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Issue 80  |  15 February 2017
Featured Story
From the Acting Principal

Opening School Mass

This week, we celebrated the official opening of the school year with the opening school mass both at the East and the West Campus. Fr Joseph Abutu and Fr Antony lead us though a wonderful liturgy and celebration.

The school theme, “After Much debate, Peter stood up” was a central message throughout the mass and then the subsequent assembly. Peter, our patron saint, was depicted often as a flawed character, significantly though he was also widely recognised as a leader of the early church and someone who was prepared to walk in the footsteps of Christ. Staff and students were reminded that we all have flaws, we all have areas in our lives where we need to improve and to be a better person, both for ourselves and for others.

This week’s mass provides inspiration for all in the St Peter’s College community to “Stand-up” and be prepared to make a difference. It is in doing this that we can grow both individually and collectively. It was therefore an appropriate occasion to officially introduce the 2017 student leaders to the school community and present them with their badges. These are signs of the significant role they play in providing an example for their peers to aspire to and to follow.

The Dux for 2016, Will Veenman, was also presented to the college community at this assembly. This enabled us to recognise and congratulate him for his fine achievements. Will spoke passionately to the community about Year 12 being a journey with a successful outcome, realised only when a number of core ingredients are included. These three core ingredients, according to Will, are: ensuring the subjects you choose interest you so that they become your driving force. Secondly, be prepared to make sacrifices to realise your goal or dream and thirdly, be passionate, as this will motivate you in striving to reach your goals. Lastly, Will spoke about the importance of being ambitious and reaching for the stars. It is hoped that Will’s words of wisdom provide a source of inspiration not only for the current Year 12s but for students across other year levels.

The opening school mass was also an opportunity to welcome officially to the St Peter’s College community staff new to the college and present them with a St Peter’s College badge. The badge is a reminder of our mission as teachers within this community and that we are called as a member of our Catholic community to aspire to lead in faith, guide with love and inspire through learning

Swimming Sports – West Campus

Whilst the weather was cool as West Campus participated in the annual House Swimming sports, the competition was hot. A wonderful day was had by all, with staff and students joining in with enthusiasm and energy. Congratulations is extended to Glowrey house who came away as swimming champions for 2016. Their team plan was simple, ensure students participated in every event. This strategy obviously proved to be highly successful.

Congratulations is extended to all. Particular mention is to be made of their two house captains, Phillip Cameron and Dina Ivkovich, who worked tirelessly throughout the day.  MacKillop house was a clear winner of the House spirit award. The House spirit award is comprised of the following criteria: costumes, chanting, overall energy shown and participation level. Congratulations MacKillop. This was the first occasion where our sports captains were able to show their leadership skills and both Myra Wood and Thomas Kelly rose to the occasion.

Our thanks is extended to both for contributing to a successful day. Special mention should also be made of the VCAL students who played their part in providing much food to feed the hungry swimmers and supporters.

west swim carnival

Year 12 Retreat

I was privileged to attend the East campus Year 12 retreat last week. In the busyness of the world we live in it is very rare we are able to take timeout to stop and reflect. The Year 12 retreat is a significant calendar event for our Year 12s as it is one of those events that provides a signpost of who we are and what we stand for as a Catholic school.

The Catholic identity of the college and the significant emphasis on the faith development of each and every individual attending the college is of primary importance and the Year 12 retreat is a significant vehicle of formation.

It provides opportunities for students to experience a deepening of faith through encountering God in self; others; through their own lived experiences and the world. This was achieved through prayer, liturgy and reflection activities.

