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Issue 48  |  20 April 2016
Featured Story
From the Principal


This Friday the students of both the East and West Campus of St Peter's will stop to remember and pray in acknowledgement of all those men and women who have served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations. ANZAC day is a day of great cultural significance and pride for our country and our community as we reflect on the historic events which have helped to forge a National identity that places great value on the human qualities of courage, mateship and sacrifice. Our College Captains from the East Campus will represent St Peter’s at the Cranbourne ANZAC day ceremony held on Monday the 25th of April.

We pray …

Lord God, help us this day to remember the sacrifice of the first ANZACs, Australian and New Zealander, and the generations of men, women and children who have died in the cause of liberty and peace.
Help us to remember those who still bear the physical and mental scars and disabilities of their service.
Help us to remember the widows, girlfriends, parents and orphans and all those who waited in vain for the return of a loved one.
Help us to remember the mateship, agony, courage and compassion of war service, but save us from ever glorifying the horror and tragedy of war.
Lord God, help us to remember.


St Peter’s College Board Elections

At the conclusion of the nomination process for the 3 vacant St Peter’s College Board positions 3 nominations were received and as a result no elections were required. It is pleasing to announce that the following people will be taking up their positions on the College Board at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting to be held on the 20th of April. 

Mrs Sharon Clover - Parent Representative 
Mr Ken Barnes  - Parent Representative ( Renomination)
Ms Michele McArdle  - Staff Representative 

I thank the above candidates for their generosity and willingness to serve our community. At the Annual General Meeting we will acknowledge  and give thanks for the contribution of departing Board Members, Chairman Mr Robert Carboon  after 10 years of service and Staff Representative Mr Ian Elwood . 

SIS Division A Swimming Competition

Jackson boyd   Ben Gaspar

I congratulate our SIS swimming team on their efforts in representing the college in the Division A competition last Thursday. The event which is held at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre was fiercely contested and our students from both the East and West Campus joined forces to represent the school with great pride. Overall we finished 6th in Division A and I highlight two standout performances from Joanna Picerni from the West Campus and Ben Gaspar from the East Campus. I also wish to thank our SIS co-ordinators Mr Justin De Goldi and Miss Chloe Thomas and the other PE staff from the East & West Campuses who assisted with the preparation and supervision of the day. 


Shawn Chang Kee

Shawn Chang Kee in Year 7 Glowrey House has been selected to represent Victoria in the U13 national table tennis championships in Alice Springs. We wish Shawn all the best for this tournament which will be held in July.

Joanna Picerni

I also congratulate Year 11 student Jackson Boyd from Avila House. Jackson has received a scholarship to attend the 2016 Major League Baseball Australian  Academy Program  which will be held on the Gold Coast for 4 weeks in July of this year. This is a major development program for young Australian Baseballers wishing to make their way into the American Professional Baseball League. We wish Jackson all the best for the academy program and the future ahead.

Baby News

I congratulate Brett  & Liz Barber on the arrival of baby Brianna-Rose Elizabeth Barber coming in at  3.4Kg last Thursday. Mother and baby are doing very well and so is Brett.


Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

We hear it often, the cry of, “these are my rights” OR “what about my rights?” Too often though we are quick to seize on our rights without acknowledging or even understanding that with rights comes responsibility. An example that springs to mind at the East Campus currently is the issue of litter. Everyone has the right to be in a learning community that is clean and aesthetically pleasant to belong to. This however can only be achieved if all students take on the responsibility and ownership of maintaining a clean environment. It is pleasing to note that the chorus of concern regarding ensuring we belong to a clean environment is growing stronger.

Will Veenam, the Environment captain and the environment group he leads have come up with a number of new initiatives aimed at raising awareness and educating our community. The media club are also taking on a similar theme and the SRC also identifying our environment as an area of focus. We have a wonderful learning environment which we need to feel proud of and be respectful of. It is the responsibility of all students to display leadership in this area. It is wonderful that some are already taking up the challenge and we look forward to these new initiatives being launched in the very near future. 

