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Issue 42  |  24 February 2016
Featured Story
From the Principal

East Campus Swimming Carnival 

On Monday of this week, the East Campus journeyed to the Doveton Pool to contest the 2016 swimming sports. Under beautiful conditions, students competed in a range of swimming and novelty events to win points for their house. House Spirit was evident in the range of costumes on display by our senior students and the creativity and enthusiasm of the House Chants performed throughout the day. I congratulate Romero on taking out the House Spirit Shield and Assisi House for being the overall champion swimming house for 2016.  I thank Miss Thomas our Sports Coordinator along with our PE staff and all the teachers who prepared a wonderful carnival for our students. We now look forward to the Combined SIS team which will be selected from the East & West Campuses to compete in the SIS Division A Carnival held at MSAC in early Term 2.

2016 East Swimming 1

4th of March 24 hours for the lord

Each year St Agatha's Parish stages the HOURS OF GRACE which focuses on the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from the 27th February 9.00am till 5th March 9.00am.  Mass will be celebrated each morning and evening during the hours of Grace and Bishop Patrick O’Regan will be celebrating Mass on the 3rd of March at 7.30pm at St Agatha’s church. A day of prayer and penance has also been declared by Pope Francis during this week and at this time students from the East Campus will be invited to attend some time in reflection at St Agatha's church and students from the West Campus will similarly be invited to spend some time in reflection and adoration at the West Campus Chapel.

Staff Meetings 2016

This week the staff at the East and West Campus of St Peter’s will begin their year long action research projects with the aim of improving student learning. Staff will form small Professional Learning Teams to work collaboratively to evaluate the effectiveness of learning strategies such as formative assessment and extension particularly in the area of literacy.  The aim of our year long projects is to gain a greater understanding of how students learn and the specific strategies that teachers use that have the biggest impact on student learning.


Earlier this year I advised that Mrs Elizabeth Warde was undergoing treatment for leukaemia. The treatment is continuing for Mrs Warde and the prognosis is very good. Over the next month she will return to the UK to undergo a bone marrow transfusion which will require six months of rest and recuperation before she can return to Australia. We are all keeping Liz in our prayers and looking forward to her return in 2017. In her absence Mr Daniel Coco will continue in his role over the next 12 months.

Mr Simon Gardiner is also recovering at home after having a benign tumour removed. Mr Simon Gardiner will return for next term and we wish him well for a speedy recovery.

Selandra Rise Park Opening

Three years ago students from the East Campus were involved in the initial consultation for the design of the Selandra Rise Youth Park. Last week they were able to see the results of their creativity and imagination with an invitation to the opening of the Youth Park. This has been a wonderful opportunity for them to be involved in a community partnership and provide much needed services to their local community. I applaud them for their commitment to service and thank Mr Jean-Paul Antoine for supporting our students throughout this project and also Mr Brian Wallwork who assisted the student performers at the opening. I thank and acknowledge the following students who were great ambassadors for our school: Aaron Quintal, Christian Hernandez, Will Veenman,  Emilyn Moroney, Dana Durbin,  Abigail Rook and Harjot Singh

Selandra Rise


Tim Hogan

Latest News
West Campus News

House Welcome & Information Evening

I would like to thank the many parents who joined us for the House Welcome & Information Evening last Thursday.  This has become an increasingly popular event for all parents.  Many parents of Year 7 students were able to meet their child’s Learning Advisor and House Leader for the first time and see the Tutor Group that they gather in each morning. Parents of our Year 8-10 students listened to Cyber safety expert Mr Brett Lee and were very complimentary on the professionalism of his presentation. Finally, Year 11 & 12 parents were able to listen to the presentation on study habits from Elevate Education or our VCAL co-ordinator Mr Chris O’Hara’s information on VCAL.

Year 7 Camp

Our Year 7 students will meet this week in preparation for the camp from Monday, 29 February to Wednesday, 2 March. This is an important opportunity for our students to continue their transition into secondary school.  Many wonderful friendships are made on this camp as shared experiences of the group help bond them together.  If your child is feeling nervous about going away, that is understandable.  Feel free to contact your child’s Learning Advisor, House Leader or Transition Co-ordinator, Ms Sarah Slykerman if you need support with you child and camp.

