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Issue 57  |  22 June 2016
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From the Principal


Our reports for Semester 1 will be available to parents early next week and will provide feedback for students as to how they have performed against a range of assessment tasks. The new reporting format which has been introduced this year is a grading system from 1-30 for all Years 7 to10 Assessment Tasks.

The grading system will give more detailed feedback as to the whether students are working below, at, or above the required standard according to the Victorian Curriculum Standards. A key component on the new reporting system is its ability to track and focus on the growth of each student from year to year as well as encourage each student to aim for the next level above where they are currently working. A more detailed explanation of the new reporting system will be included in the Semester 1 reports.

Refugee week

This week we celebrate Refugee Week under the theme “With courage let us all combine”. The theme is taken from the second verse of tour National Anthem and provokes an understanding of the courage it takes to be a refugee. As we know refugees often find themselves in the position of speaking out against persecution and injustice and for many it costs them their homes and for some their lives. The theme also serves as a call for unity and a call for positive action from all Australians to improve our Nation's welcome for refugees and to acknowledge the economic benefit that refugees bring to their new home through their skills and energy.

Pope Francis says, “the courage born of faith, hope and love, enables us to reduce the distances that separate us from human misery. Jesus Christ is always waiting to be recognised in migrants and refugees, in displaced persons and in exiles, and through them he calls us to share our resources, and occasionally to give up something of our acquired riches.” (Pope Francis, Message, 2015).

Pope Francis

Highlights from the St Peter’s Dinner

20 Year Service Award Recipient Ms Eileen Selfridge and 10 Year Service Award recipients  - Mrs Angela LaRiccia (left) and Ms Melissa Dillon (right) 

history launch
Author Mr Mitch Rabot launches the 20 Year History of St Peter’s College with new Chairman of the College Board, Mr Ken Barnes at right

Pat Grant

Mr Patrick Grant the retiring and longest serving staff member of St Peter’s College is congratulated on the renaming of the West Campus Cricket Pitch ....The Patrick Grant Oval

Robert Carboon

Former Chairman of the St Peter's College Board acknowledged for his 10 Years of Service to the St Peter’s College Community

St Peter’s Day

The cold weather could not dampen the celebrations held on a wonderful St Peter’s Day last Tuesday. At our thanksgiving masses conducted by Fr Denis and Fr Joseph their exploration of our Annual theme “Lord to whom shall we go?”, was complemented by a replica fishing boat of St Peter. In the stormy seas of life, Peter’s boat provides a sanctuary to which Christ has invited all, and all are welcome.

On a day like this there are many to thank but particularly our Heads of Campus, the SRC and House Leaders along with the RE Team who created a wonderful environment in which all members of our community could celebrate all that we give, and all we receive from this great College. I also offer a special thanks to those ex-students and parents who gave up their time to come and cook a BBQ for 1,300 students plus staff, particularly on such a cold day, it was most appreciated.

St Peter\'s day east

St Peter\'s day west
Happy Holidays

I hope staff and students enjoy the winter holiday break after a long second term. It is a great time to get away from the routine of school and enjoy some fun activities with family and friends as a way of recharging the battery for Term 3. To assist our senior students in their on-going VCE studies I advise that the Library at both the East and West Campus will be open from 9 am till 4 pm each week day. 

2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

St Peter’s Day

Whilst the weather tried it’s best to conspire against us, we at East Campus would not allow it to dampen our spirits. The day commenced with a Mass at St Agatha’s led by Fr Joseph. Once we returned there were a number of activities to engage students in. Some of the most popular were: Sumo Wrestler, Haunted House, Karaoke and Inflatable Twister. Money raised on the day contributed to the Diocese Trinity Fund to raise money for the under-privileged in our community. The day was a great success and I continue to marvel at the energy and enthusiasm from both our staff and students.

Keys Please

Last week our Year 10 students engaged with a Keys Please session designed to prepare students for the important beginnings of their driver education. We too often hear on the news the sad stories of road traumas, so this session was a critical first step in what is a significant life skill. I’d like to commend all the Year 10s for engaging so positively throughout the session.

