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Issue 67  |  14 September 2016
Featured Story
From the Principal

2017 Student Leadership Elections

To coincide with the imminent departure of our Year 12 students we have put in place a new timeline for the election of our 2017 Student Leaders, which will see them take on the responsibilities of leadership once school finishes for our current year 12 students mid October. The election and interview process has been conducted over this last week and I am pleased to announce and congratulate the following  students from the East & West Campuses who will take up our formal positions of Student Leadership in 2017. Based on their heart felt speeches last week and their commitment to all aspects of school life that they have shown so far in their journey at St Peter’s College, I have every confidence that they will do a fine job in upholding our strong tradition of Servant Leadership in 2017.


West Campus

East Campus

College Captains Emily Lace & Henry Cooke Tais Lildaree & Christian Dinglasan
Liturgy Captain Joseph Vechoorettu Nikita Mascurine
Social Justice Captain Sunishma Balla Tiffany Forbes
Arts Captain Latisha Dalton Sire (Luke) Garcia
Environment Captain Raphael Kostopoulos Jie Min Elfrida Heng
Sports Captains Myra Wood & Thomas Kelly Salfia Koudi Arad & Richard-Johnny Pele


West Leaders 2017

pictured above: College Leaders 2017 - West Campus

East Campus Leaders

pictured above: College Leaders 2017 - East Campus

House Captains 2017 West Campus East Campus
Assisi House Lachlan Corrigan & Hayley Tisdale Wendal Thomas & Salma Melhem
Augustine House Mitchell Tharle & Harpreet Bajwa Jordan Cairns & Nyadarwich Ruei
Avila House Connor Anderson & Joanna Picerni Antony Potera & Arizona Durbin
Glowrey House Phillip Cameron & Dina Ivkovich Keanu Lynch & Francesca Carganilla
Kolbe House Luke Farrelly & Chloe Harbour Ethan Marinic & Madaduwa (Kimaya) Liyanage
Mackillop House Joseph Mammone & Alyssa Di Nuzzo Edmond Elbazi & Natalia Girvasi
Marian House Mitchell Stone & Amanda Abeyratne Connor O'Riordan & Jag Yien Thiang
Romero House Cambell Bryan & Kisharn Waiti Ethan Francois & Loretta Faalili


Again Congratulations!

Magenta College Exchange - Au Revoir! 

Farewell to our Language Exchange guests from Magenta College in New Caledonia. The terrible weather did not stop a fantastic week of events, where the students from both schools shared many laughs and opportunities to learn about each other's culture. My thanks again to Ms Rosenblum, our Language staff and our host families. Our return visit to New Caledonia will take place in the Easter Holidays of 2017.

French exchange 2016

Japanese Exchange - Sayanora !

I also farewell staff members Ms Marlene Jorgensen, Mr Chris Black and 10 students who will set off for a 14 day exchange to Japan in the second week of the school holidays. Visting our two sister school in Japan: Wako Kokusai High School, and Sapporo Seishu High School, our students are looking forward to taking in some of the cultural highlights of Japan, as well as the hospitality of their host families. Our prayers and best wishes are with you for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Farewell Brad

Year 8 student Brad Thompson will transfer to the Nepean Special School after spending the last 18 months at St Peter’s College as part of Avila House. Brad has fully immersed himself into our school community, and it will be sad to say good bye next week, but we know Brad is very excited about being full time at his new school next term. We wish Brad all the best on his next learning journey and thank the staff and students who worked so closely with Brad over the last 18 months. 

Brad Thompson

VCAL Deck Project

At last week's assembly we acknowledged the work of our senior VCAL students as we officially opened the 'Hall Deck Project' which they had worked on throughout the Term. The decking, which runs along the length of the Hall, contains seating and a beautifully tiled crucifix containing the symbolic boat of St Peter.  All elements of the project from designing, costings, crafting and building have been conducted by the VCAL students to a professional standard with the assistance of their teachers. The VCAL Study Pathway continues to grow as a valuable option, and alternative, for students as it allows them to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence through a combination of hands on learning and TAFE studies, with the aim of fast tracking their 'work readiness' for a variety of Trades or other forms of employment.  I thank the VCAL team of teachers and students for their outstanding work in this area.


