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Issue 96  |  14 June 2017
Featured Story
From our Acting Principal

Last week we held the Annual General Meeting for the St. Peter’s College Parents and Friends Association. I’d like to congratulate the following who have agreed to take on executive roles for the 2017/2018 year:

  • President: Naomi Bartlett – mother to Joshua and Noah who will be entering Year 7 in 2018
  • Treasurer: Jodie Redman – mother to Ella and Ethan
  • Secretary: Mairi-anne Macartney – past parent and current staff member

It is wonderful to see new faces prepared to step up and play significant roles on this important committee. We offer our sincere thanks for their preparedness to take on these roles. We also thank Mairi-anne for her continued presence on the committee fulfilling a significant role. Whilst we are thrilled to have some new parents stepping up it is with an equally heavy heart that we farewell two stalwarts who have played significant roles over a large number of years in ensuring the P&F remains a vibrant and significant committee. Both Karen Walker and Ellinor Allen have contributed significately to the P&F over a long period of time giving of their time freely to support the College. Karen’s youngest, Cameron is in Year 12 and at year’s end will bring to an end seventeen years of connection. Kerrie has been either President or Treasurer of the P&F for fifteen of those seventeen years. Ellinor's association with the College and the P&F has not ended yet, however she has decided to step away from office bearer duties after nine years as either Treasurer or President. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Kerrie and Ellinor publicly for their outstanding contributions.

Solomon Islands

In the past week we have received some exciting news from the Principal of Bishop Epalle Catholic school, Mr Jackson Meke. He states that “ the building of our two storey Staff Office, Library and Computer Lab is progressing to the next stage. A Building Contract will be signed tomorrow afternoon at 1pm for the construction to start as soon as possible.” He continues by stating that, “we would like to name that building St Peter”. For a number of years St. Peter’s College has been dedicating much of their fund-raising efforts to support the Bishop Epalle Catholic school so it is wonderful to hear that these efforts are to make such a difference to the facilities they will have access to. Fund-raising for this year’s Solomon Islands mission experience is starting to gain momentum with a planning meeting being held this week. Make sure you keep August 11th  free in your diary to attend the Trivia and silent auction night.

Year 9 Reflection Day

This week our Year 9s took timeout from a busy term to participate in a Year 9 reflection day. St. Peter’s College has committed to nurturing the faith development of all students. These take on many guises and forms. Retreats, masses, liturgies, prayer, formal RE classes, all play a role in providing a forum for faith to grow. For Year 9s a special reflection day is set aside with the overall nominated theme being Reconciliation. Reconciliation as a sacrament is significant. The message surrounding asking for forgiveness and seeking forgiveness from others is important in the Catholic Church and St Peter's College as it enables a closer connection to God. Questions such as: What does it mean to forgive? Is there power in extending forgiveness? Who has the right to forgive? What do you actually "give" when you grant forgiveness? What would the world be like without forgiveness?

These are important questions to explore, and whilst challenging, can send an important message around the importance of community and being “in communion with others”. The message of the day can be summed up best by the words of the closing prayer in the student’s shared liturgy: 

God of compassion, You sent Jesus to proclaim a time of mercy reaching out to those who had no voice, releasing those trapped by their own shame, and welcoming those scorned by society.

Make us ambassadors of reconciliation. Open our ears that we may listen with respect and understanding. Touch our lips that we may speak your words of peace and forgiveness. Warm our hearts that we may bring wholeness to the broken-hearted and dissolve the barriers of division.

Guide the work of your Church and renew us with the Spirit of your love. Help us and all people shape a world where all will have a place, where the flames of hatred are quenched, and where all can grow together as one.

Forgive, restore and strengthen us through our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Sad News

Sadly we were informed that past student Luke Staveley died in a motor-bike accident this past weekend. Luke belonged to the graduating class of 2010. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. RIP Luke Staveley.

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black
Acting Principal

Latest News
East Campus News

This past week we as a campus have focused on being more thankful and positive through our words and actions. Messages of positivity were spread as were words and actions of thanks to teachers, students and all members of our community. 

