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Issue 60  |  27 July 2016
Featured Story
From the Principal

Futures Expo

It was very pleasing to see so many of our parents and students taking advantage of the resources and information provided at our comprehensive Careers expo on Tuesday of this week. Speaking to a number of parents they indicated that there was something to cater for each child no matter what pathway they were intending on taking.

I certainly wish to congratulate our Careers Co-ordinators Ms Melissa Dillon and Ms Robyn Cardamone, the Curriculum Executive lead by Ms Jorgensen and all the staff who provided valuable input around subjects and pathways for our students. Students now have their login details so they can begin the online process of selecting their subjects for 2017.

They should continue to talk widely with their parents, subject teachers, Learning Advisors and Careers co-ordinator so that they make informed decisions throughout this process.

futures expo

Child Safety Code of Conduct

During the course of 2016 all schools in Victoria are working towards meeting the new Child Safety Standards as set out by the Government of Victoria. As part of that important work a code of conduct is being developed that will provide guidelines for how relationships will be conducted between all staff, volunteers, contractors, clergy and board/school council members and the children who are under our care.

All staff have had input into the development of this Code of Conduct and preliminary consultations have also been held with the Parents and Friends Committee, the Student Representative Council and the College Board. Before the draft code of Conduct is approved by the College Board in term 4 I would like to invite interested parents to a consultation meeting at the next Parents and Friends meeting on the 30th of August at the West Campus.

To assist in this process for parents I have placed a draft copy of the Code of Conduct on the St Peter's College Website under the Child Safe Schools section. Parents can either email me with their input on the code or come along to the Parents & Friends Meeting to discuss and provide their input into the development of these important guidelines for our community.

Welcome Wako Kokusai High School

Our travellers from Wako Kokusai High School have arrived from Japan and are busily exploring the sites of our region and experiencing daily school life with our students. The touring party of 12 students and 2 staff member who originate from Tokyo have already spent some time performing some cultural songs for the students of St Thomas the Apostle primary school and will perform for our junior language students at a school assembly on Friday.

St Peter’s College students will make the return exchange in October this year visiting our two sister schools Wako Kokusai High School and Sapporo Seishu High School. I wish to thank the following students and their families for their generous hospitality to our overseas guests which is always the highlight for our visiting exchange students.

West Campus


East Campus

Kate VUCAK, Alica SIEBEN, Glen SIEBEN, Jessica HOGAN and Emily PUXTY



I  announce that we will be sadly losing Ms Mona Esmaty from the staff of St Peter’s College after 9 years. Ms Esmaty has performed many roles with distinction over her time here at the College including year 12 Co-ordinator and as the inaugural House Leader of Avila. We wish her well on her appointment to Padua College for the 2017 school year.

Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

It was great to meet up with so many parents during the Futures Expo this week. Current research suggests that the more meaningful the connection points between school and home the more likely student outcomes will be maximised. Meaningful relationships between parents, students and their learning advisor can assist greatly in a smooth transition from year to year and the same can be said between parent and subject teacher and between house leader and parent.

The pastoral program and particularly the house based vertical system are enablers of sound working relationships between students and learning advisor and between house leader and students. The subject selection process follows hot on the heels of the Futures Expo and learning advisors will be reviewing subjects chosen and assisting, where necessary, in guiding the subject selection process. It is essential that subject selection forms are submitted on time to ensure the process is not held up in any way. Subject Selection forms are due no later than Monday August 1st.

Insight SRC

Over the last fortnight a number of key stakeholders in the college have been completing surveys. Insight SRC is contracted by the Catholic Education Office Sale to distribute and collate the survey material. The stakeholders in this instance included, students, staff and parents. One class per year level were surveyed and asked a series of questions around a number of themes. These included rating how we demonstrate our catholicity as a school and gaining a greater understanding of the day-to-day experiences of students. We look forward to discerning the outcomes of these surveys which will then assist in informing our future directions discussions.

