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Issue 104  |  16 August 2017
Featured Story
From our Principal

Records Broken – Solomon Islands Trivia and Auction Night

A staff member wrote to me after attending the Solomon Islands Trivia night last week. He quoted, from an anonymous source, the following statement: “There is no greater example of the quality of our community than when we unite to be in generous service for the benefit of others.” We saw real community on Friday night at all levels and what a terrific response we had. Staff, past students, past Solomon Islands immersion groups, parents, friends and of course the 2017 Immersion group came together for a fun-filled night of Trivia as well as an opportunity to purchase or bid for items on our silent and live auction items. I proudly announce that we have broken the record this year and to date inclusive of the Raffle and the Trivia night we have raised over $18,000 to support the Bishop Epalle School. Congratulations to all, particularly Mrs April Hampson, Mr David Hansen and Sarah Hansen, Ms Caroline Angus and Mr Steve Nash for their support of the project and particularly the Trivia and Auction Night.

2017 Trivia Night

Trade Training Centre Opening

Next Monday August 21st, Bishop O’Regan, Ms Maria Kirkwood, the Director of the Sale Diocese and the Hon Anthony Byrne will officially bless and open the Trade Training Centre at the West campus. The Trade Training Centre currently provides significant Vocational pathways for our students as well as providing for partnership opportunities with local cluster schools within the local region. Delivered within this modern facility are: Certificate II in Electrotechnology and Certificate II in Engineering. Provision for Year 9 and Year 10 Robotics also is catered for as well as Year 7 and Year 8 Product design. The industry standard equipment provides real life opportunities for students to develop skills in an authentic environment equipping students for post school career pathways and reducing post school apprenticeship time. We are currently blessed to be utilising the expertise of trainers who work in industry and are, therefore, able to provide students with up to date industry expectations and current Industry knowledge. The federal government contributed $1.26 million of the total project cost of $1.65 million dollars. The blessing and official opening will be held in the hall commencing at 11.00am. Parents are very welcome to attend. A tour and refreshments will follow the official proceedings.

Pursuit of Excellence

Last Thursday we celebrated the outstanding achievement of 13 students who were awarded the Pursuit of Excellence Award. This award is traditionally awarded to students in Year 12 who have displayed outstanding academic achievement over Unit 3 studies. A VCAL award is also presented to a student in Year 12 who has displayed outstanding efforts in the VCAL program to date. All recipients will have their name placed on the honour board in recognition of their efforts. As stated in the assembly, I can guarantee you these 13 students are not just being presented  because they are intelligent (although I’m tipping they are). Each and every one of these students will have worked tirelessly, diligently and incredibly hard in an attempt to excel. Excellence is a drive from within and it is or should be in everyone of us. I acknowledge these students for their outstanding efforts and in being role models for others to aspire to. I also challenge each and every student to strive to build their own dream. Dreams don’t just happen, they require a commitment to get the most out of yourself.

Pursuit of Excellence students for 2017 are:

Abby Breen, Francesca Carganilla, Jasmine Chua, Henry Cooke,
Gemma Clover, Tiffany Forbes, Chloe Harbour, Zane Hyde,
Dina Ivkovich, Britney Phillips, Chloe Shrimpton, Ryan Thompson,
James Toskov for VCAL studies and Joseph Vechoorettu  

2017 Pursuit of Excellence Pic.1

2017 Pursuit of Excellence Pic.2

Uniform Survey

The Uniform sub-committee has worked through a raft of submissions. This committee consists of staff, students and parents. Most uniform items for 2018 have remained the same. One discussion point remains however; the introduction of optional pants for girls is being considered, shorts for summer and long length pants for winter. To date there has been a mixed reaction from students. In the coming week parents will receive an e-mail requesting feedback. Staff and students will also be asked to participate in the survey. I’d like to stress two points, firstly, there has been no decision made and secondly if a decision is made the uniform item will be optional only. This survey is designed to gauge responses from all key stakeholders before a final recommendation is made to the leadership team.

Science Week

This week we are celebrating Science week across both campuses. The week is action packed full of activities and events culminating on Friday with a Science fair. It has been wonderful to see so many students engaged in the fun and engaging Science events. My thanks to the science staff for their enthusiastic participation in the range of activities offered.

