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Issue 81  |  22 February 2017
Featured Story
From the Acting Principal

Annual Development Plan (ADP)

At the conclusion of each year, the Leadership Team take timeout to reflect on the outcomes of the year and to look forward to the coming year and identify key goals and strategies to focus on. Evidence that will confirm the successful attainment of these goals is also identified. The foundational document where these goals originate from is the Vision and Strategic Plan 2015-2018 and the broad directions include: Catholic Identity, Teaching, Learning and Well-being, Leadership and Sustainability and Growth. In 2017 the College has set itself some challenging targets and over the course of the next few editions I will attempt to unpack some of these.

The first of these is the goal of improving student learning outcomes, specifically that students reach state growth in Years 7-10 within 12 months (12 months growth for 12 months teaching). Staff have commenced focussing on this goal as a priority and, in teams, known as Professional Learning Teams, they are setting subject specific strategies to ensure the right outcomes are achieved. Professional reading supports staff and the specific use of data to measure the growth of students will be accessed to assess the success of this goal. I look forward to sharing more of our goals in future editions. However, in the meantime, you will find the complete document is accessible on the College web-site or simply click here to take you straight there.

Year 9 Learning Centre

Students turned the first sods of dirt this week symbolising the commencement of works on the Year 9 Learning Centre at the East Campus. In the coming days and week’s, work will commence in earnest on this stage, a $5.1 million dollar project of which $2 million was gained through grant allocations money. Research has shown that there are essential twenty-first century skills required by students to be successful both in the workplace and as a global citizen. The skills, knowledge and expertise students require to be mastered include: global awareness, civics and ICT literacy, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration.

A team of teachers, currently led by Mr Orwin De Kretser (Acting Junior Curriculum Leader and Year 9 Project Leader) have researched best practice in other schools, accessed current educational thinking and contributed to the design of this learning space. This year they are working on producing an innovative and academically challenging curriculum that will stimulate student learning and provide opportunities for all to access success in developing in those core twenty-first century skills. Student voice is a key component of the development in the emerging Year 9 student and there will be much input and many decisions students themselves will make about the learning space that they will help create. It is an exciting project and I will look forward to presenting updates on the progress throughout the year. In the meantime below you can find a plan of the building and surrounds.

Yr 9 building first sod

Yr 9 Building floor plan

House Welcome Evening – West

It was wonderful to see and meet with so many parents at the West Campus on Tuesday night. The structure of the evening was tweaked slightly to ensure valuable time was allocated in the House groups. Students spend a considerable time throughout a day, term and year within the House structure. The Learning Advisor and the House Leader are key focal points for students, providing the structured pastoral support required for your son or daughter to feel comfortable and happy.

The connection therefore between parent and Learning Advisor or parent and House Leader is equally important. These two key individuals become the contact or reference point for six years and the House Welcome Evening is only one of a few occasions over the course of the year that you are afforded the opportunity of a face-to-face conversation. For Year 7 parents it was an opportunity to meet key staff as well as be presented with information on transition, the maths pathway program and the Year 7 camp. For parents of Years 8-12 we were blessed to hear from keynote speaker Darren Pereira. Darren themed his presentation around the topic of Growth Mindset. The concept of a growth mindset was developed by psychologist Carol Dweck and popularized in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In recent years, many schools and educators have started using Dweck’s theories to inform how they teach students. Dweck’s educational work centers on the distinction between “fixed” and “growth” mindsets. “In a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits.

Welcome evening

They spend their time documenting their intelligence or talent instead of developing them. They also believe that talent alone creates success—without effort.” On the otherhand students who have adopted a fixed mindset—the belief that they are either “smart” or “dumb” and there is no way to change this, for example—may learn less than they could or learn at a slower rate, while also shying away from challenges. Research also suggests that when students with fixed mindsets fail at something, as they inevitably will, they tend to tell themselves they can’t or won’t be able to do it (“I just can’t learn Algebra”), or they make excuses to rationalize the failure (“I would have passed the test if I had had more time to study”). Alternatively, “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment”.

