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Issue 44  |  09 March 2016
Featured Story
From the Principal

Harmony Day

This week we celebrate Harmony Day, a day in the school year which is internationally recognised as the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Within our Australian context we celebrate the wonderful diversity of our country and the respect we have for all cultures that have travelled great distances and made enormous sacrifices so they could call Australia home. In recent times, the refugee crisis around the world has brought mixed reactions and responses as to how the world should respond to the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War 2. Our annual theme “Lord to whom shall we go" is a question that many of those who are displaced from their homes, families and countries are asking. How would Christ respond? How do we respond? 

At our Harmony Day Assembly this week we will welcome some performers from the African Drumming Association who will share their music and culture from the West African Countries of Senegal, Gambia and Ghana. I also thank our senior student leaders and in particular our VCAL staff and students who have prepared a variety of international foods for sale on the day to assist project compassion. 

St Thomas the Apostle Parish - Fr Denis

On Sunday the 6th of March, Fr Denis was officially installed by Bishop Patrick O’Regan as the first Parish Priest of St Thomas the Apostle, Clyde. It was a wonderful celebration for the Parish and we look forward to supporting Fr Denis in his role of building a new faith community. Our East Campus will continue as the mass centre for St Thomas the Apostle for it Sunday morning mass and its new Saturday night mass which will commence this week.

The Parish of St Thomas the Apostle is underway with its planning and fundraising for a new church. The church will be built on the grounds of St Thomas the Apostle Primary school and construction is hoped to commence in the next 2 years.

Fr Denis

East Campus Admin Centre & Temporary Year 9 Classrooms

The Administrative Centre for the East Campus will be completed shortly before the Easter Holidays. Once completed the administrative staff and Year 9 classes will shift to the new facilities for the commencement of term 2 and allow the Discovery Centre to return to its normal functionality as a research centre for our students and teachers. Year 9 classes will be held in the new facility for the next 18 months while we complete the construction of a permanent Year 9 centre which will be ready for use for the 2018 school year.

New East Building

Congratulations to Jackson Boyd & Jaime Keenan

Jackson Boyd          Jamie Keenan 1

Jackson who is a Year 11 Avila House student at the West Campus was selected by School Sports Victoria to represent Victoria in the 17 Years and Under Boys Baseball Team. Jackson will travel to Western Australia in May of this year to compete in the National Championship against the representative teams from each State. Well done Jackson.

I also congratulate Jaime Keenan who recently participated in the Interschool Dressage Competition and placed 5th overall in a class of 24. This was a fantastic achievement given that her own horse had a sore leg which forced Jaime to complete the event on a borrowed horse who had never completed in a dressage event before. An amazing effort Jaime.

Jamie Keenan

Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

At St Peter's College many opportunities exist for students to further enrich their faith journey. In Religious Education classes students are presented with learning opportunities exposing them to opportunities to expose and depth their understanding of, amongst other things the life of Jesus. Students are presented in so many ways with the Christian values espoused by Jesus including the values of love, hope, forgiveness, peace, tolerance and freedom.

Students learn of Jesus journeys and of his teachings, particularly his teachings around walking with and supporting the vulnerable, the down-trodden and the outcast. These are important lessons to hear, yet all the more significant if we present opportunities to demonstrate these values and practically apply these teachings to real life situations. Last week was the beginning of one such opportunity. All Year 12 students and many teaching staff sign up to one of three social justice projects.

Last week two Year 12 students and a staff member assisted at the Frankston City Life Café, this café provides nutritious meals most nights of the week to those that can’t afford to provide food for themselves and their family. Other projects that students and staff have signed up for include: Oznam House, providing accommodation for homeless men and Berwick Vinnies Soup Van, providing food for the needy in the Berwick area. I congratulate the students at East for their willingness to give of themselves to help the less fortunate. In this materialistic world we live in which focuses on the self rather than looking outwardly to the world and asking what can I do to make a difference, these students are leading the way.

Year 7 Camp

Last Friday we welcomed back the Year 7’s from camp. As transition activities go, the Year 7 camp is a significant feature. Activities and events on camp are designed to assist students to get to know each other as well as teaching staff who will be significant in their learning over the next number of years. The fostering of significant peer relationships is an essential ingredient to being a fully-fledged and engaged member of the St Peter's community. The feedback from staff was that students were exceptional in their behaviour and approach to the planned activities. Congratulations Year 7’s and my thanks is extended to the staff attending and leading the camp.