Thursday Mass @ St. Peter's College East

Our thanks this week are particularly extended to Father Denis and Father Anthony who celebrate mass on Thursday mornings for us at East Campus. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to attend mass during the school week and share this celebration with teachers, students and members of the St. Thomas the Apostle parish. A classroom is beautifully and effortlessly transformed into a sacred space in which we can take time in the busy day to reflect and be present in the grace of our Lord. It is pleasing to see many students embrace Catholic identity through their active attendance by participating in the readings, prayers, music and service during the mass. 

A positive challenge to us all to unite.

Mr Antoine and the students of Assisi and Avila decided positivity week was a great opportunity to celebrate how our differences can in fact unit us. To promote unity, faith and catholic identity these students have set the challenge to gather once a week around the St. Peter’s statue to pray together and work for unity despite our diversity. A great initiative of positivity. Well done to the students and staff who took up this challenge. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide us to focus 'on what Unite us rather than what divide us',  Desmond Tutu 

2017 Positive Challenge

Pop up fun @ East…a thank you to our College student leaders, and DJ Ben.

The DJ was indeed in the house, well at least the AC building. To mark the week of positivity, students were invited to attend a pop up music event on Thursday at lunch time. The entry fee, was simple and free; a message of positivity was to be written on a paper brick in an attempt to build the highest wall of positivity possible. DJ Ben Salu (Year 11) was fantastic and rocked the building playing great music. The younger students were a little shy at first, but once they saw the college student leaders dancing up a storm the energy and fun were contagious. 

The college student leaders including the SRC have worked very hard to provide activities and fun for all students during lunch times. They are to be thanked and congratulated for all their efforts throughout the term. The pop up music event was huge success and could not have been without DJ Ben who provided all the equipment, music and skill required for a dance party.

Fun Friday: 

The East College student leaders decided to create some fun and activity for Years 7-9 last week – called Fun Friday. Basketball, netball and a variety of Art activities were organised and run by the student leaders. The events were very successful and will hopefully become part of a regular schedule of planned fun activities for students next term. I was particularly impressed by our college leaders who were able to use their own strengths and talents to present these activities. A very positive event!

A very busy week again, with Year 10 & 11 Exams, Year 10 Work experience commencing, VCE GAT and special pastoral events for Year 11 students focusing on safety on the roads (Fit2Drive) and at parties. Next week we will hear from the Year 10 students about their work experiences. 

Finally a very important reminder: Bike Riders – please wear your helmets – it is the law.

We are very concerned that some of our students are not wearing their bike helmets to and from school. The information below comes directly from the VicRoads website, and I ask all parents to discuss the importance of wearing bike helmets with their children. We want our children to be safe on the roads. Remember if caught without a helmet, you can be fined by the police. Please take a minute with your children to review the following information from VicRoads.

VicRoads: Wearing a bicycle helmet

All bike and scooter riders are required to wear a bike helmet in Victoria.
Mandatory bicycle helmet laws were introduced in July 1990. This applies when riding:

  • on road
  • on bike and shared paths
  • in bike lane
  • in recreational parks
  • in car parks.

The problem over 300 cyclists are seriously injured or killed in Victoria each year. Head injuries are a major cause of death and serious injury to cyclists. Children are not the only cyclists injured, as about 85 per cent are over 16 years of age. Bicycle crashes occur in metropolitan and country locations, on quiet streets, bike paths and busy roads – in fact any place you can ride. Helmets work! The foam in a helmet is designed to spread the force and absorb the energy of an impact. This reduces the risk of head injury, when your head hits an object or the road. For information about research that show bicycle helmets reduce the risk of head injury visit vicroads.vic.gov.au/bicycle helmets.

Year 10-12 Students - Meningococcal Immunisations

The Victorian State Government announced in February this year a $7 million dollar program to immunise students aged between 15 and 19 against meningococcal disease. This is a result of a significant spike in meningococcal W disease last year. There were 17 diagnosed cases in 2015 but that tripled to 48 in 2016. Three people have died from this new strain over the last two years.

The Government have chosen this particular age group on the recommendation of national immunisation experts, because teenagers are at increased risk and more likely to spread the disease to others.

