts of Omékongo Dibinga, who is a professor of cross cultural communication.  He often speaks to students around the world about a range of subjects, and states that schools should definitely be encouraging students to get involved with political issues.

“We don’t want drones,” says Professor Dibinga. “We want students who feel empowered to speak about political issues of the day, not completely ignorant.”

If teachers are required to discuss a controversial issue, then Dibinga says that we must work to make our classroom a safe space where students feel comfortable sharing their views.  At St. Peter’s College, it is not sufficient to tell our students to “Be Not Afraid” but we have to help create the environment where they can live out motto.

“Teachers must let students know that expressing their opinion won’t affect their grade,” says Dibinga. “I remember a student once said that she learned exactly what she can and cannot talk about in a particular class on the very first day of class!” 

It is important that teacher’s encourage critical thinking.  We need to present factual sides of the debate and encourage them how to think not necessarily what to think and then hope that they make an informed decision.

“Teachers must pose their questions and comments in a way that inspires critical thinking in their students, not indoctrination,” he said. “If it turns into indoctrination, students will just feel as if they just have to regurgitate what the teacher says in order to pass a test.”  

As a Catholic school we will always unapologetically present the Catholic Church’s teaching relevant to political and ethical issues.  An informed decision requires students to also have knowledge of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church.  Our mission is to teach the faith.  Our hope is that many students will also share our belief in this faith.  This approach has been particularly important in my Year 12 Ethics class throughout the year.  I am pleased at how maturely our students have discussed and written on some of these contentious issues.

Goodbye to Paper Forms, Hello CareMonkey!

At the start of 2018 St Peter’s College will be utilizing a market leader in Excursion eForms to facilitate more timely and efficient communication about camps, retreats, excursions, and student medical details. Parents should expect to receive a request to update their contact details as well as an email shortly after from a company called CareMonkey, as such it is important that we have up-to-date email contact information. We will be providing parents additional information and support over the coming months regarding CareMonkey.

What is CareMonkey?

CareMonkey helps organisations with a duty of care know exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency. CareMonkey lets you securely share life saving information with trusted organisations. Just create a Care Profile, then sign medical and consent forms online with ease.

Who owns my data?

The personal profile data you enter is owned and controlled by you. You can grant and revoke access at any time. CareMonkey does not share your data with any other group or individual without your consent. 

To learn more about Care Monkey, please click here.

2017 care monkey



West St Peter

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching


Last year St. Peter's College undertook our first full HEADSTART program in which all year levels advanced to the next year towards the end of Term 4. The resounding success of this program and positive feedback from both staff and parents will see us undertake our HEADSTART Program again in 2017.

On Tuesday 21st November each student will advance to their 2018 year level, they will have their 2018 Timetable and will commence studies in all subjects. Last year I was excited to see the pride in students as they advanced to their next year level. For Year 12 students, this early start of the novel gave students more time to fully understand the concepts developed in “No Sugar”. For staff, having a class list and knowledge of students before the holidays allows for thoughtful lesson planning and a better understanding of student needs.

Parents can be assured that students will not be watching videos to fill time but will be undertaking meaningful study in all subject areas. This means that there is an expectation that all students will attend during HEADSTART. Please remember that every day matters and that each time a student is absent from class an opportunity is lost.

Subject Changes 

The additional benefit of HEADSTART is that any subject changes can be addressed prior to the Christmas holidays. As explained in the Subject selection period, the College uses student subject selection to determine the timetable and staff each year. Therefore subject changes are very limited at this late stage.

Students are advised to commence in their HEADSTART classes for the first week. If, for extraordinary reasons they need to change students should collect a subject change form from their House Leader and have the necessary discussions with Careers advisors, Curriculum team personnel and House Leaders.

Once all signatures are collected all forms should be sent to the Front Office no later than Monday 4th December 2017. Students may only attend their new classes once a new Timetable has been printed. 

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

Religious Education News

Magical Moorna

I am pleased to announce that numbers for this new subject have been fully subscribed for 2018.

The subject is available for students in Year's 10 and 11 and has a musical/choral/scripture focus.The subject in some ways maybe described as our liturgy class for the College, Students will study scripture music and songs appropriate to upcoming events.

It is our intention to add new dimensions to our College assemblies and events, imparticular our liturgies. Our fortnightly mass will be a direct beneficiary of this new subject.

The new subject will start in November and we are confident it will make its impact in our final liturgies this year.

Find a time to pray in silence

Being silent in prayer requires a great deal of trust. Many of us are used to being in control, and the very idea of surrendering to a posture of listening and waiting can be difficult.