Thursday Mass

Fr Denis presided last Thursday over the first St Thomas the Apostle Mass for this year, held on Campus. Many students took up the invitation to attend. These masses, held every fortnight, are open to all in our Parish and are an important connection between the College and Parish. Fr Denis spoke of the impact violence can have in the community. This was particularly referenced to the violence experienced in Orlando last week. Fr Denis’ strong message of love, forgiveness and compassion being the only way to address incidences of violence struck resonance with many.

Campus Assembly

Also on Thursday we held the second of our Campus assemblies for the year. Led by our school captains, the assembly was filled with reports on the happenings over the course of Semester 1. Included amongst these was the launch of a short movie, created by the media club with significant input from the environment club, which highlighted the issue of rubbish around our College grounds. I commend both these interest groups for their hard work on this project. Other items included: a Sports Report, a Work Experience Program Report and a Refuggee Week Reflection.

Students were challenged at the end of the assembly to consider picking up at least one extra-curricular activity in Semester 2. Anecdotally, students who engage more fully in their school, including the Extra-curricular Programs, develop skills and confidence which can assist them in their learning.

Year 10 Reflection Day

Year 10 students, at the beginning of this week, engaged in a reflection day. Led by our Year 10 RE team, the focus of the day was on leadership. The day commenced with an introduction to the concept of leadership. Students in Year 10 will commence and be invited, in the next term, to contemplate whether they wish to take on leadership roles in 2017. The significant theme surrounding leadership on the day was the importance of servant leadership.

The example of Jesus, and our Patron Saint Peter, were raised as true exemplars of what it means to be a servant leader. Students were challenged to think about how they could make a difference to the St Peter’s community by their willingness to exhibit leadership. The outcomes of this day are yet to be realised as each group of Year 10s were asked to articulate a practical example of how they can contribute to the creation of a more positive community. We look forward to witnessing these initiatives over the coming term.

Northern Territory Trip

Finally we wish all students and staff embarking on this year’s Northern Territory trip a safe and enjoyable trip. This is the first occasion where East have travelled separately to West, though there will be quite a few opportunities to join up with West along the way. We look forward to hearing of their travels upon their return.

All the best to all, over the next two weeks, as the holidays beckon. We hope that all students have the opportunity to refresh themselves ahead of their return on July 11th. 

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Year 10 Reflection Day

The week began with a Year 10 Reflection Day on the theme of leadership.  Mr Steve Nash, the Religious Education Co-ordinator and our eight House Leaders ran a terrific program in which our Year 10 students were prepared for possible leadership positions at the end of Term 3.  Student Leadership positions for 2017 Year 11 & 12 students will be decided at the end of Term 3 and they will begin their roles in Term 4, as our 2016 Year 12 students finish.  This makes a lot more sense to have student leaders active throughout all of Term 4.  The current Year 11 students will have their leadership training later in Term 3.

The Year 10 students were urged by the team from the REACH Foundation to find their voice and develop their leadership skills.  The students were then divided into their Houses to work closely with their House Leaders in exploring the leadership qualities of their House Patron. A ninth group was also organised to work with Mr Nash in understanding the leadership qualities of St Peter. The students also developed a project to work on in Term 3 so that something very practical and tangible could come out of the day.  We look forward to these projects coming to fruition in Semester 2.

St. Peter’s Day

Our annual feast day again proved to be a marvellous celebration of our school community.  Amongst the many things that happened on the day, can I highlight a number of things that were memorable to me:

Our liturgy opening with a drama highlighting the image of the boat as church welcoming all people no matter who they are.  The boat motif was used in a Pastoral Period earlier this term.  The boat was constructed by Mr Glen Collings, Coach of Technology.

The impressive singing and music, especially of Christian Kumarich with the communion reflection.

The chess competition that was run by Mr Chris O’Hara.  McGuigan Shield points were won and this may well become an annual St Peter’s Day event.