Grade 5 Orientation & Grade 3 Retreat Day

One of the most important relationships in our school community is the one we share with our feeder Primary Schools, St Thomas the Apostle, St Therese and St Agatha’s. Through a variety of activities, we aim to ensure that all of the students from our Primary Schools, not only know what is on offer at St Peter’s College, but also feel comfortable in our environment and see themselves as a future student here one day. Over the last week the Grade 5 Orientation students undertook a number of curriculum activities, including drama, design technology and information technology while our Grade 3 Students from St Agatha's participated in a Retreat Program conducted by our Catholic Youth Ministry students. Our Student Leaders and Teachers thoroughly enjoyed working with our guests, finding the sense of awe and wonder that young children have,  can always brings a smile to your day. My thanks to Transition Co-ordinators Ms Slykerman, Mrs Jodie Connell & RE Assistant Leader Ms Joyce and all the volunteer Teaching staff and students who conducted these activities.

Yr 5 Orientation Day

White Ribbon Campaign

One of the many VCAL Projects underway this term, included raising awareness of the White Ribbon Campaign. White Ribbon is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end men’s violence against women and girls, promote gender equality, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity. Our senior VCAL students, Stephen de Paoli and James Lacy, chose our recent West Campus Assembly to highlight the statistics for domestic violence against women in our society and the origin of the White Ribbon Organization, as a male lead solution, to a male initiated problem. Our students articulated this issue with great passion and asked all males in the audience to make a stand together on this issue, asking all boys and men in the audience to stand to show their pledge to stamp out this violence in our society. I congratulate our young men on their outstanding leadership on the important issue of violence against women in our society.

white ribbon

2017 white ribbon 2

Term 3 Holidays

Enjoy a wonderful break wherever you are and here's hoping we can celebrate another premiership victory with ex-student Luke Parker and the Mighty Swans!!

2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

School Leaders – East Campus 2017

It has been truly inspiring to be a part of the student leadership process for 2017. This came to a conclusion this week when Mr Hogan announced the College Leaders to all Year 11 students on Wednesday.

The process began a fortnight previous with our Year 11 Leadership Day. The focus on this day was around the themes of leadership qualities, servant leadership and team-building. This was then followed by a nomination, speech and voting process, culminating with interviews for all short-listed candidates. Students in their speeches and in the subsequent interviews spoke articulately and passionately about the importance of community and the significance of being of service to others. Tangible in all interviews was the pride they had about St Peter's College and the willingness they had to be leaders of 'Faith, Education and Service'. I congratulate all involved in the Leadership Process Program.

The culminating message to be remembered here, is whether you as a student was successful or not, leadership should not, and is not, governed by a badge or label, leadership can be witnessed in anything we put our minds to.

September Exams

Our VCE Unit 3/4 students are currently finalising their last assessments before they enter their all-important revision program.  All Year 12 Students will undertake Practise Exams over the second week of the school holidays. They will participate in these under the same exam conditions as they will experience when taking their final exams commencing in late October. I trust that the experience is a positive one for students, and they use this school holiday break wisely. This time is a critical one for ensuring quality revision is undertaken. Any concerns regarding the exam week program should be directed to Ms Julie Banda, Senior Curriculum Co-ordinator


Summer Uniform is to be worn from the commencement of Term 4. Click here for a link to the Summer uniform requirements and our general uniform requirements: Click Here:  

The guidelines are very clear regarding all aspects of the uniform. I draw attention in particular to the dress length for girls (knee length) and the colour of socks for boys (grey). I would also like to remind boys of the guidelines regarding hair styles, I quote from the guidelines direct: “boys hairstyles need to be neat, conventional and if clipped, no shorter than a no 2 blade. The Uniform Shop, including opening hours and on-line ordering can be found in the following link: Click Here: 

Parents are asked to support the College’s uniform requirements by ensuring all summer uniform pieces meet the uniform guidelines ready for the commencement of Term 4.