Yr 12 retreat 2

I’d like to commend the Year 12 students across both campuses for the manner in which they actively participated in the program of activities and the reverence they showed at the appropriate times throughout the retreat. Each and every student displayed outstanding behaviour standards and they are to be congratulated for their efforts

Yr 12 retreat

Individual Achievements

Congratulations Natalia Girvasi – East Campus


Congratulation to Natalia who has been successful in being selected as a member of the Australia Day Study Tour. This has provided significant opportunities for Natalia as she, together with a small number of students from across the City of Casey will be engaging with all levels of the political spectrum, local, state and federal. Natalia will also have the opportunity to meet with politicians from all three levels of government. Her experiences will include:

  • A day spent in the City of Casey, learning about the role of local government, meeting with the Councillors and attending a Council meeting. A day at State Parliament and meetings with State Members of Parliament who represent parts of the City of Casey. She will attend question time and participate in a tour of Parliament House. A four-day tour of Canberra visiting places of interest and importance. She will spend a full-day at Parliament House, including a tour, meeting with Federal Members, and attending question time. Other places to be visited during the Federal Stage include ADFA, Australian War Memorial, National Archives, Old Parliament House, National Gallery, High Court and Government House.

From all the reports back so far, Natalia has settled into the program wonderfully, engaging in discussions with Council officers and making the most of her opportunities. Well Done Natalia. We look forward to hearing of your experiences sometime in the future.

Congratulations Joanna Picerni – West Campus


Avila House Captain it has to be said led by example at the recent House Swimming Sports. Joanna broke not just one long-standing swimming record but in fact achieved this feat four times over in four different swimming events. Four school swimming records broken is a wonderful achievement displaying not only excellent swimming abilities and fitness levels but also great determination to strive for excellence in each and every event she attempted. Well Done Joanna.

Chris Black Signature

Chris Black
Acting Principal

Latest News
East Campus News

New Beginnings 2017

The challenge presented in this quotation can be found in all of the new beginnings we will encounter as the 2017 school year unfolds. The question is how we will meet this challenge, head on or with curious apprehension?

Starting Secondary school for the first time comes with a number of mixed feelings. It’s an exciting time. So much is changing and you’re about to start a whole new set of subjects, meet new people, create new friendships and take on new challenges. 

Similar to our Year 7 students, I am experiencing a new beginning with my new position as Acting Deputy Principal – Head of East Campus and therefore will also face many exciting challenges.  I too, must meet the challenge presented in the quotation, “Great things never came from comfort zones.”

One of my first duties as Acting Deputy Principal, was to welcome our new Year 7 students and parents on their first day at St Peter's College. The nervous smiles from both students and parents were an acknowledgment that new beginnings bring both excitement and hesitation but certainly not fear. 
And so for the Year 7 class of 2017 here is just a sample of what your new beginnings will bring: 

  • A timetable that to the untrained eye, looks more like a series of secret spy codes. 
  • Multiple teachers and the need to navigate multiple rooms where it is music not bells that commands movement towards new beginnings.
  • A camp which will provide opportunities to develop new friendships and experience a range of situations that will require skills of tenacity, decision making and of course a sense of humour.
  • Peer Support Program; where a sense of belonging and support is cultivated through fun, games and shared interests between Year 7 and Year 11 students.
  • The Annual Readarama Launch where teachers and the Principal dress up to model the fun, joy and excitement that reading unlocks in our thoughts and imaginations.
  • Opportunities to take part in the sporting arena through SIS.
  • The opportunity to try something new by joining one of the many extracurricular activities organised at the College. 
  • The opportunity to challenge yourself by setting new goals and explore new learning opportunities, such as homework club and maths help.


East News Continues

But above all, Year 7 stay positive. Be proud of what you have already achieved in such a short time. You have gone from cracking that secret code called a timetable, discovering Graham and Lyons are not the names of teachers but rather buildings to navigating the Tasty Truck experience. 

For those students returning to the College, there has been a distinct calmness to their ‘new beginnings’. A notable sense of organisation and purpose has characterised the learning experiences taking place in our classrooms. There is no doubt that this level of confidence is a reflection of the success of the 2016 Head Start Program. In particular our senior students are ready to move out of their comfort zones and seek to do great things. This was clearly reflected in the impressive attendance by senior students at the first Study Hub session held last Wednesday afternoon.

The opening of the new section of the Coffey building will also enable students to shift from a comfortable learning mindset and try new zones of learning that can lead and support deeper levels of understanding. 

I join with all our students in their new beginnings. We will face our challenges willingly and push ourselves beyond existing comfort zones.  We will do this with the knowledge that we have an extraordinary team of dedicated teachers, support staff and parents standing alongside us on our journey of new beginnings in 2017.

