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Issue 99  |  19 July 2017
Featured Story
From our Principal

Welcome Back

Welcome back to all at the beginning of semester two. It was great to see both our students and staff come back, seemingly refreshed, after a well-earned semester break. All students commenced the week with an extended tutor group where they were asked to self-reflect on the efforts and achievements of semester one and to commit to a series of goals to work towards in semester two. In reading through a number of student reports at the end of last semester a common pattern consistently appeared. Our most successful students academically were those not only engaged in their learning within the classroom but also were those that are heavily involved in the additional opportunities, programs and activities that St. Peter’s College has to offer. To be involved in the co-curricular program, be it sporting activities, debating, chess, drama, human powered vehicle, language competitions, etc..etc, provides students with a skill-set that complements academic skills giving self-confidence and opportunities to contribute positively to the school community. I would like to challenge those students in particular that have not chosen to engage in these types of opportunities to date to at least put their hand up for one event, activity or program in semester two.

Futures Expo

Term 3 is where we turn our attention to planning for the following year. This begins next week with our Futures Expo. Held at the West Campus, this day is a critical information sharing day for students and parents of both campuses as the subject selection process begins. It is imperative that parents and students avail themselves of the opportunity to be informed ahead of the subject selection process. Significant planning has occurred to ensure all will be assisted in making informed decisions for the day. It is compulsory for students of Years 8-12 to attend the day with a parent. For Year 12s this day is also an important one to gain critical feedback on semester one so as to set priorities for “the final run home” to the exams. I look forward to catching up with many of you over the course of the day.

Building Progress

There are significant building works underway or about to be embarked upon at both the East and the West Campus. At the East we currently have our Year 9 purpose-built building progressing well. Significant landscaping work has also commenced with the central Piazza, a central hub to the whole campus begining. This will occur in two stages and create a central meeting point for the campus. A digital image is shown below. 

2017 CE Site Plan

This work begins the process of dismantling some of the temporary pathways. All will be glad to see the back of these!

At the West Campus the final touches are being made to the West Campus Masterplan. This will be presented to the school community in the coming weeks. In addition to these projects a third project is soon to commence. In the college’s strategic vision we have made a commitment to “build and maintain sustainable facilities that reduce our carbon footprint”. It is with this in mind that I am delighted to announce the approval of a loan from Catholic Capital Grants to commit to creating long-term value via an energy efficiency and renewable energy solution. This will be achieved by replacing all existing lighting with LED lights as well as a significant solar installation program. The work will commence in the coming weeks and is to include both campus locations. Estimates suggest that cash flows will be in the positive by the twelfth year and that energy bills will be significantly reduced from the first year. It is a win-win for the college and also a significant win for the environment.

Netflix Film – To the Bone

Parents may be aware that Netflix is currently promoting across social media the imminent release of ‘To the Bone’, a film following the journey of a 20 year old woman living with and recovering from anorexia nervosa.  This film was due to be released on Friday 14th July. Eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder) are complex neuropsychiatric disorders that manifest in disordered eating and exercise behaviours.  The graphic content of ‘To the Bone’ – both visual and audio – may be triggering for someone with or at risk of an eating disorder.  For those who are not so vulnerable, it may still be disturbing, and possibly distressing.  In this context we suggest that parents and others make every attempt to view the film with their children or other young people.

Working With Children – New Legislation

Changes are being made to the Working with Children Act 2005 to clarify and simplify the requirements of holding a Check and implement key recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The changes come into effect on 1 August 2017 and mean that Working with Children Checks will be needed in some situations where they were not previously required. People undertaking child-related work whose contact with children is supervised by another person will now be required to hold a Check. The meaning of direct contact will be expanded to cover all types of contact including written and verbal contact as well as contact by email and through electronic means. St Peter’s College has been aware for some time of these changes and has been working with individuals that now fall under the umbrella of the new legislative requirements. If you are someone who currently supports the college by volunteering in some capacity you are invited to make application for a Working With Children’s Check. For more information or to apply, visit workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact Nicole Sides our Compliance Officer who will be happy to provide assistance.

