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Issue 54  |  01 June 2016
Featured Story
From the Principal

National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation week begins on the 27th of May and concludes on June 4th. These dates are significant in our History, marking firstly the anniversary of the successful 1967 National Referendum recognising Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders  in the National Census and secondly the High Court decision to recognise Native Title for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders via the Eddie Mabo Court Case on June 4th , 1992.

The theme for National Reconciliation Week this year 'Our History, Our Story, Our Future' calls us to understand our History and its impact on Aboriginal people captured very powerfully in the story of Syd Jackson in last weekend's Herald Sun.

tim june

Many would remember Syd Jackson as a very successful footballer who played in two premierships with Carlton in the 1970’s. However he also tells his story of a being a young boy separated from his mother and sister at the Moore River Native Settlement in Western Australia, where he was given the name of Sydney after the actor Sidney James and his birthday - July the 1st ( the first day of the new financial year) was similarly given to all the young people who came into the  Settlement around the same time.

This lack of recognition of his actual birthday and subsequent birth certificate almost prevented him from travelling overseas when selected for an International Football trip. Only the intervention of the Prime Minister at the highest level prevented this from happening and sadly this basic recognition of one's identity was not available for many of the Indigenous Australians of this era.

As we move into our future we remember our past and use it to guide us as we build a better future for all Australians. The Recognise Movement for Historical Recognition within the Constitution has set the date of the 27th of May, 2017, for a new referendum. To be held on the 50th Year anniversary of the last successful referendum in 1967, this referendum would focus on fixing the historical exclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from Australia’s Constitution and the removal of sections of the constitution that allow for discrimination through the banning of people’s ability to vote based on race.

Over the coming election period it will be interesting to see where all political parties stand on this issue of injustice in our nation. For more information on the proposed constitutional changes you can visit the following websites by clicking here

God of holy dreaming, Great Creator Spirit

From the dawn of creation you have given your children the good things of Mother Earth.

You spoke and gum tree grew.

In vast deserts and dense forest, and in cities at the water's edge, creation sings your praise.

Your presence endures as the rock at the heart of our Land.

When Jesus hung on the tree

you heard the cries of your people

and became one with your wounded ones:

the convicts, the hunted, and the dispossessed.

The sunrise of your Son coloured the earth anew

and bathed it in glorious hope.

In Jesus we have been reconciled to you,

To each other and to your whole creation.

Lead us on, Great Spirit,

As we gather from the four corners of the earth;

enable us to walk together in trust

from the hurt and shame of the past

into the full day which has dawned in Jesus Christ.


Staff Bereavment

We are saddened by the news of the passing of Emma Van Rens father. Please keep her and her family in your prayers and thoughts in the coming weeks.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

This week we celebrate Reconciliation week. The precursor to this week are events such as Sorry Day and in AFL the Indigenous Round. This year’s theme of National Reconciliation Week is “Our History, Our Story, Our Future”.

We as Australians, whether we were born here or whether we have chosen to adopt Australia as our new home, form connections or a bond which potentially creates and fosters right relations with each other. As part of the reconciliation journey, truths are told, stories can be celebrated and relationships can grow. History records the errors that have been made, in this case in relation to our treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Our story reflects our contributions to the journey of reconciliation and relationship building. Our future is in our hands, one where diversity can be both accepted and embraced leading to a rich cultural experience.

Here at the East Campus these same themes, “History”, “Our Story” and “Our Future”, can and do inform our daily actions. As a community we are continually striving to ensure the dignity of the human person is core to our existence. As a community we strive to live out the gospel values of truth, love, forgiveness, peace and hope. And as a community we strive to foster community in our thoughts, words and actions.

This week we are using this very context as a backdrop to our Pastoral Period. It has been created to look at two significant issues confronting our students. Last week I wrote about the impact social media is having on the lives of teenagers. This week students will be engaged in two themes. Students in Years 7 and 8 will be involved with the theme of managing anger and bullying, including cyber-bullying. For our Year 9 students, the focus will be on sexting. With both of these themes the approach is very much focussed on education and the development of strategies and techniques to manage these issues. For Year 8 students this session will serve as a follow-up to a previous session where an external production group, Brainstorm productions, presented an entertaining take on the impact of anger and bullying.

