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Issue 82  |  01 March 2017
Featured Story
From the Acting Principal


This week marks the beginning of the most significant period in the Judeo-Christian calendar, the season of Lent. We commenced Lent yesterday on Ash Wednesday where the ashes from the burning of last year’s palm crosses are placed in the sign of the cross on the forehead. This ceremony took place for all within their houses. Lent offers us an invaluable opportunity to renew our love for one another. From this love flows our mission to be a sign of God’s presence in the world. The season of Lent may conjure up all kinds of memories for adults of giving up favourite or not-so-favourite food items when they were a young child.

That aspect of Lent is very real and speaks of a message of the importance of going without. I would argue, however that Lent, as well as being an opportunity to go without, could and should be considered as a time of giving to others. Giving, not in the form of material gift, but giving to others of our gifts. The gift of love, of forgiveness and of our supportive presence to those less fortunate. In doing, so we open ourselves up to the presence of God. This is often referred to as almsgiving— giving to those who are less fortunate. Lent is also a time to concentrate on our personal interior lives. We try to make time for more prayer, or more meaningful prayer, so that this dimension of our lives is changed. We are also called to look at those rough edges that may need to change: Perhaps our tone of voice? Our propensity for untruth? Our use of bad language? The ashes that are placed on our foreheads remind us of the need to change our heart in some way during this time before Easter.

Project Compassion Launched

It therefore is a very appropriate time to launch our annual project compassion appeal with the monies raised going to CARITAS, a Catholic organisation dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable in our world. Caritas’s message is founded in the scripture of Matthew (22:39) where it states, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. Caritas works tirelessly to provide opportunities for the very poor and destitute communities with a particular focus on these communities becoming self-sufficient.

This year Caritas focus is on 5 regions including the Phillipines, Vietnam and Fiji. It was wonderful to see both staff and students so keen to involve themselves in Pancake Tuesday, the launch of project compassion, whether it be in the making or the eating of the pancakes! Our Year 10 CYSMA students and their respective RE teachers are also to be congratulated for inspiring in our students the wish to make a difference. Money raised will go towards our fund-raising goal of $6,000. Stay tuned for other fund-raising events.

2017 Caritas Social Justice Fundraising 2

Local Social Justice Activities

It was wonderful to hear of some very positive reports being received recently about some of our Year 12 students who have volunteered at our local St Vinnies Cranbourne shop. From all reports our students were incredibly polite and willing to help in any way possible. It was encouraging also to hear that some of these students have taken the initiative to volunteer as regulars at the store. Senior students have many opportunities to give back to the local community. Apart from “Vinnies”, students also have the opportunity to support the work of Oznam House as well as local aged care facilities. These are just some of the ways students can live out the gospel message of service to others. In this Lenten period there is no more appropriate message to be delivering.

Parent Welcome Evening – East Campus

It was lovely to meet with so many parents at the East campus Welcome evening last Thursday evening. It is encouraging to witness so many parents willing to engage with their child’s education within the secondary setting. Connection points between school and home are few and far between so when these events occur it is critical to make the effort to connect. This year we secured the services of Darren Pereira who presented on the topic of Growth Mind-set. It was a very entertaining presentation on a very important topic.

For staff, parents and students who were present the message around “hard work is the only way growth can occur”, resonated strongly. His question around how can you hope to see growth or progress without moving beyond your comfort zone was both valid and sobering. The feedback on the revised structure in 2017, where the house areas was an increased focus, has been very positive. Our next opportunity to meet with parents in a formal setting is on March 30th and 31st, where our Parent Teacher Interviews will be conducted. Stay tuned for further information soon in respect to how to make bookings.

Welcome evening East

House Swimming Sports – East Campus

After the cancellation of the swimming sports last week due to the cold and wet, this week’s re-scheduled swimming sports could not have been held in better conditions. Congratulations is extended to MacKillop house who excelled throughout the day and came away with the house swimming shield. Congratulations is also extended to Romero house who were awarded the House Spirit Award for displaying, on a consistent basis, a commitment to the team, energy in the way they cheered and in the creativity shown in their costumes. A day such as this is an opportunity for our student leaders to showcase their leadership skills, and in particular, their service to others, their communication skills and in their ability to make decisions under pressure. I congratulate them on their efforts to lead their teams. The day is also about building community, both house and school and to that end the day was a resounding success. We now look forward to our inter-school swimming team finding success at the upcoming SIS swimming sports.