Sad News

We express our condolences to the Nair family who sadly and suddenly have lost a father and husband over the holiday period. Suraj is a Year 12 student at our East Campus. Our thoughts and prayers in particular are with Suraj and his mother Geetha at this sad time.

Enjoy the week ahead.
Chris Black Signature

Chris Black

Latest News
East Campus News

Welcome Back: - what the will the term bring? – The ability to flourish.    

2017 Flourish symbol

During the term break, I had the opportunity to complete an excellent seminar on Positive Education, which explored the use of Character Strengths. Research has identified the value of positive education which uses Character Strengths and Mindfulness to support the wellbeing and connectedness of students at school. When we help students to identify their top Character Strengths (i.e. signature strengths), and regularly run activities that aim to help strengthen their use of a Character Strengths language and encourage the use of their Character Strengths like tools or resources, they able to overcome challenges, and begin to flourish. At St Peter’s we run many activities and seminars for our students during pastoral periods, excursions, SIS sport, house and year level assemblies that promote key aspects of positive education including character strengths and mindfulness. The goal of our educational, pastoral and wellbeing programs is for our students to flourish – and therefore their school and life journey is supported by: 

  • A positive purpose 
  • Positive accomplishments
  • Positive engagement
  • Positive health
  • Positive emotions
  • Positive relationships

If we understand and acknowledge our top Character Strengths, all of us are then able to flourish. On Monday Learning Advisors ran a goal setting session, in which students reviewed, and renewed goals they had set earlier in Semester one. This involved individual interviews with their Learning Advisor. It was ideal time for students to reflect on goal successes, and the goals that still need more energy, time, commitment and perhaps more use of Character Strengths. How then do we identify our Character Strengths? During the session students were invited to complete the online Character Strengths survey (http://www.viacharacter.org/www/Character-Strengths-Survey. Students who complete the survey, receive a list of their top character strengths, such as kindness, leadership, loyalty, social intelligence, etc. It is from this list that we can start to use the Character Strength language in promoting positive actions and outcomes for our students.  When we review goals set by students, we look at what strengths these used to achieve their goals, rather than concentrating on what they did not achieve. Using a Character Strengths focus we can change the lens in which students see through and purposefully create a wellbeing with a strengths focus. By developing an awareness of how using our strengths can help us to become proactive rather than reactive in our life, therefore moving towards flourishing. I encourage parents/guardians to look at the character-strengths survey, even take it, as it could lead to some interesting conversations about the use of one’s Character strengths in order to flourish.

Rosemary Graham Shield – update: Staff vs Students Basketball

Late last term we were thrilled to announce the victorious efforts of our SIS Intermediate Boys Basketball Team, and this then lead to a challenge – staff vs the reigning Pennant winners. Points will be awarded to each House that was represented by both staff and students, for the Rosemary Graham Shield.

It was a heroic performance from the Super Staff Stars: Ms Stewart, Ms Crozier, Mr Samaranayake, Ms Johnson, Ms Malta, and Mr Green. With power, energy, fitness and youth on their side, plus a lot of talent, the SIS Intermediate boys powered home after two ten minute halves; 21:8. The score did not really reflect the hard fought battle and courage displayed by the staff stars. It was a tremendous way to end the term with great fun and wonderful sense of community as the crowds of students showered the two teams with support, and applause. 

The reigning SIS Junior Girls Netball team are set to challenge the staff early this term, once some training for staff has been completed! 

2017 CE SIS Pic.1

2017 CE SIS Pic.2

Year 9 Building update   

It is amazing to see how quickly we are now able to gauge the true shape, size and capacity that will be our new year 9 building – now that walls and a roof have appeared. On a tour of the site this week, the enormity of the project was felt as we walked around identifying each of the learning spaces. This building will have such a unique capacity to facilitate the innovative learning program that is being designed for the Year 9 of 2018.

