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Issue 84  |  15 March 2017
Featured Story
From the Acting Principal

Harmony Day

This year Harmony day for St Peter’s College took place on Thursday. It is a government initiative that has been embraced here at St Peter’s College for the past 7 years. Harmony Day aligns itself with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.  The theme this year is titled: Everyone Belongs, a very appropriate and relevant theme for our own College. We identify as a nation with approximately 300 ancestries, around 7.2 million people have migrated to Australia since 1945, 45% of Australians are either born overseas or have a parent who was.

At St Peter’s College we boast 28% of students born overseas and 72% of parents born overseas with a cultural mix of Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Fiji, France, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritius, New Zealand, Phillipines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, UAE and Zimbabwe to name just a few . We are indeed blessed to have such a rich cultural blend that adds greatly in broadening our community’s understanding of the wider world, whilst at the same time providing an environment where learning and actioning some of the key Christian values such as acceptance, tolerance, unity, hope and love can be evidenced. In Matthew’s Gospel (Matthew 22: 36-39) it is stated: “…Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. Within our community we are each called to participate together in a journey of hope as we learn to live out our faith journey with others. The core principal of our faith journey here at St Peter’s College, and the central message for all, is one where the respect and dignity of all is sacred. We are called, each and every one of us, to “Be Not Afraid” and to “love thy neighbour as thyself”.

Harmony day is about celebration, with costume wearing representing culture, a school assembly where we enjoy some cultural dancing in the form of Bollywood dancing, foods of the world being made available for purchase as well as a fashion parade to entertain.

harmony Day

harmony Day 3

All of this reflects the vast array of cultures we have on show here at St Peter’s College. Harmony day is and should always be a day of celebrating one’s cultural heritage. It does beg the question though: shouldn’t every day be Harmony day?

Project Compassion

One of the callings of Lent, as we enter the third week, is a calling to almsgiving. A key fund-raising event of the year occurs here at St Peter’s College during this lenten period. As a community we strive to support the work of Caritas through its annual Project Compassion campaign. Students, staff and particularly the CSYMA students have been working hard through a range of fund-raising opportunities and events to raise these much needed funds Over the remaining weeks we anticipate that their and our efforts will ramp up. I therefore call on all parents, students and staff to contribute what they can. Last year we raised over $6,000 dollars, a total I know we are striving to exceed in 2017.

Year 9 Learning Centre Update

The foundations are about to be poured for our new Year 9 Learning centre, which is always a significant step in any building project. Whilst our gardens might need some rain, the absence of this rain has enabled work to continue unabated to the point where the concrete slab is close to being poured.

The foundations of the curriculum program to be offered within this modern learning facility also continues to develop. In the very near future we anticipate that the working party will be in a position to report back to the key stakeholders, including students, staff and parents on their work to date. We look forward to hearing of their progress soon.

Reporting and Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents will be receiving information this week in respect to the timeline and process for accessing interim reports. It is critical that parents access these interim reports to get early insights into the progress of their sons and daughters. Of equal importance is the need for parents to make interviews through the parent portal earlier rather than later in the process to avoid the disappointment of missing the opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers.

For Year 7 parents, it is strongly advised that you meet with your child’s learning advisor to commence, in a formal way, a pastoral connection that will last the duration of your enrolment at St Peter’s College. Please note, there will not be the opportunity for walk-up interviews so ensure you get in early with the on-line booking system.

Winter Uniform

It is hard to entertain the fact that students will be climbing into winter uniform at the commencement of Term 2. Please note: the new winter blouse for Year 7 girls has arrived in the uniform shop. This must be worn with the traditional tie. ALL Year 7 girls must purchase the new shirts, no hand-me-downs or second hand blouses to be worn.

For the remainder of the year levels, all girls must be in the new blouse by the commencement of Term 2 2018. This is also the time for all families to consider what purchases they require to fully comply and adhere to the uniform guidelines for winter uniform. For the boys (Yrs 7-12) this would include the compulsory wearing of the monogrammed shirt. Act now and avoid the last minute rush.

Enjoy the week ahead.

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black
Acting Principal

Latest News
East Campus News

SRC & Activities @ East Campus  

In any given week, there is a multitude of different activities that are lead and run by our students. The dedication and time that is required by students to go beyond the classroom to plan activities to enrich and support the wellbeing of the St Peter’s Community is truly inspiring. This newsletter edition shines a light on just a hand full of extra-ordinary contributions from our students.

Every student at St Peter’s College experiences the opportunity to be involved in leadership.

