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Issue 40  |  10 February 2016
Featured Story
From the Principal

Year 12 Retreats

Last week over 170 Year 12 students from the East & West Campus took some time out to reflect on their journey in life and the people and events which have helped shape who they are. In small groups animated discussions took place around the purpose and meaning of life and the times people could feel the presence of God acting in their lives.

Our Annual Theme “Lord to whom shall we go ?" reminds us that within our community we are all required to be the face of Christ,  to be that person that others can turn to. This is the goal we have set for our Year 12 students this year.

I thank our RE Team of Mr Nash, Mr Hampson and Miss Joyce for the development of a wonderful retreat program that engaged our students, the staff who so generously shared their life journey with our students and our students who entered into the program with great respect and regard for each other.

2016 Year 12 Retreat East 7

Tim 10 feb

Opening School Masses - East & West Campus

On Thursday of this week we welcome Bishop Patrick O’Regan and Director of Catholic Education Maria Kirkwood to the Opening Mass of the School Year for the East Campus. Bishop Patrick will launch our Annual Theme “Lord to whom shall we go ?”, formally bless and welcome our New Staff and Student Leaders, conduct the naming and blessing of the new Art & Technology Building and unveil the sculpture of St Peter by Artist Jenny Steiner. A busy program but also a wonderful celebration for our community.

At the West Campus, the Opening Mass will be conducted by Fr Joseph in his new appointment as administrator for the Parish of St Agatha's. Fr Joseph will bless our West Campus Student Leaders as they begin their important roles as servant leaders and welcome our New Staff as they begin their careers at St Peter’s College. It will also be an opportunity for our students to hear from our 2015 Dux, Nathan Martens, as he shares the lessons he has learnt through his time at St Peter’s College.

House Welcome Evenings

Over the next two weeks the House Welcome Evenings will be held at the East Campus (Tuesday 16th February) & West Campus (Thursday 18th February). They present a great opportunity for new and old members of our community to meet or reacquaint themselves with their House Leaders and Learning Advisors. The vertical House System is a wonderful Pastoral Care System which provides for all the needs of our students. We refer to it as a whole child system of Pastoral Care. The most important aspect of this system is that the Learning Advisor and House Leader know your child well and can provide both high challenge and high support to your sons and daughters. To do this we require and need that contact, communication and support with and from home. I look forward to meeting our parents and families on these two nights.

Ash Wednesday

This week we enter into the period of lent marked by the 40 days from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. This is a period reflection and contemplation where we focus on the purpose and meaning our relationship with God. On Ash Wednesday our foreheads were marked with ashes and we heard the words “Remember you are dust and unto dust you shall return“. This reminds us that as life passes away on earth, the gift of eternal life has already been shared with us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Lent is a period where we reflect on our life’s journey and God gentle but persistent call to return to him, joining with him for all eternity.

Swimming Sports

The first of our two Campus Swimming Carnivals took place on Tuesday this week with the West Campus heading to the Doveton Swimming Centre under sunny skies. House Spirit with chants and costumes were on display and I congratulate all of our House Captains, House Leaders and staff for generating such a wonderful atmosphere. This year MacKillop House took out the Shield for House Spirit and in a historic first Kolbe House were the overall Swimming Champions for 2016. I thank Mr De Goldi, PE Staff and all staff for staging a wonderful carnival. The East Campus carnival will take place on the 22nd of February.

Tim 10 feb 2


Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

In last weeks Gospel reading we are exposed to the story of Simon Peter the fisherman and his reaction to Jesus’ calling. Be not afraid was the instruction from Jesus, a term synonymous with our own college community. It is in this very statement that we, the community of St Peter’s College are challenged to move beyond our comfort zones and to take risks. This can come in the form of purposefully placing ourselves in situations that are uncomfortable, be that in our learning, our interactions with others or engaging in unfamiliar and new challenges. For our students to feel confident in taking risks a certain level of resilience is required. 

Often we hear the phrase, “young people lack resilience these days”, but what is resilience? Resilience is the ability to adapt to events and changes by bouncing back. The resilient child usually has higher self-worth, greater self-confidence and are more hopeful, particularly when times get tough. Young people who display resilience are usually able to: problem-solve and have the ability to focus. They possess self-efficacy (belief in self and the ability to succeed), self-worth and a positive self-perception. They believe that life has meaning and hope. Often a resilient person is involved with faith based or other sporting groups. They have the feeling of being valued for some trait or ability they possess. They feel connected to school and have an effective school experience and they have experienced the presence of caring, competent adults in their life (eg., parents, carers, teachers, extended family members).

