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Issue 91  |  10 May 2017
Featured Story
Acting Principal

Solomon Islands

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with the students that have been selected to represent St. Peter’s College in the 2017 Solomon Islands Immersion Experience together with their parents. It was a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge their commitment to the program. Twelve students and two staff members will travel to the islands this year and it is a testament to them that they are prepared to support a program that endeavours to provide much needed funds and support to a very needy community, particularly the Bishop Epalle School. An essential aspect of the program is the fund-raising activities leading up to the visit itself. One such event occurred last Saturday with the combined Bunnings BBQ and Car Raffle where staff, students and parents combined to raise a total close to $3,000. Congratulations to all. This was a great beginning to our fund-raising events for the Solomon Islands. It is important to note that the money raised is donated in full to the Bishop Epalle School to assist in the development of buildings and educational resources.

Child Safety

From time to time it is my intention to continue to update parents on our Child Safety protocols and procedures. The outcomes from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse and the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry has led to a number of legislated requirements for schools to adhere to. These comes in the form of seven standards that all schools are required to uphold. These include: Strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety; a child safety policy or statement of commitment to child safety; a child safety code of conduct; school staff selection, supervision and management practices for a child-safe environment; procedures for responding to and reporting allegations of reported child abuse; strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse, and, strategies to promote child empowerment and participation. St. Peter’s College has been working hard over the past year to ensure we are not only compliant but that we continue to have child safety as a significant priority. One requirement involves the creation of a Child Safety Officer on each campus. Their role is to support students in ensuring a safe environment exists at all times and to be a point of contact for staff, students and parents.

Our two designated Child safety Officers are:

  • Mrs Anita Carter – West Campus

  • Mrs Clare Ziino – East Campus.

They are available at anytime to offer support and/or guidance.
Other key staff include:

  • Mr David Hansen – Deputy Principal, Head of Campus – West

  • Ms Julie Banda – Acting Deputy Principal, Head of Campus – East

  • Ms Fiona McKenna – Pastoral Leader

  • Mr Chris Black – Acting Principal

13 Reasons Why

I have received some positive feedback regarding last week’s newsletter piece on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The ethical and moral arguments continue to rage, not to mention discussion surrounding the wisdom associated with the screening of the series. Attached you will find two wonderful resources from Headspace, a reputable authority in the area of mental health and well-being. I encourage any parent who continues to have concerns over the series to tune in to the eheadspace group chat advertised in the handout or to access the guided discussion sheet attached. Click here for further information on Group Sessions. Click here for How to speak to young People.

Student Presentations

This week I have had the occasion and privilege to participate in two student presentations. The first was in the role of interview panel member for our VCAL students as they presented project ideas around the Millennium Development Goals. Their brief included the presentation of an idea to support or raise awareness of these goals and also suggest a way or ways they can contribute, in a small way, to making this world more environmentally sustainable as a result. The second group of students were our HALO group, these high achieving group of students were being challenged to present and argue that a historically significant individual could be written out of the history books. Unfortunately the likes of J.R. Tolkien, Henry the 8th and Cleopatra were some of their targets. On both occasions, it was wonderful to be witness to students challenging themselves and moving beyond their comfort zones to further their learning and skill-set.

Enhancing Catholic School Identity Survey

A reminder to parents who have not had the opportunity to complete the survey, which was sent in the mail over the holidays, your input by way of completing this would be greatly appreciated. The survey result will assist in future strategic planning for the college. The deadline for completion is May 19th.

Bishops Letter on Euthanasia

Bishop Patrick O’Regan, together with Fr Denis O’Bryan have distribution of a pastoral letter to the school community on the issue of Euthanasia. It is a difficult topic to address but an important issue to be exposed to and reflect on. As the letter suggests the issue is gaining more significant “air time” at the moment. The Catholic Church standpoint is a straightforward one, the sanctity of human life is to be maintained at all costs. I encourage all to take the time to read the Bishop’s Pastoral Letter. Click here to access.

Mother’s Day

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s day. It is an important opportunity to reflect on and give thanks for the role our mothers have had in supporting and shaping the person each of us is today. I wish all mothers including those that take on mothering roles a Happy Mother’s Day.

High Achieving Students

In 2016 Kayla and Tiana Sluka auditioned for the Victorian Calisthenics National Competition. After a stringent audition process they have both been successful in being chosen as team members of this competition. The competition will be held in Sydney in July. Both Kayla and Tiana see this as a wonderful opportunity to compete for Victoria and is testament to their hard work and dedication. We wish them all the best.


