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Issue 100  |  26 July 2017
Featured Story
From our Principal

The early part of this week got off to a flyer with the Year 10 Spirituality Day as well as the Year 9 Try a VET day. This was closely followed by the Student Expo on Tuesday. It was wonderful to walk around talking with the students on each of these occasions and witnessing their engagement levels in each program.

Year 10 Spirituality Day – West Campus

The theme of the Year 10 spirituality day was centred around leadership. Students were exposed to and unpacked the qualities associated with servant leadership. There is no better example of the servant model approach to leadership than Jesus. His apostle Peter was also highlighted as one, who may have been flawed, yet had all the trademarks of a servant leader in carrying on the Church’s mission after the death of Jesus. The students then moved into their House groups to explore how servant leadership can be applied to a project of their choosing. The strong message to be delivered here is that it is okay to talk about leadership but it is in the action, the doing, where the real work is undertaken. We look forward to hearing of the projects that have been devised and the type of service to be provided to our community.
2017 Yr10 Reflection Day

Year 9 Try-a-VET Day

Year 9 East students joined their counterparts at West for a fun-filled and engaging day of VET activities at the West Campus. Staged deliberately around the time of the Futures Expo, the day was designed to expose students to the many and varied opportunities to enrol in and study a VET. Students could choose from a range of both internally delivered and externally offered VET subjects including: Information Design, Media Technology, Sport and Recreation, Building & Construction, Engineering, Electrotechnology, Music, Fashion, Hairdressing, Beauty, Early Childhood, Hospitality, Automotive Studies and Allied Health. VET subjects can be taken at Year 10 level and are particularly targeted at those students who intend to go down a Vocational pathway. VET subjects are traditionally hands-on subjects which are nationally recognised and accredited. I thank all those involved, particularly Mr Chris O’Hara the VET/VCAL Co-ordinator at the West Campus.
2017 Try a VET Day

Futures Expo

It was terrific to catch-up with so many parents and students over the course of the Futures Expo day. What a privilege to have such an array of workshops and information booths set-up to help inform both parents and students about future pathways. This day was of significant import to our Year 12 students and parents as one-on-one interviews with subject teachers were provided to gain feedback on progress through Semester one. Additionally, the presence of the major tertiary providers presented the opportunity for parents and students to gain valuable entrance advice. Workshops, run by St. Peter’s College staff, such as succeeding in your VCE, What is the difference between VET, VCAL and VCE?, Year 8 into 9 Pathways planning and Providing for the Accelerated Year 10 students were some of the workshops that were on offer. My thanks is extended to DP – Learning and Teaching, Ms Marlene Jorgensen, the Curriculum executive, Miss Melissa Dillon and Ms Robyn Cardamone, Learning Coaches and subject teachers for their contributions to a successful day.

One follow-up from this is the Subject selection interviews which will be held with all Year 10 students and their parent/s next week. This is a critical stage in the subject selection process as our Year 10s enter into the senior years of schooling where decisions made will potentially set future pathways.
2017 Futures Expo

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands Immersion and Mission program is a significant event in not only the social justice program of the College but a significant event in the school calendar. We have a wonderful group of students again this year dedicated to raise funds to take over as a donation to the Bishop Epalle Catholic school. Over a number of years now, the money raised has been used to build rooms to house staff, the library and an IT classroom. When this year’s group goes across in November, they will be able to witness first-hand the fruits of many years of fund-raising events as Construction of these buildings is to commence soon. It is time to call on the whole community to step up and again support the Solomon Islands fund-raising for 2017. The Solomon Islands Trivia night is to be held this year on Friday August 11th. Please consider organising a Table of 10 and come along to enjoy a social evening of fun and trivia. If that is not possible we ask you to consider donating gifts to the Silent Auction. For further enquiries please contact Mrs April Hampson at the College.

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

Week 2 Term 3 and we are well on the way to another busy term. I met with our VCE/VCAL students this week to reconfirm their commitment to being present in mind, spirit and physically for all classes.

This term will present an increased workload for our VCE/VCAL students and we can acknowledge this with supportive conversation and guidance. Last week the team from Elevate ran the second study skills workshop aimed at providing strategies and guides for effective learning and studying. 

The Futures Expo held this week provided a significant amount of knowledge about subjects and courses that your child will need to consider over the next two weeks in order to make informed decisions about their subjects for next year. This is the time of year for students to seek guidance and information from a multitude of sources at the College and then discuss with their parents to ensure they select the right subjects.

