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Issue 86  |  29 March 2017
Featured Story
Acting Principal


As I started to think about what I was going to write about Lent in this edition of the newsletter, I was struggling. However, during mass this last weekend, my inspiration magically appeared in the form of lyrics to a song. These are those words:

Open my eyes, Lord. Help me to see your face
Open my eyes, Lord. Help me to see

Open my ears, Lord. Help me to hear your voice  
Open my ears, Lord. Help me to hear

Open my heart, Lord. Help me to love like you
Open my heart, Lord. Help me to love

The lyrics are inspired by the Parable of Jesus healing the blind man. What I take from this scripture is that we all are required to open our eyes, ears and hearts to the gospel message of love, forgiveness and hope. Lent provides us with the opportunity to reflect on how we live our life, particularly when in communion with our God and with our neighbours. Lent is a time to acknowledge past failures and ask forgiveness for these.  More significantly though it is a time for new beginnings.

All students on Thursday will participate in the Stations of the Cross, a 14-step Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ's last day on Earth as a man. The 14 devotions, or stations, will focus on specific events of his last day, beginning with his condemnation. The stations are used as a mini pilgrimage as students move from station to station. This will be an opportunity for students to reflect on times where they may have fallen short, particularly in their relationships with their God and others. Right relationships are essential and, specifically within St. Peter’s College, it is essential that these relationships are formed and fostered based on respect.

This takes hard work by everyone yet a positive outcome ensures that all feel welcomed, all feel a sense of belonging and all can learn in a positive and dynamic learning environment. My challenge to all students is to strive at all times to contribute to that positive learning environment. Our College is Christ centred with the Gospel values underpinning all that we do here at the College. We are always striving to recognise the dignity of each person and provide for a caring and supportive environment for each student to develop to their full potential. This is a non-negotiable.

SIS Performing Arts Annual Concert

Congratulations is extended to students who performed in the Annual SIS Performing Arts on Tuesday night and the staff who supported these students both throughout the rehearsal process and on the night. St. Peter’s College displayed their talent and versatility by performing in the following items: Senior Concert Band, Choir, Commercial Jazz Dance, Broadway Dance and Contemporary Dance.

On top of that, we had a representative act per campus. The West Campus representative act was a song called "Mama Who Bore Me", being performed by: Gemma Clover, Britney Phillips, Celeste Hill, Kira May, Jessie McGuigan. The East Campus representative act was, "Castle on the Hill" by Ed Sheeran sung by a 10 piece choir, accompanied by two guitarists and a pianist as well as an interpretive choreography by two of our East Dancers, Carrie Lake and Madysyn Pucovski. All our performances were of an outstanding quality.

Our two Arts Captains Latisha Dalton and Luke Garcia were Co-Masters of Ceremonies on the night and did a terrific job. Our thanks and congratulations is also extended to seven students (four from East Campus and three from West Campus) who coordinated the  backstage, these were Bless Davies, Loic Tang Yan Wo, Jordan Cairns, Arizona Durban, Anghelo De La Cruz, Riley Byl, Ebony St Mart. Our thanks is extended to Ms Karissa Robertson, Ms Laura Appleby, Mr Brian Wallwork and Ms Karen Williams for their tireless work in supporting our students.

Mitch Rabot Annual Cricket Match – West Campus

For 17 years now the Annual Mitch Rabot Staff vs Student’s Cricket Match has been held. Under stormy skies this week the 2017 match took place. Mitch has been a significant part of the story of St. Peter’s College over the past twenty plus years. In 2016 the history of St. Peter’s College was launched. Authored by Mitch, it is a wonderful record of the life and significant times of the short history of St. Peter’s College.

It was great that Mitch was able to be present again this year as the staff took on the students. A life-long devotee of the game of cricket he has valued highly the importance of staff connecting with students in a “friendly” game of cricket. For the record the staff won the 2017 Mitch Rabot Trophy in a shortened, rain interrupted game that boasted one of the most amazing catches by Year 12 student Harrison Orchard witnessed on the Pat Grant oval for many a fine year. Well done Harrison Orchard and congratulations to all.