 2017 T Sluka 2017 K Sluka             








Enjoy the week ahead.

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black
Acting Principal

Latest News
East Campus News

Catholic Week: Celebrating Unity in Diversity.

2017 Catholic Ed Week

Catholic Education Week is always a great opportunity to spend quality time reflecting on the importance of faith.

Our week was filled with daily reflections, prayers and discussions providing all of us with the time to consider the role that faith plays in our lives.

One of the special highlights of this week was our Campus Assembly where the 'disciple rap' was performed by some of our Year 12 students accompanied by two of our teachers. The performance used the modern music genre of rap to deliver the message of the power of faith to secure love and acceptance of all people.

The real strength of this message came for the willingness of the student rappers to put themselves out there, to be strong enough to say, we believe, and we celebrate our faith with one another.

2017 East Rap pic 2

2017 East Rap pic 1

This performance perfectly illustrated this year’s theme for Catholic Education Week: Unity in Diversity.  


'With the servant leadership of Peter as our model, we aspire to strengthen the qualities of all those in our community so that they may lead with wisdom, compassion and courage'.

The Student Representative Council provides students from across the entire college from Years 7-12, to 'Be Not Afraid' and challenge their own capacity to become leaders.

The new structure for the SRC in 2017 has expanded the number of students involved to twenty four per campus. Thus providing more opportunity for our students to take up leadership roles.

Each Campus SRC is made up from a selection of Forum Leaders and the eight Campus Year 12 College Captains. 

First term saw the East SRC team, begin to gain an understanding of the scope of their role, and gain confidence in becoming an active and vocal member of the SRC. This term, meetings have become far more active, and communal as the SRC are developing into a shared voice with a shared vision of what they as an SRC want to do for the students and College community.

The first major event this term will be an Amazing Race, running over a week and with the potential to involve over one hundred and ninety two students and a number of staff. Representing both their Houses and Year Levels, student and staff teams will battle a race filled with physical and mental problem solving challenges. This will be an event not to miss.

One of the other key missions for the SRC this term is to continue the promotion of caring for our school environment.

Litter can too easily become a problem when it is viewed as individual concern, but as a collective consideration, the SRC are hoping to promote respect and ownership our environment. The College Leaders have already shown great leadership in spending lunchtimes cleaning up the grounds – leading by example.

This term the SRC tend to turn up the dial, so to speak; they want a very visible SRC presence in demonstrating just how easy it can be for all students to become part of the collective Environmental Clean-up and Care Team.

Our SRC have shown great sensitivity to identifying some of the needs of students and our environment and how they can help. Mr Peter Woodhouse and I are very privileged to be part of this most dynamic team.

2017 East student leaders pic

Watch this space for more SRC updates, from the students themselves. 

Mother’s Day

  2017 Mother\'s Day                                        

I extend our warmest wishes to all mothers for a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday. It is a special day to take to time to say thank you, I love you, and to remember all that our Mothers do for us and mean to us. 

Reminders –pick up and drop off – MacKillop Way

Please Do Not Use the MacKillop Way Carpark for student drop off or pick up.

If you need to pick your son/daughter, from MacKillop Way, please park outside the school grounds. The carpark at MacKillop Way has not been designed to support drop off or pick up traffic conditions.

We ask you to support us in the management of traffic to ensure that we have the safest conditions possible for our students entering and leaving the College grounds.

Thank you.

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Campus Assembly

Last week’s Campus Assembly was a celebration of our unity in diversity during Catholic Education Week.  Listening to our students of many different nationalities proudly stand up and proclaim our College motto “Be Not Afraid” was very moving and made me very pleased to be part of such a school that celebrates its multiculturalism. We also celebrated the sporting success of students in swimming and cross country by presenting trophies to the age group champions. We celebrated winning Houses Assisi in the Environment Trophy for Term 1 and Kolbe who won the Amazing Race.  We also welcomed our Japanese intern Ms Yumi Tajima and enjoyed a presentation from the students who attended the study tour to Magenta College in New Caledonia.

We acknowledged the great work of the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders through presenting them with badges and certificates. And finally, West Campus gratefully accepted the inaugural Hogan Cup in recognition of winning the Inter-Campus Golf Competition. There was plenty to celebrate.