SIS success

Over the course of the past week two SIS competitions were held with success experienced in both. Last week the SIS drama competition was run. East campus were successful in finishing 5th out of 16 schools. A terrific effort. Oliver Bana is to be congratulated for being awarded ‘Best Improvisation’. Ms Williams has worked with the group throughout the year and has been extremely pleased and proud with the development of the group over the year, particularly in the increased level of confidence observed through both the rehearsal process and the final performance. SIS Debating was held this week and I know there has been a lot of work done prior to the competition day, particularly from Ms Fiona Gallagher. This was evidenced by East students shining.

In the Junior category, all of the team were competing for the first time, they conceded by only 1 point to Flinders but were still able to get best speaker, Madysyn Pucovski. In their second debate they conceded by 2 points. Well done to Madysyn Pucovski, Elizabeth Sabelino and Jessica Bravo. The intermediate results were: East 1 conceded by 3 to Woodleigh, they unfortunately also lost their second debate against Padua however Angelin Tom was awarded equal best speaker. Intermediates, East 2 won their first debate. They unfortunately were unsuccessful in their second debate against St. James. The successful participants were Ophelia Heng, Emily Wootton and Awur Athiu who was also awarded best speaker in debate 1.

Our seniors however won BOTH of their debates against Nazareth and Berwick. The successful participants were Tiffany Forbes who was also awarded best speaker in the first debate Sarah Newlands who was also awarded best speaker for the unprepared competition in the second debate and Laura Wootton.

Congratulations to all involved.

Sexting and Cyberbullying

Unfortunately both these topics have been in the media of late and even more worrying is that they are issues that seem only to be gaining more and more momentum and coverage. It is important to highlight that St Peter’s, through policy and awareness raising programs works hard to minimise the potential for either to happen and is working actively with students, through the pastoral care program developed at the college. It is worth again reiterating the college policy on both sexting and cyberbullying by presenting our ICT policy on the appropriate use of electronic devices. Please look at pages 20 & 21 of the student record book: "Computer Usage and Cyber Safety Agreement".

In conversations I have had with parents on both topics, often the comment is made, “we just don’t know what to do”. Often the most important step is having open and honest conversations with your children. As important is the contact made with any number of people here at the college including: your child’s learning advisor, house leader, the school counselling team or myself. Please feel free to contact anyone of these staff at any time with any concerns or to seek advice around these topics. Attached is a link to Kids Help Line which is one of many on-line resources available. Click here: 

Wish all a wonderful week ahead.

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Learning & Teaching News

Futures Expo 

By the time this week’s newsletter goes to print we will have conducted our 2016 Futures Expo. I would like to take the opportunity to publically thank Ms Melissa Dillon and Ms Robyn Cardamone who have been the key drivers and organisers of this fantastic event. Our Careers Advisors are passionate about their work and are dedicated to ensuring that each student has all the information they require to make careful decisions about their future. We are blessed to have such knowledgeable, and gifted professionals caring for our students.


Student choice largely underpins the classes that will run in the 2017 Timetable. Therefore it is vital that all students complete their On-Line Web Preferences Subject Selections on or before the due date of Monday 8th August. Parents are asked to sign the printed receipt once selections are complete to signify that they are happy with the choices that students have made. Completed Receipts are handed to Learning Advisors. Changes after these selections are very rare so please take the time and trouble to assist your sons and daughters with careful and considered subject selection

Why Go on to Higher Education?

With subject selections and careers the hot topics of the past few weeks it is timely to consider why students may be planning for a future via a university pathway. During my parent’s day, students were easily able to leave school after Year 10 and find fulfilling employment. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Many of the unskilled, menial positions have been replaced by technology. Recent studies indicate that Tertiary qualifications not only pay off in higher incomes but also allow graduates to lead happier and healthier lives. 

Some of the arguments I often hear against Tertiary Qualifications are easily dispelled.

It’s Expensive – Apart from a few very expensive degrees such as medicine and dentistry many degrees cost no more than most people would happily borrow for a new car. Education will last far longer than any set of wheels.

