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Issue 74  |  16 November 2016
Featured Story
From the Principal

Principal Appointment

Many different thoughts and emotions have crossed my mind since receiving the offer to be the Principal of St. John’s Regional College in Dandenong. It has not been an easy decision to leave a community like St Peter’s College where I have worked for the past 17 years, 9 as Deputy Principal and the last 8 as Principal. 

It has been an incredible period of change as we worked to improve the opportunities for our students and challenge them to get the most out of their God given gifts and talents. I am indebted to the professional staff - teachers and non teachers, the talented members of my leadership team and a wonderful parent and student community who have invested so much of themselves in this journey and who make this such a great school to be part of and an honour and privilege to lead.

After 17 years I felt the time was right for me personally to continue my development as a leader in a new setting in Catholic Education and that St Peter’s would also benefit from a new set of eyes as it navigates the growth of its two campuses and the opportunities for further expansion in the near future.

I am particularly appreciative of the support Fr Denis, Fr Abutu, the College Board and the members of the Catholic Education Office lead by Ms Maria Kirkwood have given me over the years of my Principalship.It is a wonderfully rewarding role that I have held but it can also have difficult days and I am appreciative of the unconditional support and friendship they have given me during my tenure.

I will always hold a great warmth and affection for the students of St Peter’s College and the way they have accepted me into their lives. Relationships are the source of all joy in our lives and I have been truly blessed in my time at St Peter’s in the way that staff, students and parents have given me that strong sense of belonging, encouragement and support. From afar I will be wishing this community every joy and success in the future, knowing that the culture and ethos of Be Not Afraid will continue to drive this school to great heights. 


Congratulations to Mr David Fini and wife Renee on the birth of their first child Isaac Aaron Fini. Isaac was born on Tuesday the 15th of November weighing in at   3.6 kgs and all are well.

Solomon Islands Immersion Program

Staff and students have set off this week for our annual Solomon Islands Immersion Program which will see them present a cheque for $15,000 to the Bishop Epalle Community. Our students will get the opportunity to work in the local Primary school as well as experience the hospitality and culture of local families throughout their 10 day visit.

We pray for a safe and enjoyable trip for our touring party which consists of Miss Karissa Robertson, Ms Caroline Angus, Fr Joseph Abutu, Melissa Vezelici, Anastazya Staggard, Natasha Xerri, Natasha Dakic,Vanessa Vong, Bridget Wakartschuk, Mikayla Kidd, Abigail Rook and Stephanie Barnes .

2016 Trivia Night

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 2016
2017 West Campus College Captains Emily Lace & Henry Cooke represent St Peter’s College at the Cranbourne Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Victoria Police Concern - Pop-up Parties

The Victoria Police have written to all schools during the course of last week to provide advice about about local ‘pop-up’ parties and social gatherings being organised via social media which are unsafe for the young people attending.

These parties are being hosted in private homes, abandoned buildings and public halls across south eastern and eastern Melbourne.

Victoria Police acknowledges that many young people are also attending safe parties.

However, Victoria Police has made a number of recommendations to ensure young people can safely attend local gatherings:

Talk to your children and be mindful of where they are:

  • Be vigilant around monitoring all of your child’s social media accounts (consider there may be multiple accounts) and look online at any events your child wants to attend;
  • Investigate any party your child is attending, and be satisfied of where your child is and who they are with. If a party location is unknown one or two weeks prior to a party date, this may be of concern.
  • Underage alcohol drinking and drug use is not recommended.
  • Students with any wellbeing concerns or issues they are encouraged to speak to our wellbeing officer.

If you have any information that may assist police, phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

If you are concerned that your child has been the victim of a sexual assault and may require support, please contact Centre Against Sexual Assault on 1800 806 292.

2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the day down at the Year 9 camp at Anglesea. For Year 9s it was an opportunity to get away from the books and school routines and be challenged in a physical way. The range of activities included surfing, body-boarding, canoeing and sea-kayaking to name just a few. It was wonderful to see all students so engaged and prepared to move out of their comfort zone.

Yr 9 Camp East

It is these types of learnings that contribute to building self-confidence and resilience to meet the challenges that confront us all from time to time. The feedback from staff in relation to the behaviour and attitude of all students was all positive. This was also confirmed by the camp staff I spoke to. I congratulate all students for the way they conducted themselves and my thanks is also extended to Mr Furlong, Mr Prins and the rest of the St Peter’s staff who were in attendance.

