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Issue 36  |  18 November 2015
Featured Story
From the Principal

We Pray

Our prayers go out to the victims of the terror attacks in Paris at the weekend. It is difficult to understand what motivates the killing of innocent human beings, an act which shocks us all to the core. World leaders including our Pope have condemned the violence and extremism and strongly expressed solidarity with the people of France and the common values we share. I am very mindful of the impact World events have on our young people and I refer to our Pope reflections on the events of September 11 when he visited the World Trade Centre Memorial earlier this year.

‘Here, amid pain and grief, we also have a palpable sense of the heroic goodness which people are capable of, those hidden reserves of strength from which we can draw. ... This place of death became a place of life too, a place of saved lives, a hymn to the triumph of life over the prophets of destruction and death, to goodness over evil, to reconciliation and unity over hatred and division."

In our own lives we know that fear and love are probably our two strongest emotions and influence the responses and actions we take every day. In making these choices our Pope reminds us that our faith is one based on hope and our God is one who never abandons us.

Sydney Opera House

Spring Time 7 ‘s Rugby 

Congratulations to all the students who represented St Peter’s College in the Springtime 7’s Rugby Competition over the last few weeks. Our students were exemplary in their sportsmanship and are to be commended for the way they represented our school community. I wish to acknowledge and thank Coach Mr Phil Cooper and assistant Mrs Rosalie Williams for their support and development of these young men. 


Vince Atulia, Laeton Taia  ,John Rosenbrock, Alistair Alphonso, Riley Byl, Robert Basford, Sahin Ayres, Josiah Lynch, Lachlan Tabb, Adam Lynch 

Dyllan Lalouette, Blake Cowden, Lachlan Lang, Louie Marciano, Jone Baravi, Nathan Nixon, Brock Johnson, Ethan Turnbull, Ben Lynch, Neil Evangilista, Mitchell Gertrude

Solomon Islands

This week Teaching staff members Mr Greg Nelson, Miss Karissa Robertson along with Year 12 students Bree Ashwood, Iesha Clarke, Joshua Di Nuzzo, Rylee Hepburn, Charlotte Lampard and ex-student Perri Mclean, accompanied by Fr Joeseph from St Agatha's Parish, will depart for the 10 day Immersion Program in the Solomon Islands.  

During the visit our students will assist with maintenance projects around the Bishop Epalle College as well as present a cheque for $20,000 to assist in the construction of a new library. One of the highlights of the visit for our students will be the opportunity to be billeted with local families and experience the rich culture of the Solomon Island people. We pray for a safe and enjoyable trip for our travellers.

Solomon Island 5

Induction Program

This week our Year 10 & 11 students move up a year level to begin their induction into their 2016 studies. Over the last few year we have seen this induction program as vital to the successful completion of our Student VCE certificate and VCAL program. I thank and acknowledge the work of our Administration staff, Curriculum team and our Teaching staff who at a busy time of year with reports are gearing up to ensure our 2016 VCE students at both the East and West Campus are off to a flying start.


Best wishes to our HPV team who head off to Maryborough for the final 24 hour race of the HPV season. With over 10000 students from around the country represented at this event our students are looking forward to improving their personal best results as a team from throughout the year. I thank our passionate HPV teaching staff members Mr Ziggy Wolinski, Miss Karen Williams and Ms Janine Dissegna who have supported the team throughout the year and will travel to Maryborough to oversee the 24 Hours Race.

2015 HPV

TOP Designs

Year 12 student Bree Ashwood has been shortlisted for the prestigious Top Design awards for 2016.  If successful Bree’s Year 12 Media Studies Folio would be showcased at the TOP Design awards in 2016 in recognition of her talents and as an inspiration to  the 2016 Year students studying media next year. Bree will receive confirmation of this acknowledgement later this year.


Mr Tim Hogan

Latest News
Teaching and Learning News

Induction – Time to step up 

Induction in my Macquarie dictionary speaks of electricity and changes in current. It also speaks of formal Induction into office and refers to a lead or installing or a bringing into a special place.

