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Issue 111  |  11 October 2017
Featured Story
From our Principal

Welcome back to Term 4

Year 12s – the final countdown

Where has the year gone? 

As all are welcomed back to the commencement of Term 4 our attention turns very much to our Year 12s as they enter into the final stages of 13 years of education. It is a wonderful achievement. This week I have spoken to our Year 12s at both campuses about ensuring their final days are productive and not only this but also that it is an opportunity to ensure the legacy they leave is positive, respectful and one where gratitude is central in their reflections and behaviours. Whilst the rest of the student population were enjoying a well-earned break, our Year 12s were working through a series of practice examinations in readiness for the real things in only a few weeks’ time. We wish them well for the weeks ahead.

Staff Spirituality Day

Day one of Term 4 was, for all staff, a spirituality day. Providing such reflection days is imperative in ensuring we grow as a community in our understanding of the significance of enhancing our Catholic identity. Fr Elio Capra unpacked for us the key question, “What makes a school Catholic - The Mission of a Catholic School". Fr Elio focussed his presentations around Jesus Christ as the centre-point of our existence, surrounded by four key pillars: gospel, community and communion, prayer and worship, service and mission. Other key messages included: the significance of the cross and the connection this has with new life; and, through Eucharist we receive Christ and commit to striving to be Christ in our thought, word and action. His final message to us all was that we as a staff are the face of Christ to our students. It was a challenging and thought-provoking day, one I am sure that will contribute to a greater understanding of the unique role staff play as Catholic educators.

2017 spirituality

Assisi Feast Day

This week we celebrated the feast day of St Francis of Assisi. One of our patron house names, St Francis was synonymous with caring for the poor and impoverished. His story is remarkable. He was raised as a rich and wealthy person who loved to party and who shunned responsibility for much of his formative years. Like many of our saints, Francis had a conversion moment after an interaction with God. From that moment he dedicated his life to “repairing the Church”. He did this by striving tirelessly to support the needs of the outcast, the poor and the downtrodden. St Francis was a very humble man who founded the Franciscan order. There is much in his story that we can be inspired about.

2017 st francis of assisi

Japan Trip

We welcomed back our staff and students from their cultural immersion experience to Japan this week. The reports back indicated a wonderful learning experience was had by all. Having experienced this same trip last year and witnessing the impact the trip had in respect to the growth and confidence students gained, even taking into account it occurs over such a short period of time, it is a fantastic opportunity. We look forward to hearing of their adventures and experiences in the coming weeks. We wish Naomi Hind all the best as she commences her long term stay with Sapporo Seishu High School. Naomi will return to us at the beginning of the academic year 2018. My thanks again is extended to the staff who attended this year’s experience, Yolanda Bonica and Andrew Mitchell as well as our Student Exchange Co-ordinator Ms Olimpia Rosenblum.

2017 Japan Trip Pic.2

Health and PE Week

Next week the PE and Health department will co-ordinate a number of activities to recognise the importance of physical activity and health. Australia has an extremely poor record in relation to the health of its citizens. This includes an extremely high incidence of cardio-vascular disease as well as high rates of obesity and diabetes. Add this to a nation where the number of adults and children fall under the National standards in relation to their weekly physical activity output and it paints a pretty bleak picture. We look forward to seeing both staff and students getting involved with the activities and programs on offer.

st peters day

An Invitation

Two other significant events occur next week. The first is the West Campus Art and Technology Exhibition opening night to be held on Monday night in the hall. All welcome. We look forward also to the VCAL project evening where this year’s cohort of VCAL students have the chance to showcase their talents and the projects they have been working on throughout the year.

2017 CE VCAL Cafe Pic.2

Reminder: The Year 7 2018 Parent Information evening will be held next Wednesday, October 18th at 6pm for a 6.30pm start.

Winners – SIS Debators (East Campus)

Congratulations to the Intermediate SIS Debating team who won their section in the SIS debating competition. Debating for the Negative, the team of Anna Andronis, Awur Athiu and Emily Wooten won the debate over Woodleigh Grammar successfully arguing that Australia should not increase the level of funding currently allocated for foreign aid. Congratulations to our students and the staff that supported them along the way.

2017 debating grand final

Enjoy the week ahead.

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

Welcome back as Term 4 begins.