2017 Science Week

Feast Days – Marian and Kolbe

2017 Kolbe Symbol

Two of our House patrons celebrated their feast days this week. Maximillian Kolbe was born in 1894 and died in a concentration camp in 1941. Saint Maximilian Kolbe was Polish with German ethnic heritage and was a Conventual Franciscan friar, who volunteered to die in place of a stranger in the Nazi German concentration camp of Auschwitz, located in German-occupied Poland during World War II. His remains were cremated on August 15, the feast of the Assumption of Mary. Maximillian gave his life for another and is a shining example of laying down his life to serve others. “May we see your face in those we serve”.

2017 Marian Symbol

“Strongest of heart and mind”
This motto demonstrated the innate qualities of Mary’s strength to say “Yes” when asked to be the mother of Jesus and her never ending love and faith in God.

High Achieving Students

Jackson Boyd
Congratulations to Jackson Boyd. Jackson has been selected on the Australian Team for the 2017 U18 Baseball World Cup which will commence on September 1st and run through September 10th in Thunder Bay, Canada. Jackson has been selected as the number 1 pitcher for Australia. An outstanding achievement. We wish him well.

Natalia Gervasi and Krystal Johnstone
Two of our students have been selected as members of the Casey Youth Action Committee (CYAC). Congratulations to Natalia Girvasi and Krystal Johnstone. Both Natalia and Krystal received their badges and were formally congratulated by the Mayor Cr Sam Aziz at a badge ceremony held at Council Chambers on Monday 31 July. Since this time the girls have undergone intensive leadership training to assist in preparing them for their new roles as committee members. During their 12 month committee term Natalia and Krystal will be involved in decision-making and community life, by taking a lead role in creating change and influencing their community on issues that matter to young people within Casey.

2017 High Achieving Pic.1

2017 Pursuit of Excellence Pic.2

Former student Deanna Parisi
Deanna Parisi former West Student and Female Captain of Assisi 2014 is representing Australia at the Hip Hop International in Las Vegas. We congratulate her and wish her well.

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

This week has been very busy with student lead activities. It was wonderful to walk around the campus to witness and experience the energy, passion and leadership skills of our students in activities involving running a mini café, weird and wonderful science experiments and driving initiatives that are emerging from the Year 10 Leadership Day. I have asked the students to provide their reflection of their activities. Please enjoy.

1. VCAL Café 

At the end of Term 2 the Year 11 VCAL class started a project of selling coffee and hot chocolate at recess and lunch to raise money to buy a coffee machine and other VCAL projects.
The people that are participating in this project are the students currently studying Year 11 VCAL. We have been selling it at lunch time and recess at the Admin Centre to students and staff at the college for $2.50. The range of coffee sold includes: standard coffee and hot chocolate. So far we have raised approximately $200-$300. We have learnt some barista skills as well as at what it takes to run a business. We have also learnt how to mix with other students and how to take orders and how to give the proper change back. 
Cooper Bolten

2017 CE VCAL Cafe Pic.1

2. Year 10 Leadership With Lilly Devine.

On the 14th of August, the students who attended the Social Justice Camp at Rawson Village congregated together for a meeting. This included Maureen Gabriel, Opehlia Heng, Julia Pallant, Emily Woootton, Emma Collins and myself. Here we discussed and carried out thorough planning of ideas centered on the theme of, “Hungry for Justice. Thirsty for Change”. 
Together with Lillian Davine, representative from Catholic Education Office as a Youth Minister, we were able to create some very interesting plans of action. It was great working with Lillian and the rest of the group, as they were all very open minded and innovative. Being part of this group is a great experience, as it is very helpful in building and strengthening key leadership qualities.

Together we hope to implement these action plans in St Peter’s College, so that we as a school can work towards creating a better and healthier world.
Anna Andronis

2017 CE Yr10 Leadership Pic.12017 CE Yr10 Leadership Pic.2

3. Science Science and more Science:

Mr Brett Barbar and his team lead a great initiative and students generated much of the  interest and learning that took place. The jokes that we were subject to each day, well prehaps you do have to be a scientist to really appreciate them. Here is a sample, see what you think.

Science jokes???