West Campus Masterplan

The final decisions around the West Campus Masterplan are just around the corner and I look forward to sharing the exciting outcomes of this in the coming weeks. One aspect of the plan has been to give considerable thought to the traffic flow and management on the campus. To that end we have employed a traffic management consultant as well as seeking the advice of a town planner. Both of these experts this week have observed the traffic management issues first hand as well as meeting with key staff. We look forward to receiving a detailed report and presenting this to the community as we strive to ensure the safety of students, staff and parents.

Have a good week.

Chris Black
Acting Principal

Latest News
East Campus News

Rights responsibility and respect – what does this really look like and mean for me?

Our recent Welcome Evening provided me with a wonderful opportunity to address Year 7 parents about the opportunities and experiences the College proudly offers our students. In addition, I was also able to stress the importance of our guiding principles and expectations: Rights and Responsibilities. With the expert help of two year 7 students we successfully navigated for the audience, the principles of upholding the rights and responsibilities of the St Peters’ community.

As the weeks quickly disappear and we settle into the routine of school students may start to experience changes in their friendship and social groups from within and outside the classroom.  Friendships will emerge, strengthen and even diminish as students find themselves moving in and out of groups due to changes in electives, sporting interests and or social groups.  Change can often bring excitement, but also frustration and even conflict. Dealing with conflict can at times be very difficult and confusing for young people.

Too often our news headlines reflect extremely disturbing content such as: 
Surfer in A Serious Condition After One-Punch Attack (The Age 26/02/17)
We want and need our young people to handle conflict in the safest way possible, which ensures both their rights and responsibilities. Education in schools is largely about relationships, which may develop into conflicts which require resolution, forgiveness and healing.

Therefore it is important that as a community we work together to provide our young people with the skills, strategies and confidence to manage the difficulties that can arise through a complex lifestyle dominated by social media and technology. 

With this in mind it is important for all of us at St Peter's College to be reminded of our shared RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES in the College environment which are clearly presented as posters in all classrooms and outlined on pages 18-19 of the Student Record Book. 

In this newsletter I would like to highlight 2 Rights that aim to protect our individual dignity and safety and our Responsibility to act in a manner that upholds dignity and safety of all members of the College community. 

1.    RIGHT =   To be treated with dignity and respect.
RESPONSIBILITY  =   To treat others with dignity and respect.
Therefore: Bullying, rumours, vandalism, theft, rudeness, swearing, arguing, lying and discrimination are not acceptable and extends beyond the school grounds - to excursions, travelling to and from school, inter-school activities, and camps.

2.    RIGHT =  To feel safe
RESPONSIBILITY  =  To behave in a manner which will protect and promote the safety of others.

Therefore: Behaving in a way with threatens yours or others safety is not acceptable.

The College accepts its responsibility for providing a safe environment. We recognize that in creating a bullying free school, we need to educate our community about our policy. To this end St Peter's College is committed to Restorative Practices to help students learn from their mistakes, grow in self-discipline, take responsibility for their actions, recognise the impact of their actions on others, and reconcile and resolve conflict with others.

Restorative Practices is a whole school approach to promoting resilience and aims to contribute to the building of positive relationships in our school community. An important component of restorative practices is the focus on restoring relationships after harm has been done. Restorative practice aims to equip young people with enduring skills in respectful and safe conflict resolution.

‘It is not small people who ask for forgiveness. It is large hearted, magnanimous, courageous people who are ready to say what are some of the most difficult words in any language: “I am sorry”. But once uttered, they open the way to a new opportunity, the possibility of a new beginning, the chance to start again, having learnt a lesson from the past’.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu (1998)

If your child has concerns about a difficult or confusing situation at school, they should approach with confidence their Learning Advisor, House Leader or any of their teachers who will ensure they receive the best assistance possible to help them restore the balance between their rights and their responsibilities.