This free vaccination will be offered at St. Peter’s College East Campus on Friday, 21 July. These immunisation forms will be given to your child this coming Tuesday in Tutor Group to be delivered to you. If not, please ask your child to go to Student Reception. Please fill these forms in and return them promptly to the school granting consent to have your child immunised. This vaccine could cost up to $150 from your local GP and so we would encourage all parents to take advantage of this opportunity as they are currently free and there is no suggestion that it will be funded next year. 

Please click on  the letter sent home with students on Friday.

Have a wonderfully positive and safe week.

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus 

West Campus News

Year 9 Reflection Day

On Wednesday, this week our Year 9 students participated in a Reflection Day with the focus on reconciliation.  

They also experienced a 90 minute session with the Reach Foundation.

Thanks to our Religious Education Leader, Stephen Nash, for organising the day and House Leaders and various Religious Education and wellbeing staff for their involvement.  

Please chat to your student to find out what they got out of the day.

Year 10 Work Experience

Many staff are finding time between corrections and report writing to visit students on work experience.

I enjoyed visiting one of our students and seeing him in his element at a warehouse that has been converted into a place people can meet to play online games.  

It reminded me of the importance of preparing our students for jobs that I did not even realise existed and the value of entrepreneurial skills.  

Thanks to Ms Melissa Dillon who works so hard to lead the work experience program that gives our students such valuable insights also into the world of work.  

Hopefully, it will inspire many of our students to set smart goals.  At the beginning of Term 3 we will dedicate some time for Learning Advisors to sit down with all our students and reflect on their experiences in Semester 1 and their reports to revise these goals.

work experience

Year 11 Student Program 

The year 11 students will travel to the Holocaust Museum in Elsternwick on Thursday as part of their Religious Education Program and then on Friday learn about safe driving and safe partying.

holocaust 1

I encourage parents to talk to their child about what they learnt from the Fit2Drive program and from Sonya Karras about partying sensibly.  

It is important that parents, teachers and the outside experts are all on the same page when presenting this information to our young people.

St. Peter’s Day– Tuesday, 27 June

On Tuesday, 27 June, the college community celebrates St. Peter’s Day.

This is a special day on the College Calendar, where we celebrate the Feast Day of our Patron Saint Peter and recognise our Catholic Ethos.

The Student Representative Council have been planning and organising activities to ensure the day is successful.

Please note the following:

  • The day commences with normal Tutor Group at 8.45am, followed by a Campus Mass in the Multi Purpose Hall. The Mass is a very important part of the day’s celebrations and is therefore compulsory.
  • Students arriving late and therefore missing the Mass will NOT be allowed to partake in all of the activities for the rest of the day.
  • After the Mass, the day will consist of a number of activities provided by Auscorp Amusements: including gladiator challenge, bungee run and a UFO thrill ride. The SRC, VCAL students and each House is also organizing various activities including student radio, food stalls and a talent quest.
  • The Parents and Friends Association will kindly provide a free BBQ lunch and can of soft drink for all students on the day.
  • Some of the activities are free, whilst some activities and the food stalls will cost a small amount of money, with the proceeds going to charity. Students are advised to bring loose change on the day.
  • The day will conclude with dismissal at 3pm.
  • This is a compulsory school day and students should not be arriving late or departing early.
  • Students who are absent are required to bring a parental note the next day.
  • Students are permitted to wear casual clothing on the day. Please wear sensible, warm clothing and be prepared for cold weather. Open toed footwear is not permitted.
  • Current St. Peter’s College students ONLY are permitted on the premises on the day.

st peters 2

st peters day


This really is a day of celebration and an opportunity for the whole student and staff community to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thank you in anticipation of your support on this day.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

This year a large number of students are undertaking VET subjects at the College. VET stands for Vocational Education and Training and is a subject specifically designed to prepare students for the workplace. Some courses are offered as a BLOCK Release option were students spend the whole day away from usual timetabled classes and attend their particular course of interest 

VET Units currently on offer at St. Peter's College via block release include 

  • Certificate II Building Construction 
  • Certificate II Electro technology
  • Certificate II Engineering    

Other VET courses are offered throughout the timetable as part of the usual timetable of a student.

These include ;

  • Certificate II Information Digital Media and Technology 
  • Certificate III Sport and Recreation.

In 2018 St. Peter's College will introduce Certificate III in Music Industry.