It can be difficult for parents to gauge the level and type of support that our VCE/VCAL students and in fact all our children need throughout the school year. 
Banda 26 July

VCE/VCAL – How do we best support our sons and daughters as they complete their senior years of schooling?

Take the four types of parents depicted in the cartoon above: 

  1. The Guardian who sees their role is to create a space where there are no interruptions from younger siblings. The job is to protect the sanctity of the study environment.
  2. The Passive Supporter who sees their role is provider of food, shelter, love, and support quietly in the background.
  3. The Freedom Giver who is all about trust and support and allowing their child to make their own decisions about studying.
  4. The Helper, who is actively thinking how to actively assist, and support their child. What can they do?

And finally one other type of parent – and that is the parent who is able to see that success is measured in many different ways. It is from this context that parents of senior students are a combination of all of the parent types presented.  This is probably the ideal as we join together as parents and teachers to continue to build a strong partnership of support for your sons/daughters; our students during their school years.

While the next few weeks will bring much conversation concerning subject selection and careers, there are still plenty of activities, excursions happening including the Athletics Carnival which takes place on Tuesday 8th August. I invite and encourage all students to challenge themselves to participate in all activities that are offered throughout the term. Remember every participant earns valuable points for their House in the Rosemary Graham Shield Competition. 

Student reflections @ East

1. Futures Expo:
On Tuesday, I attended the 2017 Futures Expo at West Campus. As I am Mackillop House Captain at East Campus, I got called upon to help at the sign in desk and give out subject selection forms. This was a great experience as I got to meet and speak with many students who I had never seen or spoke with previously. Inside the expo, there were a number of teachers, willing to help guide students and give an insight into specific subjects. There was also a number of university and TAFE providers there to give students help with what they want to do after leaving school. Overall the day was very successful. I was able to gain knowledge in the path I want to follow after leaving school. I definitely recommend all students to attend the Futures Expo whenever it is held, as it is a great opportunity.  
Natalia Girvasi Year 11

2.  School Tours:
In My role as a student leader, I take people on a tour of our school to show parents and students what they have coming up in their future at St. Peter's College. As part of taking parents and their children around the school I get to see how our younger students are going and growing. I also love being part of the Student Leadership team because I meet the students in the older year levels and I can play a part in how I think the school should grow to become bigger and better. I can also take ideas from other student to tell our Principal what students think about the school and how it can grow. I love being part of the St. Peter's  College Leadership Team and cannot wait to see how the school grows in the future.
Ella Cairns Year 8

3. Halo 2017:
This year we have started the Tournament of Minds Challenges. This year we have chosen the social sciences challenge where we have to combine two different countries and show how they work well together. This is to be done in the form of a play. Our three teams will be competing on the 26th August at Mt. Lillydale Mercy College. Over the next five weeks we have to complete our Research, Scripts, Costumes, Props and Rehersals.
Danica Bitoin & Kay Bannan Year 9

4. Return to St Thomas the Apostle 
Last Monday Diya, Domonic and myself returned to St. Thomas the Apostle to talk about our high school experiences to the students. Not long ago I was sitting there listening to the Year 7s talk about high school. I remember being able to understand them more and connect with them because I knew them personally. The students at St Thomas the Apostle had a lot of questions about the homework, timetable, detentions, uniform and the extra-curricular activities. We also shared our stories and tips with the students. The excursion is important for the students to hear a real perspective of high school for people who were in their position.
Ayra Dy Year 7

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Year 10 Reflection Day

As expected, the Year 10 Reflection Day, with the theme of leadership proved very successful.  House Leaders gathered their students together to explore practical projects in keeping with their House charism or theme.

The REACH team further explored leadership and really challenged the group to rise to the challenge. Students then presented their planned project to the year level before finishing with a prayerful liturgy.  

This was an opportunity to call upon God’s help and remind ourselves of the servant leadership model that Jesus presented to us.

reflection Day

Futures Expo

Futures Expo was very well attended by parents and students who explored the large range of subjects on offer here at St. Peter’s College and possible future pathways. Ms Melissa Dillon did an amazing job in setting up the hall and Learning Area coaches presented their subject areas in an engaging manner.

futures 5

Futures 1  

The good work that has started must now be followed through, particularly for Year 10 students as they approach subject selection interviews, next week.

It was interesting to hear a Year 11 student on the day lamenting the fact that too many of her cohort did not take the subject selection process at Year 10 seriously enough. She claimed that any sort of change in Year 11 disadvantages students.  

futures 2

futures 5

I encourage our Year 10 students and their parents or guardians to seek out as much information as possible so that all choices are well informed.  