2017 Yr9 Building


This week the Year 11 and 12 students were involved in the Elevate Study Skills workshops as a continuation of the Elevate program designed to promote skills and confidence in our VCE students as they progress towards completing Semester 2 assessment tasks and final VCE examinations. This is a great program and another way for students to gain more insight into techniques that will support ulitising their Character Strengths to achieve their VCE goals.

Year 9 students will be involved in a Try a Vet Day at the West Campus next Monday. A wonderful opportunity for students to be introduced to VET and the role it might play in their senior years at the College. Please remind your son/daughter to return the permission slip on time for this valuable and fun activity.

Futures Expo – you do not want this miss this exciting and informative day – Tuesday 25th July at the West campus.

Finally welcome back and let us make the semester positive, supportive and productive for all of the school community.

Julie Banda
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Welcome Back

Our students began this term with goal setting and it was a valuable time to reflect with their Learning Advisors on their Semester 1 goals. Students looked at their school report and also participated in an important analysis of their strengths in setting their goals for Semester 2. Learning how to frame goals and being willing to review and re-set goals are important skills that support effective learning and help us to become our best self.  

The goal setting exercise is designed to:

  • focus students on educational outcomes; 
  • build capacity  to tackle challenges;
  • sort out what is important; 
  • assist motivation;
  • inspire students to take responsibility;
  • develop good learning practices; and 
  • provide students with strategies for achieving their goals.

Before you sign off on these goals, which your child will have put in their Student Record Book, I ask you to consider your child’s school report carefully to ensure that the goals are SMART.

By SMART goals, we mean that they are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant, Rigorous, Realistic, and Results Focused
  • Timely and Trackable

The recommendations in a school report are great advice for your child to continually improve and so it is important that parents read their child’s report and discuss their progress with them.

If you are unsure how to find your child’s report, then please contact the school for further information (5990 7777).

Our focus on the character strengths of your child is a very deliberate push for the positive education that can be so beneficial to our St Peter’s community. Research has shown that living your strengths leads to a better life.  If you put yourself in situations that allow you to use your strengths, this will create more opportunities for you to experience joy, love, engagement, meaning, success and happiness in your life. Talking about strengths creates opportunities for people to revel in what is right with them, not dwell on what is wrong with them. People who know their strengths are 9 times more likely to flourish in their work place. People who use their strengths at work are 18 times more likely to flourish at work.  We encourage parents not only to look at your child’s goal in their record book, but also look at their ePortfolio on Schoolbox and celebrate your child’s character strengths.

Futures Expo

In preparation for Futures Expo on Tuesday, 25 July, students will be having a special pastoral period this Thursday.  Sports uniform is to be worn on this day.  They will learn about the pathways to which they may be best suited and this will be valuable information as they consider what subjects, course or career pathway they choose next year.

Year 10 Reflection Day

This Monday, the Year 10 students will participate in a reflection day with the theme of leadership. Leadership at St Peter’s has traditionally been expressed in terms of Servant Leadership. This has been normally taken up in a specific way with the induction of school leaders and with the Leadership session offered to our Year 11 students at the end of the year in preparation for Yr 12. The School is seeing more and more that Year 10 students also have a significant role in Leadership particularly as they move into Year 11. This day will involve leadership training and involvement in a leadership project. It should be seen by students that choice for Leadership positions in the future may depend on their involvement in this day and this project. The idea being presented here is that each of our House patrons expresses an aspect of what we expect leadership to look like here at St Peter’s. Students will be introduced to an aspect or idea of leadership in relation to their House Patron. This quality of leadership is to be expressed in the creation of an event. These qualities are shown below and will guide the workshop on that day:

Assisi Simplicity/Giving as receiving
Augustine The World is our Classroom
Avila Comes from within
Glowrey Service
Kolbe Giving
Marian Yes to having a go
Mackillop See a need
Romero Speak for those who have no voice


The REACH Team will also join the students for 2 periods for some work on leadership.  

I thank Mr Steve Nash, our Religious Education Leader, who has organised this program and the House Leaders who work so hard with the students on this day to help make the projects a reality.  