It’s not worth it – In almost every country, research has proven that tertiary graduates earn more, not just when they start work but over their whole working life.

Many jobs don’t require a degree. Even if a tertiary degree isn’t a prerequisite, graduates make more money because they can do higher skilled work.

College doesn’t add value – People acquire skills at College that set them up for the future such as discipline and persistence. You will work hard but you will also have a wonderful time with students your own age from all over the world.

So don’t aim low for yourself. The evidence is clear. People with Tertiary qualifications do better in just about every respect for the rest of their lives. Not a bad return on the investment of a few short years. (Principals Digest, Vol 17, Number 33).

Naplan On-Line Trial 

Throughout the week of 16th August to 26th August the College has undertaken to participate in the current trialling of Naplan Online. Participation in the trial will allow the College to test management and operational requirements for the anticipated 2017 introduction of Naplan via an Online delivery mode.

Students in Years 7 and 9 at the West campus will be asked to sit the writing test and a general skills test. Parents will not receive results of these NAPLAN trial tests as they are purely for research and testing of the Online Platform delivery.

Parents will soon receive a detailed letter outlining the requirements of the trial. For any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs Debra Preston at the College or Click here:

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching


Religious Education News

Jim Quillinan writes a regular piece called, "ON the Track!"  Below is a section of the latest. It is a reflection on the Camino de Santiago. This is a very popular pilgrimage/walk that people make. The full length of the walk is about 700-800 kms. It speaks about faith, about people and how people can come together!
On the way to Spain, I read an article about Stan Grant. He vividly remembers the day he and the other aboriginal students of his age were called to the principal’s office and told that there was no place for them at that school. They were now at a legal age when they could leave school so, ‘go now’ they were told. Not surprisingly, that has stayed with him for the rest of his life – ‘there is no place for you here’.
As I walked the Camino I could not get that out of my mind – ‘there is no place for you here’. Why do we put up barriers, why do we make judgments, who do we see ourselves as better than others, our way as better than someone else’s? The pilgrims we met along the way came from different countries, different races, different faith journeys, different ages, different cultures, different backgrounds, people with belief in God, and those who did not…and definitely different levels of fitness. There was a place for them all. The Camino has welcomed such pilgrims for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is surprising to find out how many have done this journey once or twice, even many times before.

We met people who had been on the way for weeks, travelling thousands of kilometres. There was a shared genuine interest and curiosity in who we were and where we had come from when we walked together or shared meals in the evenings. On the Camino, it was not a case of ‘there is no place for you here’. People take on this journey for many reasons.

Over evening meals or a quiet drink, quite spontaneously and naturally we shared our very, very different life journeys. That was enriching. In the words of one fellow pilgrim… all those treasured moments along the way as we got to know each other. Those moments were, at different times, funny, touching, supportive and always interesting.

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

West Campus News

John Pridmore

On Friday last week, students from Year 9 listened to an inspiring presentation from Mr John Pridmore.  John was formerly a London gangster who became bitterly unhappy with his life and converted to Catholicism. Through the experience of God’s love and mercy, John has turned his life around and now travels to schools and parishes to share the Good News. The message of reconciliation and healing dovetailed well with the Year 9 Reflection Day held earlier this term.

Subject Selection & Futures Expo

Futures Expo on Tuesday was a great success with a very strong turn out from students and parents. Subject selection forms are now due on Monday, 1 August.  A final reminder to students in guiding their subject choice.

1.    Choose a subject you enjoy.
2.    Choose a subject at which you are good.
3.    Choose a subject that will help you with your goals (or that will keep your options open).

MindMatters Survey

At Futures Expo, approximately 30 parents fully completed our MindMatters Survey. The survey has been issued by the school Leadership team, which is gathering parent and family opinions as part of the school’s involvement with MindMatters, a mental health initiative for secondary schools.  These responses will help inform the school’s future work on mental health. 