This course will be offered to all students and will run as a block release from the East Campus. This exciting new offering provides opportunities for both performance and back of house support in the music industry. Students will learn about and perform skills directly related to the music industry.

All VET courses provide students with nationally recognised Certification and enhance future career opportunities. All Year 10 2018 students should consider a VET Course option. 

Students may attaned either campus to complete a VET Course. It is the students responsibility, just as it would be in a work place to arrange transport to and from their VET Course. 

VET subjects at St. Peter’s College all incur a flat rate fee of $100.00 which is a considerable savings for parents.

Futures Expo 

Further details of available VET courses together with subject selection information, parent workshops and University and TAFE providers can be found at the College Futures Expo to be held Tuesday 25th July at the West Campus Multipurpose Hall.

All students from Years 8 - 12 are required to attend the EXPO over some part of the day.

The Futures Expo will open at 11.00a.m and will finish at 7.00pm. 

Students in Years 8, 9,11 will receive their Subject Selection password and log in at the Futures Expo 

All Year 10 students will receive their passwords at our Year 10 Subject Interviews to be conducted throughout week 3 of Term 3. Parents will receive an Invitation to attend with their son or daughter to discuss subject selections with one of our experienced Curriculum Team or House Leaders. 

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

Religious Education News

Holocaust Excursion 

This week our Year 11 students visited the Holocaust Museum.

The overwhelming reaction was one of having been really moved.  

There are 3 parts of the experience:

  • An introduction and film 
  • The Museum with many artefacts 
  • A talk from a survivor of the Holocaust. 

We are experiencing a world at the moment that is troubled; terror attacks around the world, political unrest, millions of refugees just to name a few. The Holocaust museum experience does a couple of things.  

One is to recognize the trauma and hurt. Whether witnessing the film, Museum or the survivors you can't help but feel with these people and for them.

This was truly a troubled world too. The second thing, however, is just how positive, how wonderful,  how life filled these people are. The mission of the museum is to make sure that we in this age never forget what happened then so we don't repeat the horror in the future.  

More than this it is about everyone who visits the museum taking steps to make the most of every moment and enriching every person in your life.

The above is a brief summary of the experience of the museum. We did also visit Temple Beth Synagogue in St Kilda. What made the day all the more moving was the way our students entered into experience.  

Their reaction and engagement was a thing to behold. It reminds me that these young people are men and women of the world.  

A comment on Abe Goodman.  Firstly, he was appropriately named - a good man he is. This 93 year old was one of the original founders if the museum - still on the museum's executive.

He told us about his life, the loss of his parents and sisters, not mention the rest of his immediate family during the Holocaust.  I was particularly struck by his memory of the war ending. Only in the past few days I saw a documentary replaying the announcement of the end of the war.

Celebrations all around - people dancing, drinking, cheering. For Abe and his friends, deep sorrow for all who were lost - no drinks, a prayer maybe.

I could not help but love his faith in the goodness of people in the face of such trauma. s trauma that continued after the war as they were seemed to be not wanted anywhere.

Except Australia.  Australia is richer for having Abe made his home here. That will be true of the many who come to these shores to restart their lives. 

The Holocaust.  A horror that brings to us such a richness. 

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

The trip to the Holy Land was fantastic. Thank you for all your prayers which made us enjoy a deeper and personal encounter with Jesus. The memories of this wonderful experience will remain with us for ever. In the coming weeks, we the pilgrims will invite you to a gathering in the parish hall where we will share our experiences with you. After the pilgrimage, I travelled to Nigeria where I had a wonderful time with my family and friends. I also met some of the sisters of the Nativity; Sisters Anna, Grace and Mercy who were here in our parish. They are doing wonderfully well in their various communities and new apostolates and have sent their love and regards to all of you. Thanks to Fr Antony for a wonderful job well done on my behalf. Thanks to Fr Denis for helping with some of the weekend Masses despite his health challenges. May God grant him full recovery. Thanks also to the parish staff and to everyone who assisted Fr Antony while I was away.