Important Dates to remember:

Welcome Evening at East Campus Thursday 23rd February 
Year 7 Immunisations  27th February
Year 7 Camp 6th March to 8th March

Julie Banda
Acting Deputy Principal Head of East Campus

Learning & Teaching


My Oxford Dictionary defines Redemption as to “ recover by the expenditure of effort”. I love this  definition as it expresses very clearly what our REDEMPTION process seeks to address. St Peter's Staff work hard to design assessment that is rigorous, challenging and connected to the real world experiences of students. Feedback from staff on assessment enables continuous improvement and valuable insights for both staff and students that are used to build future learning.

Therefore completion of ALL assessment is seen as non-negotiable.
All students are expected to complete assessment tasks were ever possible. 

To support students in achieving this expectation, the College conducts our REDEMPTION afternoons. The process of REDEMPTION is as follow:

  • Student completes Assessment and hands the task in on the due date – Congratulations 
  • Assessment not submitted – parents will be emailed and the student is AUTOMATICALLY placed on REDEMPTION.
  • If the student completes the assessment and hands the work to the teacher before the REDEMPTION, the student is NOT required to attend.
  • If work is not submitted the student attends REDEMPTION on Thursday Afternoon from 3.30pm – 4.30pm and completes the task during the hour. The task is passed onto the teacher for Marking.
  • Students will receive a mark from the teacher with feedback, but Reports will indicate LATE submission.
  • If students fail to attend REDEMPTION , House Leaders will follow up with a Friday afternoon detention. Students will still be expected to attend the next REDEMPTION to complete the work.

The redemption process is not punitive and is not a detention but rather a support for all students to meet the College expectations that all Assessment is complete for every subject studied.

Parents are asked to support our efforts through signatures in the Student Record Book, regular discussion with their sons and daughters about upcoming assessment and support for attendance at Redemption. 

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching

West Campus News

Opening Mass and Assembly

Our Opening Mass and Assembly was held on Thursday, 16 February at the West Campus and it was wonderful to have many parents there to watch the induction of their children as College and House Captains. Year 7 students, new students and new staff were also all welcomed to the College.  

Our Parish Priest Fr Joseph led the Eucharist and we also benefited from listening to our 2016 Dux of the College, Will Veenam.  Will was inspiring and it was encouraging to hear him relay how he recalled the College Dux’s advice given to him when he was a Year 7 student.  We can only hope that our new Year 7 students were listening as intently to Will.  We were also delighted at the presentation to Dylan Davidson (Class of 2016) of the Monash University Dux of Biology Award for his university studies last year as a Year 12 student.  We encourage our high achieving students to consider university extension work in Year 12.

House Welcome & Information Evenings 

On Tuesday, 21 February our House Welcome & Information Evening will be held for all our houses on West Campus. ALL students and their families are encouraged to attend this evening to build House spirit and receive some important information. It is also a great opportunity to meet your child’s House Leader and Learning Advisor on an informal basis.  These staff members who will have the most to do with your child over their journey through St Peter’s College and are your first point of call when there are issues.  Please take the time to meet with them.

A social gathering for all who attend will take place at the beginning of the evening (6.30 pm) with finger food and drinks.  This will begin in your House areas and I am confident your child will assist you in finding this location. Otherwise, you can begin in the Hall Foyer and our student leaders will guide you to the correct area.  

Can I encourage all parents of Year 7 students to attend the Transition Issues presentation by our new Pastoral Leader, Miss Fiona McKenna and the Maths Pathway talk with Ms Louise Mansfield.  This will be an opportunity to have many of your questions answered and help to orientate you for the years ahead. The program includes something of great value for every year level. Click Here: 

For parents of all other students, I would like to encourage you to come along and hear the exciting presentation of Mr Darren Pereira on Growth Mindsets. His advice and insights will be invaluable for you in your parenting and your child in their schooling.  You will not be disappointed.

Student Drop Off At the Front Of The School

Please do not drop off students in the bus zone or car turning zone on Cranbourne-Frankston Road.  Please turn fully into the college to ensure students are delivered safely to or collected from the College grounds.  I also encourage you to drive at walking pace through the school grounds and park safely.  We ask that all members of the College community show courtesy and respect in the car parks and roadways.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Religious Education News

This week gone the Year 12's attended Retreat. 