Students who embrace growth mindsets—the belief that they can learn more or become smarter if they work hard and persevere—may learn more, learn it more quickly, and view challenges and failures as opportunities to improve their learning and skills. Darren’s presentation was dynamic and left all who were present that we should all be striving to ensure we adopt a growth mindset in our learning and as a way of approaching life’s learned experiences.

I look forward to meeting with East Campus parents on Thursday night.

welcome evening 2

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black
Acting Principal

Latest News
East Campus News

Peer-Support Program Begins.

Our Peer Support Program is an integral part of the College Transition Program and plays a pivotal role in the transition of students from Primary School to Secondary School. The program involves all Year 7 students working with and being supported by our Year 10 Peer Leaders.

The Year 7 students are put into small groups generally from a mix of houses and classes, and each group is then led by their Peer leaders, meeting once a week throughout the term. The Peer Support sessions range from discussing the challenges of being at a new school and how our thoughts and actions can affect an outcome. All of which builds resilience by providing students with skills and strategies for coping with and managing change. The program is also wonderful platform for the development of our Year 10 students, as they begin to explore the skills and strategies that are required of emerging College leaders. I extend my thanks to Mr Green and the team for their energy and guidance in running the Peer Support Program this year.

“I really enjoyed my peer support lesson as I felt safe to say what I wanted. As well as to see other people’s opinion and see a positive outcome due to their experience.”    Dev Singh Year 7

“I have enjoyed my time in Peer Support making new friends and learning about and working with them. I have also enjoyed the activities with my friends.”  Jesse Munro Year 7

Year 7 Camp.

The Year 7 camp is another important part of the College transition program, where students have more time to get to know one another, and step outside their comfort zone, all while having fun. The camp provides the students with an excellent opportunity to learn more about each other and themselves. Effective team work, and cooperation will enable students to fully experience the fun and challenging activities this camp has to offer. 
Students have received all of the camp notices, including medical/asthma plan and the ‘what to bring list’. At this point we are still waiting on a handful of permission forms, and medication/asthma plans. Your prompt attention to this helps us to ensure the camp runs smoothly.  My thanks in advance goes to Ms Jodie Connell and her team for their work and efforts in preparing and running this wonderful event. 

An important reminder for parents and students: The use of mobile phones at school.

All parents and students are reminded of the student regulations regarding mobile phones on page 14 of the Student Record Book. This policy clearly outlines the regulations for students bringing and using mobile phones at school and the consequences for breaching these regulations.

Unfortunately, there have been several breaches of these regulations already this term. Students must not text or call their parents to come and collect them from school. If a student is ill, the procedure is to ask the teacher for assistance and attend first aid. If the student needs to be sent home, parents/guardians will be called by the school office.

If there is a need to collect your child during the school day, as the parent/guardian you must call and inform the school office so that suitable arrangements can be made to collect your child. I ask that all parents/guardians and students familarise themselves with these regulations and support us to ensure that correct and proper communication continues between the College, students and parents/guardians. 

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Learning & Teaching

If at First …… 

The past few weeks a number of students have met with me to ask for a change of subject. As has been indicated, staffing and classes are based on student subject selection so changes are difficult at this late stage.

After chatting to students many had felt overwhelmed with the increased volume of work, did not initially understand the content and had asked for a subject change as a first option.

Through our discussions, students came to understand the importance of resilience and a GROWTH Mindset. As our discussions continued, students identified a number of strategies which may assist them to succeed in their studies.

  • Attending Maths Help Each Monday. Qualified Maths teachers staff the Maths help sessions and support students in understanding or consolidating their Maths 
  • Meet a friend in the Library and teach each other the content and concepts. If you can teach someone else, it demonstrates a deep understanding and consolidates your learning.
  • Attend Study Hub – VCE Teachers regularly man the Study Hub each week at both Campuses.
  • Attend the Library after school and do some extra research. 
  • Take the initiative and talk to your teachers. Ask for support and feedback on how you can improve. 

If we develop in our young men and women the ability to articulate their problems and to actively seek solutions then we will build the resilience required to face life after school.

