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Issue 93  |  24 May 2017
Featured Story
Acting Principal

Leadership Mass at St Thomas the Apostle

For five years the parish of St Thomas the Apostle has called St. Peter’s College East Campus their spiritual and parish home. Last Sunday, both staff and student leaders came together to celebrate mass. Our students were wonderful ambassadors and contributors to what was a significant occasion for the East campus college community. We are in a privileged position to host the parish as it has enabled the connection between parish and school to be strong. The faith dimension of the school needs continual nourishment, gained first and foremost through Eucharist and the scriptures but also through the development of community. It was wonderful to be a part of the St. Thomas the Apostle community on Sunday and to be able to say thank-you to them for their role in providing sustenance for the faith development and spiritual growth of many of our families.

Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2017 begins on the 26th of May and concludes on June 3rd.  These dates are significant in our history, marking firstly the anniversary of the successful 1967 National Referendum recognising Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders  in the National Census and secondly the High Court decision to recognise Native Title for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders via the Eddie Mabo Court Case on June 4th , 1992. The theme in 2017 is ‘Let’s Take the Next Steps’. This is particularly poignant as connections can be made to our own school theme, “After much debate Peter stood up….Standing up and making steps to connect is challenging yet as we reflect on two significant anniversaries in Australia’s reconciliation journey – 50 years since the 1967 referendum, and 25 years since the historic Mabo decision the time is ripe to ask the community of St. Peter’s College to be a part of the next big steps in our nation’s reconciliation journey. National Sorry Day is an annual event held on the 26 May to remind and raise awareness among politicians, policy makers and the wider public about the significance of the Stolen Generations, and the impact that this has had, and continues to have, on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The first Sorry Day was held on 26 May 1998, a year after the Bringing them home report was presented to the Parliament. The report resulted from an inquiry into the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, and recommended both an apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and reparations. A number of events occur throughout Australia to commemorate National Sorry Day, and people are encouraged to get involved in community activities. Here at St. Peter’s College we recognised the significance of this day, as we often do, with house liturgies.

SRC Training Day

This week our SRC participated in a training day. This was the second part of a leadership training program with our current student leadership group. Part one was a training day at the end of last year involving the student leaders, ie the students with portfolios. As part of this initial day planning took place for this SRC day. The student leaders were significant in their involvement not only in the planning of the day but in participating and leading sections of the day. One of the identified areas in the college strategic plan is to build student leadership capacity and voice. A day like this Monday is a large step in the right direction. I applaud and congratulate all involved.

2017 SRC Pic 1  2017 SRC Pic 2






Chess Champions

Well done to the St. Peter’s College chess team who recently participated in a Chess tournament. A credible 3rd has enabled the team to participate in the upcoming State Chess Championships. We congratulate them and wish them well.

2017 Chess

Plain Speaking English Competition

Congratulations are extended to Emily Lace (West) and Laura Wootton (East) for their participation in this week’s Plain English Speaking Competition. Open to Year 12 English students this is a fiercely competitive event so it was wonderful to hear that Emily was placed runner-up. Well done Emily. Laura is also to be congratulated for what was recognised as a highly polished presentation.

Enjoy the week ahead

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black
Acting Principal

Latest News
East Campus News

In conversation with students this week…..

This week I have been discussing the role social media can play in our work, and family life with a range of students from Year 7 through to Year 12. To my surprise, students were quick to also mention and complain how much their parents are on social media.

Some of them felt there was a double standard at home when it came to the appropriate use of social media/mobile phone by themselves and their parents. Food for thought!

Mobile phones in classrooms can play a role in student learning – however all too often they are a source of distraction. It has been said by experts that each time a student glances to check their phone, it can take up to 4mins to regain the level of concentration the student had previously.

Therefore checking your phone 3 to 4 times in class has a potential loss of 12 -16 minutes of concentration. Whenever I present this fact to students, they are surprised at the impact a phone and all of its social media connections can have on their learning and completing of tasks within the class and the school day. 

2017 Mobile Phone

So being a teenager/parent is hard enough without navigating the whirlpools of Instagram and Snapchat – SOCIAL MEDIA  

2017 Social Media

But what is social media?  

  1. Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.
  2. Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

It is important to note that both of these definitions do not inspire or promote negativity. In fact the first definition, it could be argued sounds a little complicated for some of us to navigate what it actually means.