Congratulations Natalia Girvasi – East Campus
natalia Girvasi

Natalia is to be congratulated for representing both the City of Casey and St. Peter’s College last week in Canberra. Natalia was selected from many candidates who applied to the City of Casey to be part of the Australia Day Study Tour. The culminating activity of this program was an experience of the federal capital, Canberra.  On the four-day tour of Canberra she visited places of interest and importance. Natalia spent a full-day at Parliament House, including a tour, meeting with Federal Members, and attending question time.

Other places she visited included the Australian Defence Force Academy, the Australian War Memorial, the National Archives, Old Parliament House, the National Gallery, High Court and Government House. Her highlight was in meeting our Prime Minister and being able to ask him a question. Congratulations Natalia. We look forward to hearing in detail of your experiences and for you to bring back to the College your learnings on Civics and Citizenship.


Full and complete winter uniform is required to be worn from the first day of Term 2, and the first day of Term 2 is Wednesday 19 April.

Wishing everyone a safe and holy Easter

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black
Acting Principal

Latest News
East Campus News

First Term 2017

It is hard to believe that this week marks the end of our first Term for 2017. The end of any Term and the coming of much needed holidays presents us with a good opportunity to reflect on our achievements and experiences encountered over the past nine weeks.  

Many students will feel the Term has been long, others especially VCE students will feel the Term has flown, and for some the newness of the school year will just be starting to wear off.

Year 7 and Year 12 students will most likely have experienced the greatest changes over the past nine weeks.

Holidays provide all of us a time to rest, enjoy time with our families and reflect on what we want to achieve in the coming School Terms.

I encourage all students to revisit the goals they set with Learning Advisors early in Term 1. Reflection requires a critical and honest approach and can begin with questions such as:

  • Have I achieved my goals, if not why?
  • Have I asked for help when I needed it?
  • Have I tried my best?
  • What are my goals and priorities for next Term?

It is my hope that all of our new students have found St. Peter's College to be a home away from home, a place of comfort and support.

To all students and their families I wish you a most Holy and safe Easter break. 

Au Revoir Cranbourne  and Bonjour New Caledonia

The New Caledonia Study Tour first departed in 2015 with five students (three from East Campus and two from West Campus), increased to ten students in 2016 and this year, sixteen students, eight from each Campus will depart with Miss Rosenblum, French Teacher and College Exchange Coordinator and Miss Buhagiar, French Teacher.

One key focus on this trip will be the development of a pedagogical program between our schools, taking full advantage of technology such as Skype.

Having a French sister school on the same time schedule is an ideal situation to promote the development of this type of program.  

Many of our students were already able to meet the College de Magenta students who came to St. Peter’s College on a ten day exchange in September, 2016.

It is really quite incredible that in less than four hours, our students will be in a French colony, immersed in the French language and its culture as well as the culture of the indigenous people of New Caledonia, the Kanaks.

I wish them a safe and enjoyable trip.

New Caledonia 2017

New Year 9 Building & reduced space in the Yard   

Work is progressing fast and the foundations will be shortly laid for our Year 9 Building. This is an exciting time as we watch daily the progress of the new build.

However to make way for our new building, space has been reduced and student movement has been impacted. We now take the long way around to get from building to building, as safety is of paramount concern when construction sites and people need to co-exist.

I am pleased to say that most students have adapted and are sharing our outdoor spaces in a considerate manner. However I feel some students need a reminder that it is the shared responsibility of all of us to use our outdoor space and buildings in a respectful manner to ensure equity for all. 

Again I wish you all a wonderful Easter and Holiday break.

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

The Big Night 2017 – Sis Performing Arts

This year, St. Peter’s College was the host of the 20th Anniversary of the SIS Performing Arts Night – the annual showcase of the member schools talent in music and dance.  

Our Arts Captains Latisha Dalton (West) and Luke Garcia (East) were confident and friendly MCs, introducing 18 different acts for the night.  