Discernment requires listening. If you are trying too hard to fix or understand something, it can help to let God be God. Take some time out to pray.  Spend time in meditative or even contemplative prayer. God speaks to us, as he did to Elijah, in a whisper. To hear that, we need to turn down the noise, both external and internal, in our lives.  

praying hands


Roger Hampson
Assistant RE Coordinator, East Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

DEAR PARISHIONERS, Last weekend the Italian Rosary Group celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a Mass and procession in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary, congratulations and thank you to everyone involved. The month of October is dedicated to the Rosary and a reminder that this prayer is one of the great gifts, I hope and pray that the Rosary may be ever more loved and prayed within our families and Parish. A wonderful night was had last Tuesday evening with guest speakers from Divine Mercy Publications Australia, including our parishioner Noel Rode. Thank you to the Divine Mercy Prayer group for hosting the night. HSI Discipleship school started on Friday evening and will meet every Friday. God bless you. Fr Joseph 

CONGRATULATIONS: To St Agatha’s parish Italian Rosary Group on celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a Mass in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary with over 250 people attending last weekend. The Italian Rosary Group meet in the Church every Thursday at 10.00am to recite the Rosary, the Litany of the Virgin Mary and other prayers in Italian. Thank you to everyone involved especially Filomena & Teresa for all their hard work in making this day a great success. 

SPECIAL COLLECTION FOR CATHOLIC MISSION will be taken up next weekend to support of our priests, brothers and sisters working with the poor and vulnerable of the world. Envelopes are available in the foyer. This year’s theme: “Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give will never thirst again” Jn 4:14 For more info go to http://www.catholicmission.org.au 

OUR BUSINESS MANAGER will be giving a parish financial update at each of the Masses over the next couple of weeks. 

ANNUAL ROSARY & BLESSING OF THE GRAVES at Cranbourne Cemetery will take place on Sunday 5th November at 1.30pm. 

KEYBOARD OR ORGANIST needed for 9.00am Mass to play 1st & 2nd Sundays of the month and 5th Sunday when occurring. Contact Sr Lucy on 5996 1985. 

UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF THE BIBLE: Group A 1st & 3rd , Sunday and Group B 2nd & 4th Sunday at 7.30pm – 8.30pm in the Parish Hall.

VOICE FOR LIFE MEMBERS will be praying and fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays for the institution of Marriage to remain as God’s design. We will be at the Chapel on Friday mornings for an hour of Adoration before Mass, if anyone would like to join us.

THURSDAY EVENING MASS focuses on a special intention of the week, praying for different needs within our families, parish and the wider community. Intentions for the month of October:19th for the Protection of Family & Marriage and 26th for those born in October.

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: Meeting next Tuesday 24th October at 7.30pm in the Parish Office. 

PARISH FINANCE COUNCIL: Meeting next Thursday 26th October at 7.30pm in the Parish Office. 

REFORMATION 500: Ecumenical Commemoration of the Quincentenary of the reformation. A day of ecumenical prayer, Tuesday 31 st October 9.30am Morning Prayer at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Kay St, Traralgon, 12 noon Liturgy of Remembrance & 7.00pm Vespers at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Kay Street, Traralgon. Refreshments served after all services. All are warmly welcome! See notice board for more info 

SYRO-MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS presents Rex Band, live in Australia Saturday 11th November. Celebrate Jesus Plenary, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Wharf. See notice board for more details. 

WELCOMER’S: please collect your new roster for the table in the foyer. 

MASS OF THE ANGELS: Annual Mass will be on 17th November at 7.30pm. This special Mass is for all those that have suffered the loss of an infant due to stillbirth, miscarriage or sids. Please put this date in your diary and tell others about it. More information coming in the next weeks. 

St Agatha's Parish


St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

THANK YOU Fr Tony Spierings for celebrating our weekend Masses while Fr Denis is away. Fr Denis and parishioners of St Thomas the Apostle wish you well.

CATHOLIC MISSION SUNDAY Appeal helps support catholic missions around the world. In Pope Francis’ World Mission Message, he reminds us all that mission is at the heart of our faith. Envelopes will be available next week at all weekend Masses. Please support generously. More information can be found at http://www.catholicmission.org.au

DOCTOR ASSISTED SUICIDE: The Victorian Government has now introduced Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill to parliament. The Bishops of Victoria encourage the Catholic community to make their voices heard by writing a short letter to Mr Jude Perera MP, and asking him to vote against it. You will find the letter from the Bishop in this bulletin along with the address of Mr Jude Perera.

VATICAN YOUTH SURVEY FOR 2018 SYNOD OF BISHOPS: The international survey of youth is being undertaken in preparation for the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. We extend an invitation to post-school youth to complete the Vatican survey at:  please click here The data from this survey will be provided directly to the Fifteenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops next year and will be the only International survey conducted.  This survey is in addition to the survey of youth undertaken by the ACBC earlier this year. This survey is an opportunity for young people to communicate, express and recount who they are and what they want to say about themselves.