The second definition is more user friendly and appears to promote the positive use of online communications to support community sharing and collaboration. 

Why then are parents, teachers, employers, and medical experts including psychologists concerned about the influence and use of Social Media on our children, if these definitions are correct? The speed in which we send and receive information can mean that we are forever busy communicating, but not really communicating the essence of what we mean.

To communicate, collaborate, interact and share in meaningful and relevant ways takes more time and personal investment than a quick text or an emoji can really convey. Social media if used as defined is a wonderful collection of tools providing experiences promoting collaboration and communication. 

Like any tool, instruction on how to use it is the key. 

Returning to the conversation with students this week, I had to acknowledge that on occasion my own children have challenged me on the frequency of my engagement with social media if only for emails and text messages adding to the busyness of my day.

The need to monitor the use of social media in order to protect our children from the threat of cyberbullying, isolation etc is universally agreed and many excellent programs are available to support our children.

But what if we added a slightly different approach –such as the 8 minute challenge as presented by The Family Peace Foundation https://familypeace.org.au/. Based on research, the challenge is to spend at least 8 minutes of quality time with our children a day.

This appears to be an easy target. The Family Peace Foundation website contains helpful tips on strengthening families to create peaceful homes, workplaces and communities through real communication and interaction.

Therefore, part of the solution to successfully navigate the whirlpools of Instagram, snap chat, texts, emails etc for both teenagers and parents could be as simple as putting the social media/technology down for at least 8 minutes a day to talk and listen with each other.

Other great initiatives can be found on this website which aim to build on family connectedness through non-social media platforms from the Family Peace Foundation include:

  • 3 good things ( that happen and we are grateful for)
  • Needs detectives (encourage us to say what we need)
  • Strength commonalities ( similarities that connect us) 

Have a wonderful, (and at times a social media free) week.

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Year 10-12 Students - Meningococcal Immunisations

The Victorian State Government announced in February this year a $7 million dollar program to immunise students aged between 15 and 19 against meningococcal disease. This is a result of a significant spike in meningococcal W disease last year. There were 17 diagnosed cases in 2015 but that tripled to 48 in 2016.  Three people have died from this new strain over the last two years.

The Government have chosen this particular age group on the recommendation of national immunisation experts, because teenagers are at increased risk and more likely to spread the disease to others.

This free vaccination will be offered at St. Peter’s College West Campus on Monday, 26 June.  When you receive the immunisation forms from the College, please fill them in and return them promptly to the school granting consent to have your child immunised. This vaccine could cost up to $150 from your local GP and so we would encourage all parents to take advantage of this opportunity as there is no suggestion that it will be funded next year.

Sorry Day – Friday, 26 May

On Monday, about 25 students participated in a workshop put on by local aboriginal artist, Adam Magennis in the Terry Feely Learning Centre. This has been a good way to lead into Sorry Day on Friday that marks the beginning of National Reconciliation Week.

National Sorry Day is an annual event held on the 26 May to remind and raise awareness among politicians, policy makers and the wider public about the significance of the Stolen Generations, and the impact that this has had, and continues to have, on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The first Sorry Day was held on 26 May 1998, a year after the Bringing them home report was presented to the Parliament. The report resulted from an inquiry into the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, and recommended both an apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and reparations.

A number of events occur throughout Australia to commemorate National Sorry Day, and people are encouraged to get involved in community activities. At St. Peter’s College we will be gathering in Tutor Groups or as Houses to become more aware of what happened to the Stolen Generation and pray for the continual process of reconciliation in our community.

Practical Safe Driving Program (PSDP) Pilot - Year 10 Driver Education

The first two of the Off-Road driving workshops held at METEC in Bayswater begin this Wednesday for all Year 10 students. The third session will occur next Wednesday. Students who have not returned permission letters will not be allowed to participate in this aspect of the program. Forms or other attempts to grant permission will not be accepted on the day as this makes it too difficult for staff to alter bus lists and track students’ whereabouts. On Monday, three of our students enjoyed a free 45 minute lesson with a qualified driving instructor. While it was disappointing that more students did not take up this opportunity, it does inform the evaluators about what parents and students want in a driver education program. 