House Assemblies

These took place on Thursday and it was a wonderful way to end what has been a hectic Term. Two main items dominated the House Assemblies, the first is the traditional Student Award Presentations. This is an opportunity for any student in the College to be acknowledged for their contribution to their own learning or to the College. Whilst many awards often recognise outstanding academic achievement, these House-based Awards focus more significantly on students who have shown steady growth, or who may have displayed an act of kindness, or who have contributed to the development of House Spirit, or contributed positively to our St Peter’s College community. I congratulate all who may have received an Award. The second part of the House Assembly enabled the nomination, speeches and voting process of the House Captains for 2017 to occur. I congratulate all who were brave enough to nominate and speak in front of their peers about what they could offer to their House. Well done in particular to those who were voted in to lead their House in 2017.

Transport Review

Very early in Term 4 a review will be undertaken to determine the transport requirements for East Campus moving forward. In the past months we have been made aware of a review of PTV bus routes, including the services to Selandra Rise. In consultation with Cranbourne Transit we have commenced looking at some of the newly formed routes and what the implications of these may be to our own service provision. At the commencement of this year I received some feedback from parents regarding the current service provision. Further feedback is welcome, as we begin planning for 2017, we will keep you informed of the outcomes of this review.

Bon Voyage to our Japanese students

Ms Jorgensen and I have the privilege of taking 14 St Peter’s College students to Japan over the second week of the holidays and the first week of Term 4. During this time we will visit our two sister schools, Seishu Sapporo High School and Wako Kokusai High School. We look forward to the cultural immersion experience to come, for re-connecting with our sister schools and for our students the opportunity to make further developments in their Japanese language development. It will be exciting to share our experiences with you upon our return.

All the best, not only for the week ahead, but in the case of our students, and for any of our parents lucky enough to get a break, I wish you well for a deserved and well-earned break.

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus


West Campus News

Student Leadership

I would like to congratulate our current Year 11 Students who have been chosen to represent the West Campus as 2017 College and House Leaders. This could not have happened without years of fostering leadership skills in these young people which has occurred firstly in the home and then supplemented at school. I also want to acknowledge the good work of House Leaders who ran the Leadership Training Day, that focussed on the model of servant leadership; the Learning Advisors who have mentored these students; and all the staff who have built strong, positive relationships that have developed resilient, intelligent, and creative student leaders.  

The Program continued this week with the election of House Captains for 2017.  

Project Rockit

Last Friday, our Year 8 Students undertook a 90 minute workshop on Cyber Safety and Bullying issues with Project Rockit.  Please talk to your child about responsible digital citizenship, and encourage them to speak to you if they are experiencing any online bullying or activity that may be of concern to them.

Footy Colours Day

Footy Colours Day was marked with many of our students and staff celebrating their football teams in the many different codes through the wearing of their jumpers, beanies or scarfs. The donation of a gold coin to Bishop Epalle School in the Solomon Islands adds to the occasion as we join the care of others with a day of celebration.

Thanks to Mr Peter Brannan and Assisi House for organising the sausage sizzle and to Mr Michael Chang Kee and his son Shawn (Year 7, Glowrey) for putting on an exhibition table tennis match in the hall.

I also acknowledge the work of Mr Gerard Brown and the Augustine House Captains, Tahlia Schrapel and Michael Prinzi, in running the handball competition “Feed the Hippo”.  This is the final House run event for the McGuigan Shield for the 2016 Competition. The final placings for this competition were:

1st: Marian
2nd: MacKillop
Equal 3rd: Augustine and  Romero
Equal 5th: Assisi, Glowrey and Kolbe
8th: Avila

McGuigan Shield House Competition

McGuigan Shield

As the McGuigan Shield draws to a conclusion for 2016, I would like to thank all the House Leaders, House Captains, Learning Advisors and Student Forum Leaders for the tremendous amount of work in preparing and participating in a huge range of activities that have made up the House Competition.  The aim is to create a sense of belonging for our students first and foremost, so that they find school a place where they can thrive and reach their full potential.  Unless they are happy at St Peter’s College they will not be able to learn and develop those skill necessary for life after school.  The competition has also hopefully developed teamwork and co-operative practices in vast range of different activities. The competition does not focus purely on sport, but points are given for academic pursuits, attendance at school and participation in the co-curricular life of the school.

It rewards and encourages your child to be a positive and active member of the College community so that they will develop into a similar sought of citizen as they leave St Peter's College.

The final results for 2016 are almost complete, while we await attendance data for Term 3.  