Yr 7 camp east 1

East camp 2



Over the past few weeks a survey has been conducted of both staff and students as to whether it is time to introduce some sort of bell system to the school. Up until this point in time bells have not been used, but as the school continues to grow there is some thought been given to the introduction of bells. Feedback from the surveys suggests that there is enough people in favour of bells that in the last two weeks of term we will trial a bell system. The “bell” will be in the form of music, played for two minutes indicating the commencement of the day, the commencement of class or the conclusion of recess or lunch. At the conclusion of the trial further feedback will be sought from both staff and students before a final decision is made.


One significant reason for the trial introduction of a “bells” system is the growing concern regarding the lateness of students to school in the morning and/or lateness to class. The bell system it is hoped will rectify much of the lateness to class during the day, however the lateness in the morning is a growing concern. Whilst a small percentage of lateness can be attributed to the current public transport services at East, much lateness can be attributed to laziness or poor habits. Learning Advisors have been asked to follow-up with repeat late offenders including making contact with home to express any concern. Students who are deemed to be repeat offenders and do not provide administration staff with a note will be required to attend a detention as per the school policy. We as a school, together with you the parents do not do our students, your sons and daughters any good service if we fail to enforce high expectations in relation to good work habits including punctuality. It is this sort of life skill which is required in the workplace and which has its origins as a sound work habit in the school. Students are reminded that they must come to the Discovery Centre to receive a late pass if they are late. This is a non-negotiable.

Student ID Cards

Many students are not carrying these because they are lost or out of date. These are important as they are used in a variety of ways at school. Please ensure your son or daughter has a current ID card. Replacement cards are able to be purchased at a cost of $5 from the administration staff in the Discovery Centre.

Parents & Friends East Campus Meeting

I invite all parents to come along and join us for our next Parents & Friends Meeting to be held at the East Campus, where I will speak as your Guest Speaker.

Click here for more details:

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus


Teaching and Learning News

End of Year HEAD START 

On the 14th of November all students in Years 7- 11 will commence our College HEAD START Program. As the name suggests, this will mean that all students will commence studies in the next year level in 2016 and will undertake studies these next year level studies for three weeks. The benefits of commencing the academic year early are many:

  • Students will commence relevant and meaningful studies and not simply be “winding down” 
  • Staff will establish relationships early and begin to know the strengths and weakness of students in time for planning over the Christmas break
  • Year 11 / 12 students will have an increased opportunity to cover a crowded VCE curriculum.
  • Parents will know which books to purchase well before the start of the 2017 year.
  • The start back in 2017 should be more settled with staff and students already well established in classes. This will enhance student learning
  • Library staff will issue novels for reading over the holidays.
  • Whole school roll up will allow a more accurate reflection of the following years’ timetable and staffing ensuring a smoother transition to the following year 

As a staff, the College are committed to the fact that “EVERY DAY COUNTS”, therefore students who are not present for the final 3 weeks of school will find that their learning will be significantly disadvantaged.  The implications for parents are that family holidays, taken at the end of term 4 will impact on student learning. Please consider this new process when planning family holidays 

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal,  Teaching & Learning

Religious Education News

Last Friday 4th March was the World Prayer Day. Pope Francis has invited everyone in the Church to be united in prayer all around the world for 24 hours. In this context, St Peter’s East Campus has organised for the Year 8 students (more than 100 of them) to be taken to St Agatha’s Church for an hour of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Fr Denis, Fr Joseph and Fr Peter have also made themselves available to these students for Reconciliation. It was a gracious moment for all students and staff present and a rare opportunity given to our students to make a personal encounter with Jesus in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar. At the same time, it was absolutely amazing to experience how much respect and devotion our students have shown during this time last Friday.  All students present, including the Priests and staff unanimously agree that it is an experience to renew in the future, sooner rather than later. 

24 hours 1

I wish to thank each and everyone involved in some way or another to make this experience a success. A big thank you to all parents for supporting their children and the College in this endeavour. Congratulations to all the students for their exemplary behaviour and respect during this special time. Last, but not least, thank you to Fr Denis, Joseph and Peter for making this event possible. 