We are still interested in getting more responses to ensure that we have the best data available on which to base our decisions.  Please contact the school if you would like to complete the survey. It contains 28 questions and will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.  Your response will not identify you and it will be confidential. 

If you have any more questions about MindMatters, please visit the website by clicking here:

SIS Debating

A number of teams competed in the SIS Debating Competition on Wednesday this week.  Two junior teams, two intermediate teams and one senior team debated such topics as “The Olympic Games are now irrelevant” and “ANZAC Day glorifies war”.  These controversial and topical issues certainly sparked some interesting argument and rebuttal.  Our students did very well in winning quite a number of debates.

Understanding and Supporting Children with Anxiety  

Thursday, August 11th, 2016, 7pm to 9pm.
Entry: $20

The Bentleigh Club 33 Yawla St, Bentleigh.
FREE onsite car park / Bistro open before event.

Secure your place!
Email:  Critical Agendas
Include your name, venue and number of tickets required at $20 each.
Collect and pay for tickets on the night. No EFTPOS
Enquiries:  Ph 0433 616 771

David Hansen
Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus

St Agatha's Parish News


Fr Tony Spierings who will be celebrating weekend and weekday Masses at St Agatha’s while Fr Joseph is away.  We also welcome Fr Tony Cox who will be celebrating the 7.30am Mass at St Agatha’s and weekend Masses at St Thomas the Apostle Parish this weekend. Please make them feel welcome to the Parish.  

While Fr Joseph is away

Please take note of the Mass times while Fr Joseph is away, there will be no morning Masses on Monday and Saturdays, no Reconciliation or Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday morning and no Masses celebrated at the parish schools or nursing homes, all weekday Masses will be celebrated in the Church.


Please continue to keep Fr Denis in your prayers for a quick recovery and for Fr Joseph and the WYD pilgrims as they travel to celebrate WYD in Poland.

Migrant and Refugee Sunday Mass

Will be held on Sunday 18th September, 2.00pm at St Agatha’s Parish. Bishop Pat O’Regan will be concelebrating.   All Welcome! Afternoon tea will be held in the school hall after Mass. 

Youth Meetings

Agape Youth has Bible Study led by Sr. Mercy today Sunday 17th July at 7:15pm in the parish Hall. Call Sr Mercy on 0403423021 for further inquiries.

St Agatha’s Parish


St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Catholic Care

Is deeply grateful for the support from St Agatha’s and St Thomas the Apostle parishes Church Appeal.  Because of our parish’s donations, and donations from the Catholic community, they can continue to support vulnerable and disadvantaged families.

R.C.I.A. 2016

Our sessions have just begun, will begin this Wednesday, we are still waiting for YOU! It is not too late to join us this Wednesday at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. You do not have to journey alone! All welcome! For further information contact Tina at the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

Prayers are Requested

For Sr Mary Helen as she makes her Profession of Perpetual Vows in the Order of the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia of Nashville, this Monday 25th July. The ceremony is to be held in Nashville Tennessee. Sr Mary Helen is the daughter of Colin & Laurel Hill, and a former parishioner and student of St Agatha’s, where much of her faith was formed and encouraged. Sr Mary Helen is currently posted in Regents Park NSW. (Sr Mary Helen is named after Mother Mary of the Cross Mackillop). For information about the “Nashville Dominicans” please click here: 

St Agatha’s Charismatic Friday Prayer Group

Starts at 7:30pm with a cuppa and fellowship in the Church foyer and then moves into the Church at 8:00pm for the meeting proper with praise and worship, teaching, scripture sharing and prayer. All are welcome. For more info please contact John 0448 343 074.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

St Agatha’s Grade 2 students visited to work in the Science Laboratories.

The Grade 2 students from St Agatha’s came to St Peter’s College this week to work alongside a couple of classes of year 7 and year 10 students. It was a very hands on and exciting time for all staff and students involved. The Grade 2 students observed a couple of different science experiments. The experiments included Bicarbonate Soda and Vinegar mixed together. When sodium bicarbonate and vinegar mix, they react with each other and one of the things that is made is carbon dioxide gas. The grade two students observed the carbon dioxide gas by a balloon being blown up.