Administration Office

The administration office is well and truly open for business and we have begun to settle into this wonderful facility. Whilst the landscaping around the centre will take some time to complete we are now fully operational. Access to the centre is via MacKillop Way and visitor car park spaces have been made available for parents who have business to attend to or need to pick up their son or daughter during the day. If a child is to be picked up during the day parents are asked to collect them from the student entrance at the rear of the centre. All other enquiries can be made via the front entrance. The discovery centre has been restored to a library resource centre supporting more fully the learning needs of our students.

Pick-up and Drop-off at Heather Grove entrance

I urge parents to be very vigilant and careful upon entering the school grounds in their vehicle. Whilst we have staff on duty to ensure the safety of all we are still finding a number of near misses between cars and pedestrians. Parents are urged to:

  • Avoid peak times for pick-up
  • Avoid entering the carpark itself and park on the street (the exercise is good for them)
  • Ensure a speed limit of 10klm is maintained
  • Avoid stopping and propping as this creates a log jam of cars attempting to enter the carpark

Students are urged to be:

  • Vigilant walking through the carpark area – this includes not trying to access their mobile phone whilst walking.
  • Using the pathways and pedestrian access points provided

Year 11's on Retreat

Our Year 11's for the remainder of the week will be attending the Year 11 retreat, where the theme to be explored is based around “To Whom shall we go”,  it's based on the exploration of who we are as individuals, through self-examination, looking at those around us (family/friends) and the role of God in our lives. . The students are to commence the retreat with a mass where Fr Denis will be presiding. RE retreats speak directly to what is at the core of an education that is Catholic. In the words of our strategic plan and mission direction, it is about “walking in the footsteps of St Peter”, where we, “celebrate our Catholic faith founded on Christ’s message of love, justice and service”.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to spend some time in stillness, away from the busyness of life and the pressures that come with that. Stillness is something we have almost forgotten how to do, yet it is essential to enable each and every one of us to be open to the opportunities God gives us. I thank the staff in particular in anticipation of the wonderful opportunity afforded to our students over the coming days.

Year 11's our welcomed into the VCE study hub

Speaking of opportunities, all Year 11's met with Ms Banda and myself this week to invite and encourage all Year 11's to begin accessing the VCE study Hub. Running each Wednesday night from 3.30 to 4.30, VCE students are provided with opportunities including: guest lectures, themed presentations or individual and subject specific assistance. I encourage all VCE students to take advantage of this wonderful support program

Project Compassion

Congratulations to all at EAST. Our goal at the beginning of our Lenten period was to try and raise $6,000 dollars. I am proud to announce that collectively we raised the grand total of $6,102. This was achieved only through sheer hard work and a commitment by a large number of the community. Staff and students alike worked exceptionally hard to achieve this goal, the final fund-raising effort was the raffle. The Raffle was drawn on the last day of term and the winners are listed below:

1st Prize - Conrad La'Forgue  -  Easter egg hamper
2nd Prize - Grepa Joseph -       Taylor Swift package
3rd Prize - Abby Rook     -          Soccer ball
4th Prize - Lyndal Scolyer -       Soccer Ball
5th Prize - Robyn Cardamone -  Football
6th Prize - Angelin Tom      -       Football
7th Prize - Kalanga Menuwara - Football
8th Prize - Dinuli Ararasingh   -   Football
9th Prize - Liam Oliver        -       Football

Special thanks to Mr Hampson and Mr Woodhouse for spear-heading our program. All proceeds will be sent to Caritas to support the vulnerable in our world.

All the best for the week ahead.

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

House Cross Country

Students participated in the House Cross Country on Tuesday.  There was a strong turnout of competitors with 184 students in total running either the 3km or 4km course. There were also some impressive individual performances which will be announced, along with the victorious house, at our next Campus Assembly on 5 May.

SIS Public Speaking Competition

Five student travelled to John Paul College, Frankston this week to represent the West Campus in the SIS Public Speaking Competition.  Bailee Cairns, Hayley Burd, Cambell Bryan, Daman O'Loughlin and Gerlfraine Abrahams had to deliver a 3 to 4 minute prepared speech and then a 2 minute impromptu speech after being given only 5 minutes to prepare.  The topics for the speeches were:


Prepared Speech
-       The animal I most relate to is…
-       Why children should be allowed to vote
-       The last frontier
-       Most inspirational person
-       When should we celebrate Australia Day?
-    The most interesting person in my family.
-    What is the most important thing that school has taught me


Prepared Speech
-       The refugee crisis
-       When should we celebrate Australia Day?
-       The last frontier…
-       Australia: the lucky country. Still?
-    The three keys to success.
-    Australia 2050.