Headstart is off and running

It was exciting to welcome all students, Years 8 – 12 for 2017, back to commence our Headstart program this week. As most would know this is the first year of a full school Headstart program and the early signs are very positive. Newly enrolled students to the school have taken the opportunity to commence in this period and it is anticipated that this will give them the opportunity to settle in well. As the campus continues to grow a significant number of new staff are being employed.

During this Headstart period we have welcomed five staff who have transferred from the West Campus. They are: Mr Paul Gyulavary (Maths), Ms Helen Smith (English Coach 2017), Mr Tom Myers (Technology Coach, 2017), Mrs Sarah Slykerman (Health and PE Coach 2017) and Ms Kara Patrick (Art and Integrated Learning). Having these staff on board from the commencement of the Headstart program has ensured students have the opportunity to commence working with teachers that will support them in their learning throughout 2017. Walking around the campus this week has given me the opportunity to observe engaged learners in the classroom at a time often characterised as down time for students.

VCE programs have commenced. A VCAL program is up and running. Students from Year 8 – 12 have been given access to their English novels and Y8 – 10 students are actively engaged in learning. This program can only assist in ensuring the preparation phase for the 2017 academic year is purposeful and positive.

Human Powered Vehicle Competition

At the end of this week a number of students, staff and parents will make the trip up the highway to Maryborough for the 24 hour endurance event. This is the penultimate competition for Human Powered Vehicles bringing hundreds of schools together with 10,000 people in total descending on the town. This event is more than just a physical endurance event. Each group of competitors are required to pass through the scrutineering section and also present to a panel their overall theme inclusive of an environmental focus. Our group, consisting of two bikes, have trained all year for this event. We wish them well and look forward to hearing of their experiences next week.

Bus Replies

A reminder that bus replies for the East Campus services are overdue and need to be returned immediately. Once these have been collated we will commence the task of rationalising the service for 2017. It is anticipated that all routes have been confirmed and offers sent out ahead of the end of the year.

Christmas Hamper Appeal

I have included here a piece written by Tiffany Forbes our 2017 Social Justice Captain to the St Peter’s Community – East Campus.

To all students, teachers and families,

It is that time of the year again when we call upon your generosity to give to our Christmas Hamper Appeal. We have chosen to reflect on our faith by giving a little to others who are in more need than ourselves and would like to continue with our tradition to organise Christmas hampers. These will be sent out to the vulnerable and elderly within our local community. This will give them a little Christmas cheer at a time that often can be one of loneliness and isolation.

St Peters will be providing hampers to families in need this Christmas in partnership with St Vinnies.

We are organizing Christmas food hampers and we are looking for your support to provide items for the hampers. Each student in the College will be provided with a suggestion for an item to add to our Christmas Hampers. It is hoped that this year we will have 32 Christmas Hampers to give to the “Vulnerable and Elderly in our Community”. Remember,  “It is in giving that we receive”.

So let us all give with open hearts.

Tiffany Forbes, Social Justice Captain

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Job Satisfaction

A recent article exploring why some jobs are more satisfying than others challenged me to remind our students on the importance of their education in seeking out a career that will truly bring them satisfaction.  As adults, I know we can be all too aware that if we are just living to work rather than working to live, our experience can be fairly dissatisfying.  Our young people cannot necessarily appreciate this distinction yet.

The important factors leading to job satisfaction identified in this article were:

  1. Highly skilled – this also leads to greater demand and job security.
  2. High status occupations – doing a job that is respected.
  3. Personal autonomy – having a degree of freedom in the way you do your job.
  4. Complexity – a degree of challenge in the job ensures less chance of boredom.
  5. Fair pay – not necessarily high pay but what we see as reasonable recompense for the work done.

I think this is a valuable list and worth opening a discussion with your child as to what they may want to do in the future and why education is the key to achieving their goal.  Remember it is a career in which they have to find satisfaction, not necessarily us as the parent or teacher.

The full article can be found by Clicking Here: 

Remembrance Day 

Last Friday, our students gathered in the Central Courtyard to remember the end of World War 1 and those who have died in wars defending Australia. It was a short but moving ceremony at which our students showed great respect. Thanks to Ms Caitlyn Jarrett for organising the order of service and the many students from her class who read and prayed so confidently.