The camp at Forest Edge allows the students to participate in a number of activities designed to challenge them but in a supportive environment.  All permission forms have been returned, however, we still require some camp medication forms. If your child requires prescription medication or you would like staff to manage the distribution of non-prescription medication for your child (including Panadol), then it is crucial that you return the Student Medication Management Plan. This form MUST be signed by both a parent and a doctor or else College staff cannot administer medication.  

Student Medication Policy

St Peter’s College recognises that students may need to take prescribed and/or non-prescribed medication(s) during school activities (internal and external) and that student's continued attendance at school and benefit from education may be dependent on this therapy.  The Student Medication Policy aims to ensure the physical wellbeing of students who may need to take medication during school activities (internal and external).

It is important to note that staff at the College are not health professionals and are not permitted to distribute prescribed or over the counter medications without permission signed by parents and doctor. Subsequently this requires parents to:

  • Provide written instructions for medication(s) (student medication management plan) from the student's doctor indicating:
  • The usual treatment needed by the student at school
  • The medical treatment and action needed if the student's condition deteriorates
  •  Specific times at which the student should self-administer medication(s)
  • Dosage of medication(s) required
  • Ensure the medication(s) is delivered to the College Office with the instructions (student's name, dose required, time to be given) written on the container by the pharmacist at the medical practitioners direction:
  • Ensure that any change to the student's condition is conveyed  to the College Office in writing

2016 Bunnings BBQ Pic

Year 12 Student Leaders

This Sunday, 28th February, our Student Leaders and a number of House Leaders will be attending Bunnings in Cranbourne for a sausage sizzle. Funds from this event will go to the Parents & Friends Group and ultimately to our students.  Please drop in and buy a sausage and a drink if you are in the area.  It would be great to see you.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

East Campus News

Welcome Evening

It was wonderful to meet many new parents at our welcome evening last week. Parents had the opportunity to hear from our Principal, Mr Hogan and our House Leaders. Year 7 parents were then introduced in their session to the processes and protocols associated with St Peter’s College. Speaking from experience it can be challenging to arrive at a new place of learning and have an understanding of the expectations and the way the school operates. It is hoped that Year 7 parents and students came away comforted and more confident by the information presented. Year 8 – 10 parents attended a workshop on Cyber-bullying with the feedback of parents very positive.

VCE parents and staff were presented with a workshop on supporting your child through VCE, again excellent feedback was received. In my presentation I spoke of the significance of parent involvement in school and student engagement with the extra-curricular and student leadership programs on offer. Anecdotally it is significant that these two factors, parent involvement and student engagement with the school’s programmed offering can significantly influence the learning outcomes of our students.

Welcome Mass

School Leaders, both staff and students attended a welcome to the beginning of the school year Mass at St Agatha’s last Sunday. This was followed by a shared lunch. We are fortunate to be connected into not only the parish of St Agatha, but also the newly formed parish of St Thomas the Apostle. These connections are critical as they form the basis of the Catholic Identity of the school. The development of one’s faith involves a living expression through prayer, service and mass attendance. It was wonderful to see our school leaders presented to the congregation on Sunday.

Please keep March the 6th at 2pm free as we celebrate the instalment of Fr Denis O’Bryan as the inaugural Parish Priest of St Thomas the Apostle, a growing parish which has its current temporary site here at St Peter’s East Campus. Stay tuned for further information next week.

Family Prayer Group

This coming Friday, Feb 26th, is the first of our Family group prayer sessions. This is an opportunity for families associated with St Agatha, St Thomas the Apostle and St Peter’s community to gather and to give thanks for our many blessings. It is also an opportunity to focus by way of prayer with the sick, the needy, the unfortunate and the outcast. I encourage you to consider the opportunity presented here. The venue is upstairs Lyons building where Sunday mass is currently held.