If at first they do not succeed, encourage them to have a GROWTH Mindset and to believe that they have not learnt YET, but that they WILL learn. 

Futures Expo

Our Annual Futures Expo will take place on Tuesday 25th July. Please save the date. Attendance is compulsory for all Years 8 - 12 students.

This event provides the opportunity to fully understand the various Course’s offered throughout the College and forms the base for successful subject selection. 

futures expo

Attendance Policy

All VCE Units involve at least 50 hours of scheduled classroom instruction over the duration of a semester.

VCE students are expected to attend at least 80% of scheduled classes (the only exception to this will be for legitimate, documented reasons, for example ongoing illness).

Students who do not attend enough classes may not be eligible for an ‘S’ rating in the subject involved. Students who will be absent due to an approved absence must make arrangements to sit their SAC work prior to leave.

Any last minute leave due to illness should be reported to Student Reception via phone on the day.

If the student was to sit a SAC on that day a Medical Certificate must be provided. The student is expected to complete the SAC at the next SAC resit that is scheduled.

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching

West Campus News

House Welcome & Information Evening

I would like to thank the many parents who joined us for the House Welcome & Information Evening on Tuesday night.  We had approximately 300 people attend the evening and many commented on the new format that allowed some quality informal and relaxed meeting time at the beginning of the evening with their child’s House Leader and Learning Advisor.  The opportunity in particular for parents to meet parents of their children’s friends is also of great value.

Our Pastoral Leader, Miss Fiona McKenna was able to meet with parents to outline the transition program and expectations for our Year 7 students.  Our Mathematics Coach, Ms Louise Mansfield was also able to explain to parents the benefits of the Maths Pathways program.

A highlight for the parents of our Year 8-12 students was the information on Growth Mindsets presented by Darren Pereira.  An understanding of the metaphor of the brain as a muscle that must be exercised to improve was particularly helpful.  Based on sound research and solid science, we can appreciate that struggle for our children and students is good.  The type of support we offer must be carefully considered.  Recognise talent and ability, but praise the process our teenagers adopt – their strategy, effort, persistence, improvement, and courage. In this way they will grow in their talent and ability and not remain fixed or even decline.  If you would like to fill out the evaluation form of Darren’s presentation or simply find out more, please click here: 

welcome by david

welcome by david 2

welcome by david 3

Student Medication Policy

St Peter’s College recognises that students may need to take prescribed and/or non-prescribed medication(s) during school activities (internal and external) and that student's continued attendance at school and benefit from education may be dependent on this therapy.  The Student Medication Policy aims to ensure the physical wellbeing of students who may need to take medication during school activities (internal and external).

It is important to note that staff at the College are not health professionals and are not permitted to distribute prescribed or over the counter medications without permission signed by parents and a doctor. Subsequently this requires parents to:

  • Provide written instructions for medication(s) (student medication management plan) from the student's doctor indicating:
  • The usual treatment needed by the student at school.
  • The medical treatment and action needed if the student's condition deteriorates.
  • Specific times at which the student should self-administer medication(s).
  • Dosage of medication(s) required.
  • Ensure the medication(s) is delivered  to the College Office with the instructions (student's name, dose required, time to be given) written on the container by the pharmacist at the medical practitioners direction.
  • Ensure that any change to the student's condition is conveyed  to the College Office in writing.

Continue ...

West News Cont ...

Year 7 Camp

Our Year 7 students met this week with Miss McKenna in preparation for the camp from Wednesday, 8 March to Friday, 10 March.  This is an important opportunity for our students to continue their transition into secondary school.  Many wonderful friendships are made on this camp, as shared experiences of the group help bond them together.  If your child is feeling nervous about going away, that is understandable.  Feel free to contact your child’s Learning Advisor, House Leader or Pastoral Leader, Miss Fiona McKenna if you need support with you child and camp. 