Organic chemistry is difficult. Those who study it have alkynes of trouble.
Did you hear about the man who got cooled to absolute zero? He's 0K now.
Anyone know any jokes about sodium? A: Na
Old chemists never die, they just stop reacting.
What is the chemical formula of coffee? CoFe2
What is the chemical formula for a banana? BaNa2

Science Fair & Science Week Report:

This week in Australia we celebrate Science Week. Our first day begins with the Annual Science Fair for which our year 8 students deserve special congratulations for their wonderful experiments and projects they made. From the magnetic fluids to testing different types of commercial and home-made slime From creating a wind tunnel for simulating flight of aircraft to the creation of home-made make up. From testing the effects of soft or loud music on memory retention to the study of Eddy currents in copper pipes. Elephant toothpaste, the bounce of basketballs, remedies to overcome spicy food or the study of germs that are commonly found on laptop keyboards. All of these projects showed incredible creativity and talent in research and experimentation. All our Year 8 students should be congratulated for their efforts. Our fabulous Year 7 Science team are busy working out prizes for the best projects are soon to be awarded. A special thank you to our visiting parents and friends that came to see the event. 

After our Year 8 Science Fair on the Monday, the laboratories were open each lunchtime full of activities such as dissection of rats, experiments dealing with environmental oil pollution; movies about rapid weather changes; our famous chemistry show; visual illusions, light boxes, plasma balls, oobleck, microscopes, crash test dummies; chromatography; chemical reactions; gyrocopters, robotics; our staff Science morning tea; and many many more hands-on activities which were very popular with students and staff. An absolutely fabulous week for all.

Mr Brett Barbar (Science Coach)    

House in focus: Avila

2017 Avila Symbol

St. Teresa of Avila, was born in March on the 28th March, 1515.  She was known for her many personal, religious and educational accomplishments as a theologian, author, Spanish mystic, Carmelite Nun and Roman Catholic. 

Her life mission centred on her involvement with the Carmelite nuns who valued the practice of contemplative prayer and service to the community as a means of fulfilling their vocation to God.  As a member of the Carmelite Order, she embraced the understanding of the direct relationship between the practice of quality contemplative prayer to the value of community life and service offered to others.  In supporting this charism, St. Teresa emphasised the importance of teaching others how to develop their religious spirituality and deepen their faith to God through prayer to enhance their spiritual direction. 

St Teresa was most notably known for her devotion to God through contemplative prayer and her published accounts including her autobiography, her seminal work in ‘The Interior Castle’ and ‘The Way of Perfection’ during the Counter Reformation.  She was canonized by Pope Gregory XV in 1622 and more recently in 1970 was given the title ‘doctor of the church’ for her contribution to Spanish Renaissance literature, Christian Mysticism and Christian meditation practices.

2017 CE Avila Pic.2

Reminders for Next week: 

  • Tuesday 22nd August – year 9 SWAC event based on Girls/Boys Talk
  • Thursday 24th August – Pastoral period – PE uniform and SOUP Day
  • Year 9 Camp permission forms have been distributed please ensure prompt return.

Have a wonderful week

Mrs Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Nun on the Run

Last week, MacKillop House ran the inaugural Nun On The Run competition which provided a fun house activity for all participants and those watching while teaching us about the life of that great Australian saint and educator, Mary MacKillop. The event was a relay race where house teams of 7 individuals had to include one person from each year level and a staff member. 

The baton was a cross and each person had to wear a beautifully crafted habit and veil in house colours. They had to find a quote from Mary MacKillop and write it on a blackboard and solve a jigsaw puzzle in the process.

Congratulations to Kolbe House on their victory – Ms McArdle was impressed with the way that her house regrouped and rose to the challenge after the Athletics Carnival.

Thank you also to Ms Janelle McRae and her house forum for organising such a great event and Mr Chris O’Hara for providing entertaining and insightful commentary during the race.

2017 NOR Pic.1

2017 NOR Pic.2

2017 NOR Pic.3

2017 NOR Pic.4

2017 NOR Pic.5

Environment Competition

A combination of Arts and Environment have resulted in this term’s competition. Students are to take a photo depicting an important environmental issue surrounding our society today. Photographs will be judged on how well it highlights the issue as well as artistic qualities. All entries close on Thursday 17th August at 3.20pm.

Please encourage your child to enter as this will help determine the Term 3 Environmental Shield.

Science Week

2017 Science Week

2017 CW Science Week Pic.1

2017 CW Science Week Pic.2

2017 CW Science Week Pic.3

2017 CW Science Week Pic.4

Thank you to Ms Tania Brown and the science teachers for the wonderful work they have put in to celebrate Science Week. There have been quizzes on Schoolbox plus lunchtime activities. My hope is that our students continue to value the vital contribution of science in today’s world. This will ensure that our understanding of complex problems is left to scientists using evidence based approaches rather than politicians with an agenda.

