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Issue 72  |  02 November 2016
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From the Principal

2016 St Peter’s College Presentation Night - 23rd of November

The Annual St Peter’s College Presentation Night will be held at the Frankston Arts Centre on the 23rd of November.  Starting at 7pm, I invite parents to come and celebrate the many achievements of our students in all facets of school life and to meet for the first time our newly appointed Student Leaders for the 2017 school year.  

The student awards outlined below will be presented to members from each of the eight Houses at both the East and West Campus who have met the specific criteria.

School Spirit:  For students who have consistently supported, contributed to, and been involved in multiple activities of the College throughout the school year eg. St. Peter’s Day, College Production, Debating, Choir, Music, SIS Sport, SVDP, Social Justice Group and Student Leadership.

Academic Excellence: For students who receive ‘Well Above Standard ‘ results across their subjects in mid year reports.  Students achieving outstanding results in specific areas of the curriculum could also be considered eligible for a specific award eg:  In Technology Studies, Languages Other Than English.

St. Peter’s Award:  Students as they grow in maturity will experience at times a great re-orientation or improvement in their attitude to school and to work.  Through this award we acknowledge both the effort and resilience they have shown in changing behaviour that assists them  in their  journey of being the best they can be.

House Spirit: Students who through participation in and representation of their House, provide support, encouragement and the development of House spirit.

I look forward to a wonderful celebration of the 2016 school year with our families and students on the night.


Presentation Night Tickets

One of the challenges we face in the continued expansion of St Peter’s College is the allocation of tickets to our Annual Presentation Evening. We have again this year had to cap the number of tickets to 2 tickets per family for those students who are receiving awards.

It is unfortunate that the only theatre in the region has a maximum seating capacity of 800 which places us in the position of either reducing the number of students who can receive an award or limit the number of tickets available to each family.

As I am sure you can appreciate, we want to acknowledge as many students as we can for their efforts throughout the year.

Families who would like extra tickets may place their name on a waiting list through the school Administration Office however from past experience we do not envisage there will be many left over tickets which can be reallocated for this purpose.


2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

Bus Services 2017

In the coming days parents who are currently accessing the St Peter’s College Bus services will be presented with an expression of interest form for 2017. The bus service provided is reviewed annually and is largely dependent on the take-up of the current cohort as well as improvements that may occur with the current public transport services to Selandra Rise. To that end it is important to inform all families whose children access the public bus services that Cranbourne Transit, in conjunction with Public Transport Victoria (PTV), has announced changes to bus service times and routes effective November 13th 2016. The major changes appear to be:

  1. An increase in the number of services so that one is arriving/departing every 20 minutes
  2. A route change to include a drop-off and pick-up at the corner of Heather Grove and Selandra Boulevard. Bus Service 798

Once expressions of interest have been lodged for the St Peter’s bus services, work will then commence on making amendments to the current services as required. It is important to note that the number of bus services will not be increasing and the provision will be dependent on the total demand. The St Peter’s College bus service is heavily subsidised by the College and therefore we need to assess its' sustainability both in the short and long term.Having said this we will be endeavouring to cater for as many as we can and to this end your return in a timely manner of the expression of interest form is critical. 

Please find the amended public transport services effective November 13th by clicking here: 

Exams in Full Swing

Currently the school is feeling half empty as we have our Year 10 and 11 students undertaking our internal exam program and our Year 12s part way through their external program of exams. We wish all students every success through this important assessment period. The ability for students to succeed in an examination program is critical to their overall success when it comes to Year 12 and therefore their progress and efforts in the Year 10 and Year 11 program are of significant importance.

Year 9 Camp

Our Year 9 students and teachers are currently preparing for their outdoor education experience at Anglesea next week. This camp is designed to take students out of their comfort zones and challenges them to let go of their everyday comforts. A range of activities, mostly water based, will enable many of our students to participate in activities never experienced before. It will also enable students to work with students they might not ever have worked with before. Key skills such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration will be developed. These skills are the cornerstone of a skill-set required to succeed, not only in school but also to succeed in life. We look forward to hearing of their adventures.