Both East and West Campuses shone with some stunning performances.

East Campus entertained with a choir singing “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran accompanied by guitarists and two dancers.

Five of our West Campus female students impressed with a powerful performance of “Mama who bore me” from the musical ‘Spring Awakening’. Gemma Clover, Britney Phillips, Celeste Hill, Kira May and Jessie McGuigan were awesome as they belted out this number.

Our dance teacher Ms Karissa Robertson was behind most of the choreography for the evening, including combining the SIS Jazz Ensemble for an apocalyptic performance called “Veins”.  

Her other big effort was for the finale with all schools combining to perform “Celebration” to mark the 20th Anniversary.  

Our new music teacher Ms Laura Appleby produced a thriller by conducting the combined SIS Senior Band through a Michael Jackson medley

Numerous St. Peter’s College students excelled not only on stage, but behind the scenes in setting up for the performances and were assisted by Mr Calen Robinson from the West.  

It was terrific to see the high level of support from our hard working and generous staff who came along to support our students.  

Our Arts Coach, Ms Viv Hayes, House Leaders, Mr Jason Blackburn, Ms Michele McArdle and Ms Janelle McRae were all there to remind our students that their talent does not go unappreciated.

Winter Uniform

A reminder that winter uniform is to be worn from the commencement of Term 2.  

In particular girls are reminded of the need to wear the correct traditional tie or bow tie with the appropriate blouse.  

All students are also reminded of wearing the correct sports uniform only when permitted.

2017 Sports Uniform

Parents and students are reminded about our zero tolerance policy to students not wearing school uniform correctly. 

Parent Teacher Interviews

Please remember to attend Parent Teacher Interviews on either Thursday evening or Friday morning this week for important feedback from your child’s teachers.  

This partnership works best when communication between school and home is clear and positive.

This opportunity to follow the progress of your child will also outline the ways in which you can help your child to achieve success in the subjects being studied.  

Please remember that the cut off for booking these appointments is Thursday morning at 9.00am.  

After this time, you will need to ring the office to let teachers know you want to discuss your child’s progress.  

Teachers are always open to communicating with you about the progress of your child, however, it may not be possible for teachers to accommodate parents during the busy Parent Teacher Interview time if you miss the cut off.

Teachers will endeavour to contact you as soon as practical after this time to discuss your child’s progress.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

Parent Teacher Interviews

A final reminder that the booking system for appointments for Parent Teacher Interviews must close at 9.00 a.m. Thursday 30th March (this Thursday).

This is to allow staff time to thoroughly prepare for each interview.

Please Book To Avoid Disappointment

Parent Teacher Interviews are conducted on 
Thursday 30th March from 4.00-pm – 8.30 pm
Friday 31st March  9.00 a.m – 1.00pm.

Ipsative  Assessment ? 

Thursday and Friday of last week I had the privilege to attend the NATIONAL FUTURE SCHOOLS CONFERENCE in Melbourne. I attended some incredible presentations, met with Industry representatives and was inspired by the work of many innovative schools who presented at the Conference.

What I was most proud of was the affirmation that St. Peters College is on the front foot regarding innovation and learning. Many speakers spoke about the introduction of the new Digital Technologies Curriculum. St. Peter's College staff spent considerable time last year planning for this and on Wednesday of last week I sat in on a Coding Workshop arranged for Year 7 students which saw a life like robot dancing to Thriller! The programmed moves were far superior to mine?


I also learnt a new term – Ipsative Assessment.

Ipsative assessment is a powerful new approach to assessment that provokes a radical rethink of the purposes and methods of assessment. In education, Ipsative Assessment is the practice of assessing present performance against the prior performance of the student. Ipsative Assessment is used in everyday life, and features heavily in physical education and also in computer games. Encouraging pupils to beat their previous scores can take peer pressure out of situations and eliminates the competitive element associated with norm-based referencing. It can be particularly useful for children with learning disabilities and can improve motivation.