The camp at Forrest Edge allows the students to participate in a number of activities designed to challenge them but in a supportive environment. Nearly all permission forms have been returned, and we still require some camp medication forms.  If your child requires prescription medication or you would like staff to manage the distribution of non-prescription medication for your child (including Panadol), then it is crucial that you return the Student Medication Management Plan.  This form MUST be signed by both a parent and a doctor or else College staff cannot administer medication.  


The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner was established in 2015. The Office allows children suffering from serious cyberbullying to submit complaints about such content to have it removed if social media companies do not remove the offending content after it has been reported to them. 

The Office receives complaints through an online form. The form may be completed by the child making a cyberbullying complaint with the help of a trusted adult. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Office may take one or more of the following actions: 

  • contact the social media platform or the alleged poster of the content to secure removal; 
  • refer the incident to the school for resolution; 
  • refer the matter to the police if it warrants attention from a law enforcement agency 

In most cases, the Office anticipates working with social media services to take down material without the need to contact schools. The Office recognises that schools have long been the first point of contact for cyberbullying complaints so it is anticipated that the scheme will be of assistance to schools, staff, students and their families. However, there will still be times when a complaint will best be resolved by the Office working with schools directly. In such circumstances, the Office may make direct contact with a school and seek help to resolve the problem. Resolution of a cyberbullying complaint between students at a particular school may at times have advantages over resolution through the more formal regulatory channels.

The eSafety Commission website provides online safety education for children and young people, a complaints and reporting page for those who experience serious cyberbullying and an investigation service through the Online Content Scheme. 

Information for teachers provides advice on how to respond to and manage eSafety issues including cyberbullying, gaming, digital reputation, sexting and balancing time spent in online environments. 

The iParent page helps build parent understanding about the digital environment. It provides updated information on children’s technology-use and guidance for using safety settings on web-connected devices, tips for choosing movies and games and strategies for keeping young people safe online. 

A section called “Rewrite Your Story” supports students to respond to cyberbullying through the support of friends in a real life scenario. Finally, the fact sheet from the eSafety Commission further outlines support available to schools. Please Click Here to have a look at the website: 

David Hansen
Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus


Introducing our College Student Leaders 2017

Taïs Lildaree
College Captain East Campus

Personal Background

I started at St Peter's College in 2012 and I am an only child. I’m very interested in designing and for some odd reason have an interest for tennis. 

My VCE studies are:

  • Informatics
  • Visual Communication 
  • English
  • Religion & Society

My personal goal for this year would be endurance and this is linked to our College theme for 2017, 'After much debate...Peter stood Up', I want to stand up and push myself and others to do better and move from our comfort zones to meet the challenges that 2017 will present standing strong on both feet.

In the future, after high school, I want to go do a teaching degree at a university. I’m still in between choosing what my job path will be, but I have a strong wanting to teach. 

My message for everyone this year is to try and maintain a positive outlook. To not give up when things get hard, or when we are placed in an unusual/uncomfortable position. Maintaining a positive view can not only make you feel better, but see life in a different way. By not overdoing with school work, and making sure we give ourselves time to breathe and still have some fun, we can enjoy the little things in life. Our school motto is Be Not Afraid and having this quote present in our day to day school life, can make a big difference. 


Introducing our College Student Leaders 2017

Christian James Dinglasan        
College Captain East Campus

Personal Background: 

I started at St Peter's College in 2012. My family consists of my mother, father and an upcoming baby sibling.

My hobby is learning and playing instruments. I can play the guitar, ukulele and piano. I also enjoy singing.

My VCE studies are:

  • Further Maths
  • English
  • Religion and Society
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Psychology


My goal for this year as College Captain of the East Campus is to lead by example. I want students to try new activities and share their ideas which will promote community here at the College.

In line with our College theme, " After much debate Peter Stood Up", I want to lead students to stand up and act for those in need the most in our society.

My personal goal for this year is to work hard and challenge myself to aim and achieve the score that will allow me the most choices in selecting a university course.  

Being happy and finding a career that I am passionate about is the focus of all my future goals. 

Religious Education News

Social Justice, Saint Vinnies

St Vinnies

Last Thursday, Ms Smolski, Arlene Vargas, Danielle Laidlaw, Elfrida Heng and I, had the privilege of going to Saint Vinnies to volunteer for the afternoon. 

