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Issue 49  |  27 April 2016
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From the Principal

Catholic Education Week

Catholic ed week

Our school, along with the 43 other Catholic schools in the Diocese of Sale, will celebrate Catholic Education Week from 29 April to 6 May. The theme for this year’s celebrations is ‘God’s Mercy is from age to age’. As Catholic schools, we are called to do more than just pass on the faith: we are invited to translate our faith into deeds so we are truly living God’s Word. Catholic Education Week is an opportunity for all Catholic schools to celebrate our distinctive mission and share things that are special about our schools to highlight our ethos with families, parish and the wider community.

Members of our staff will be part of the Leadership Mass and Dinner held in Traralgon on Friday 29 April at which we will acknowledge Mr Greg Furlong for his wonderful service to Catholic Education over the last 25 years and Mr Stephen Nash who will be presented with a Spirit of Catholic Education Award for his exemplary work in Religious Education and significant contribution to the development of students’ faith lives. During the course of Catholic Education Week an assembly will be held at each campus of St Peter’s to highlight the purpose and contribution that Catholic Education has made and continues to make to young people in our community and around the world. 

Greg FurlongSteve Nash

Congratulations to the New Chair of the College Board

Hello to the St Peter’s College community and I would like to introduce myself as the new chair person of the St Peter's  College board

Ken Barnes


My name is Ken Barnes and I am married with 2 children. Our son is in year 9 and our daughter is in year 12 and both go to the East Campus.  At the AGM last week I was nominated and voted in as the new Chairperson of the School Board, I have been on the Board for about 5 years and for the last 4 years have been Deputy Chairperson. Like you, I am just a parent that wants the best for our children and our school community as a whole. I would like to also thank Robert Carboon for his dedication and hard work for the Board and the School Community over the last 10 years as Chairperson.

Year 11 Retreats

Our very successful Year 11 retreats were staged at various sites over the last week. And I thank the staff who prepared activities and ran sessions for our students in particular our RE Staff who ensured all the logistics were in place to take away over 200 students and teachers. I also thank our students for the way they entered into the retreat program which is very different in structure to the previous outdoor education types camps they have attended. Our retreat program is designed to open up a conversation with their peers and their teachers about the role God plays in their lives. A conversation that often provides more questions than answers but opens a journey that is very much part of our human nature as we discern why am I here, what's my purpose, what does God want from me.

ANZAC Day Ceremony Cranbourne

I thank our East Campus College Captains Amer Athu and Lachlan Buchanan along with staff member Mr Greg Nelson for representing St Peter’s College at the ANZAC Day ceremony held in last Monday.



georgia 2

Last week Georgia Thornton competed in the Australasian School and University Karate Championships in Sydney in Kumite (fighting) taking home a Bronze Medal . She also finished 5th in both her weight division and the open division at the Australian Open in Kumite despite breaking her thumb in the earlier Bronze Medal match. An amazing effort Georgia well done

Georgia 1



Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

Last Sunday I was privileged to attend the Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) competition at Knox. It was a wonderful event and it struck me that there are not many learning experiences, particularly at secondary level, where staff, students and students are equal partners. This was and is the scenario which presents itself for the Human Powered Vehicle teams. Inclusive amongst the significant learning on show are skills such as collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving, effective communication and leadership. Skills also critical in the classroom. Students recognise the importance of working effectively within a team ensuring they play their part in not letting down the team. HPV as the name suggests requires students to ride a vehicle around a designated track.

This involves training and being physically fit, it’s not a matter of turning up on the day but rather putting the hard work in training to ensure they are in the best condition on the day and to perform at their optimum. A direct parallel can be made between this and students applying themselves fully to their learning. A certain resilience also needs to be exhibited by students, just ask Emily Coco who rolled the vehicle twice and just jumped back in and kept on participating. Bouncing back from adversity is a critical skill for students to learn and HPV amongst many other co-curricular programs provides the opportunity for this skill to be developed.

The HPV parents in conjunction with staff members play a significant role in overseeing the smooth running of the event, seemingly recognising that their role is primarily in guiding students when and where necessary. Their commitment to the program and to supporting their sons and daughters is impressive. Congratulations to all involved on Sunday. Results of the event were as follows: Phoenix – 7th place and Shadowcat – 12th. Both of these are fantastic results seeing that we were competing in the Open section.