While the term was new to me, the model of assessment that values growth is not a new idea and something that is core to my personal learning philosophy. In our Annual Development Plan for 2017, under the area of Learning and Teaching, staff have been asked to work on ways to demonstrate '12 months growth in 12 months of teaching'. Regardless of where a student starts, they are expected to achieve growth in all area of the curriculum.

Our Maths Pathways program in Years 7- 9 is an example of this Ipsative approach. Students are expected to demonstrate growth and accuracy. Such pedagogy provides a more personalised approach to learning and caters for the incredible variety of skill levels found in each classroom. 
I see this model of assessment as an affirming and positive experience of learning for our students and am inspired to work with staff to develop our strategies to both measure and extend growth in all our students. 


Holidays are an important time to recharge the batteries and to enjoy some leisure time. For those who have worked hard throughout Term One this down time is an opportunity to take time for ourselves and relax. Whatever the activity may be it is important to take time out to re-energise ourselves in preparation for our next ten weeks of study. For those in VCE there will be the need to continue to study in preparation for the end of year exams, but balance is also vital. Time with family and friends, relaxing and recharging is an important life skill that we all need to develop.

I wish students and parents a restful and safe holiday. As we draw near the holiest week of the year, I hope that you all find the time to reflect and pray and to celebrate the mysteries of Jesus Passion, Death and Resurrection.

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching

Religious Education News

This week at St. Peter's College we celebrate the Stations of the Cross. I say celebrate deliberately.

The stations could easily be seen as a dour recollection of a disastrous event. There is something about this event that Christians have understood for many centuries.

Each year during Lent and particularly on Good Friday, Christians around the world enact this journey.  

Most Catholic Churches will have the 14 Stations commemorated on their walls.

2017 East Cross

It is an event that stems from the very place where Jesus lived and died. When one goes to Jerusalem there is a very famous street there called the Via Dolorosa.

This street whose name literally means "Way of Grief" has been the scene of millions of people commemorating the last stages of Jesus passion and death.  

It is suggested to be the way in which Jesus actually went to his death.

It begins at a Fortress and ends at the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was buried. It is about 600 metres.

You will find people, in groups, walking this journey in prayerful reflection.

For our part, we too commemorate this event. It is never a re-enactment of the final stages of Jesus life. It is always a reflection on the meaning of Jesus death (and resurrection) for us in our world today.

Ironically, this sad and ugly scene of Jesus death is a great sign of hope for people today.  

At the West Campus the death of Jesus will be associated with:

  1. “The cross represents depression” 
  2. “The cross represents anxiety” 
  3. “The cross represents stress” 
  4. “The cross represents hatred” 
  5. “The cross represents lies” 
  6. “The cross represents betrayal” 
  7. “The cross represents judgement” 
  8. “The cross represents negativity” 

The general message is that with Jesus there is always hope beyond what respective difficulties are in front of our eyes.

So this Easter, "May the sun and hope rise to meet you on your journey!"

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

CYSMA Leadership Day

On the 23rd of March, twenty-five students from the CSYMA classes (Years 10 and 11), went to Mary Mackillop Regional College for the Leadership Conference.

"At the event, we listened to multiple presentations and learned new ways to enhance our faith and spread the word of God".

"My favorite activity was writing my own testimony because as I was writing it I learned a lot about my faith and recalled what my journey to achieve that faith was".

Jie Yi  Selfina Heng
Year 11 CYSMA Student

"The conference was a great step forward for the determined Christian youth, coming together to celebrate our first step towards Jesus' understanding and love for everyone no matter who and what you are".

"The activities were contagiously exhilarating and refreshing to compete in, and I enjoyed the buzz of meeting new people who had similar views and values as I".

"The experience really made me understand where I wanted to go in my own life and helped me identify who I was as a person. As Gaille Canceran, no labels to define me".

"Inspired by the CSYMA staff's words they strongly motivated each of us to live by Jesus' incredible example".