Date reminders:

  • November 14th – Student Free
  • November 15th – Headstart commences
  • November 28th – Normal School day

Enjoy the week ahead

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Next Meeting

Tuesday 8th November 2016

7.15 Tea and Coffee
7.30-9.00 pm St Peter’s College EAST CAMPUS
Administration Building. 55 MacKillop Way, Cranbourne East
Enter via MacKillop Way Gates please.
de krester
Guest Speaker – Mr Owrin De Kretser
B.Art: Dip. Ed

Owrin, who will take up the position of Year 9 Program Facilitator from 2017, will present to us the College’s Vision for our specific Year 9 Curriculum Program to be introduced in 2018, along with the plans for the ‘Purpose Built’ Year 9 Complex at the East Campus due for completion for the 2018 school year.

"Research shows that during adolescence, students are experiencing, profound physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development changes. 
While added responsibility and expectations can assist learning and growth.
It is at Year 9 when feelings of dissatisfaction and disengagement peak and levels of resilience are at their lowest".
'DEECD Report 'Understanding Year 9 Students 2009'

2016 Schedule of Meetings & Guest Presenters

To view please click here:

Minutes of 26th August Meeting

To View please click here:

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners

In this month of November, all Christians and particularly Catholics are called upon to pray for all the faithful departed especially, the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Three special Masses for the dead will be offered on Wednesday 9.15am at St Therese’s School and in the Church at 12 noon & 7.30pm every Parishioner should try and attend at least one of these Masses.

Sr Mercy has worked in this Parish for the past nine years and will be returning to Nigeria for good. We will formally farewell Sr Mercy on Sunday 27th November at the 10.45am Mass. Please mark the date for Sr Mercy’s farewell on your calendar. Again, this week I ask for those who have not yet attended to the request to apply for a Working with Children card to do so immediately. It isn’t for just a requirement for those working with children but it is for all who assist in the Parish in any way. The secretaries will now begin ringing people so please make their job a bit easier by calling into the Parish Office to get help to apply online or to update the Parish details. I thank you all for your cooperation.

With best wishes, Fr Joseph. 

SR. Mercy's Farewell

Sunday 27th November during the 10.45am Mass and followed by a cuppa and cake, this will give Parishioners the opportunity to say goodbye. Parishioners are asked to assist by bringing a plate to share. A collection will be taken up for Sr Mercy on the 19th/20th November. Donations for Sr Mercy can be given at the Parish Office. Sr Mercy has requested that Parishioners do not give gifts as she cannot take them home because of excess baggage. Thankyou. 

During November

We especially remember our dearly departed friends and families. In remembrance, parishioners are invited to write the names of their deceased loved ones on the cardboard provided and place them on the cross near the statue of Our Lady.

St Agatha’s Parish


St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Altar Servers

A general meeting will be held for all Altar Servers for St Agatha’s & St Thomas the Apostle on Tuesday 15th November at 4.00pm in the Church. New Rosters have been emailed to you for October to December, please collect a copy of your roster from the foyer if you did not get it. 

Garabandal Presentation

Patricia and Francis Seymon from The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal - Victoria, will show a film on OUR LADY’S REPORTED APPARITIONS at GARABANDAL, SPAIN (1961-1965) on Thursday 10th November, 2016 at St Agatha’s Parish Church commencing at 7.30pm. A crucifix kissed by Our Lady during these Apparitions will be available for veneration. All welcome. For details see the notice board in the foyer and collect a flyer from the table. For further information contact Francis and Patricia Seymon on 9459 7151. 


For family or friends that have suffered a loss of an infant to stillbirth, miscarriage, infant death. Mass will be celebrated on Friday 18th November at 7.30pm

Carols Volunteers

We need your help in the following responsibilities at our Parish Christmas Carol: Traffic and Crowd control, First Aid; Nurses, Ushers, Sales: Food and other items, Cooking: BBQ, Tea, Coffee, Setting up of stage and dismantling & setting up of BBQ and clean up pack up and transport of equipment There are clip boards at the foyer for volunteers to kindly sign up their names. Thank you. 