God Bless

Jean-Paul Antoine
Assisi & Avila House Leader, East Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

Would you like to become an extraordinary Minister or Lector

An information/training session for parishioners who would like to assist in these important ministries will be held on Monday 21st March at 7.30pm in the Church. The new Extraordinary Ministers and Lectors will be commissioned at Holy Thursday Mass. We would encourage those already on the rosters to come along for a refresher. Enquiries Sr Mary on 5996 1985

Training for new Altar Servers

An Altar Servers training session will be held for new Altar servers from both St Agatha’s and St Thomas the Apostle Parish on Tuesday 15th March at 4.00pm in the St Agatha’s Church.

Aging & Awakening

Are you interested in living well in your 70’s, 80’s 90’s? Do you see aging as a call to richer life? God’s Surprising Gifts is the theme for a series of sessions conducted by Kerin Caldwell sgs, commencing Friday 29th April, 13th May, 10th & 24th June & 8th July. In the Parish Hall from 10.00 to 12.30pm. RSVP by Friday 22nd April to Maria on 0409 563 864 or the parish office on 5996 1985. Morning tea provided.

St Agatha's Parish


St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Parish Finance Council Announced

We welcomed Bishop Pat and visitors to St Thomas the Apostle Church this past weekend as the Parish celebrated its inauguration with a special Mass.

This weekend the new Parish Finance Council is also announced; we thank the following for accepting this responsibility for our new parish: Sinclair Thomas, Helene Jayamaha, Ted Wynen, Robert Carboon, Heidi Keel & Patrick Ross.

Saturday Evening Mass

From next weekend there will be a second Mass each weekend. Mass will be celebrated at 6.00pm each Saturday evening as well as at 9.30am on Sunday. Thank you to all who are so generous with their time and talents within the Parish, and especially to St Peter’s College and St Agatha’s Parish.

Casey Multi-Faith Network 

The Network is comprised of individuals from diverse religious and faith backgrounds who share a common vision of practising their faith with integrity, whilst living in harmony with one another and the broader community and promoting social cohesion in the City of Casey.

Contact Casey Multi Faith Network, PO Box 2574, Fountain Gate 3805. 

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Next Meeting

Tuesday 15th March

7.15pm Tea and Coffee

7.30-9.00pm St Peter’s College EAST CAMPUS

55 MacKillop Way, Cranbourne East

Enter via Gates on Heather Grove please.

2016 Chris Black P F Meeting

 Guest Speaker – Mr Chris Black, Deputy Principal, Head of Campus - East

 B.Ed.; Grad.Dip.RE; M.Ed.Leadership                   

Chris Black joined the College this year taking up the position of Head of Campus - East, a role he is very excited about. Chris has been involved in Catholic education for nearly 30 years, spending a considerable period of time involved in girl's education. Chris's leadership experience includes leading in curriculum and pastoral positions, senior pathways roles and school organisation. For two years he held the position of Acting Principal at Killester College. Over the past 5 years Chris has led the establishment and development of a Family Learning centre and has spent much time fostering school and family partnerships. It is this work together with his role as a parent of four children that Chris recognises the significance and importance of fostering such relationships. Chris will be focusing his presentation on the importance of school and family partnerships.

Evening will begin with a viewing of our newly completed Avenue and installed Sculpture of St Peter.

2016 Schedule of Meeting & Guest Presenters

To view please click here:

Minutes of Meeting

Please click here:


2016/17 Entertainment Book - Online Version & Book available soon

To order your Membership please click here:

Memorial Pavers

Your Name Can Go Down in History!
Engraved pavers to be laid in St Peter's College Sculpture Garden.

To download your Memorial Paver Order form please click here:


Year 7 Camp Reflection West Campus

On Monday 29 February, 159 students and 22 staff departed for an adventurous and fun filled three days at the Forest Edge Christian Youth Camp in picturesque Nerrim East. All students participated in the many activities on offer including river sledding, mountain boarding, climbing wall, flying fox, bush walking, riddle rogaining, team challenge, raft and hut Building, trivia and a disco. Thank you to all staff who supported our Year 7s on Camp and helped them to have the most fun possible and to create opportunities for them to make new friends. Read below some reflections from our Year 7 students.