As a parent or guardian if you would like more details about our Restorative Practice Policy, please do not hesitate to contact myself or your child’s Learning Advisor or House Leader.

Mrs Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal – Head of East Campus.


West Campus News

Year 7 Camp

Once again, I remind parents of the upcoming Year 7 camp at Forrest Edge to be held from Wednesday, 8 March to Friday 10 March.  

This is an important transition activity and as such a compulsory part of the school program.  Here are just some of the benefits of a well-run school camp for you child: 

  • Improved social skills with their peers.
  • Insights into the diversity of other people and a different approach to how things can be done.
  • New positive experiences to help develop a sense of adventure and self-confidence.
  • Innovative educational experiences appealing to different learning styles.
  • Development of greater independence.

Finally, a camp will help your child appreciate parents, family and home.  No matter how good the experience on camp, students will always enjoy coming back home with a new and greater appreciation of their family!

Thanks to Miss Fiona McKenna and Ms Janelle McRae who have done a lot of work in preparing this particular camp.  

An important reminder that if your child requires prescription medication or you would like staff to manage the distribution of non-prescription medication for your child (including Panadol), then it is crucial that you return the Student Medication Management Plan.

This form MUST be signed by both a parent and a doctor or else College staff cannot administer medication.  

Yr 7 camp 1

Yr 7 david 2

Yr 7 David

House Activities

This week’s pastoral period (Thursday, Week 2) will require all students to wear the sports uniform as they undertake various house run activities.

These are designed to provide some fun and competitive team building opportunities within the House that early in the year develop a strong sense of belonging.  

A child who feels that they belong will have a much greater chance of success in educational outcomes.

The work of House Leaders and Learning Advisors in making these events so successful is greatly appreciated.

House Golf

The second annual House Golf competition will take place next week at Ranfurlie Golf Course.  

The Ambrose competition has become more interesting this year with the addition of the East Campus so that we have added an Inter Campus element to the afternoon.  

We look forward to being able to announce not only a champion House next week, but also a champion Campus.

West Campus Masterplan

The West Campus Masterplan Committee meets this week with architects and continue to refine plans to develop the campus over the next 10 years as we expect it to expand to 1200 students.

One of the immediate issues we hope to address include improved traffic management in the school grounds to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors.  

Other priorities include our Learning Enrichment Centre, VCAL, Library, Art Precinct, Year 9 Program and Administration.

New Child Safety Requirements must also be taken into consideration to develop a school environment that protects and nurtures your child as they experience sound 21st century education.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching News

How can Parents help with study?  Take a look here. 

Once again last week our Year 11 and 12 students participated in the Elevate Education Studies skills workshops. As part of the package, all students have now received a password and details to take advantage of further study materials, tips and techniques.  Listed below are the materials available together with access details. Please feel free to work with your sons and daughters on establishing good study habits at this early stage. One of the key learnings from our presentation from Darren Periera last week was that IQ is not sufficient and that in fact CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT hard work results in far better learning outcomes.

Student Activity Pack

Students gain access to our support website through a unique username and password following their Elevate session. Click here to see website that contains a range of resources students can access after the seminar. These include:

  • A copy of Elevate's best-selling guide, Science of Student Success written by the company's founder, Doug Barton. The book retails in bookstores for $20 but is FREE for Elevate clients. It is available to download in PDF mode under the tab 'Books'
  • A range of practice papers for each subject
  • Video tutorials
  • Tips from presenters all around Australia who have recently aced and faced their final years of high school
  • Question forum that allows students to have support even after their Elevate session.

To access the online website, students can use the following username and password:

1.    Go to elevateeducation.com

2.    Enter username STUDENT
3.    Type in password pace

In Pursuit of Excellence

The English Department launched their In Pursuit of Excellence after school study sessions last Thursday. Year 12 Teachers together with 40 students meet in the library to debate the themes found in NO Sugar. The lively debate and banter, designed to help students think more deeply about the play's themes of prejudice and alienation were engaging and spirited. Congratulations to all those students who came along and to the staff who so often give over and above to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for our students. What an exciting start to the year!!