These sessions will aim, for both Years 7 and 8 students, to provide our students with a number of practical strategies to minimise the risk of getting angry and how to more effectively manage anger. In respect to the Year 9 student session on sexting, students will unpack the definition of this relatively new anti-social behaviour, and explore the legal and social consequences of sexting. Prevention strategies will also be presented to minimise the risk of exposure to sexting. Further information for parents on this topic can be found by Clicking here

Year 12 students during this time will be travelling to the West Campus to hear a motivational speaker challenge our Year 12 cohort to reach for the stars.

Mentioned early was our expectation that students live by the gospel values articulated and modelled by Jesus. Core to these values is the element of respect. It is with this concept and expectation in mind that I draw all students to our four rights; to be treated with dignity and respect, to feel safe, to learn and to benefit from the reputation of the College. It is this last right where I’d like to place the spotlight. It is the responsibility of all at St Peter's College to promote and uphold the good name of the College whenever we wear the school uniform. It has been disappointing to have received a few complaints from the public, particularly in respect to behaviour around our local shopping centres. I ask all students to uphold the good name of the College and behave with dignity and respect to all who they may come in contact with.

Lastly I’d like to commend our Year 10 & 11 students on the way they have approached their Exam Program thus far. The seriousness with which they are approaching yhem is a credit to the students and the subject staff who have prepared them for this phase of their Assessment Program.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish our Year 10 students the best of luck next week as they enter the workforce for a week’s Work Experience Program. This provides, for most, an insight into the workplace and often provides the stimulus and motivation to work harder to reach their goals upon their return. Let’s hope so.

Enjoy the week

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Learning and Teaching


windows 10

All students are reminded that they need to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 on their BYOD. Until 29th July this upgrade is free. Information on how to upgrade can be found via this link, Click Here   

Students who do not upgrade will find that many of the school provided applications will not work.  

The College is currently sourcing a solution to push out Adobe software to all student devices. Machines that have not been upgraded or do not meet the minimum specifications will not install this valuable software.

Please take the time to take advantage of the FREE upgrade before July 29th 2016.


Semester Two Commencement

In order to balance out the short Term 4, all students will commence Semester 2 studies after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

This is an ideal opportunity for students to reflect on the goals set for Semester One and to determine what worked and what needs adjustment in preparation for Semester Two studies. These last two weeks of term are an important foundation for the semester and should not be considered a time for holidays or winding down. 

Subject Selection – Window of Opportunity. 

Considerable time and effort is dedicated to providing students every opportunity to select subjects that are best suited to their individual needs.

This includes:

  • Our Futures Expo
  • Year 10 Interviews
  • Careers Counselling
  • A detailed Curriculum Handbook 
  • Gaol setting sessions in Pastoral Care 

Following student subject selection, the College determines staffing needs for the year. Given that staffing and subjects offered is largely driven by student choice it is important that students take time to research subject offerings and select appropriately.

For any student in Year 11 who feels they have changed direction or made an inappropriate choice, a small window of opportunity exists to change subjects for Semester Two. Students must discuss the change with their House Leader and obtain a Subject Change Form.  

Students then conduct a Careers Interview with our Careers Councillors. If after careful consideration, students still need to change subjects, the Subject Change Form must be signed by parents and submitted to College Student Reception during the week of 14th June to 20th June. Forms received after this time may not be actioned.

Changes cannot be guaranteed and will be dependent on class sizes and timetables. If successful, students will receive a new Timetable in Tutor Group and may commence their new studies.

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching

West Campus News

Mixed Netball Staff V Students

Congratulations to the Kolbe House students who defeated the West staff last week in a very hard fought mixed netball match 24-17.  At half time the staff were ahead 10 goals to 9, but in the second half players such as Matt Simpson, Chloe Harbour, Bethany Dodgson and Luke Schreurs dominated to turn the match around and show why Kolbe House really are very deserving netball champions.  Thanks to Ms Sophie Macreadie who organised the coaches and was a great support in organising the competition.  Thanks also to Ms Janelle McRae who umpired the match along with student Mikaela Dakic and ensured it was played in a competitive and fun spirit.