All too quickly the holidays have come and gone. As we move into the new term with hopefully a renewed energy and determination to embrace the opportunities and challenges that will present throughout the term. Sunshine and daylight savings heralds longer days and a sense of having more time in which to do more. Therefore let this term be the term of doing more. For our Unit 3 & 4 students this term is all too short but they perhaps have the biggest task of doing more, in preparation for their final VCE examinations.

The key to doing or achieving more is effective time management. The term will also be busy for all students with many activities including:

  • The fun and competition of the 2018 Rosemary Graham Shield beginning with House Activities
  • Health and Physical Education Week starts on the 16th October
  • The Year 8 Humanities and Languages Day 
  • Year 9 camp – always an amazing adventure 
  • Art  & Technology Exhibition
  • SWAC and pastoral activities throughout the term

And of course we will farewell our Year 12 students with a Graduation Assembly, Mass and Valedictory Dinner. The program for the Year 12 students is outlined below for quick reference.

The program has been constructed to have minimal disruption to student learning and scheduled class time. It is important that all Year 12 students remain active, engaged and present for all classes until their final day at the Campus on Tuesday 24th October.

After formal classes finish, Year 12 students are encouraged to continue to seek support and guidance from their subject teachers via email and arrange schedule times to come into school to meet with their teachers and or use the Discovery Centre as a venue for private study.

It is vital that our Year 12 students fully utilise all resources available to them right up until their final examinations.

Whilst this is a special and exciting time for our Year 12 students and parents, it can also be a difficult and even stressful time.

Please be reassured that we the Leadership, House Leaders, subject teachers and all of the support staff at the Campus will continue to support, encourage, and assist in any way we can to ensure that this time is a most memorable and productive experience for your sons and daughters. 

Study Tour to Japan

Students from both the East and West campuses participated in another successful study tour to Japan at the end of Term 3 and into the holidays. A whirlwind 7 days was spent exploring many of the major sights of Tokyo, Hiroshima and Kyoto. Highlights included receiving fortunes at the temple in Asakusa (many lucky ones were received); seeing the views of Tokyo from the Tokyo Skytree; shopping and sightseeing during an approaching typhoon; exploring the island of Miyajima; walking through the pitch black darkness of a temple at Kiyomizudera in Kyoto; and doing karaoke for too many hours. Of all the adventures had, the most memorable for the students was the time spent on home-stay at our sister school, Sapporo Seishu High School, on the northern island of Hokkaido. The students were able to create long-lasting friendships with their host families and enjoyed the experience of participating in normal Japanese life. Before coming home, we farewelled Naomi Hind (Year 10, West Campus) who will stay at Sapporo Seishu High School until December participating in Japanese school life as a normal student. We wish her the best of luck on this adventure and hope that many more Japanese students may join in this experience in 2018.
2017 Japan Trip Pic.1

Yr 12 East Term 4 Program - 2017

Week 1: Tues 10/10          

  • Principal’s Outline of Expectations 

Week 2: Mon 16/10          

  • Student Exit Survey 
  • Assembly practice & Graduation Mass practice 

Tues 17/10         

  • Year 12 SWAC Presentation (Dave Smith - Cranbourne Police on Safe Partying/Schoolies)

Week 3: Mon 23/10       

  • Period 1 & 2 Centrelink presentation  
  • Assembly and Graduation Mass practice & liturgy 
  • Staff – Student morning tea. 

Tues 24/10 Final Day- Yr 12 Graduation Mass and Dinner

  • House Assembly (House farewell to Yr 12s)
  • 11.35am CAMPUS ASSEMBLY (parents invited)
  • 12.40pm BBQ at Coffey Centre (parents invited)
  • students to leave by 1.00 pm 

**Graduation Mass: Arrive St Agatha’s 5.45 for 6pm Mass (students must be at the church at 5.45pm)

**Valedictory Dinner: At the Cranbourne Turf Club: 7.00 for 7.30pm dinner

From Wed 25/10:  STUDY and Exams 

Building & Landscaping update @ East

The Year 9 Learning Centre – Time to look inside:

I have included photographs of the progress of the interior of the Year 9 Learning Centre which highlight the dimensions and scope of this unique project. From a super-science laboratory to a tiered lecture hall.

The Learning Centre building is now at lock up stage and with most of the plastering completed the unique innovativeness of its design and function are starting to emerge. The cabinetry and painting are progressing well with carpet and fixture installations beginning this week.

The building will also be powered up within the next fortnight. The Learning Centre is now starting to truly occupy its space within the Campus and holds the promise of hosting exciting and inspiring learning experiences for our students.