The Student Representative Council meets three times each term to discuss student issues from all year levels as well as the programs initiated by the elected Student Executive  – the College Captains, Liturgy Captain, Social Justice Captain, Arts Captain, Environment Captain, and Sports Captains.

At the most recent Student Representative Council (SRC) meeting there were 2 lead topics for discussion and action.

  • What to do at lunchtime? The SRC felt it was important, especially for new students to offer a range of activities that would promote fun, challenges, and above build friendships. To this end the SRC has come up with a variety of activities including sporting competitions, indoor board games and friendship circles, that they will be launching over the next few weeks and in the coming Terms. Therefore the message from your SRC is look out for notices on School Box and from your Forum Leaders and House Captains.  You will never be bored at lunchtime again!
  • What do about litter at St Peter's College?

An app that makes it fun to pick up litter - Litterati !! 
Jeff Kirschner:  had a vision to create a litter-free world. He took a picture of a cigarette using Instagram. Then took another photo ... and another photo ... and another photo. And he noticed two things: one, litter became artistic and approachable; and two, at the end of a few days, he had 50 photos on his phone and had picked up each piece, and  realized that he was keeping a record of the positive impact he was having on the planet. That's 50 less things that you might see, or you might step on, or some bird might eat.

Click Here to view more about Litterati or google Ted Talk Jeff Kirschner

The SRC and the Environmental Captain Elfrida Heng & Mr Antoine welcome students and teachers to take up the challenge of making our College litter free as well as developing a deeper understanding and passion for protecting our environment. Perhaps we could develop our own Litterati!

Other Activities @ East: 

  • Avila bake sale – raised over $400 for project compassion – special thanks to the many parents who played or rather baked a roll in this activity.
  • Glowrey Lip Sync Battle – promises to be a hoot.
  • 5 cent piece challenge - another great event to be a part of for Project Compassion.

National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

House Assemblies will be held Friday 17th with a liturgy focus directly linked to our College theme; After much debate, Peter stood up…. We will stand up for Action against Bullying and Violence. The assemblies will highlight the need for us to be united in our school, our community and our world to say NO, No Way: and Yes to Action Against Bullying and Violence.  For more information on this initiative Click Here:

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Learning & Teaching

Save the Date – Parent Teacher Interviews.

Parent teacher interviews occur only twice per year. These interviews provide a valuable opportunity for staff, student and parents to meet to discuss progress to date.  

After 12 weeks of learning, feedback to parents and collaboration with students about their strengths and weakness’ is an important part of the parent-school partnership.

Interviews take place on Thursday 30th March from 4.00pm – 8.30pm and on Friday 31st March from 9.00am – 1.00pm.


pti 2


Online bookings will be available from 3.30pm Thursday 16th March. Booking must close 9.00 a.m. Thursday 30th March to allow staff time to prepare for Interviews.

Please ensure you book early to avoid disappointment.




VCE Masterclasses continue 

In VCE studies which require presentation of a Folio, such as Visual Arts, Art and Visual Communication it is important that students understand the various components that make up an exemplary Folio.

Last week's Masterclass at our East Campus provided students with insider knowledge from our talented Art, and Visual Communications staff regards annotations and tips for developing top quality Folios.

It was wonderful to see students give of their time to attend these Master classes and I again thank all staff who are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our students.


VCE Media


Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching


2017 Annual Theme Poster

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners 

On Monday, 13th March 2017, was the fourth anniversary of pontificate of Pope Francis. He has constantly reminded us that ours is ‘a Church rooted in love for the poor.’ As we journey through this season of lent, let us remember the poor in our midst. Please pray for wisdom, and full strength of mind and body for all priests, bishops and most especially the Holy Father. 

The group working towards the establishment of the Parish Pastoral Council will be meeting on Thursday, 16th March at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. Some persons from this group will be speaking during Mass about what it means to be a council member the weekend of 25th/26th March. Nomination forms will be handed out to parishioners to nominate who they want to be in the Parish Council. Please try and be part of this exercise. 

The Hours of Grace is here again. This is a time set aside by this parish every year to reflect on the word of God, listen to various spiritual talks, pray for various intentions, celebrate Mass every morning and evening and adore the Blessed Sacrament day and night in the for the period of one week. This Hours of Grace begins at 9.00am on Saturday, 1st April – 8th April, 2017. I invite every parishioner to make good use of this period and receive abundant Grace from God.

With Best Wishes Fr Joseph

Reconcilation Parent & Child Workshop

A reminder to all parents with children preparing for Reconciliation, that our Parent & Child workshop will be held this Tuesday 14th March at 5.00pm OR 7.00pm. Children must attend this workshop with their parents; this is to allow children and parents to learn about Reconciliation together. Preference dates will be in the children’s folders this weekend. Please Note: No Follow-up Meeting. The list of children for this Workshop will be sent to schools. Please bring your pencil case and a Glue stick.