Peer Support

The Year 7s are welcomed and inducted into the college in a variety of ways. The Year 7 peer support program enables Year 7s to work through an established program with Year 10s as their support and mentors. This not only provides our Year 7s with an opportunity to further consolidate their transition it also enables our Year 10s to demonstrate and develop key leadership skills. The program has commenced this year with two sessions completed. Topics covered to date have included: challenges of starting school and making friends, and, keeping a positive mind and not over catastrophizing situations. This program together with other events such as the Year 7 camp are significant milestones in ensuring the transition to St Peter’s is fully realised.

Speaking of the Year 7 Camp, this is one of those key milestones which often becomes the catalyst for the development of school long, and in some cases life-long friendships. The camp is to be held next week and we look forward to hearing of their adventures.

Swimming Carnival

A wonderful day was held this Monday with the whole school participating in the inter-school swimming carnival. This is only the second year that the East Campus has held their own carnival. The increased numbers in the school enabled some fierce competition to be observed. The promotion of House spirit is developing rapidly with much passion and excitement demonstrated by students by way of participation as well as cheering on from the sidelines.

Well done to Romero for winning the House Spirit award and Assisi taking home the shield for the winning house on the day. Thanks should be extended to a committed group of parents who assisted with the BBQ, Lollies and Drinks stall. The money raised being split 50:50 between Caritas and the HPV program. Congratulations is also extended to the PE staff for organising a wonderful day, ably supported by a wonderfully enthusiastic staff.

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Teaching and Learning News

Study Skills Tips 

Last week Elevate Education presented to both students and parents on tips for success in VCE. As a staff member listening I was amazed at the results of some of the research that the company had undertaken.

One surprising statistic was the fact that the length of time dedicated to study does not necessarily correlate to high ATAR scores. That is to say that just doing homework for hours is not effective study.

The core tip that students should have taken away include the following:

  1. Create a Study and Homework Planner. Place all work commitments and sporting commitments on the planner first. Placing homework and study after these commitments will ensure a realistic schedule.
  2. Devote Time to Study. Study is different to set homework. Study includes writing out summary notes each day for each subject you have studied. Waiting to summarise until the exams at the end of the year is too late.
  3. Complete Practice Questions. Begin to complete practice questions from the beginning of the year as each topic is completed. Show your answers to your teacher. Practice exam questions can be found on the VCAA website. This does not mean you need to answer the full exam. Just practise relevant questions each week. 
  4. Read Widely. Do not sit passively and wait for teachers to spoon feed you. Research more information on the topics covered in class. 

Elevate Education has a wealth of information for both parents and students to follow up these sessions on their website.

Participation in last week’s sessions allows access via the Username Miettham and password Pacco.

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning

Religious Education

On Wednesday, 17 February a group of four St Peter’s College students volunteered at Ozanam House in North Melbourne. They found the experience very rewarding and all said they would love the opportunity to go again.

Ozanam House is a charity run by Vincent Care and offers housing, meals and other programs to people who would otherwise be homeless. They rely on volunteers to work alongside their paid staff in a number of areas. St Peter’s students have been visiting regularly for a number of years now to help serve the residents their evening meal. 

As part of our ongoing Social Justice Program, St Peter’s College senior students can volunteer at Ozanam House and City Life Café in Frankston. This year students will also have the opportunity to assist with food preparation for the Vinnies Soup Van in Berwick.

If senior students are interested in volunteering with one of these organisations, they should get in touch with Nicola Van Hammond (Social Justice Captain) or Miss Joyce on the West Campus or Abigail Rook (Social Justice Captain) or Mr Hampson on the East Campus.

Marissa Joyce
Assistant R.E Leader

St Agatha's Parish News

Lenten Programme

If you would like to join a Parish Cell group for a Lenten Programme, which begins this week, please contact Helen O’Loghlen on 0437 198 863.

Hours of Grace 2016

This year our Parish will be participating in the 100 days of Perpetual Adoration from the 27th February 9.00am till 5th March 9.00am. Bishop Patrick O’Regan will be celebrating Mass with us on the 3rd March at 7.30pm. The day of prayer and penance, declared by Pope Francis also falls during this week. All Parishioners are invited to participate in this week of blessings by placing your name and contact number on the roster and being present before the Lord. Rosters will go out during the week.

Stations of the Cross

Will take place every Friday during Lent at 7.30pm in the Church.