Social Justice Initiatives

The religious education learning area continues to work hard to provide opportunities and support not only for our students but the local community also.

This last week has seen the launch of our Breakfast Club that ensures a hearty breakfast can be supplied to any of our students.  Generous onations from staff have enabled this initiative under the guidance of Ms Marissa Joyce and our social justice group.  

On Friday, there will be the Winter Sleepout where a number of Year 12 students will sleep in the hall to get some small insight into the experience of homelessness.

Hopefully, some funds can be raised for the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

winter sleepout cbl

The regular events such as student visits to Willow Wood Aged Care facility, Ozanam House and Vinnies in Cranbourne continue also.

Uniform and Appearance Policy

At our Campus Assembly it was wonderful to celebrate the many achievements of our students, particularly through the pursuit of excellence awards.  I noted to all out students what a talented student community we are, not just academically, but also in our music, singing, debating and Theatresports, to name just a few that we celebrated. 

I did, however, have to remind students that we not only have to be the best in our endeavours but also in our following of the school rules in respect to uniform. A number of trends currently need to be addressed and I ask parents to support the staff in challenging your children who are not following the College expectations.

The following issues have emerged recently:

  1. Facial piercings
  2. Students with hair below the collar failing to tie it back
  3. Burgundy tracksuit pants that are not purchased from the uniform shop
  4. Non-uniform items (such as hoodies) being worn with the school uniform
  5. Rain jackets being worn throughout the day instead of the blazer
  6. Facial hair

I note that students have already begun to address these issues since I spoke to them and warned that lunchtime detentions will be issued for uniform infringements.  

Thank you for your support in this matter.

2017 East Statue 4

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

Real World Application of Learning.

One of the most engaging learning strategies that teachers can employ is to link student learning to real world applications. If students can see and understand connections to their own life, they are motivated to learn and don’t ask that nagging question “ Why are we doing this ?” 

Year 11 Business Management students have been applying their knowledge and skills learnt in Business to compete in the Victorian University iPAB Competition. This competition requires students to create a business plan for an original business or social enterprise.

I am proud to announce that the following students have been invited to the Awards evening were the winning Business plans will be announced.

  • Imogen Stoneman
  • Breannyn Cordell
  • Elisha Cayley
  • Ivka Juric

We congratulate these students and their teachers on their progress in the Competition to date.

Thank Goodness for Careers Advisors 

This week we also highlight the wonderful work of our Careers Team. At the West Campus, Miss Dillon and Ms Cardamone at our East Campus.

2017 Mel Dillon2017 Robyn Cardamone











These two staff members are incredibly knowledgable regards all things careers, university and subject selection related. In recent months they have planned our successful Futures Expo, followed up with Year 10 Parent /Student Interviews and have been inundated with student appointments during recess and lunch to further discuss subject selection and future career planning. These two women meet with parents, contact employers and advocate for students to ensure each student at St. Peter's College receives the latest and most pertinent advice together with the most appropriate career pathways counselling. If you or your son or daughter would like to make an appointment to speak further with our Careers advisers, please make an appointment via the College on 5990 7777.

Giving away the Money !! $$$$$$$$$

In a previous position, my responsibility was to assist students to apply for Scholarships to assist with the cost of studies at University. Many of the Universities explained that each year much of their scholarship dollars are not allocated.

Many students either are unaware of the various scholarships available or do not apply as they feel they would not be eligible.

Currently, the Careers advisors have details of Scholarships to Federation University which is offering up top $5,000 for Year 12 students who enrol in studies at Federation University. This is just one example of some of the opportunities available to our students. Year 12 Students are asked to check their emails regularly at this time of the year as well as our Careers Page on Schoolbox to ensure they do not miss out on any opportunities.

Marlene Jorgensen 
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

Religious Education News

Saint Vinnies needs your support!!!

Saint Vinnies Winter Blanket Appeal

2017 Blanket

Donate a blanket or send your donation of $10  to the College and we will add this to the money being raised at the Winter Sleep Out and Soup Day for blankets.

2017 Vinnies Good Works

Year Ten Social Justice Camp 2017 Rawson Village August 9- 10

Students from both the East and West Campus of St. Peter’s College attended a two day workshop at Rawson Village Camp on August the 9th and 10th. Thirteen students from St. Peter’s College attended the camp with Mr Roger Hampson and Mr Chris Windley. Six other Colleges from the Archdiocese of Sale also attended the camp. 