VOICE FOR LIFE MEMBERS: will be praying and fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays for the Institution of Marriage to remain as God’s design. We will be at St Agatha Chapel on Friday mornings for an hour of Adoration before before Mass. For more information contact St Agatha’s Parish Office on 5996 1985. 

MASS OF THE ANGELS: This annual Mass at St Agatha’s Church will be on 17th November at 7.30pm. This special Mass is for all those that have suffered the loss of an infant due to stillbirth, miscarriage or SIDS. Please tell others about this Mass. More information coming soon.

CELEBRATE JESUS: The St Thomas Syro-Malabar parish invites all parishioners to an evening with Rex Band on Saturday 11th November 6.30pm at Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf. For tickets or information contact Derin – 0421 504 073, Mathews – 0421 320 318 or Soni – 0433 441 110.

PREPARATION FOR SACRAMENTS 2018: From next year, St Thomas the Apostle Parish will be conducting the preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation, separately from St Agatha’s Parish. We ask all families whose children are not in St Thomas the Apostle Primary School, and who wish to prepare for these sacraments to please register at the parish office during the next month so that we have a clear idea as to how many children will be involved. 

CATECHISTS REQUIRED: If you are able to the assist children who are preparing for their sacraments as a catechist, please contact the parish office.

EXTRA SUNDAY MASS: This will begin on Sunday 26th November. From that weekend, our Masses will be on Saturday at 6.00pm, and on Sunday at 9.00am and at 10.45am. Baptisms will be celebrated at 12.00 Noon. All parishioners who are active on liturgy rosters please indicate to parish council members at Mass, or to the parish office, which Mass they wish to attend from 26th November so that new rosters can be prepared. 

2016 St Peter\'s image East

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Mind Matters @ St. Peter's College



Dear Parents, 
A couple of great opportunities are coming up for parents wanting some input in terms of being a parent and / or looking after your own well being.
These initiatives have come to us from local schools in my Wellbeing  Network.

All are welcome to attend .

Parenting Your Teenager

Details are:
30th of October
Berwick College Performing Arts Centre

The guest speaker, Dr Christiane Klehoe, is the creator of a program for parents that focuses on the emotional connection between a parent and a child. There is also an opportunity to ask questions of a panel after her presentation.
I’ve attached the flyer to this email and the registration link is below.

Please click here

Mindfulness  For Parents

Discovery College is running a series of workshops for Parents in Mindfulness.

What is the Discovery College?

Discovery College Australia is funded by the Federal Government and operates through Alfred Health and Headspace. It’s a place where people come together to learn from each other, share experiences and reach a new understanding of mental health. Their courses are created by people with varied experiences in mental health, who share their knowledge of what works. Every course is developed and delivered equally by both people with lived experience of mental health issues and health experts, and participants also have their say about what they want to learn. People from all sorts of backgrounds take part, young people, clinicians and learning specialists. It’s a new way of learning about mental health – it’s relaxed, everyone is equal and there are no rights or wrongs. By getting involved you can discover how to take action to be who you are, what you want from life, and what actually works to help you and others stay mentally healthy.

The first workshop will be on Mindfulness and will run over 4 weeks on the 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd November from 4pm-6pm at the Berwick TEC (flyer attached). We hope to expand the workshop offerings next year to include other courses. If you know any students who might like to attend or would like to attend yourself, please fill in an enrolment form and send it to the Discovery College.

Spaces are limited to around 20 people

If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me 

Paul Roberts
Student Wellbeing | Berwick College
Mrs Anita Carter
Student  Wellbeing  Leader
St. Peter's College


Swinburne University - Try a Trade (Wantirna) 20th November 2017 

The four-day Try a Trade program is an ideal introduction into a rewarding career in the building and construction industry. The program is suitable for school leavers, those who are unemployed, those looking to change careers and recent migrants.  The cost is $25 for the 4 days.

Delivered by trade professionals, the program provides the opportunity to understand the requirements for a career in a range of trades and what it’s like to be a tradie before committing to a full-time training course.

During the taster program you will learn basic skills that will help you to develop an understand of the wide range of work skills required in trades occupations.

Location: Student HQ, Building WA Swinburne University of Technology 369 Stud Road  Wantirna

Details and Registration: Click here

ADFA Applications Open Now
Applying for ADFA is a competitive, dual application process that can take up to 12 months. It's preferable you apply in Year 11, but you can still apply in Year 12.
Applications for 2018 Year 12 Students (for 2019 entry) close at the end of February 2018. Click here to apply

Tips to take the stress out of starting uni click here

Lightmare Studios Information Session

A 12 month School Based Traineeship is available through Lightmare Studios for students interested in Games Development.  Students would attend Chisholm-Frankston one a week to complete the training and commit to 2 x 3.5hr shifts per week.  Students are paid for their time at work.  An information session will be held on Friday 27th October from 1.40 pm, at the WEST campus in the Library Seminar Room 2 (downstairs).  Details about the EAST Campus session will be released shortly.