Thursday Evening Mass

This year we would like to focus on praying for different needs within our families, parish and wider community. At the Thursday evening Mass at 7.30pm there will be prayers offered for the special intention of that week. The last Thursday of the month will be offered in thanksgiving for birthdays. This is the list of intentions for the month of March:16th – For the recently bereaved; 23rd – For the sick, especially cancer patients; 30th – For those celebrating a birthday in March.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Invigorate Group

As we have commenced our Lenten journey, we ask all youth members to join us for GOOD FRIDAY PRACTICE on Friday 24th March. Please meet us in the parish hall at 6.50pm. We will attend the Stations of the Cross in Church at 7.30pm together and will then continue our meeting until 8:30pm 

Agape Youth

Exciting news!! We have commenced our Bible study last Sunday which was led by Father Joseph and what an exciting turn out. I encourage each and every one who is able to attend to join us.

You surly won’t be disappointed. During Lent, BIBLE STUDY will be held EVERY SUNDAY. Please meet us in the Chapel at 7pm for 30 minutes Adoration followed by bible study until 8:30pm at the parish hall. 

New Members

If you wish to join the youth please contact Rebecca Daly on 0421 521 550 or Tavonga Nyerenyere on 0488683256 

Good Friday 3pm Service

Parish youth who would be interested in being part of the Good Friday 3pm service this year, please contact Gavin Besterwitch on 0431 108 887 ASAP to express your interest. 

Rehearsal For Good Friday Service will be held on Saturday 1st April and 8th April from 11am- 12.30pm

St Vinnies

We are in need of volunteers to help us in the Piety stall after the 7.30am and 10.45am Mass. We also need some volunteers to help with home visitations, a variety of times are available and we train you and always travel in threes, you another volunteer and Our Lord. Remember Our Blessed Mother said that your hands need to be full of good deeds to get to heaven, help the poor and your hands will be overflowing. Everyone is welcome just ring 5996 1758 and have a chat to us. God bless. 

Car Raffle

There are 3 cars & 11 Coles/Myer gift cards on offer in this amazing raffle. Tickets on sale after all Masses this weekend. Tickets $2.00 each or $20 a book. Vic permit 10949/16-CCPR.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Relay for Life

On Friday & Saturday, 3rd & 4th March, 21 Glowrey House students participated in the City of Casey Relay For Life. Relay For Life is a community event organised by the Cancer Council and run throughout local communities around Australia.

The event is a team-based walkathon that lasts for 24 hours. Teams never stop walking throughout the event, because cancer never stops. The Casey relay is the largest one in the state and the event has raised more than $3.3 million for cancer research since its inception in our community.

In Glowrey House this year, our House Captains set a goal of growing our House’s culture of acceptance and teamwork throughout 2017.

We also wanted to be more present in the wider community. The relay fulfilled both goals, and it was fantastic to participate in this event with students from Year 7 through to Year 12.

As a small team, it was special for us to unite with over 3000 other members of our community to put actions to our collective hope that one day, our world will be cancer free.

The walking itself was made even more special as it happened as a team. We shared stories along the track, and sat up throughout the night getting to know one another better.

There was something very peaceful that occurred as the damp cold settled on the track at around two in the morning. With nothing but candles lighting the track, we could hear the quiet shuffling of a thousand feet. The overwhelming feeling was one of hope.

This is certainly an event that Glowrey House will participate in again. We gained so much as a house from the event, and the fact that the 25 of us raised more than $3400 is a credit to all students and staff involved, along with those who supported them.

As House Leader, I would like to thank the students for their excellent team work, as well as the staff who supported them, particularly Karissa Robertson and Karen Williams who were both on deck for the full 24 hours.

Finally, thank you to the parents who supported this Glowrey House initiative. Your sons and daughters did our house and school proud.


Relay for Life


Jason Blackburn
Glowrey House Leader – West Campus


Change Over to Winter Uniform

Change over from Summer to Winter Uniform is due to be complete by Term 2, Wednesday 19th April.

Please check you have all uniform items prior to the end of Term, as the Uniform Shop does not open during the School holidays.


