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Issue 109  |  20 September 2017
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From our Principal

It’s hard to believe that we have arrived at the end of Term 3 and three-quarters of the academic year has passed. Just around the corner we will be farewelling our Class of 2017.

Year 12 Practice Exams

Whilst for many students the next two weeks will be a time for taking a well-earned break, for our Year 12s there is no such luxury. The practice exam program is a critical revision tool, it also provides the opportunity for students to enter their exam centre and undergo the same rules, procedures and expectations that they will experience during their final examinations. This is a time for our Year 12s and Year 11 students undergoing a Unit 3 / 4 to be undertaking an extensive revision program including such things as: summary notes, flow charts, exam revision timetables, re-reading English novels, just to name a few. It’s also the time to reduce the amount of part-time work, limit the socialising and reduce the contact time with social media. Students should think of it as short term pain for longer term gain. Families can offer their support also by reducing the amount of chores and tasks they have to do around the house.

Leadership Positions 2018

Following on from last week’s announcement of the College Student Executive positions for 2018, I have great delight in announcing and acknowledging the House leaders for 2018. They are:

For East Campus

House   Male Captain Female Captain
ASSISI Aman Pilai Erin Fraser
AUGUSTINE Loic Tany Yan Wo Natasha Clayton
AVILA Rayden Jones Sheena Luthra
GLOWREY Riley Hillman Eliza Fowler
KOLBE Ethan Marinic Lara Bravo
MACKILLOP Franz Patrick Garcia Monica Ghoebriel
MARIAN Akash Perera Patricia Dy
ROMERO Bless Davies Abbie Potter


For West Campus

House Male Captain Female Captain
ASSISI Robert Basford (ASA) Dinali Perera (ASA)
AUGUSTINE Jonathan D'Rozario (AUD) Ivka Juri (AUE)
AVILA Paul Nawood (AVA) Teileah Pullen (AVB)
GLOWREY Josiah Lynch (GLB) Elizaabeth Lupeamanu (GLA)
KOLBE Brandon Smith (KLD) Ebony Scott (KLA)
MACKILLOP Lachlan Daly (MKB) Melanie Phillips (MKF)
MARIAN Dylan Wakartschuk (MAF) Sarah Hamilton (MAF)
ROMERO Mohamed Mohamed (ROD) Lara Breen (ROC)

The House Captains are critical in leading the creation of a dynamic, energy-filled and enthusiastic house spirit. This in turn can have a very positive effect, not only on a sense of belonging but also impact on a positive approach to all aspects of schooling. I endorse all the successful candidates and I look forward to seeing what impact they collectively can make to the creation of a positive school environment.

September means Footy Finals time

We celebrated the occasion this week in the form of our annual footy colours day. As a passionate paid up member of the Richmond Football club, all I can say is – “Go Tiges”. Money raised from this day has gone to the St Vincent de Paul Society. Congratulations in particular goes to the VCAL students, for their enthusiastic support of the day.

Solomon Islands Update

The group going this year is to be congratulated for the passionate and enthusiastic way they have met the challenges associated with raising funds for the college. This year the group set out to break the $20,000 dollar mark, a feat not achieved before. I have great delight in announcing that they have broken through the magical barrier. Congratulations is extended to all involved. The group travelling will have the distinct privilege of being in the Solomon Islands for the official blessing and opening of the new building which St. Peter’s College has been fund-raising for over a number of years. We are honoured that the Principal, Jackson Meke, has decided to dedicate the building by naming it St. Peter’s building.

Building Update

Speaking of buildings, just to update all with progress on our building program:

  1. Staff Administration Centre – East – work is commencing this week on the refurbishment to what will become the permanent staffroom and meeting rooms. Staff currently are in a temporary room that we have now outgrown. It is anticipated that these facilities will be completed by the end of this year.
  2. Year 9 Learning Centre – East – attention has turned to the internal spaces which is wonderful to see and hear about. This building due for completion at the end of October will be able to be used for our Year 9s of 2018 during the Headstart program
  3. Landscaping – East – the tenders have come in and currently we are working with the lowest tender to ensure we can complete this major landscape project on budget. This work is due to commence in the next fortnight.
  4. West Campus Masterplan – the masterplan was approved at the last Board meeting. It was recommended at this same board meeting that we secure Y2 Architecture to undertake Stage 1 of the masterplan, the new Arts, Media, Visual Communication precinct. A copy of the plan is attached.