The guide always should be based on:

  1. What do you like doing?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What subjects do you need for your future pathway?

As adults, we need to be respectful of our young person’s choices, irrespective of our own biases. They will be decisions that the student ultimately has to live with…not us.

futures 3

Interesting & Relevant Presentations Concerning Teenagers

I have attached four 2 hour evening presentations coming up over the next few weeks.

The topics include “Developing Resilience in Boys & Girls”, “Understanding the Challenges of the Digital World to Help” and “Raising Resilient Adolescents”. 

Click here for information on " Resilience in Boys"

Click here for information on " Resilience in Girls"

Click here for information on " Understanding a digital world"

Click here for information on "Raising Resilient Adolescents"

The venues include Wheeler’s Hill and Dingley, which I understand involves a bit of travelling, however, I think it may be worthwhile to make the trip given the quality of the presenters. Please book early to secure your tickets. Individual or group bookings most welcome!

These evenings begin on the 16th August with the final evening presentation taking place on the 12th September, 2017.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

Destination Fed Uni

It is with great pride that I announce to parents that St. Peter's College has joined in partnership with Federation University to offer Destination Fed Uni in 2018. This partnership will allow Year 11 and 12 students of St. Peter's College to study University units whilst completing their VCE through Federation Universities Berwick Campus. Students are able to complete up to 4 units via a combination of Online and Face to Face Learning.

Most significantly there is NO COST for these Units. Successful completion will see students offered a place at Federation University after Year 12 and units completed will be credited towards any degree undertaken at Federation University. Units will also provide an increment towards the ATAR.

Units available for study in 2018 include

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Principals of Accounting and Finance
  • Principles of Economics

Applications are only available via the Internal College Accelerated application process. Students wishing to complete units in 2018 or who would like further information are asked to contact Ms Jorgensen at the College.

Futures Expo – Navigating Career Pathways

Thank you to all those Parents and students who took the time to attend our 2017 Futures Expo. The event saw large numbers of students and parents across Years 8- 12 attend a variety of engaging information sessions and subject stalls. Staff were on hand from 11.00a.m through until 7.00p.m to explain various course offerings and to give guidance on appropriate subject selection. The Curriculum Leadership team presented a variety of workshops offering insight into maximising ATAR scores or alternative pathways such as VET or VCAL. This Futures Expo is a lynch pin in the ongoing process of pathway planning for students. 

Having attended the Futures Expo, read the Curriculum Handbook and thought carefully about future career paths, students should now be well placed to submit the Web Preferences Online subject selection form. Details of individual login and instructions were handed out at the Futures Expo. Any student who was absent should see their Learning Advisor to receive their login details and explain their absence.

Subject Selection must be completed by Tuesday 8th August at the very latest.

Students in Years 9, 11 and 12 should return the printed subject selection receipt, signed by parents, to their Learning Advisor as soon as possible to ensure their selected classes run. Students in Year 10 are required to attend an interview with their House Leader or Curriculum team member on Monday 31st July or Tuesday 1st August to discuss their final subject selection. Bookings for these should have already been received in the mail. Interviews will be held in the Library at West and the DC at East Campus. Any Parent who is unable to make the appointment is asked to contact the office to make an alternative date.

Any parent who was unable to attend the Futures Expo can view presentations via the College website- Teaching and Learning

For further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

Religious Education News

West Campus Breakfast Club Support Needed

The West Campus Social Justice Group has been involved in a number of events over the year and their latest project is to start a 'Breakfast Club' here on the West Campus. 

There is considerable research that shows that students perform better at school if they have eaten breakfast. There are a range of reasons why students at St. Peter’s College come to school without eating breakfast but with the implementation of a ‘Breakfast Club’, we hope to eliminate this issue for our students.

We plan to operate each morning before tutor group and breakfast will be served free of charge. This means that we will rely on fundraising and support from the school community in order to continue to provide this service to our students.

The Social Justice Group have raised a small amount of money so far by selling muffins and pancakes at St Peter’s Day but they are in need of some additional items. 

2017 RE Donations 2

2017 RE Donations

Are you able to donate:

  • Crockery or cutlery
  • Cups or glasses
  • Large plastic containers to store cereal and other food items
  • Serving scoops or spoons
  • A kettle or toaster
  • Fridge, freezer or a fridge/freezer combo

We are also looking for ongoing sponsorship so if you have any contacts in the wider community who you think would be keen to support us, we'd love to hear about them!