God bless you Fr Joseph

SVDP Society: We will be holding our annual Masses for the Poor Appeal on the 24th - 25th June and we seek the continuing support of our Parishioners. As we have this enormous growth in our Community of Cranbourne so we have an ever-increasing number of calls for assistance with occasions of close to 100 calls a week. We would appreciate your donation to our Church collection, donations of blankets and not perishable foodstuffs. If you can help by giving of your time to help with visitations we would be grateful, it can be any day or time, training is provided. Come and join the Lord’s team of helpers serving the poor. If you can help please ring 5996 1758 to talk to us. God bless you all for your ongoing support and prayers.

Volunteers Needed For Godstart: Do you have some spare time each month to take a birthday card and some birthday cheer to children of our parish ages 1 to 5? Sr Faustina is calling for volunteers to help in this wonderful ministry. Contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

Volunteers needed for Children’s Liturgy: The parish is looking for volunteers to share the Word of God with Children during the 10.45am Mass. Handout materials are prepared for you to lead the session. Contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

RCIA Inquiry 2017: An inquiry session will be held for Adults who may be considering becoming Catholic or for Adult Baptised Catholics who have not received the Sacraments of First Communion or Confirmation on Sunday 25th June after the 9.00am Mass in the Parish Hall. For more info please contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

JUNIOR RCIA: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Classes begin Sunday 4th June till Easter 2018. Participants attend Mass at 9.00am followed by classes at the end of Mass in the Parish Office. For enquiries contact Sr Lucy on 5996 1985.

St. Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

In these coming weeks I urge all parishioners to renew their prayer and encouragement for all our younger parishioners. Some are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Many are invited to participate in a youth survey in preparation for an international conversation to be led by Pope Francis at the Vatican next year.

We have so many terrific young people in our parish, involved in various parish ministries and committed to their faith. They constantly give a wonderful witness to all of us, so let us be quick in our encouragement and prayer for them.

May God bless you all, Fr Denis

SVDP Society: We will be holding the annual Masses for the Poor Appeal on the 24th - 25th June and we seek the continuing support of our Parishioners.  As we have this enormous growth in our Community of Cranbourne so we have an ever-increasing number of calls for assistance with occasions of close to 100 calls a week.  We would appreciate your donation to our Church collection, donations of blankets and non perishable foodstuffs.  If you can help by giving of your time to help with visitations we would be grateful, it can be any day or time, training is provided.  Come and join the Lord’s team of helpers serving the poor.  

If you can help please ring 5996 1758 to talk to us.  God bless you all for your ongoing support and prayers.

Volunteers Needed For Godstart: Do you have some spare time each month to take a birthday card and some birthday cheer to children of our parish ages 1 to 5?  Sr Faustina would like St Thomas parishioners to visit parishioners in their local area.  For more details contact Sr Faustina on 5996 1985

Volunteers: People who represent the church in any way MUST hold a WWCC and complete a Volunteer Application form.  Instruction sheets and forms for these are available at the entrance of our worship space and the Parish Office.  If you need any help, please ask, Corralee Floyd is available in our Parish Office on Wednesdays. This relates to any form of volunteering for the church at all.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) 2017/18 Program

DO YOU WANT TO or do you know anyone who wants to...

  • Become a Catholic
  • Learn more about Catholic practices and beliefs
  • Improve or refresh your knowledge of your faith
  • Complete your sacraments
  • Sponsor a Candidate / Catechumen 

Please click here for more information 

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Volunteers for St. Peter's Day BBQ

Volunteers Required

2017 Sausages in Bread

St. Peter’s Day BBQ Lunch

Date: Tuesday 27th June

Time: 10.00 am to 2.00 pm

Where: Both East Campus and the West Campus 

Can you spare an hour or more at your child’s Campus to help prepare, cook and serve the Parents & Friends Sausage Sizzle BBQ lunch during our St. Peter’s Day celebrations?

You will need a Volunteer Working With Children Check, which you can apply for on-line at no cost: Click here

Please contact College Reception and ask to have your name put down to help out.

Thank You

April Hampson, SPC Parents & Friends

Moonlit School Holiday Dates

Moonlit Sanctuary Keeper Club

2017 Moonlit Symbol

Kids enjoy environmental activities, animal encounters and native animal care.
Day includes: interactions with dingo, python, off-limits animals, feeding animals & food prep, animal enrichment activities. Learn about our animals, their conservation and the environment. For ages 7-14 years. 