"And I'm so happy to say that I finally understand that the love Jesus has given us overpowers any wrong in the best way".

"I strongly recommend determined Catholic youths looking for answers to attend in the following years". 

Gaille Canceran
Year 11 CYSMA Student

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Leader, East Campus

Introducing our College Student Leaders 2017

richard Johnny

Applying for the position of Sports Captain, I felt that I needed to do my part to help improve the students view on athletic activities. Seeing younger kids becoming less and less active is alarming and I hope to encourage physical activity and participation.

From a young age, playing multiple sports, it fed my large appetite for physical activity, my aim in 2017 as Sport Captain is to instil my enthusiasm for sport into others, enthusiasm that I had as a young adolescent and still have now. 

I hope to demonstrate that participating in events such as Swimming and Athletics Carnival is fun and to abolish the ideology that taking part is ‘not cool’. 

Inspired by our Annual Theme for 2017, ’After much debate…Peter stood up,  I will ‘stand up’ and give my all to encouraging participation in all sporting activities, I hope people will follow my example and give their all to sport at St. Peter’s College, knowing that if you give your best, God will do the rest.

Richard-Jonny Pele, East Campus Sports Captain 2017

Introducing our College Student Leaders 2017

2017 Salfia Koudi Arad 01

My name is Salfia Koudi Arad. I am very proud to be one of the Sports Captains at the East Campus this year.

I have always loved playing different kinds of sports. I have always been energetic and like to be active. I have been part of Netball, Soccer, Basketball and Athletics teams for many years.

My aim as Sports Captain in 2017 is to share my passion for all sports and I would like to make the school active. I think sport is a way of building friendships as well as House Spirit and I hope to encourage these this year. 

As Peter stood up, I will stand up for Sport at the East Campus providing opportunities for everyone. There are different sports to suit everyone’s personality. Everyone should have the chance to participate in a sport. I enjoy supporting all students in finding the perfect sport for them.

Salfia Koudi Arad
Sports Captain, East Campus


St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners 

Last Weekend Members from the establishment group will give a short talk at all Masses to explain the role of the Parish Pastoral Council and the desired qualities required of a council member. Parishioners will be asked to recommend other parish members for possible membership of the council, or you may also nominate yourself. Nomination forms will be available this weekend and must be returned by Sunday 2nd of April. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead those who are called to this important ministry of service and leadership. Please try and be part of this exercise.

At the 9.00am Mass over the next two Sundays the RCIA Candidates will be participating in the celebration of the Scrutinies. Please continue to pray for our young parishioners and their families who will be making their First Reconciliation this week on Tuesday,Wednesday & Thursday. Our Parish Lenten Reconciliation ceremony will be held on Tuesday 11th April at 7.30pm. 

Other Parish Reconciliation times St Thomas the Apostle [St Peter’s College] Clyde North 7.30pm, St Michael’s Berwick 5th April 7.30pm, St Patrick’s Pakenham 6th April 7.30pm, Our Lady Help of Christians Narre Warren 12th April 7.30pm. 

With Best Wishes Fr Joseph

Hours Of Grace

We, who are many, form one Body in Christ: Rom 12: 5.

100 days of Perpetual Adoration begins at 9.00am next Saturday, 1st April – 8th April, 2017. This is a time set aside by this parish every year to reflect on the word of God, listen to various spiritual talks, pray for various intentions, celebrate Mass every morning and evening and adore the Blessed Sacrament day and night in the for the period of one week. I invite every parishioner to make good use of this period and receive abundant Grace from God.

Project Compassion 

Your donation will support programs around the world that provide vulnerable people with the skills and opportunities they need to establish food for life. Please give generously to the appeal this Lent by clicking here:  or by phoning 1800 024 413.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

First Saturday Devotion

In honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will take place next Saturday 1st April, after the 9.30am Mass.

This devotion includes the reciting of 1 Rosary and meditating on the other 3 Mysteries of the Rosary and concluding with a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. All Welcome!

