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Issue 73  |  09 November 2016
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From the Principal

Child Safety Standards  - Code of Conduct & Child Protection and Safety Policy 

During the course of this year we have been working towards meeting the seven new Victorian Child Safe Standards which came into effect on 1 January 2016.

The standards apply to all organisations involved in child-related work in Victoria, such as schools, churches, kindergartens, children’s services, out of home care services, youth services, local councils.

At the last St Peter’s College Board meeting two important policies were approved to meet our obligations under the new standards. After a lengthy consultation process with our staff, parents ( Parents & Friends Association ) and students (Student Representative Council) the approved policies; our  Child Protection and  Safe Policy  and Code of Conduct are attached to this newsletter and will be permanently located under the new Child Safe Schools section of our school website.

The two documents will provide an outline of how the school will deal with issues of child safety and a clear understanding of the acceptable and unacceptable behaviours of all those that work with students in our school community including volunteers.

Creating a child-safe school environment is an ongoing responsibility shared by all members of our community. It will not only require an awareness of our policies and procedures but an active participation and vigilance to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of our children and young people is at the forefront of our work each day. As a school community we are wholeheartedly committed to this goal.


Remembrance Day 

Each year on the 11th of November all members of our community, along with many other Australians, stop to observe one minute’s silence at 11 am in remembrance of those who have died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts. We always begin our service with the recitation of The Ode and the playing of the Last Post, which is followed by one minute’s Silence. After the Silence, the Rouse is sounded: this signifies ‘an awakening in a better world for the dead’. We pray today for those who have died and those who continue to serve in the armed forces and peacekeeping forces, and we especially pray today for peace. 

Our Prayer

God of the living and the dead,
You gave your only Son for the life of the world ...
Take to your heart the men and women who died to give us life.
May we treasure the freedom that we have today
because of their bravery and their loving sacrifice.
We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus,
who died that we might live.


Next week we begin our Headstart program where all students from Year 7-11 will move up into the next year level to effectively become Year 8-12 students and start their 2017 curriculum program. I wish to acknowledge and thank Teaching and Administrative staff who have worked diligently over the last few months to ensure that timetables and programs are in place to maximise the learning of our students over the last few weeks of the school year. Note that Monday the 14th of November is a student free day to ensure that all is in readiness for the beginning of Headstart on Tuesday the 15th of November.

library 1


2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

The campus is feeling very desolate this week with Year 10s – 12s on exams and Year 9s on camp. This, however has enabled or allowed us to spend some more significant time with our Year 7 and 8s. Two foci of this week was firstly a Thanksgiving Mass for Year 7s. This week marks the culmination of their first year of secondary education and to celebrate this Fr Denis led the Year 7s in a celebratory mass. It was an opportunity for our Year 7s to reflect on the year just passed and to give thanks to both students and their peers for the experiences and opportunities gained throughout the year.

The second event occurred in pastoral period where students were led through a program of activities emphasizing the importance of mental well-being. Staff, students and parents earlier this year participated in a mental health well-being survey. This survey informed by the Mindmatters framework identified that students, in their eyes, were not exposed in any significant way to mental health well-being strategies. The Mindmatters program is an over-arching framework from which many programs, initiatives and activities are generated from. This week students will be engaged with a number of reflective activities aimed at developing a greater understanding of the adolescent growth stages and in particular how the brain develops. This will assist students in understanding their own development and the challenges associated with it. The key messages from this week’s session for students are:

  • Adolescence is a time of numerous biological, psychological and social changes.
  • Young people’s relationships with school staff, parents and other adults change during adolescence, but these relationships are still fundamental in supporting their positive development.
  • Schools can provide safe and supportive environments for young people to develop resilience and to grow up well.
  • Individual staff can use their relationships with young people to foster resilience and promote positive development.