ANZAC day is a significant time to stop and reflect on the sacrifices made by our men and women, past and present who have, because of their sacrifice provided us with the opportunities we have today to live in a world of opportunity. Whilst not all the world is at peace, the ANZAC spirit and the sacrifices made a century ago have enabled us to live in a world of hope. The school paused on Friday morning to honour those soldiers that have gone before us. This was in the form of a liturgy led by our student leaders and our choir. On Monday our school leaders Amer Athiu and Lachlan Buckanen attended the official ANZAC day ceremony at the Cranbourne Cenotaph, representing St Peter’s College, where they lay a wreath.


VCE Study Hub

The VCE study hub continues to flourish with many Year 12s taking the opportunity to avail themselves of the number of supports provided by VCE teachers within this forum. The number of SACs (School Assessed Coursework Tasks) will continue to grow in number and before we know it the mid-year exam program will be looming large. This week we will welcome Year 11s to also attend and be supported in their learning. Last week the Year 12s were privileged to hear many words of wisdom from last year’s Dux at West, Nathan Martens. Significant amongst his advice was the important role the VCE study hub played in supporting him, particularly in providing him with increased levels of confidence with the content.

Significantly he also stated that he would consistently complete 4-5 hours of study/homework a night.

BBQ Fund-raiser at Masters Cranbourne

The Parents and Friends are holding a fund-raiser on May 14th at Masters, Cranbourne. This fund-raiser is calling specifically on east parents as earlier in the year west parents participated in a similar day at Bunnings. The request is for parents to contribute an hour of their time to assist the SRC and staff in running the BBQ. The hours of operation are 8.00am to 5.30pm. If you are able to assist please make contact with Mairi-anne Macartney on 5990 7777 or click here to email 

Have a good week.

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Year 11 Retreat

It was so refreshing to listen to staff and students returning from the retreat on Friday afternoon so fired up with enthusiasm from their experience.  This is in no small part due to parents who have supported the students and school in our Religious Education program.  In particular, the moving and inspirational letters that you write to your children help make the retreat an invaluable time of reflection not just on faith and friendship but also about their family.

Thanks once again to all the staff who made the Year 11 retreats happen and the students who participated so wholeheartedly.

Casey Youth Summit

This Friday, 29 April 2016, four Year 9 & 10 students from West Campus will join four students from East to represent our school at the Casey Youth Summit for Secondary School students. This is an opportunity for our Forum Leaders to have a positive input into the local community and benefit from the leadership training that comes from participating in this type of activity.
The City of Casey 2011- 2016 Youth Strategy is coming to the end of its term and Council's Youth Services team is looking forward to implementing a new Youth Strategy for 2017 – 2021. To inform this new strategy, Casey Youth Services will be holding the Casey Youth Summit for Secondary School students. The Casey Youth Summit will be a fun and engaging forum hosted by Casey Youth Services.

This is an exciting and important opportunity for Casey’s young people to share their feedback about Casey’s Youth Strategy. Their feedback will result in a fresh new Youth Strategy that will provide a framework of service delivery for Council's Youth Services. The new Youth Strategy 2017-2021 will be one that connects, supports, educates and advocates for young people and their families, schools and education system providers and the community to give young people the opportunity to be the best they can be.

Young people and parents who cannot attend this event can participate in the Youth Strategy consultation by completing the online survey Click here 

Catholic Education Week

Our celebrations for Catholic Education Week begin on the West Campus on Friday.  Apart from the assembly next week, we are hoping to have the week introduced by the Year 9 CSYMA class and set up a Facebook page. We look forward to marking what is important in making Catholic education truly unique. 

Every Day Counts

It is not unusual for parents to experience difficulty at times getting their child to attend school.  If this is a problem, it is important not to allow your child develop a habit of non-attendance when they are experiencing difficulties or anxiety.  If you are having trouble getting your child to school, it is important that you let us know.  I know it can be embarrassing for parents when students refuse to come to school, however, we understand and are here to try to help NOT judge.  However, the message is very clear for students, parents and teachers:

Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. Students learn new things are school every day – missing school puts them behind. 

Why it’s important.

We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day. Students develop good habits by going to school every day – habits that are necessary to succeed after school, whether in the workplace or in further study.

Missing school can have a big impact on students academically and socially. It can affect their test results, including VCE, and, just as importantly, it can affect their relationships with other students, and lead to social isolation.

There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes. Each missed day is associated with falling behind in subject topics and assessment tasks, and lead to fewer subject choices and may impact on achievement in years 11 and 12. 