Kids Helpline suggest three ways resilience can be developed in our young, by:

  1. Encouraging mastery – encouraging experiences of success for the child will enhance their sense of mastery. A sense of mastery builds hope, but it is important to realize mastery is not achieved instantaneously, that it must be worked at,
  2. Children need relationships with caring adults other than their parents or carers therefore they can know that there is a number of supports available to them, and
  3. Young people must learn to moderate emotional reactions.

One means by which school and home can connect and help build resilience is by encouraging students to take a risk, to get involved in programs, activities and school events. These provide wonderful opportunities to engage with others on social and emotional levels leading then to become more engaged learners.

If parents are ever concerned that their child demonstrates a lack of resiliency, important conversations can be had with the Learning Advisor or their child’s House Leader. Next week’s House Welcome Evening on Tuesday February 16th is a wonderful opportunity to have a chat and get to know those central to the pastoral well-being of your children. Information letters have been distributed and RSVPs are due in at the end of this week. Please make the effort to engage with your child’s educational and pastoral program 

Year 12 Retreat

Forty Year 12 students and five staff undertook our first Year 12 Retreat for the east Campus. The students engaged wonderfully and were a credit to themselves and to the College. Self-reflection is an important process to undertake and difficult to do in the busyness of life, an opportunity was presented to do just that through these two days. The staff were incredibly impressed with the students approach and engagement with the workshops and activities. A highlight of the program was an outdoor Mass celebrated by Father Brendan Connell. The theme of his homily was based around the Beattitudes with the invitation to all to embrace the Beattitudes in life’s journey moving forward.

Project Compassion Launch

Project compassion

Project Compassion was launched this Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday with the Annual Pancake stall. Willing helpers cooked away for both staff and students with a wonderful community atmosphere created as everyone pitched in, be it cooking, cleaning or eating. Approximately $300 was raised which is a great start. 

Dropping off and Collecting students on Heather Grove

Parents are reminded to be extremely careful if they choose to drive into the school property, particularly at the end of the day. With many more students this year, drivers need to proceed with caution. Please do not enter into the school if there is a bank up cars. Parents are asked not to double park preventing other vehicles from moving through. Please consider parking on the street or arriving later than 3.25 as this will ease congestion.

Uniform and Jewelry

A reminder that the uniform policy will be enforced, a particular focus will be on: no nose piercings and the wearing of only one set of plain gold or silver studs or sleepers. No other jewelry is permitted. Students are also reminded that their blazer is a compulsory item of clothing which must be worn to and from school. Detentions are and will continue to be issued for those not willing to comply. 

Saturday Detentions

As many would be aware St Peter’s College operate with a policy where Saturday Detentions are required to be issued and held from time to time. These are issued for serious misdemeanours. A change of policy has come into effect and Saturday Detentions are to be replaced with Friday Night Detentions. The other difference is that the venue for the detentions will be local, taking place on East Campus. The time frame for these detentions is 3.30 to 5.30pm and will be held much more regularly ensuring the necessary consequence is handed to students in a much more timely fashion.  Other benefits of the detentions being local include supervision by East staff and the opportunity to give back to the East Campus by way of local community service work benefitting the East campus specifically.

Tom Ryan 

Tom Ryan

Special congratulations to Tom Ryan who dedicated his holidays to improving his golf skills.  He spent a minimum 4 days a week from 8am to 5pm at the Cranbourne Golf Club and practised all facets of the game. This I’m sure was just one of the reasons that led to him achieving the ultimate goal – a hole in one at Morack Golf course – in front of his dad and family

Due to Tom's dedication and practice he was also able to reduce his best score at Cranbourne from a 91 to par breaking 70 on the last day before school. Recently he lowered this even further to achieve a 2-under par round.

Congratulations Tom and keep up the good work.

Chris Black
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Year 12 Retreat

Year 12 students returned last Friday, tired but on the whole satisfied by an enjoyable retreat experience.  It was a chance to get to know other Year 12 students, their teachers, themselves and indeed their God that little bit more.  Teachers were very complimentary of the students in terms of their co-operation and willingness to enter into the spirit of the retreat.  I congratulate our Year 12 students on their maturity in being open to the challenges and opportunities offered by new experiences and in particular this one.  I would also like to thank Mr Stephen Nash, our Religious Education Coordinator and all the teaching staff who made this such a positive event.