MacKillop House Crest

I congratulate MacKillop House under the leadership of Ms Janelle McRae and House Captains, Britney Phillips and Stephen De Paoli. They made it their theme this year that 'all were to participate' and it is undoubtedly this approach, along with some talent, that enabled them to win so convincingly.  MacKillop House will enjoy a day out of school in the first week of Term 4 that will see them enjoy a movie and various fun activities.

Congratulations also to Romero House, who with Mr Mark Sinclair and House Captains, Caitlyn Van Der Westhuizen and Thomas Kelly, who came a strong second place.  They will have a pizza lunch to celebrate their good work.

  House Points
1st Mackillop 2218
2nd  Romero 1758
3rd Kolbe 1531
4th Glowrey 1471
5th Augustine 1435
6th Assisi 1404
7th Marian 1107
8th Avila 1079


May the 2017 Competition begin!

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners
Congratulations to the children who are making their 1st Communion this weekend. Please remember to keep them in your prayers.

Fr Joseph Ajunwa’s holiday in our parish will end next week and he is expected to return to Nigeria on Monday 19th Sept, 2016. We have been enriched by his presence and his homilies over the past five weeks. In appreciation, I invite you to sign a thank you card on the table in the foyer in the foyer after Mass and to join him for a morning tea after the 10.45am Mass next Sunday. This is the only opportunity for you our parishioners say goodbye to him. Fr Joseph would appreciate your continued prayers for the success of the project of a new Church of St. Agatha he established two years ago in his parish. 

Migrant Sunday will be celebrated at St Agatha’s next Sunday 18th September, please mark your name on the clipboards in the foyer.

All parishioners who help in the parish in anyway (this includes collectors, tea/coffee, readers & extraordinary ministers) are required to apply for the WWC card as listed below.  If you already have a card you must also update the details with the correct parish name and address details so please act on this request as promptly as possible.  Thank you to all the parishioners who have already updated their WWC, if you have not updated your details please do so.

With best wishes, Fr Joseph. 

Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

A training session will be held for parishioners wishing to join these important ministries and for those already assisting but would like a refresher course.  It is always important to make sure that we are fulfilling our duties correctly.  The session will be held this Tuesday 13th September in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm.  The new roster will be prepared after this session so please advise the office if you have any changes to your details or rostered Mass. 

Day of Prayer For Peace

Tuesday 20th September 2016 in accordance with the Holy Father’s wishes. On this day the Holy Father himself will be presiding over the Interreligious Meeting in Assisi.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Child Protection Sunday

The images of child sexual abuse have continued to affect our entire community and diminish the trust some have placed in our Church. That trust has been further eroded when the institution has failed to appropriately respond to the victim’s needs. 

Yet the Catholic Church is in a unique position to offer much within this focus of creating stronger communities, safer Children. One such example can be seen in Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia, in which families and consequently communities are encouraged through love, strengthened by the virtues of generosity, commitment, fidelity and patience to become stronger more capable and more resilient. Stronger families and Church communities can then help to keep our children safe. 

As the Royal Commission begins to finalise hearings and close registration for private sessions, Child Protection Week, and in particular Child Protection Sunday provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the steps we have taken to make children safer in our communities; at home, in our churches, schools and Catholic agencies

St Vinnies

Many thanks to the very generous parishioners from St Agatha’s and St Thomas the Apostle Parishes, who donated over $4,700.00 to our Winter Appeal. 

Thank you to those who volunteered to join us in our work, it is not too late to come to our Information / Orientation evening on 15th September at 7pm in the Parish Hall. If you are unable to attend give us a ring on 5996 1758. Finally, anyone who could help in the Piety Stall after Sunday Masses please give us a ring. God bless you all.”

