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Issue 87  |  19 April 2017
Featured Story
From the Acting Principal

Welcome to Term 2

Welcome back to all for what I hope will be a term full of inspiring and engaging learning. 

Easter Reflection

Is God still relevant? This was the questions asked at the Good Friday mass I attended. The answer to me was simple, of course it is. At times though we are confronted either personally or through mediums such as the media and social media with scenes of violence, of desolation and of despair where often you would hear the phrase, “Where was God when we needed him?”. It reminds me of one of the most well known prayer reflections, based on text found in Psalms  77:10 it states, “...through the darkest days of my life…..where were you God…..I only saw one set of footprints in the sand…..where were you God….those were the times, my child, when I carried you…….” The Easter message is the most significant of messages as it demonstrates God’s love for us.

Footprints in sand

It is one of the most important as it strikes at the very heart of who we are as a Christian community. Upon reading Pope Francis’ Easter message for this year we can gain much hope. His message in part states this: 

“Jesus, who was crucified, is risen! This event is the basis of our faith and our hope. If Christ were not raised, Christianity would lose its very meaning; the whole mission of the Church would lose its impulse, for this is the point from which it first set out and continues to set out ever anew. The message which Christians bring to the world is this: Jesus, Love incarnate, died on the cross for our sins, but God the Father raised him and made him the Lord of life and death. In Jesus, love has triumphed over hatred, mercy over sinfulness, goodness over evil, truth over falsehood, life over death.”

What do we as the community of St Peter’s College take away from this?  Again the message is simple and they are words that again come from our Pope:

Love is more powerful, love gives life, love makes hope blossom in the wilderness.

Let us continue to work together to show love and create an atmosphere of love with the people we meet in our daily lives - Jesus who was crucified, is risen. Alleluia, Alleluia.

During the break, I had the opportunity to reflect on a conference I attended late last term on the future of education. Some of the key messages coming from this conference are cause for us to pause and to ask the question: What should the learning program look like at St Peter’s College? Some of the statements and statistics included the following: 57% of jobs across the OECD are at risk of automation affecting not only the low skilled and low paid but also many middle class professionals. 1 in 3 Australians are in a flexible working arrangement with many of these under-employed as opposed to fully employed. A typical young person may experience up to 17 jobs across 5 industries over their lifetime. Many of our students will enter into jobs not yet created. Enterprise skills are going to be the cornerstone for the successful student moving forward. The traditional skills and abilities of numeracy and literacy are foundational and require the same levels of scrutiny and focused attention. However, these need to be complemented by the skills that are required for the global citizens we have become, skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, communication and presentation skills, digital literacies and creativity. These are exciting challenges to be contemplating and as a College striving to meet the challenges of the 21st Century we will not shy away from. One key factor that is not nearly emphasized enough is the role of parent as partner. I invite parents to come along for the journey as together we support the future prospects of our students, your children.

Active April

Over the course of the holidays staff and students of the East Campus have taken on the challenge to chart their activity over the course of April. Active April is a government initiative to try to get the community engaged in regular physical activity. Up to one quarter of children aged 5-17 are overweight and obese. A recent study suggests that the reasons for obesity differ between boys and girls, but that one common factor above all can be attributed to reducing the rate of being overweight or obese and that is exercise. There is much to be said for a healthy body, healthy mind so I congratulate the staff and students of the East Campus in taking on the initiative and challenge and I look forward to the program of events that has been scheduled to support the initiative during this first week of term.

High Achieving Students – Congratulations to Jackson Boyd – West Campus

Jackson Boyd

Jackson has been selected to represent Australia on the World Select Team for Baseball. Amateur players have been selected from the four nations of Asia, Australia, Europe and South America to compete in Florida, USA over this term break. Jackson would have competed against Professional Baseball teams and players and will provide Jackson to show his skills to talent scouts and college coaches. Congratulations Jackson, we look forward to hearing of your experience.

Enjoy the Week Ahead.

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black
Acting Principal

Latest News
East Campus News

Term 2 arrives!

Welcome back to all students as we begin Term 2.