Critical Agendas

There are a number of excellent 2 hour evening presentations coming up during Term 2. Bookings are still open for all nights but in my experience you are usually able to just pay at the door. These evening presentations include topics such as: “Developing Resilience in Boys”, “Understanding and Supporting Children with Anxiety” and “Coping with the Stress of Schooling”. Some people may be reluctant to travel to Mentone, Mulgrave or Wheeler’s Hill, however, if a number of parents are interested, car-pooling can make it worthwhile. The $20 per head is well worth the expense for the valuable information and insights gained.

Please click here for the details.

West Campus Masterplan

As explained in a previous newsletter, the work of the West Campus Masterplan Committee continues with a view to initiating some work for the Arts and VCAL facilities this year.  Additionally, a lot of thought is going in to making the campus safer for your children, our students, particularly with respect to the traffic management. We welcome any submissions or ideas that you as parents may have with respect to making the campus child-safe and pedestrian friendly.

Lateness To School And Student Cards

It is important that students attend school punctually, however, if they are late then it is important that parents notify the school alerting us to their child’s lateness. This can be done by phone, written note or in person. Without parent notification, our assumption is that parents are not aware of their child’s lateness and that this lack of punctuality is not approved. Consequently, a lunchtime detention will be issued for a student who is late without any parental notification.

Furthermore students must use their student card when either signing in or out from the College. The process adds unreasonably to the workload of the office staff at peak periods when students do not use their student card. This is why students will also be issued with lunchtime detentions if they do not use their card to sign in or out from school. A replacement card can be organised at Student Reception for $5. I ask your support in these matters and encourage your child to be organised with their student card and punctual to school.  

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

Learning Walks 

As part of our planned ongoing professional learning for staff, Coaches who lead each key learning area conduct Learning Walks throughout the year. A Learning Walk involves three key components 

1.Discussion with the teacher to determine what it is they would like the Coach to observe.

2.A 30- 40 minutes observation of the teachers class looking at the learning that has been discussed

3.Feedback conversations were the observations and ideas for continuous growth are explored.

This Model of teacher learning demonstrates the College commitment to ACTIVE Learning for not just students but also teachers. Observations are NOT about critiquing the teacher. They are about looking at the Learning and discussing with students their explicit understanding of what and more importantly HOW they are learning.

This past week I have visited a number of classrooms and have been excited by the understandings of students.  Three comments stood out for me from students 

“we like the choice that this style of learning provides."

“we are more engaged and invested in our own learning.”

“ I can apply my learnings much more than in a traditional lesson “

These student comments speak volumes about the type of learning that is taking place in our classrooms each day. Combine this with a rich discussion around how the learning could be improved even further and the result is a vibrant and dynamic learning community.

2017 classroom

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

Religious Education News

We were very fortunate here at St. Peter’s College to have Boonwurrung artist, Adam Magennis visit the West Campus on Monday, 22nd May. 

Adam ran a two hour workshop with students from both the East and West Campuses. Adam spoke about his roots as a graffiti artist and how his personal style has evolved over time. He spoke about the different materials he uses and his inspirations.

As well as being a professional artist, Adam is also an archaeologist and spoke to students about local sites of cultural significance that he works to preserve. He gave them insight into the way aboriginal people lived and survived off the land long before European settlement. He talked about social structures and the cultural groups that were found around our region.

In the second part of the session, students were given the opportunity to begin working on a concept of their own. Adam gave feedback and advice to the students present on how to include the symbolism of traditional Aboriginal art while remaining true their own style.

Students who attended will continue to work on their pieces in the hope of entering ‘Just Art’, an annual competition organised by the St Vincent de Paul Society. The competition makes advocacy accessible to secondary school students by encouraging them to use their creative voices to draw attention to contemporary social justice issues. This year the theme is ‘First Australians: Stories of Humanity’. A very timely topic given the 50 year anniversary of The 1967 Referendum and 25 year anniversary of the Mabo Decision both fall this year.

Our students planning to enter can create pieces that contemplate, explore and celebrate the culture of the First Australians. Submissions can take the form of: film, animation, photography, painting, sculpture, graphic design, music, drama, poetry, and short stories. There are great prizes up for grabs and the winning entries will be exhibited to the public in North Melbourne later in the year!

We would like to thank Adam for visiting us and working to inspire some of our very talented young people here at St Peter’s. If students would like to know more about how to enter their artwork they should speak to Miss Joyce at West Campus or Mr Hampson at East Campus.

