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Issue 41  |  17 February 2016
Featured Story
From the Principal

Bishop Jeremiah Coffey Centre for Creativity & St Peter Sculpture

On Thursday, of last week, Bishop Patrick and the Director of Catholic Education, Ms Maria Kirkwood, formally opened and named our new Art & Technology Centre in recognition of the late Bishop Jeremiah Coffey, the 7th Bishop of Sale, who was a great supporter of St Peter’s College from its establishment in 1994.

During the Opening Mass, Bishop Patrick and Ms Kirkwood, unveiled the new sculpture of St Peter (by artist Jenny Steiner), which is located on the new Avenue, marking the student entrance into the school via the Gates of St Peter, which have been symbolically designed as the steel fish netting of the fisherman (by Karl Russo).

As a school community we endeavour to follow in the footsteps of St Peter, and we hope the rich symbolism that these two talented artists have created will inspire us to bring alive the charism of our Patron Saint on a daily basis. The interpretive panel that Artist Jenny Steiner has placed on the sculpture of St Peter captures her thoughts and reflections on the wonderful and inspiring faith journey that is the life of Peter the Fisherman.

st peter

St. Peter - a man of contradictions

St. Peter had great faith and at times was plagued by self-doubt and uncertainty. He was strong willed and courageous in the pursuit of his beliefs, but also vulnerable and weak - as with his denial of Christ. Although flawed and a sinner, he was chosen first by Jesus and others looked up to him. It is thus fitting that this bronze statue has a sense of ambiguity about it.

St. Peter is kneeling in water on a rock (Petrus, his namesake) reaching out. Is he reaching for Jesus for help as he momentarily loses his faith and sinks into the waters, or is he welcoming those coming through the College gates, beckoning them to join him? Are they joining him in his journey of faith and following in his footsteps - or are they entering heaven?

His strength of character is represented by the strength of his physique seen through his clothing. Strong winds represent the difficulties he faced in his journey - but never giving in, he continued to carry on. The cape-like
stainless steel fisherman's net is detached, having been ripped from him
taking fragments of his clothing with it. He has severed ties with his life as a
fisherman to join Jesus and become a fisher of people. He clutches the
symbolic keys to the Kingdom of Heaven in his left hand.

There is a cross incorporated in the net falling away from St Peter's
shoulders. Is it the right way up or is it an inverted (Petrine) cross such as that upon which he was crucified? It could be either - depending on which way you are going, which path you are taking.

Jenny Steiner Artist

Bishop\'s blessing

To view more photographs from our Blessing Ceremony at East Campus please click here:

Annual Development Plan 2016

" Take Courage, it is I...Be not afraid "
As a Catholic Community we aspire to lead in faith, guide with love and inspire through learning.

As we enter the 2016 school year the Vision and Strategic Plan that was established by our College community in 2014 continues to guide us, as we endeavour to build a community that has as its heart faith, love and learning.

In each year of the Strategic Plan we take elements of its overall goals and strategies to become our Annual Development plan focus for the current year. In 2016 we have elected not to change direction or add to many new strategies, but to continue to strive towards improving student learning outcomes through an emphasis on Literacy, Formative Assessment and Extension of all students.

Literacy is the foundation for success across all Key Learning Areas and this year a whole College approach to literacy has been developed which will see all teachers take on the responsibility of literacy through simple short activities to develop comprehension, grammar and punctuation skills of our students. Extension of all students will see a more co-ordinated approach to knowing and challenging our students by all teachers. Lead by our newly appointed co-ordinator for the gifted and talented, staff will use data to assess where each student is at in their learning then work to ensure that in each year all of our students are showing growth and development in their learning to an expected standard.

Improving student outcomes for all of our students is something that we aim for in each year, the strategies outlined above can be found in more detail on our school website as our 2016 Annual Development Plan to be published early next week. We believe we are heading in the right direction in providing a whole child approach to education which is steeped in the Catholic traditions in respect for the human dignity of each child in our care. Our students deserve the best education we can give them and we are committed to providing that.

Annual Development Plan click here

Solomon Islands

Over the last week the invitation to participate in our Solomon Islands Immersion Program has been extended to our Year 12 students from both the East and West Campus. This is the fifth year that the Immersion Program has been running, and will see a group of Year 12 students and staff from the college fly to Honiara at the end of the Year 12 exam period in late November. Over the 10 days that the students and staff are in the Solomon Islands they will live with local families and assist in the community of our sister school Bishop Epalle Catholic College. Last year we commenced fundraising to assist them in the construction of their school library and it was pleasing to be able to hand over a cheque for $20,000 for this project. Once students expression of interest have been received, an interview process will  take place before the final travelling party is established and fundraising work for the year commences, which will again focus on construction of the Bishop Epalle School Library. Ms Karrisa Robertson from the West Campus will lead the touring party this year with a staff member from the East Campus and hopefully 10-12 students from the East & West Campus.