Traditionally Term 2 marks a very clear end of the warm weather, as winter uniforms emerge from the wardrobe, however our first week back has seen the sun shine brightly.

I would like to use this as a metaphor for the energy that will shine through what will be a very busy and productive term. 

Throughout the term students, teachers and families will have the opportunity to participate in many activities that will challenge, excite and motivate us all.

A snapshot of what is to come throughout the term:

Pastoral Activities, Year 11 Retreat, Anzac Day Service, Bunnings Sausage sizzle, House Cross Country, Catholic Week celebrating Unity in Diversity, the Project Compassion Challenge Competition which will see a Rap Battle take place between students and teachers.

SRC and House fun Activities, including:

An SRC run Amazing Race; Glowrey House Lip Sync Battle (watch out for the staff entry in this competition!) and Assisi House Basketball. More House run activities will occur throughout the remainder of the year. 

Term 2 also brings, Naplan for Years 7 & 9, mid-year exams for Years 10, 11 & 12 and the VCE GAT for VCE students completing unit 3 & 4 studies this year.

The term is then brought to a wonderful conclusion with the celebration of St Peter's Day. 

A warm welcome again to all students as we begin Term 2. Together we will enjoy the exciting challenges of our academic and extra curriculum Term 2 activities.

A few reminders for all parents and students.

  • Drop off and pick of students: It is the preference of the College that students are dropped off and picked up to and from school outside the campus grounds on either Heather Grove or MacKillop Way. If you need to drop your child off within the campus grounds then please do so via the Heather – Grove entrance and not Mackillop way. 
  • Winter Uniform – students should be wearing complete winter uniform now, and please be aware that the sports track pants must have the yellow piping.

Winter uniform

2017 Sports Uniform

  • Student should also be aware that it is a school rule to wear their Blazer to tutor group in the mornings, except for Pastoral days.
  • Student cards – please ensure your child has their student card with them at school at all times. It is an important for recording student lateness, early departures, photocopying and borrowing resources from the library.


Mrs Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal – Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Welcome To Term 2

It is no surprise that students enjoy school more and perform better when they enjoy being here.  That is why it is always lovely to hear from students on the first day back that they are excited to be back at school. I am in no doubt that some of the reasons are more about catching up with friends and some holiday boredom than necessarily being excited about learning, but nonetheless, it is important that school is a good place for them to be.

As such we have some exciting events for students to be involved in this Term. Apart from the usual array of SIS sport (including Swimming and Cross Country) there are cultural events such as Public Speaking and Drama.  Our McGuigan Shield House Competition provides opportunities for involvement and will include this Term such events as Romero’s Running of the Bulls, Kolbe’s Photographic Competition, Glowrey’s Lip Synch Battle and Mixed Netball. Please encourage your child or children to get involved in this co-curricular life of the College.

Year 11 Retreat

The Year 11 Retreat from Wednesday, 26 April to Friday, 28 April. Students are given a great opportunity to reflect on their faith, friendships and family in this valuable time away together in Safety Beach or Yellingbo. The important family aspect is celebrated through the letter from home. I remind and encourage all parents of Year 11 students to think carefully and put the time into writing a meaningful letter to your child highlighting their positive contribution to your life.

Year 10 & 11 Driver Education

This term is providing a number of opportunities for our students with respect to educating them about safe and responsible use of our roads. This is particularly important as many of them gain their Learners Permit around this time.

This Friday, Year 11 students will participate in a Fit2Drive Survey that runs for 20-30minutes in preparation for the half day session they will do in June. They will also be surveyed after the course to establish what has been learned and what attitudes have changed.

The Year 10 students are participating in the normal Keys Please program next week during pastoral period. For more information click here.

However, St Peter’s College is also part of an exciting new pilot program this term called the Safe Driving Program. This term our students will spend a half day workshop at school and then on another day travel to Bayswater for a practical safe driving program. For more information click here.

Winter Uniform

A reminder that winter uniform is to be worn from the commencement of Term 2. Parents and students are reminded about our zero tolerance policy to students not wearing school uniform correctly. Click Here for further information about Uniform expectations and requirements.