Windermere Resilience Workshops

Windermere will be once again holding our adult resilience workshops in Cranbourne and Pakenham. click here for more information.

McGuigan Shield

Congratulations to Kolbe House on winning West Campus Swimming Carnival.  This victory has earned them valuable points in the McGuigan Shield and new House Leader Ms Michele McArdle was obviously thrilled with this result.  House Captains, Bethany Dodgson and Matthew Simpson did a great job inspiring the team to participate and support fellow competitors.

The McGuigan Shield will be very sought after this year, as the winning House will also enjoy a celebration day early in Term 4.  

MacKillop House also enjoyed success by winning the House Spirit Shield through high participation, colourful costumes, active cheering with a cleverly worded chant and great support of their swimmers. 

Our hope is that the significant celebration in Term 4 will encourage our students to actively participate in the many co-curricular activities on offer at St Peter’s College and to feel an even greater sense of belonging to their House. Research consistently shows that students who have a strong experience of connectedness to their school community have better academic outcomes.

Opening Mass and Assembly

Our Opening Mass and Assembly will be held on Thursday, 11th February at 9.15am.  Parents are welcome to join us in the College Hall for these celebrations. The assembly should be finished no later than 11am.  Please remind your students that even though this is a Thursday 2, full school uniform is to be worn.  Sports Uniform must NOT be worn to the Opening Mass and Assembly.

Uniform for 2016

summer uniform pic

Can I remind parents of the importance of purchasing the new shirt for students this year.  Initial shortages in the uniform shop are being addressed and this new shirt is compulsory.  It is distinguished from the old style shirt by the College logo on the pocket and the bottom that is designed to be worn out.  The fact that these new shirts do not have to be tucked in, has made them the preferred choice amongst our male students.

House Welcome & Information Evenings 

House Badges pic

On Thursday, 18th February we will conduct a House Welcome & Information Evening for all eight College Houses. ALL students and their families are encouraged to attend this evening to build House Spirit and receive some important information. A social gathering for all who attend will take place at the beginning of the evening (6.30pm) with finger food and drinks.

A letter of invitation will go home to each student this week. Please RSVP by this Friday for catering purposes. The program below shows that there is indeed something of great value for all parents and students of every year level.

Please click here for the program

In particular, I would draw your attention to the Cyber Safety Presentation of Mr Brett Lee.  Though he is not the famous cricketer, he is impressive in his own area of expertise that includes topics such as internet & mobile phones, cyberbullying, MSN Messenger, chatrooms, social networking sites, online gaming, child pornography, and peer to peer identity protection.

The Year 8-10 students will listen to him during the day and it is very important that parents hear a similar message in the evening to maximise the support and protection of your children.  If you need convincing about how important technology is to our students, have a look at the following short Youtube clip: Click here

Additionally, I would ask all parents of VCE students to attend the Elevate Education presentation in the evening.  During the day, Year 11 & 12 students will be taught some very useful study techniques.  The value of these presentations for individual students is increased significantly when their parents receive the same information to support their child.  Please come along and I am sure you will see significant improvements in the care and education of your children.

Evacuation & Lockdown Drill

Every year we practice a school lockdown and evacuation as part of our Emergency Management Plan.  With recent bomb hoaxes targeting schools, we have brought this drill forward and will conduct it on Friday, 12 February during period 3.  I give you this warning so that if you hear on Friday that the school has been evacuated, you do not need to be concerned.

David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Teaching and Learning News

Literacy Strategies Launched

Last year the College appointed two new Learning Systems and Data Coaches for both the East and West Campus. As a result staff have been working hard to analyse the available literacy data for each of our students.
With the assistance of the newly appointed Literacy Coach, the College has identified target areas that will be the focus for student growth in literacy this year. A number of specific strategies will be rolled out over the year, the first of which commences next week.

All students in Years 7 through to 10 will commence period 1 lessons with a five minute lesson starter. These quizzes are taken using the College learning management system - Moodle.

Each quiz is designed to target specific literacy areas that have been identified through examination of our data. The College will post test students later in the year to determine the success of the strategy. Parents are encouraged to ask their sons and daughters about the lesson starters for each day. Homophones are the focus of week 1 quizzes.

Elevate Education – Not just for the students

Next week all year 11 and Year 12 students will participate in a one hour Elevate Education session. Highly energetic and motivated speakers from Elevate, will speak to students regards Study Skills and work habits that lead to success at school. Students receive a workbook as well as an individual login for further online tips and information.