For year 7 & 8 students this week also saw the culmination of their assessment period. Next week Headstart commences with all students entering into their year levels and classes for 2017. Important information regarding the Headstart is listed below:

  • Students will receive their timetables this week
  • Tutor groups will increase from 3 to 4 in 2017. This is to facilitate the continued growth. There will be changes therefore in the groupings but this will not take effect until 2017. The changes have been made ensuring continued growth in the area of pastoral connections.
  • Significant time has also been taken in ensuring teaching and learning classes are optimised by the effective placement of students.
  • Most students will participate in the Headstart program with their subject teacher of 2017. However with the growth in the campus and the appointment of new staff effective the beginning of 2017, some classes will be led by replacement staff or by those who are moving on from St Peter’s at the end of this year.

We anticipate the Headstart program to provide all students with an engaging learning phase at a time where often in the past it has been a less than productive stage of the year.

Student Leadership

Next week students will have the opportunity to participate, nominate and/or vote for Forum Leaders and SRC members for 2017. Student leadership is a wonderful way to contribute to the community and for individuals to develop their individual leadership skills and potential.

leadership Day

The student leadership structure has been modified in 2017 to ensure there is a greater representation of students across all year levels. From these Forum Leaders, House Leaders will nominate a number of students who will form the Student Representative Council. I encourage all students to consider taking up the challenge of nominating themselves. The school motto, ‘Be Not Afraid’ comes to mind here.

Public Transport Changes

bus stop

Today we witnessed the installation of Bus Stop signs along Heather Grove. As reported last week, Public Transport Victoria have introduced improved bus services into and out of Selandra Rise. These come into effect from November 13th this year. Please access the PTV web-site for further information. By now all relevant parents/families who utilise the St Peter’s bus services should have received an expression of interest form for 2017. These need to be returned ASAP.

Reminder: Date Changes

November 14th: Student Free
November 15th: Headstart commences
November 28th: Normal classes

Have a good week

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

National Young Leaders Day 

On Monday, Ms Sarah McLaren took five Year 9 student leaders to the National Young Leaders Day at the Melbourne Convention Centre.  Chloe Watherston (ASE), Isabella de Graaf (AUE), Teileah Pullen (AVB), Kayla Sluka (KLD) and Darcy Paulka (ROC) enjoyed the motivational speeches and opportunity to network with other like minded young leaders. Thank you also to Mr Stephen Stergiadis who assisted with transport arrangements.

House Forums

House Leaders have now completed the voting, interviews and appointments for the 2017 House Forums.  The forums are the student leadership group for each house, led by the House Captains.  House Forums are made up of 7 to 12 students, both elected and appointed to the position representing every year level and Tutor Group within the House.  Our Year 7 House Forum Leaders will be elected by their cohort in Term 1 next year after the Year 7 camp.  This gives the students an opportunity to get to know each other first.

House Forums are an opportunity for concerns raised by students to be discussed and considered by the House Leaders and if necessary taken further to the Student Representative Council. The House Forums also provides the place where ideas can be raised in regard to improving the environment for students’ study time and various House activities.

The elected Forum representatives will also play a part in managing and communicating information at House assemblies about the key events such as House activities, social justice initiatives, the McGuigan Shield Competition, Harmony Day, St. Peters Day, RUOK Day, Footy Colours Day and other significant events or celebrations.

Click Here for 2017 Student House Forum Leaders: 

2017 Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council for 2017 has now been appointed from the House Forum Leaders.  All the College Captains are also part of this group. The SRC has been revamped to ensure a greater representation from all year levels and Houses. The terms of reference for this group is to:

  • Meet on a regular basis,
  • Consider proposals from year level forums and Student Leadership Team,
  • Present proposals on behalf of the student body to the school administration,
  • Assist in the planning, co-ordination and management of year level and school events, and
  • To communicate the business of the Council to the appropriate students and House forums.

We congratulate these students who will be appointed publicly at our next Campus Assembly on Thursday, 24 November.

McGuigan Shield Competition

The recent Minute To Win It Activities held during the last pastoral period proved to be a most enjoyable and competitive activity.  Students enjoyed the opportunity to move outside their comfort zone and participate in crazy activities such as carrying cotton balls on their Vaseline covered noses or passing Cheezels from person to person on a straw.  The College Captains organised five different activities in which all students from the Houses were able to participate. These activities were designed to involve all the students in some fun, cooperative team building activities as well as providing an opportunity for student leadership and competition.