The theme for this year was “Hungry for Justice. Thirsty for Change.”

Caritas Australia helped to facilitate this camp by providing a convenor who worked with the students on current justice issues. During the two days of the camp, a number of workshops were held where students explored and discussed issues arising from an understanding of Catholic Social Teaching and ways in which these problems can be resolved.

Students attending the camp offered the following comments:

  • ” Definitely recommend future students to go. It is an opportunity not to miss out on”
  • “Very inspirational, eye opening and confronting. Great opportunity!”
  • “Eye opening, fun and enjoyable.”
  • “An amazing experience that was very inspirational. I recommend it to everyone who wants to make a difference to our world.”
  • “Great time! A time to learn about social justice issues.”

The camp gave us the opportunity to share ideas and a number of action plans that we could try to introduce at our respective Colleges. The camp also gave us a great opportunity to meet students from other Colleges and to hear and share ideas about social justice and how we could be agents of change in our College and the community at large.

In closing, on behalf of the students I would like to thank St. Peter’s College for sending us to the camp, as it provided us with an opportunity to take on leadership roles and build on important skills. In addition, it gave us an opportunity to see our world in a different light and to challenge us to make the world a better place for generations to come. We hope to achieve this by implementing some of these action plans, so that we as a school can make a positive change in the world.

2017 Yr10 Social Justice Pic.1

2017 Yr10 Social Justice Pic.2

2017 Yr10 Social Justice Pic.3

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Leader, East Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners, 
Once again in this week’s readings, God wants us to have courage and not to be afraid. Like Elijah in this week’s First reading, you may reach a “Horeb” stage in your life, a catastrophic point, where your life is constantly subject to a fire, earthquakes and a mighty wind of all kinds of problems. On the other hand, your life like Peter in today’s Gospel may be sinking. Do not be afraid to reach out your hand to Jesus in prayers and He will save you. We welcome Fr Leonard Ikese to St Agatha’s Parish, Fr Leo will be with us until Friday 8th September. Please keep him in your prayers. Discipleship School Program, due to family illness the guest speaker scheduled for this weekend has been postponed until next month. This Tuesday 15th August is the Feast of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. This is a Holy Day of Obligation. There will be three Masses offered for the Assumption at St Agatha’s Church Tuesday 9.30am, 12noon and 7.30pm. In October, I will be holding two new groups of Bible Study sessions, on the 1st & 3rd and 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month, for those who are interested to join. I invite parishioners to share the story of our Holy Land pilgrimage experience, showing pictures and video next Friday 18th August at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.

God bless you all Fr Joseph

ASSISTED DYING LEGISLATION: The State parliament is set to decide in the coming weeks on a regime where a person could be helped to suicide (assisted suicide) and, in some cases, the doctor would inject the lethal dose – killing (euthanasia). We will be having a guest speaker at all of our Masses next weekend (Aug 19/20) to talk to us about this subject and then to invite us to participate in a letter writing campaign to our Parliamentarians immediately after each Mass. This a chance to have your say, and to stand up for life!

DIACONATE ORDINATION INVITATION: Parishioners are invited to the Ordination to the Diaconate of Avinash George & Hiep Nguyen, by Bishop Patrick O’Regan on Saturday 2nd September at 11.00am, at St Mary’s Cathedral Sale. Light refreshments after Mass. DIACONATE ORDINATION CHOIR: Avinash George and Hiep Nguyen, will be ordained Deacons for the Diocese of Sale on Saturday Sept 2 at 11.00 am at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sale. A Diocesan Choir is being formed to lead the singing at the Ordination Mass. Singers/Musicians will receive a music pack and details of rehearsal times and venues. If you are interested please contact Sophy Morley, asap on 5622 6677 or 0413 590 007 smorley@sale.catholic.org.au Choir rehearsal scheduled prior to the ordination. Singers who have indicated their intention to be part of the choir and other interested singers are asked to attend rehearsals at St Michael’s Church, High St Berwick. Sunday 20th August at 1.00 pm.

THURSDAY EVENING MASS at 7.30pm focuses on a special intention of the week, praying for different needs within our families, parish and the wider community. Intentions for the month of August 17th For people suffering domestic violence, 24th For protection of children & vulnerable adults, 31st For those born in August.

ST AGATHA’S SCHOOL/CHURCH CARPARK: Will be closed on Friday 18th, 25th August and 1st September for Inter-School sports from 1.00pm to 3.00pm, please do not park there during these times.