After School SAC’s 

The English Department will once again run Year 12 English SACs after school.

The purpose is to give students an authentic experience of exam conditions Where ever possible, times, rigour of questions and location are the same as in the actual exam at the end of the year. Research suggests that rehearsal in the exam space decreases anxiety and prompts responses.

Please continue to support you sons and daughters by ensuring that they are available for the times listed below. Reading the set novels and promoting dinner time conversations around the family table also assists students in articulating their ideas. 

In Semester 1 the following dates apply.

SAC 1: Reading and responding “No Sugar”:  7 March 2017   3.30 – 4.45 pm
SAC 2: Analysing argument analysis and comparison:    26 March 2017 3.30 – 5.00 pm
SAC 3: Reading and Creating: “The White Tiger”  6 June 2017   3.30 – 4.45 pm


It is with pride that I include in this newsletter data from our Careers Advisor regards Post-Secondary destinations of our 2016 Year 12 cohort. Most students have gone onto University and will commence Higher Education very soon. Of particular note are our VCAL students who through completion of their VET course were able to commence studies at the Swinburne University of Technology in the area of Digital and Interactive Games. This once again highlights the benefits of Applied Learning through our outstanding VCAL program which offers credible pathways to so many future opportunities for our students.

Tertiary offers


Tertiary Graph

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching

Social Justice Leaders Day Out

Recently, eight of our student leaders travelled to East Melbourne to gather with like-minded students from other Catholic high schools and explore how they can use their leadership skills to promote social justice at St Peter’s College.

2017 East College Leaders with Julie Banda

The day was run by Caritas and challenged the students to think about how they can better engage their peers in social justice issues. As teachers, we are constantly thinking about new ways to engage our students particularly in our fast-paced, technology driven world but for senior students this really is something they hadn’t thought about before. And as the students learnt: if you can’t grab people’s attention, your message won’t be heard!

Our student leaders from the West Campus, Sunishma Balla, Raphael Kostopoulos, Joseph Vechoorettu, and Henry Cooke and from the East Campus, Tiffany Forbes, Christian Dinglasan, Tais Lildaree and Nikita Mascurine, worked together to plan how they would launch Project Compassion at St Peter’s College. It was great to see our students stand up in front of a room of young people and discuss their ideas and plans. We are lucky at St Peter’s College to have such wonderful young men and women who are willing to test themselves by standing up for justice in our world!

We encourage other students who are passionate about social justice to get in touch with the leaders on their campus to find out how they can take part in similar opportunities. They can also speak to Mr Hampson, Mr Nash or myself if they would like to hear more. 

All of our College and House Captains will be working hard over the month of March, to raise the profile of Caritas and the 2017 Project Compassion Program.

Please look out for fundraising activities you and your family could support.

2017 West College Captains with David Hansen

Project Compassion

Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal is an extraordinary, ongoing demonstration of the faith, love and generosity of the Catholic congregation and caring supporters throughout Australia to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

Project Compassion demonstrates how love for our neighbours can transform lives each year.

We are sharing stories from people in Philippines, Timor Leste, Indigenous Australia, Vietnam, and Fiji. Their stories humble and inspire us, and show how your contributions to Project Compassion help people build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

St Peter's College students, staff and families come together over the period of Lent to practice 'Alms Giving', Fundraising for social justice! fundraising through Project Compassion is a fun way to help the world's most vulnerable people and encourage others to love their neighbours.

Some of the fundraising initatives to be undertaken by our students & staff in 2017:

  • Pancake Tuesday
  • Staff Dare Challenge
  • 5 Cent coin line
  • Project Compassion weekly donation box collections
  • Easter Egg Raffles
  • Lip-sync Battle
  • BBQ & Selling of lolly bags, icy-poles, & a Bake Sale

St Peter Art Class

To learn more about Caritas please click here:

To learn more about Project Compassion please click here:

To donate directly to Caritas & Project Compassion please click here:

Marissa Joyce
Assistant Religious Education Leader, West Campus


St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners 

The Parish Pastoral Council of St Agatha was last established in May 2013. Having formally reached the end of their term in December 2017, I would like to sincerely thank all the council members for their wonderful service to this Parish. 