Healing Mass

1st Sunday of the Month, next Sunday 2nd April at 6pm Mass led by Fr. Antony.

Visit Of The International Centennial Pilgrim Image

Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, March 31st to April
2nd   [Friday to Sunday] at Our Lady Help of Christians, Narre Warren.

See notice board for more details.

Agape Youth

During Lent, BIBLE STUDY will be held EVERY SUNDAY. Please meet us in the Chapel at 7pm for 30 minutes Adoration followed by bible study until 8:30pm at the parish hall.


During Lent, INVIGORATE will be meeting EVERY FRIDAY at 7pm at the Parish hall. We will attend the Stations of the Cross in Church at 7.30pm together and will then continue our meeting until 8.30pm


Parish youth who would be interested in being part of the Good Friday 3pm service this year, please contact Gavin Besterwitch on 0431 108 887 ASAP.

Rehearsal will be held on Saturday 1st April and 8th April from 11am 12.30pm at the parish hall.

New Members

If you wish to join the youth please contact Rebecca Daly on 0421 521 550 or Tavonga Nyerenyere on 0488 683 256

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Careers News

School Holiday Career Activities

School holidays are a great time to start your research for future course and career options.  Please use the link below to access a full list of the programs available these school holidays.

Australian Defence Force Gap Year

Applications for a 2018 gap year open in March 2017.

The ADF Gap Year program provides an opportunity for young Australians who have finished Year 12 or equivalent, aged between 17 and 24, to experience military training & lifestyle whilst gaining new skills over a paid gap year. Click Here for Information:

Australian Mathematics Competition

Thu 27th July 2017

The AMC is for students of all standards, and tests students on mathematical thinking. The competition is used to determine which students attend invitation-only events, so it’s worth participating! Teachers can register their students online now. Click Here for Information:

CYA Hatchlings Writing Competition 2017

This is a competition for all writers/illustrators who are between 8 – 18 years old, and have not been in published book format within the CYA genres. There are four categories: Picture Books, Chapter Book & Young Adult Novels, Graphic Novel & Illustrated picture book, and Middle Grade Illustrated Novel. Click Here for Information:

Entries are due 30th April.

Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize for Secondary School Students

This prize is awarded for a short film of 1-3 minutes that best expresses a scientific concept or tells a scientific story in an accessible and engaging way. Entries should be made by Friday 5th May 2017. Click Here:

The Green Army

The Green Army is an Australian Government initiative open to young people including Indigenous Australians, school leavers, gap year students, graduates, and job seekers who are looking for employment to develop skills, undertake training and gain experience in the delivery of conservation. View current projects click here: 

Term 1 School Holidays Programs 2017

Click here to see Holiday information:

Melissa Dillon
Careers Coordinator, West Campus
Robyn Cardamone
Careers Coordinator, East Campus

Important Uniform Changes For 2017

Change Over to Winter Uniform

Change over from Summer to Winter Uniform is due to be complete by Term 2, Wednesday 19th April.

Please check you have all uniform items prior to the end of Term, as the Uniform Shop does not open during the School holidays.

Important changes to the St Peter's College Winter Uniform

  • New students and Year 7 Girls ONLY have a compulsory change to the NEW STYLE St Peter's College Girls White Monogrammed Pocket Blouse, which is worn with the TRADITIONAL St Peter's College TieYear
  • 8 to 12 Girls can choose to make the Blouse change or to continue to wear the Girls White Shirt with the St Peter's College Tie girls shirt

girls shirt

Winter uniform

Second-hand Uniform Sales

The uniform shop does not hold and sell second-hand uniform.

St Peter’s College parents can utilise the service of Sustainable School Shop for the sale and purchase of second-hand uniform and stationery items.

To read more about purchasing second-hand uniform items please click here:

To see what second-hand uniform items are currently listed for sale please click here:

NOTE: Please be aware that girls winter Blouse design for 2017, will not be available on the second-hand market at this time.