ST. PETER'S COLLEGE WEST CAMPUS: is launching a 'Student Breakfast' prior to school starting in the next 2 weeks. We know a number of our students arrive at school, without having breakfast, and research tells us, that this may have a negative impact of their studies. As we don't want to discriminate, this will be offered to students at no charge. This is a student led initiative and we ask you to consider supporting them. In this set-up stage, we need to collect donations of crockery, including plates, bowls and mugs and cutlery, which can be left at the College Reception. We also need set-up and ongoing donations for food items suitable for breakfast, (butter, spreads, cereal, bread, milk etc.) Thank You

RCIA DIOCESAN WORKSHOP: Refresh and Renew! Clergy, RCIA Teams, Parishioners and school staff are invited to participate in this Diocesan Refresher Day. Saturday 16th September 10.00am to 3.00pm Oblate Hall, St Kieran’s Parish, Lloyd St, Moe. $10 per person. See notice board for more info, to register contact the Parish Office.

PARISH VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers must now have a Working with Children card that has St Agatha’s listed as an organisation. Also, a signed Code of Conduct. If you have not done so, please contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Prayer of Saint Thomas the Apostle

Glorious Saint Thomas, Your love for Jesus and faith in him as Lord and God are an inspiration for all who seek Jesus. You gave up your life as an Apostle and as a missionary. You encourage us to be courageous in giving witness to our faith and in proclaiming the gospel. You lead us to be missionary in our endeavours. As our patron, pray for us as we build a new catholic church in Clyde North. We ask your intercession that we may spend ourselves in the service of Jesus and his Mission. Under your watchful care may we grow in faith and generously use our talents, gifts and vision in the service of Christ Jesus and in love for our neighbour

St Thomas the Apostle   Pray For Us

WE THANK FR TONY SPIERINGS for celebrating Masses this weekend and on the Feast of the Assumption while Fr Denis is away. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO FR DENIS on his 38th Anniversary of Ordination on August 18th. May you continue to be sustained by His Divine Grace. Please keep Fr Denis in your prayers.

CELEBRATING MIGRANT AND REFUGEE SUNDAY: All with a migrant or refugee story, indeed all parishioners, are invited to celebrate the 103rd World Day of Migrants and Refugees, with Bishop Patrick O’Regan, on Sunday, August 27th. Mass is at 2:00pm, at St Patrick’s Church, 142 Princes Highway, Pakenham. Mass will be followed by refreshments in the parish hall. Please bring some food to share and wear national dress if you can. Pope Francis has written, “Migration today is not a phenomenon limited to some areas of the planet. It affects all continents and is growing into a tragic situation of global proportions.”  There is much to pray about as this World Day comes around. All are invited!

RCIA DIOCESAN WORKSHOP with Bishop Pat on Saturday 16th September 2017 at St Kieran’s Parish, Moe. This workshop is for Clergy, RCIA teams, parishioners and school staff interested or involved in the RCIA. Cost: $10 / person. Call Christine at the Parish Office to reserve a seat by 8th September.

DIACONATE ORDINATION FOR HIEP AND AVINASH: Parishioners are invited to attend the Ordination to the Diaconate of Hiep and Avinash on Saturday 2nd September, 11.00am at St Mary’s Cathedral Sale. If you do plan to attend, please inform our Parish Office as the Cathedral Parish will be providing catering and a hearty welcome for all who attend.

STUDENT BREAKFAST DRIVE AT ST PETER’S (WEST): St. Peter's College West Campus, is launching a 'Student Breakfast' prior to school starting in the next 2 weeks. We know a number of our students arrive at school, without having breakfast, and research tells us, that this may have a negative impact of their studies. As we don't want to discriminate, this will be offered to students at no charge. This is a student led initiative and we ask you to consider supporting them. In this set-up stage we need to collect donations of crockery, including plates, bowls and mugs and cutlery, which can be left at the College Reception. We also need set-up and ongoing donations for food items suitable for breakfast, (butter, spreads, cereal, bread, milk etc.) Thank You. Marissa Joyce, Assistant RE Leader, West Campus.

RCIC: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Meeting: every Sunday 10.00am at St Agatha’s Providence House, Cranbourne. Enq:  Sr Lucy 5996 1985.