The Avila Dance Off that was moved to the Central Courtyard and involved at one stage approximately 50 students doing the Macarena and the Nutbush. Nick Russo, Stephen DePaoli and Tom Kelly did a great job on student radio all day and certainly helped to create the carnival atmosphere.

Zorb Soccer on the oval that saw students covered in mud as they threw themselves into the competition.

Parents and some of our 2015 College Student Leaders who generously donated their time to come and cook sausages for our staff and students.

Quick thinking Marian House who turned the disaster of losing the soft serve ice cream supply into an opportunity to buy and sell pizza…and make some good money for charity.

A dunking machine that saw a number of students send College Captains, House Leaders, Deputy Principal and even one Principal into a container of very cold water.  Some students enjoyed this just a little too much.

A sensational Talent Quest with a variety of acts and Year Levels that were entertaining and cleverly hosted by Deirdre Peterson and Nick Russo.  The Year 12 students certainly made us laugh with their song and dance routine. Also worthy of mention was first prize winner Adam Lynch who rapped a composition called “Love”; Makayla Amphlett who came second with her dance solo entitled “Auschwitz Angel”; wild card award to Thomas Kelly on guitar and Gemma Clover who sang a sensational folk song.  Daniel Edwards also impressed with the first ever stand-up comedy routine at a St Peter’s Talent Quest “Delusional”.  Not only was he very funny but courageous in living our “Be Not Afraid” motto.  This motto was also lived out by some crazy staff who reprised the Spice Girls song “Wannabee”.  It may not have been pretty or even particularly tuneful…but it certainly entertained the student audience.

Finally, the energy and commitment of the staff and the Student Representative Council who made the day happen.  In particular, I would note the initiative of Karena McNeely and Matthew Pask who saw jobs to be done and ensured they were done completely and without having to be asked.  They are indeed excellent College Leaders.

Term 2 is always a long and challenging term.  I wish all our students a restful and safe time over the holiday period and hope that families can enjoy each other’s company.  I look forward to seeing all students back on Monday, 11th July.

Anglicare Victoria

Anglicare Victoria are offering a six week Parentzone program for parents wanting to establish safety, rebuild relationships with their children and move forward with their lives following Family Violence. Click here for information:

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Learning and Teaching

Elevate Education

In our first week back at school in Term 3 students in Year 11 and 12 will take part in our second in the series from Elevate Education.

For Year 12 the Topic is “Ace your Exams” and for Year 11 “Time Management”.

As exams approach for Year 12 it is timely that students are supported in their efforts to maximize their exams scores through the expertise of Elevate Education. One of the key messages is the importance of practising past exam papers. Many years’ worth of past exams are available on the VCAA website and students are encouraged over these winter holidays to complete as many practise exams, under exam conditions as possible. All VCE staff are happy to give feedback to students on any practise exams that are completed in this way.

Futures EXPO 

Save the date! Our staff are busily preparing for displays at our Futures Expo which will take place on Tuesday 26th July. All students from Years 8 to 12 are required to attend during some point in the day or evening. This year will see the introductiuon of VCE Year 12 teachers conducting Parent Teacher Interviews from 12.30 – 4.00. Feedback regards the recent Year 12 Exams will provide students with guidance on planning for upcoming examinations.

Universities, The Police Force, TAFE and many other providers will all be in attendance. Please keep the date free and ensure students and parents can attend in order to make informed choices regards upcoming subject selections. Curriculum Handbooks have already been distributed to students. I urge parents to read through the subject offerings with their sons and daughters and to discuss future career therefore study options. Staffing for 2017 is based largely on student subject choice. Changes mid-year are therefore very difficult. 

To download and view the 2017 Curriculum Handbook flipbook:

Please Click Here:


As previously mentioned by our Principal, Semester 1 Reports will be available electronically via the College Parent Portal on Monday 27th June from 4.00 pm. Parents who have forgotten their password are asked to call the College Office on 5990 7777, as soon as possible. Any parent who requires a hard copy of the Report is also asked to contact the College Office.