Both these definitions have elements relating to the next two weeks of Induction for our Year 10 into 11 and Year 11 into Year 12 students. For current Year 10 students it is time to step up to a new and more formal setting of VCE – Victorian Certificate of Education. In order to obtain this formal qualification a number of procedures and requirements are put in place by VCAA. The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority. This State body sets out specific rules and regulations which govern how and what all students in Victoria must do in order to obtain a Year 12 Certificate. Induction booklets – setting out these requirements were distributed this week. Parents and students should take the time to read the Induction booklet and become familiar with the procedures and protocols. 

During Induction students will commence their Unit 1 or 3 subjects. Holiday homework will be set and the general requirements of the course will be outlined. It is important that students take this induction seriously. It is not a time to wind down and relax but rather a time to recharge – change the current and feel an electricity or spark for the commencement of a new era. Whether it be a first Unit 1 VCE subject or the beginning of the final year of school for our Year 12 students, each is an exciting and new milestone in student’s education. It is an opportunity to make the most of the gift of education that we in Australian often take for granted. I wish all of our VCE students well as they commence this important time in their education. For any questions regards Induction please contact Mr Fisher at West and Ms Dissegna at East.

Subject Changes 

The Subjects which run in Year 11 and 12 at St Peter’s are guided largely by student choice. Having tallied the Web preferences subject selections classes, staffing and the timetable is now set for 2016. 

Changes to subjects at this stage are very limited. Any students who will begin Year 11 or 12 in 2016 has a small window of opportunity to change subjects during the first week of Induction only.  Students who wish to change subjects should collect a subject change form from their House Leader. Parental signatures together with a signature from our Careers advisors, Ms Dillon at West and Ms Cardamone at East must be completed. Fully completed Subject change forms should be handed into the Front Office by Friday 20th November. 

Subject changes for Years 7- 10 are not possible.

Accelerated Studies 

Year 9 students who have been accepted into a Year 11 Accelerated Unit are reminded that they will be expected to attend Induction classes. Timetables and Information regarding Induction will be distributed in Tutor Group. Vocational classes such as Sport and Recreation and Digital Media and Technology, which run within the timetable, will also be run during Induction. 

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning

West Campus News

Student Leadership

This week is a clear focus on student leadership with the new Year 12 students undertaking a full day of training on Monday and the Year 11 students doing the Peer Support training on Tuesday.  Both training days have a different emphasis, with the Year 12 students learning about our model of servant leadership as taught by Jesus when he washed his disciples’ feet at the Last Supper (John 13:1-17).  

The Year 11 students are being trained in peer support that many can choose to put into practice next year with the incoming Year 7 students to help them make a smooth transition into St Peter’s community.  Both training days help prepare the students for the voting and interviews for the various student leader roles. 

Student voice is important to the cohesive running of a school.  Not only is it a student’s right to be heard, but when we listen, many important improvements are made.  Over 2015, examples of this have included the purchase of outdoor furniture and the construction of a pathway from the back gate at Navarre Drive. 

The experience of student leadership is an important learning experience for our students as they learn the importance of our democratic principles and develop a greater appreciation for the role of leaders in our society, be they sporting, civic or church leaders.

The Student Representative Council is made up of the following:

2 College Captains (1 male, 1 female)
Arts Captain
Environment Captain
Liturgy Captain
Social Justice Captain
16 House Captains (1 male & 1 female from each house. Year 11 or 12 students).

We thank the work of Ms Gina Goss and Ms Rivonia Pereira who have done the groundwork in preparation for these days and the many House Leaders and teachers who have run sessions.

On Friday, I will be taking four Year 10 students to the National Young Leaders Day at the Convention Centre.  This is a day of inspiration and encouragement for our students as they listen to a number of motivational speakers.