Our 2017 College Captains Emily Lace and Henry Cooke undertook their first public role at Cranbourne War Memorial in Greg Clydesdale Square. Mr Greg Nelson accompanied our students to lay a wreath on behalf of all students from St Peter’s College.

Social Justice Program

Our Religious Education staff have been busy organising new social justice opportunities for our students given the changes to the previous program. The Society of St Vincent de Paul are no longer taking students on the soup van in the city and City Life Café in Frankston closed earlier this year for the development of an apartment block. Our commitment to those people in need has refocussed more locally with two new initiatives.  

On Wednesday afternoon, I was privileged to join Ms Rosa Torelli and three Year 10 students, Ebony Scott, Olivia Polydor and Efthemia Kostopoulos to Willow Wood Aged Care Facility in Cranbourne to visit and speak with the elderly residents.  There was also some serious playing of pool, though a certain student may need to sharpen her skills before the next visit.  What impressed me with our students was their confidence and generosity in reaching out to those they may not normally encounter.  Though this work may not sound as exciting as feeding the hungry, it is no less important, and our young ladies left Willow Wood expressing great satisfaction and a enthusiasm to return.

The second focus for our social justice has been the renewal of the Christmas Appeal for St Vincent de Paul Society.  While the bringing of food for Christmas hampers for the less fortunate around Cranbourne is not new for our students, the idea of organising a child’s gift from each Tutor Group is.  I encourage all our families to give generously to this appeal and thank the great work of our student leaders, Ms Marissa Joyce and Mr Stephen Nash.

Head Start Program

The Head Start Program has begun well and students and staff are winding up rather that winding down at this time of the year.  It is good to see the energy being put into classes that will give our students a genuine head start with their studies in 2017.  For those VCE students who are serious about achieving high ATAR scores in Year 12, there is information about a number of summer schools in VCE units 1-4 that can be obtained at student reception.

Please note the following important upcoming dates:

Thursday, 1 December: 2017 VCAL students finish at 1.00 pm.
Friday, 2 December: 2017 Year 11 & 12 students finish at 3.20 pm.  
Year 11 Celebration at 7.00 pm.
Monday, 5 December: 2017 College & House Captains Training Day.
Tuesday, 6 December: House Activities Day. Students Finish.

Year 7 Orientation Day – Wednesday, 30 November

A reminder for any parents whose child will be starting Year 7 at St Peter’s in 2017 that Orientation Day is on Wednesday, 30 November, 2016. Parents are asked to drop their child at the Multi-Purpose Hall between 8.30 and 8.45 am.  Students can be collected at 3.20 pm.

Australia Day Study Tour 2017 - Applications closing soon!

Australia Day Study Tour 2017 applications are now open to be eligible young people must be in year 10 this year or of equivalent age (16 years of age by 30 April 2017) and be attending school, living or working in the City of Casey. Click here for more information:

David Hansen
Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

The highly motivated, the I’m sort of motivated, and the I’d rather stay in bed for now, are the thoughts and challenges many of our students are starting to consider as they begin the Head Start program into VCE/VET/VCAL at St Peter's.Do you know what your son/daughter is thinking? The key to unlocking what your son/daughter is thinking and what they need is conversation and action. But just what type of parent does one have to be to successfully navigate and support the VCE/VET/VCAL child?

Head Start

VCE/VCAL – How do we best support our sons and daughters as they complete their senior years of schooling?

Take the four types of parents depicted in the cartoons.

VCE Parent

  1. The Guardian who sees their role is to create a space where there are no interruptions such as younger siblings. Their job is to protect the sanctity of the study environment.
  2. The Passive Supporter who sees their role as the provider of food, shelter, love, and support quietly in the background.
  3. The Freedom Giver who is all about trust and support and allowing their child to make their own decisions about studying.
  4. The Helper, who is actively thinking how to assist, and support their child. What can they do today, tomorrow…

And finally one other type of parent, and that is the parent who is able to see that success can be experienced and measured in many different ways.

It is from this context that parents of senior students are a combination of all of the parent types presented. And this is probably the ideal as we join together as parents and teachers to continue to build a strong partnership of support for your sons/daughters; our students during their senior school years.