Thanks to Mr Greg Nelson who helped prepare and supervise the students.

Year 9 Careers Excursion

On Tuesday, during periods 4 & 5, the Year 9 students attended the South East Careers Expo & Try a Trade. This provides young people within the South East region the opportunity to gain a 'hands on' experience and increased knowledge in a wide variety of careers and training pathways. Students, parents and teachers can interact with exhibitors using these learning experiences to make more informed career choices.  

Thanks to Ms Melissa Dillon for organising this excursion for our students and to the Year 9 teaching staff who assisted with supervision.  Please chat with your child about their experience and what pathways they may be considering for the future.

Year 11 Retreat

Our Year 11 students, head off on their retreat this week for a time of rest and reflection.  This important activity is central to our holistic educational approach that allows students time to nurture their spiritual, relational and emotional dimensions.  

I would like to thank in particular Mr Stephen Nash, who in his role as Religious Education Leader has overseen the development of the retreat program and also Mr Mark Sinclair, who has organised the practical arrangements.  Thanks also to the 16 staff members who give up precious family time for the supervision of and engagement in the retreat.

Casey Youth Summit

On Friday 29 April 2016, Casey Youth Services are inviting up to four students to represent our school at the Casey Youth Summit for Secondary School students. 

The City of Casey 2011- 2016 Youth Strategy is coming to the end of its term and Council's Youth Services team is looking forward to implementing a new Youth Strategy for 2017 – 2021. To inform this new strategy, Casey Youth Services will be holding the Casey Youth Summit for Secondary School students. The Casey Youth Summit will be a fun and engaging forum hosted by Casey Youth Services.

This is an exciting and important opportunity for Casey’s young people to share their feedback about Casey’s Youth Strategy. Their feedback will result in a fresh new Youth Strategy that will provide a framework of service delivery for Council's Youth Services.

The new Youth Strategy 2017-2021 will be one that connects, supports, educates and advocates for young people and their families, schools and education system providers and the community to give young people the opportunity to be the best they can be.

Young people and parents who cannot attend this event can participate in the Youth Strategy consultation by completing the online survey Click Here 

Penninsula Voice are presenting "What's the real story with ICE" This is a free public forum.

There has been a significant increase in public concern regarding the use of crystal methamphetamine, also known as Ice.

This Public Forum will dispel some of the common myths and will counter the hysteria that has emerged in the media.

This forum will provide empirical evidence regarding the drug and provide individuals and the community with tangible steps we
can each take to move the incidence of addiction in a different direction.

Click here for more information

David Hansen
Deputy Principal – Head of West Campus

Learning and Teaching

VET at St. Peter's College - Building and Construction

This semester we have around 30 students undertaking a Certificate II in Building and Construction here at the West Campus. 1st Year students have recently completed their White Card training which gives them knowledge of the operation of a work site as well as essential awareness of Occupational, Health and Safety hazards. Students are also developing a wide range of basic skills that cater for a variety trade areas within building and construction.

2nd Year students have begun their small shed constructions which are built to housing standards. As they progress throughout this unit they will also undertake units on roofing and scaffolding. Completion of this certificate gives students excellent pre apprenticeship skills as well as developing knowledge and learning for students with an interest in this industry. I highly recommend any students who may be interested in this pathway, to talk to Mr Collings, myself or Ms Dillon about the pathways this subject may lead to.

Vet 1

Vet 2

Chris O’Hara 
VET / VCAL Coach

Mandatory Reporting – Keeping our students safe from harm

All staff at St Peters College are committed to providing an environment for our students which is safe. Learning cannot take place if students do not feel safe and supported in their learning environment. As part of our ongoing commitment to staff professional learning, all staff have recently completed the Education Departments Online Learning Module which deals with Mandatory Reporting. The 2016 Module explains new Government Legislation around Grooming and Failure to Report requirements which impact on all teaching staff. As Teachers, all staff are required by law to make a report if they have formed a reasonable belief that a child is in danger of either physical, emotional or sexual abuse. This module is one part of continual monitoring and evaluation of our policy and procedures regards the wellbeing of our students. 