RCIA: For adults interested to join the Catholic Faith. Meeting: every Tuesday at 7:30pm. For enquiries contact Celine on 0417 145 616.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION (R.E.): For children who are in non-catholic schools. Every Wednesday at St Agatha’s Parish Hall, Cranbourne, 4.00pm – 5.00pm. Enq: Sr Lucy 5996 1985

VOLUNTEERS: People who represent the church in any way MUST hold a WWCC and complete a Volunteer Application form.  Instruction sheets and forms for these are available at the entrance of our worship space and the Parish Office.  If you need any help Corralee Floyd is available in our Parish Office on Wednesdays. This relates to any form of volunteering for the church at all.

2017 East Cross

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Library and English News

2017 Poet Pic.2

2017 Poet Pic.3

Slam Poet Manal  Pulls no Punches with her Year 9 Audience! 

Manal Younis enthralled Year 9 students at both campuses with her sensitive and insightful spoken word performance. She introduced students to Slam Poetry and shared poems about her experience as a young Muslim woman in Australia. Other poems explored the idea of identity and social issues such as the plight of refugees and people in countries that are in conflict.
The following are some student responses:

  • I think Manal is very talented and I enjoyed her visit to our school. The poems she created were amazing and I though she performed them in a way that was relevant to the theme of the poem itself…Sophie Allen
  • …the audience loosened up after seeing how open Manal was and how passionate she was in delivering what she had to say. Her delivery was breath taking, emotion seeped from her and made everyone imagine what she was talking about. Joan Graeson
  • Manal's performance was entertaining, thought provoking and impressive. The poems were deep and related to modern problems.  Joshua Bennett

Angela Gargano 
Head of Library 

Mind Matters @ St. Peter's College

St. Peter’s College students develop their knowledge and understanding of wellbeing concepts through a variety of means including Workshops and Wellbeing focus weeks in the year.
Upcoming Items…

2017 Canteen

‘When Cancer Comes Along,’ Workshop

CanTeen’s Secondary schools Cancer education program

Monday 28 August 2017 @ EAST Campus

2017 Love Your Body

Love Your Body Week

Confident Me Workshop

Monday 4 September 2017 @ EAST Campus

2017 R U OK

Clare Ziino
Wellbeing Team

Avila News

Avila News

2017 Grease the Arena

We congratulate Hayley Garnham of Year 8, Avila F for successfully auditioning for the wildly acclaimed production of "Grease the Arena Experience".  

Hayley will be performing at Hisense Arena in April 2018, with a host of other young people, and a lead cast of professional musical theatre performers. 

2017 Harley Garnham

Karissa Robertson
Drama/Dance Teacher

16 AUG

VCE Study Skills - East

17 AUG

SIS Junior Sport
SIS Senior Sport

18 AUG

Campus Tour - West
Campus Tour West
SIS Intermediate Sport
Winter Sleep Out

19 AUG

Saturday Morning Uniform Shop Opening

22 AUG

SWAC Year 9 East Campus
SWAC Year 9 West Campus
VCE Study Skills – West

23 AUG

VCE Study Skills - East

24 AUG

Pastoral Period
Rice Day West Campus
Soup Day East Campus
SIS Junior Sport
SIS Senior Sport

Parents & Friends Committee

The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Tuesday 5th September, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm-9.00 pm St. Peter’s College WEST Campus
Staff Room, enter via Navarre Drive Gate Please 

2017 C Windley

GUEST SPEAKER –    Mr. Chris Windley
B.Bus (Acc) Grad Dip (Teaching & Learning)

I began teaching at St. Peter’s College in 2017, following seven years on staff at De La Salle College in Malvern. Given my business background, my subject specialties include VCE Accounting, Business Management and Economics as well as Junior Mathematics. I was also VCE Co-ordinator at De La Salle in 2015 – 2016. My current teaching load this year includes VCE Accounting and Year Eight Mathematics.

As a mature age entrant into the teaching profession, I bring many years of business experience to the classroom, having run my own accounting practices in both Australia and New Zealand, and consulted to many large scale organisations such as Racing Victoria and Sky Channel. 

While the business world was my early career path, teaching was always my passion.

In 2010 I was fortunate enough to be offered a position in the Learning Enhancement Centre at De La Salle as a Learning Support Officer. Working on a one on one basis with students with special needs further fuelled my passion for the teaching profession and I completed a Graduate Diploma of Teaching in 2011. 

At the upcoming meeting I will elaborate further on my journey from Accountant to Teacher.  

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