Getting in early.

It’s never too late to improve attendance – going to school more often can lead to better outcomes. Even at Year 9, when attendance rates for all students are lowest, going to school more often can make a big difference. Every day counts. Schools are there to help – if you’re having attendance issues with your child, speak to us about ways to address those issues.

What can we do?

The main reasons for absence are:

Read More

For more information and resources to help address attendance issues, Click here

David Hansen
Deputy Principal,  Head of West Campus

Learning and Teaching

Student Passwords 

The ICT Committee has made the decision to change the system of changing student passwords. The current requirement to change passwords every 3 months will be removed. While students are still able to change passwords if they wish, the system will no longer require this on a regular basis. If students feel their security settings have been compromised they should change their password immediately. 

Preparing for Naplan 

In my newsletter segments over the next few weeks I would like to share with students and families some strategies that Andrew Fuller, a respected Clinical Psycologist and Family Therapist has suggested to prepare students for NAPLAN. The article is designed to reduce stress associated with this National test. Naplan is only one test on one particular day and as such does not represent the whole picture of who our students are. As a College, however we use this data together with other testing and teacher observation to design targeted strategies to address the specific literacy and numeracy needs of our students. In order to gather this base line data it is important that each student attempt the upcoming Naplan tests. 

Naplan will be conducted at the College from the 10th – 12th May for all Year 7 and 9 students.

Later this year the College will take part in testing for an online digital Naplan test. 

Click here it view Preparing for Naplan by Andrew Fuller 

Let’s start by letting you know what NAPLAN is not. It is not a measure of how intelligent you are. It is not a measure of what you are capable of. Your results on NAPLAN don't effect if you pass the year or not. I could tell you as a psychologist that your results on NAPLAN aren't worth worrying about, but I’m not sure you are going to believe me. So if you have ever felt butterflies in your stomach or a headache whenever you think of a coming test or NAPLAN, the ideas in this paper are for you. Everybody gets stressed.

Everyone gets stressed during tests and exams, even the people who say that they don't. Look around in a room where people are doing a test or exam. Even those people who are yawning, looking bored or stretching and looking as cool as cucumbers, are stressed. That means everyone has to learn how to cope with these feelings. It is not just you! Stress can block your memory, give you a queasy tummy, make you lie awake at night, give you a dry throat or a headache- these aren’t nice feelings to have.

Get Stressed 

The first strategy to dealing with stress is to get stressed. Huh? Makes no sense? Let me explain. Stress feels yucky but it is actually your body’s way of preparing you to perform at your best. Blood gets pumped to your arms and legs, your heart speeds up, and nonessential services like your digestion slowdown- you are ready to take on the world. So stress might feel unpleasant but realising that it is your body’s way of revving you up and helping you to perform at your best, will help you to keep these feelings in perspective. 

Write Out Your Worries 

The second strategy to deal with the stress of an upcoming test or exam is to grab a piece of paper one or two days before the test and write down all your concerns about it. Write out an answer to the question, “What would happen if I fail this test?” (Even though you can’t fail NAPLAN). Then write out an answer to the next question, “If I did fail what would happen then?” Read your written answers aloud to yourself. Even if doing well is really, really important to you, knowing your fears will calm you. Answering the question, “If I did fail, what would happen then?” helps you to make a backup plan

Chew Something. 

Ok you’ve done all of that and you still feel nervy. The third strategy is to eat or chew on something either before or during the test or exam. Check with your teacher that chewing something is allowed in test and exam rooms. If chewing is not allowed, at least chew something just before entering the test. Some jellybeans or fruit would be ideal. Stress happens when we feel we are in a dangerous situation. It is an automatic process that we can’t completely control. Eating or chewing on something sends a signal to your body that says, “Well, if I’m chewing something I can't be in total danger, so relax a bit.”

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching


Careers News

Job advertisement: 1st, 2nd & 3rd year apprentice roof tilers.

A position at Roof Tiling company located in Cranbourne are  looking to hire 1st, 2nd & 3rd year apprentice roof tilers to join our team. No experience necessary, but we are also open to putting on apprentices who have already done some time with other employers. Driver’s license is preferred, but not essential. If no driver’s license, applicants must be able to get to & from yard in Cranbourne every day. Applicants must be hard working, reliable, punctual & keen to learn.  Multiple positions available. 
If the above is of any interest to you, please call either Simon on 0430 559 526 or Stephanie on 0421 406 734.