St Peters will continue to work toward implementation of the Mandatory Child Safe Standards. This strengthening of child safety requirements is welcomed as we work together as a community to ensure that all our students are safe from harm. 

Marlene Jorgensen 
Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching - Cross Campus  

Religious Education News

Year 7 Chapel Tours with Mr Hogan

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr Hogan took year 7A class on a tour of the chapel. Some of the students had already been inside on other occasions, including to attend mass, but this was a chance for them to learn about the history and significance of the building.

As Mr Hogan explained, our chapel was relocated from Tooradin where it serviced the community for many years. We now use the chapel for school events, for regular parish masses and it has even been used for a wedding.

Mr Hogan talked about some of the symbols of St Peter and students were able to identify other symbols such as the Stations of the Cross inside the building. He also fielded questions including “how did they get the chapel here?” and “why do we have a chapel here at school?” 

The students really enjoyed the time they had to look around and to learn about what makes our school chapel unique. Mr Hogan will be taking each Year 7 class here at the West Campus on a tour of the chapel over the next couple of weeks.

Tim on tour

Marissa Joyce
Assistant Religious Education Co ordinator

St Agatha's Parish News

National Mass Attendance Count

Starting on the 30th April and over all weekend Masses until 23rd May (4 weekends) we will be taking part in the National Attendance count. This request comes to us from the Aust. Catholic Bishop’s Conference and will be conducted nationally. This means that we will need to have at least 3 people at each Mass to count the number of persons attending that particular Mass. If you can help, please contact the parish office on 5996 1985 

Children’s Liturgy

Will begin again this Sunday, could all leaders please collect their rosters from the Church foyer. 

Aging and Awakening

Are you interested in living well in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s? Would you like the opportunity of new awakenings, new growth with a sense of meaning and belonging? Then join us to explore with others in our community. Key attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours that bring peace, meaning and wholeness as we move into our future. God’s Surprising Gifts is the theme for a series of sessions conducted by Kerin Caldwell sgs, commencing Friday 29th April, 13th May, 10th & 24th June & 8th July. In the Parish Hall from 10.00 to 12.30pm. RSVP by Friday 15th April to Maria on 0409 563 864 or the parish office on 5996 1985.

RCIA Mystagogia Mass 

Bishop Patrick will be celebrating Mass at St Joseph’s, Warragul on Sunday 1st May at 11am. All Welcome! Parishioners, RCIA teams, new Catholics and sponsors and anyone who has completed the RCIA journey in previous years are invited. Please bring a plate to share after Mass. 

ST Agatha’s Primary School 

Will be taking enrolments for Prep 2017 from Thursday 28th April, 2016. For more information contact St Agatha’s Primary School on 5996 2724. 

Voice for Life

Some of our members will be going to Life Dinner 2016 at Mannix College, Clayton on the 14th May. We invite parishioners to join us for this fundraiser run by Australian Family Association. Guest speaker this year is Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins. Speaking on 20 week Infant Viability Bill. This is a very important bill and we should support this. Please contact Maria on 0409 563 864 or Helen on 0437 198 863. See flyer on notice board for details.

St Agatha’s Parish


St Thomas the Apostle News

Dear Parishioners, 

This week sees the beginning of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation with the Information meeting for parents on Tuesday evening…it is essential for all parents to attend one of the Parent Information Meetings for their children to proceed with preparation for the Sacrament. Also this week, the Stewardship Renewal gets underway with the Leaders Meeting on Wednesday evening. Both the Stewardship Renewal and the preparation for Confirmation are being held in conjunction with St Agatha’s Parish. On Saturday 30th April, Bishop O’Regan has asked parishioners from our parish and the other parishes of the Western Region to gather at St Patirck’s Church, Pakenham, for a “Called & Gifted” workshop. Please let me know if you need assistance with booking. 