In the coming weeks, the process of establishing a new Parish Pastoral Council will begin. I want you to pray for the success of this exercise and when the time comes, please be actively involved in the nomination of the new Council members for our Parish. 

We remember Bishop Patrick in our prayers this weekend as he celebrates his 2nd Anniversary of Ordination as Bishop of Sale. 

This Wednesday mark the beginning of the season of Lent and the church recommends fast and abstinence. Lent is a season of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. Please try and attend one of the Masses on Wednesday and Stations of the Cross every Friday during this period. 

All Parishioners are invited to attend an ecumenical prayer service at St Agatha’s this Friday 3rd March at 11.00am in the Church, where we unite with other Christian churches in Cranbourne to pray for our world. Please join us in welcoming our neighbouring Christians to our church. 

We congratulate the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) on their golden jubilee: celebrating 50 years of the current of grace that the Lord has poured out upon the Church, and though we look back with gratitude, we also look forward to all that he will do through the CCR.

With Best Wishes Fr Joseph

Religious Education Classes

For children who attend Government Schools Grades 1-6 resumed on the 8th Feb. If you wish to enrol your child for the Catechetical Program which is held on Wednesday’s during school terms for 4pm to 5pm in the hall please visit the Parish Office for an enrolment form. Please note new enrolments for 2017 will make their sacraments in 2018. For enquiries contact Sr Lucy on 5996 1985. 

World Day Of Prayer

There will be an ecumenical prayer service where we unite with other Christian churches in Cranbourne to pray for our world. It is wonderful that St Agatha’s has been given the opportunity to host the service this Friday 3rd March at 11.00am. Please join us in welcoming our neighbouring Christians to our church. If you would like to assist in any way, please contact Beth on 9775 6360. 

Monthly All Night Prayer Vigil

Will take place this Friday 3rd March. It will begin with Divine Office at 7.00pm, Mass after stations of the Cross at 8.00pm followed by a spiritual teaching and All Night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The Vigil will conclude on Saturday morning with Morning Prayer of the Church at 9.00am, followed by Mass at 9.30am. The all-night Prayer Vigil is held on the first Friday of each month. All Welcome! Parishioners are invited to place your name on the roster on the table in the foyer next to a time to be present before the Lord.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Touch Of Heaven

Alan Ames speaks about his conversion from violence and alcoholism to one that is now prayerful and sacramental. St Jude’s Catholic Church, 30 Warrandyte Rd, Langwarrin. 6.30pm Rosary and Prayers. 7,00pm Mass followed by talk and individual healing prayer. Enquires 0419 366 739. See notice board for more info.

Brigadiers Of Lourdes

Would like to invite all parishioners to spend an afternoon with ‘Our Lady’ on Saturday 11th March at the Church from 2.00pm to 4.00pm, Prayers, Rosary and talks on Fatima, as a lead up to the Centenary celebrations 13th May 2017. For more info ring Lorraine on 5996 8771. 

Project Compassion

Your donation will support programs around the world that provide vulnerable people with the skills and opportunities they need to establish food for life. Please take home a Project Compassion box and/or a set of Lenten donation envelopes and give generously to the appeal this Lent, Phone 1800 024 413 or Click Here:

St Vinnies

We are in need of volunteers to help us in the Piety stall after the 7.30am and 10.45am Mass. We also need some volunteers to help with home visitations, a variety of times are available and we train you and always travel in threes, you another volunteer and Our Lord. Remember Our Blessed Mother said that your hands need to full of good deeds to get to heaven, help the poor and your hands will be overflowing. Everyone is welcome just ring 5996 1758 and have a chat to us. God bless.