Romero Running of the Bull

Thanks to Romero House on organising a very well attended Running of the Bull on the soccer oval last Thursday.  House Leader, Mr Mark Sinclair and the team of Learning Advisors and Student Leaders ensured the event went off without a hitch. The fine weather and softer surface encouraged 168 students to participate in this famous 3-legged race. An all-time record! Congratulations to MacKillop House on winning the competition ahead of Avila House.  Their secret once again was participation.

Glowrey Lip Sync Battle

If there is one competition bound to make us laugh out loud, it is the Glowrey Lip Sync Battle. This year the heats will be held on Tuesday, 16 May and the final in the following week. Dina Ivkovich and Phillp Cameron have done a marvellous job advertising the event by demonstrating just what it takes to master the skill of lip synching. 

House Mixed Netball

House mixed netball starts next week and has been organised by Miss Sophie Macreadie and Sports Captains Myra Wood and Tom Kelly. The teams will compete over three weeks on the hardcourts to try and take the shield off last year’s winners Kolbe House. Please encourage your child to get involved in the diverse range of activities on offer. Student Leaders and House Staff are doing a great job in providing opportunities for all our students no matter what their gifts or talents happen to be. The more involved students are, the greater their sense of belonging and the better their educational outcomes.

Practical Safe Driving Program (Psdp) Pilot - Year 10 Driver Education

This week your Year 10 student should have brought home a letter and two permission slips about the Practical Safe Driving Program. I request that you complete both these permission slips and return them this week to allow your child to fully participate in the program as outlined:

In-School Workshops: 18th May, 2017.

4 Facilitators will run 2 hour workshops for students in their house groups.
METEC Driving Sessions: 24th and 31st May, 2017
Students will be divided into three groups of 45 and transported to Bayswater by bus for a half day program. Consequently, two of the three groups will need to be at school early enough to leave by 8.30 am

  • for each session of 45 students, they will be divided into group A and B and then further divided into teams of 2 or 3 per car. 

  • students will have an hour break before or after their driving session. There is an expectation to bring equipment required for students to complete any work during this hour. They will be in a classroom.


As this is a pilot program with the possibility of it being extended to all Victorian schools, VicRoads is seeking permission to carry out evaluation activities with students and staff members who participate in the PSDP. These activities will allow them to determine how well the program was implemented, knowledge gains for students, and receive feedback on the program. I therefore would request that you grant permission not just for your child to participate in the program but also in its evaluation.  What does this entail?: About the Program: For more information, please click here.


A reminder to parents to support us in maintaining uniform and appearance policy expectations of our students.  A number of issues causing concern at present area:

  • Incorrect tracksuit pants. The correct college track pants are to be purchased from the uniform shop. Burgundy coloured tracksuit pants purchased elsewhere are not correct.

  • Non-uniform items. If students are cold then they can wear extra clothing underneath the uniform that must not be seen. If non uniform items cannot be seen, they need not be confiscated. Hoodies are never appropriate as the hood inevitably is placed outside the outer garment or is unsightly if tucked underneath. Hoodies will be confiscated until the end of Term.

  • Facial piercings. These must not be worn with the school uniform, inside or outside school. A clear stud nor band aids across the piercings is also not allowed. Students who do not wish to keep taking piercings out are encouraged to either leave them out during Term or wait until the beginning of holidays to get new piercings.

  • Long hair. All long hair (males and females) needs to be tied back off the face for health and safety reasons.

Critical Agendas

There are a number of excellent 2 hour evening presentations coming up during Term 2. Bookings are still open for all nights but in my experience you are usually able to just pay at the door. "Developing Resilience in Boys”, “Understanding and Supporting Children with Anxiety” and “Coping with the Stress of Schooling”.  Some people may be reluctant to travel, however, if a number of parents are interested, car-pooling can make it worthwhile.  The $20 per head is well worth the expense for the valuable information and insights gained.

Please click here for the details.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. It is a tool for daily life in modern society. It is a bulwark against poverty, and a building block of development, an essential complement to investments…for everyone, everywhere, literacy is, along with education in general, a basic human right.”

Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the United Nations, 1997. 