Preparing For Naplan

Naplan testing will happen from Tuesday 9 May to Friday 12 May. This need not be an anxious time for parents or students as you prepare for this week. Please click here for some wise advice and guidance from Andrew Fuller.

Importance Of Sleep

2016 research conducted by the Sleep Foundation and The University of Adelaide, which found Australia is in the midst of a "sleepiness epidemic", 

Specific problems associated with drowsy teenagers include impaired learning, mood swings, anxiety, depression, negative body image, low self-esteem, poor food choices, increased absenteeism and lowered immunity.

I would encourage all parents to ensure their child is getting the recommended 9.25 hours of sleep per night. One way to assist with this is making sure your child has no technology in their room (phones, iPads, iPods, laptops) and/or the internet is switched off after lights out if there is evidence of lack of sleep.

For the full article please Click Here:

David Hansen
Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus


Learning & Teaching

Welcome back after a lovely two weeks of holidays. 

The joy of holidays for me is that I have time to take a breath, relax and take the time to read.

One interesting article which I read in Sundays Herald Sun was by Susan O’Brien entitles “Learning to keep it simple”. In her article, Susan looked at how parents can contribute to a child's success at school. Interestingly she states that “kids with hands-on parents are more likely to succeed regardless of how much money they have or where they are brought up”. Her information is based on an ANU study and shines a light on what it is that parents can do to assist their students learning.

When students commence high school, we often hear parents lament that they are not as involved as in primary school, but there is still much that parents of teenagers can do to contribute to success. As a parent of five children, I would argue that being “present” was even more valuable in these turbulent teenage years.

The article concludes with four simple steps for parents to support learning

  • Have high expectations and aspirations
  • Spend time reading together
  • Provide a positive environment for homework
  • Support their social and emotional wellbeing

I wish all students an engaged and productive Term Two and encourage parents to continue their efforts to stay involved.

Personalising the Learning 

On Tuesday of this week, all teaching staff participated in Professional Learning on the topic of Personalised Learning.

Anna Bennett, an education consultant, took staff through a series of activities which provided both practical skills, knowledge and understanding of how to cater for the increasing diversity of student needs found in each secondary classroom. Pre-Reading for staff pointed out that Teaching is hard. Teaching well is fiercely so, and Anna provided many opportunities to discuss best practice and gave practical strategies to improve our craft.

A lifelong love of learning and a passion for their profession was evidenced by all of our staff, and I commend and thank them for the engagement and enthusiasm shown on our first day back of Term two. 

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching


Religious Education News

Catholic Identity in its many forms

In the next few weeks, many students and hopefully parents will be completing the Catholic Identity Surveys. This leads me to reflect on Catholic Identity in and outside of our school.

Recently, I attended the funeral of a family friend.  Michael was only 50 but had done much with the time he had. The funeral, at a Catholic Church, was very Catholic in the best sense of the word. It was a celebration of a great life. It reflected a belief in a loving God who walked with this family in its sorrow.  It reflected a belief in the resurrection and life beyond. It was funny, sad, inspiring, heartbreaking, and full of hope. His was a life full of recognition of his God, and full of an outpouring of care for family, for friends, and for those less well off. When you met Michael, you were the most important person in the world.

Also recently, our Year 12 Religion and Society classes have been unpacking significant beliefs of the Catholic Tradition. They, perhaps for the first time, are seeing how beliefs and life and faith and struggle and religion are all connected. It is like a veil has been lifted and our students are seeing something new and bold.

At the end of term, our CSYMA class at West Campus did the thinking work for the Stations of the Cross. They conducted eight of the fourteen stations and invited the Year 12's to enact the moment. The brief for the class was not re-enactment but interpretation.  So our liturgy was full of what this key story might mean for us today.

There are hundreds of examples of the impact of faith in the daily life at St Peter's College. 

Catholic Identity is a key element of our school.  

It makes us who we are.

It is a lived experience of a loving God through Jesus.  

It is not always easy to see, to understand, to know it is there.

It is critical, however, to the whole enterprise of what we do at St Peter's College.