St Patrick’s Pakenham

150th Anniversary Reunion, Mass Sunday 23rd October 10.30am. All former and current students, teachers, parishioners and friends welcome! 136 Princes Hwy, enter off O’Shannessy Street or The Avenue.  Followed by a free sausage sizzle

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Arts News

Jungle fever

To make this artwork I have used oil pastels. This is a cropped image of a forest I saw in Fiji. This artwork represents where my family is from and now myself merged into the Melbourne culture where I live. The bold colours in this work represents Melbourne's lively culture of live music, city and multiculturalism. 

susana keni

Susana Keni

Using the ideas of contemporary technology and popular culture I took a selfie and then recreated it in a traditional manner. Using graphite pencils I focused on capturing the thoughts of a person while taking a selfie. I have written these in the background letting the viewer have an insight into how the media and pop culture controls and influences how we view ourselves.

deirdire Peterson
Deirdre Peterson

Viviene Hayes
Arts Coordinator

Careers News

Monash: ENGenuITy - Wed 28th September 

This free event is for girls in year 10 who are interested in maths, science and technology. They will have the chance to hear about exciting career opportunities in these fields and participate in workshops with like-minded girls. Click Here: 

MIGAS Apprenticeships 

MIGAS have a number of current apprenticeship opportunities in fields such as plumbing and fabrication. See more and apply on the website. Click Here: 

Rio Tinto Apprenticeships 

Rio Tinto has various apprenticeship opportunities as part of their iron ore operations. They are committed to diversifying their workforce. Click Here: 

AIE Experience Day 

Wed 28th September, 10am – 3pm Learn about the game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries, and take part in workshops using industry-standard software. Click Here: 

Premed Projects 

Premed Projects provides opportunities for high school students planning on studying medicine, nursing, midwifery or dentistry to do hospital placement in the UK, India or Thailand. These projects provide students with the opportunity to see what working in a hospital is really like, and relevant work experience looks great on a med application! Students need to be 16 or older to participate.  Click Here:

Good Universities Guide: Finishing school 

The Guide has a list of questions and answers for Year 12 students if they’re still considering their options about tertiary study. Click Here: 

Melissa Dillon
Careers Coordinator, West Campus
Robyn Cardamone
Careers Coordinator, East Campus

Religious Education News

College Mass

Every second Thursday, mass is celebrated in the Lyons Building, at the East Campus, in Period One and all students, staff and parishioners are welcome. On average seventy five students attend mass with several members of Saint Thomas' Parish also attending.

Since our first mass, students have taken a greater roll in preparing for the mass. Angelin Tom and Patrick Garcia prepare our audio visuals, and student volunteers do our readings. Our altar servers come from Alliah Garcia, Wesley Ioane, Benjsamin Salu, and Shania Lippert.

Father Denis has just resumed celebrating our mass and we thank Father Joseph for stepping in during Father Denis's recent medical leave.  At his last mass Father Joseph, enthralled us all with his stories and experiences at his recent trip to World Youth Day in Poland.

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Leader, East Campus

Robotics Day

On the 8th August, two Monash University students from Robogals came to St Peter’s College to present a Robotics Workshop to our Year 8, 9 and 10 cohort, who are currently studying selected technology subjects. These subjects included students from Product Design, Introduction to Robotic Systems and Robotic Vehicle Systems.

Using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 core set model, students were introduced to basic and more advanced functions of the Lego Mindstorms System. These included basic manoeuvring and sensor functions.

The hands-on learning activities provided these students, new to Lego Mindstorms, the opportunity to have a go at a new robotic system and those students already familiar with the system, a chance to learn new programming concepts and and apply them to the robot.

We wish to thank Ash and Jason from Robogals Monash University for their time and delivering a program that was fun and engaging for all students involved.

robotics day

Sarah McLaren, Stephen Stergiadis and Jim Constantinou

(Teachers of Digital and Design Technologies)

Do you know anyone with students ready for Year 7, 2018?

A reminder that our Information Evenings will be held on Wednesday 12th October at our West Campus and Tuesday 25th October at our East Campus for all those seeking enrolment for a Catholic Secondary Education at St Peter's College in 2018. The evenings will provide an opportunity for families to discuss with Senior staff the educational and pastoral needs of their children, as well as listen to the experiences of some of our current students.

Want to know more about Study & Career Pathways offered at St Peter’s College? 

Meet our students and tour with them our facilities and classrooms in action with displays.

The focus of the Information Evenings will be on our 2018 intake however some opportunities may still exist for enrolments at both the East and West Campus for 2017 and all enquires in this regard should be directed to our school Registrar, Mrs Kerrie Birrell. 


East Campus and West Campus Pavers NOW AVAILABLE

2016 Year 12 Graduates orders now being taken. Your name can go down in history. 

Cost of your personalised paver, is $30.00 including engraving.
Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised at either the East or the West Campus.