In one of his first speeches as General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan stressed the importance of literacy and how literacy is a vital “tool for daily life in modern society”. What Annan was arguing is that literacy is more than just the ability to read and write, of good punctuation and grammar and results on standardised tests.  Literacy is something we need and use every day of our lives. From a teaching and learning perspective, literacy is a student's capacity to understand, analyse and use new knowledge to produce a response. Furthermore, literacy is not just the ability to read and interpret a written text, but to understand a range of text types such as and not limited to paintings, images, film, dance, music, furniture, graphs, maps, etc. Therefore, literacy is vital to every subject at St. Peter’s College and all teachers are in fact teachers of literacy. 

My role of as Literacy Coach West is to help shape the vision, mission and strategy of St Peter’s College approach to literacy. To assist in my role I have been lucky, with Ms Marlene Jorgensen Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning, to be part of the Diocese of Sale Literacy Network Team. Over a series of meetings, the team has created a document focusing on the development of a Literacy Framework. This framework will be used to complement our particular St. Peter’s College approach to literacy while providing staff and students with deeper understanding of literacy.  

This framework will also be useful to explain the importance of the strategies currently being implemented at St. Peter’s College. This includes Literacy Lesson Starters, the role out and implementation of the GULF, summarisation strategy, the use of Dr John Munroe’s High-Reliability Literacy Teaching Procedures, the use of Grammarly software as a feedback tool for students, handwritten tasks in all learning areas. Finally, the development of formative assessment units for both humanities and science will be developed, over the course of the year, to implement literacy concepts within the curriculum.

The role of Literacy Coach extremely varied and exciting, but implementing a literacy vision, mission and strategies cannot be done alone. With the support of all staff, we can ensure our students continue to become literate and ready even more able to tackle the challenges of the 21st-century economy. 

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

Religious Education News

The St Vincent de Paul College Conference Day is held annually and is attended by approximately 200 students from schools from across Victoria. This year, three St Peter’s College students from the West Campus Social Justice Group travelled to the picturesque Abbottsford Convent to take part in the event.

The morning sessions consisted of a number of workshops designed to inspire students to take part in works of social justice. This year the theme ‘Service, Formation, Advocacy’ was a central focus of the workshops as students were asked to consider how they could drive social justice works in their own school. The students who attended – Jade Irvin, Bailee Cairns and Jacob Ralston – represented St.Peter’s College by actively engaging in each workshop. On the way home, the students reflected on how many opportunities we already offer to students who want to take part and then began brainstorming the next social justice venture for the Group to begin working on.

An additional honour was bestowed upon us as both Jacob and I were invited to be members of the ‘Panel’ in the afternoon session. At the end of 2016, Jacob, along with two other Year 12 students, Sunishma Balla and Raph Kostopoulos, volunteered to be student leaders at the annual ‘Amazing Vinnies Scramble’. Modelled on ‘The Amazing Race’, the Vinnies Scramble gives primary school aged children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to take part in a fun day out in the school holidays. Without the support of young people like Jacob, Sunni and Raph events like the ‘Vinnies Scramble’ would not take place. Jacob was invited to speak about his experience at the Vinnies Scramble and to give advice to the audience about how they can get involved. Jacob prepared well for panel discussion but was also able to answer questions without notice and, as the only student on the panel, he certainly held his own.

I’d like to thank Jacob, Bailee and Jade for their contribution to the day and for representing St Peter’s College so proudly. I encourage any students who are keen to be involved in social justice type work to get in touch with either myself or Sunni at the West Campus, or Mr Hampson or Tiffany at the East Campus as we are always happy to accept new members!

2017 East Cross

Marissa Joyce
Assistant Religious Education Leader, West Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

An Update From The Pilgrimage To The Holy Land: Dear Parishioners:

Greetings from the Holy Land. The Parish Pilgrimage has been a wonderful experience and blessing to me and the entire group, starting from day one. Some of the Holy places we visited which the bible spoke about in the Old Testament include Mount Nebo where God showed Moses the promise land and where Moses died. Mount Carmel where Elijah had the encounter with the prophets of Baal. The experience of being on these mountains is breathtaking. We also visited and celebrated Holy mass at almost every important place that is associated with the life of Jesus. Some of them included: the Church of Annunciation, the Church of Visitation and the Church of the Nativity where Jesus was born. We visited the Church where Mother Mary was born. All the couples had the opportunity to renew their marriage vows and received a certificate of renewal at Cana in Galilee where Jesus performed his first miracle. We also went to the mountain of transfiguration. Gethsemane is a walking distance from our hotel in Jerusalem, so we visited the site twice and got to pray at the rock where Jesus wept tears of blood. We had stations of the Cross through the streets of Jerusalem right up to Golgotha. Everyone had the opportunity to carry the Cross. The high point of our pilgrimage was the Mass in the Holy Sepulchre Church, it was an early morning Mass in the empty tomb of Jesus. This experience made a deep impact on all of all and will remain for ever. Other sites visited were : the Church of Ascension, Emmaus, the wailing wall of Jerusalem, the tomb of Lazarus in Bethany, Jacob’s well where Jesus met with the Samaritan woman, Jesus home town- Nazareth, Dead Sea, Petra, Tel Megido and few other historical sites. Our pilgrimage was short but we enjoyed and cherished every moment of it. We are so blessed and nourished by this unforgettable experience because we made it very prayerful. We had a perfect group with great harmony. Everything went well with us because of your prayers. We also prayed for all of you here. Please don't forget to pray for me as I proceed for my holiday from here.

God bless you Fr Joseph.

A message from Father Denis:

As many of you know, I still have some cancer remaining following the prostate surgery I had last year. All those medical and nursing professionals involved with my care have been terrific in helping me deal with this issue. In the near future, it is proposed for me to begin radiation therapy, which will continue daily, except weekends, for about two months. As I write this I am very conscious of other parishioners and friends who are also battling various illnesses, including cancer. Let us continue to pray for God’s grace of healing and peace for one another.

God bless you all, Fr Denis

Project Compassion:

Thank you for supporting Caritas Australia’s Lenten appeal. Please return boxes and envelopes as soon as possible. If you have requested a tax receipt they will be available for collection from the foyer this weekend. 
100th Anniversary Of The Apparitions Of Our Lady Of Fatima:
To celebrate the anniversary we will have a special day next Saturday 13th May beginning with Mass at 9.30am, followed by prayers, rosary, talks and reflections, lunch, message of Fatima Plenary Indulgence and ending with the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Hymns at 3.00pm. For further information contact Lorraine on All Welcome!

Thursday Evening Mass:

This year we would like to focus on praying for different needs within our families, parish and wider community. At the Thursday evening Mass at 7.30pm there will be prayers offered for the special intention of that week. The last Thursday of the month will be offered in thanksgiving for birthdays. This is the list of intentions for the month of May 11th – For the Cell Group members, 18th - For all students, 25th – For those born in May

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

The Church Building committee has gone through a thorough process to recommend an architect to be engaged for the design and construction of the church for St Thomas the Apostle Parish.

At a recent meeting the committee unanimously recommended to the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council that Law Architects be engaged for the project.

This recommendation was accepted by the leadership groups of the parish, and upon their advice to me I have been in contact with Law Architects who have enthusiastically accepted the project.

As many of you know, I still have some cancer remaining following the prostate surgery I had last year. All those medical and nursing professionals involved with my care have been terrific in helping me deal with this issue. In the near future it is proposed for me to begin radiation therapy, which will continue daily, except weekends, for about two months.

As I write this I am very conscious of other parishioners and friends who are also battling various illnesses, including cancer. Let us continue to pray for God’s grace of healing and peace for one another. 

praying hands

God bless you all, Fr Denis

Church: St Peter’s College
55 MacKillop Way, Cnr Heather Grove, Cranbourne East

Parish Priest: Fr Denis O’Bryan EV

Parish Secretary: Christine Salu Parish Safety Officer: Corralee Floyd
(Wednesday 9.30am – 3.00pm)

Parish Office: 50 Heather Grove Cranbourne East
(PO Box 6089, Clyde VIC 3978)

Phone: 5998 0947
(Tuesday & Wednesday 9.00am – 3.00pm & Friday 9.00am – 1.30pm)

Email: parish@stthomasap.org.au


People who represent the church in any way MUST hold a WWCC and complete a Volunteer Application form. Instruction sheets and forms for these are available at the entrance of our worship space and the Parish Office. If you need any help, please ask, Corralee Floyd is available in our Parish Office on Wednesdays. This relates to any form of volunteering for the church at all.

Groups and Meetings

Parish Pastoral Council: Tuesday 9th May at 7.30pm at 50 Heather Grove

Parish Finance Council: Thursday 11th May at 7.30pm at 50 Heather Grove

RCIC: For children preparing for the Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism,

Holy Communion and Confirmation. For enquiries, please call:  Sr Lucy 5996 1985.