Congratulations to Kolbe House on their narrow victory and clearly announcing themselves as the serious challengers to MacKillop House for the 2017 McGuigan Shield.  Particularly pleasing was Avila’s second place, indicating a resurgence of this House after a tough 2016. The students were clearly rallying to win it in a minute for their House Leader, Ms Mona Esmaty, who will be greatly missed next year.

Pastoral Period

This week, the students will engage in a pastoral period focussing on adolescent development, resilience and fitting in.  Our student wellbeing team of Ms Anita Carter, Ms Nadia Picinali and Ms Clare Ziino have done a wonderful job in using the results of the parent, student and staff surveys completed this year and the MindMatters Framework to develop this program.  Please take the opportunity later this week to ask your child what they did and learnt in the pastoral period as parent input is crucial in the social and emotional wellbeing of our teenagers.

Head Start Program

Please note the following dates for the Head Start Program which is the move of your child into the next year level for the 2017 program.  The actual dates vary from those published in the Student Record Book and it is important to note the start dates, the finish dates and the student free day.  This is an important time for students to start their new work and it is important that students do not take an early holiday during this period.

Monday, 14 November: Student Free Day
Tuesday, 15 November: Head Start begins.
Thursday, 1 December: 2017 VCAL students finish at 1.00 pm.
Friday, 2 December: 2017 Year 11 & 12 students finish at 3.20 pm.  
Year 11 Celebration at 7.00 pm.
Monday, 5 December: 2017 College & House Captains Training Day.
Tuesday, 6 December: House Activities Day. Students Finish.

Year 7 Orientation Day – Wednesday, 30 November

A reminder for any parents whose child will be starting Year 7 at St Peter’s in 2017 that Orientation Day is on Wednesday, 30 November, 2016.  Parents are asked to drop their child at the Multi-Purpose Hall between 8.30 and 8.45 am.  Students can be collected at 3.20 pm.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

Head Start Almost Set to Launch 

There is an excitement in the air at the College that has staff and students buzzing. Students are chaffing at the bit to see their new 2017 Timetable. Teachers are arranging cross campus planning meetings to discuss Curriculum and assessment for the upcoming HEADSTART units.  

Coaches in all key learning areas are carefully considering the new Victorian Curriculum documents to plan and review new and existing units of work. This excitement and energy is the exact goal of the College HEADSTART program. 

To reach their potential at school students need to attend regularly during HEADSTART. Absences can be minimised by arranging dental and doctors’ appointments after school or during the upcoming holidays. Family holidays should be taken were ever possible during school breaks.

The College and parents have a responsibility to work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for students in our care. Studies show that there is a far greater chance of students becoming early school leavers or long term unemployed adults if they do not attend school regularly.

Please take the time to discuss with your sons and daughters the opportunity that HEADSTART provides to commence a new year of study on a positive note. At each year level from Years 7- 11, students will commence units of work in the next year level which will provide a head start on the requirements of a busy Victorian curriculum.

For any further details regards our HEADSTART program please feel free to contact your House Leaders or myself at the College.

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching


Religious Education News

The Year 11 VCAL students have recently investigated some of the religious symbols and images around the West Campus. Below is a selection.  The first statement is what the image/symbol is and the second is about what they thought it meant:

  • A painting of Peter catching fish. It seems that Peter didn't believe in miracles before Jesus. Getting to know Jesus gave him a whole new way of looking at the world.
  • Jesus on cross outside the chapel. This is the one photo you think of when you think of Jesus. Some people see life, some death. Has some link to inspiring us to what we can be.
  • Year 12 VCAL made a cross that is now on the outside of the hall.  It is bright, colourful, eye catching.  Resembles new beginnings
  • Rock outside Chapel.  It represents the people that we have lost. This year has been a rough year and one of our friends is remembered there. It represents the year and how a year can be redefined. 
  • Assisi image of the prayer of St Francis. John quote, I am the vine. the house is a family. Massive tree stretching out into branches.
  • The two keys. Keys Peter given by Jesus. Had a lot of meanings to it. I am not sure yet...
  • The memorial garden.  Reminder that we all go through struggles. There are people around us that can help us.
  • Prayer shawl. It has a lot of meaning behind it. It is in the Prayer Room. It is about everyday life.