Year 9 SELLEN Careers Expo Tuesday, 19th April, 2015.

Students from both East and West campuses attended the Sellen Careers Expo at the Cranbourne racecourse. This expo allowed students to interact in a wide range of careers, such things as:
Bricklaying, Horticulture, Outdoor Education, Interactive gaming, Agriculture, Art, Hairdressing, Cooking, Defence Force, Police, Building & Construction, Music, Fitness and many more, as well as University representatives.

Student Responses include:

“I thought it was very useful. It was an awesome opportunity to know what job choices there are and what type of universities there was. It was awesome and we got plenty of free things. .”

 “The expo was a great experience and helps you decide which university you want or need to go to that would be best for your career. Recommend it for everyone.”

William Angliss

Midyear Expo This year’s Midyear Expo will be held at our Melbourne Campus on Wednesday 25 May 2016 from 5.00pm – 6.30pm. This event will provide prospective students with an opportunity to find out more information about our courses ahead of July intake. The July intake is ideal for students who have not yet committed to tertiary study after completing secondary school. Current Year 12 Students wanting to conduct early research before VTAC applications open in August are also encouraged to attend.

Deakin University Nursing and Midwifery Information Sessions

Come to one of our information sessions in July to hear about our innovative undergraduate degrees.
Melbourne Burwood Campus
221 Burwood Highway, Burwood
•    Wednesday 20 July 2016
6.00-8.00 pm
Building BC, Burwood Corporate Centre, Level 2
•    Saturday 23 July 2016
2.30-4.30 pm
Building BC, The Point, Level 1
To register:  Click here to visit our Eventbrite page to book tickets to the session you wish to attend.  Alternatively, call 03 9244 3059

Monash University: The future of lawyering
19th May, 6pm – 7:30pm
This panel discussion will provide information about the current state of the legal sector, including job prospects and the ways in which students can prepare for future employment.
RSVP by 12th May. Click here for Information

Young ICT Explorers

Young ICT Explorers is a non-profit competition for school students to present ICT projects in a competitive setting that aligns with the curriculum. Projects are judged on creativity, uniqueness, quality, level of difficulty and project documentation.
The Victorian event will be held at the Deakin University Burwood campus on Sat 6th August. Click here for information

DON'T MISS the Inside Monash Seminars, Click here for information

Melissa Dillon, Careers Co-ordinator, West Campus
Robyn Cardamone, Careers Co-ordinator, East Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

National  Mass Attendance Count

Starting the 30th April over all weekend Masses until 23rd May (4 weekends) we will be taking part in the National Attendance count conducted nationally.  We need at least 3 people at each Mass to count the number of persons attending that particular Mass. If you can help, please contact the parish office on 5996 1985 or email John  

Mum’s Movie Night

Parish Mums' Movie Night on Friday 13th May at 7.30pm, in the Parish Hall. Featuring the spectacular movie "WAR ROOM". Guaranteed to be a relaxing, fun filled night with a light basket supper, heaps of door prizes and a gift for every mum. A special night for mums only. Sorry we cannot accommodate children. Essential that you place your name on the clipboard in the Church Foyer for catering purposes. 


Bishop Patrick will be celebrating Mass at St Joseph’s, Warragul on Sunday 1st May at 11am.  All Welcome! Parishioners, RCIA teams, new Catholics and sponsors and anyone who has completed the RCIA journey in previous years are invited. Please bring a plate to share after Mass.

Information Evening

All parishioners are warmly invited to the key meeting of the Program, the Parish Information Meeting, at 7.30pm on Wednesday the 18th of May.  At this meeting we will gather as a parish community to celebrate our achievements and plan for the future.  Light refreshments will also be provided.  

Working Bee

There will be a working bee on Thursday the 28th of April at 9.00am in St Agatha’s Hall, to package envelopes with special Program materials.  If you are able to help us fold and prepare these envelopes please come along and share a cuppa and some fun with your fellow parishioners.  Your assistance will be very much appreciated.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle News

Dear Parishioners, This week sees the second and last opportunity for parents to attend the Information Meeting for the beginning of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.…it is essential for all parents to attend one of the Parent Information Meetings for their children to proceed with preparation for the Sacrament. 

Help Needed!!

On Thursday, from 9.00am onwards, many volunteers are required to assist the Stewardship Program preparations in St Agatha’s Parish Hall. If you can give some time to help please turn up; HELP is also required from 2.00pm on Friday, also in St Agatha’s Parish Hall. 

