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Issue 37  |  25 November 2015
Featured Story
From the Principal

2015 Presentation Night

I thank all those families, students and staff members who attended our 2015 Presentation Night. It was pleasing to be able to share the story of excellence that has been achieved throughout the year by so many of our students. I thank and acknowledge the creative work of Mr Frank Carter, Mrs April Hampson and Mrs Helen Smith for the many hours they have put into this night along with the large number of  staff  who assisted in bringing to life this major event in the school calendar. Congratulations to all students who were acknowledged with Awards or performed on the night.

2016 Captains

One of the highlights of the Presentation Evening is the opportunity to present to our community our 2016 Captains. This year represents the first time College Captains have been appointed for both the East & West Campus, symbolising the growth and expansion of the East Campus which will become a Year 7 - 12 Campus for the first time next year.

I congratulate the appointment of the following students to these roles and look forward to working with them and supporting their development as servant leaders in the style promoted by our patron St Peter.

West Campus  
College Captians Karena McNeely & Matthew Pask
Liturgy Captain Avi Tess Araneta-Puyat
Social Justice Captain Nicola Van Hamond
Arts Captain Deirdre Peterson
Environment Captain Natasha Xerri
East Campus  
College Captains Amer Athiu & Lachlan Buckanen
Liturgy Captain Stephanie Barnes
Social Justice Captain Abigail Rook
Arts Captain Dana Durbin
Environment Captain Will Veenman

West Campus House Captains

Assisi House Renee Allen & Matthew Harrison
Augustine House       Tahlia Schrapel & Michael Prinzi
Avila House Natalie Cerda-Lizama & Harrison Orchard
Glowrey House Emily Lace & Bradley Gillard
Kolbe House Bethany Dodgson & Matthew Simpson
MacKillop House Britney Phillips & Stephen De Paoli
Marian House Bridget Wakartschuk & Nicholas Russo
Romero House Caitlyn Van Der Westhuizen & Thomas Kelly

East Campus House Captains

Assisi House Emily Hoyle & Luke Garcia
Augustine House Nikita Mascurine & Simon Ruei
Avila House Elizabeth Sum & Christian Dinglasan
Glowrey House Nadia Carosella & Harjot Singh
Kolbe House Chloe Shrimpton & Emil Mathews
MacKillop House Sara Elbazi & Ben James
Marian House Shantelle Lazarus & Austin Hour
Romero House Salfia Koudi Arad & Alexander Faalili


Kwong Lee Dow Scholars - East Campus & West Campus

I congratulate Emily Hoyle & Zane Hyde on the receipt of their Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship for 2017. Over the next two years Emily & Zane will attend a number of events and activities staged by Melbourne University ranging from motivational speakers to study skills sessions that will prepare and assist them in their transition to further study and their chosen career path. 
emily hoyle      zane hyde


Congratulations to our HPV team who achieved an overall placing of 37 out of the 150 teams that competed in the Maryborough HPV last weekend. Over 6000 competitors were involved in the event and our students achieved a personal best of 671.5 kms ridden in the 24 hour event. I congratulate the staff, students and families involved and encourage other students to consider the HPV team for 2016.

hpv 25 nov


Mr Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

Farewell and Thank You

To My Easties,

It has been an honour to work with the staff, parents and the community of St Peter’s and a pleasure to work with all of you students.

I thank you all for the 5 years, for the learning, the laughter, the love, the relationships, and for your presence in my life, that has made a difference, a real difference, and most importantly for being part of the faith community in which I belong. 

I arrived at St Peter’s College when life events had made my path dark and it was difficult to see where I was headed, where I belonged and what kind of woman, mother, teacher and friend I wanted to be.

Well, like you all here, I found myself submerged in a faith filled learning community that unconsciously nudged me back and deepened my relationship with Christ and for that I will forever be grateful.  

What do I want for you?

I want you to be proud of who you are, your roots, the community to which you belong and who you will become. 

I want you always, always, to be open to learning, unlearning and relearning and most of all to share your learnings and experiences with others, enrich the lives of others as you have enriched mine and allow others to enrich yours. 

I want you to come to know yourself. What does that mean? Know your strengths, know the areas that you need to work on. What are your values? What are your beliefs? What kind of woman/man do you want to be? Then ensure that all you say and do are in alignment with the woman/man that you say you are or would like to be. 