2017 East Cross

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader,
West Campus


Library News

Luka Lesson Poet Slams Year 10 Audience!

Guest Speaker Library

Luka Lesson, a poet and Spoken Word Artist performed before a rapt Year 10 audience at East and West campuses.

The overwhelming positive response to Luka’s performance is evident in the following student comments:

Luka Lesson’s performance was amazing. His poems were inspirational and his use of words and rhymes were even better. His poetry was based on events that have happened in his life. Nathan

A stunning and chair gripping performance; he speaks through his heart, mind and soul, to create poems and rhymes that relate to us in a different level. Michael A

He and his poems were very inspirational. Some of the poems he performed were heart-warming and very touching. He was brilliant and the sound of slam poetry was interesting. Monique Jose

Not only is he a great person to listen to, but a very relatable one to giving you both advice and guidance with your literature studies in the future.   Ryan Brack

Luka gave me a whole new perspective on poetry and rapping, and how poetry can influence people in so many ways.  Liam Fagundez

I did not know that in modern times someone could be a full-time poet! Luka made poems seem fun to write. He got some of the students up and moving, which always makes performances exciting. Prerna

Angela Gargano
Head of Library


St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners, 

Thank you to everyone who assisted so generously with our Holy Week and Easter Liturgies. We the priests, sisters and the staff of this parish wish to thank you for all your generous support to the parish. We welcome any visitors to our Parish this weekend. Today we celebrate the greatest day which marks the fulfilment of God’s promise to us. The resurrection of Jesus Christ we celebrate today is a victory of life over death, love over hate, light over darkness, joy over sadness, forgiveness over revenge, peace over war and good over evil. May God grant peace to trouble hearts, healing to the sick, strength to the weary, joy to the sorrowful and abundant blessing to you and your loved ones. Bishop Patrick O’Regan will be visiting our Parish and celebrating the 10.45am Mass next Sunday “Divine Mercy Sunday” April. The Samoan Divine Mercy Group invite all parishioners to join them after the 10.45am Mass for lunch in the hall where you will have an opportunity to meet the Bishop. Fr Antony will be away this week, for a short break. I will be away from the Parish on Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and holiday from 23rd April – 2 nd June. During this time, I hope to visit and spend some time with my family after the pilgrimage. I will also visit Sisters Anna, Grace and Mercy. Please I encourage to support Fr Antony… 

God’s blessings Fr Joseph


This year we would like to focus on praying for different needs within our families, parish and wider community. At the Thursday evening Mass at 7.30pm there will be prayers offered for the special intention of that week. The last Thursday of the month will be offered in thanksgiving for birthdays. This is the list of intentions for the month of April 20th – For the Youth, 27th - For those celebrating a birthday in April. 


There are 3 cars & 11 Coles/Myer gift cards on offer in this amazing raffle. Tickets on sale after all Masses this weekend. Tickets $2.00 each or $20 a book. Vic permit 10949/16-CCPR. 

St Agatha's Parish

Introducing our College Student Leaders 2017

Luke Garcia

I’ve enjoyed dancing, drawing and singing for most of my life, so I wanted to become Arts Captain in order to help other students enjoy the arts. I want to be able to give the students an opportunity to experience and enjoy the different aspects of art. Also being Arts Captain gives me opportunities to attend events and see the variety of art the students make and perform.

I see students who enjoy playing instruments, drawing, and painting but they only get to do these things during their allocated classes. So my goal for this year as Arts Captain is to help give students an opportunity to utilise their creativity in a fun and enjoyable environment and to also give students the chance to try new things. 

This year’s theme is ‘After much debate…Peter stood up’, and this ties in to my goal of getting students more chances to get involved with art. By giving these students the opportunities I want to help them to stand up and to have the courage to try new things. 

Sire (Luke) Garcia, 
Arts Captain, East Campus

Introducing our College Student Leaders 2017

Latisha Dalton

Applying for the role of Arts Captain has always been an aspiration for me as I have an intense passion for all of the aspects that it has to offer, including visual art, theatre and music.