Please talk to your child about the day and find out what they learnt or experienced.

McGuigan Shield & House Activities

Term 3 is the final term of activities that will contribute to the awarding of the McGuigan Shield for 2017.  The house that wins the house competition will be granted a day of celebration off campus towards the end of term.  MacKillop House won last year and Romero enjoyed a pizza lunch as the runners up.  

Again MacKillop is leading the competition, however, there are plenty of activities still to come (including the Athletic Carnival) that may see the leader’s board change.  

  McGuiganShield Ladder  
1st Mackillop 1410
2nd Kolbe 1119
3rd Glowrey 1103
4th Assisi 973
5th Marian 964
6th Avila 887
7th Romero 853
8th Augustine 813


Some of the events this term include:

Term Organising House/Person Activity
3 (weeks 1-3) Assisi Indoor Soccer
3 (weeks 3-6) Head of Campus Chess Competition
3 (weeks 4-5) Mackillop Nun on the Run
3 (week 8) Mon.4/9  Head of Campus Trivia Competition
3 (week 8) Marian Spelling Bee
3 (13/9) Augustine Hungry Hippo


Please encourage your child to be part of their House and the co-curricular life of the College.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

Fast Approaching on Tuesday 25th July, is the College Futures Expo.

This year the Expo has been expanded once again and will not only offer information about all subjects offered at the College, but will also have a variety of post school Career providers on hand to speak with parents and students.

University as well as employee groups will be represented and will be able to guide students towards the best possible career pathways.

Information sessions for Years 8- 12 students will be repeated throughout the day and will run from 11.00 a.m until 7.00p.m.

Parents are reminded that bookings are available via the College website or your son/ daughters Schoolbox- careers page. Please book to avoid disappointment.

This event is compulsory for all Year 8- 12 students.

Subject Selection passwords will be distributed at the Futures Expo. The Expo is a linchpin in the ongoing process of pathway planning for students, and I encourage all parents to plan to attend.

Subject Selection must be completed by Tuesday 8th August.

Students in Years 9,11 and 12 should return their subject selection receipt, with parent signature to their Learning Advisor as soon as possible after the Futures Expo.

Students in Year 10 are required to attend an interview with their House Leader or a Curriculum Team member on Monday 31st July or Tuesday 1st August to discuss the final subject selection.

Bookings for these Interviews should already have been received via printed parent invitations in the mail.

If you are unable to attend at the appointed time, please contact the Front Office to see if an alternative time is available.

Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews

All parents should have received information regards bookings for the Year12 Parent Teacher Interviews to be held during the Futures Expo . 

Bookings are available via the Parent Portal and will close on Friday 21st July at 3.30 p.m.

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

Religious Education News

Coming up in the next few weeks are the Year 10 Leadership Reflection Days. These days are obviously about Leadership, but they are also about the nature of St Peter's as a school.
It is about significant roles. For Year 10 students who want to become College Captain, Liturgy, Social Justice, Arts, Sports, Environment or House Captain this is a significant day. It is a day when we look at what Leadership is and what it takes to be a Leader. We look at significant Leaders and see what they did to bring others along. It is a day where students get to work with staff leaders as they plan and get involved in Leadership and practice and explore themselves as leaders. The Reach Foundation come in and open up the idea of leadership with them.
It is about everybody. St Peter is a very interesting character. He is never perfect. He fails regularly. He sometimes lacks confidence. Yet he was a great leader. In fact, the word we might use for him is that he is an "exemplar" for leadership. At our School, named after St Peter, the expectation is that everyone in their own way is called to leadership. Everyone, at some stage in the day, in the week, in the term, will be called to stand up and to show leadership. Leadership is not always about the badge or the podium or being the "front guy."
Finally, leadership at our school takes a very unique perspective. Actually, these days it is not so unique. Companies all over the world have cottoned on to what St Peter is all about. We promote here a type of leadership we call "Servant Leadership." It is about looking after the other. Being servant.
So hopefully, we will see a splurge of St Peter like activity going on in the next few months - all in the name of a great leader - St Peter.