2017 Map BLACC

One of the challenges still to be completely resolved is how, long term, we meet the traffic volume and associated safety concerns. This has been complicated further with the news that the Amstel precinct across the road will commence sub-division in the next year limiting some of our current use of this area for pick-up and drop-off. We continue to seek advice from our traffic management consultant on this issue.

Japan Trip

It has been wonderful to follow the travels of our group currently in Japan. This week has been about experiencing Japanese culture as they visit some of the significant sights and landmarks. Next week the group will travel to Sapporo and meet up with our sister school, Sapporo High School. Students will then be billeted with a family who will host them over 4 days. Living in a Japanese household will be a wonderful opportunity to have a lived experience of Japanese culture and further develop their language.

Enjoy the rest of the week and the holidays to come.

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

Term 3 is done – almost.

We are nearly there, end of Term is close and the holidays will be a wonderful opportunity for rest, relaxation and of course some revision for our students sitting VCE Unit 3 & 4 studies. Holidays are also a time for families to catch up. This week has been busy and productive, from House Captain elections through to footy/sports colours day. 

House Captain Speeches & Voting:

This week we saw our senior students present as candidates for House Captain. Each of the eight houses were well represented by very worthy candidates. Speeches were funny, inspiring and passionate. Students and staff were left with very difficult decisions to make as to which candidate would receive their votes.  We wish all of the candidates the very best and they will have a slightly nervous wait until results are announced at the final Term House Assembly on Thursday 21st September.

2017 Houe Captains Pic.1

2017 House Captains Pic.2

2017 House Captains Pic.3

2017 House Captains Pic.4

Flying High @ East Campus

The East Campus Year 12 Sport and Rec class took to the trees at the Enchanted Adventure Garden on Friday. They navigated five different levels of obstacle courses high above the ground and faced the ultimate test of skills, balance, strength and coordination. They climbed rope walls, crossed unstable bridges, and leapt from platforms to zipline through the trees. A fantastic end to the term for these hardworking students!

2017 Flying High Pic.1

2017 Flying High Pic.2

Performance Night.

As a part of VCE Drama, the Year 11 Drama class performed at the VCE Performance Night at the West Campus along with senior Music and Drama students. We were required to show short extracts from our Unit 2 Mini Solo performances. We combined the many performance prompts that we chose. They include The Wartime Entertainer, The Show Dog, The Migrant, The Detective and Mr Moon. Our class performed together on stage, we received many compliments and inspiring feedback to further improve our individual Mini Solos. For the Mini Solos, our Year 11 Drama class have extensively worked on writing scripts, rehearsing as well as doing a lot of editing! VCE Drama is a fun and energetic subject that I encourage all students who want to pursue acting or want to build confidence to get involved with. I give thanks to the staff and students of the West Campus, as well as Miss Williams for making this performance night possible!

2017 Performance Night

Footy – Sports Day. 

This year we decided to broaden our annual Footy Colours Day to include all sports, in an effort to increase participation in both the fund raising efforts and the activities held on the day. We were blessed the sun making an appearance just in time for the outdoor activities which included, the longest kick contest, a friendly football match, the always popular basketball events and many others. Well done to all students who participated and helped raise much needed funds for St. Vinnies. A huge thank you to all staff involved especially the Health and PE team.

2017 Footy Day Pic.1

2017 Footy Day Pic.2

2017 Footy Day Pic.3

Period 5 on the last Tuesday of Term 3 looks like……Active learning!

I often visit classes throughout the day to gain a better understanding of what learning looks like for students in different classes. This week, it was Tuesday period 5 after our footy colours day. I wondered if with all of the activities organised for this event, if the energy and concentration levels would be a little lower during the last class on the last Tuesday of term. From the photos of Maths, Integration, Humanities classes, it is very easy to see visible learning from students instructing others, to working both independently and collaboratively.

2017 Active Learning Pic.1

2017 Active Learning Pic.2

2017 Active Learning Pic.3

2017 Active Learning Pic.4

Nearly there…… I wish all students and their families a very happy and safe holiday period.                

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Footy Colours Day – Tuesday, 19 September

On Tuesday, students celebrated Footy Colours Day by wearing clothing that identified a particular sporting team that they support.

The work of VCAL students and the Student Representative Council initiated changes that aimed to make the dress for the day more inclusive and accessible for the entire student body.

The gold coin donation for the privilege of wearing footy colours meant that we raised $317.25 for the Society of St Vincent de Paul.  A number of other exciting events happened on the day through the hard work of VCAL students who took up the theme of healthy eating and lifestyle.  