For adults interested to join the Catholic Faith. For enquiries, please call St Thomas the Apostle Parish Office 5998 0947.

Parish Mail Box:

For the convenience of parishioners, a Parish Mail Box is placed at the entrance during weekend Masses. This mail box is for parishioners who to return forms & notices to the Parish Office. NO CASH to be put in this box.

St.Peter's College:

On Sunday 21st May the student and staff leaders of St Peter’s College, East Campus, will attend the 9.30am Mass that day. We continue to give thanks to St Peter’s College and to God for the generosity of the College in hosting our parish Masses for nearly five years.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Mind Matters

Mindmatters & St. Peter’s College

2017 Brain

A news article published on the MindMatters website provides information about the topic of anxiety in young people. Anxiety is not simply an adult experience.  Data from a beyondblue survey in 2015, reveals that one in six young Australians report current anxiety; this equates to 440,000 young people, aged 12-17, who have experienced anxiety in the past 12 months.  The article describes anxiety as more than just feeling stressed or worried. While stress and anxious feelings are a common response to a situation when a person is under pressure, they usually go away once the stressful situation has passed or is resolved.

Young people with significant anxiety might feel anxious, on edge or worried most of the time. Feeling overwhelmed or frightened is also common. They may experience a range of physical symptoms as well, such as a racing heart, butterflies in the stomach, muscle tension, shaky hands or perhaps feel nauseous.  

Encouragingly, young people in Australia have a good level of knowledge and understanding of anxiety and depression. However, there remains a strong need for support and information. Twenty-eight per cent of students in the beyondblue study agreed they would trust teachers to give them information on anxiety and depression. The survey also revealed that school is the most popular channel of communication for receiving information about anxiety or depression.

Reference: MediaCom Melbourne: youthbeyondblue Anxiety and Depression Ad Tracking Survey Post Campaign Research, December 2015.

Anxiety Management Program at St Peter’s College

In partnership with Angel Light Link, St Peter’s College is currently hosting a 6-week cross-campus wellbeing program called #Stressdump for young women, 13-15 years. Students work in a small group with a trained facilitator.  

2017 Stressdump

The program incorporates fun activities and discussions designed to build friendships, improve wellbeing and to develop skills and practical strategies to reduce and manage anxiety.

Clare Ziino
Wellbeing Team

Scienceworks and Melbourne Museum Excursion

On Monday 8th of May, 32 students from Exercise and Fitness Coaching and Health and Human Development from East Campus participated in an excursion to Scienceworks in Spotswood and the Melbourne Museum in Carlton to explore a range of concepts relating to physical fitness and the human body.

The excursion was focused on informing students understanding of the structures within the body, their functions and systems in order to better comprehend the materials taught in class. 

Students learnt about their own bodies’ strengths and skills, discovered how their heart and lungs work and watched their muscles and bones in action.

Students explored the history and evolution of the human body, fitness concepts and measures, as well as the development of a range of sports and sports people.

This hands on learning experience was embraced by students as balls were thrown, measurements were taken and wheelchair races took place, which gave students an indication of their physical abilities. 

The learning of these concepts has been brought back to the College and will be embraced in the Community Health Projects, some of which are focused on nutrition, alcohol, mental health and the development of the human body in Health and Human Development.

Exercise and fitness components will be adopted in their Training Program Assessments in the exploration of fitness concepts and measures. 

2017 H and PE Scienceworks pic 1


2017 H and PE Scienceworks pic 3


Sarah Slykerman
Health and PE Teaching and Learning Coach, East Campus 

Year 11 Retreat

All Year 11 students went on a retreat in week three of this term. Half of the students went to Happy Valley Lodge at Flinders and the other half went to Camp Rawson at Rawson in Gippsland.

The aim of the Retreat was to help students grow spiritually and to better know themselves and where God fits in their lives.

The following two reflections by students reflect the spirit of the Retreats.

During this Retreat, I felt a very warm atmosphere, like we were all one big family. As we were split up into smaller groups, I learned a lot about people I don’t normally talk to and the activities taken place were enlightening in a way and it made me realise about the world and people around me. With the people in my cabin, we got closer and we were able to share good memories. This retreat took me away from everyday life, no one was tense and we were all comfortable. The teachers were very understanding and everything was open. It was nice to get to know them, like how they are outside of school - it was like seeing a completely whole new side for some. 