Carols At Sunset

St Agatha’s Parish Music Groups presents Carols at Sunset on Saturday 3rd December, at 7.00pm at St Agatha’s school oval. BBQ & drinks, Raffle, Santa, Sisters’ Act. Bring a picnic blanket and wear something Christmas.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish


Student End of Year Exits

Could you please contact our College Registrar if your child is not returning to St Peter's College in 2017.

This will allow us to conduct the formal exit procedure and process incoming applications for places next year.

Thank You

Kerrie Birrell

TAFE Project

Outside table

Very Solid and made of Cypress Pine they will last forever  

2500 X 1600

TAFE Project     

$350  less than the timber costs us.

Contact Mr Collings VET Department, St Peter's College

Fundraising 2016

East Campus and West Campus Pavers NOW AVAILABLE

2016 Year 12 Graduates orders now being taken. Your name can go down in history. 

Cost of your personalised paver, is $30.00 including engraving.
Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised at either the East or the West Campus.

Click here to download East Campus Order Form:
Click here to download West Campus Order Form:

Entertainment Book 2016/17

Holidays fast approaching…..Entertainment™ Memberships are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, café, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel, and much more!

Click here to order yours today:

Ritchies Community Benefits Card

St Peter's College is a member of the Ritchies Community Benefits club which donates 0.5% of the money you spend to our P&F Association. 

Thank you all for your support.

Religious Education News

The senior students are in the midst of exams at the moment. Exams are one of the ways a student can find out how they are progressing in a particular learning area. One attends classes, does class work, does homework and eventually comes to an exam to find out where they stand. They are and should be seen as good things. It is a good thing to make oneself more clearly aware of one's place in the world.

St Ignatius of Loyola created a process called the Daily Examen. The Daily Examen is a technique of prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to detect God’s presence and discern his direction for us.  The Examen is an ancient practice in the Church that can help us see God’s hand at work in our whole experience. The process asks one to evaluate one's day and the part you played in that day. It is a process where one can find out where you stand, make you more clearly aware of your place in the world.

Preparation for exams requires one to go back over the course of the semester and review the material.  In a similar way the Examen requires one to go back over the course of a day. This process allows you to take notice of the parts of the course/day that you achieved well in.  It also allows you to be aware of the parts of the course/day you did not do so well in. That engages our brain to find a way to do something about the elements we are not so strong in and to celebrate those aspect that are good.

The end result is that we don't aimlessly go on! 

So some suggestions:

  • Take a moment at the end of each day to yourself
  • Don't be afraid to thank God for the day whatever it was
  • Briefly think about some parts of the day that were good
  • Briefly think about some parts of the day that were not so good.
  • Thank God for it all.

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

East Campus Year 12 Final Day Photo’s

You are able to view and purchase our Professional Photographer’s photographs from your Final Day.

To View Click here:

To view photographs from East Campus you will first need to create an account, then log-in

By then choosing to Find My Photos you will be asked for a password to view the event photographs. 

Please use this password stpeterseast

Thank you to everyone at FeatherLight Studios for making this happen.

East Tree

West Campus Year 12 Final Day Photo’s

This year you are able to view and purchase our Professional Photographer’s photographs from your Final Day.

To View Click here:

To view photographs from West Campus you will first need to create an account, then log-in.

By then choosing to Find My Photos you will be asked for a password to view the event photographs. 

Please use this password stpeterswest

Purchases as downloads or prints can also be made via these links.

Thank you to everyone at FeatherLight Studios for making this happen.


Upcoming Events

Friday 4 November

East Campus Tour

Monday 7 November

SIS Arts & Tech Exhibition

Tuesday 8 November

East Year 9 Camp
P &F Meeting

Thursday 10 November


Friday 11 November

West Campus Tour
Year 10/11 exams conclude
Friday Afternoon detention

Monday 14 November

Student Free Day

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