Julie Banda
Senior Curriculum Co-ordinator, East Campus

Religious Education News

We all know that the coming of Christ is a season of joy. Of course, for those who are struggling financially or who are suffering from illness and in many other ways, this season can be anything but. Through the Gospels, Jesus taught us to show extra care for these people. 

Although it can seem to be a difficult task, there is a way that we can bring joy to those in our community who are struggling at Christmas time. We are called upon by our Catholic Social Teaching to consider those who are less fortunate in our community and by helping just one person we are fulfilling the mission that Jesus issued to us.

Each year St Peter’s College supports the St Vincent de Paul Society Christmas Appeal through donations of food hampers and Christmas gifts for children. These donations are then passed on to families in our local area to ensure that they don’t miss out at Christmas.

St Peter’s families are invited to support the Vinnies Christmas Appeal by:

  • Donating non-perishable food items and other essentials such as toiletries through tutor group; and
  • Selecting a gift tag from the Christmas tree in St Peter’s College Reception and purchasing a gift for the child on the tag.

Any donation is greatly appreciated; even the smallest gift can bring enormous joy to a child in need in our community at Christmas time.

xmas tree

Marissa Joyce
Assistant Religious Education Leader, West Campus


St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

We welcome Fr Herman Hengel back to St Agatha's Parish, as he will be filling in for me in my absence. We welcome again Fr Hilarion & Fr Darek who will be celebrating Masses with us this weekend. I will be leaving on Wednesday afternoon till the 25th November to the Solomon Islands. I will be travelling with a group of over 10, Year 12 students from St Peter’s College West & East and some staff members.

Next Sunday the “Year of Mercy” will come to a close. To acknowledge its closing, we will be celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Tuesday 13th December, please mark this date in your diaries. Sr Mercy has worked in this parish for the past nine years and will be returning to Nigeria for good. We will formally farewell Sr Mercy in two weeks’ time on Sunday 27th November at the 10.45am Mass. Please mark the date for Sr Mercy’s farewell on your calendar.

Again, this week I ask for those who have not yet attended to the request to apply for a Working with Children card to do so immediately. It isn’t for just a requirement for those working with children but it is for all who assist in the parish in any way. The secretaries will now begin ringing people so please make their job a bit easier by calling into the parish office to get help to apply online or to update the parish details. I thank you all for your cooperation.

With best wishes, Fr Joseph. 

November Offering Envelopes

Parishioners wishing to offer Masses for their family and friends can fill in the November Offering Envelope, which you will have in your Stewardship Envelopes pack or you may collect from the foyer table. Envelopes can be placed on the Presbytery collection plate over the next couple of weeks. These Masses will be offered over the next 12 months.

Caritas Australia

Discover the true spirit of giving, and the community joy it brings. Each Global Gift, you choose brings change to some of the poorest people in the world. For more info see the notice board in the foyer or Click Here:

St Agatha's Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Insights For Women & Reproductive Health

If you are looking for natural alternatives for family planning and/or help to conceive a child then this is for you! Knowledge of this concept is such a beautiful gift given to us by the late Australian Catholic doctors, Dr John & Dr Evelyn Billings. It is a gift to married couples, helping to build stronger marital bonds between husband and wife and a better appreciation of one another. For women too (whether married or single), using this method also gives insight into their reproductive health, where possible health issues can be identified even before medical tests are undertaken. Please come to an information session on Wednesday 23 November at 10:00am – 11:00am in the St Agatha’s Parish Hall. Morning tea and cuppa will be provided. Contact Sharon Duiker 0448 343 084 for more information. 

Carols Volunteers Required

We need your help in the following responsibilities at our Parish Christmas Carol: Traffic and Crowd control, First Aid; Nurses, Ushers, Sales: Food and other items, Cooking: BBQ, Tea, Coffee, Setting up of stage and dismantling & setting up of BBQ and clean up Pack up and transport of equipment. There are clip boards at the foyer for volunteers to kindly sign up their names. Thank you.

Carol's at Sunset 

St Agatha’s Parish Music Groups presents Carols at Sunset on Saturday 3rd December, at 7.00pm at St Agatha’s school oval. BBQ & drinks, Raffle, Santa, Sisters’ Act. Bring a picnic blanket and wear something Christmas. 