A bike blender that created various flavoured smoothies blended the theme all in one and we congratulate the Electrotechnology students who built this amazing contraption. This was a combined VCAL and CSYMA student initiative.

A staff versus students dodgeball match in the Hall was well supported by spectators and provided some great entertainment. Students won the dodgeball (twice!).

Ultimate Frisbee on soccer pitch, longest kick on the oval, basketball tournament on the hardcourts and Zumba in the McGuigan computer lab were all activities in which students were able to participate.

Congratulations to our VCAL students on running some great projects and thanks to Ms Shannon Maher and Ms Louise Mansfield on their support and guidance.

2017 Footy Day CW Pic.1

2017 Footy Day Pic.2 CW

Car Safety

Our recent West Campus Master Plan recognised the problems associated with our drop off and pick up of students within the campus. The primary concern is always the safety of our students and indeed all members of the College community.  

Over the next 12 months we will be working to facilitate better and safer drop off of students and movement of vehicles within the school.

Until that time may I remind all drivers in and around the College to exercise caution and drive to the conditions.  In particular I would ask that drivers:

  1. Obey the 10 kph speed limit.
  2. Ensure they do not stop in the left hand turning lane into the College on Cranbourne-Frankston Road to let students out of the car.
  3. When dropping off or picking up students inside the school, move as far as possible into the college to ensure following cars are not queued across the intersection.

I will also remind our students of their responsibility to be careful and alert around traffic at these busy times and to use appropriate pedestrian exits and crossings.

2018 Year 12 House Leaders Process

Last week we voted on and elected our 2018 College Captains and Executive. This week we turn our attention to the election of the 2018 House Captains from the current Year 10 and 11 students.  

On Tuesday, numerous students courageously put themselves forward for the responsibility of leadership. The number of quality students that delivered intelligent and perceptive speeches is a credit to our House Leaders and Learning Advisors who have spent the past 4 or 5 years fostering the leadership skills in your children. It is also a wonderful reflection on our parent body to see the maturity and selfless qualities in so many of our young adults.

The successful candidates will be announced at this Thursday’s House Assemblies.

I hope that those students who are unsuccessful for House Captain will consider a role as Senior Forum Leader.  All have so much to offer and any student leadership role is an opportunity for personal growth.

Head Lice

Parents are reminded of their responsibility to check their children regularly for head lice. Students are reminded that one of the reasons that we ask long hair to be tied back is to reduce the chance of head lice being spread amongst students.

Please read the attached fact sheet as head lice is occasionally an issue at the school.

Open Secondary State Chess Championships

Darcy Paulka, Anthony Ouch, Finlay Moore, Sandeepa Andra Hennadige, Stevan Trajkovski, Ryan Thompson, Jason Chan and Alex Ty headed to Brighton Grammar last Friday to compete in the Open Secondary State Chess Championships. It was an elite field and our students competed very well with the chance to progress to the national championship coming down to the last round. Out of 28 teams, our "knights of St. Peters" came in at 15th. An outstanding effort. 

SIS Book In A Day

We have only just heard that our West Campus Book In A Day team have made it through to the top 3 finalists in this SIS competition. We hosted this competition on 10 August and our students did a great job in producing a small illustrated book within a school day. Those students are Mikayla Van Der Velden, Ashwin Palanisamy, Hannah Magsanoc, Naya Lay, Trinity Lee, Brendan Quintal, Ryan Brack and Milly Cortese.  

We look forward to hearing the final result shortly.

Augustine Hungry Hippo Competition

Last Thursday, was the first round in the inaugural Augustine House Hungry Hippo Competition. The previously run Feed the Hippo handball competition that was identified with Footy Colours Day was replaced with this hilarious life sized version of the famous children’s game. House Leader, Mr Gerard Brown and House Captains Harpreet and Mitchell did a great job in marketing the event resulting in an enthusiastic response from other houses.  

One student would lie on a small trolley and with a bucket in hand be wheeled out by another student to try and collect as many small plastic balls as possible. Four house teams would compete until all 400 balls had been collected.  Rules were very clear including:

  1. No using hands.
  2. No crashing into other students (strictly non-contact sport).
  3. No stopping other students.
  4. No stealing other team’s balls.

Congratulations to Avila House on becoming inaugural winners of this competition by narrowly defeating Glowrey House (202-197).

Well done also to Augustine House on organising such a creative and innovative competition.