Retreat is when you remove yourself from the ordinariness of everyday life to reflect and to gain some perspective on life as you know it. It is a time when you think about the people in your life, the direction of your life and work, and all of the important aspects of your journey so far. It often includes some consideration of where you want to go in years ahead - some goal making!

The students were amazing.  It is times like these, that we peel off the layers and see the magnificence of each one of us. There was fun, togetherness, sadness, thoughtfulness, hope and courage - just to name a little bit of what went on. We reflected on the world as we knew it, the God who made and the people who inhabit it.

It won't have been the same for everybody but it will have provided our Year 12's with some clarity about the year ahead.  I can honestly say how excited we are to be working this year with this group.

Steve nash retreat

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

Save the Date Notice

Student Seminars & House Family Welcome Evening

Save the Date    

West Campus Tues 21st February
East Campus Thurs 23rd February

6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Finger food and drinks served from 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm

“Where there is effective engagement with families, schools and communities the quality of schooling improves, students enjoy more satisfying educational experiences, and communities are strengthened.

Partnership and collaboration between educators and parents is critical to student success and improved learning outcomes”.

Mr Chris Black, Acting Principal

The Winning Mindset. A must for all Parents and Students from Year 8 to 12
Conceive, Believe, Achieve…….Darren Pereira

Darren Pereira runs most of his seminars at top secondary schools & universities around the world. He has spoken to approximately 350,000 students and is considered to be one of the foremost speakers in Australasia.  Click here:

Year 7 Parents & Students Seminar

Successful Transition to Secondary School

Visit Homerooms and meet your child’s House Leader & Learning Advisor


St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners

Thank you to all who assisted in the preparations for St Agatha’s Feast Day and to all who attended, it was a wonderful day filled with Parish community spirit.

Bishop Patrick O’Regan has released a media statement after statistics regarding the Diocese were released on Monday by the Royal Commission into Institutional response to child sexual abuse.  The statement is available in the foyer or can be accessed from the Diocesan website, Click Here:

Fr Brian O’Connor has retired from his position of Chancellor for the Sale Diocese.  He has been meticulous in his care of the archives and Diocesan Museum and will be greatly missed.

With Best Wishes Fr Joseph

Weekday Mass Times

Mass on Monday mornings will be celebrated at 8.00am and weekday Masses at 9.30am in the Church. Thursday evening Masses at 7.30pm.  On Thursday Masses will be celebrated for St Peter’s College campuses to mark the beginning of the school year. West Campus Mass will be celebrated in the St Peter’s College Hall at 9.15am.  East Campus will celebrate Mass in the Church at 11.45am.  All Welcome!

Altar Servers

Permission forms and rosters have been emailed to parents.  If you did not receive an email please collect your new roster and permission form from the table in the foyer.  If you wish to continue to serve in 2017 we will require the permission form to be returned as soon as possible.  

Wanted Choir Members

If you would like to join the choir at 9.00am Mass on Sunday, please contact the Sisters or the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

Sacrament Of Reconcilation 

A reminder to all parents with children preparing for Reconciliation, that the final Parent Workshop/Information Night will be held this Tuesday 14th February at 7.00pm in the Parish Hall.  If you attended the meeting last week you are not required to attend this meeting, but must submit your commitment form and pick up your child’s first worksheet from the foyer after Mass today. Children and parents will be professing their commitment at all Masses this weekend and next.  Please keep these families in your prayers.  

Palms For Ash Wednesday

Parishioners are asked to return their blessed palms/greenery from last year’s Palm Sunday in preparation for Ash Wednesday.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

World Day Of Prayer 

There will be an ecumenical prayer service where we unite with other Christian churches in Cranbourne to pray for our world.   It is wonderful that St Agatha’s has been given the opportunity to host the service on Friday 3rd March at 11.00am. Please join us in welcoming our neighbouring Christians to our church. If you would like to assist in any way please contact Beth on 9775 6360.