I want you to make a conscious effort to live the gospel values and teachings, our values and teachings, in thought, word and action and most important, always, always be of service to others. And I want that not only to be here and now, but also beyond the gates of St Peter’s; as you grow and become informed active local and global citizens, it is those values I hope, that are lived and expressed in both your personal and professional lives. 

I want you to engage, embrace and energise.
Engage with others who are culturally, religiously or otherwise different to you. 

Embrace the diversity that surrounds you and celebrate it. Embrace the opportunities that come your way and learn from them.

Energise your neighbour, the other, to not ‘tolerate’, I really dislike that word, but to act, to engage with others to always, always work in solidarity for the common good.

It is my hope that faith plays a significant role in your life and that it becomes part of who you are and influences your actions, behaviour and fuels you to make a difference in this world and to be the best person you can be.

Wherever your future leads you, I will be watching and cheering for you.  I am looking forward to updates from your lives and seeing where your education leads.  Finally, I wish you much joy, love, laughter and success and may your faith continue to grow and be nourished by all that you meet, and may you grow to nurture that of others.

Thank you and may God bless you all. 

Student Leadership

Early this month I wrote about student leadership in an effort to encourage all Year 11 and Year 12 students to consider a position of captaincy at the College. I am pleased to share with you that all candidates demonstrated their understanding of servant leadership, our Catholic ethos and the importance of being a role model both within and beyond the college. As a founding staff member of the East campus I am extremely proud of their willingness to serve and have much confidence in their ability to lead now and in the future.

Congratulations to our College Captains & House Captains for 2016

Congratulations to Kwong Lee Dow Award for High Achieving Student Emily Hoyle

Congratulations to Community Service Award winner Lachlan Buckanen

Lachlan is a respected member of the College with his commitment to and involvement in leadership roles. He is generous with his time and energy. Lachlan’s leadership, self-confidence and overall achievement in all levels within the school community has been outstanding. Congratulations Lachlan and may you continue to give the very best of yourself on every occasion.  

Ms Marjorie Canal, Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Student Leadership

The process of electing our West Campus College Captains has been completed and it is wonderful to see the quality students who have been chosen by their peers through the voting process and college staff through the interview process.  House Captains will be elected this week so that all our student leaders can be celebrated at Presentation Evening.

A compulsory Student Representative Council training day will be held on Monday, 7th December at Amstel Golf Club.  It will be an historic occasion as East and West College and House Captains gather together for the first time.  This is an important day in helping to prepare our young people for their role and duties in the coming year.

Four of our Year 10 students attended the National Young Leaders Day in Melbourne last Friday.  Ms Cathy Heijden took Anghelo De La Cruz, Dina Ivkovich, Gehan Perera, and Britney Phillips to a day of listening to inspirational young leaders. The students were particularly impressed by a physicist who is on the team to travel to Mars in 2026.  While it may sound like science fiction, this man certainly is an example of living our motto to ‘be not afraid’.

Activities Day

Thursday, 3rd December is the final day of school and an opportunity for Houses to bond through the fun of Activities Day.  The $20 and permission forms are due this week as it is important that we book the correct number of buses and open up the opportunity to any Year 10 students who want to enjoy the day with their houses.  

Year 7 Student Free Day – Monday, 30 November

This Monday, 30 November is a student free day for all our current Year 7 students only.  This is to allow us to run our 2016 Year 7 Orientation Day. New students for next year will be welcomed into our school community by gathering initially in the Multi-Purpose Hall at around 8.45am. They will be addressed by Mr Tim Hogan, Ms Rivonia Pereira and myself before finding out the House to which they belong.  House Leaders will spend some time getting to know their students before taking them on a tour of the school.

The 2016 Year 7 students will get to meet their Tutor Group and enjoy a pastoral period together.  After recess, the students will be helped with their transition into secondary school through a series of enjoyable classes across all learning areas.  Some of our student leaders will be on hand to guide these students through the day.  

McGuigan Shield 

The McGuigan Shield is currently awarded each semester to the house that shows the best participation in school activities.  We have decided to revamp this prize and award it only once a year to the champion house. This new house competition celebrates the house that wins the most number of house points through a range of activities.  Points will be awarded in sport, house competitions and participation in extra-curricular activities.  The aim is to reward and celebrate our students’ efforts and excellence across a range of activities.  The McGuigan Shield will be awarded at the end of Term 3 and the champion house will also be given an opportunity to celebrate their success together.

This house competition encourages our students to strive for success and to learn to co-operate as a team in achieving their best.  We are confident that this exciting new approach will also improve a student’s sense of belonging in their house and as part of St Peter’s College.