Rite Of Election For Catechumens And The Formal Recognition Of Baptised Candidates

An invitation is extended to all catechumens, candidates and their families, RCIA team members and parishioners to the Rite of Election celebrated by Bishop Pat O’Regan on Sunday 5th March at 3.00pm in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sale. 2.00pm - Bishop Pat warmly invites catechumens, candidates and their families, sponsors and RCIA teams to meet him at the Chapter House (at the rear of the Cathedral precinct) 3.00 pm -The Rite of Election of Catechumens and Formal Recognition of Baptised Candidates in the Cathedral. 4.00pm - Afternoon tea in the Cathedral gathering space. Please bring some food to share. 

Parish Intercessors

We are looking to start up our parish intercessors in this New Year. Prayer should be the foundation of everything that we do; therefore, we would like to invite anyone who is committed to praying at least once a week for the needs of the parish and beyond to contact John Duiker Click Here:  or by phoning the parish office on 5996 1985. There is no set prayer format, so it might be a rosary, time in adoration, formal prayers, informal prayers etc. at a time and place that suits you. If you sign up for this ministry, you will receive regular emails on specific prayer points.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish


HPV News

Human Powered Vehicle – Casey Fields Round 1 Competition

On Saturday 25th of February the St Peter’s College HPV Team competed at Casey Fields in Round 1 of the 2017 Jet Couriers Human Powered Vehicle Competition. For the first time, the team was competing with three vehicles, Viper, Phoenix and Shadowcat.

Viper was ridden by Michael Miller, Charlie Ratten, Dylan Powell, Joshua Bartlett, Rhys Davidson, Sean Humble and Ryan Pulley.

The riders for Phoenix and Shadowcat were Emily Coco, Justine Davidson, Allysa Kupke, Alexandra Mule, Maurice Garnett, Samuel Rook, Kyle and Levi Henderson-Gillespie and Christian Limas.

The competition involved a six hour endurance race where the teams needed to complete as many laps as possible in the given time. Racing against 73 other teams the riders completed 137 laps (219km) in Viper, placing them 4th out of 19 in the Open Category (16th  overall); 87 laps (139km) in Phoenix, placing them 14th out of 19 in the Open Category (61st  overall); and in Shadowcat, 73 laps (117km) placing them 69th overall.

For the senior riders in Viper, this was the highest placing the team has achieved so far.

At one point Viper was placed in 3rd position, but an unfortunate roll over, followed soon after a blown tyre, saw the team move to fourth place by only a few laps by the end of the race.

The two teams riding in Phoenix and Shadowcat were a combination of experienced, developing and new riders who rode to the best of their ability and continue to work hard to develop their riding skills.

Overall the event was a great success and could not have happened without the support and hard work of the parents and teachers Miss Karen Williams and Miss Rebecca Crozier who’s passion for the sport continue to make in the great event that HPV is.

HPV February

Zygmunt Wolinski
HPV Coordinator

Careers News

My School Homework Routine

Study with Jess is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping students of all ages ace exams & perfect study techniques. Jess Holsman, Deakin Psychology Graduate and founder of YouTube’s ‘Study With Jess’, is where she gives advice to thousands of students around the world on effective study. To perfect your homework routine, watch here: 

Struggling with Biology this semester?

Crash Course Biology provides videos spanning all topics of biology studied throughout Years 11 & 12. If you are struggling with a concept see if Crash Course can help, Watch here: 

AIE Industry Experience Day

Melbourne: 12th April
Are you interested in Gaming, 3D or Virtual Effects?  Find out about pathways to the industry, application requirements to AIE’s courses, and participate in practical workshops.  Click Here:

WorldSkills Australia Regional Competitions

The WorldSkills Australia competitions are a chance for apprentices and trainees to demonstrate their skills in a competitive setting. Winners have the chance to travel and represent Australia. You can register your interest to compete on the website. Click Here:

Experts predict jobs of the future

Click Here: 

OneShift Jobs

Website containing a job search specialising in casual or part-time jobs.
Click Here: 

Skills Road: Job Interviews 101 Checklist

This resource provides tips on job interviews and helpful ways to prepare.
Click Here: 

Getting prepared for the VicRoads driving test

Click Here: 

Tips for Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to give to your community, meet interesting people, and learn new skills. It can also be a great way to get some experience on your resume before you get a job. Youth Central have some tips on finding a volunteering position and making sure you’re not being exploited in the role.  Click Here:

Melissa Dillon
Careers Coordinator, West Campus
Robyn Cardamone
Careers Coordinator, East Campus

Student Welfare News

Narre Warren Rotary Club presents: ”Youth Mental Health Forum”.