Fundraising 2017

Entertainment Book 2017/18

Holidays fast approaching…..Entertainment™ Memberships are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, café, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel, and much more! 

Order your new Entertainment Book before 27 March 2017 and you'll receive six printed Early Bird Offers or order an Entertainment Digital Membership and your Early Bird Offers will be loaded straight to your phone that you can use right away - now that's something worth telling your friends about!

Click here to order yours today:

Save the Date Notice

Volunteers Required

Saturday 6th May. Bunnings Cranbourne Sausage Sizzle
Tuesday 27th June. St Peter’s Day College Celebrations BBQ Lunch

Graduating Class of 2007

10 Year Reunion Details and Registration

Please click here:

To Download Save The Date Notice 

Please click here:

Project Compassion Raffle

Tickets 20 cents each or ten for a $1


  • 2 Justin Biber VIP Pack (Value $200)

Justin Beiber Repeat Print, VIP Backpack, VIP Woven Blanket, Sticker Pack, Sorry Dad Hat, Scrapbook (local Language), Passport (English),Lanyard Laminate and Backstage Insert 

  • 2 Adele VIP Packs Value $100

Adele Blanket, Bag, Pen and Lanyard/Laminate                     

  • Easter Hamper (Value $75)
  • Two Sherrin Footballs (A Grade) value $60 each.
  • Two Netballs 
  • One Family Pass to Moonlight Sanctuary

Tickets available from Mr Hampson’s Office 
From Students selling before school
At parent teacher interviews at end of term.

Raffle drawn on last day of term


St Agatha's Confirmation

Confirmation Readiness

Child has received the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.Child is willing to grow in prayer and life of faith

  • Program runs from 26th April until 25th June. ALL meetings are obligatory and are held in the Parish Hall
  • Information Session and Parent Workshop- Wednesday 26th April at 7.00pm or Tuesday 2nd May at 7:00pm

Parents need to attend only One session (no need to bring your child)

Note that this night will be a combined Information Night and Parent workshop, with a Testimony from a parishioner or two on the role of the Spirit in their lives.

  • Commitment at all Masses the weekends of 29/30th   April and of 6/7th  May
  • Parent/Child Workshop Tuesday 30th May at 5pm OR  7.00pm and WED 31st May 5pm)
  • Confirmation Retreat Wed 7th June 9.30am – 3.00pm (Possible Venue: Shall be communicated at the workshop. Rehearsals 2:00pm-3:15pm.
  • Ceremonies:  Thursday JUNE 22nd  @ 7.30pm,  Saturday June 24th @11.00am,  Saturday 24th June @2.00pm and Sunday 25th June @ 11.00am in St Thomas’ Church (for St Thomas the Apostle’s Parishioners). 

Sr Mary Olofu
St Agatha’s Parish

Parents & Friends Association

Key Dates and Guest Speakers 2017

To view please click here:

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 2nd May, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm-9.00 pm St Peter’s College EAST Campus

Administration Centre, 55 MacKillop Way, Clyde North, 3977

Come and meet our Acting Principal, Mr Chris Black with our Guest Speaker Ms Fiona McKenna

GUEST SPEAKER –   Ms Fiona McKenna

2017 Fiona McKenna                   

B.Arts (Hons); Grad.Cert.RE: Dip.Ed (Sec); M.Ed.Leadership    

Fiona joined the St Peter's College community as Pastoral Care Leader (West Campus) this year. Having worked as a Legal Clerk before commencing her teaching career, she has held a range of leadership positions in her time at both Emmaus College and Presentation College Windsor. Fiona is very passionate about the unique role of Pastoral Care in a Catholic setting. She will share her perspective on this aspect of Catholic education with you, as well as discuss the importance of the Parent and Friends working in partnership with the school, as we all work to support students through their secondary education. 


Volunteers Required
Contact April Hampson at the College
Saturday 6th May Bunnings Cranbourne Sausage Sizzle
Tuesday 27th June St Peter’s Day College Celebrations BBQ Lunch

Minutes of 13th February Meeting, 2017

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