Baptism Preparation

The Baptism Preparation Session for March will be held next Sunday the 28th February.

First Saturday Devotion

In honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will take place next Saturday 5th March, after the 9.30am Mass. This devotion includes the reciting of 1 Rosary and meditating on the other 3 Mysteries of the Rosary and concluding with aconsecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. All Welcome.

Visit of SR Roseline

The Vicar General of the Sisters of the Nativity Sr Roseline Okolo will be paying an official visit to the sisters and our parish. While she is here, she will renew the contract for the sisters to stay in Sale Diocese for another four years. Sr Roseline will arrive on Sunday 21st February and is expected to stay for a period of one month. Please keep her in your prayers.

Training for new Altar Servers

An Altar Servers training session will be held for new Altar servers from both St Agatha’s and St Thomas the Apostle Parish on Tuesday 15th March at 4.00pm in the St Agatha’s Church.

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Good Friday

I invite the youth in the parish to be especially involved on Good Friday. We wish to invite young people to indicate their wish to be involved now, so that we can prepare well. Please add you rnames to the clipboard at Mass or give your names to Fr Denis.

Weekend Mass

It is the intention of the Pastoral Leadership Group and Fr Denis to begin a second Mass for St Thomas the Apostle Church on Saturday evenings at 6.00pm. To make this possible, volunteers are needed every week to help setup the area in the College which we use for Mass, and also to assist at Mass. We are calling for your assistance both for about an hour before and also during Mass. Please add your names to the clipboards at Mass, or contact Fr Denis or any PLG members.

Home Masses

On weekdays it is intended to celebrate regularly Masses in parishioners’ homes, inviting neighbouring parishioners. Parishioners in all the various housing estates are invited to offer their homes for Mass. Please add your names to the clipboard at Mass or offer your names to Fr Denis or PLG members. On the First Sunday in March Bishop O’Regan will celebrate Mass at 2.00pm to officially inaugurate the new parish. On that day there will not be a Mass at 9.30am for St Thomas the Apostle Church.

Training for new Altar Servers

An Altar Servers training session will be held for new Altar servers from both St Agatha’s and St Thomas the Apostle Parish on Tuesday 15th March at 4.00pm in the St Agatha’s Church.

St Peter's College Family Prayer Group 

Will be held this Friday at the East Campus, 55 Mackillop Way, Cranbourne East. 7.30pm to 8.30pm. For more info contact Jean-Paul Antoine on 0421 645 909 after 4.00pm.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish



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Melissa Dillon

Careers Co-ordinator

Tuesday 15th March

7.15 Tea and Coffee

7.30-9.00pm St Peter’s College EAST CAMPUS

55 MacKillop Way, Cranbourne East

Enter via Gates on Heather Grove please.

2016 Chris Black P F MeetingGuest Speaker – Mr Chris Black, Deputy Principal, Head of Campus - East

 B.Ed.; Grad.Dip.RE; M.Ed.Leadership                   

Chris Black joined the College this year taking up the position of Head of Campus - East, a role he is very excited about. Chris has been involved in Catholic education for nearly 30 years, spending a considerable period of time involved in girl's education. Chris's leadership experience includes leading in curriculum and pastoral positions, senior pathways roles and school organisation. For two years he held the position of Acting Principal at Killester College. Over the past 5 years Chris has led the establishment and development of a Family Learning centre and has spent much time fostering school and family partnerships. It is this work together with his role as a parent of four children that Chris recognises the significance and importance of fostering such relationships. Chris will be focusing his presentation on the importance of school and family partnerships.

Evening will begin with a viewing of our newly completed Avenue and installed Sculpture of St Peter.

Minutes of meeting:

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Thursday 25 February

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Saturday 27 February

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  • HPV Casey Fields

Sunday 28 February

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Monday 29 February

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Tuesday 1 March

  • Year 7 Camp - West Campus
  • Afterschool Detention

Wednesday 2 March

  • Year 7 Camp - West Campus
  • Year 7 Camp - East Campus

Thursday 3 March

  • Year 7 Camp - East Campus
  • Redemption

Friday 4 March

  • Year 7 Camp - East Campus
  • St Agatha's Parish - 24 Hours for the Lord

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