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Issue 68  |  05 October 2016
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From the Principal

Welcome Back

The holidays have come and gone and even though it pains me to say it, I congratulate all those long suffering Bulldog Supporters on their great Grand Final win. We have a number of students and staff in Japan at the current time on our Languages Exchange Program and from the photos attached, they are having a wonderful time visiting some of the cultural highlights of Japan including the Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island and the Hiroshima Peace Park. Over this week, our students will reconnect with our two sister schools Sapporo Seishu High School and Waco Kokusai High where they will have extended stays with their host families. We look to their safe return in the second week of Term 4. 

Japan 2

Japan 1
Expectations for the Final Weeks of Year 12  


The return to Term 4 also brings the finish line in sight for all of our Year 12 students. As we move into the final 2 weeks of formal Year 12 classes, I take this opportunity to outline the expectations we have for our students over their remaining school days. 

It is important that we celebrate the hard work that our students have put in to get to the end of their VCE, as it is a significant achievement. To acknowledge this achievement, we have in place a number of formal celebrations which bring together family, friends and teachers in honour of the Graduating Class of 2016.

We are also very aware that some Year 12 celebrations at this time of the year can fall short of our core values of dignity and respect and can very easily damage the reputation of individuals and our school community which we have all worked hard to build.

I therefore outline the following consequences should students be deemed responsible for behaviour which publicly detracts from our hard earned reputation. Our expectations are that persons and property will be respected at all times and where students are deemed responsible for inappropriate behaviour then the College reserves the right to exclude those students from sitting their final exams at St. Peter’s College and attending other formal functions of farewell.

Next week I will speak to our Year 12 students outlining these expectations with the aim that they finish the school year well individually and as a group. Over the years, we have been very proud of the way our students have conducted themselves and I believe that this year’s group will live up to that standard.

Parents also need to be aware of the need for adequate supervision for any informal celebrations which maybe staged at family homes over the coming weeks. Should parents choose to stage any Year 12 celebrations, then I emphasise the importance of adequate adult supervision to ensure a safe environment for the large numbers of young people these occasions often attract. I have also instructed staff as a matter of school policy not to attend any informal Year 12 celebrations, as from a legal perspective, staff in these circumstances would be seen as being in a supervisory capacity whether this was the intended arrangement or not. 

As outlined in last term's newsletter, the introduction of our first Graduating Class from the East Campus will see the staging of two Graduation Masses and Valedictory Dinners at which we can celebrate the formal end to secondary education for the Class of 2016. The West Campus Valedictory will be held on Tuesday the 18th of October commencing with the 6pm Graduation Mass at St Agatha's before moving to the function centre for a 7pm start to dinner and on the following night the 19th of October the East Campus Valedictory will also commence at St Agatha's before moving to the function centre for a 7pm start to dinner. 

A final College Assembly highlighting the contribution of our graduating students will be held at 11.30 am on the same day of each Valedictory dinner and all parents are invited to attend, followed by a lunchtime BBQ (12noon) from which our Year 12 students will be dismissed to allow them to prepare for their Graduation Mass and Dinner held in the evening.

As always, I look forward to this wonderful family celebration, an important time to not only celebrate our student achievements in completing their schooling, but also give thanks to their families and teachers who have supported them along the way. 


As Ms Jorgensen and Mr Black are in Japan on our International Exchange, Ms Louise Mansfield has taken on the role of Deputy Principal In Charge of Learning and Teaching and Ms Jodie Connell has steppped into the acting Head of East Campus role until they return for week 2 of Term 4.

I congratulate Ms Margaret Anthony on being appointed to the staff of the East Campus for 2017. Ms Anthony who has been employed at Nazareth College for a number of years and will take on the role of Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator next year.

I also welcome to the East Campus - Mr Brad Scammell who replaces Ms Karen McMenamin as she takes maternity leave to await the birth of her first child. Mr Sam Warrington also joins the East Campus in replacement of Ms Selena Keswani, who resigned at the end of term 3 and Mr Brad Pulley comes on board in the area of AV/IT support. A warm welcome to all.

Elizabeth Hunt Teaching Scholarship

To all of our current Year 12 students I advertise the Elizabeth Hunt Scholarship for 2017. This Scholarship is open to Year 12 students in all Catholic Secondary Colleges in the Diocese of Sale who wish to study teaching at the Australian Catholic University (ACU).  The Scholarship provides financial support to students who are undertaking a Bachelor of Education or a Bachelor of Teaching at Australian Catholic University National, Melbourne or Ballarat Campuses.  Scholarship recipients receive $1,500 per year for the four years of their course.  Two scholarships are offered each year and applications close on Friday 21 October 2016.