2017 year 9 learning centre 1

2017 year 9 learning centre 3

2017 year 9 learning centre 2

2017 year 9 learning centre 4

Part of the Landscape project for the surrounding area of the Year 9 Learning Centre has been granted the certificate of practical completion, thereby giving students more access between buildings and a very pleasant and relaxed space in which to enjoy recess and lunchtimes.

Further work on our landscaping project will continue to move forward as the term progresses. The landscaping design is an integral part of the overall project and will facilitate more opportunity to create and extend both learning spaces and experiences. 

Finally I wish all students and parents a very happy and productive Term 4. 

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Final Year 12 Assembly

Parents are reminded that the last day for Year 12 students on the West Campus is Wednesday, 25 October. Letters have been sent home informing you of the details and inviting you to join us at the assembly and the BBQ luncheon afterwards. Please return your reply slip urgently if you are intending to come to these events as this will assist us in providing seating and sufficient food for all.

The main celebration will be in the evening with the Graduation Mass at St Agatha’s Church and the Valedictory Dinner at the Cranbourne Racing Club immediately afterwards.

Wednesday 25th October - Year 12 Graduation Mass & Valedictory Dinner

  • Period 1: Normal Classes (50 mins)
  • 10.00 am Period 2: House Assemblies (House farewell to Yr 12s)
  • 11.00 am RECESS
  • 11. 20 am Period 3:  CAMPUS ASSEMBLY (parents invited)
  • 12.30 pm: BBQ on soccer pitch (parents invited), students to leave by 1.00 pm          
  • Graduation Mass: Arrive St Agatha’s 5.45 for 6pm Mass 
  • Valedictory Dinner: Arrive Cranbourne Turf Club 7.00 for 7.30pm dinner.

We look forward to joining parents to celebrate this wonderful occasion of your child completing their secondary schooling at St Peter’s College.


Children’s Happiness Survey

Some of the findings of the second Behind the News Kids’ Happiness Survey were released this week to coincide with World Mental Health Day.  With 46,974 children responding, this makes it the biggest survey of youth mental health and wellbeing in Australian history.  As parents and teachers I think it is worthwhile to listen not only to our children but to what the researchers have learnt from the survey.


2017 Girls Childrens Happiness Survey chart


2017 boys childrens happiness survey chart

Sleep has been identified as a key indicator of children’s happiness in a recent survey of 47,000 children across Australia.

“These results provide compelling evidence that sleep is a key indicator of child wellbeing,” said Associate Professor Lisa Gibbs, the Chair of The University of Melbourne Children’s Lives Initiative, research partners with ABC Behind the News.

“If children feel safe and secure they are more likely to be getting the right amount of sleep for their age, and if they are getting the right amount of sleep they are more likely to report feeling happy.”

Children who did not feel safe at home, at school or in their neighbourhood were 2-3 times less likely to be getting the recommended amount of sleep than their peers.

When a wider range of sleep patterns was taken into account to allow for natural variation, children who did not feel safe were 4 times more likely to have atypical sleep patterns – i.e. either not getting enough sleep or sleeping more than is recommended.

“Children who don’t get enough sleep can also struggle with behaviour, emotions, concentration and memory in the classroom,” said Dr Jon Quach, Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Children who were sleeping for the recommended hours per night were twice as likely to report feeling happy lots of the time than those children who were not sleeping for the recommended hours per night.

47% of children reported sleeping with a screen-based device in reach on at least some nights of the week and 29% of children reported their device stopped them from getting enough sleep on at least some nights during the week. This was significantly more common in older children (37% vs 27%).

“Screen time and digital devices are issues for both young people and their parents. It’s a good idea to discuss and agree on device use and rules as a family. To encourage good sleep habits, one rule could be devices stay out of bedrooms after lights out.” says Raising Children Network’s Executive Director, Associate Professor Julie Green Please click here for information 

“We have moved on from concerns about having a television in children’s bedroom to the mobility of screen devices,” said Dr Bjorn Nansen, Media and Communications program, The University of Melbourne, “But technology is evolving and in addition to disrupting sleep, mobile devices may also be used for child relaxation activities including reading, music and mindfulness applications.”

“There are many factors that influence child wellbeing including individual traits, social connections and the circumstances in which children live, learn and play,” said Associate Professor Lisa Gibbs.