2016 daniel mohamed

Congratulations to Daniel (Mohamed) Mohamed who attended the Victorian Junior Track and Field Championships last weekend at Albert Park where he came third in the U17 Discus. This is a fantastic achievement as he has now qualified for the 2016 Australian Junior Athletics Championships U17 Discus Titles to be held in Western Australia. Well done Daniel.

Tim Hogan


Latest News
East Campus News

Parent Welcome Evening

Last night was a wonderful opportunity to meet new parents as well as parents of Year 8-12 students at our Parent Welcome Evening. In a previous edition I spoke of the significance and importance of school and parent partnerships. The more meaningful these connection points are, the greater chance there is for student learning outcomes to be achieved. There is however another significant purpose for the development of these connections and that takes the form of the fostering of relationships. Face-to-face conversations are the basis of relationship starters and the further development of existing relationships. As parents and teachers it is our role to model the importance and effectiveness of developing such relations, particularly in this technological savvy world of e-mail and SMS. The parents of Year 8-10 students participated in a cyber-bullying workshop as part of the night. Brett Lee (not the cricketer), a retired detective with 22 years of experience specifically in the area of child exploitation, spoke about the significant role parents play in the cyber world. The four key messages of the presentation were:

  • The internet is a safe and valuable place;
  • Our children need to be part of that world;
  • As parents we already possess the skills to protect our children online;
  • We have to be part of that process.

Please click here for Brett’s web-site which will provide you with much information and many resources to assist you in supporting your child and their use of technology

Brett earlier in the afternoon gave a presentation to students in Years 8-10. His message to them was simple, instilling good online behaviours is the key. It is all about making good choices. 

Parents of Year 11 and 12 students attended a workshop conducted by Elevate which provided advice and strategies to support students through their VCE program. VCE students earlier in the day attended their own workshops with the focus on maximising your approaches to study to achieve maximum results in their VCE. For Year 12 students this was followed by a lunch in the Discovery Centre provided by the library staff to introduce and welcome them to a set of resources to support their learning throughout the course of this year. 

It was wonderful also to meet our new Year 7 parents as they continue their transition into our college. New protocols and procedures are often as daunting to parents as they are to students, so I am hoping that last night’s presentation went a long way to alleviating any concerns and clarifying any uncertainties

Swimming Sports

Our House swimming sports are to be held next Monday, February 22nd at Doveton Pool, Dandenong. Note: There was an error on the initial reply slip so please be aware of the correct date. This is a compulsory day of attendance and an important day for building community. Year 7-10 students must be in complete PE uniform and Year 11 and 12s may dress in casual, provided it is in House colours. There are a variety of ways to contribute and participate in the day if students are not swimmers. This is also the first opportunity to earn points that will ultimately determine the winner of the Rosemary Graham Shield for 2016. Parents are very welcome to attend the day with all the necessary information contained within the letter sent home last week. 

Official Opening of Selandra Rise Estate Youth Park

Students from St Peter’s East contributed significantly by way of sharing innovative ideas for the design of this park. They will be actively involved in the official opening this Friday from 5.30 to 7.00pm where they will be show-casing their musical and artistic talent. Parents and families are welcome to attend this launch and support some of our senior students.

Study Support for students

Providing multiple means by which students can be supported in their learning is pivotal to student success. Programs on offer to support our students include: Homework Club, this operates each night in the Discovery centre. Supervised by staff from our Learning Enrichment Team and supported by library staff, students have the opportunity to work quietly by themselves, access resources from the library or request help from staff. It is an excellent means by which to consolidate student learning. The times vary and include: The VCE study hub operates on a Wednesday. Whilst this program is still in its infancy, it is supervised by VCE staff who can support individual students or provide workshops on key generic themes such as note-taking. Subject specific workshops will also be a focus. Maths help is another program getting ready to begin operation. This will be offered on Monday’s after school. Stay tuned for when these classes begin.