My favourite memory was when on the Retreat, made me think about a lot of things that I don’t usually think about, such as my relationship with god, the people around me and myself. Attending Retreat made me become close with people I don’t usually talk to as well as the teachers. It was good to feel no social barriers between the students and teachers, I felt like students and teachers united as one.

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Leader, East Campus

Year 12 VCAL Project

Year 12 VCAL students recently completed 10 minute presentations to a variety of staff including Acting Principal, Mr Black and Deputies Mr Hansen and Ms Jorgensen as part of their Sustainable Development Goals projects for Literacy and Personal Development Skills. Students have been researching this term and were well prepared for the interviews. Although some students find the interview process daunting they always exceed expectations. Experiences such as this are very worthwhile as they continue to develop skills that will assist them when entering the industry.

In 2016, The United Nations (UN) adapted the original Millennium Goals from 2000 to develop a new sustainable development agenda. There are 17 goals in total, but the primary focus across all the goals is to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. As part of the task, students had to research the history of the sustainable goals and select one focus area. Students will then develop a project where they try to make a difference and raise awareness for the sustainable development of the global nation.

Overall, the students presented themselves in a professional manner and demonstrated they had invested much time and thought into their ideas behind their projects. Students may add contributions to the newsletter throughout the term with a short snap shot of their projects over the term, so watch this space.

Chris O’Hara
VCAL Co-ordinator

2017 Shared Stories Create an Artwork

Theme: Journey

The term Journey can be applied in various ways. Students are invited to explore their own interpretation/ understanding of journey through art making. Some of the sub- themes that have been suggested are:
Chaos & order,
Journey & wonder
Exploration & discovery
Expectation; and
Ubuntu (I am because we are).

Visual Representations:

The parameters are broad and the art can be in any form: paint, sculpture, pencil, linocut, collage, digital etc.

Along with the artwork you will need to provide a title, your name, year level and written comment of how the artwork links to one of the themes. If you are submitting a digital artwork please submit your artwork on a USB to Ms Hayes

Due Date:

Due on Friday 21st July (Term 3 Week 1)

Lunchtime classes will run for students, this is a great opportunity to explore materials and get teacher feedback from teachers and senior students each Monday until the due date.

We look forward to seeing you there and your entries 

2017 Shared Stories 2

Art Teacher Ms Hayes & the Arts Captain Latisha Dalton 

Thursday 11 May

SIS Junior Sport

Friday 12 May

SIS Intermediate Sport

Friday Detention

Tuesday 16 May

VCE Performance Evening

Thursday 18 May

WC Yr 10 Safe Driving Program


Friday 19 May

Campus Tour - West

SIS Intermediate Sport

Save The Date Notices:

  • Monday 12th June

     Public Holiday

  • Monday 19th June

     Student Free Day

  • Friday 30th June

     Student Free Day

  • Tuesday 25th July

     Futures Expo, compulsary attendance for Yr 8 - 12

  • Saturday 28th October

     Graduating Class 2007, 10 Year Reunion

Parents & Friends Association

Welcome To Our Parents & Friends Committee

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 6th June, 2017
7.15 Tea and Coffee
7.30-9.00 pm St Peter’s College WEST CAMPUS
Staff Room, 1005 Cranbourne Frankston Rd, Cranbourne
Enter via Gates on Navarre Drive please

Guest Speaker:  Mr Chris O’Hara

2017 Chris O\'Hara

VET/VCAL Coordinator

With our Subject Selection process for 2018 about to begin for our students, it is opportune to present to parents our VET and VCAL Pathway opportunities. This presentation will be followed up with the distribution of the 2018 Curriculum Handbook towards the end of Term 2, giving ample opportunity for students and their parents the time to consider what subjects they may need more information from College staff when they return to the College in Term 3. This occurs prior to our Futures Expo on 25th July, which leads into the students in Years 9 & 10 Subject Interveiws on 31st July and 1st August. All students having to complete their 2018 Subject Selection Preferences by 8th August. 

Chris began teaching at St Peter's College in 2004. During his time with the College Chris has held many leadership positions including, Health and PE Coordinator, Year 7 Coordinator and our Inaugural MacKillop House Leader. 

Chris is currently the VET / VCAL Co-Ordinator at the West Campus. He will share with us how the VET and VCAL Programs operate at St Peter's College and the plans and visions for the future of these programs.

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