If you are able to donate anything from the list above or offer any further support/ideas/advice please feel free to get in touch with Miss Marissa Joyce or Sunishma Balla (Social Justice Captain).

2017 Breakfast

Miss Marissa Joyce
Assistant Religious Education Leader

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners, 

Our parish has been blessed in so many ways and we are very grateful to God for these numerous blessings. At present, we have many opportunities for you to encounter Jesus and are in the process of creating more, for you to learn more about him and to live out his life in order to help serve others better. Currently we have the: RCIA programme every Sunday 10.30 to 11.30am, Catechism Classes for children every Wednesday 4.00 to 5.00pm, Bible Study programme 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month 7.30 to 8.30pm Upcoming Events for the Parish: Alpha Programme, Discipleship School and Family Retreat. We thank all those parishioners who are currently volunteering in the parish and are helping in various ways. I ask everyone to consider, how can I be involved? If you would like to help in any way please contact the parish office. The Principal of St Agatha’s School Anne Hassall has notified me she will be retiring at the end of 2017, we have been blessed and thank her for her service and leadership to the St Agatha’s School and parish community. I invite parishioners to share the story of our Holy Land pilgrimage experience, showing pictures and video on Friday 18th August at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. 

God bless you all Fr Joseph 

VOICE FOR LIFE GROUP: Join us for the Life Dinner, it’s a fundraiser but always a good night with great guest speaker. Saturday 29th July, 6.30pm to 11.00pm. Aurora Receptions, East Brunswick. Details are on the invitation on VFL noticeboard. 

FATHER’S DAY RAFFLE: Great prizes, tickets will be sold after Masses on Sunday 13th, 20th & 27th August and 3rd September. Raffle will be drawn after 10.45am Mass on Father’s Day. Check us out on Facebook and like our page. 

BRIGADIERS OF LOURDES: During the 100th Centenary Year – On the 13th of each month till October 2017. Except in August which is the 19th . After 9.30am Mass, Veneration to Our Lady of Fatima, the Rosary and a short talk on the Fatima Apparitions will be held all day until 3.00pm at 134 Sladen Street, Cranbourne. All Welcome! For details contact Lorraine on 5996 8771. 

PARISH VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers must now have a Working with Children card that has St Agatha’s listed as an organisation. Also, a signed Code of Conduct. If you have not done so, please contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985. 

COMMUNION TO THE SICK: If you are unable to attend Mass due to illness or frailty and would like to receive communion in your home, please contact the Parish Office to arrange a visit on 5996 1 985. If you are in hospital and would like to receive communion please talk to the hospital chaplain or staff, so the hospital can arrange for a visit. 

JUNIOR RCIA: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Participants attend Mass at 9.00am followed by classes at the end of Mass in the Providence House. For enquiries contact Sr Lucy on 5996 1985. 

RCIA 2017: After 9.00am Mass in the Parish Hall. If you are considering becoming Catholic or an Adult Baptised Catholics who have not received the Sacraments of First Communion or Confirmation. For more info please contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985. 

THURSDAY EVENING MASS at 7.30pm focuses on a special intention of the week, praying for different needs within our families, parish and the wider community. Intentions for the month of July 27th – For those born in July. 

TRIVIA NIGHT FUNDRAISER: St Peter’s College, 6th Annual Solomon Islands 2017 Trivia & Silent Auction Evening to support Year 12 Students, all funds raised on the night go to Bishop Epalle Catholic School in Honaira. Friday 11th August, West Campus Hall. 6.45pm for 7.15pm start. $20 per person. Bring your own catering & beverages. For more info see notice board in the foyer or contact Mrs Hampson on 5990 777 or email ahampson@stpeters.vic.edu.au

2017 East Cross

West St Peter

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

During this school Term children within our parish will be preparing to receive their First Holy Communion. Pope Francis has given us a teaching about the Eucharist during a series of addresses given with the Angelus. His words are worth remembering:

“Jesus stresses that he did not come into this world to give something,” the Pope said, “but to give himself, his life as nourishment for all those who have faith in Him.”

As disciples, the Holy Father said, we are obliged by our Communion with Christ “to imitate Him, making our existence a broken bread for others, just as the Master has broken the bread that is truly His flesh.”

Pope Francis went on to say that each time we take part in Mass and are nourished by the Body of Christ, “the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit acts in us, shapes our heart,” and speaks interiorly to us in a way that shapes our behavior according to the Gospel.