Click here to download East Campus Order Form:
Click here to download West Campus Order Form:

Entertainment Book 2016/17

Holidays fast approaching…..Entertainment™ Memberships are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, café, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel, and much more!

Click here to order yours today:

Ritchies Community Benefits Card

St. Peter's College is a member of the Ritchies Community Benefits club which donates 0.5% of the money you spend to our P&F Association. 
Thank you all for your support.

Friday 16th September

Last day of Term 3
East Campus Tour

Saturday 26th September

Japen Tour Departs

Monday 3rd October

Student Free Day

Oral Exams Begin

Tuesday 4th October

Term 4 begins

Assisi House Feast Day
West VCE Study Hub

Wednesday 5th October

East VCE Study Hub

Friday 7th October

West Campus Tour

WC SIS Team Photo's

Sunday 9th October

Japan Tour return


Useful Links

2017 Curriculum Handbook

e-book version now available. Please Click Here:

College Alumni

2016 will see us hold our 10 Year Reunion for our Graduating Class of 2006
To register your interest and details please visit our Alumni Section of our website

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St Peter's College Website

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College Student Calendar for Term 4, 2016 and Term dates for 2017

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Parents & Friends Association

Next Meeting

Tuesday 8th November 2016
7.15 Tea and Coffee
7.30-9.00 pm St Peter’s College EAST CAMPUS
Administartion Bld. 55 MacKillop Way, Cranbourne East
Enter via MacKillop Way Gates please.

de krester
Guest Speaker – Mr Owrin De Kretser

 B.Art: Dip. Ed

Owrin, who will take up the position of Year 9 Program Facilitator from 2017, will present to us the College’s Vision for our specific Year 9 Curriculum Program to be introduced in 2018, along with the plans for the ‘Purpose Built’ Year 9 Complex at the East Campus due for completion for the 2018 school year.

"Research shows that during adolescence, students are experiencing, profound physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development changes. 
While added responsibility and expectations can assist learning and growth.
It is at Year 9 when feelings of dissatisfaction and disengagement peak and levels of resilience are at their lowest".

'DEECD Report 'Understanding Year 9 Students 2009'

2016 Schedule of Meetings & Guest Presenters

To view please click here:

Minutes of 26th August Meeting

To View please click here:

Science Week Wrap - East Campus

Drones, Droids & Robots!

St Peter’s College (East Campus) had a very successful Science Week this year involving over 120 students and teachers. From Monday to Friday, (15-19th August), we ran a whole range of fun activities for students to take part in. From toothbrush races, to flying drones. From a robotics Grand Prix in the Discovery Centre, to building of the Death Star out of LEGO. We had guest speakers from Scott Automation explaining their use of robotics in industry in Australia and Dr Van der Velden speaking about his work on developing the very first drones in Australia, and his research in technology and weapons research for the Defence Department.

We had Primary School Science with St Thomas the Apostle students, dealing with heating and cooling, and crazy chemical experiments with memory wire, and acids & bases. QR Code Discovery Hunt for students to solve science questions, with QR codes displayed around the College and ending the week with the National Mathematics Day celebration, in the form of a team-based problem solving quiz in the Administration Centre.

Heaps of prizes and heaps of fun!

Science week east

A special congratulations to our winners of the Science Fair for 2016. Many students in Yr 7 prepared exceptional projects in a wide range of topic areas. Our winners developed an electric motor from scraps, copper wire and components that works by itself. Congratulations to Levi Skewes, Nikith Kaluwitharana and Samuel Rook from Yr 7 as our winners for 2016. Congratulations also to the class winners:

  • 7G [“Hovercraft - Testing different surfaces” Ella Cairns & Lee-Ann Tang Yan Wo
  • 7H “Flame Tests” Sieanna D’Costa , Julianna Cross & Dulya Weerasinghe
  • 7I “Bath Bombs” Elizabeth Sabelino & Gladys Santoso
  • 7J “Which metal is the best conductor of electricity?”  Gaunit Sehrawat & Patrick Lay
  • 7K “Testing rusting in nails” Lea Law Wai Lodoiska & Arushi Singh

2016 Science Fair East 03

Mr Barber 
Science Coach East Campus

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