  • Traditional childhood options were still identified by children as a source of happiness including friends (64%), family (60%), music (51%) and sport (52%)
  • Girls and younger children were significantly more likely to report that family, reading and artwork made them feel happy. They were also more likely to report that cooking and being outside in nature made them feel happy
  • Boys were significantly more likely than girls to report that sport and computer games made them feel happy
  • Girls and older children were significantly more likely to report that music made them feel happy
  • Many children reported that their pets made them feel happy.

McGuigan Shield

2017 Mackillop Shield 2

Congratulations to all staff and students in MacKillop and Glowrey Houses on achieving first and second places in the McGuigan Shield House Competition for 2017. It was fantastic to see the celebration MacKillop House enjoyed at Rush HQ and then back at the school in the afternoon.  

The final ladder was as follows:

2017 McGuigan Shield 11-10-2017

The competition for 2018 begins immediately this term and we look forward to Avila House organising the first event for the new season.

2017 East Statue 4

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Religious Education News

Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF)

St. Peter's College will be sending a group of students to the ACYF from December 6-10. Students from our College Student Leadership group have been extended invitations to lodge expressions of interest by the end of this week. The College sees the ACYF as an opportunity to further develop our Student Leaders.

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival is a national gathering of Catholic young people established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. It exists to provide young people with opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus, be empowered to be disciples in the world today and encounter and celebrate the vitality of the Church in Australia. The Festival will launch the Year of Youth, celebrating ten years on from hosting World Youth Day 2008.


The Festival exists to:
Provide a high quality formative and experiential opportunity for young Catholics to encounter Jesus Christ, in the context of the Catholic Church in Australia;

  • Listen to and discuss the issues and challenges in the lives of young Catholics in Australia;

  • Evangelise young people and empower them to be evangelisers;

  • Provide young people with local examples and connections of vocations, social action, liturgy and prayer, catholic music and catechesis.

It exists to provide young people with opportunities to deepen their relationship with empowered to be disciples in the world today and encounter and celebrate the vitality of the Church in Australia.

In December 2017 the Festival will launch the Year of Youth, celebrating ten years on from hosting World Youth Day 2008.

Roger Hampson
Assistant RE Leader, East Campus

Year 7 2019 Information Evening

Campus Tours & Year 7 2019 Information Evenings

Developing the skills today to thrive in tomorrows world.....
Innovation surrounds us.. technology drives us further.. we live globally.. opportunities abound.. for those who are ready
Help your child 'be ready' at St. Peter's College

Equipping your child now demands innovative teaching, a broad curriculum and more than ever - a focus on natural gifts and career aspirations
Campus Tour with the focus on our Learning & Teaching Program will be led by our students at the conclusion of the information sessions.

West Campus
Wednesday 18th October, 2017
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start Approx finish 8.30 pm

East Campus
Tuesday 31st October, 2017 
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start Approx finish 8.30 pm

Please use links below, phone or email the College for further information.

Book Campus Tour please click here:

Book Information Night please click here:

Ready to complete an Enrolment Application Form please click here:

Winter uniform

Mrs Kerrie Birrell
St. Peter's College Registrar
Email: registrar@stpeters.vic.edu.au
Phone: 03 5990 7777 

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners, We welcome staff, students and parents back to school this week, this coming Wednesday at 2.30pm, St Therese’s School will celebrate the Feast Day with a whole school Mass at St Therese’s school. Parishioners and parents are invited to attend. A guest speaker will be coming to our parish this Tuesday at 7.00pm from Divine Mercy Australia, everyone welcome. Discipleship School begins this Friday at 7.00pm in the Church. God bless you. Fr Joseph.

SCHOOL OF DISCIPLESHIP: The HSI Discipleship Program this Friday 13th October at 7.00pm to 9.30pm in the Church. Please come and join us. For more information please click here.

COME JOIN US! The Brigadiers of Lourdes invite all Parishioners to take part on the 13th October celebration. “The Miracle of the Sun” the last apparition at Fatima. Starting with Adoration at 7am, Morning Prayers at 8am, Mass at 9.30am and ending with Benediction at 12noon. We conclude our 100-year Celebrations with the Brigadiers joining Australia Needs Fatima on the 14th October for a Nation Wide Public Rosary. Following the 9.30am Mass, proceeding will begin at 8am with Adoration & Morning Prayers. Ending with a talk and morning tea at the parish hall. For more details see the notice board in the foyer of contact Lorraine on 5995 8771. 