Year 10 & 11 students are involved in examinations this week. Next week, Year 11 & 12 students are undertaking exams including the General Achievement Test (GAT) on Tuesday, 7th June for any student studying a Unit 3 or 4 VCE subject.  Parents are asked to assist their child in finding that quiet time and place at home to study.  Students are welcome to remain at the College when they do not have an exam, however, they must sign in to their respective study area for health and safety reasons.

Year 10 & 11 students are to use the study hall and are NOT to leave the Campus to go to shops.  If they leave the Campus, it is assumed that they are heading home for the day.  All students are reminded to wear their full winter uniform for all examinations including those on Thursday, even though this is a Pastoral Period day.

Please click here to read more about how you can support your student during the examination period particularly Year 12 students.

Pastoral Period – Thursday, 3 June

This Thursday’s Pastoral Period is offering a number of exciting events for our different year levels while Year 10 & 11 are doing examinations. 

  • Year 7: Police Presentation.  Cyber safety, social media and the law.
  • Year 8: Sticks & Stones.  A lesson distinguishing anger, aggression and assertiveness.
  • Year 9: Drug Education.
  • Year 12: Michelle Newland Presentation: Reappraising Goals.

Please ask your child what they learned from their particular presentation or workshop.  We know that one of the best ways you can assist your child at school is to ask them about their learning.  If they can teach you something they have taken away from the Pastoral Period then you know that learning has taken place and that this learning is in turn consolidated.

All Year 7, 8, 9 & 12 students are reminded to wear sports uniform this Thursday.

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 students are getting excited by their Work Experience Program next week beginning on Monday, 6th June.  Please remind your child to be punctual and appropriately dressed for the workplace.  In most cases a staff member will visit your child or at least make contact via a phone call.  I would like to acknowledge the enormous work done by our Careers Counsellor Ms Melissa Dillon who has enabled this wonderful program for our students.

Year 11 Post Examination Student Program

The vast majority of Year 11 students will finish examinations on Wednesday, 8th June.  There may be some who need to complete a Unit 3 Exam, however all Year 11 students are required to be back at school on Thursday, 9th June.  On this day, students will participate in a 'Fit to Drive' (F2D) Program.  This workshop experience supports Year 11 students to make good decisions when faced with risky driving situations, both as passengers, and in terms of their future driving safety.  F2D is about changing attitudes and behaviours – not about their driving skills.

The workshop helps young people by using active learning methods that draw upon their own experiences, to develop a respect and pride for safe road use.  The road to empowerment is fostered through the small group facilitation undertaken by specially trained tertiary undergraduates.

The overall purpose of the F2D Year 11 Workshop is to reduce youth road trauma.  It includes activities identified as being effective with young people in education programs designed to change behaviour.  These include:

  • Providing opportunities to rehearse behaviours and problem solving strategies.
  • Guided discussion to reinforce and check beliefs and test normative beliefs.
  • Using scenarios to stimulate discussion, to consider the costs and benefits of safe and risky behaviour, and as a vehicle for rehearsing safe behaviours, planning strategies and problem solving.
  • Providing opportunities for interaction and sharing ideas – role plays, pair, small and large group discussion.

In addition, there are presentations about the issues for young drivers and passengers including a Victoria Police presentation and a real life case study delivered by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade or other emergency services personnel.

At the culmination of the F2D workshop, the young people develop a Personal Plan involving strategies and things they would say and do in dangerous situations in order to stay safe on the roads.  They also develop a School/Community Plan that covers actions to help make those in their school safer on the road.

Click here to see more:

In the afternoon, students will be involved in a 90 minute educational seminar called 'Whole New World' by Sonya Karras. Sonya has appeared regularly in the media on shows like “The Project” and her focus is on helping students to celebrate safely.  This is an important message for our young people who need and deserve to have their down time and social life. However, this time can frequently be abused or out of proportion unless adults are not reminding teenagers what responsible partying looks like. The students are never disappointed by Sonya’s wise, measured and relevant presentation.