2017 Hungry Hippo Pic.1

2017 Hungry Hippo Pic.2

2017 House Table

This result has seen Avila move to 4th position in the McGuigan Shield Competition after finishing last in 2016. The second place in the Hungry Hippo cements Glowrey’s position in the McGuigan Shield in second place also and I would be fairly confident that they can hold out Kolbe now to win the pizza lunch.

With only participation points and Term 3 attendance to come, the current ladder is as follows:

2017 McGuigan Shield 20-9-2017

I wish all our students a restful break after the long, cold slog in Term 3. I encourage all our Unit 3 & 4 students to use this time to consolidate their learning and attempt many practice exams.

A reminder that the exams in the second week of the holidays are compulsory.

School uniform is NOT required for these exams.  

I hope that all students enjoy some quality time with their family during this holiday period. 

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

As a community we encourage and support our Year 12 students to continue to strive for their best as they complete their final school assessed coursework and start to prepare for their end of year exams. Now is not the time to wind down, now is time to build up. Year 12 students should be working hard to ensure that all the effort they have put in throughout the year is accurately reflected in the final Examination period. Year 12 students do not have holidays at this term break – it is an important time to consolidate and revise the year’s learning. Socialising and part-time work should be cut back from here on.

Study tips

Get into a good study groove. If you haven’t already set up your study space, now is the time to do so. Likewise, setting up a study timetable will make sure that you are allocating enough time to all your subjects. Students should be writing meaningful study notes and actively reviewing them. 

Fuel the body and the mind

Your brain and body are closely connected – looking after your body has great benefits for your mind. Quality sleep and good nutrition are especially important at this time as stress levels rise. Activities like sport, dance, walking or yoga can increase your performance by increasing oxygen to your brain. It is also a great way to reduce tension and stress from school pressure.

Stress busters

Some stress can be useful in keeping us motivated. However, during Year 12, and particularly exam time, students may find their stress levels rising. Some strategies for beating stress include:

  • Relaxation - there are many great apps with guided meditations 
  • Time Management – make a list of activities and prioritise
  • Connecting with others – talk about your worries with others, laugh, be positive!
  • Be kind to yourself – take time out to do the things you enjoy or help maintain your wellbeing. 

Trial exams

To help prepare for these end of year examinations all students completing a Unit 3/4 study will sit a practice examination over the holidays. These trial exams provide valuable exam technique practice together with timely feedback from staff to assist all students in preparing for their final Year 12 exams.

Exam timetable

Exams run from Tuesday 3rd October to Friday 6th October. For West students, the exams will take place in the College Hall, and for East students they will take place in the Discovery Centre. All students will sit their English exam at the same time, meaning that the line they have their normal English class in, they are not required for an exam.  Students studying a Maths subject need to be aware that they are required to sit two practice exams (same format as the end of year VCAA exams). All students will sit the relevant Exam 1 at the same time, and their Exam 2 will be completed in the time allocated to the line their class runs on. If students are not sure when there exam is they should speak with their subject teacher.

2017 Exam Timetable

2016 St Peter\'s image East

Jodie Connell
Acting Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

Religious Education News

Year 10 CSYMA: Youth Ministry in action

On the 6 September, our Year 10 CSYMA class took great pride in preparing and running a Retreat experience for 81 Grade 3s from St. Agatha’s Primary School. As students, we had to make sure the day ran smoothly and that every workshop activity that was planned reinforced our theme of ‘Friendship’. Our workshops and liturgy also helped all students understand the Scripture story of the Good Samaritan.

Different groups in our class were responsible for the planning and facilitation of the different workshops including Art, Drama/Music and Prayer and Meditation. Being part of the Welcoming Team meant making sure every activity ran on time and the rotations ran smoothly, also that all the rules were followed, that everyone had a name tag and small group and that everyone was enjoying this youth ministry experience. Overall, having the chance to be leaders in our RE class and to have complete ownership over the planning and running of the Retreat, was a great experience. Thank you Miss McRae for your help and enthusiasm with our Retreat.

Below are some more reflections from our peers:

The best thing about preparing this retreat experience was..

  • having the opportunity to work with my peers and develop the friendships I have with them through a group project (Hayley Cummins)
  • seeing how each of the Grade 3s reacted to the different activities that we had planned just for them (Teileah Pullen)
  • preparing for the Retreat and getting to intereact with people in our class in a new way. Also exploring the different ways of approaching the Bible stories in a way that would appeal to the Grade 3s (Phoebe Takla)
  • Getting to teach others about how I feel about prayer, what it means to me and teaching the kids how to reflect and meditate (Jono D'Rozario)

What I learnt about myself through the planning and running of the Retreat is…

  • I am capable of leading (Sarah Tang)
  • That I cooperate within a group, that I am able to understand others opinions and to listen to their ideas (Cooper White)
  • I learnt that sometimes the plan doesn’t work out the exact way we hoped it would but that that is okay. I learnt how to problem solve on the spot and still have the respect and attention of young people (Ebony Scott)

By Lara Breen, Hayley Cummins, Teileah Pullen, Ebony Scott and Cooper White.