We often get so used to seeing these images. Sometimes we forget that they carry meaning at all. Sometimes, of course, we don't even see them any more. We have lots of these at both campuses. It is good to open our eyes. Our tradition is rich in ways to inspire that deeper reflection.

Our Year 11 VCAL students made a good fist of it...

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners

I will be travelling with a group of over 10, Year 12 students from St Peter’s College West & East and some staff members to the Solomon Islands from the 16th to 25th November. Fr Hengel will fill in for me in my absence. Sr Mercy has worked in this parish for the past nine years and will be returning to Nigeria for good. We will formally farewell Sr Mercy on Sunday 27th November at the 10.45am Mass.

Please mark the date for Sr Mercy’s farewell on your calendar. Again, this week I ask for those who have not yet attended to the request to apply for a Working with Children card to do so immediately. It isn’t just a requirement for those working with children but it is for all who assist in the Parish in any way. The secretaries will now begin ringing people so please make their job a bit easier by calling into the Parish Office to get help to apply online or to update the Parish details. I thank you all for your cooperation.

With best wishes, Fr Joseph. 

Sr. Mercy’s Farewell

Sunday 27th November during the 10.45am Mass and followed by a cuppa and cake, this will give Parishioners the opportunity to say goodbye. Parishioners are asked to assist by bringing a plate to share. A collection will be taken up for Sr Mercy on the 19th/20th November. Donations for Sr Mercy can be given at the Parish Office.

Sr Mercy has requested that Parishioners do not give gifts as she cannot take them home because of excess baggage. Thankyou. 

November Offering Envelopes

Parishioners wishing to offer Masses for their family and friends can fill in the November Offering Envelope, which you will have in your Stewardship Envelopes pack or you may collect from the foyer table. Envelopes can be placed on the Presbytery collection plate over the next couple of weeks. These Masses will be offered over the next 12 months.

St Agatha's Parish


St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Altar Servers

A general meeting will be held for all Altar Servers for St Agatha’s & St Thomas the Apostle on Tuesday 15th November at 4.00pm in the Church. New Rosters have been emailed to you for October to December, please collect a copy of your roster from the foyer if you did not get it. 

The Angels

For family or friends that have suffered a loss of an infant to stillbirth, miscarriage, infant death. Mass will be celebrated on Friday 18th November at 7.30pm. The new Memorial Wall will be blessed and plaques from families of our 2015 Mass will be placed on the wall. Supper afterwards. 

Carols Volunteers Required

We need your help in the following responsibilities at our Parish Christmas Carol: Traffic and Crowd control, First Aid; Nurses, Ushers, Sales: Food and other items, Cooking: BBQ, Tea, Coffee, Setting up of stage and dismantling & Setting up of BBQ and clean up Pack up and transport of equipment There are clip boards at the foyer for volunteers to kindly sign up their names. Thank you. 

Carols At Sunset

St Agatha’s Parish Music Groups presents Carols at Sunset on Saturday 3rd December, at 7.00pm at St Agatha’s school oval. BBQ & drinks, Raffle, Santa, Sisters’ Act. Bring a picnic blanket and wear something Christmas. 

Caritas Australia

Discover the true spirit of giving, and the community joy it brings. Each Global Gift, you choose brings change to some of the poorest people in the world. For more info see the notice board in the foyer or Click Here:

St Thomas the Apostle Parish


Christmas Hamper Appeal

St Vinnie's Christmas Hampers

Our Christmas Hamper appeal is underway and we are aiming to provide 32 Christmas Hampers for the less fortunate in our community.

Every student has been asked to provide one item. Suggestions for gifts were given out in Tutor Group and we ask that every family support this cause.

Special giving trees have been set up at the College for students and families to leave their gifts.Below is our theme poster for this year .

In closing, let us all celebrate "The Joy of Giving".


Tiffany Forbes ( Social Justice Captain) and Nikita Mascurine (Liturgy Captain)


TAFE Project


The VET Building Students have completed their yearly project of a Shed these are for sale at $500

This is a substantial saving on the cost of the materials for the shed which is $1800.