West St Peter









Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners, 

This week we welcome school students, parents, teachers and staff back to school at the beginning of Term 3. During this term, the preparation for and reception of First Holy Communion will take place within our parish, and we pray for all children and families who will be involved. In the coming weeks, I will be visiting with all the groups and ministries within the parish. I invite parishioners to share the story of our pilgrimage experience showing pictures and video on Friday 18th August at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.

God bless you all Fr Joseph

COMMUNION TO THE SICK: If you are unable to attend Mass due to illness or frailty and would like to receive communion in your home, please contact the Parish Office to arrange a visit on 5996 1985. If you are in hospital and would like to receive communion please talk to the hospital chaplain or staff, so the hospital can arrange for a visit.

JUNIOR RCIA: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Classes have started now till Easter 2018. Participants attend Mass at 9.00am followed by classes at the end of Mass in the Providence House. For enquiries contact Sr Lucy on 5996 1985.

THURSDAY EVENING MASS at 7.30pm focuses on a special intention of the week, praying for different needs within our families, parish and the wider community. Intentions for the month of July 20th – For Single Parents, 27th – For those born in July.

FIRST COMMUNION 2017: Parents are invited to the Information Night and Parent Workshop in preparation for First Holy Communion this Tuesday 18th July at 7.00pm in St Agatha’s Parish Hall. If you miss this, there is a second chance on Tuesday 25th July at 7.00pm in St Agatha’s Parish Hall. Parents need only to attend one session there is no need to bring your child. Attendance is essential for parents whose children made Reconciliation last year and those who missed out on First Communion last year. If your child is not in a Catholic School, and is not enrolled in our Wednesday Catechist program, please call the office. If an urgent situation arises that prevents your attendance, you must contact Sr Mary on 5996 1985. 

BRIGADIERS OF LOURDES: During the 100th Centenary Year – On the 13th of each month till October 2017. Except in August which is the 19th . After 9.30am Mass, Veneration to Our Lady of Fatima, the Rosary and a short talk on the Fatima Apparitions will be held all day until 3.00pm at 134 Sladen Street, Cranbourne. All Welcome! For details contact Lorraine on 5996 8771. 

PARISH VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers must now have a Working with Children card that has St Agatha’s listed as an organisation. Also, a signed Code of Conduct. If you have not done so, please contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985. 

JUNIOR RCIA: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Classes have started now till Easter 2018. Participants attend Mass at 9.00am followed by classes at the end of Mass in the Providence House. For enquiries contact Sr Lucy on 5996 1985.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

I was delighted with the response to the invitation for new altar servers in the parish with 12 primary and secondary students attending. There is a very willing spirit to participate actively in the parish from our young parishioners, and they give all of us inspiration and encouragement.
During this week, all the clergy of the diocese will be participating in further training to deepen our knowledge of and implementation of the Victorian Government Child Safe standards. Upholding a culture of safety for children and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of every parishioner, and I wish to thank our Parish Safety Officer, Corralee Floyd, and all parishioners for their keenness in developing further and maintaining a culture which gives witness to our faith and the dignity of every human life.
There are many vulnerable adults whose lives can be at risk if the proposed bill to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide is successful in the Victorian Parliament. If you wish to support the parish petition to our local Member of Parliament, this is the last weekend to do so.

May God bless you, Fr Denis

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2017: Parents are invited to the Information Night and Parent Workshop in preparation for First Holy Communion on Tuesday 18th July at 7.00pm OR on Tuesday 25th July at 7.00pm in St Agatha’s Parish Hall.  Parents need only to attend one session, there is no need to bring your child.  Attendance is essential for parents whose children made Reconciliation last year and those who missed out on First Communion last year.  If your child is not in a Catholic School, and is not enrolled in our Wednesday Catechist program, please call the office.  If an urgent situation arises that prevents your attendance, you must contact Sr Mary on 5996 1985.