2017 RE Article Pic.1

2017 RE Article Pic.2

2017 RE Article Pic.3

Miss Janelle McRae

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

This is the last weekend for our parish children who will be making their First Communion today at 2.00pm. Congratulations to all the children and please keep them and their families in your prayers. This weekend we welcome guest speakers Shireen Tabatabai & Kevin D’Souza from the HSI School of Discipleship who will be introducing this powerful program to St. Agatha’s parish. I invite our youth members to prepare towards the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF). It is a national gathering of Catholic young people established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC). It exists to provide young people with opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus, be empowered to be disciples in the world today and encounter and celebrate the vitality of the Church in Australia. The Archdiocese of Sydney is hosting the event from December 7th-9th 2017 on behalf of the ACBC. In December 2017, the Festival will launch the Year of Youth, celebrating ten years on from hosting World Youth Day 2008. Find out more www.acyf.org.au more information to follow. All Diocesan Clergy will be on in-service next week from Monday 25th September to Friday 29th September.

With Best Wishes Fr Joseph

GIFT TO OUR PARISHIONERS: St. Agatha’s Parish is excited to announce that our parish has subscribed to a dynamic new online platform called FORMED. Parishioners will have 24/7 access to the best Catholic content on any device, including your computer, smartphone and tablet with internet access. With FORMED you’ll find video programs that explain the Catholic faith, explore the deepest meaning of marriage, receive Bible studies on a variety of topics and includes inspiring audio talks. And you’ll find presenters like Dr Tim Gray, Dr. Edward Sri, Dr Mary Healey, Chris Stefanick, Dr. Scott Hahn and a lot more. They’re all part of our parish subscription. It truly is the Catholic faith - on demand. Further details on how to join the parish subscription will be given in the bulletin next weekend

ITALIAN MASS: Parishioners are invited to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Italian Community Masses at St. Agatha’s on Sunday 8 th October at 2.30pm at St. Agatha’s Church. Mass will be celebrated by Fr Frank Bertagnolli in Italian & English. For more info contact Teresa on 5996 1845 or Filomena on 5996 4803.

DIVINE MERCY SEMINAR: 30th September in the Parish Hall, starting with Mass at 9.30am, Morning Tea 10.30, First Guest Speaker 11.00, Second Guest Speaker 12noon, Lunch 12.30pm, Praise & Worship Songs & Rosary 1.30pm, Third Guest Speaker 2.15pm, Divine Mercy Chaplet 3.00pm & Afternoon Tea. See flyer on the notice board.

PARISH VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers must now have a Working with Children card that has St. Agatha’s listed as an organisation. Also, a signed Code of Conduct. If you have not done so, please contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

COMMUNION TO THE SICK: If you are unable to attend Mass due to illness or frailty and would like to receive communion in your home, please contact the Parish Office to arrange a visit on 5996 1 985. If you are in hospital and would like to receive communion please talk to the hospital chaplain or staff, so the hospital can arrange for a visit.

ST. AGATHA’S SCHOOL DEMOLITION: Will begin on Monday 25th September, there will be some disruptions to the traffic flow in the drive way between the School and the Parish Office for approx. 4 weeks. Please note the Parish Office, School and Church carparks will be closed for a week from Monday 25th to Friday 29th September as demolition of St. Agatha’s school will begin. For SAFETY REASONS, it is important that no one uses these carparks, if you need to visit the Parish Office then please use the gravel carpark between the Parish Office and Providence House.

AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC YOUTH FESTIVAL: The festival is a youthful and energetic celebration hosted by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference in partnership with the Archdiocese of Sydney. We will welcome Matt Maher as our international guest. Sydney December 7-9. For more information go to www.acyf.org.au

West St Peter

St. Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Message from our Parish Priest
We have been very blessed, from the day of our Foundation Mass five years ago, to be able to celebrate our weekend Masses in the Clyde North campus of St. Peter’s College. This is not just an “arrangement” but reflects the reality that St. Peter’s College is an integral part of the life and mission of St. Agatha’s Parish and St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. And this relationship has been the source of many blessings; we express our gratitude to St. Peter’s College for making us welcome, but especially we give our thanks and praise to God!
This Sunday we welcome Mr Chris Black to our Sunday Mass. He is the newly appointed Principal of St. Peter’s College, and previously the Head of the Clyde North Campus of the College. On behalf of all parishioners I congratulate Chris upon his appointment and assure him of our constant prayers for him and for the College. We also welcome to our Sunday Mass this week Mrs Julie Banda, who is the Acting Head of the Clyde North Campus and will from the beginning of next year be the new Head of Campus and a Deputy Principal of St. Peter’s College.
In this Sunday’s Gospel, we see Peter exploring what it means to be entrusted with a ministry of reconciliation and healing. We ask St. Peter’s intercession in prayer that our parish and St. Peter’s College will always be places where all can encounter God’s mercy, healing and peace. 

May God bless you all, Fr Denis

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: During the week at the Pastoral Council met and I accept their advice regarding the following items from the agenda.

Extra Sunday Mass: It has been a desire of the Council that a second Sunday Mass be offered. This will begin on Sunday 26th November. From that weekend, our Masses will be on Saturday at 6.00pm, and on Sunday at 9.00am and at 10.45am. Baptisms will be celebrated at 12.00 Noon. We do ask all parishioners who are active on liturgy rosters to please indicate to parish council members at Mass, or to the parish office, which Mass they wish to attend from 26th November so that new rosters can be prepared. This includes Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Altar Servers, Welcome Ministry, Musicians & choirs etc. It is envisaged that a cuppa will still be available each Sunday after the 9.00am Mass.

Parish Code of Conduct: The Code of Conduct is scheduled to be reviewed in November this year. We invite parishioners to make any recommendations for amendments to the Pastoral Council by the end of October through the parish office.

Welcoming New Parishioners: The Pastoral Council invites parishioners to volunteer to assist in arranging occasions for welcoming new parishioners. Please give your name to the parish office.

2018 – Year of Youth: Our young parishioners will continue to be involved as leaders at our parish liturgy on Good Friday. It is also the desire of the Council that a parish youth ministry be developed over the coming year. Parents and potential youth leaders are invited to a meeting to further plan for youth ministry. This will take place on Thursday 2nd November 2017 at 7.30pm. Venue to be advice closer the date.

SOCIAL JUSTICE SUNDAY – We celebrate Social Justice Sunday on 24 September. This year, the Australian Bishops’ Social Justice Statement is titled: ‘Everyone’s Business: Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy’. The Statement calls for an economy that is founded on justice and offers dignity and inclusion to every person. For further details about the Social Justice Statement, visit the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council website (www.socialjustice.catholic.org.au) or call (02) 8306 3499.

DIOCESE OF SALE ON FACEBOOK - Search for ‘Catholic Diocese of Sale’ on Facebook or go to www.facebook/dioceseofsale to ‘Like’. You do not need to log in or join to see what is on the Facebook page. The page will have news and information from around the Diocese and supplement the news coverage provided by our Catholic Life newspaper. Recent posts have included photos from the recent Diaconate ordinations in Sale and the Migrant Sunday Mass in Pakenham.

RCIC: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Meeting: every Sunday 10.00am at St. Agatha’s Providence House, Cranbourne. Enq:  Sr Lucy 5996 1985.

RCIA: For adults interested to join the Catholic Faith. Meeting: every Tuesday at 7:30pm. For enquiries contact Celine on 0417 145 616.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION (R.E.): For children who are in non-catholic schools. Every Wednesday at St. Agatha’s Parish Hall, Cranbourne, 4.00pm – 5.00pm. Enq: Sr Lucy 5996 1985

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish

Avila News

Jackson Boyd – Avila A – Year 12

We, at St. Peter's College and Avila – West Campus wish to congratulate Jackson Boyd on the fantastic achievement and representation of Australia at the Baseball Under 18 World Cup. Jackson, who plays as a pitcher, went over to Canada as an opportunity to represent his country and as a way of opening up potential career paths into baseball within the US College system. After Australia managed to play so well and even beat the baseball powerhouse of Cuba, they have now, with Jacksons help, moved up to 5th in the world. 
Jackson himself, was also selected in the best players of the tournament and made the World Select team of the World Cup. He will now tour across the USA with the best players from across the world and I am sure he will do himself and his family proud when he embarks on yet another adventure at the start of October. 

Good luck in the future Jackson and I hope other students who are reading this, who wish to reach this level in any sport will be inspired to do so. 