On Friday, 10th June, the Year 11 students have a compulsory excursion to the Holocaust Museum and a Synagogue.  This is a very valuable experience and I ask parents to ensure that they complete the permission forms promptly for return to the school.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Religious Education News

You may be aware of the Religious Education Review. The RE program from Prep to Yr 12 has been in a process of review for a little while now. The process is coming to a conclusion in the next few months. Units of work will be written on the basis of the new curriculum, they will be evaluated and further changes will be made. The review is part of a broader goal from the diocese to "bringing every student to a knowledge and love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ."

One of the major changes is the impact of the Catholic Identity Project. Over the past decade schools in the Sale Diocese have been going through a process called School Renewal. As part of that a survey designed by the "Katholic University" of Leuven has been helping us understand more deeply our own sense of our being Catholic.

We are, of course hoping that the students across the school know more about their faith as a result of the RE program. What is now being looked at is how well people understand their faith in the context of the life of the school and their own lives. The ability to interpret and make sense of the faith in one’s own situation is a critical element in the new program.

We, as a staff, will be hard at work over the next few months to manage the changes needed. At this stage the change to our RE program is going to really assist us to help create a lively and relevant RE program.

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

Useful Links

College Alumni

2016 will see us hold our 10 Year Reunion for our Graduating Class of 2006

To register your interest and details please visit our Alumni Section of our website

Please click here:

St Peter's College Website

To visit please click here:

St Peter's College West Campus Canteen Pricelist

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St Peter's College Community Portal

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Catholic Life 

To veiw the May 2016 edition online please click here:

St Peter's College Uniform Standards

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St Peter's College Uniform Shop

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St Agatha's Parish News

First Saturday Devotion

In honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will take place this Saturday 4th June, after the 9.30am Mass.  This devotion includes the reciting of 1 Rosary and meditating on the other 3 Mysteries of the Rosary and concluding with a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. All Welcome. 

Monthly All Night Prayer Vigil 

Will take place this Friday 3rd June.  It will begin with Divine Office at 7.00pm, Mass at 7.30pm followed by a spiritual teaching and All night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  The Vigil will conclude on Saturday morning with Morning Prayer of the Church at 9.00am, followed by Mass at 9.30am. The all night Prayer Vigil is held on the first Friday of each month. All Welcome!

R.C.I.A. Inquiry Night

St. Agatha’s Parish will soon begin a new journey in faith to share the richness of the Catholic Church and our parish family. An inquiry night will be held for those who may be considering becoming a Catholic. Are you a baptised Catholic Adult, but have not received the Sacraments of First Communion or Confirmation? Come and See this evening is for you on Wednesday 13th July at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.  All welcome! For more info contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985 

Junior RCIA

Classes for older children who wish to become Catholic or to complete their sacraments begins on Sunday 5th June until 15th April 2017.  Participants will attend Mass at 9.00am followed by classes at the end of Mass in the Parish Hall.

Altar Servers Roster

New rosters are available from the foyer. 

St Agatha’s Parish


St Thomas the Apostle News

Dear Parishioners, 
This weekend we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi. Today we join the crowds following Jesus. Our hearts are afire with anticipation and joy as he speaks about the Kingdom of God. To hear his voice, to walk in his presence, to see him healing the sick with gentleness and compassion, touches our hearts with wonder. Jesus receives the people and speaks to them about the Kingdom of God, and heals those who need to be cured. Above all he feeds them, the five thousand, ”with five loaves and two fish” and when the leftovers are gathered up, they fill twelve baskets. This miracle foreshadows God’s great love for us and his abundance through the Eucharist. Come to the feast with trust and hope and belief that God will always provide, and that God is present in the celebration of the Eucharist. It is here that we are fed with the body and blood of Christ and are satisfied. It is here that we come for forgiveness and it is here that we are nourished by God’s everlasting love. 

May God bless you all, Fr Denis

Blue Hills Mass will not be celebrated this month at 2.00pm.