Marissa Joyce
Assistant Religious Leader

Introducing our College Student Leaders 2017

2017 Raphael Kostopolous

I started at St. Peter's College West Campus at the start of 2012 in Year 7.
I am a member of a family of four, that being my mother, father, my sister, and I. I have two dogs and enjoy hanging out with friends and riding my bike on trails.

VCE Studies – English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Further Mathematics 

This year in my role as Environment Captain I’d like to achieve the goal of inspiring others to take a position in which they stand up themselves and either do something or inspire others for change. I have been passionate about the Environment, after I found out about the destruction being caused by human activity and I saw this role at the College as a starting point for me to contribute to the solution.

Personal Goal:

My personal goal for this year is to successfully complete my VCE with the highest ATAR score I can achieve.

Future Goals:

My future goals are to attend universitynext yearl, or after a gap year, as well as to travel to as many places as possible.

This year the 2017 St. Peter's College theme “ After much debate….. Peter stood up” means multiple things for me. Firstly it means for me to stand up in my role as Environment Captain, calling others to action. It also means that I need to stand up in my final academic year and work consistently hard throughout the year to achieve my goals.

Raphael Kostopoulos, West Campus
Environment Captain

Introducing our College Student Leaders 2017

2017 Elfrida Heng

I started high school at St. Peter’s College in 2012.

I am the eldest child in my family, with three sisters, my mother and father and of course, my dog.

I am passionate about wildlife conservation, environmental issues, natural sciences and politics. In my free time, I enjoy reading news articles, listening to music and watching political discussion videos.

VCE studies:

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Legal Studies
  • Religion

College Goal:

My college goal is to ensure that our school environment will continue to improve even after I graduate.

Personal goal for this year:

My personal goal is to graduate happy, with no regrets.

Future Goals:

My future goals are to go to university, and to one day retire from my day job to enlist in the army.

Message of motivation / personal motto:

“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.”
– Marie Curie

Elfrida Heng, East Campus
Environment Captain 

St Agatha's Parish News

St. Agatha’s Parish Information 

Church: 129 Sladen Street, Cranbourne 
Presbytery: 131 Sladen Street 
Parish Office: 1 Scott Street, PO Box 95, Cranbourne 3977 
Office Hours: Mon to Fri 8.30am-3.00pm  phone 5996 1985 Fax: 5996 1992 
Email: parishoffice@stagathas.org.au Website: www.stagathas.org.au 
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr Joseph Abutu

Communion To The Sick: If you are unable to attend Mass due to illness or frailty and would like to receive communion in your home, please contact the Parish Office to arrange a visit on 5996 1985. If you are in hospital and would like to receive communion please talk to the hospital chaplain or staff, so the hospital can arrange for a visit. 

Confirmation Parent/Child Workshop: Tuesday 30th May at 5pm or 7.00pm and Wednesday 31st May at 5pm –This Workshop is Compulsory for All Confirmation Candidates and their Parents.

RCIA Mystagogia Mass: Will be celebrated by Bishop Patrick next Sunday 28th May at St. Patrick’s Pakenham at 2pm.

This Mass of Thanksgiving is a fitting conclusion to the formal journey of the RCIA each year. Newly baptized and those received into full communion are invited to attend, together with their Sponsors, families, Team members and Parishioners. You are invited to afternoon tea

(Please bring a plate to share).

Week Of Prayer For Christian Unity: Starting next Sunday 28th May to 4th June, between Ascension and Pentecost. The theme “Reconciliation – The Love of Christ Compels Us”

RCIA Inquiry 2017: An inquiry session will be held for Adults who may be considering becoming Catholic or for Adult Baptised Catholics who have not received the Sacraments of First Communion or Confirmation on Sunday 25th June after the 9.00am Mass in the Parish Hall.

For more info please contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985. 

Junior RCIA: For older children who have not completed their Sacraments. Classes begin midyear till Easter 2018. Participants attend Mass at 9.00am followed by classes at the end of Mass in the Parish Office.