Tue 17 October
Chisholm Open Night

Wed 18 October

Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College Info Session
Defence Jobs Info Session
Monash Extension Info Evening

Thu 19 October
RMIT Trades Tour
Engineering Employment Market Update Webinar
Defence Jobs Info Session

Fri 20 October
Federation University Year 12 Scholarship Applications Close

Sat 21 October
Le Cordon Bleu Open Day 

Mon 23 October
Deakin: Inspired Minds
Defence Jobs Info Session
VU Bachelor of Dermal Sciences Info Session

Melissa Dillion 
Careers Coordinator - West Campus


Art & Technology Exhibition

St. Peter's College Cranbourne - East Campus


6.45pm Doors Open & Live Performances begin

7.30pm Awards

Come along and Enjoy Live Music, Food, Technology and Art all in one place.

2017 art & technology - jessica hogan

Artist - Jessica Hogan

Kirsty Molesworth - Art Coach

VET Project Outdoor Tables for Sale

For Sale
VET Project  Outside Tables

Very Solid and made of Cypress Pine. 
2500 X 1600 Seats 8 Adults

2017 VCAL Table Pic.3

2017 VCAL Table Pic.2

2017 Wooden Table

$350 less than the Timber costs us.

Contact Mr Collings VET Department

Year 7 2019 Information Evening

Campus Tours & Year 7 2019 Information Evenings

Developing the skills today to thrive in tomorrows world.....
Innovation surrounds us.. technology drives us further.. we live globally.. opportunities abound.. for those who are ready
Help your child 'be ready' at St. Peter's College

Equipping your child now demands innovative teaching, a broad curriculum and more than ever - a focus on natural gifts and career aspirations

Campus Tour with the focus on our Learning & Teaching Program will be led by our students at the conclusion of the information sessions.

West Campus
Wednesday 18th October, 2017
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start Approx finish 8.30 pm

East Campus
Tuesday 31st October, 2017 
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start Approx finish 8.30 pm

Please use links below, phone or email the College for further information.

Book Campus Tour please click here:

Book Information Night please click here:

Ready to complete an Enrolment Application Form please click here:

2017 Coffey Building 2

Mrs Kerrie Birrell
St. Peter's College Registrar
Email: registrar@stpeters.vic.edu.au
Phone: 03 5990 7777 

Parents & Friends Committee

2018 Compulsory Uniform Changes The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per Term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Tuesday 14th November, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm - 9.00 pm St. Peter’s College East Campus
Administration Centre, MacKillop Way, Clyde North

2017 Marisa Joyce

GUEST SPEAKER  –  Miss Marissa Joyce
B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed.

Social Justice ‘The Way of the Lord’
Marissa joined the St. Peter's College community as a classroom teacher in 2015 and Learning Advisor for Romero House. She expanded her role to include Assistant RE Leader in 2016. 

Marissa is very passionate about Religious Education (RE) and, in particular, Social Justice advocacy.

Marissa will share your journey in teaching and in particular the work that has been undertaken over the past two years in this area in the College with you, as well as discuss the importance of offering students the opportunity to engage in social justice and how the Parents and Friends can continue to support the college in this area in the future.

18 OCT

VCE Study Hub - East
Year 7 2018 Information Evening - West

19 OCT

Pastoral Period
SIS Junior Sport

20 OCT

Humanities & Languages Festival - East
Campus Tour - East Campus
SIS Intermediate Sport
Friday Detention

21 OCT

Saturday Morning Uniform Shop Opening

23 OCT

Year 12 Staff Morning Tea West
Year 12 Staff Lunch East

24 OCT

Year 12 Final Day Assembly - East
Graduation Mass St Agatha's - East
Valedictory Dinner - East

25 OCT
Year 12 Final Day Assembly - West
Graduation Mass St Agatha's - West
Valedictory Dinner - West

26 OCT
SIS Junior Sport
2018 College Captains East & West Photography

27 OCT
Humanities & Languages Festival - West
SIS Intermediate Sport

28 OCT
TBC HPV Casey Fields

30 OCT
2018 House Leaders & Captains Photography
Art & Technology Exhibition - East

31 OCT

Year 9 Camp 2 - West
SWAC Year 7 East Campus
SWAC Year 7 West Campus
VCE Study Skills - West
Year 7 2018 Information Evening - East

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