We sorted through DVD's, games, jewellery and many more donated goods and getting them ready to be sold in the store. It was great to see the amount of support and generosity in our community. 

The hard-work and dedication of all the regular volunteers was another feature that did not go unnoticed during our visit. We were given an insight into just how much effort goes into an organization like Vinnies! Overall, a great experience and opportunity to be involved in. 

Service and justice are both extremely important values that we promote at St Peter's College and if you would like to get involved in any Social Justice programs like this one, I would love to hear from you! 

Tiffany Forbes
Social Justice Captain, East Campus

Just Leadership Day

On the 14th of February this term, four students from each campus were selected to travel to the city by train to participate in the Just Leadership Day run by Caritas Australia. I was lucky enough to be chosen and the experience was eye-opening and showed students how much of a difference they can make in the world.

Participating in discussions and activities educated the students about current worldly issues and how a small change in our thinking and attitude, can help to change someone's life. We the students who attended are looking to introduce new ideas to Project Compassion and influence others in classes. Overall, it was a great experience and one that I would encourage students to go to in the future if they have the opportunity.

Nikita Mascurine 
East Campus Liturgy Captain 

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Leader, East Campus

Library News

2017 Readarama Roller Coaster Launch :   I Love Reading

East and West

Surprised Year 7 students were ushered into the hall and DC, respectively, to the rousing tune of Everyone’s a Winner and delighted by the antics of colourful carnival characters including dashing cowboys, delightfully attired damsels, jugglers, acrobats and pirates at the Readarama `Roller Coaster Launch last Friday. The festive atmosphere included the handing out of bright heart-themed balloons.

Readarama is the reading program implemented by the English Department and Library as an alternative to the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Everyone is a winner with Readarama as every student is expected to complete the Readarama Roller-Coaster Ride. All students have to do is read for 25 hours between now and the end of Term 3. Of course, many students will want to complete more than one Ride and have been encouraged to set themselves their own challenging goal. The biggest readers in each class and year level will receive some great prizes. The competitive streak in both students and teachers will most likely come to the fore as the Year 7 and 8 classes which read the most will win a free pizza lunch. 

Another great feature of Readarama is that students can read whatever they like: fiction, information books, magazines or newspapers in print or electronic form.

Parents and guardians, you can help your student develop their reading by discussing with them what they are reading and regularly signing the Readarama Record Sheet in the Student Record Book.

Everyone’s a Winner …Happy Reading!

Readarama East

Readarama West

Angela Gargano
Teacher Librarian

SPC Alumni News

Graduating Class of 2007

Save The Date Notice

  • Date:     28th October 2017
  • Time:      7.15 for College Tour
  • Start       7.30 pm; finishes 10.00pm Last Drinks
  • Venue:   St Peter’s College Hall. Navarre Drive entrance
  • Dress:     Formal
  • Food and Drinks and Live Entertainment 
  • $70.00 per person
  • Partners invited to attend with you

Intention to Attend

Please send an email to April Hampson, Marketing Manager: ahampson@stpeters.vic.edu.au with your intention to attend (or your inability to attend) response.

This will allow us to keep you up to date with all activities in relation to this very important evening, regardless of whether you can attend or not.

If you know of any classmates who may have changed address in the last ten years, please ask them to contact the College Office by phone 5990 7777 and send an email to officew@stpeters.vic.edu.au so we can update our address files and get in contact with them.

If you wish to be part of the organising of this event please let us know. Please contact the College or email April Hampson: ahampson@stpeters.vic.edu.au 

We look forward to celebrating ten years on from Year 12 with you!

To register as part of St Peter’s College Alumni 

Please Click Here:

Glowrey House Relay for Life

Relay for Life is a fun and moving overnight experience that raises vital funds for Cancer Council's research, prevention and support services.

In 2017 the staff and students of Glowrey House, have decided to help raise much needed funds in honour of all those who have been touched by cancer, one way or the other, within our community.