“The charity of Christ, welcomed with an open heart, changes us, transforms us, makes us able to love, not according to human measure [which is] always limited, but according to the measure of God,” which is without limits. “One cannot measure the Love of God,” he said.

In this way, we become able to love those who do not love us – which, the Pope said, is not an easy thing to do – and to confront evil with goodness, to forgive others, to share, and to welcome.

By living in this way, the Holy Father said, “we discover the true joy” of giving back the great gift which we, without merit, first received ourselves.

“This is beautiful,” he said: “our life becomes a gift!” This is an imitation of Jesus.

There are two points that one must not forget, Pope Francis said: First, that “the love of God is immeasurable,” and secondly, that by “following Jesus, we – with the Eucharist – make our life a gift.”

Pope Francis concluded by offering a prayer to Mary, in whom the Word was made Flesh, “to help us rediscover the beauty of the Eucharist and make it the center of our life.”

As the children prepare to receive Holy Communion for the first time may we all pray for a renewal of the Eucharist in our lives.

May God bless you, Fr Denis.

FORMED.org is a revolutionary online platform featuring the best Catholic videos, audio talks, eBooks and movies from trusted partners like the Augustine Institute, St. Paul Center, Marian Fathers, Lighthouse Catholic Media, Ignatius Press and Word on Fire. Catechism and Personal Faith Formation are at the fingertips of every parishioner. St Thomas the Apostle parishioners are very privilege to have free access to this website and request that this access be only for St Thomas the Apostle parishioners. To gain access to this website please get the parish code from Christine at the parish office: 5998 0947 or email: parish@stthomasap.org.au.          

EUTHANASIA AND ASSISTED SUICIDE BILL: The refusal of overly burdensome or futile treatment is not euthanasia. Every person has the right to refuse overly burdensome or futile treatment which does not correspond or is disproportionate to their needs. This is good medical care, not euthanasia and has always been part of Catholic moral teaching and health care. To find out more about the issue, contact the Life, Marriage & Family Office on 9287 5587 / lmf@cam.org.au or visit: www.cam.org.au/euthanasia. 

ORDINATION TO THE DIACONATE: Two of our seminarians, Avinash George and Hiep van Nguyen, will be ordained Deacons for the Diocese of Sale on Saturday 2nd September at 11.00 am at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sale. A Diocesan Choir is being formed to lead the singing at the Ordination Mass. We are also looking for instrumentalists. If you are interested in joining the choir/musicians for this wonderful occasion, please contact Mrs Sophy Morley, Diocesan Director of Music, as soon as possible. Phone: 03 5622 6677 Mobile: 0413 590 007 Email: smorley@sale.catholic.org.au Singers/Musicians will receive a music pack and details of rehearsal times and venues around the diocese.

RCIC: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Meeting: every Sunday at 10.00am at St. Agatha’s Providence House, Cranbourne. Enq:  Sr Lucy 5996 1985.

RCIA: For adults interested to join the Catholic Faith. Meeting: every Tuesday at 7:30pm. For enquiries contact Celine on 0417 145 616.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION (R.E.): For children who are in non-catholic schools. Every Wednesday at St. Agatha’s Parish Hall, Cranbourne, 4.00pm – 5.00pm. Enq: Sr Lucy 5996 1985.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

2018 Acceptance of Enrolment


A reminder that if you have not returned your 'Form of Acceptance' for your child's place in Year 7, 2018 that these forms are now overdue.

Please return these forms ASAP to secure your child's position for next year.

Places are NOT confirmed until these forms are received by the College.

Winter uniform

Kerrie Birrell


Wet Weather Jacket now is stock

Children Size - $43.00

Adult Size - $54.00

Uniform Policy;

Winter Uniform, Male and Female:

College Waterproof Jacket (optional) (does not replace Blazer and must be worn over Blazer)

Physical Education Uniform Male and Female:

St. Peter's College Waterproof Jacket (optional)

2017 Waterproof Jacket

Mind Matters @ St. Peter's College

Anxiety and Teens

Free online Program 

We know everyone faces challenges in their life – that’s normal, but for some young people, feelings of sadness and anxiety begin to interfere with their life. The feelings last for longer than a few weeks and they change the way a person spends their time. This can be anxiety or depression. 

For some young people these anxious feelings become intense and overwhelming. The feelings begin to interfere with their life and it is hard to do what they need to do; like going to school and work. It can also affect how they get along with other people. 

As part of the pastoral program and Mindmatter’s initiative here at St .Peter’s College we endeavour to teach students about mental health issues that may present in life and ways to manage this. 