Homework Club Hours of Operation

Mon:  3.30-4.30 Homework Club then 4.30-5.30 Study Hub 
Tues: 3.30-4.30 Homework Club
Wed:  3.30-4.30 Homework Club then 4.30-5.30 Study Hub
Thurs: 3.30-4.30 Homework Club 

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Opening Mass and Assembly

Our Opening Mass and Assembly was held on Thursday, 11 February at the West Campus and it was a pleasure to have a number of parents there to watch the induction of their children as College and House Captains. Year 7 students, new students and new staff were also all welcomed to the College.  

Our new parish priest Fr Joseph led the Eucharist and we also enjoyed listening to our 2015 Dux of the College, Nathan Martens.  Nathan delivered some sound advice to the students in encouraging them to achieve their best.  It was good for our students to see a number of our high achieving students present at the assembly, including Mikaela Tai and Chloe Anderson, to realise that good results are a reality at St Peter’s and the staff will continue to be realistic and demanding of the best of our students.   I encourage parents to give the same message of realistic and high expectations to our students.

Positive Youth Mental Health Forum

Please click here for more information:

House Welcome & Information Evening

This Thursday are our House Welcome & Information Evening for all 8 houses. ALL students and their families are encouraged to attend this evening to build House spirit and receive some important information. It is also a great opportunity to meet your child’s House Leader and Learning Advisor on an informal basis.  These staff members who will have the most to do with your child over their journey through St Peter’s and are your first point of call when there are issues.  Please take the time to meet with them.

A social gathering for all who attend will take place at the beginning of the evening (6.30pm) with finger food and drinks.  It is not too late to attend even if you have not sent an RSVP.  Please phone the college if you intend to come and then join us for there is indeed something of great value for all parents and students of every year level.

Please click here for the program

In particular, I would draw your attention to the Cyber Safety Presentation of Mr Brett Lee.  Brett is a former Federal Police Officer who brings a first hand knowledge and experience of dealing with  dangers involving the internet & mobile phones, cyberbullying, MSN Messenger, chatrooms, social networking sites, online gaming, child pornography, and peer to peer identity protection.  The Year 8-10 students will listen to him during the day and it is very important that parents hear a similar message in the evening to maximise the support and protection of your children.

Additionally, I would ask all parents of VCE students to attend the Elevate Education presentation in the evening.  During the day, Year 11 & 12 students will be taught some very useful study techniques.  The value of these presentations for individual students is increased significantly when their parents receive the same information to support their child.  Please come along and I am sure you will see significant improvements in the care and education of your children.

SPC Musical Production Launch

On Tuesday morning we gathered in the Hall during Tutor Group to launch this year’s production, Hairspray.  I encourage all our enthusiastic actors, singers, dancers and students who want to develop their skills in creating sets, lighting or sound to be involved in this exciting event.  Go to student reception to get a form or speak to Mr Frank Carter, Ms Melinda Quirillo or Miss Karissa Robertson for more information.

Student Drop off at the front of the school

Please do not drop off students in the bus zone or car turning zone on Cranbourne-Frankston Road.  Please turn into the College to ensure students are delivered safely to the College.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Teaching and Learning News

Academic School Year – No time to holiday 

As teachers we know only too well that bargain airfares and cheaper accommodation rates are always available during the academic school year. It’s not surprising then that parents often wish to book family holidays during the school term. While family holidays are important it is often difficult for students to keep up with their assessments and subject content if they are absent for an extended period.

Absence from class is particularly difficult to remedy in the VCE years. Staff plan carefully to cover the subject content that is required by students to achieve their very best potential in the end of year exams. Students who miss chunks of content are on the back foot, left with gaps and struggle to keep up with the work load. Missed assessment and SAC’s deprives students of valuable formative feedback. I urge parents to consider the importance of Years 11 and 12 and to plan family holidays after the final VCE exams.

FUTURES EXPO – Save the Date Tuesday 26th July 2016.

Please plan ahead to keep this date free.
Students and parents are invited to our Annual Futures Expo.
Student Subject Choice and Career Pathways Information that cannot be missed.

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Princpal, Teaching and Learning

Religious Education - East Campus

Shrove Tuesday/Ash Wednesday/Opening Mass/Year Twelve Retreat /Parent Teacher Evenings

Students at the East Campus have been involved in the above events in the first two weeks of the year and have actively contributed to the liturgies at each of these events.

The strong participation from the students has been evident in all events. Our Year 12's have been excellent Student Leaders and their preparation and presentation at all times has been first class.

They have been ably backed up by our choir which we hope will grow in numbers, as the term and year progresses.