My highlight of Year 7 Camp was meeting heaps of new friends, using teamwork and many other qualities as well. My favourite activities would have to be the River Sledding and the Flying Fox. What I learnt about myself on Camp is that I’m not afraid to try a new activity even if I think it is going to be difficult. Alana Wilkins

My highlight of Year 7 Camp was getting stuck in the mud when I was getting water from the river so that Mr Bourke could tip it over our huts. What I learnt about myself on Camp was that I could get over my fear of going down the hill when I was doing the Mountain Boarding! Hayley Garnham

My highlight of Year 7 Camp was making so many more friends to say “hi” to at Snack and Lunch! Georgia Davies

My highlight of Year 7 Camp was when we had to go river sledding because I was scared about it but it was a lot of fun. What I learnt about myself on Camp is that I could do more than thought I could, like river sledding. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it but I did so I learnt that I can do whatever I want to do. Bailee Cairns

On the Year 7 Camp I learnt to work as a team and to trust your teammates. This helped me in hut building and raft building as we had to work together to construct them. Milly Cortese

My highlight of Year 7 Camp was when I went river sledding and I got stuck on the rocks. What I learnt about myself on Camp is that I can do more things than I expected. Dylan Tilli

My highlights of Year 7 Camp were the river sledding and mountain riding activities, the disco and spending more quality time with my friends. I had so much fun on Camp. My favourite thing I did on Camp was the disco. I enjoyed dancing my heart out and also watching my friends have fun. What I learnt about myself on Camp is the fact that I am able to make friends easily and I like to be in a friendly and fun environment. I enjoyed going on Camp very much and am looking forward to our next one! Gerlfraine Abrahams

Yr 7 camp 1

Yr 7 camp 2

Janelle McRae
MacKillop House Leader


The SNAP team is pleased to offer senior students the opportunity to participate in two upcoming I Belong programs, both held during the March/April school holidays at RMIT’s City campus.

Ready Set Design

Dowload PDF Flyer here:

Study Skills 101:

This two-hour workshop will help students to develop strategies in areas including time management, exam preparation and stress management. The seminar will assist current VCE students to maximise their memory and manage their time, and give them strategies to approach their exams and assessments with confidence.

To register attendance, students must visit our Eventbrite page, click here; select the session/s they wish to attend, and provide their details.

Students aged under 18 years of age will also need to return a consent form signed by their parent or carer. 

Varied Information Sessions detail:

  • 2017 Cadet Opportunities for current Year 12 students
  • Focus on Melbourne – Faculty Specific Sessions at Uni of Melbourne
  • University of Melbourne – Werribee Open Day
  • A Day at University of Melbourne - Friday 1st April
  • Day of Immunology Lab Discovery Tours
  • Defence Jobs Info Sessions

Please click here to view:

Melissa Dillon, Careers Coordinator, West Campus

Robyn Cardamone, Careers Coordinator, East Campus

Library News

Star Wars Panel A Force to Be Reckoned With…

An engaged audience of Star Wars fans participated in our first Book Club Panel held at the library during lunchtime on Monday.  Here’s what one student had to say:

It was interesting because panel members, Jade and Austin knew so much about Star Wars and gave us an insight into light sabers and the background to the Star Wars story. It was also good that the audience was able to ask questions and have them answered in detail. Austin surprised and entertained us with impressions of some of the characters! Sahin 

star wars

Steven Herrick Poet and Author Wows Year 9 Students!

Steven Herrick had students laughing and sometimes, gasping, as he shared with them his poetry. His novels, often written in verse deal with themes close to the heart of young adults. Some of his books include: Love, Nose and Ghost Hair, By the River, The Simple Gift and Lonesome Howl.

The following are some student responses to Steven’s performance:

Creative – made things up on the spot
He was “savage”. Ashwin

He made it humorous.
He understood our age and what we find funny - Josie
Involved the audience
He stereotyped some of his characters e.g. the Greek writer, good at accents. Chris

Good stories. Santhosh

2016 Slam Poet March

Angela Gargano
Teacher Librarian

Winter Uniform Changes

During Term 2, Week 1, students can wear either their Summer Uniform or their Winter Uniform.

Change over from Summer to Winter Uniform to be complete by Term 2, Week 2, Monday 18th April.