  • When: Fri March 3rd 5.45pm to Sat March 4th 6.00pm
  • Where: Akoonah Park (access of Cardinia St) Berwick

“Our students and their families are so excited about what they can achieve, that one father has donated a AFL Hawthorn jersey which has been signed by the coach and players of the 2015 Premiership side!, which will be auctioned at the relay”. Jason Blackburn, Glowrey House Leader, West Campus

If you would like to donate towards the team's efforts, using a credit card on our team page. Click Here: 

If you find yourself near Berwick on either 3rd March or 4th March, please come and cheer on our students. There is a candle-light ceremony at 9pm on the Friday.

Our relay team:

Dina Ivkovich, Phillip Cameron, Josiah Lynch, Jessica le Gall, Shae le Gall, Tatiayna Kann, Emily Lace, Emily Gissing, Sarah Van Hamond, Lachlan Harris, Cameron Stafford, Kara Stafford, Jacob Beirouti, Jaiden Jakubenko, Siobhan Hepburn, Mikayla Van Der Velden, Tyler Gurrieri, Tristan Gurrieri, Sasha Shashkoff, Alessia Millsom, Phoebe Takla


Thursday 23 February

WC -  VCE Study Hub Luncheon
EC - Student Seminar/House Family Evening

Saturday 25 February

HPV – Casey Fields

Monday 27 February

Year 7 Immunizations West & East Campus

Tuesday 28 February

East Campus Swimming Carnival rescheduled
WC VCE Study Hub

Wednesday 1 March

Ash Wednesday
EC VCE Study Hub


Parents Guide for Senior Years

When you have a student completing the senior years of school, everyone in the family is doing Year 11 and 12. Parents have a vital role in helping their students with managing time, managing energy, managing stress and managing everything in the right time and place.

Click Here to access some ideas for coming through these years flourishing, and having everyone’s dignity intact. 

After School Study Opportunities for VCE students!

After School Study Opportunities for VCE students!

West Campus

VCE Study Hub in the Library:  Monday –Thursday 3.30pm-5.30pm
VCE students are encouraged to take the opportunity to use Study Hub to finish homework, or study under the supervision of Ms Parfett in the Library.
At a Special Study Hub session on Tuesdays 3.30pm-4.30pm, students can seek the assistance of the supervising specialist subject teachers, or experience different learning strategies. 

East Campus

Extended Discovery Centre Hours: Monday and Wednesday 3.30pm-5.30pm
VCE students are encouraged to take advantage of the extended DC hours to study and revise under the supervision of Ms Ellwood.
VCE Study Hub: 3.30pm-4.30pm Lyons Building

Over tea and biscuits, students explore a variety of learning experiences such as peer-to-peer coaching, and are able to seek support from the supervising specialist subject teachers.

We look forward to seeing students make the most of these opportunities to develop good study habits in the various supportive learning environments at SPC.

study hub

Angela Gargano
Teacher Librarian


Exchange News

Japanese Exchange

Any families with students studying Japanese in Years 10, 11 and 12 are asked to express interest in hosting a Japanese student teacher.  

As part of their course requirement, student teachers complete 5 months practical work in an international school.  

St Peter's College has been working with a Tokyo university for many years. 

Usually, interns stay with staff, however, this year, there is the possibility for St Peter's College families with Japanese students in Years 10, 11 or 12 to host a student teacher.

There is an amount of $150 per week which is paid by the intern directly to the family in exchange for food and board. Families are not obliged to provide entertainment or holidays for interns.

If you are interested in hosting an intern and would like more information, please contact Miss Rosenblum, College Exchange Coordinator at the East campusor send an email, expressing interest to: 


2015 Language Exchange  02

Olimpia Rosenblum
Exchange Co Ordinator

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Welcome To Our Parents & Friends Committee

Come and meet our Acting Principal and other members of St Peters College Staff, with other parents from both the West and East Campus in an informal atmosphere, twice a term.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 21st March, 2017
7.15 pm Tea and Coffee
7.30 pm-9.00 pm St Peter’s College West Campus
Staff Room, 1005 Cranbourne Frankston Rd, Cranbourne
Enter via Gates on Navarre Drive please.