A separate detailed letter explaining the new rubric scales will be emailed to all parents on Monday.

The new Maths Pathway Program for all Year 7 & 8 students will also have a separate report to supplement the College Report. Again, an explanation letter and this extra report will be mailed to all Year 7, 8 and Year 10 Numeracy students. Maths Pathway staff will also be available during our Futures Expo to give further explanation of this new program for parents if required.

Click Here to enter the Parent Portal:


St Peter's College is in the process of becoming an ESMART College. Further details of this innovation will be emailed to all parents this Thursday.

Wishing all students a restful and invigorating holiday. Be kind to your parents and make the most of each day . 

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning & Teaching

Useful Links

2016 Futures Expo

To veiw and book Sessions Please Click Here:

2017 Curriculum Handbook

e-book version now available. Please Click Here:

Also note that individual Year Level Curriculum outlines are available to view and download from our website Teaching and Learning section. Click Here:

Please find our individual Yeasr Level Curriculum Outlines as listed below:

Year 7 2017 Curriculum:

Year 8 2017 Curriculum:

Year 9 2017 Curriculum:

Year 10 2017 Curriculum:

Years 11 & 12 Curriculum:

College Alumni

2016 will see us hold our 10 Year Reunion for our Graduating Class of 2006
To register your interest and details please visit our Alumni Section of our website

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St Peter's College Website

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Catholic Life 

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Careers News


Tuesday 26th July - at the West Campus

Online registration has now opened!

Further to the notices in the e-Newsletter this term and discussions at our Campus Assemblies please be aware that students and parents must register for their workshops of interest.  This can be done using the link on College website or Click Here:

Please click on the workshop and provide your name and email address. Register the number of people in your family that will be attending to ensure adequate seating is available.  Note you do not need to print the tickets.

  • 11 am - 2 pm Focusing on VET in Schools and Pathways
  • 2 pm - 5 pm Focusing on Employment
  • 5 pm - 8 pm Focusing on University and Tertiary Providers

There will be limited availability between 2 pm - 5 pm to register for a real interview with McDonalds for employment in the local stores.  Registrations for this opportunity can only be done using the website.  

Attendance at Futures Expo is a mandatory event for both East and West students in Years 8 to 12, with a student free day provided to accommodate.

Melissa Dillon
Careers Co-ordinator, West Campus
Robyn Cardamone
Careers Co-ordinator, East Campus

Religious Education News

St Peter's Day was celebrated this week.

Fr Denis made mention in his homily that St Peter is always celebrated with St Paul. The point is that St Peter is the leader of the Church and the Church is always about forging a path forward with others and never on one's own.

The Church is a community of believers, not just a place where we honour the individual. Earlier in the week our Year 10 students were involved in a Leadership Day. Leadership at St Peter's has always centred around servant leadership.

This type of leadership is an extension from the story of Jesus and the disciples at the Passover dinner. Jesus washes the feet of the disciples. Pope Francis, St Peter's successor, continues the idea of servant leadership on today.  To lead in the mode of St Peter is to serve those around us. We are lucky to have such a great patron.  

St Peter is someone is gives great inspiration in all that we do.

Officially the St Peter and Paul Feast day is on June 29, the first Wednesday of the Holidays.  Happy Feast day to you all.

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

St Agatha's Parish News

Dear Parishioners

Thank you to Bishop Patrick O’Regan for coming to our Parish to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation with our children over the last few days. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Stewardship Program so generously. St Agatha’s parishioners have pledged $8,603 per week to this stage. This includes 652 pledges with 131 families who are pledging for the first time. For those who requested to give by Direct Debit I ask that you please complete your forms and return them to the Parish Office as soon as possible.

Our RCIA Inquiry Night will be held in the Parish Hall on Wednesday 13th July at 7.30pm. If you know of someone who might be interested, please invite them. 
We require volunteers to help clean the Church after the new carpet tiles have been laid, in the morning on Wednesday 29th June.  