Induction Program

The induction program has begun.  Please click here to download timetable

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

East Campus News

Peer Support Training

Today, 48 of our Year 9 students completed Peer Support Training in preparation for next year. I would like to thank these year 9 students for coming forward and nominating themselves to support our year 7 students in making their transition to Secondary College. The students have spent the day exploring leadership and what makes a good leader, they have reflected on what the highlights and challenges were for them when they were in year 7, and how they can support our Year 7 students next year.

Students have looked at their own interaction styles, and the skills needed for co—facilitating a group. I have been impressed at the leadership and maturity that the students showed within the training, and look forward to working with them next year.

Marjorie 19 nov

Many thanks to Ms Connell and Ms Jeremiah for the preparation and organisation of the day and Mr Woodhouse, Mr Wolinski, Ms Atkins and Mr Antoine for assisting with the training.

End of Year Reminders

Just a reminder to all families that current Yr 10 and 11 students finish on Friday 27th November at 12.45. Year 7 students are not required at school on Monday 30th November, and that all year 7 – 9 students finish on Thursday 3rd December.  

All students should keep in mind that it is still normal school expectations for the remainder of the year and that includes getting to school and classes on time.

Kay Bannan

Congratulations to Kay Bannan, who has achieved first place in the Bob Shearer Golf Classic and the Tuesday Ladies Club Championships. This young lady has set a fine example, displaying exceptional golfing ability, which will surely hold her in good stead in future golf championships. Well Done Kay and remember keep your eye on the ball and keep sinking those birdie putts.


Ms Marjorie Canal
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Change to Summer Uniform

With students currently wearing Summer Uniform we would like to remind our Parents of the College Uniform regulations:

Summer Dress Length:

Particular attention should be given to the Girls Summer Uniform Dress length, which is required to be on the knee or below. Students whose uniform does not meet this will be given, in the first instance a notice to recify it.

Boys White shirt:

Boys white shirt will change as of 2016, and all boys will be required to wear the new College Shirt which is an untucked style and has the College emblem embroidered on the pocket. The shirts are designed to be worn with or without a tie so are relevant throughout the year. These shirts can now be purchased from our Uniform Shop at the West Campus or online.

To read full uniform standards please click here:

Uniform Shop Opening Hours Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday Morning, the next Saturday morning opening is 21st November.

Uniform can be ordered and paid on-line and then collected by the student during opening hours.

To order new items on line please click here:

To purchase secondhand items on line please click here:

SIS Junior Boys Soccer - Season Report

St John 7 - 1 St Peter's
Padua 2 - 3 St Peter's 
St Peter's 4 - 6 Nazareth
SFX 9 - 0 St Peter's
St Peter's 2 - 7 St James

Overall a tough campaign for the boys, the undoubted highlight being the 3-2 victory over Padua after we were reduced to 10 men late in the first half due to a ludicrous refereeing decision. The boys effort, commitment and behaviour was excellent throughout and definite improvement was evident against some very strong sides. The standout players were Chris Raso, Finlay Moore and Antonio Fernandez who stood out in each fixture.

Well Done and all players should be encouraged to join clubs out of school in the future.

Mr Andrew Broadley
Soccer Coach

Presentation Night 2015

St Peter’s College
2015 Presentation Night
Wednesday November 25th

Students Artworks on Display in Foyer from 6.15 to 7.00pm

Presentation Night starts at 7.00pm

Students receiving awards will be sent an Invitation for them and their family to join us to see them presented with their award

As in recent years we will only be able to offer each family 2 tickets, and requests for more tickets will be able to be filled, only if room permits at the last minute. Tickets will be sent home with students in the week prior.

Parents of students who are undertaking positions of Leadership within the College in 2016 – College Captains & Campus House Captains will also be invited to join them on this night, as we see them take up their roles for the first time.

We aim to keep the evening length to a minimum, please note that all students will not be able to leave the Theatre until the close of the evenings program.

Religious Education

The Feast of Christ the King

During the last week I have heard many people say ‘hasn’t the year gone fast? The other similar thought is, ‘where did the year go?’