Mr David Hansen, Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus


Teaching and Learning News

Report Card Reactions – How can we respond?

A friend recently sent me an article from The Conversation in which I read an article that talked about our reactions to the report cards that will soon arrive for our students. Staff are currently writing reports, proofreading and devising constructive feedback to assist students to improve in their future studies. It is timely that we think about how we as parents will react. The author of the article in the Conversation suggests that when poor results are received, the worst reaction and often the first is punitive punishment.

Threats to restrict internet access, reduced television viewing or restriction of privileges is seen as counter productive. The study indicates that “the main reason that “punitive parenting” strategies are unlikely to work is that they do not directly address the underlying problems that lead to the poor result.” The study found that children whose parents said they would respond by lecturing, punishing or restricting their child’s social activities actually had lower levels of literacy and maths achievement by the end of high school.

How then should parents react? Below are listed some suggestions to help parents talk with their sons and daughter about the underlying cause of poor results.

Three tips to remember at report card time

  1. When unexpected or poor results come in, research shows that reacting with frustration, anger, lecturing or punishment isn’t the best way to get better results.
  2. Consistent and responsive parenting will do more good than a punitive approach.
  3. Give and seek specific feedback on your child’s progress – especially the reasons behind any unexpected results.


All Year 7-11 Reports will be posted on the Parent Portal on Friday 15th December. Parents are reminded that a password is required to access the Parent Portal. Please call the Front Office before December 9th if you have forgotten or misplaced your password.

Staff will not be available after this time to reset passwords. Instructions for accessing the online reports will once again be emailed to all parents. Any parent who requires a hard copy of a report is asked to notify the Front Office before 7th December. Looking forward to continuing the conversations.

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning

Student Wellbeing News

REACH organisation honours St Peter’s College students

Year Nine students Josh O’Brien and Chandler Byrnes were identified by Youth presenters at a recent Reflection Day at St Peter’s College as being students with ‘enormous potential’ to be Reach Ambassadors and potential 'Crew' members, at the renowned Youth Organisation which was co- founded by the late Melbourne Football Club Champion, Jimmy Stynes. 

burns chandler   obrien josh

Reach is a for – purpose organisation for young people.
Its Vision: that every young person has the support and self-belief they need to fulfil their potential & dare to dream.

Its Mission: To encourage young people, no matter their circumstances, to believe they can achieve.

At St Peter’s College, we have been in partnership with REACH since 1999. Their philosophy fits perfectly with our Catholic tradition of encouraging hope and fulfilment for all our young people.

The workshops our students undertake are challenging and often emotional. At their workshop, Josh and Chandler impressed the presenters with their “Be Not Afraid” attitude. Their willingness to advocate on behalf of their peers and their kindness and compassion towards others.

The boys were selected to go through a selection process to be chosen as future 'Crew' members and to eventually lead workshops, possibly throughout Australian schools and REACH Camps for youth. They were selected from among 60 applicants and will begin their 'REACH JOURNEY' in February 2016.

Both boys felt it would be a “massive life changing opportunity” and were very grateful to have been chosen.

We at St Peter’s College congratulate them on their efforts and their willingness to take a positive risk.

Mrs Anita Carter
Student Wellbeing Leader 

Family Prayer Group

Dear families of St Peter’s College community

Please be informed that our last Family Prayer meeting for 2015 will take place this Friday 27th Nov at 7.30pm at the East Campus as usual. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the families for their attendance and participation to the Prayer meetings, held every last Friday of the month throughout this year and for the second consecutive year. This has allowed these families to build a stronger and closer relationship not only with Jesus but also with each other.

We pray to God that the number of families of the St Peter’s College Community attending the prayer meeting will keep increasing every year and that our families continue to grow in Faith and spirituality.

I look forward to welcoming you on Friday and wish you all a prayerful time of Advent in preparation to welcoming our Lord and Saviour Jesus at Christmas in our families.

May God bless you 

Mr Jean-Paul Antoine
Family Prayer group Coordinator

St Agatha's Parish News

LIFE: Parishioners are invited to attend a Mass to be celebrated by Bishop O'Regan on 2nd December at 11am at St Michael's Catholic Church, Traralgon. This occasion is to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution Religious Orders have made to the Diocese of Sale over many years.