Advent Program

Learn, act and pray for a more just and peaceful world this Advent by using Caritas Australia’s Advent program. Divided into the four weeks of Advent and exploring the themes of hope, peace, joy and love you can reflect on the Gospel, learn about the people Caritas Australia serves, pray and take action. There are resources for Parish groups/individuals, Catechists, Young Adults, Secondary schools and Primary schools. Click Here to download the resources

St Thomas the Apostle Parish


Arts News

"An Alice in Wonderland inspired movie poster featuring the Cheshire Cats' creepy smile, where it's whiskers slowly morph into a mountainous, starry-skied landscape. Black fine liner was used to create a more jagged landscape with minimal colour to give an eerie feel to the overall artwork. If you look closely, you'll see Alice and the white rabbit adventuring along the whisker of the Cheshire Cat into the forest - all whilst the cat's eye is looming over them as if it's the moon lighting the sky. "

Alice in Wonderland

Kara Patrick
Arts Teacher – West Campus

Exchange News

Interested In Going To Japan In 2017

An Information evening for the Japan Study Tour will be held on Wednesday 30 November from 7.30 – 8.30pm in the Global Learning Building at the West Campus. Please enter the school from the gates at the Frankston-Cranbourne Road school carpark.

If you would like to attend the evening, please click here to email Miss Rosenblum 

The Information session will cover the school’s purpose in offering this program, the itinerary and the approximate cost. There will also be time for you to ask questions.

Olimpia Rosenblum
Exchange Co-ordinator

Library News

Automated Emails for Overdue Books

The Library has introduced an automated process to assist us in the collection of overdue books. Emails will be sent to students with overdue books on a fortnightly basis. This email will request the return of the overdue books along with details and the replacement cost if the book is not returned.

Monthly emails will be sent to parents whose students still have overdue books. If you receive one of these emails, please speak to your student and encourage him/her to locate and return the book. If the book cannot be found or you have any concerns, please contact Library Staff. A bill will be issued to you for the replacement of books which have been lost. 

We thank you for your support in helping your student return their books so that other students can borrow them and so that we can maintain our wonderful collection. 

Angela Gargano

Social Justice News

On Wednesday the 16th of November, Mr Hampson and three Year 12 students, Nikita Mascurine, Francesca Carganilla, and Tiffany Forbes went to Ozanam House; a shelter where men who are disadvantaged are able to source rehabilitation or training to find themselves housing and a job.

The students helped out in the kitchen serving plates of pork curry and cake, then after aided in clearing the tables and washing up. They commented that the experience was extremely eye opening and found that it was rewarding to meet and talk with the residents who were just like any other regular people. It was also nice to see how gracious and polite the residents were. 

Tiffany Forbes, Social Justice Captain

Roger Hampson
Religious Education Leader, East Campus


Student End of Year Exits

Could you please contact our College Registrar if your child is not returning to St Peter's College in 2017.

This will allow us to conduct the formal exit procedure and process incoming applications for places next year.

Thank You

Kerrie Birrell

Upcoming Events

Thursday 17 November

Solomon Island Exchange Departs

Saturday 19 November

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Tuesday 22 November

West VCE Study Hub

Wednesday 23 November

Presentation Night

Thursday 24 November

Solomon Island Exchange returns

Friday 25 November

East Campus Tour
Friday Afternoon Detention


We have now completed our Meeting schedule for 2016.

Thank you for all the parents who found the time to join us on one or more of our evenings. For those of you who couldn't join us, I know many of you follow us via the Newsletter and website.

2017 Meeting Program will be published in early 2017.

If you have any suggestions for Topics and Guest Speakers please contact us via this link 'Contact Us'

Minutes of 26th August Meeting

To View please click here:


East Campus and West Campus Pavers NOW AVAILABLE

2016 Year 12 Graduates orders now being taken. Your name can go down in history. 

Cost of your personalised paver, is $30.00 including engraving.
Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised at either the East or the West Campus.

Click here to download East Campus Order Form:
Click here to download West Campus Order Form:

Entertainment Book 2016/17

The Holidays are fast approaching, Entertainment Memberships are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, café, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel, and much more!

Click here to order yours today:

Ritchies Community Benefits Card

St Peter's College is a member of the Ritchies Community Benefits club which donates 0.5% of the money you spend to our P&F Association. 

Thank you all for your support.

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