Stations of the Cross

We will be holding our Easter Liturgy on the last Wednesday of term, March 23rd. At the East Campus we are looking students for a narrator and actors to perform in the Stations of the Cross. Please see Mr Hampson if you are interested.

Year 10 CYSMA

Our students will be attending a special event called  "Catch the Wave" at Saint Francis Xavier College on February 25th, from 2-9 pm. This event is the launch of CYSMA Program for 2016 in the Diocese of Sale.

Roger Hampson
Assisitant Religious Education Leader, East Campus

St Agatha's Parish News

Hours of Grace: This year our Parish will be participating in the 100 days of Perpetual Adoration from the 27th February 9.00am till 5th March 9.00am. Bishop Patrick O’Regan will be celebrating Mass with us on the 3rd March at 7.30pm. The day of prayer and penance, declared by Pope Francis also falls during this week. 
Lenten Reflection Books: A small daily reflection book titled “Five minutes with the Word” is available from the foyer after Mass for $2.00. 
Church Cleaning: We are in urgent need of helpers to clean the Church in preparation for weekend Masses and Weddings, etc. We currently have a lot of helpers but some are not fulfilling their duties. If you would like to join this important ministry or do not wish to continue on the Roster please contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985 ASAP as New Rosters are being compiled, otherwise you will be rostered on again.
Stations of the Cross will take place every Friday during Lent at 7.30pm in the Church.
Project Compassion: Your donation will support programs around the world that provide vulnerable people with the skills and opportunities they need to establish food for life. 
Baptism Preparation: The Baptism Preparation Session for March will be held on Sunday the 28th February.
Lenten Programme: If you would like to join a Parish Cell group for a Lenten Programme, which begins this week, please contact Helen O’Loghlen on 0437 198 863.
Catechetical Classes: For children in government schools Wednesday 4pm till 5pm, in the Parish Hall. Sr. Mary on 5996 1985.
Car Raffle: There are 3 Toyota cars & 11 Coles/Myer gift cards on offer in this amazing raffle. Tickets on sale after all Masses this weekend. Tickets $2.00 each or $20 a book. 
St Agatha's Charismatic Prayer Groups: Friday Prayer Group: This week meet at 8.00pm in the Church Foyer. Contact John 0448 343 074 or Beth 0437 587 216 for more info.
St Vincent de Paul Society: We are in urgent need of people to open the Piety Stall after our weekend Masses. 

St Agatha’s Parish

St Thomas the Apostle Parish News

Good Friday: The celebration of the Easter Triduum, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil, will take place this year at St Peter’s East Campus for St Thomas the Apostle Church. I invite the youth in the parish to be especially involved on Good Friday. We wish to invite young people to indicate their wish to be involved now, so that we can prepare well. Please give your names to Fr Denis.
St Peter’s East Campus: At the Mass celebrated by Bishop O’Regan on Thursday the new Bishop Jeremiah Coffey Centre for Creativity and technology was blessed and opened. The new sculpture of St Peter, created by artist Jenny Steiner, was also unveiled and blessed. It is truly a magnificent sculpture, and I invite you to take time to view the sculpture.
Weekend Mass: It is the desire of the Pastoral Leadership Group and Fr Denis to begin a second Mass for St Thomas the Apostle Church on Saturday evening, possibly at 6.00pm. To make this possible, volunteers are need every week to help setup the area in the college which we use for Mass, and also to assist at Mass. We are calling for your assistance both for about an hour before and also during Mass. Please give your names to Fr Denis or any PLG members.
Home Masses: On weekdays it is intended to celebrate regularly Masses in parishioners’ homes, inviting neighbouring parishioners. It is hoped that some parishioners in all the various housing estates will offer their homes for Mass. Please offer your names to Fr Denis or PLG members.

St Thomas the Apostle Parish

Enrolments Year 7 2017

Applications for Year 7, 2017 are now open.  

Enrolment application packs are available from the Office of either the West or East Campus.  

Please contact our Registrar Kelley Cooper on 5990 7777 or kelley@stpeters.vic.edu.au

if you have any questions regarding the enrolment process.  

Applications close on Friday 11 March 2016.

Kelley Cooper

Exchange News


Expressions of interest are now being sought for any families who would like to host a Japanese exchange student in 2016.

The students will be arriving on 15 March and will be at St Peter’s for 6 days. We also have some students arriving on 23 July for 10 days. Families from both East and West campuses are welcome to apply.