Group discounts available! Did you know when you register in a group of 4 (with at least 3 new participants) you can receive a group discount of $100? Register now at summerschool.org.au or contact Br Antony for more info:
0490 157 526 or melbourne@summerschool.org.au

ST VINNIES: We would like to remind you that our Piety Stall is filled with lovely gifts for your loved ones for Christmas. We have lots of stocking fillers, Columbian Calendars, Scripture Diaries, cards and much much more,
come and see. Finally we are seeking some gentlemen who would like to join one of our evening visitation teams. We are still a bit short and perhaps if you could spare an evening after work it would be great. Please ring Mary on 5996 1758. Many thanks & God bless

ADVENT PROGRAMME: There will be 3 small groups running an Advent Programme on Wednesday & Thursday evening and Thursday morning. If you are interested in joining one for the 4 weeks of Advent, please contact the Parish Office on 5996 1985.

St Agatha's Parish

Religious Education

The terror attacks in Paris have had a huge impact on people everywhere.  I have a daughter in the north of France, some 3 hours from Paris, and she reflects that the whole feel of the city she is in has changed. You may or may not have seen the clip of the father with his son - click to see youtube clip

Paris Bombing

The Song of Songs, a book in the Old Testament tells us that Love is stronger than death.  You will notice that the little boy talks about mean guys who have guns.  The dad replies, "But we have flowers!" It is the flowers that will protect us. The flowers represent love. We are about to celebrate the Christmas season, a season that is about a God who loves and brings love into the world. We are the hands and feet of that God.

Mr Stephen Nash
Religious Education Leader

Change to Summer Uniform

With students currently wearing Summer Uniform we would like to remind our Parents of the College Uniform regulations:

Compulsary Change for 2016 for all Male students

Boys white shirt will change as of 2016, and all boys will be required to wear the new College Shirt which is an untucked style and has the College emblem embroidered on the pocket. The shirts are designed to be worn with or without a tie so are relevant throughout the year. These shirts can now be purchased from our Uniform Shop at the West Campus or online.

Summer Dress Length

Particular attention should be given to the Girls Summer Uniform Dress length, which is required to be on the knee or below. Students whose uniform does not meet this will be given, in the first instance a notice to recify it.

To read full uniform standards please click here:

Uniform Shop Opening Hours Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday Morning duritn Term

Uniform can be ordered and paid on-line and then collected by the student during opening hours

To order new items on line please click here:

To purchase secondhand items on line please click here:

Parents & Friends Association

We have now completed our Meeting schedule for 2015.

Thank you for all the parents who found the time to join us one one or more of our evenings.

For those of you who couldn't join us, I know many of you follow us via the Newsletter and website.

2016 Meeting Program will be published in early 2016.

If you have any suggestions for Topics and Guest Speakers please contact us via this link 'Contact Us'

Minutes of Meeting:

Please click here:


2015/16 Entertainment Book - Online Version is still available

Buy now so you can get the full benefit of saving on a host of activities during the upcoming School Holidays.  

Going away this Christmas, why not look and see if their is an Entertainment Book available for your destination. You could make great savings on all of your holiday activities.

To order your Membership please click here:

Memorial Pavers

Your Name Can Go Down in History
Engraved pavers to be laid in St Peter's Sculpture Garden.

We continue our Fundraising Program to secure enough pavers to complete the pathways around the St Peter's Sculpture Gardens.

Cost of your personalised paver, is $30.00 including engraving.

Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised in the garden.

To download your Memorial Paver Order form please click here:

Useful Links

James Tharle Fundraising

To donate please click here:

Year 12's Final Day Photo's

All photo's taken by the College Photographer will be available at No Charge after Exams. Students are asked to leave a USB of 16MG at the College Office in an envelope with their name and contact phone number. 

Photo's taken at Valedictory Dinner by Happy Medium are available for sale via their website www.happymedium.com.au using Access Code:pe2010vc

College Allumni

2016 will see us hold our 10 Year Reunion for our Graduating Class of 2006

We will also be holding our Inaugural 1 Year Reunion for the Graduating Class of 2015

To register your interest and details please visit our Alumni Section of our website

Please click here:

NEW St Peter's College Website

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St Peter's College Community Portal

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Catholic Life 

To veiw the latest edition online please click here:

2016 Book List Ordering

Our current book lists will be available to order online, click here:


St Peter's College Uniform Shop

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Second Hand Uniform Sales via Sustainable School Shop

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Secondhand Calculators and Text Books

Secondhand Text Books and Calculators please click here:

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