Application forms available from the CEO Sale website. Click here to access: 

We Pray for :

We pray for the extended family of staff member Rhiannon Clarke who lost her mother-in-law after a short battle with cancer.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

Welcome back to Term 4.

I trust that all students are refreshed and ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

For our Year 12 student’s exam time is looming with only a few weeks before the start of VCAA exams for students undertaking VCE. I encourage our Year 12 students to be focused and give their utmost effort in these next weeks to ensure that they can finish their Year 12 with ‘no regrets’.

We with all parents, have high hopes for the students entrusted to our care. For our graduating students in particular, we pray that the hard work that has been done by, with, and for them over many years at home and at school will be rewarded by the making of good choices, not only now in the midst of exciting celebrations but also throughout what will hopefully be long and fruitful lives. Lives that have a solid foundation prepared by the strong partnership that has existed between home and the College over the last six years.

As a College we will farewell the students in a whole Campus Assembly on Wednesday 19th October during Period 3, and we extend a warm welcome to parents and family who wish to come and be a part of the students’ Final Assembly, and to join the Year 12 students in a BBQ lunch, before they are dimissed at about 1.00pm.

The focus on Year 12 exams should be a timely reminder to students at all other year levels that there is an end to our schooling and everything that we do at school is in preparation for the day that those studies finish. Each student should be making sure that they are at all times using the talents and gifts that they have been blessed with in the best way possible.

I am sure that all members of our community will keep our Year 12 students in their prayers over the next few weeks.

It has come to our attention that some parents are dropping students off in MacKillop Way at the gates near the Construction entrance to the College. Please be mindful that this is a Health and Safety issue and students should not be walking through a designated building site.

Year 7, 2018 Information Nights

As we prepare to farewell one group of students, we are very busy in planning our Year 7, 2018 Year 7 Information Evening to be held later in October.

If you have a current Year 5 student, or know someone who does, we look forward to meeting the student and other family members at this important event. Registrations for Year 7, 2018 are now being accepted by our College Registrar, Mrs Kerrie Birrell.

This year we are changing the format of the evening and will have student lead tours of our state of the art facilities, with displays and classes in action.


Finally, congratulations to Brian Wallwork who was married over the holidays. We wish yourself and Alicia many happy years ahead.  
Ms Jodie Connell
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Welcome Back to Term 4

I would like to welcome back all students from the September holiday break for our final term in 2016.  Students are reminded that it is full summer uniform for the entire term and that the sports uniform is only to be worn to school on Thursdays in Week 2.

In particular, I would like to invite all Year 12 parents to our final West Campus Assembly on Tuesday 11th Oct. at 11.30 am.  We are hoping to dismiss the Year 12 students at 1.15 pm and would like you to join us for a BBQ in the canteen area/soccer pitch to begin a series of celebrations including the Valedictory Mass and Dinner later that day.  We hope you can join us.

I have attached the program for West Campus Year 12 students so that you are aware of what is taking place between classes of serious revision and study!

Yr 12 Term 4 Program - 2016

Week 2

Mon 10/10          Period 3 - Hall

  •  Principal’s Outline of              Expectations 
  •  Singing, Assembly &        Graduation Mass practice

Tues 11/10     Period 4 - Chapel

  • Year 12 Liturgy in Chapel (45 minutes)

Week 3

Mon 17/10         

  • Tutor Groups 
  •  Period 1 & 2 : Normal  Classes
  •  RECESS: Yr 12 Morning Tea  with staff in  the staffroom  (extended by 20 minutes)
  • Period 3: (40 mins) - Graduation Mass & Valedictory Dinner Practice
  • Period 4: Normal Classes
  • Period 5 : Normal Classes 

Tues 18/10    Final Day - Yr 12 Graduation Mass and Valedictory Dinner

  • Period 1: House Assemblies (House farewell to Yr 12s) 
  • Period 2: Yr 12 SWAC Presentation (Dave Smith-Cranbourne Police on Safe Partying/Schoolies) McGuigan 1 & 2.
  • Period 3:  CAMPUS ASSEMBLY (parents invited)

All students to Tutor Group first.
Yr 12 students to perform various musical items

Yr 12s singing “Be not Afraid”
Final ringing of the Bell, releasing of Balloons

  • Period 4: BBQ on soccer pitch (parents invited), students to leave by 1.00 pm          
  • Graduation Mass: Arrive St Agatha’s 5.45 for 6pm Mass 
  • Valedictory Dinner: At the Cranbourne Turf Club: 7.00 for 7.30pm dinner
  • From Wed 19/10:  STUDY and Exams

Year 7 Orientation Day – Wednesday, 30th November

A reminder for any parents whose child will be starting Year 7 at St Peter’s College in 2017 that Orientation Day is on Wednesday, 30th November, 2016. Parents are asked to have their child at the Multi-Purpose Hall between 8.30 am and 8.45 am.  After a short briefing students will move into their Houses and parents are invited to join us for a short Morning Tea sponsored by our Parents & Friends Committee. Students can be collected at 3.20 pm.