Please click on the link below to complete the host family profile. Further information can be obtained by emailing 'Contact Us'

Olimpia Rosenblum
Exchange Coordinator

Library News

Readarama Roller Coaster Launch 

Surprised Year 7 students were ushered into the hall to the rousing tune of Everyone’s a Winner and delighted by the antics of colourful carnival characters including dashing cowboys, delightfully attired damsels, jugglers, acrobats and clowns at the Readarama `Roller Coaster Launch last Friday. The festive atmosphere included the handing out of bright heart-themed balloons.

Readarama is the reading program implemented by the English Department and Library as an alternative to the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Everyone is a winner with Readarama as every student is expected to complete the Readarama Roller-Coaster Ride. All students have to do is read for 25 hours between now and the end of Term 3. Of course, many students will want to complete more than one Ride and have been encouraged to set themselves their own challenging goal. The biggest readers in each class and year level will receive some great prizes. The competitive streak in both students and teachers will most likely come to the fore as the Year 7 and 8 classes which read the most will win a free pizza lunch. 

Another great feature of Readarama is that students can read whatever they like: fiction, information books, magazines or newspapers in print or electronic form.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to ask their student what they are reading and help them by regularly signing the Readarama Record Sheet in the Student Record Book.

Everyone’s a Winner …Happy Reading!

Angela Gargano, Teacher Librarian

Sports News West Campus


Kolbe House were crowned House Swimming Champions for the first time when they took out annual Swimming Carnival event at Doveton ‘Pool in the Park’, MacKillop followed closely in 2nd place which was their best ever result at a Swimming Carnival, with defending champions Glowrey rounding out the top 3. Despite missing out on claiming the overall shield, MacKillop house were presented with the House Spirit award. 

Overall Results:
1st Kolbe 466 points
2nd MacKillop 418 points
3rd Glowrey 403 points
4th Assisi 381 points
5th Avila 379.5 points
6th Romero 369.5 points
7th Marian 313 points
8th Augustine 280 points

Congratulations to the following students who were crowned Age Group Champions.  These students will be presented a trophy at the next full school assembly. 

AGE GROUP          HOUSE         NAME
Under 13 Female    Marian        Sofia Santos
Under 13 Male        Mackillop     Noah East
Under 14 Female    Avila            Loredana Picerni
Under 14 Male       Glowrey        Dylann Lalouette
Under 15 Female    Kolbe          Shantelle Mattei
Under 15 Male        Assisi           Brayden Tisdale
Under 16 Female    Augustine     Baylin Rousell
Under 16 Male        Glowrey        Oliver Coates
Under 17 Female    Avila            Joanna Picerni
Under 17 Male        Kolbe           Patrick Shute
Open Female          Avila            Lauren Stewart
Open Male             Augustine    Michael Prinzi
Justin De Goldi
Sport Coordinator

Thursday 18th February

West Campus House Welcome Evening

All students and their families are encouraged to attend

Redemption 3.30 - 4.30

Saturday 20th February

Uniform shop open 8am - 12 noon

Monday 22nd  February

East Campus Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 23rd February

After school detention

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed!


What:    SPC West Campus Student Representative Council and P&F Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

When: Sunday 28th February

Where: Bunnings, cnr Thompsons Rd & South Gippsland Hwy, Cranbourne


If you can spare an hour between 8.00am and 4pm please let us know.

Email athompson@stpeters.vic.edu.au

Your chance to meet with our Principal in an informal setting, listen to Guest Speakers from our College Staff, ask questions relative to your students along with other Parents from the College in an informal meeting setting. 

Thank you for all those parents who found the time to join us one one or more of our evenings in 2015. For those of you who couldn't join us, I know many of you follow us via the Newsletter and website.

2016 Meeting Program 

We meet on a Tuesday evening, twice a Term, either at the West or East Campus as notified.

Join us at 7.15pm for a cup of tea or coffee.

Meeting starts at 7.30pm and is usually concluded around 9.00pm.

Tuesday 15th March
Tuesday 19th April, Tuesday 31st May
Tuesday 19th July, Tuesday 30th August
Tuesday 8th November, Tuesday 29th November. Committee Christmas Dinner

Minutes of meeting:

Please click here:


2015/16 Entertainment Book - Online Version is still available

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Memorial Pavers

Your Name Can Go Down in History!
Engraved pavers to be laid in St Peter's College Sculpture Garden.

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Ritchies Community Benefit Cards

All new families to the College will receive their Community Benefits Card in the next few weeks.

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We will also be holding our Inaugural 1 Year Reunion for the Graduating Class of 2015

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