2017 Jackson Boyd Pic.1

2017 Jackson Boyd Pic.2

Mr McMellon – Avila House Leader

Staff V Student Dodgeball (Sports Colours Day)

Staff vs Student Dodgeball

2017 Dodgeball

"Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. Nobody!"

As the staff lined up to face off against a select student team headed by their captain supremo, Yarde, they soon realised they were vastly outnumbered.

Taking inspiration from the classic movie, however, the "true underdogs" battled bravely against the missiles being fired by Boyd and Co.

Miss Lomas was the standout with her desperate defence while Mr O'Hara, as expected, broke every rule going. It's probably fair to say that the students perhaps had the edge in a fiercely fought affair, but a draw was called by organiser McInnes as the "live on the Ocho" broadcast was brought to a halt by the bell for Period 5.

Well done to all involved and the crowd who took up the challenge to "Grab Life by the Ball"

And remember "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a Ball".

Statue 01

Mr Andrew Broadley

Library News

DC and Library Holiday Opening Times

Library News

The Library and DC  will be open for Study and Borrowing during the following times.

Students from East are welcome to attend the West Library when the DC is closed.

West Library  Week 1 and 2.  Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm

East DC Week 1 only     Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm

Please call the Office on 5990 7777 to confirm that the library is open before attending.

2017 Library News

library 2

Library Staff

Mind Matters @ St. Peter's College


2017 Stress Dump Pic.1

Stress & Anxiety management program for Young Women aged 15-17 

Location: Angel Light Link – 7 Carl Court Hallam

Date: Every Tuesday (8 weeks) 24th October to 12th December 2017

Time: 4.00pm – 5.30pm

For more information or to make a booking, contact Angel Light Link on 9796 5054 or email info@angellightlink.org

Proudly supported by City of Casey

2017 Stress Dump Pic.3

Empowering young women to transform their well-being through support and education

Please click here for flyer

2017 Stress Dump Pic.2

Clare Ziino
Student Welfare

Art News

The College has paired up with the local gym, Next Generation bodies who has invited students to design and paint a mural for the entrance of their new gym.

On Monday the 18th September, West students travelled to East to begin the design phase and collaborate as a whole school. As a student run project, students have had the opportunity to begin working with the owner and being exploring the traditional and contemporary world of Art through theoretical, practical ideas and real life applications.

This week students broke off into groups to design different sections of the wall, one of the key ideas this week was the metaphor of a roller coaster which represents the ups and downs not only with in the gym but in daily life.

Stay tuned for updates in the College Newsletter and Facebook page to see the students at work. 

2017 Art Pic.1

2017 Art Pic.2

2017 Art Pic.3

The Arts Team 
Kirsty Molesworth

Solomon Islands Fundraiser

NEW DATE: Solomon Islands Immersion Program
Shopping Tour Fundraiser

2015 Solomon Islands gallery 09

NEW DATE Saturday 21ST October 8.30 am to 6.00 pm Cranbourne pick-up 9.00 am to 5.30 pm Doncaster Pick-up

Brought to you by Melbourne Shopping Tours, providing your own Shopping Hostess, who can show us the best bargains around, on an air-conditioned and heated bus with a professional driver.

$60.00 per person includes morning tea and afternoon tea. Non-Refundable.

Bring your own lunch, or buy lunch near one of the outlet stops (Brunswick)

Pick up and drop off at St. Peter’s College, West Campus or Doncaster Park & Ride. When booking you must nominate your pick-up point.

Fundraising on the bus will include, raffles, soft drink and maybe a glass wine or two sales.

At each outlet we will be earning Commission which will go directly to the Solomon Islands Fundraising of our Year 12 students for Bishop Epalle Catholic School in Honiara.

Get your friends together, get your comfy shoes organised and get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

To book contact April Hampson on College @ 5990 777 or email ahampson@stpeters.vic.edu.au

2018 Compulsory Uniform Changes

A reminder that we change to Summer Uniform as of Term 4, 10th October
Please take this opportunity to check that your students have all of the required items for the change over, and in particular that any Girls Summer Uniform Dress lengths meets required uniform standards ‘knee length’.

The Uniform Shop will be open each Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning for the remainder of the Term.

We advise that if you require new uniform items for 2017, that you consider purchasing the correct 2018 product, which is now available from our Uniform Shop.

Please be aware of these changes if purchasing via the second hand market, whether it be through the Sustainable Schools Shop or the several Facebook selling groups set up locally.