2016 winter uniform 2

Please note the important changes to the St Peter's College Winter Unform

  • ALL Boys will continue to wear the Boys White Monogrammed Pocket Shirt with the addition of the St Peter's College Tie.
  • Year 7 Girls ONLY have a compulsary change  to the St Peter's College Girls White Monogrammed Pocket Blouse, which is worn with the St Peter's College Girls Bowtie.
  • Year 8 to 12 Girls can choose to make the change or to continue to wear the Girls White Shirt with the St Peter's College Tie.

Please Note that they must wear the appropriate tie with the appropriate Shirt/Blouse.

To order online please click here:

Year 7, 2017 Enrolments Closing Soon

Applications for Year 7, 2017 are closing very soon.  

Enrolment application packs are available from the Office of either the West or East Campus.  Open 8.00 to 4.30 Monday to Friday

Please contact our Registrar Kerrie Birrell on 5990 7777 or email registrar@stpeters.vic.edu.au

if you have any questions regarding the enrolment process.  

Applications close on Friday 11 March 2016.

Mrs Kerrie Birrell

Year 7, 2016 Enrolment Process

  • Year 7, 2017 Enrolments Open for both West and East Campus 15th October 2015

Initial Enrolments close

  • 11th March 2016  

 *after this date enrolments will be accepted if places available.

Offers of Student Places

  • April 2016

Year 7, 2017 Orientation Day

  • 28th November 2016

Year 7 students commence school

  • 2nd February 2017

Peer Support

The transition from Primary school to Secondary school can be exciting, challenging and daunting, particularly starting at a new campus, learning where the rooms are, who the teacher will be and how to adjust to such a fast paced and busy environment. To assist students in their adjustment period at St Peter’s College, we offer a Student Mentoring Program run by our Year 11 students. 

All Year 7 students are broken up into small teams based on their core groups and participate in a range of activities lead by their Year 11 Student Leaders. These activities are designed to facilitate transition, create a fun environment for students to speak openly and give student the opportunity to develop relationships with their older peers as well as those their own age. Throughout the Semester, students will participate in eight sessions, each having its own unique focus.

Our first session was on Monday 9th of February which focused on getting to know the students and leaders within their group, whilst also setting out rules and expectations for the future sessions. The second session was on Wednesday 24th of February, which focused on school and life challenges, including the ways we can overcome challenges. This involved students completing a range of actions simultaneously (skipping, hopping, clapping, clicking, running) and understanding that sometimes things can become too much, but that’s okay. It’s about learning from our mistakes, asking for help and ensuring we have the right support to move forward. Their challenges made it clear that in life they will come up against many issues and although they may seem difficult, they need to persevere.  

I encourage families to talk with their Year 7 sons and daughters about Peer Support, the challenges they are facing at school, and ensure they feel supported at school. Students are encouraged to seek out their Peer Support Leaders, Learning Advisor, House Leader or their Transition Co-Ordinator for assistance or support when needed.

Sarah Slykerman
Transition Co-Ordinator, West Campus

Useful Links

Parents & Friends Meeting and Guest Speaker 2016

Please click here to view:

College Alumni

2016 will see us hold our 10 Year Reunion for our Graduating Class of 2006

We will also be holding our Inaugural 1 Year Reunion for the Graduating Class of 2015

To register your interest and details please visit our Alumni Section of our website

Please click here:

St Peter's College Website

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St Peter's College West Campus Canteen Pricelist

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St Peter's College Community Portal

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Catholic Life 

To veiw the February 2016 edition online please click here:


St Peter's College Uniform Standards

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St Peter's College Uniform Shop

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Second Hand Uniform Sales via Sustainable School Shop

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Secondhand Calculators and Text Books

Secondhand Text Books and Calculators please click here:

College Student Calendar

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East Campus Payments

A reminder to East Campus Families:

East campus does not have receipting facilities to process Cash or Cheque payments. 

However, EFTPOS and Credit Card Payments can me made via the East Campus General Office in the Discovery Centre. 

All cash and cheque payments must be made through the West Campus General Office.  

Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday 10 March

  • Harmony Day

Friday 11 March

  • East Campus Tour
  • After School Detention

Monday 14 March

  • Student Free Day
  • Labour Day Holiday

Tuesday 15 March

  • Parents & Friends Meeting
  • After School Detention




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