The liturgical life of the Church is no different. November 22nd sees the Church celebrate the last Sunday of the liturgical year: Christ the King. The feast is celebrated on the Sunday prior to the first Sunday of Advent. Because Christmas Day is always on the 25th December, the Sundays of Advent change dates from year to year. As a consequence so does the feast of Christ the King.

Christ the King is a title of Jesus based on several passages of Scripture: Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage." (Matt. 2:2), "Jesus answered, 'My kingdom does not belong to this world.'" (John 18) and "He has a name written on his cloak and on his thigh, "King of kings and Lord of lords." (Rev.19:16).

Christ's kingship was addressed in the encyclical Quas primas of Pope Pius XI, published in 1925. The pontiff's encyclical says that Jesus' kingship was given to him by the Father, and was not obtained by violence: “Christ,” he says, “has dominion over all creatures, a dominion not seized by violence nor usurped, but his by essence and by nature.”

Pope Pius XI instituted the feast of Christ the King in 1925 to remind Christians that their allegiance was to their spiritual ruler in heaven as opposed to earthly supremacy. This was at a time when many countries in Europe were struggling to recover after World War I and seeing the rise of National Socialism in Germany and Fascism in Italy.

In modern times, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI remarked that Christ's kingship is not based on "human power" but on loving and serving others. So as the Liturgical Year comes to an end, let us make a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ to continue to serve each other as we worship Christ the King.

St Peter Pray for Us.

Mr Greg Nelson
Assistant Religious Education Leader

St Agatha's Parish News


Bishop Patrick O’Regan invites the People of the Diocese of Sale to the Anniversary Mass for Bishop Jeremiah Coffey DD this Thursday 19th November 2015 at 11am in St Mary’s Cathedral, Sale. All welcome!


Parishioners are invited to write the names of their deceased loved ones on the cardboard provided and place them on the cross near the statue of Our
Lady at St Agatha’s Church.


Parishioners wishing to offer a Mass for their deceased family and friends can fill in a November Mass offering envelope, which you will find in your
stewardship envelope pack, or there are some in the church foyer. Envelopes can be placed on the Presbytery collection plate (2nd Collection). These Masses will be offered over the next 12 months.


For family or friends that have suffered a loss of an infant to stillbirth, miscarriage, infant death. Mass this Friday 20th November at 7.30pm.


Parishioners are invited to attend a Mass to be celebrated by Bishop O'Regan on 2nd December at 11am at St Michael's Catholic Church, Traralgon. This occasion is to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution Religious Orders have made to the Diocese of Sale over many years.

St Agatha's Parish

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Year 12's Final Day Photo's

All photo's taken by the College Photographer will be available at No Charge after Exams. Students are asked to leave a USB of 16MG at the College Office in an envelope with their name and contact phone number. 

Photo's taken at Valedictory Dinner by Happy Medium are available for sale via their website www.happymedium.com.au using Access Code:pe2010vc

College Allumni

2016 will see us hold our 10 Year Reunion for our Graduating Class of 2006

We will also be holding our Inaugural 1 Year Reunion for the Graduating Class of 2015

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Parents & Friends Association

We have now completed our Meeting schedule for 2015.

Thank you for all the parents who found the time to join us one one or more of our evenings.

For those of you who couldn't join us, I know many of you follow us via the Newsletter and website.

2016 Meeting Program will be published in early 2016.

If you have any suggestions for Topics and Guest Speakers please contact us via this link 'Contact Us'

Minutes of Meeting:

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2015/16 Entertainment Book - Online Version is still available

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Memorial Pavers

Your Name Can Go Down in History. 
Engraved pavers to be laid in St Peter's Sculpture Garden.

We continue our Fundraising Program to secure enough pavers to complete the pathways around the St Peter's Sculpture Gardens.

Cost of your personalised paver, is $30.00 including engraving.

Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised in the garden.

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