By receiving this title I aim to expand and improve on any issues that are raised in the department and be the voice for the students. 

This year I also want to immerse students and staff with the valuable sides that come with being involved in the art world and to create a stronger art fuelled community within St Peter's College.

By following the Annual Theme, "After much debate…Peter stood up",  I strive to take an active stand towards any ideas that support students and to dedicate my time into helping their artistic talents thrive. 

Latisha Dalton, 
Arts Captain, West Campus

Confirmation @ St Agatha's Church


*Child has received the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and First Communion.
*Child is willing to grow in prayer and life of faith

Program runs from 26th April until 25th June. 

ALL meetings are obligatory and are held in the Parish Hall

Information Session and Parent Workshop- Wednesday 26th April at 7.00pm or Tuesday 2nd May at 7:00pm

Parents need to attend only one session (no need to bring your child)

Note that this night will be a combined Information Night and Parent workshop, with a Testimony from a parishioner or two on the role of the Spirit in their lives

Commitment at all Masses the weekends of 29/30th April and of 6/7th May

Parent/Child Workshop Tuesday 30th May at 5pm OR 7.00pm and WED 31ST MAY 5PM)

Confirmation Retreat Wed 7th June 9.30am – 3.00pm (POSSIBLE VENUE: SHALL BE COMMUNICATED AT THE WORKSHOP. Rehearsals 2:00pm-3:15pm [after the retreat].


Thursday JUNE 22nd  @ 7.30pm,  Saturday June 24th @11.00am, Saturday 24th June @2.00pm and Sunday 25th June @ 11.00am in St Thomas’ Church ( for St Thomas the Apostle’s Parishioners).   


Saturday 22 April

Uniform Shop Open

8.00am to 12 noon

Monday 24 April

New Caledonia Trip Returns

Tuesday 25 April


Student Free Day

Wednesday 26 April

Year 11 Retreat

EC VCE Study Hub

Thursday 27 April

Year 11 Retreat

Friday 28 April

East Campus Tour
Year 11 Retreat

Yr 7 Author Incursion


Monday 1 May - Friday 5th May

Celebrating Catholic Education Week,

Unity in Diversity'

Tuesday 2 May

West VCE Study Hub

Bunnings Fundraising Event

Bunnings Cranbourne, corner Thompsons Rd and South Gippsland Highway

9.00 am to 5.00 pm Saturday May 5th

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
Win A Car Raffle for Solomon Islands - GWS Mazda 2 Raffle

To volunteer to help on the day please contact April Hampson at the College office on 5990 7777

Come along to support of Senior Students on the day by purchasing a sausage and raffle ticket, or just to say hello.

The Mazda 2 will be onsite for viewing, generously supplied by Garry Warren Smith, 715 Springvale Rd, Mulgrave


Entertainment Book 2017/18

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Parents & Friends Association

Key Dates and Guest Speakers 2017

To view please click here:

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 2nd May, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm-9.00 pm St Peter’s College EAST Campus

Administration Centre, 55 MacKillop Way, Clyde North, 3977

Come and meet our Acting Principal, Mr Chris Black with our Guest Speaker Ms Fiona McKenna

GUEST SPEAKER –   Ms Fiona McKenna

2017 Fiona McKenna                  

B.Arts (Hons); Grad.Cert.RE: Dip.Ed (Sec); M.Ed.Leadership    

Fiona joined the St Peter's College community as Pastoral Care Leader (West Campus) this year. Having worked as a Legal Clerk before commencing her teaching career, she has held a range of leadership positions in her time at both Emmaus College and Presentation College Windsor. Fiona is very passionate about the unique role of Pastoral Care in a Catholic setting. She will share her perspective on this aspect of Catholic education with you, as well as discuss the importance of the Parent and Friends working in partnership with the school, as we all work to support students through their secondary education. 


Volunteers Required
Contact April Hampson at the College
Saturday 6th May Bunnings Cranbourne Sausage Sizzle
Tuesday 27th June St Peter’s Day College Celebrations BBQ Lunch

Minutes of 21st March Meeting, 2017

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