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Issue 34  |  04 November 2015
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From our Principal

James Tharle Walk-a-Thon

The fundraiser held last Friday for student James Tharle was a great success. With both the East and West Campuses involved over $40,000 of the $70,000 required has now been raised to assist the Tharle family in the provision of much needed medical treatment for James which will take place this week. I have attached a letter of thanks from the Tharle family which sums up beautifully the appreciation for this wonderful community we all belong to.

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2015 James Tharle and mates

Letter from the Tharle family:

Good Evening Tim,

Chris, Catherine, James, Mitchell and I would like to thank the St Peter's College Community for coming together and showing their support for James. We are overwhelmed by the enormity of the Walk-A-Thon the school held for James on Friday. The show of love and support for James was amazing and we are still trying to come to terms with the enormous generosity of such a wonderful community. We are very proud and humbled to be a part of St Peter's College community.

I know it will be impossible to personally thank everyone who worked so hard to organise the day. I realise it was a team effort and there were many behind the scenes, especially your wonderful Office Staff and Teachers. Their efforts were above and beyond the call of duty. This is something very precious.

As I write this letter I am still speechless at the solidarity of the community and for the first time since James' journey, our journey began, have we felt that things will be ok, we just need to let God guide us and the power of prayer come together. Things will be ok. It has been hard and we have the toughest and longest part of the journey to go, but the memories of the day, of the love and support shown towards James, and of course Catherine and Mitchell will brighten some of the darker days.

Ahead of Friday, James was nervous about coming into school, even just to visit, James knew if he was well enough he would not be given a choice, that this was something he had to do and like all of his treatment so far he just got on with it.

From the moment we arrived at school James was continuously surrounded by his friends who did not leave his side. They looked after him by taking care of his needs (Gerard thank you for the reminder of sunscreen) and pushed him in his chair everywhere. It was heart wrenching to see James start the walk off and lead the students round the school under the close eye of the teachers. it is a memory that James will remember. On the short drive home this is one comment that James made, the best part was his friends and being able to re connect in a supportive environment, where he now feels safe from those awkward looks and comments he gets when in public.

We appreciated the invitation to allow the wider community to attend and the care and patience shown. Many of our family and friends from various connections attended and they were made to feel comfortable and were very impressed by all, especially the attitude and behaviour of the students. They were blown away. Quite a few are teachers.

Chris was at East for the day and he too was overwhelmed by the support shown.

This means more than anything to us more than the money raised. Though that does show how much of the community have wanted to do something to help James, especially those who we don't know and will relieve a huge financial stress.

We can't thank you enough for showing James how much he is loved and supported and that he is not alone in this journey.


The Tharle Family


2015 St Peter’s Presentation Night 25th of November

The Annual St Peter’s College Presentation Night will be held at the Frankston Arts Centre on the 25th of November to celebrate the growth, development and excellence achieved by our students in all facets of school life during the 2015 school year. Starting at 7pm I invite parents to come early to view the outstanding work on display in the Art and Technology Exhibition held in the foyer of the Frankston Arts Centre prior to the commencement of the Presentation Evening.

The student awards outlined below will be presented to members from each of the eight houses at both the East and West Campus who have met the specific criteria.

College Spirit:  For students who have consistently supported, contributed to, and been involved in multiple activities of the College throughout the school year eg. St Peter’s Day, College Production, Debating, Choir, Music, SIS sport, SVDP, Social Justice Group.

Academic Excellence: For students who receive an average ‘A’ grade across the subjects in mid year reports.  Students achieving outstanding results in specific areas of the curriculum could also be considered eligible for a specific award eg.  In Technology Studies, Languages Other Than English.

St Peter’s Award: Students as they grow in maturity will experience at times a great reorientation or improvement in their attitude to school and to work.  This often (though not always) will result in improvement in their grades.  It deserve acknowledgement regardless since it speaks of redemption and notes that negativity and failure are not terminal.

House Spirit: Students who through participation in and representation of their house, provide support, encouragement and the development of house spirit.

I look forward to a wonderful celebration of the 2015 school year with our families and students on the night.

2015 Tim Hogan Signature

Tim Hogan


Latest News
East Campus News


The general prayer intention of Pope Francis for the month of November is for dialogue – that we may be open to personal encounter and dialogue with all, even those whose convictions differ from our own.  

Pope Francis said, ‘when leaders in various fields ask me for advice, my response is always the same: dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.’  He said, ‘It is the only way for individuals, families, and societies to grow along with the culture of encounter, a culture in which all have something good to give and all can receive something good in return.’  

For a successful dialogue to take place there is a need for one to be open to the other, to listen to the other and genuinely engage with the other, respecting the dignity of the other person ‘in a way that everyone can see in the other not an enemy, not a rival, but a brother or sister to be welcomed and embraced.’

The role of dialogue, however, is to be found not only in the field of interreligious disputes and international conflict, but also on the more mundane levels of family, school and work life. There is a role for dialogue in the smaller dramas of our everyday lives. Dialogue provides the firm foundation upon which honest communication is built and whilst we cannot assume that it solves all our problems, a lack of it often results in matters becoming worse.