Change of Heart

This contemporary musical adaptation of the “Prodigal Son” parable is being put on by the Moe & Newborough Parishes.  It will be held at Lowanna College Auditorium Moe on Friday/Saturday 24th & 25th June at 8.00pm and Sunday 26th June at 3.30pm.  Tickets $20 [$15 Concession] available from St Kieran’s Parish Office, Moe  on 5127 1057 Mon & Thurs 9.00am to 3.00pm.  

European Pilgrimage

Departing 22nd August for 16 days to Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain & Portugal. Bonus - Canonisation of Mother Teresa.  Package includes return economy flights, coach transfers, 3 meals daily, 3* plus accommodation, guides, taxes & entry fees. Price $5990.  Place are limited, for more info please contact Karen Heiden on 0424 988 117 or Regina Abraham on 0433 156 419.  See notice board at St Agatha’s for more details. 

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented Program attempts to provide opportunities offering our students experiences outside their normal range of studies.  In the last weeks several groups have enjoyed some special programing. 

St Peter’s College takes to the Skies

Four Year 9 students with a demonstrated interest in Maths and Science were selected to participate in  a hexacopter demonstration and exploration.

“On May 19th Bilal, Simon, Choatlang and I had a chance to experience something stunning. We had three sessions in two hours with Dr Van Der Velden, an Instrumentation Scientist, who taught us the physics behind flight and showed us how to fly drones. The first session was when Dr Van Der Velden gave each of us a chance to fly a drone. The drone was a hexacopter, a helicopter with six rotors. The hexacopter seemed hard to control at first, however, once we knew how to fly it, we could fly it. This experience was much more challenging than I thought at first but in the end I had fun and learnt how to fly a hexacopter. After flying the hexacopter, we went inside and learnt how the rotors work and how the hexacopter flies. We learnt the theory of lift by Newton. This was quite confusing but was very interesting. In the last session we took turns flying drones on a simulator. I think it was more fun than actually flying the real drone. This is because the drone on the simulator I was able to drive as fast as I wanted without worrying about crashing. Driving the drone was the most fun out of the two hours. Driving a drone in real life was the most memorable and learning the theory was very interesting and educational.”
Anthony Ouch Year 9 Student
Later in the day two senior students with aspirations to join the field of Aeronautical engineering, spent an hour with Dr Van Der Velden examining the construction and development of the hexacopter and what the field of aeronautics might involve for them.

“We had a lengthy discussion with Dr. Stephen Van Der Velden on the opportunities that arise with aeronautical engineering. I learnt of the interesting projects, past and present, that occur with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG), guiding Australia to advance and innovate in civil and military technology. For example, the team investigates the current F/A-18 fighter jets, working to improve cost efficiency. His compelling experiences have been a major motivation for me to achieve my goals and has helped me to discover the many pathways and choices available to get there. It was a highly beneficial afternoon.”
James Pettet-Stork, Year 12 Student
The final session of the day took place in the Extension class, held every Thursday after school for senior students who have set their goals to achieve higher outcomes for themselves. Dr Van Der Velden took a small group of dedicated students through a presentation on some of the complex mathematics and physics of flight.  As a treat, they too also got to play with the simulator.  Everyone left the day a buzz with excitement at what they had experienced.

Gifted & Talented

Helen Smith
Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, West Campus

Library News

Luka Lesson Poet Slams Year 10 Audience!

Luka Lesson, a poet and Spoken Word Artist performed before a rapt Year 10 audience at both East and West campuses last Thursday. The overwhelming positive response to Luka’s performance is evident in the following student comments:

I like the way he had a message behind every poem. His interaction with the crowd was great, and when he started rapping he had crazy flow without a beat!  Harry 

It was different to what I usually experience. The rap was interesting with meaning to it. Duane T

He showed another side to English that most students don’t see and made it fun to do. Krystal 

He was a really good rapper and was also interesting to listen to. He told good stories about his life and really deep things. I hope he comes again. Nienkel

I had never seen slam poetry before so Luka was great at introducing, explaining and performing it. His poems had a lot of meaning behind them that many people could relate to. It was entertaining and inspiring.   Natalie