Important changes to the St Peter's College Winter Uniform

  • New students and Year 7 Girls ONLY have a compulsory change to the NEW STYLE St Peter's College Girls White Monogrammed Pocket Blouse, which is worn with the TRADITIONAL St Peter's College Tie
  • Year 8 to 12 Girls can choose to make the Blouse change or to continue to wear the Girls White Shirt with the St Peter's College Tie

girls shirt


  • Thursdays: 9th March, 16th March, 23rd March and 30th March – 8.00 am to 12 noon
  • Tuesdays: 14th March, 21st March and 28th March - 1.00 pm to 5 pm
  • Saturday 18th March, 8.00 am to 12 noon
  • Tuesday 18th April. Student Free Day Extended Trading 10.00 am to 5 pm.

To order online please click here:

Second-hand Uniform Sales

The uniform shop does not hold and sell second-hand uniform. St Peter’s College parents can utilise the service of Sustainable School Shop for the sale and purchase of second-hand uniform and stationery items.

To read more about purchasing second-hand uniform items please click here:

To see what second-hand uniform items are currently listed for sale please click here:

NOTE: Please be aware that girls winter Blouse design for 2017, will not be available on the second-hand market at this time.

Library News

Steven Herrick Poet and Author Rescues Year 8s!  (At both Campuses!)

Steven Herrick wowed his Year 8 audience with his Poetry to the Rescue Show last Monday. He visited as part of the Library and English Author and Poets Visit Program. 

Here are some student responses:

He was an amazing inspiration!!  He gave us many reasons to get into poetry! Indyanna

He made everyone laugh, there was not one time that I thought was boring. I loved his performance, 10 out of 10.  Michaela Moss 

I learnt quite a lot from Steven's poems.  I realized that poems are not as lame as the world may think they are... I enjoyed them just as the rest of the other teenagers in the room. Alez

I enjoyed Steven's poetry because I could relate to it. I also liked how he included some students in his poems to make it humorous.   Sofia Santos

He was funny and amazing. He should be able to come again. Dylan Tilli
It was very enjoyable. I liked when he was talking as his 9-year-old self.     Brock

Angela Gargano 

Head of Library

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 15 March

EC VCE Study Hub

Thursday 16 March 

Harmony Day


Friday 17 March

East Campus Tour

After School Detention


Tuesday 21 March


WC VCE Study Hub


Wednesday 22 March

EC VCE Study Hub


Thursday 23 March



Saturday 25 March

Uniform Shop Open

Year 7 2018 Enrolments

A reminder to families that 2018 applications are due in at the College by Friday 17th March.

Applications received after this date, may also be accepted and considered, upon confirmation of places.

Information packs are available from the College Office or you can download an application form from the College website, Click Here: 

First round offers will be sent out at the end of April.

If you have any further enquiries please contact the College Registrar.


Kerrie Birrell


Holiday Tennis & Soccer Clinic

Our innovative program covers all facets of tennis & soccer, and is designed to improve your skills and maximise enjoyment. Specialist sessions in all the skills of tennis technique and match play as well as field soccer also devoted sessions for goalies. 

Dates: Mon 3rd & Tues 4th April 2017

Times:  Full Day 9am-3pm
             Half Day 9am-12pm

Price: 2 full days $100     2 half days $50

Single full day $70  single half day $60

Location: Patterson Lakes Tennis Club
Crn Learmonth and Thompsons Rd, Patterson Lakes

For bookings Click Here: 


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Next Meeting

Tuesday 21st March, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm-9.00 pm St. Peter’s College West Campus
Staff Room, 1005 Cranbourne Frankston Rd, Cranbourne
Enter via Gates on Navarre Drive please.

GUEST SPEAKER –   Ms Marlene Jorgensen                  
Miss Marlene
DEPUTY PRINCIPAL, Learning and Teaching (Cross Campus) Degree Home Economics, B.Ed.;Grad Dip Computers in Education, Grad.Certificate RE; Cert IV Assessment and Training, Cert III Hospitality, M.Ed.Leadership  

Marlene Jorgensen joined the College in 2013, taking up the position of Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching in 2014. Marlene is passionate about the power of Education to transform lives and has applied her considerable energy and expertise to ensuring high-quality learning for all of our students. Marlene has been involved in Catholic education for 32 years, across Darwin, Sydney, Rural Victoria and Canberra.

Marlene’s leadership experience includes leading in pastoral positions as House Leader and Year Level Coordinator, Senior Curriculum Coordinator and Events Coordination. For the past three years, Marlene has worked to promote a culture of continual improvement at St Peter’s College.

Her achievements to date include implementation of the Staff Mid Appointment review process, Introduction of HeadStart, promotion of the GROWTH Coaching Model and embedding Understanding by Design as the Model for Curriculum development.

Marlene will focus her presentation on the implementation of Continuous Online Reporting through SCHOOLBOX, the College Online Learning platform.


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