Identify, Prevent & Support

7pm Wednesday 29 March 2017 to be held at Narre Warren Sth P-12 College, Cnr Amberly Park Drive and Ormond Road, Narre Warren South.

Click Here for more information:

Angel Light Link presents: "Stress Dump"

Stress & Anxiety Management program for girls

Girls in Years 6 & 7
Tuesday 4 April 2017

Girls in Years 11 & 12
Friday 7 April 2017

Click here for more information:



Moonlit Sanctuary

Easter School Holidays 
Moonlit Sanctuary Keeper Club

Kids enjoy environmental activities, animal encounters and native animal care.

Day includes: interactions with dingo, python, off-limits animals, feeding animals & food prep, animal enrichment activities. Learn about our animals, their conservation and the environment. For ages 7-14 years. 

April 2017 school holiday dates:

  • Week 1: Monday 3th Tuesday 4th Wednesday 5th Thursday 6th Friday 7th 
  • Week 2: Monday 10th Tuesday 11th Wednesday 12th Thursday 13th 
  • 10am –4pm

Cost: $70.00 per day, or $189 for 3 days (pro rata for additional days). 
Maximum 16 children per day.

Bookings essential as spaces are limited
Dress for the weather and wear closed-toe shoes, long pants and remember your hat or raincoat.  BYO lunch or purchase at the café.

Moonlit Sanctuary
550 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd, Pearcedale
Phone 5978 7935
Web: www.moonlitsanctuary.com.au
Open daily between 10am and 5pm

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday

Due to the swimming sports being transferred to Shrove Tuesday the East Campus celebrated the day before and for one year we named it Shrove Monday.

Year 10 CYSMA students made the pancakes under the watchful eyes of Ms Carol Wimpey and Mrs Delwyn Gillman.

Special thanks to Delwyn who was able to source donations from local businesses so we had no costs on the day and to the East Staff who gave pancake mix, lemons, jam and maple syrup.

A team effort that made us all proud.

After two hours of flipping pancakes students were lined up around the Lyon's building eagerly awaiting pancakes and they were not disappointed. In twenty minutes they were gone and we had raised $350 for Caritas.

This was the first event in our fundraising for Caritas. Like the motto for Caritas,'Love thy neighbour" we loved our pancakes and were happy for the money to go to a worthy cause.

Sian Willett
Year 10 CSYMA student

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Leader, East Campus

Thursday 2 March


Friday 3 March

After School Detention

Monday 6 March

East Campus Yr 7 Camp
West Campus House Golf Comp
East Campus House Golf Comp

Tuesday 7 March

East Campus Yr 7 Camp
West VCE Study Hub

Wednesday 8 March

East Campus Yr 7 Camp
West Campus Yr 7 Camp

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 21st March, 2017

7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm-9.00 pm St Peter’s College West Campus

Staff Room, 1005 Cranbourne Frankston Rd, Cranbourne
Enter via Gates on Navarre Drive please.

Agenda Items Include:
Guest Speaker (TBA)
Acting Principal Report
Uniform Sub-Committee

SAVE THE DATE: Volunteers Required

Saturday 6th May. Bunnings Cranbourne Sausage Sizzle
Tuesday 27th June. St Peter’s Day College Celebrations BBQ Lunch

Minutes of  13th February Meeting, 2017

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We currently have three Fundraising Activities:

Now Available 2017/18 Entertainment Book.

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Memorial Pavers

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Ritchies Community Benefit Card

St Peter's College is a member of the Ritchies Community Benefits club which donates 0.5% of the money you spend on groceries and liquor to the club, school or charity of your choice.

Parents can collect a membership tag from the College office. Thank you all for your support

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College Student Calendar for Term 1, 2017 and Term dates for 2017

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