EUTHANASIA AND ASSISTED SUICIDE BILL: The provision of pain relief is not euthanasia. Every person is entitled to good pain relief to alleviate suffering at the end of life, such as that offered by palliative care. The provision of such pain relief is not euthanasia, even if a person’s life may be shortened. It is a vastly different action to euthanasia where the decision is made to intentionally kill someone. To find out more about the issue, contact the Life, Marriage & Family Office on 9287 5587 / lmf@cam.org.au or visit: www.cam.org.au/euthanasia. Please sign the petition against this bill. Petition forms can be found at both entrances. 

ORDINATION TO THE DIACONATE: Two of our seminarians, Avinash George and Hiep van Nguyen, will be ordained Deacons for the Diocese of Sale on Saturday 2nd September at 11.00 am at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sale. A Diocesan Choir is being formed to lead the singing at the Ordination Mass. We are also looking for instrumentalists. If you are interested in joining the choir/musicians for this wonderful occasion, please contact Mrs Sophy Morley, Diocesan Director of Music, as soon as possible. Phone: 03 5622 6677 Mobile: 0413 590 007 Email: smorley@sale.catholic.org.au
Singers/Musicians will receive a music pack and details of rehearsal times and venues around the diocese.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Careers News

Final Days until the FUTURES EXPO!!!!!  Tuesday 25th July

We are days away from the Futures Expo!!!  We look forward to seeing all students and families from Year 8 to 12 on Tuesday 25th July.

Please be sure to register for your workshops of interest using the link on our website or the link on Schoolbox under the Careers tab.

In addition to the valuable workshops, a number of external providers have been invited to assist with future employment and study options.

Click here to see the schedule of workshops:

Click here to see the external providers attending:

LEAP: University Open Day Checklist
This checklist aims to help parents and students by guiding them through university open day events so they get the most out of the day. There are also tips about key questions to ask staff and uni students on the day.
Please click here for website 

5 things to consider when picking a degree 
Please click here for website 

You can read the stories of young tradespeople who will be representing Australia in the WorldSkills competition.
Please click here for website 

Employability skills
This page on Youth Central gives you some tips on the skills all employers are looking for. It also provides examples of ways you might demonstrate these skills without even knowing it, and how to include them in an application.
Please click here for website 

The Simpson Prize 
The Simpson Prize is for year 9 and 10 students to submit an essay or audiovisual presentation focusing on the significance of Anzac Day. Students must respond to this year’s question using a variety of sources and their own research. Entries close 10 November 2017. 
Please click here for website 

What can we all do to create a more harmonious society?: Video competition
People aged between 16 and 30 can submit a video that answers this question. The creator of the winning video will receive a $1000 prize.
Please click here for website 

Melissa Dillon
Careers Coordinator

FaSCInate Program

FaSCInate Program

St Peter’s College is endeavouring to meet the needs of all our students in the range of subject areas, extra-curricula activities and other activities that take place on a monthly basis. The need also to meet different learning needs of students is also important.

2017 Fascinate Program

The Science Faculty is beginning  to implement, through our new School Box learning portal, a program called “FaSCInate Science”. The program is developed to address the needs of our high achievers and give them some real engagement in scientific theory and practical research well beyond their year level.  Every topic from 7 to 10 will have a FaSCInate topic that goes along with it. The topics are being written at the moment. A typical year 7 topic could include calculating the effect of gravity on planets in our Universe (which is currently a Yr 12 Physics topic!). The idea is for students with a keen interest in science or those students that have demonstrated exceptional skill and talent in Science can choose to take on the challenge.

So, how does it work? For the length of a topic a select number of students will be able to work independently in a group to tackle science research, practical activities or concepts the current year 11 or 12 or beyond are studying. It could also include current research on the cutting edge of science throughout the world.

Students can choose to take on the FaSCInate Program after being invited by their teacher and will, for up to 3-4 lessons out of their regular topic work, attempt this alternative tasks in the same classroom. They are removed from a small part of the expected regular work done by the remainder of the class. Students can be rotated throughout the year.