Pilgrimage To The Holy Land 

Fr Joseph Abutu will be the Chaplin in a 14-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 23rd April to 6th May 2017. This pilgrimage is organised by Magi Pilgrimages For the detailed itinerary or to reserve your seats contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985 or Rebecca Daly on 0421 521 550 or email rebeccadaly19@gmail.com

Car Raffle

There are 3 cars & 11 Coles/Myer gift cards on offer in this amazing raffle. Tickets on sale after all Masses this weekend.  Tickets $2.00 each or $20 a book.  Vic permit 10949/16-CCPR. If you can assist in selling tickets after Mass, please ring the Parish Office.

Lenten Program

Would you like to join the Parish Cells Community for a Lenten Program? For further information on times and venues please contact Sharon on 0448 343 084.  The Mum’s Cell will begin on Friday 24th February from 10.30 -11.30am in the Parish Hall.  All Welcome!

Code of Conduct

As members of our Parish Community, I encourage and invite all parishioners of St Agatha’s Parish to read and sign our Parish Code of Conduct for the Care, Protection and Safety of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults.  There is a sheet to sign in the foyer of the Church or return the signed form to the Parish Office. This is especially important if you have a Working with Children and are involved in any ministry in the Parish.


All volunteers in the Parish were asked to apply for a Working with Children card. If you do not have a Working with Children card, with the Parish as a listed organisation, you will not be able to fulfil any ministry in the Parish until you have one or have added the Parish details to your card.  All current card holders must update the Parish name and address by phoning the Department of Justice on 1300 652 879.  Thank you to all who have already complied. 

St Agatha’s Catholic Church-Cranbourne
P.O. Box 95 Cranbourne Vic 3977   Phone: 03 5996 1985

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Library News

Senior Students After School Study Opportunity at the Library!

Senior students are encouraged to take the opportunity to use the 3.30pm-4.30pm Library opening hours to finish homework, or study under the supervision of Ms Parfett. 

Study Hub Tuesday 3.30pm-4.30pm: Students can take advantage of this session to ask the supervising teachers for assistance with different subjects.

Angela Gargano


Yr 7 2018 Application

A reminder to families that 2018 applications are due in at the College by Friday 17th March. Information packs are available from the College Office or you can download an application form from the College website, Click Here: 

First round offers will be sent out at the end of April. If you have any further enquiries please contact the College Registrar.

Kerrie Birrell

Anglicare Victoria

Parents Building Solutions For Parents And Carers Of Primary School Aged Children 

Join us in an interactive program for parents, grandparents, step-parents or carers of children aged 5 - 12 years to share experiences and ideas, and learn strategies to support your child.

Are You Tired Of Yelling? 

How to get kids to listen, without having to yell 

Dealing With Anger

Helping parents, and kids, deal with frustration and anger 

Responding To Behaviour

Better understand why children behave the way they do 

Strategies That Work 

How can parenting be easier, and more fun!

Click Here for more information:

Friday 17 February

East Campus Tour

Monday 20 February

East Campus Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 21 February

West VCE Study Hub
Welcome House Family Evening/Student Seminar - West

Wednesday 22 February

East VCE Study Hub

Thursday 23 February

Welcome House Family Evening/Student Seminar – East

Saturday 25 February

Uniform Shop Open 8 – 12
HPV – Casey Fields

Monday 27 February

Yr 7 Immunisations – East & West Campus

Welcome To Our Parents & Friends Committee

Come and meet our Acting Principal and other members of St Peters College Staff, with other parents from both the EAST and WEST Campus in an informal atmosphere, twice a term.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 21st March, 2017

7.15 pm Tea and Coffee

7.30 pm-9.00 pm St Peter’s College West Campus

Staff Room, 1005 Cranbourne Frankston Rd, Cranbourne

Enter via Gates on Navarre Drive please.

Agenda Items Include:

  •  Guest Speaker (TBA)
  • Acting Principal Report
  • Uniform Sub-Committee

SAVE THE DATE: Volunteers Required

Saturday 6 th May. Bunnings Cranbourne Sausage Sizzle

Tuesday 27 th June. St Peter’s Day College Celebrations BBQ Lunch

Minutes of  13th February Meeting, 2017

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