Next Saturday 30th April, Bishop O’Regan has asked parishioners from our parish and the other parishes of the Western Region to gather at St Patirck’s Church, Pakenham, for a “Called & Gifted” workshop. Please let me know if you need assistance with booking.

Bishop O’Regan has also asked all parishes in the Sale Diocese to assist the Australian Military Diocese with a special collection. This will be taken up next weekend.

May God bless you all, Fr Denis

We welcome as a child of God Calvin Marney, child of Julian & Alissa.

Parish Finance Council: 7.30pm in Providence House

St Peter's Family Prayer Group 

Will be held this Friday 29th April at the East Campus, 55 Mackillop Way, Cranbourne East. 7.30pm to 8.30pm.  For more info contact Jean-Paul Antoine on 0421 645 909 after 4.00pm.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Religious Education News

Year 11 students have just returned from retreat.  The retreat went well. There were 3 sites, one for East Campus and 2 for the West. The program was consistent across all three.

Withdrawing from normal life is a challenge for students, for staff and in fact for all people. We all get busy with life. Extracting ourselves for a few days can be a real challenge. Our students handled this well. Some of the things I noticed about the event were: 

  • St Peter's students entered into the event positively. 
  • The students opened up to their peers positively. 
  • Many students allowed new people into their life.
  • A real sense of community was enabled.
  • Students entered into a broader and deeper sense of the World.
  • Students really care about each other and about bigger issues. 
  • Students do look beyond the here and now, the day to day.  
  • They are interested in "who they are" in a deeper way.
  • They want to know the meaning of things.
  • They are searching.

This retreat is a real celebration of the growing up.  Students at this stage are becoming men and women. They do so with the help of parents, teachers, peers and others. It is a great thing.

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

Sports News


The College Swim Team travelled to MSAC on Thursday 14th April to compete in the SIS Division A Swimming Carnival. Despite finishing 6th overall, all team members swam gave their all and represented the College with pride. Congratulations to the following students in won events:

Benjamin Gaspar – U/13 50m Freestlye, 50m Backstroke
Joanna Picerni – U/17 50m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 100m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly


Last Tuesday, the West Campus House Cross Country was held under glorious sunny skies, with 184 students participating in either 3km or 4km events. Congratulations to the following students in put in fine efforts to win their events

U/13 Female Champion    Suhad Mohammed – Romero House
U/14 Female Champion    Talya Cunnington – Avila House
U/15 Female Champion    Tahlia Coates – Glowrey House
U/16 Female Champion    Hayley Tisdale – Assisi House
U/17 Female Champion    Natalie Jenner – Marian House
Open Female Champion    Shima Mohammed – Romero House  
U/13 Male Champion    Aiden Williams  -Glowrey House
U/14 Male Champion    Dyllan Lalouette – Glowrey House
U/15 Male Champion    Jaiden Jakubenko – Glowrey House
U/16 Male Champion    Lachlan Chua – Marian House
U/17 Male Champion    Henry Cooke – Augustine House
Open Male Champion    Jack Stone – Avila House

The Final House Standings and Overall Champions will be announced at the West Campus Assembly next Thursday. 

Justin De Goldi
Sport Co Ordinator

Exchange News

St Peter’s welcomes Mizuki Sato here on a 3 week exchange at the east campus.  I caught up with Mizuki and her host sister, Beverly.

Q.  What do you like about being an exchange student?
M.  I like the differences between Japan and Australia, it is so different here, especially in the city.
Q.  What is one thing that is very different about our cities?
M.  In Japan, the cities don’t have garbage bins!
Q.  What about school?
M. At school, we do a lot of writing.  We have to take a lot of notes and show our teacher the notes.  We also copy a lot from the blackboard.  We don’t have computers like here.
Q.  What is something that you have done that you really enjoyed?
M.  My host family took me to Phillip Island to see the penguins.  It was so interesting to see how animals survive.  In Japan we have the zoo, but not this kind of thing.
Q.  What about food, have you experienced anything different?
M.  I tried a meat pie – I like it and vegemite, but I found it to be too salty.  I would like to have instant noodles in Japan all the time, I love this!
Q.  What is one piece of advice that you would give to a student who is coming here on exchange?
M.  If you want to learn English, the best thing to do is to walk around and see things or just listen to people speaking.

Olimpia Rosenblum
Exchange Coordinator

Fundraising 2017

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