For enquiries contact Sr Lucy on 5996 1985

2017 East Cross

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

About a month ago I was informed that the house which is rented at 50 Heather Grove, and which serves as both presbytery and parish office, was to be put up for immediate sale. After consultation with our parish leadership, the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council, it was determined that the parish would seek to purchase the house to give us a solid base for the development of the parish. This also recognizes that with limited space for a church and parish facilities on the parish site adjacent to St Thomas the Apostle School it had already been determined that the best long term solution to maximise parish space was for the priest to live near the site but not on the site. 50 Heather Grove will serve this purpose well. Bishop O’Regan and the Sale Diocese have given strong support for the decision to seek to purchase 50 Heather Grove. Negotiations have successfully taken place and are expected to conclude with a positive outcome. This is really a terrific result and an exciting new step for our parish. I have written recently to all the Stewardship Contributors thanking them for their generous support for the parish. Without that support the purchase of the house would not have been possible.

May God bless you all, Fr Denis

St. Peter’s College

Last week, at our 9.30am Mass we welcomed Acting Principal, Mr Chris Black, and staff and student leaders from St. Peter’s College East Campus. The College has been the home for our parish Masses for nearly five years and we renew our expression of gratitude for the hospitality and support the College have constantly given for St Thomas the Apostle Church. Many of our young people are students at St. Peter’s College and we acknowledge the crucial place that the College has in our parish life and mission.

Presbytery Cleaning Position: Anyone interested in cleaning at the presbytery, 50 Heather Grove, are asked to register their interest at the parish office by Wednesday 31st May. The position will involve three hours, weekly, at award wage and conditions.  Please contact Christine at the Parish Office 5998 0947 or parish@stthomasap.org.au

Seeking Climate Champions: Caritas Australia and many other faith-based organisations are coordinating a huge campaign for climate justice: a petition in every electorate in Australia, calling on each MP and on our Parliament to support stronger climate action.  Help create a resounding message for justice that our political representatives cannot ignore. Find out how you can take part at www.caritas.org.au/climate-petition 

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Avila News

Over the Easter break, Zachary Amphlett of Year 10 Avila (West Campus) went to the USA to complete in the World Junior International Cup for Karate.

Zac spent a couple for weeks in the USA with his coach focusing on training and competing in a number of international competitions.

Zac was extremely successful in all areas that he fought in and won the USA Open (becoming the only Australian, ever, to win that event) as well as finishing 4th in the World Junior International Cup.

The events were extremely tough with the best competitors from a range of countries competing in the competition but it was an amazing experience for Zac and he left with a win ratio of 95% (the highest across the age categories) by only losing one of the twenty bouts he took part in.

We, in Avila House and St. Peter's College would like to congratulate Zac and if anyone would like to speak to Zac about his achievements or even karate, please do so.

2017 Zac Amphlett Pic2

2017 Zac Amphlett Pic1

Andrew McMellon
Avila House Leader

East Campus Sport News

On the 19th of May Tom Ryan and Kay Bannan represented St. Peter’s College at the State School Selection trials for U17’s in golf at the Metropolitan Golf Club.

This was a very prestigious event and both Tom and Kay represented the school in an excellent manner. Overall, Tom placed 22nd out of 52 players that were in the trial.

Tom has dropped his handicap from 31 to 6 which is a tremendous effort in the last 2 years.

Kay also had an exceptional game and placed 2nd in her division which saw her qualify for the pacific school games in December where she will represent Victoria at the games.

Tom and Kay have shown great dedication to their golfing careers and should be congratulated for their efforts this year and we look forward to what is in store for them in the future. Well Done!

2017 Golf 2

2017 Golf

Mrs Chloe Maltar
Sports Manager-East Campus

Chess Club News

Last Wednesday, a group of dedicated students travelled to De La Salle College for an interschool Chess Tournament. Following on from our S.I.S. Chess Tournament victory last year, the student’s hopes were high to continue their success.

Each student played seven individual games against some very solid competition with the top four player’s scores contributing to the overall team score.

After some close tussles where wit and gile were at the forefront of each contest, the "White Knights" of St. Peter's College came equal second on points!

After a countback we were officially allocated 3rd place, which means we have qualified for State Middle Years Championships in October!

Considering the standard of competition this is an outstanding achievement.