May God bless you all, Fr Denis 

Special Collection

A special collection will be taken this weekend to support the Education of Seminarians, Bursary fund.

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday 7.30pm: Confirmation Parents Meeting in St Agatha’s Parish Hall Wednesday 7.30pm: Stewardship Leaders Meeting in St Agatha’s Parish Hall Thursday 7.30pm: St Thomas Church Committee in Providence House Wednesday 27th April at 7.30pm: Parish Finance Council in Providence House

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Library News

It’s Exciting!  The Discovery Centre is Back!

The Discovery Centre has been reclaimed as a library now that classes have been moved to the new building.   

The Discovery Centre is a friendly learning space where students can come to study or for recreation and where all kinds of interesting cultural activities can take place. The main purpose of the Library Program run at the Discovery Centre is to provide excellent online and print learning resources and to promote reading and information literacy skills. We are all know how easy it is to find information with the Internet, but it is a vital for students to know how to find the best information for their purposes and to use it effectively.

We have a fantastic fiction collection, a growing non-fiction collection and wonderful online databases available 24/7 at our Virtual Library on the Moodle Page. 

Library services will be available between 8am and 4pm. Library Staff include Ms Gargano, Teacher Librarian and Head of Library, and Library Technicians, Ms Vicki Young and Ms Margaret Rowland.
Watch this space for lunchtime activities to be announced soon!

Library Services: 8am-4pm Monday -Friday

Homework Club: 3.30pm - 4.30pm Tuesday -Thursday

Senior Study: 3.30pm - 5.30pm Monday - Wednesday

library 2 library 1

Angela Gargano
Head of Library

Useful Links

Parents & Friends Meeting and Guest Speaker 2016

Please click here to view:

College Alumni

2016 will see us hold our 10 Year Reunion for our Graduating Class of 2006

We will also be holding our Inaugural 1 Year Reunion for the Graduating Class of 2015

To register your interest and details please visit our Alumni Section of our website

Please click here:

St Peter's College Website

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St Peter's College West Campus Canteen Pricelist

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St Peter's College Community Portal

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Catholic Life 

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St Peter's College Uniform Standards

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St Peter's College Uniform Shop

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Second Hand Uniform Sales via Sustainable School Shop

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Secondhand Calculators and Text Books

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College Student Calendar

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Called and Gifted Workshop

An Invitation to each person– YOU ARE CALLED AND GIFTED!

The Diocese of Sale is embarking on a process whereby every person in the Diocese is invited to deepen their spiritual life and to discern God’s call for them.

The Called and Gifted workshops, presented by the Catherine of Siena Institute, encourages all to discover God’s call for their life through the discernments of the gifts and charisms received from God. Through Baptism, God has gifted each person for a unique vocation, enriched by gifts and charisms to be used to show God’s love to world in serving others. 

The Called and Gifted workshops assist in discerning how our spiritual gifts can change the world and spread the Gospel, and how using our gifts together can transform and renew our parishes and diocese. 

Each parish and school is invited to participate in one of four Called and Gifted Regional Workshops. Participants will be given take home materials for reflection and personal use at home.
16th April:  St Laurence’s Parish Centre, OGILVY ST, LEONGATHA
30th April:  St Patrick's Parish Centre, PRINCES HWY, PAKENHAM
7th May:    St Mary's Parish Centre, NICHOLSON ST, BAIRNSDALE
14th May:  St Michael's Parish Hall, CHURCH ST, TRARALGON

Parishes are encouraged to send a MINIMUM of 10 people from each parish to one of the Regional workshops. 

Bookings and payment via credit card online at TryBooking.com Click here

Bookings can be made either by and individual or by the parish as a group booking.

Sophy Morley, Diocesan Pastoral Coordinator, Diocese of Sale 
Phone: 03 5622 6600  or click here to email  

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 20 April

Year 11 Retreat (Leave at 5.00pm)

Thursday 21 April

Year 11 Retreat


Friday 22 April

East Campus Tour - 9.30am

Year 11 Retreat

Afterschool Detention

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 April

HPV - Knox

Monday 25 April

ANZAC Day - Public Holiday

Tuesday 26 April


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