WELCOMER’S: please collect your new roster for the table in the foyer. UNLOCKING 

OCTOBER IS CATHOLIC MISSION MONTH in support of our priests, brothers and sisters working with the poor and vulnerable of the world. This year’s theme: “Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give will never thirst again” Jn 4:14 http://www.catholicmission.org.au 

VOICE FOR LIFE MEMBERS will be praying and fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays for the institution of Marriage to remain as God’s design. We will be at the Chapel on Friday mornings for an hour of Adoration before Mass, if anyone would like to join us. 

THURSDAY EVENING MASS focuses on a special intention of the week, praying for different needs within our families, parish and the wider community. Intentions for the month of October: 12th & 19th to be advised & 26th for those born in October. 

REFORMATION 500: Ecumenical Commemoration of the Quincentenary of the reformation. A day of ecumenical prayer, Tuesday 21st October 9.30am Morning Prayer at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Kay St, Traralgon, 12 noon Liturgy of Remembrance & 7.00pm Vespers at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Kay Street, Traralgon. Refreshments served after all services. All are warmly welcome! See notice board for more info.

SYRO-MALABAR EPARCHY OF ST THOMAS presents Rex Band, live in Australia Saturday 11th November. Celebrate Jesus Plenary, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Wharf. See notice board for more details. 

MASS OF THE ANGELS: Our annual Mass will be on 17th November at 7.30pm. This special Mass is for all those that have suffered the loss of an infant due to stillbirth, miscarriage or sids. Please put this date in your diary and tell others about it. More information coming in the next weeks. 

SUMMER SCHOOL MELBOURNE 7th - 14th JAN 2018: REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN! Join other young people aged 16- 35 for a powerful week of teaching, live music, sacraments, prayer, praise and guest speakers in the context of a fun and vibrant community away from the noise and distraction of the city. organized by the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community. More info: summerschool.org.au 

AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC YOUTH FESTIVAL: This 3-Day festival will be held in Sydney 7-9 December 2017. The event will attract 15,000 young people and is for young people aged Year 9 to 30 years. It’s a Catholic Festival a bit like World Youth Day! We look forward to the whole Parish Community being involved. For more information, www.acyf.org.au

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

WE WARMLY WELCOME Fr Tony Spierings to St Thomas the Apostle Parish. Fr Tony will celebrate our weekend Masses while Fr Denis is away.

PRAYER IN THE PARK: The annual “Prayer in the Public Square” will be held in Heritage Park – Selandra Blvd on Saturday 14 October from 9am to midday.  We dedicate this public celebration of our Faith together with “Australia needs Fatima” for the October Month of Prayer & Fasting for Marriage and Family Life.  Bring your own chairs, rugs, umbrella’s, etc. For more information or to offer assistance, contact Celine Jacobs on 0417 145 616.

UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF THE BIBLE: If you would like to have a deeper relationship with God and a better understanding of your faith, then join us for Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible. You will not only benefit personally from being part of this study; you will also help to bring about a profound renewal as we grow closer to Christ. St Agatha’s Parish will begin Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible - Group A 1st & 3rd Sunday starting this weekend 1st October at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall and Group B 2nd & 4th Sunday starting on 8th October. The study includes a series of eight informative and engaging half-hour videos presented by Jeff Cavins. Each video will be followed by a lively group discussion. To sign up contact the parish office on 5996 1985. Cost of material will be $25 pp.

COME JOIN US! at St Agatha’s Church. The Brigadiers of Lourdes invite all Parishioners to be part of the 13th October celebration “The Miracle of the Sun” - the last apparition at Fatima. Starting with Adoration at 7.00am, Morning Prayers at 8.00am, Mass at 9.30am and ending with Benediction at 12 noon. We conclude our 100-year Celebrations with the Brigadiers joining Australia Needs Fatima on 14th October for a Nation Wide Public Rosary ending with a talk and morning tea at the parish hall. For more details, contact Lorraine on 5995 8771.

MASS OF THE ANGELS: This annual Mass at St Agatha’s Church will be on 17th November at 7.30pm. This special Mass is for all those that have suffered the loss of an infant due to stillbirth, miscarriage or SIDS. Please tell others about this Mass. More information coming soon.

CELEBRATE JESUS: The St Thomas Syro-Malabar parish invites all parishioners to an evening with Rex Band on Saturday 11th November 6.30pm at Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Wharf. For tickets or information contact Derin – 0421 504 073, Mathews – 0421 320 318 or Soni – 0433 441 110.