Student ID Cards

Parents are asked to remind their children to have a current Student ID Card. The Student ID Card is important for examinations, signing in and out of school, book hire at the library and photocopying.  A replacement card costs $5 and can be organised through the IT helpdesk. 

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning & Teaching

As the sun begins to give us glimmers of hope that Spring is here, we remember that Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. This term presents new opportunities to start afresh, be ready and prepared to try our best in all aspects of school life. For our senior students the next few weeks will provide valuable time to meet with teachers and discuss how to best prepare for the coming final exams. In all Year 12 studies, a significant proportion of the final score is determined during the final exam. We must see this as a challenge and as a fantastic opportunity. Every effort we put in now will improve our results. 

As a community we encourage and support our Year 12 students to continue to strive for their best, completing practice exam papers and seeking feedback from their teachers. Families are encouraged to support their Year 12 students by encouraging regular and focussed study. Providing a focussed study space is more important now than ever. Now is not the time to wind down, now is time to build up. Working hard to ensure that all the effort they have put in throughout the year is accurately reflected in the final Examination period. Quality sleep and good nutrition are especially important at this time as stress levels rise. 

Year 12 VCAL students are also preparing and completing their final assessments. Parents are encouraged to support VCAL students to be completing regular work at home and ensuring that all Learning Outcomes are complete. 

I wish all of our students the best in their final preparations. 

Louise Mansfield
Acting Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

Religious Education News

A Grand Final Reflection

On Saturday at the AFL Grand Final two interesting things happened.  One was the presence of the captain of the club. This man, Robert Murphy, was injured in Round 3. Instead of going into his shell and concentrating on himself, he became all about the team. He put aside his own concern and continued to lead.  On Grand Final day itself, 'the ultimate goal' in the words of many a footballer, he again put aside his own disappointment, and concentrated on building up his team. He sacrificed his pain and chose to 'walk on the sunny side of the street' so that the team could be the very best possible.
The other man, coach Luke Beveridge, should be ready to bask in the glory of being a young coach on top of the world. He put aside his own joy, turned back to the microphone, called his injured captain to the stage and placed his own medal around the neck of the man who did not play.
I am not trying to say that these two men came to be so great because of Catholic Education. That would be to deny the role of John, Monica, John and Rosa, parents who shaped the two boys into the men they are. But when we talk about the cross and the words or Jesus, "Love one another as I have loved you!" and when we walk past the West Campus Statute of Peter, about to step out in response to Jesus who says, "If this is you Lord, Command me to come!" this is a clear image of what Catholic Education can be. In the words of another product of Catholic Education, a 2008 premiership player, "That's what I'm talking about!"

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners,

We welcome and thank Fr Jeff Kleynjans and Fr Darek Jablonksi for their help celebrating weekend Masses with us. 

The month of October in the Catholic tradition is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. The Holy Rosary remains a very powerful weapon of spiritual warfare we have today. May I call on everyone to pray the Rosary as individuals and families this month for God’s mercy and peace in the world. 
Lucy Viashima, one of the sisters of the Nativity is coming from Nigeria to work here at St. Agatha’s Parish. Sr Lucy who will arrive in Australia before the end of this month is expected to replace Sr Mercy. Sr Mercy has worked in this parish for the past 9 years and will be returning back to Nigeria on 27th November, 2016. Please keep the Sisters in your prayers. 

All parish volunteers were asked to apply for or update the parish details on their Working with Children Card. The deadline for adhering to the Bishop’s request has now passed so it is with great urgency now that I ask all those who have not yet applied for a card to do so immediately. It has been a huge task so I thank you all for your understanding and to those who have attended to this request so promptly. Please read the important notice for further details.