He was great and gave me an insight into poetry and how interesting it can be.   Michael Durbin 

Luka's poetry was really deep and interesting. I like how it related to him and how he had a true meaning behind every word. I really enjoyed it when he spoke in Greek about his grandma and how he got students involved as well. It was a good experience.   Arizona Durbin 

It was nice, upbeat and interesting Luka was funny.     Atul Krishna

His performances made you think, understand and listen. It made you view things from a poet's perspective, strangely inspiring and real. Gaille Canceran 

…It was something different. I liked how he involved us as it kept us all on our toes.  Brooke

I definitely recommend getting Luka back again next year and even again this year!! He was amazing and I think he touched everyone's heart in some way!   Natalia Girvasi

Luka 2



Angela Gargano
Head of Library


Entertainment Book 2016/17

Order an Entertainment™ Membership and support St Peter's College P&F Association

We're very excited to be fundraising with Entertainment™ again this year. Order your NEW 2016 | 2017 Entertainment™ Books and Entertainment™ Digital Memberships from us today, and 20% of the proceeds contribute towards our fundraising

Entertainment™ Memberships are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers for the best local restaurants, café, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel, and much more! Available as a traditional Entertainment Book - or - Digital Membership on your smartphone, your Membership gives you over $20,000 worth of valuable offers valid through to 1 June 2017!

Click here to ORDER from us today

Memorial Pavers

Your Name Can Go Down in History
Engraved pavers to be laid in St Peter's Sculpture Garden.
We continue our Fundraising Program to secure enough pavers to complete the pathways around the St Peter's Sculpture Gardens.
Cost of your personalised paver, is $30.00 including engraving.
Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised in the garden.

Click here to download Order Form:

Ritchies Community Benefits Card

St. Peter's College is a member of the Ritchies Community Benefits club which donates 0.5% of the money you spend on groceries and liquor to the club, school or charity of your choice. Parents can collect a membership tag from the College office.

Please let friends and family know, and encourage sales and fundraising results for the St Peter's P&F Association. 

Thank you all for your support.

Next Meeting
Tuesday 19th July
7.15 Tea and Coffee
7.30 – 9.00 pm Meeting

Administration Building, 55 MacKillop Way, Cranbourne East
Enter New Gates on MacKillop Way please.

Guest Speaker: Mr Damien Cardona


Teaching Staff – Technology, Learning Advisor, Augustine House
B.Visual Arts; Post. Grad. Ed.

Mr Damien Cardona joined the East Campus of the College in 2015. Damien will share with us a little about his journey to teaching at St Peter’s College. He will also speak about Art & Technology in the Bishop Jeremiah Coffey Centre for Creativity. Damien comes to St Peter’s College with vast experience and A passion for the teaching of Visual Arts, Wood Technology, Electronics, Visual Communications. 

Evening will include a Tour of our Bishop Jeremiah Coffey, Centre for Creativity facilities.

2016 Schedule of Meeting & Guest Presenters

To view please click here:

Minutes of April 19th Meeting

Please click here:


St Peter's Day Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

St Peter’s Day Student BBQ Lunch

Tuesday 21st June 10.00 to 2.00pm

West Campus and East Campus Parents required

Come along and join the fun and activities as all of our students enjoy a day of carnival like activities to celebrate St Peter’s Day.

Can you spare a couple of hours to help prepare and cook the free Sausage Sizzle lunch provided by the College Parents & Friends?

Email via our Contact Us link, Click Here

Or phone the College on 5990 7777 and leave your details.

Thank You

Parents & Friends Association

Tuesday 7 June

Year 12 Exams
Year 10 Work Experience
GAT – 10.00 – 1.15pm
Solomon Island Fundraising Mtg – 7.00pm

Wednesday 8 June

Year 12 exams
Year 10 Work Experience
East VCE Study Hub

Thursday 9 June

Year 12 exams
Year 10 Work Experience
SWAC Year 11

Friday 10 June

Year 12 exams
Year 10 Work Experience
Year 11 Holocaust Museum Excursion

Monday 13 June

Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Tuesday 14 June

Semester 2 Begins
West VCE Study Hub

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