They also observed an experiment called Elephant toothpaste where there were a lot of bubbles and heat given of. A fun and exciting class it was for all staff and students involved. It was a privilege to work alongside the staff and students of one of our feeder schools.

Science 2

Science visit

2015 St Agatha\'s Science 8

Mrs Tania Brown
Teaching and Learning Coach – Science West Campus

Upcoming Events

Thursday 28 July


Monday 1 August

Year 10 Subject interviews

Tuesday 2 August

Year 10 Subject interviews
CW VCE Study Hub

Wednesday 3 August

Year 12 VTAC Application Open
CE VCE Study Hub

Thursday 4 August

Environment Day

Friday 5 August

Solomon Island Trivia Night

HALO at Year 7

In Term 2, a group of students from Year 7 was invited to attend Halo and were offered an opportunity to “Be innovative”.  With little more instruction than this, the students began to identify an aspect of our lives that needed addressing and they began to seek a solution to that problem.

Ideas were creative and broad-ranging. Some students sought to incorporate tiny turbines in wing mirrors and in the air foils on cars and trucks to generate small electric currents that could aid the function of the vehicle.  Another solution was the creation of a phone app that reported the location of the bus on a bus route so potential passengers could time their arrival better and not be left out in the rain too long. Quite differently, another group explored how factories might employ more sophisticated methods of carbon capture that would reduce toxic gases and particulates into the atmosphere and return their energy back into productive use.

Tamsyn Callander and Milly Cortese created a very practical aid to helping the homeless better their lives.


(Milly Cortese and Tamsyn Callander demonstrate their project to the panel).

Milly wrote, “Our innovative idea was to create a practical pack which will empower the homeless to cook for themselves. We created a compact kit called Good Food = Good Mood (or the One Pan Project) which contains a pan, cookbook and a few other essentials needed to cook. The homeless person was also given a swipe card that enabled them to buy food at an approved supermarket and also to use public bbqs as a source of heat to cook their food. When the money ran out on the card the homeless person simply went back to the provider who might arrange for a general health check or provide further assistance to find accommodation. Some of this assistance might also be lessons in cooking. 

The idea stemmed from the proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Our hope is that this concept could improve the quality of life of those most in need."  

A new group of students from Year 7 has now begun their Innovation journey during Term 3 and even after one session the ideas were bubbling away as to how each team was going to make the world a better place. They are clearly the right people to respond to the Prime Minister’s exhortation for our young people to become “the Innovation Generation”.

Helen Smith 
Gifted and Talented Coordinator

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Next Meeting

Tuesday 30 August 2016

7.15 Tea and Coffee                    
7.30-9.00 pm St Peter’s College WEST CAMPUS
1005 Cranbourne Frankston Rd, Cranbourne 
Enter via Navarre Drive Gates please.

Michele McArdle

Guest Speaker – Ms Michele McArdle
Kolbe House Leader
Teaching Staff, Humanities & English  B.Ed.

Ms Michele McArdle joined St. Peter's College in 2016, as our Kolbe House Leader, at the West Campus. Michele will tell us a little of her journey to St Peter’s College and her role as House Leader, and the importance of St Peter’s College philosophy in ‘Educating the whole child’, which includes the all-important Pastoral Care Program, delivered by our House System. Michele has had a full and varied career to date, encompassing Head of Media Studies, Year Level Co-ordinator, English Convenor and English, History, PE and Religious Education teacher. Michele will also share a little of her role as Ambassador for One Girl.

2016 Schedule of Meetings & Guest Presenters

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Minutes of July 19th Meeting

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Next Meeting Agenda Items:

Guest Speaker: Ms Michele McArdle
College Child Safe Schools Policy and Conduct Presentation.
College Uniform Sub-committee formation

Fundraising 2017

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