If you have any questions regarding the program please email me at any time (bbarber@stpeters.vic.edu.au). We welcome your son or daughter to take on this rewarding opportunity to really challenge their special talent in the area of Science!

Brett Barber
Science Coach East Campus

Art and Technology Awards

Art & Technology Awards Semester 1 2017

This year Technology teachers presented awards to those students who have displayed commitment to their learning and excellent skills in their semester one classes.
Mrs Jorgensen presented the awards acknowledging their great work ethic.
In Year 8
Food - Carissa Doyle
Robotics - Kelly Holt
Product Design - Robert Pocock 

In Year 9
Textiles - Emily Vezelici
Product Design - Jamie Cudmore
Building Construction - Matthew Huntly
Food - Georgia Clover
Web Publishing -  Mitchell Gertrude

In Year 10
Product Design - Daniel Lee
Robotic Systems - Darcy Paulka
VET  Building Construction - Bailey East
VET Digital Media & Technology -  Steven Trajkovski

2017 Art & Technology Awards

Glenn Collings
Technology Coordinator/Coach
VET Building and Construction

Art News

2017 Casey Contemporary Class

Casey Contemporary: Class of 2017 will be held at Bunjil Place Studio in February, 2018. The inaugural exhibition will showcase exceptaional work from students studying VCE Units 3 & 4 Art, Studio Art, Media, Visual Communication, and Design and Technology (Textiles and Wood Work) in 2017.

The aim of Casey Contemporary is to celebrate the creative achievements and outstanding talent in VCE students within the City of Casey.

As there is no theme to the exhibition, students studying the forementioned subjects are strongly encouraged to submit the final pieces for their VCE Unit 3 & 4 subjects. Applications will open in September with details being released late August.

For more information, please contact City of Casey Youth Engagement Officer 9705 5200.

Vivienne Hayes
Art Learning and Teaching Coach

Excursion to Monash University

Excursion to Monash University

Year 12 Biology and Chemistry students

2017 Monash Exc.Pic.2

The Year 12 Biology and Chemistry students from both East and West campuses attended Monash University to work in the Biology and Chemistry laboratories. It was a hands on experience for the students.

The Biology students participated in DNA Fingerprinting and Phylogenetic Analysis.

They were able to look at evolutionary relationships of different species. The Year 12 Chemistry students analysed different chemicals to identify unknown chemicals.

Both groups of students undertook Forensic science procedures which you see in shows such as CSI and Law and Order.

Tania Brown and Brett Barber
Learning and Teaching Coach

Futures Expo Save the Date

Futures Expo. Study and Career Pathways

2015 Futures Expo 13


Our Annual Futures Expo is St. Peter's College 'One Stop Shop' for students and parents for all your Curriculum and Careers information.

Everything you ever wanted to know about: 

Navigating VCE
Careers and University Pathways
Maximising your ATAR  
Acting a Job Interview 
Subjects Selections in the Junior Years 

Taking the time to be fully informed of all the choices available will ensure a smooth transition through the Senior Years of school and will maximise both your enjoyment and achievement.

Tuesday 25th July at West Campus, Multi-Purpose Hall

Students and parents are reminded to save the date for our upcoming Futures Expo. All students from Year 8 through to 12 in 2017 are expected to attend and sign-in at some point during the day and evening. 

Enrolment information and individual logins for subject selection will be distributed during the Futures Expo.

Mind Matters @ St.Peter's College

2017 CEO symbol

National Child Protection Week CEOSale Poster Competition

Dear Parents/Students,

We are excited to announce the National Child Protection Week 2017, CEO Sale Poster Competition. National Child Protection Week commences on Sunday 3 September 2017, culminating in Child Protection Sunday on 10 September. This competition provides a way to deepen the awareness of child safety and promote the participation and empowerment of children (standard 7).