PREPARATION FOR SACRAMENTS 2018: From next year, St Thomas the Apostle Parish will be conducting the preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation, separately from St Agatha’s Parish. We ask all families whose children are not in St Thomas the Apostle Primary School, and who wish to prepare for these sacraments to please register at the parish office during the next month so that we have a clear idea as to how many children will be involved. 

CATECHISTS REQUIRED: If you are able to the assist children who are preparing for their sacraments as a catechist, please contact the parish office.

EXTRA SUNDAY MASS: This will begin on Sunday 26th November. From that weekend, our Masses will be on Saturday at 6.00pm, and on Sunday at 9.00am and at 10.45am. Baptisms will be celebrated at 12.00 Noon. All parishioners who are active on liturgy rosters please indicate to parish council members at Mass, or to the parish office, which Mass they wish to attend from 26th November so that new rosters can be prepared. 

2017 East Cross

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Assisi House News

This week Assisi House celebrated the feast day of their patron, St Francis of Assisi. Despite the fact that he lived in the late-12th and early-13th century, there is still a lot that we can learn from St Francis today.
Although his early life was one of self-indulgence and excess, St Francis turned this around and became a crusader for the poor, the outcast and for the environment. He committed his life to prayer and simplicity and found happiness in this lifestyle. It is for this reason that he is the patron saint of ecology, among other things, and why our current Pope chose to take his name.

St Francis saw God in creation and in the poor who lived in the Assisi community, and this is what inspired him to carry out good works. He gathered a group of loyal followers who, like him, gave up all claims to property and material possessions. The Franciscan Order is still attracting members who want to live a similar life today.

While St Francis’ actions were revolutionary in many ways, there are still things that we can do in our own lives to show solidarity with the poor and care for the environment. There are a number of organisations that St. Peter’s College supports that you can support too.

One organisation that the St. Peter’s College staff have shown enormous support for is the toilet paper company, ‘Who Gives a Crap’. They sell ethically produced, environmentally friendly toilet paper with 50% of their profits donated to projects that support communities in need of access to sanitation and clean water. Collectively, the St. Peter’s College staff have purchased over 1200 rolls. You can also order their paper products online and have them delivered to your home or workplace.

At the end of last term a number of Year 9 RE classes collected items of clothing and other goods to be donated to the St Vincent de Paul Society as part of their unit on Catholic Social Teaching. Now is a great time to have a ‘spring clean’ around your home and donate those items that have been taking up space in the cupboard. There is a Vinnies Store opposite the Cranbourne Railway Station that would greatly appreciate donations of clothing, footwear, jewellery, CDs and DVDs, games, homewares and furniture.

Every week our students visit Willow Wood, an aged care facility in Cranbourne. The residents love these visits because they get to engage with young people and play word games and take part in different activities. In the next few weeks, check in on an elderly neighbour or someone who you know lives alone. Just spending half an hour with them will brighten their day.

MacKillop House has been working in partnership with the charity ‘Pinchapoo’ whose founder Kate Austin collects mini toiletries and bags them up to be distributed to anyone who is homeless or struggling financially. The organisation is founded on the principle that we all feel more ‘human’ when we are clean but the reality is that if you are struggling, sanitary products are not always a priority. If you have any sample sized toiletries (including those you have ‘pinched’ from a hotel) please drop them in to the office and MacKillop House will make sure that Pinchapoo receives them.

St Francis completely committed his life to living in solidarity with the poor and with nature and by doing a few simple things like those outlined above, we too can show similar care for the world around us. 

Ms Marissa Joyce
Assistant RE Leader, West Campus

Romero House News

"Walk for Mito"

This semester, the Year 10 students in Romero House, as a part of their Leadership Project, have decided to organise a Walkathon, to help raise awareness and funds for the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (AMDF).

2017 amdf

This is a way for us to give to those people who suffer from the effects of this disease, of which we have a family in Romero House.

The “Walk for Mito” Walkathon will involve all students and staff in Romero House walking around our College (West Campus), during our Pastoral Period, next Thursday October 19th.

All of us in the Romero community would like to ask you to sponsor a Romero House student for the Walkathon.

Our aim is to complete at least four circuits of the school grounds (3.5km).

This fund raising goes towards sending a group of students to the Annual AMDF Long Walk.

All monies raised will go to the AMDF in supporting Mito’ Disease research, helping sufferers and their families.