With best wishes, Fr Joseph

The Brigadier’s of Lourdes

Would like to invite all parishioners to Mass on Saturday 15th October at 9.30am in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary and Vocations. After Communion there will be a short talk on the ‘Brown Scapular’ with enrolments. Exposition will proceed at 10.15am. At the end of the Mass there will be a Rosary on the Presbytery front lawn. We join the nationwide rosary chain on the anniversary of the October Fatima Apparitions. OUR LADY NEEDS YOU!! We hope as many as possible will join us-as this special centenary Year of Mercy ends on the 20th November 2016. For further information, contact Lorraine 5996 8771. (Scapulars will be on sale).

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Youth Retreat

Will be held on 22nd & 23rd October 9.00am to 5.00pm, our parish hall will be the venue for a fantastic retreat for young adults and those growing to maturity. You are ALL invited to this retreat titled “7 Young People in the Gospels.” Young people will discover they face similar issues to those experienced by the young of the Gospels. Some made positive choices, some negative and one made several mistakes but never gave up.  The variety of teaching methods used by the Catholic School of Evangelisation make this retreat course come alive and have a life changing effect. Registration: next weekend 8 & 9th Oct after all the Masses or call Rose Trevisan on 5996 1695 to register Suggested donation: $30 or Students $20 (On the day or as you register).  Further Enquiry: Sr Mercy 0403423021.

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference 

Have declared the month of October as the month for Marriage and Families. We are asked to attend Mass, fast, pray the Rosary and spend some time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with the special intention of marriages and families in mind. We are also asked to pray for people who are sex attracted or gender questioning, and their families. Prayer cards are available in the church foyer.

A Peaceful Witness to Life – March for the Babies

This year’s March will be held on Saturday, 8 October commencing at 1pm Treasury Gardens, Melbourne. The March presents a wonderful opportunity for like-minded people from all walks of life to peacefully and publicly witness to the sanctity and importance of every unborn baby and their parents.  Enq: Marianne 0407 353 750.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish


Upcoming Students Work Expo - West Campus

Art & Technology Exhibition

College Hall Tuesday 11th October 7pm

Susana Keni

Artwork by Susana Keni, Year 12

Jungle fever

"To make this artwork I have used oil pastels. This is a cropped image of a forest I saw in Fiji. This artwork represents where my family is from and now myself merged into the Melbourne culture where I live. The bold colours in this work represents Melbourne's lively culture of live music, city and multiculturalism". 

Do you know anyone with students ready for Year 7, 2018?

A reminder that our Information Evenings will be held on Wednesday 12th October at our West Campus and Tuesday 25th October at our East Campus for all those seeking enrolment for a Catholic Secondary Education at St Peter's College in 2018. The evenings will provide an opportunity for families to discuss with Senior staff the educational and pastoral needs of their children, as well as listen to the experiences of some of our current students.

Want to know more about Study & Career Pathways offered at St Peter’s College? 

Meet our students and tour with them our facilities and classrooms in action with displays.

The focus of the Information Evenings will be on our 2018 intake however some opportunities may still exist for enrolments at both the East and West Campus for 2017 and all enquires in this regard should be directed to our school Registrar, Mrs Kerrie Birrell. 

Friday 7th October

West Campus Tour

Tuesday 11th October

SRC Meeting

CW Yr 9 Camp 1 
West VCE Study Hub
CW Art & Tech Exhibition Opening Night & Awards

Wednesday 12th October

CW Yr 9 Camp 1

CW Art & Tech Exhibition

CW 2018 Yr 7 Information Evening
East VCE Study Hub

Thursday 13th October

CW Yr 9 Camp 1

SIS Jnr Sport


Friday 14th October

Avila Feast Day

East Campus Tour

Dioc. Yr 9 Youth gsathering

CW Yr 9 Camp 1

CE Hummanities and Language Day

SIS Int. Sport



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Year 10 CSYMA host St Agatha’s Grade 3 for a retreat

On Wednesday, 14 September the Year 10 CSYMA (Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia) classes had the pleasure of hosting the Grade 3 students from St Agatha’s Primary School. The Grade 3’s and their teachers travelled to West Campus for part of the day to take part in a retreat.

The retreat was organised entirely by the Year 10 students over the course of the term and the activities for the day focused on the themes: caring and forgiveness. Each theme was sourced from the scriptures and the Year 10s designed activities for the Grade 3 students to help them to reflect on these important values. The activities varied from a team-building obstacle course, to a song and dance session, to drawing and crafts. The retreat ended with a liturgy, also organised and facilitated by the Year 10 students.

The day was very successful – we even had the rain stop and the sun come out just before the students arrived! Most importantly though, the Year 10 students who took part in the day showed that they possess the ability to lead by example, a key skill required of any Youth Minister. Those students who did take part should be very proud of what they achieved and of the excellent example they set to the students they were working with.