The Shed is 1900mm X 2500mm



Outside table

Very Solid and made of Cypress Pine they will last forever  

2500 X 1600

TAFE Project    

$350  less than the timber costs us.

Contact Mr Collings VET Department, St Peter's College

Upcoming Events

Thursday 10 November


Friday 11 November

Friday Afternoon Detention
Year 10/11 exams conclude

Monday 14 November

Student Free Day

Tuesday 15 November


Thursday 17 November

Solomon Island Tour Depart

Friday 18 November 

Year 12 Exams Conclude

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Catholic Life 

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Learning Enrichment Centre

Communication Skills Program

The new Communication Skills Program was conducted in term 3 and term 4 this year through our Learning Enrichment Department at St Peter’s College (East Campus) this year.

A group of Year 7 and Year 8 students successfully completed an individually tailored program comprising of exercises, activities to equip them with life and employability skills.

St Peter’s College engaged a Speech Pathologist to develop and assist with each student’s vocabulary, conversation and communication skills that are essential for leadership roles, job interviews and building on self-confidence.

Congratulations to the 15 students who successfully completed the Program with exceptional commitment, dedication and enthusiasm – Well done to all!

Barbara Ellwood
Integration Aide – LEC Department (East)


Student End of Year Exits

Could you please contact our College Registrar if your child is not returning to St Peter's College in 2017.

This will allow us to conduct the formal exit procedure and process incoming applications for places next year.

Thank You

Kerrie Birrell

Careers News

Automotive Apprenticeships

WPC Group have multiple opportunities for motor enthusiasts to commence working with Australia’s leading automotive companies. 2017 apprenticeship intake now open. Click Here:

NIDA School Holiday Workshops

NIDA will be holding a number of courses for school students of all ages this summer holidays. These include Acting Bootcamp, Musical Theatre Bootcamp, Screen Writing 101, Action Hero, Drama School NIDA Acting 101, NIDA’s Amazing Race, NIDA Murder Mystery, Close Up: Screen Acting, Wounds, Bruises and Special Effects, NIDA’s Actors Project, Stand-up Comedy Masterclass for Young People, Acting for Stage and Screen, Screen Acting Bootcamp, NIDA Bites, Make-up Design 101, Writer’s Bootcamp and more. Click Here:

Defence Jobs

The Mentor – Experience Life as an Engineer in the ADF
Follow an engineer and experience what it's like to work in the Australian Defence Force. This online adventure takes you inside the Navy, Army and Air Force, where your duty will be to support missions from your mobile and computer. Click Here:

ACU: Know Your Options Info Session

13th December, 12pm – 4pm @ Melbourne campus, Fitzroy
14th December, 5pm – 7pm @ Ballarat campus

Talk to an expert about your course, career path, alternative entry and the ACU campus. You will also have the chance to meet staff and students. Click Here:

Monash University Change of Preference Expo

Wed 14th December, 3pm – 7pm
Ask course advisers for course and study information once you’ve received your VCE results. Click Here:

Change of Preference Days-Go to Websites for more details

Click here to see dates:

Melissa Dillon
Careers Co-ordinator, West Campus
Robyn Cardamone
Careers Co-ordinator, East Campus

We have now completed our Meeting schedule for 2016.

Thank you for all the parents who found the time to join us on one or more of our evenings.

For those of you who couldn't join us, I know many of you follow us via the Newsletter and website.

2017 Meeting Program will be published in early 2017.

If you have any suggestions for Topics and Guest Speakers please contact us via this link 'Contact Us'

Minutes of 26th August Meeting

To View please click here:


East Campus and West Campus Pavers NOW AVAILABLE

2016 Year 12 Graduates orders now being taken. Your name can go down in history. 

Cost of your personalised paver, is $30.00 including engraving.
Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised at either the East or the West Campus.

Click here to download East Campus Order Form:
Click here to download West Campus Order Form:

Entertainment Book 2016/17

Holidays fast approaching…..Entertainment™ Memberships are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, café, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel, and much more!
Click here to order yours today:

Ritchies Community Benefits Card

St Peter's College is a member of the Ritchies Community Benefits club which donates 0.5% of the money you spend to our P&F Association. 

Thank you all for your support.

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