Please note there will be no Thursday evening Masses while there is only one priest at St Agatha’s.

There will be a Youth member speaking at all Masses next weekend.

With best wishes, Fr Joseph.

FR Rob Galea here at  St Agatha’s

We are extremely blessed to have Fr Rob Galea come to our parish on Friday July 1st. He will be here for the evening prayer of the Church at 7:00pm, he will then celebrate Mass for us at 7:30pm and then follow that up with a talk which will incorporate some of his songs that he has written.

If you don’t know of Fr Rob, he has a worldwide ministry & you may remember him as the ‘singing priest’ who appeared on X Factor recently. He has also performed with the likes of Guy Sebastian & appeared on Channel 10s The Project. Click here for more information


Would you like to join the Sisters in our parish in reaching out a hand of friendship to the Bereaved? Welcome to join the Sisters of the Nativity Associate Friends for prayers every second Friday of the month 6:30-7:30 at the Convent Please ring Sr Mercy on 0403423021 for more details.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle News

Dear Parishioners

I wish to thank everyone who has given such generous support to the Stewardship Program. In St Thomas the Apostle Parish parishioners have combined to pledge $3191 per week, [to this stage with more pledges expected] which is an outstanding result.   This also includes 204 pledges with 82 families who are pledging for the first time. For those who requested to give by Direct Debit please complete your forms and return them to the Parish Office as soon as possible

The first RCIA Enquiry meeting will be held at St Peter’s College East Campus, Clyde North, on Wednesday 13th July at 7.30pm. Quite a number of people have already made contact with me wishing to learn more about the Catholic Church, either to complete their Sacraments of Initiation or to become Catholics through Baptism or being Received into the Catholic Church. If you know of any people enquiring please assist them to contact the parish now.

Congratulations to our young parishioners who have been Confirmed by Bishop Pat O’Regan over the past few days. Thank you to Sr Mercy, our teachers at St Thomas the Apostle School, our catechists, and all who have assisted the parents of all those who have been Confirmed to guide their children through the time of preparation. We are very blessed by the many wonderful people who dedicate themselves to serving our young parishioners.

May God bless you all, Fr Denis

European Pligrimage

Departing 22nd August for 16 days to Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain & Portugal. Bonus - Canonisation of Mother Teresa.  Package includes return economy flights, coach transfers, 3 meals daily, 3* plus accommodation, guides, taxes & entry fees. Price $5990.  Place are limited, for more info please contact Karen Heiden on 0424 988 117 or Regina Abraham on 0433 156 419.  

Voice For Life

We ask all parishioners to join us in a Novena for the federal election. Beginning on 23rd June.  Novena Prayers are available for all those that can join us or alternatively you can take a copy and pray at home.  A representative will be present at every morning Mass during the Novena. Click here: 

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Next Meeting

Tuesday 19th July
7.15 Tea and Coffee
7.30 – 9.00 pm Meeting

Administration Building, 55 MacKillop Way, Cranbourne East
Enter New Gates on MacKillop Way please.

Guest Speaker: Mr Damien Cardona

Teaching Staff – Technology, Learning Advisor, Augustine House
B.Visual Arts; Post. Grad. Ed.

Mr Damien Cardona joined the East Campus of the College in 2015. Damien will share with us a little about his journey to teaching at St Peter’s College. He will also speak about Art & Technology in the Bishop Jeremiah Coffey Centre for Creativity. Damien comes to St Peter’s College with vast experience and A passion for the teaching of Visual Arts, Wood Technology, Electronics, Visual Communications. 

Evening will include a Tour of our Bishop Jeremiah Coffey, Centre for Creativity facilities.

2016 Schedule of Meeting & Guest Presenters

To view please click here:

Minutes of  May 31st Meeting

To view please click here:

Upcoming Events

Thursday 23 June

Central Australia Group 2 depart

Friday 24 June

End of Term 2
Student Free Day

Monday 11 July

Term 3 Begins
All students return to school

Wednesday 13 July

Solomon Island Trivia Night Mtg - 7pm

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