All Parents are advised of the following changes:

  • All Boys to wear the SPC Boys White Monogrammed Pocket Shirt in the Summer and for the Winter with the addition of the SPC Tie
  • All Girls Winter Uniform. All Girls to wear the  SPC Girls White Monogrammed Pocket Blouse, which is worn with the  SPC Tie
  • NEW SPC Scarf in 2018. To be worn as part of the Winter Uniform ONLY. 
  • All Students. Sports Polo Tops. ONLY House Sport Polo Top
  • All Students. Sports Rugby Top. If worn ONLY the current design must be worn
  • All Students. Sports Tracksuit Pants. SPC design ONLY to be worn
  • All Students. SPC Wet Weather Jacket OPTIONAL with Sports Uniform as of 2018. Can also be worn OVER Blazer to and from school with Winter Uniform
  • SPC Sports Bag. Compulsory, if students are not using their SPC Backpack for their Sports Uniform

To order online please click here:

Second-hand Uniform Sales

The College Uniform Shop does not hold and sell Second-hand uniform. St. Peter’s College parents can utilise the service of Sustainable School Shop for the sale and purchase of second-hand uniform and stationery items.

To read more about purchasing second-hand uniform items please click here:

To see what second-hand uniform items are currently listed for sale please click here:

20 SEP

VCE Study Skills - East

21 SEP

Pastoral Period
House Assemblies
House Captains Announced

22 SEP

End Term 3
Valedictory Dinner RSVP Close
Campus Tour East

26 SEP

Exams Year 12

09 OCT

Oral Exams Begin
Student Free Day
Term 4 Starts

10 OCT

All Students Return
Assisi House Feast Day
VCE Study Skills - West

11 OCT

VCE Study Skills - East

12 OCT

SIS Debating Finals
SIS Team Photo's West

13 OCT

CEO Year 9 Gathering
Campus Tour - West

14 OCT

HPV Casey Fields

16 OCT

Avila House Feast Day
Health & PE Week
EC Year 9 Sink or Swim Program
Author Visit - West Campus Year 7
Art & Technology Exhibition - West

17 OCT

SIS Team Photo's East
Year 9 Camp 1 - West
Vcal Project Evening West Campus

18 OCT

VCE Study Hub - East
Year 7 2018 Information Evening - West

VET Project Outdoor Tables for Sale

For Sale

VET Project  Outside Tables

Very Solid and made of Cypress Pine. 
2500 X 1600 Seats 8 Adults

2017 Wooden Table

2017 VCAL Table Pic.3

2017 VCAL Table Pic.2

$350  less than the Timber costs us.

Vet 2

Contact Mr Collings VET Department

Year 7 2019 Information Evening

Campus Tours & Year 7 2019 Information Evenings

Developing the skills today to thrive in tomorrows world.....
Innovation surrounds us.. technology drives us further.. we live globally.. opportunities abound.. for those who are ready
Help your child 'be ready' at St. Peter's College

Equipping your child now demands innovative teaching, a broad curriculum and more than ever - a focus on natural gifts and career aspirations

Campus Tour with the focus on our Learning & Teaching Program will be led by our students at the conclusion of the information sessions.

West Campus
Wednesday 18th October, 2017
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start Approx finish 8.30 pm

East Campus
Tuesday 31st October, 2017 
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm start Approx finish 8.30 pm

Please use links below, phone or email the College for further information.

Book Campus Tour please click here:

Book Information Night please click here:

Ready to complete an Enrolment Application Form please click here:

Mrs Kerrie Birrell
St. Peter's College Registrar
Email: registrar@stpeters.vic.edu.au
Phone: 03 5990 7777 

Parents & Friends Committtee

2018 Compulsory Uniform Changes The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per Term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Tuesday 14th November, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm - 9.00 pm St. Peter’s College East Campus
Administration Centre, MacKillop Way, Clyde North

2017 Marisa Joyce

GUEST SPEAKER  –  Miss Marissa Joyce
B.A., Grad.Dip.Ed.

Social Justice ‘The Way of the Lord’
Marissa joined the St. Peter's College community as a classroom teacher in 2015 and Learning Advisor for Romero House. She expanded her role to include Assistant RE Leader in 2016. 

Marissa is very passionate about Religious Education (RE) and, in particular, Social Justice advocacy.

Marissa will share your journey in teaching and in particular the work that has been undertaken over the past two years in this area in the College with you, as well as discuss the importance of offering students the opportunity to engage in social justice and how the Parents and Friends can continue to support the college in this area in the future.

2016 St Peter\'s image East

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