CSYMA is an alternative RE subject available to Year 10 and 11 students at St Peter’s College. It offers students the opportunity to explore their faith through service and ministry opportunities such as the Grade 3 Retreat. Any student who would like to know more about CSYMA should speak to their RE teacher or to Mr Nash or Miss Joyce.

Marissa Joyce
Religious Education Assistant

East Campus and West Campus Pavers NOW AVAILABLE

2016 Year 12 Graduates orders now being taken. Your name can go down in history. 

Cost of your personalised paver, is $30.00 including engraving.
Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised at either the East or the West Campus.

Click here to download East Campus Order Form:
Click here to download West Campus Order Form:

Entertainment Book 2016/17

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Ritchies Community Benefits Card

St. Peter's College is a member of the Ritchies Community Benefits club which donates 0.5% of the money you spend to our P&F Association. 
Thank you all for your support.

Grade 5 Orientation

On Friday 9th September, 53 St Agatha’s Primary School students and 16 from St Therese’s Primary School joined us at St Peter’s College West Campus for their Grade 5 Orientation Day. Students were welcomed by Mr Tim Hogan, Mr David Hansen, twenty House Forum Leaders and myself in the Multi-Purpose Hall and were excited about their Program for the day. Students enjoyed sharing recess together as they mingled with our Forum Leaders. 

Periods 3 and 4 were divided into four 30 minute lessons in Science with Miss Stephanie Lomas, Information Technology with Mr Barry Fisher, Food Technology with Mrs Amanda Kerr, Design Technology with Mr Stephen Stergiadis and Physical Education with Mr Chris Landman and student teacher Mr Cameron Van Harten from Monash University. Throughout the mini lessons, students were busy designing stars, making gas, taste testing jelly belly beans, testing their skills in a variation of indoor soft ball and playing math games in our computer laboratories. Students finished their learning and fun filled day with lunch in the Hall and a farewell from Mr David Hansen and myself. We encouraged students to share their positive experiences with everyone at home including what they had learnt about the amazing opportunities St Peter’s College has to offer them in 2018 as they have the opportunity to continue their learning journey with us. 
I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank all of the staff, for their engaging and inspiring lessons and for the time they dedicated to make this day the most enjoyable experience for all Grade 5 students. I would also like to thank our Forum Leaders who assisted on the day and showed exceptional leadership qualities in guiding the Grade 5 students through their activities:
Rutendo Pasura, Georgia Clover, Talya Cunnington, Chloe Stone, Kaitlyn Tai, Ella Martin, Madison McDonald, Siobhan Hepburn, Sonia Chand, Natalie Bara, Imogen Stoneman, Alyssa Di Nuzzo, Brooke Rackham,   Melanie Phillips, Jayde O'Riley, Breanna Coombs, Brendon Quintal,     Damon Quirk,  Maddy Smith, Sheridan Kraszka and Yash Patel.                

If your son or daughter participated in this special day, please ensure you ask them to share their experiences with you and begin to generate the discussion about their future journey to St Peter’s College. We would also like to invite all Grade 5 students in our community, along with their parents or guardians to our Year 7 2018 Information Evening to be held at the West Campus on the 12th of October 2016 at 6pm. This night will involve a tour of the College led by our Students, information sharing and a question and answer session.

We are really looking forward to seeing our Year 7 2018 students and their families once again in October.

Mrs Sarah Slykerman
Transition Co-Ordinator

Next Meeting

Tuesday 8th November 2016
7.15 Tea and Coffee

7.30-9.00 pm St Peter’s College EAST CAMPUS
Administartion Bld. 55 MacKillop Way, Cranbourne East
Enter via MacKillop Way Gates please.

de krester
Guest Speaker – Mr Owrin De Kretser

B.Art: Dip. Ed

Owrin, who will take up the position of Year 9 Program Facilitator from 2017, will present to us the College’s Vision for our specific Year 9 Curriculum Program to be introduced in 2018, along with the plans for the ‘Purpose Built’ Year 9 Complex at the East Campus due for completion for the 2018 school year.

"Research shows that during adolescence, students are experiencing, profound physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development changes. 
While added responsibility and expectations can assist learning and growth.
It is at Year 9 when feelings of dissatisfaction and disengagement peak and levels of resilience are at their lowest".

'DEECD Report 'Understanding Year 9 Students 2009'

2016 Schedule of Meetings & Guest Presenters

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Minutes of 26th August Meeting

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