This year a parent seminar will also be offered at our Family Information and welcome Evening. Parents of Year 11 and 12 students are encouraged to attend as follow up to the student session that day. Parent involvement in the secondary years often drops off as students mature and live more independent lifestyles. Parent interest and involvement at this stage however is even more important and is proven to encourage improved school performance. Please take this opportunity to support your children in these final years of their education. 

Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal,Teaching & Learning

Religious Education

Project Compassion begins this week. It  invites us to look at and review our life and our world.

There are a series of goals developed called Millenium Goals. These 8 life-changing goals will bring freedom from poverty for the world’s poorest people. To be successful, we all need to work together with a renewed strength and commitment of faith.

Project Compassion is a program that helps us work towards that. St Peter's College has been a great contributor to this program for many years.

It happens in the time of Lent. Lent, the season of repentance, is a time to renew our commitment to become more like Christ.

It is a time to recognise our failings, a time for compassion, a time to connect with the suffering of others and with our fragile earth.

It is a time to aspire not to have more, but to be more as we work towards building a fair, just and peaceful world.

We are called to reflect on what it means to be truly Christian through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. We are called to be the eyes, feet, hands and body of Christ who sees, walks in and blesses the world. This is compassion in action. 

We often think of Lent as the season of the year when we give up something.  I encourage people to take on this practice.  It reminds us of things we truly value and helps us work towards a better world for ourselves and others.

Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

St Peter’s College East Campus students launched their Annual Project Compassion Appeal Fundraising activities this Tuesday with Pancake making for the enjoyment of all staff and students.

Recess saw a hive of activity where students and staff banded together to cook as many pancakes as they could. A gold coin donation from all of those who wished to partake in the pancakes kick started their Project Compassion Fundraising Program.

From now until the end of Term 1, Staff and Students from the East Campus aim to raise $6,000.00 over the six weeks to support the ongoing aims of Caritas Australia, in PNG, Cambodia, India, Laos and Malawi as well as closer to home here in Australia.

Who is Caritas?

Caritas Australia helps people help themselves — regardless of ethnicity, religion or political beliefs.

Our agency supports long-term development programs in impoverished communities in Africa, Asia, East Timor, Latin America, Indigenous Australia and the Pacific — helping oppressed people to rediscover their dignity by taking greater control over their lives and overcoming poverty.

What is Project Compassion?

Caritas Australia is celebrating 50 years of Project Compassion with the theme “Learning more, creating change”, by demonstrating how education, training and sharing knowledge is empowering individuals and communities in six countries around the world to transform their futures and create lasting change. 

Roger Hampson
Assistant Religious Education Leader, East Campus


The Year 12 East Campus students went to the Pallotti Retreat Centre at Millgrove in the Warburton Valley for three days in week one.The focus of the retreat was to help students to realize and appreciate himself or herself as an individual loved by God and therefore a person of value to self and others.A variety of activities were planned where ideas were expressed in open and honest ways and to hopefully gain the respect and trust of friends and classmates on the retreat.

A highlight of the retreat was a liturgy given by a resident Palotine Father who centered the gospel on the Beattitudes and brought them to life as if we were there with Jesus Christ and a further highlight was when five boys were dressed in newspaper creations for the Millgrove Fashions on the Field. 

The retreat had a balance of activities that were enjoyed by both staff and students. Thanks must go to the staff who attended and the students who were very co-operative from start to finish.

Roger Hampson 
Assistant RE Leader, East Campus

Your chance to meet with our Principal in an informal setting, listen to Guest Speakers from our College Staff, ask questions relative to your students along with other Parents from the College in an informal meeting setting. 

Thank you for all those parents who found the time to join us one one or more of our evenings in 2015. For those of you who couldn't join us, I know many of you follow us via the Newsletter and website.

2016 Meeting Program 

We meet on a Tuesday evening, twice a Term, either at the West or East Campus as notified.

Join us at 7.15pm for a cup of tea or coffee.

Meeting starts at 7.30pm and is usually concluded around 9.00pm.

  • Tuesday 15th March
  • Tuesday 19th April, Tuesday 31st May
  • Tuesday 19th July, Tuesday 30th August
  • Tuesday 8th November, Tuesday 29th November. Committee Christmas Dinner

Minutes of Meeting:

Please click here:


2015/16 Entertainment Book - Online Version is still available

To order your Membership please click here:

Memorial Pavers

Your Name Can Go Down in History!
Engraved pavers to be laid in St Peter's College Sculpture Garden.