This year’s theme is: ‘See Me, Hear Me’

  • This competition is open to all students from Prep to Year 12
  • Students can enter individually or in groups.
  • Schools are invited to submit their top five entries.
  • Entries are to be submitted on A3 paper.
  • Two designs from each category will be chosen to be produced into posters to be distributed to schools from the promotion of National Child Protection Week.
  • Successful posters from the following categories will be published:

Best of primary school individual entry
Best of secondary college individual entry
Best of primary school group entry
Best of secondary college group entry

Entries close Friday 28 July 2017 -    Further details to follow –

Marianne O’Rourke
Education Consultant
Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale
PO Box 322 Warragul Vic 3820
Phone: 5622 6658  
Email: morourke@ceosale.catholic.edu.au

Please click here for flyer

Attached above, is a flyer outlining a forthcoming community seminar titled:
“Parenting Anxious Children”  –
Tuesday 15th August 2017
7.00pm to 9.00pm
Anxiety Recovery Centre, Surrey Hills
$20.00 per person
Bookings online at www.arcvic.org.au

Anita Carter
Student Welfare Leader

Travel Overseas with the Exchange Program in 2018

St. Peter’s College Exchange Program Information Sessions at Futures Expo.

Information sessions about the St. Peter’s College Exchange program will be held on Tuesday 25 July at the Futures Expo.

The sessions will include general information about the School Exchange Programs including hosting a student from Japan and New Caledonia as well as specific information about the 2018 Study Tour to New Caledonia.

Japan 2

In order to book online, please follow the link on the school website under “Futures Expo 2017”

There will be three Information Sessions, one at 12pm, at 2pm and at 5pm in Breen 1 at the west campus.

If you are interested in travelling to New Caledonia in 2018, you are strongly advised to attend one of these sessions as these are the only Information Sessions that will be held for next year’s French Exchange Program.

Please contact arosenblum@stpeters.vic.au if you are unable to attend and request information. 
2017 Exchange Student Symbol

Olimpia Rosenblum
College Exchange Coordinator

20 JUL

Pastoral Period

Elevate Study Skills - Year 11

Elevate Study Skills - Year 12


21 JUL

EC Year 10 - 12 Immunisations

Campus Tour - West

22 JUL

Uniform Shop Saturday Opening

24 JUL

Subject Interviews Year 10

Try A VET Day Year 9

Year 10 REACH & Leadership Day

Library News

The Culture Vultures Celebrate Harry Potter’s 20th Birthday with a Fabulous Forum!

2017 Library News

Culture Vultures, Mia Clauscen, Shae Le Galle, Nadia Karaan and Ruby Smith engaged an intimate and interested audience at the end of last term.

Culture Vultures is our new name for Book Club because we explore many elements of popular culture, as well as books. Watch out for further Harry Potter celebrations and Culture Club events!

Angela Gargano 
Head of Library

Parents & Friends Committee

The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Tuesday 1st August, 2017

7.15 pm Tea and Coffee

7.30 pm - 9.00 pm St. Peter’s College EAST Campus

Administration Centre, 55 MacKillop Way, Clyde North

GUEST SPEAKER –    Ms Gabriella Spano

2017 Gaby Spano          

Ms Gabriella Spano
B.Arts;Dip.Ed. B.Ed

I began teaching at St. Peter’s College in 2016. In my first year I taught VCE Legal Studies, Year 10 English, and Junior Humanities. Curriculum had always interested me, and being able to be part of the development of curriculum at St Peter’s College, was something I was interested in.

At the end of 2016, I successfully applied for the Coach of Humanities, East Campus.

2017 has seen me work with the Coach of Humanities at the West and with East teaching staff, to deliver a relevant and interesting curriculum which comprises subjects such as History, Geography, Legal Studies, Economics and Business Management.

It is our aim to provide the students with a variety of subjects, so that they are able to choose areas of learning that interest them. By doing this, we hope to encourage the students to develop a broad range of subject interests, which will enable them to make informed decisions about which subjects they may like to pursue in VCE. At the upcoming meeting in August I will be taking some time to talk about my Teaching and Learning journey.

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