If you would like to sponsor a Romero student, either find one with a green “Walk for Mito” form or contact Lara Breen – Romero House Captain, or Mr Mark Sinclair – Romero House Leader.

If you would like any further information on the AMDF please refer to www.amdf.org.au.

Thankyou for your consideration.

2017 Romero West

Romero House


Paving path Statue

Mr Mark Sinclair 
Romero House Leader

Lara Breen (Romero House Captain)


Mind Matters @ St. Peter's College


2017 mind matters footprints

A footprint in the sand washes away at high tide, a digital footprint is there forever.

On 31st October 2017, Brainstorm Productions will be presenting the student wellbeing program.

‘Cyberia’ for Year 7 students at St. Peter’s College, East and West.

Powerful and compelling, Cyberia is a live theatre experience about cyber bullying and its devastating repercussions. Cyberia depicts two teen characters who are increasingly using social  media, gaming and ‘selfies’ to express themselves; their thoughts and feelings. In time, this takes a negative twist leading to cyber bullying and the spreading of hurtful rumours online. The characters suddenly realise they cannot simply press the ‘undo’ button to save their relationships, reputation or their dignity.  Cyberia encourages students to think carefully before they ‘post’, and offers strategies to report and recover from cyber bullying, to limit screen time and to stay safe online.

Cyberia is part of St. Peter’s College student wellbeing curriculum. The program, developed in consultation with teachers and psychologists, incorporates real-life student experiences. The methodology of the program is safe, supportive and nonjudgmental and designed to provide students with positive and useful tools that they can apply in their lives.

More than 350,000 Australian students have already benefited from Brainstorm Productions multi award-winning educational theatre programs over the past twelve months. Their programs cater to the specific wellbeing needs of students, helping to create a healthy and harmonious school environment. If you would like to know more about Brainstorm Productions, visit their website at www.brainstormproductions.edu.au

Clare Ziino
Student Welfare

Mind Matters @ St. Peter's College


2017 Stress Dump Pic.1

2017 Stressdump

Stress & Anxiety management program for Young Women aged 18-25 

Stress & Anxiety management program for Girls aged 15-17

Location: Angel Light Link – 7 Carl Court Hallam

Date: Every Tuesday (8 weeks) 24th October to 12th December 2017

Time: 4.00pm – 5.30pm (Girls aged 15-17)

Time: 11.00am – 12.30pm (Young women aged 18-25)

For more information or to make a booking, contact Angel Light Link on 9796 5054 or email info@angellightlink.org

Proudly supported by City of Casey

2017 Stress Dump Pic.3

Empowering young women to transform their well-being through support and education

Please click here for flyers - Girls aged 15-17, or Young women aged 18-25

2017 Stress Dump Pic.2

Clare Ziino
Student Welfare

Art & Technology Exhibition

St. Peter’s College Cranbourne – West Campus

Warmly invites you to our annual-


West Campus Multipurpose Hall

Monday 16 October 2017


2017 Art & Techonogy Poster

Image by Latisha Dalton, Year 12

10 OCT

Assisi House Feast Day
VCE Study Skills - West

11 OCT

VCE Study Skills - East

12 OCT

SIS Debating Finals
SIS Team Photo's West

13 OCT

CEO Year 9 Gathering
Campus Tour - West

14 OCT

HPV Casey Fields

16 OCT

Avila House Feast Day
Health & PE Week
EC Year 9 Sink or Swim Program
EC Year 9 Sink or Swim Program
Author Visit - West Campus Year 7
Art & Technology Exhibition - West

Parents & Friends Committee

2018 Compulsory Uniform Changes The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per Term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Tuesday 14th November, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm - 9.00 pm St. Peter’s College East Campus
Administration Centre, MacKillop Way, Clyde North

2017 Marisa Joyce

GUEST SPEAKER  –  Miss Marissa Joyce
B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed.

Social Justice ‘The Way of the Lord’
Marissa joined the St. Peter's College community as a classroom teacher in 2015 and Learning Advisor for Romero House. She expanded her role to include Assistant RE Leader in 2016. 

Marissa is very passionate about Religious Education (RE) and, in particular, Social Justice advocacy.

Marissa will share your journey in teaching and in particular the work that has been undertaken over the past two years in this area in the College with you, as well as discuss the importance of offering students the opportunity to engage in social justice and how the Parents and Friends can continue to support the college in this area in the future.

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