To download your Memorial Paver Order form please click here:

Ritchies Community Benefit Cards

All new families to the College will receive their Community Benefits Card in the next few weeks.

Parish News

Lenten Reflection Books: A small daily reflection book titled “Five minutes with the Word” is available from the foyer after Mass for $2.00. They will be sold from the same table as the Raffle tickets.

Lenten Programme: If you would like to join a Parish Cell group for a Lenten Programme, which begins this week, please contact Helen O’Loghlen on 0437 198 863.

St Vicent De Paul Society: We are in urgent need ofpeople to open the Piety Stall after our weekend Masses. As you know we tend to stock a good range of items and have a lot of people wanting to purchase devotional / spiritual items for their home or as gifts. We also raise funds through the stall that goes towards helping the poor so we really need to be open at all Masses. You do not need retail experience it’s not complicated and we will show the ropes and help you get comfortable with it all. If you can help please leave your name and contact details at the Piety Stall or ring Mary on 5996 1758. Please help us if you can. Thank you.

Project Compassion: Your donation will support programs around the world that provide vulnerable people with the skills and opportunities they need to establish food for life. 

Baptism Preparation: The Baptism Preparation Session for March will be held on Sunday the 28th February.

Catechetical Classes: For children in government schools Wednesday 4pm till 5pm, in the Parish Hall. Sr. Mary on 5996 1985.

St Agatha's Parish Playgroup: Resume on Tuesdays’ during school Terms in the Parish Hall from 9am till 11am. Cost $2.00 per family. Please bring a snack for your child. For further information contact Sr Faustina or the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

Year 7 2017 Enrolments Now Open

Applications for Year 7, 2017 are now open.  

Enrolment application packs are available from the Office of either the West or East Campus.  

Please contact our Registrar Kelley Cooper on 5990 7777 or kelley@stpeters.vic.edu.au

if you have any questions regarding the enrolment process.  

Applications close on Friday 11 March 2016.

Kelley Cooper

Japanese Exchange Prorgam


Expressions of interest are now being sought for any families who would like to host a Japanese exchange student in 2016.

The students will be arriving on 15 March and will be at St Peter’s for 6 days. We also have some students arriving on 23 July for 10 days. Families from both East and West campuses are welcome to apply.

Please click on the link below to complete the host family profile. Further information can be obtained by emailing arosenblum@stpeters.vic.edu.au

Olimpia Rosenblum
Exchange Coordinator

Maths Help Mondays East Campus Semester 1

We would like offer an invitation for your East Campus son or daughter to "Maths Help Mondays" after school in the Science Laboratories every Monday.

A number of Mathematics staff will be available to help students one on one with any difficulties they may have in Mathematics.

This year we will have 2 groups: a 7-10 Mathematics group and a VCE Mathematics group available for students.

Brett Barber
Teaching & Learning Coach, Mathematics, East Campus

SIS Boys Intermediate Cricket

SFX - All out 64 off 18 overs
SPC - 4/66 off 17 overs

Best Bowling: 
M.Gardner 2overs, 3/4;  D.Paulka 1.4 overs, 2/8;  R.Brack 2 overs, 2/14
Best Batting: 
C.Bryan 30 not out, J.D'Rozario 20 not out
Best Fielding: 
M.Cottrell, M.Bartlett


Run Out by M.Cottrell fielding at cover to D'Rozario in second over
Tight bowling by M.Tharle, S.Ayres, H.Greaves, M.Cottrell
Two wickets in consecutive balls both M.Gardner and D.Paulka
One handed fingertip catch to M.Cottrell off R.Brack
Bryan carried his bat throughout the SPC innings for 30n.o.
28 run partnership in 5 overs between C.Bryan and J.D'Rozario to win the game

Next Match:
Padua - Mornington v SPC @ Padua, 12/2/16  

Mark Sinclair
Cricket Coach

Wednesday 10th February

Ash Wednesday

Thursday 11th February

East Campus Opening Mass
East Campus Blessing and Naming Ceremony
West Campus Opening Mass

Friday 12th February

East Campus Enrolment Tour
Friday Afternoon Detention 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Tuesday 16th February

East Campus House Welcome Evening 

  • All students and families are encouraged to attend

Thursday 18th February

West Campus House Welcome Evening

  • All students and their families are encouraged to attend

Redemption 3.30 - 4.30

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