If you feel your son or daughter is experiencing major anxiety please feel free to contact the welfare team to discuss your concerns. 

Another resource you may wish to consider is “The Brave Program”. It is a free online program based on CBT which can teach young people about how to manage anxiety. You can work with your child to do the program or it may be something they want to try independently after they open an account. It is also a great way to learn some ways to be able to speak to your child when navigating through anxious times in their lives. 

Here is a link to the free online programme:

Stress Dump Term 3 2017

Stress & Anxiety Management Program for Girls in Year 7 & 8 (FREE 7 Week Program)

Please click here for information

Nadia Picinali
Student Wellbeing Team

Winter Sleep Out

Winter Sleep Out

The annual winter sleep out will be on, on Friday August 18th at the East Campus. Students in Years 11 and 12 are encouraged to participate.

The Social Justice Captain, Tiffany Forbes is organising the Sleep Out and she is being supported by her fellow College Captains.

The evening starts at 7.00pm with a guest speaker, film and social activity and then its lights out. Students will sleep in the Graham Building on the floor with no heating provided. 

Breakfast will be cooked in the courtyard and students are expected to leave the College by 8.30 am.

The aim of the Winter Sleep Out is to give students understanding of the plight of the homeless in Victoria.

Students are asked to make a donation and proceeds will go to our Saint Vincent’s Winter Blanket Appeal.

Winter sleepout

2016 Winter Sleep-out East Campus 04

winter sleep out image

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Co-ordinator, East Campus.

Road works around East Campus

Abiwood has contracted BMD to undertake road works to install a signalised intersection at 660 Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Clyde North as part of a multi-lot subdivision development.

Construction has commenced since last year and the road works is well underway. However, to complete the work safely, we need to close the south bound lane of Berwick-Cranbourne Road between Linsell Boulevard and Thompsons Road for approximately three (3) weeks.

Road closure southbound (towards Cranbourne)
Tuesday 1 August 2017 — Friday 18 August 2017

Please note the north bound lane of Berwick-Cranbourne Road will not be affected and remains open to traffic.

Detours will be in place to divert traffic around the construction works. We ask road users to please be alert to changed conditions and observe any signs in place.

The work at the intersection will include earthworks, pavement works and asphalting works.

The half road closure is scheduled to be carried out in early August, dependent on the weather. During this time, there may be some additional noise, dust, and extra traffic associated with these activities.

We will attempt to minimise the impacts on the community where possible.

The southbound lane is expected to be re-opened by the end of the month.

BMD Urban would like to thank you for your patience while we complete this work.

Please feel free to contact Rodric Carabott on (03) 9811 3444 should you have any questions or concerns.

26 JUL

VCE Study Skills East

27 JUL

Careers Subject Selection

SIS Junior Sport

SIS Senior Sport


28 JUL

Campus Tour East

SIS Intermediate Sport

Friday Detention

31 JUL

Subject Selection Interviews Year 10

01 AUG



Study Skills - West

Parents & Friends Meeting

02 AUG

SIS Debating Round 1

VCE Study Skills -East

2018 French Tour Info Mtg

03 AUG

Athletics Carnival West Campus

Year 10 REACH & Leadership Day East Campus

SIS Junior Sport

SIS Senior Sport


04 AUG

SIS Intermediate Sport

Parents & Friends Committee

The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Tuesday 1st August, 2017

7.15 pm Tea and Coffee

7.30 pm - 9.00 pm St. Peter’s College EAST Campus

Administration Centre, 55 MacKillop Way, Clyde North

GUEST SPEAKER –    Ms Gabriella Spano
2017 Gaby Spano      
Ms Gabriella Spano
B.Arts;Dip.Ed. B.Ed

I began teaching at St. Peter’s College in 2016. In my first year I taught VCE Legal Studies, Year 10 English, and Junior Humanities. Curriculum had always interested me, and being able to be part of the development of curriculum at St. Peter’s College, was something I was interested in.

At the end of 2016, I successfully applied for the Coach of Humanities, East Campus.

2017 has seen me work with the Coach of Humanities at the West and with East teaching staff, to deliver a relevant and interesting curriculum which comprises subjects such as History, Geography, Legal Studies, Economics and Business Management.

It is our aim to provide the students with a variety of subjects, so that they are able to choose areas of learning that interest them. By doing this, we hope to encourage the students to develop a broad range of subject interests, which will enable them to make informed decisions about which subjects they may like to pursue in VCE. At the upcoming meeting in August I will be taking some time to talk about my Teaching and Learning journey.

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