July 2017 school holiday dates:

  •  Week 1: Monday 3th Tuesday 4th Wednesday 5th Thursday 6th Friday 7th 
  • Week 2: Monday 10th Tuesday 11th Wednesday 12th Thursday 13th Friday 14th
  • 10am –4pm

Cost: $70.00 per day, or $189 for 3 days (pro rata for additional days). 
Maximum 16 children per day.

Bookings essential as spaces are limited
Dress for the weather and wear closed-toe shoes, long pants and remember your hat or raincoat.  BYO lunch or purchase at the café.

Moonlit Sanctuary
550 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd, Pearcedale
Phone 5978 7935
Web: www.moonlitsanctuary.com.au
Open daily between 10am and 5pm

Upcoming Events

14 JUN

Reach Reflection Day Year 9 West Campus
VCE Study Skills -East

15 JUN

Holocaust Museum Excursion Year 11 West Campus
SWAC Year 11 Fit to Drive & Safe Partying East Campus

16 JUN

Holocaust Museum Excursion Year 11 East Campus
SWAC Year 11 Fit to Drive & Safe Partying West Campus
Campus Tour - East

17 JUN

Saturday Opening Uniform Shop

19 JUN

Student Free Day Report Finalisation

20 JUN


30 JUN

End of Term 2

Student Free Day

17 JUL

Term 3 begins

18 JUL

WC VCE Study Hub

19 JUL

EC VCE Study Hub

20 JUL


21 JUL

West Campus Tour

22 JUL

Uniform Shop Open 8am - 12 noon

Mind Matters @ St.Peter's College

2017 CEO symbol

Advance Notice
National Child Protection Week CEOSale Poster Competition

Dear Parents/Students,
We are excited to announce the National Child Protection Week 2017, CEO Sale Poster Competition. National Child Protection Week commences on Sunday 3 September 2017, culminating in Child Protection Sunday on 10 September. This competition provides a way to deepen the awareness of child safety and promote the participation and empowerment of children (standard 7).

This year’s theme is: ‘See Me, Hear Me’

  • This competition is open to all students from Prep to Year 12
  • Students can enter individually or in groups.
  • Schools are invited to submit their top five entries.
  • Entries are to be submitted on A3 paper.
  • Two designs from each category will be chosen to be produced into posters to be distributed to schools from the promotion of National Child Protection Week.
  • Successful posters from the following categories will be published:

Best of primary school individual entry
Best of secondary college individual entry
Best of primary school group entry
Best of secondary college group entry

Entries close Friday 28 July 2017
-    Further details to follow –

Marianne O’Rourke
Education Consultant
Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sale
PO Box 322 Warragul 3820
Phone: 5622 6658  Email: morourke@ceosale.catholic.edu.au

2017 Stressdump

Stress Dump -  Stress & Anxiety Management Program for Girls in Year 7&8 FREE 7 week Program please click here for flyer

Anita Carter
Student Welfare Leader

Parents & Friends Association

The Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.

Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.

Tuesday 1st August, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm - 9.00 pm St. Peter’s College EAST Campus
Administration Centre, 55 MacKillop Way, Clyde North 

GUEST SPEAKER –    Ms Gabriella Spano           
 2017 Gaby Spano         

2017 Gaby Spano

Ms Gabriella Spano 
B.Arts;Dip.Ed. B.Ed

I began teaching at St. Peter’s College in 2016. In my first year I taught VCE Legal Studies, Year 10 English, and Junior Humanities. Curriculum had always interested me, and being able to be part of the development of curriculum at St. Peter’s College, was something I was interested in. At the end of 2016, I successfully applied for the Coach of Humanities, East Campus.

2017 has seen me work with the Coach of Humanities at the West and with East teaching staff, to deliver a relevant and interesting curriculum which comprises subjects such as History, Geography, Legal Studies, Economics and Business Management.

It is our aim to provide the students with a variety of subjects, so that they are able to choose areas of learning that interest them. By doing this, we hope to encourage the students to develop a broad range of subject interests, which will enable them to make informed decisions about which subjects they may like to pursue in VCE.

At the upcoming meeting in August I will be taking some time to talk about my Teaching and Learning journey.  

Please click here for minutes of June 2017 Parents & Friends Meeting

Please click here for minutes of June AGM Meeting

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