The standings at the end of the day were;

  1. Mentone Grammar (22 points)
  2. Mazenod B (21 points)
  3. St. Peter's College (21 points)
  4. Mazenod C (18 points)
  5. De La Salle A (18 points)
  6. Marcellin College A (17 1/2 points)
  7. Melbourne Grammar A (14 1/2 points)
  8. De La Salle B (14 1/2/ points)

Congratulations to Darcy Paulka for receiving a medal for his own individual performance on the day.

2017 Chess Champion

Chris O’Hara
Chess Coach, West Campus

Mind Matters

For our Mothers … a belated Mother’s Day Gift – from Student Wellbeing (Mrs Anita Carter- Wellbeing Leader)

Work, Kids, Family: Coping with Stress

“How do I cope with my work, my children, my partner … my busy life?” The short answer to this complex question is to begin by nurturing yourself.

As a woman, you probably take care of others every day, and are expected to try to meet everyone else’s needs before you meet your own. You may even wonder if you have a right to your own needs and desires.

There is no reason to feel guilty about taking good care of yourself. Self-care is not selfish-it is a necessity.

If you are feeling like you are on a treadmill, you are probably doing too much! Here are some ways you can begin to change your situation: Tick them off!

  • Identify your sources of stress and cut out what you can
  • Learn to say “no”
  • Seek and accept help
  • Look at the number of activities that you and your family are in. Is your family getting enough rest? Are you enjoying that you are doing?
  • Take time to look after your personal relationships
  • Make sure you get private time to yourself
  • Eat well and get exercise
  • Learn relaxation techniques that work for you (for example, yoga or meditation)
  • Learn to let go of frustration
  • Develop a support system of people who can be there for you when you need it
  • Keep your sense of humour!

Source-: Canadian Women’s Health Network, 2012

Where can you go for more Information?

Anita Carter, Clare Ziino & Nadia Picinali are here to help

Stuent Welfare Team

Student Community Health Projects

As part of our Year 10 Health and Human Development course, we had to design, implement and evaluate a Community Health Project within the St. Peter’s College community. Aman, Pallai, Anthony Banes, Damon Hall and I wanted to make our main priority healthy eating, targeting the Year 9 cohort at East Campus.

After surveying our cohort to assess their needs, we created a Community Health Project ‘Junk Food Vs Nutrition’. 

The purpose behind this campaign was to boost the nutrition of the St. Peter's College community by selling smoothies over the period of 2 days. While taking into account the needs of the community, three flavours were developed: strawberry banana, mango and triple berry. The smoothies were sold throughout lunchtime in the Food Technology rooms for $2.50 on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th of May. It was discovered that the smoothies were a bit overpriced from sales on the first day, so the price was lowered to $1.50. The second day of selling the smoothies were a great success and we gained a lot of attraction through the price, taste and advertising mediums chosen- posters around the school and notice on School Box. 

The sales of smoothies was a success as we raised over $150 which we will be donating to a specific charity, we were able to learn about the health of the St. Peter’s College community in a hands on and practical way. All of the knowledge and skills learnt will be assessed in the upcoming Examination for Year 10 Health and Human Development. We want to thank all the participants who purchased smoothies and Miss Whimpey and Mrs Ellwood who assisted during the lunch times with supervision and sales.

Thank you

2017 Health Project

Joshua Abaloz, Aman Pallai, Anthony Banes & Damon Hall
Year 10 Students, East Campus

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24 May

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Tuesday 6th June, 2017
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Guest Speaker:  Mr Chris O’Hara

2017 Chris O\'Hara

VET/VCAL Coordinator

With our Subject Selection process for 2018 about to begin for our students, it is opportune to present to parents our VET and VCAL Pathway opportunities. This presentation will be followed up with the distribution of the 2018 Curriculum Handbook towards the end of Term 2, giving ample opportunity for students and their parents the time to consider what subjects they may need more information from College staff when they return to the College in Term 3. This occurs prior to our Futures Expo on 25th July, which leads into the students in Years 9 & 10 Subject Interveiws on 31st July and 1st August. All students having to complete their 2018 Subject Selection Preferences by 8th August. 

Chris began teaching at St. Peter's College in 2004. During his time with the College Chris has held many leadership positions including, Health and PE Coordinator, Year 7 Coordinator and our Inaugural MacKillop House Leader. 

Chris is currently the VET / VCAL Co-Ordinator at the West Campus. He will share with us how the VET and VCAL Programs operate at St. Peter's College and the plans and visions for the future of these programs.

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