Agenda Items Include:

Guest Speaker (TBA)
Acting Principal Report
Uniform Sub-Committee

SAVE THE DATE: Volunteers Required

Saturday 6th May. Bunnings Cranbourne Sausage Sizzle

Tuesday 27th June. St Peter’s Day College Celebrations BBQ Lunch

Minutes of  13th February Meeting, 2017

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Ritchies Community Benefit Card

St Peter's College is a member of the Ritchies Community Benefits club which donates 0.5% of the money you spend on groceries and liquor to the club, school or charity of your choice.

Parents can collect a membership tag from the College office. Thank you all for your support

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St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners

Bishop Apochi from the Diocese of Otukpo Nigeria has sent a letter offering his prayers for the healing of victims of child abuse and for Our Lord Jesus Christ to use all the Archbishops and Bishops of Australia as effective instruments of Truth, Justice and Healing at this critical moment in the Catholic history in Australia.

We continue to pray during the Royal Commission for the victims, and that the changes made through the implementation of the Care Protection and Safety of children and vulnerable adults policy in our parish and diocese may protect all in the future from harm.  

In order to create an environment where we can all feel nurtured, safe and protected I ask that we all become familiar with our Parish Code of Conduct and also the procedures if you do see something that concerns you.  Please take home a copy of “Promoting Safe Parishes” available in the church foyer.  

I thank you all for your support as we implement changes to the requirements for parish volunteers.

With Best Wishes Fr Joseph

Sacrament Of Reconciliation

Children and parents who attended this week’s information night will be professing their commitment at Mass today. Please keep these families in your prayers during this special time. Children, please collect your worksheet from the helper in the foyer after.  If you have any queries please contact Sr Mary on 5996 1985.

Religious Education Classes

For children who attend Government Schools Grades 1-6 resumed on the 8th Feb.  If you wish to enrol your child for the Catechetical Program which is held on Wednesday’s during school terms for 4pm to 5pm in the hall please visit the Parish Office for an enrolment form.  Please note new enrolments for 2017 will make their sacraments in 2018.  For enquiries contact Sr Lucy on 5996 1985.  

Palms For Ash Wednesday

Parishioners can return their blessed palms/greenery from last year’s Palm Sunday so they can be burnt.  They will be used for Ash Wednesday.

St Agatha’s Parish


St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

St Vinnies

We are in need of volunteers to help us in the Piety stall after the 7.30am and 10.45am Mass.  We also need some volunteers to help with home visitations, a variety of times are available and we train you and always travel in threes, you another volunteer and Our Lord.  Remember Our Blessed Mother said that your hands need to be full of good deeds to get to heaven, help the poor and your hands will be overflowing.  Everyone is welcome just ring 5996 1758 and have a chat to us.  God bless.

World Day Of Prayer

There will be an ecumenical prayer service where we unite with other Christian churches in Cranbourne to pray for our world.   It is wonderful that St Agatha’s has been given the opportunity to host the service on Friday 3rd March at 11.00am.  Please join us in welcoming our neighbouring Christians to our church. If you would like to assist in any way please contact Beth on 9775 6360.

Lenten Program

Would you like to join the Parish Cells Community for a Lenten Program? For further information on times and venues please contact Sharon on 0448 343 084.  The Mum’s Cell will begin on Friday 24th February From 10.30 -11.30am In The Parish Hall.  All Welcome!

Car Raffle

There are 3 cars & 11 Coles/Myer gift cards on offer in this amazing raffle. Tickets on sale after all Masses this weekend.  Tickets $2.00 each or $20 a book.  Vic permit 10949/16-CCPR. If you can assist in selling tickets after Mass, please ring the Parish Office.

Altar Servers

Permission forms and rosters are available from the table in the foyer.  If you wish to continue to serve in 2017 we will require the permission form to be returned asap.  

Wanted Choir Members

If you would like to join the choir at 9.00am Mass on Sunday, please contact the Sisters or the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish


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