Let us then join Pope Francis in praying during the month of November, so that we may be open to personal encounter and dialogue with all, even those whose convictions differ from our own.  

Cranbourne East Bus Service

The College school bus will not be in service from Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th of November 2015. We have organised Cranbourne Transit bus service to do morning and afternoon school runs on those days. I ask that all students utilising the College bus service to look out for the Cranbourne Transit bus on those days.

James Tharle Walk a Thon

'Do all you can with the means at your disposal, and calmly leave the rest to God.' Mary MacKillop

‘Jesus’ teachings is a summons to a conversion that is to affect the way people live in the world’ (Donahue, 2005, p.25). Through his ministry Jesus calls us to love our neighbour, to be compassionate, to be concerned for others and to translate that concern to action as he did. It is this compassion that fuels us to act justly, kindly and to do all we can to alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters. The effort, contribution, participation and actions of students, staff and the community were beyond our expectations and we are incredibly grateful for all those who gave freely of their time and generosity.

The walk on Friday and the lap in silence gave us an opportunity to pray and reflect on the lives of James, his family, those less fortunate than ourselves and own lives. As James in the Old Testament asserts, we show our faith by our works. Our prayer for James

Heavenly Father,

We pray for James Tharle and his family during this difficult time. We also pray that our school can support him through our prayers and actions. May Jesus Christ our Lord, shower his abundant blessings upon his soul. We pray that his surgery is successful and that he recovers quickly.

Amen. Glowrey I

Marjorie Canal, Acting Deputy Principal - Head of East Campus

Religious Education

The Marist Fathers were founded in France in the early Nineteenth Century. Pope Gregory XVI approved the Order’s Rule in 1836. In 1844, Bishop Jean Baptiste Epalle was made responsible for Micronesia and Melanesia. He arrived with a small band of missionaries on San Cristobal Island, one of the larger of the Solomon Islands, on December 2nd 1845. Two weeks later, he tried to land at Ysabel, another island in the Solomon Islands. He was struck down by the local people and died three days later. The Marists tried to land again in 1847; two died of malaria and three were killed by the people. The Marists withdrew from the Solomon Islands altogether but returned in 1898. 

Today, the Solomon Islands is a small sovereign country in the Pacific Ocean, east of New Guinea. It is made up of a large number of volcanic and coral islands. It is a largely Christian country. Only about twenty percent of the Christian population are Catholic. One of the largest schools in the area is Bishop Epalle Catholic School in Honiara. It caters for students who range, in Australian terms, from Prep to Year 13.

In just under a fortnight, immediately after the VCE Examination period, six students and two staff members, including myself will be journeying to Honiara to experience life in a Third World Country. We will be accompanied by Fr Joseph from St Agatha’s Parish. Students will be billeted with local families for ten days and experience life as it is lived in the Solomon Islands. They will also be assisting with the end of school year activities at Bishop Epalle Catholic School and will do some work around the school.

Over the years, students at St Peter’s College have shown great generosity of spirit. The Solomon Islands Immersion Program is another example of this generosity of spirit. The group looks forward to sharing with our brothers and sisters in Honiara.

St Peter,  Pray for Us

Greg Nelson

Assistant Religious Education Leader, West Campus

West Campus News

To view full details please click below link

Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

How to Report Cyberbullying Material

On the 1 July this year, a National Cyberbullying Complaints Scheme came into effect. Under the Enhancing Online Safety for Children Act 2015, the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner facilitates the rapid removal of serious cyberbullying material affecting Australian children.

Around 20% of complaints they have resolved so far involved working cooperatively with schools to address the underlying behaviour so that cyberbullying does not reoccur. The types of behaviour they are seeing in the cyberbullying complaints received include:

  • Serious name calling and nasty comments – eg. comments that incite suicide, gay shaming, accusatory, sexually threatening
  • Offensive or upsetting pictures or videos
  • Fake accounts or impersonations
  • Hacking of social media accounts
  • Hate pages

More information about the cyberbullying complaints scheme can be found under ‘Complaints and reporting’ on the Office’s website: www.esafety.gov.au

They also provide resources for parents on the website: https://www.esafety.gov.au/education-resources/parent-resources.

Please remind your children, that if they experience cyberbullying, they should do the following:

  • Report the cyberbullying material to the social media service.
  • Collect evidence – copy URLs or take screenshots of the material.
  • If the content is not removed within 48 hours…Report it to www.esafety.gov.au/cyberbullying-complaint
  • Block the person and talk to someone you trust.

Traffic Entering the College

Can I remind all members of the school community that when turning left from Cranbourne-Frankston Road into the school grounds, it is important not to stop in the left hand turn lane to let people out of the vehicle.  This is dangerous for drivers attempting a left hand turn into the college.  This lane is also a bus stop and so can cause difficulties for the bus company.

Drivers should continue as far as possible into the College Car Park to minimise the banking up of traffic in this turning lane and ensure the safe arrival of staff and students at school. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Anxiety in Children

Anxiety is something we all experience and is in fact a natural survival response. But anxiety can start to impact our children in an unhealthy way, negatively affecting their journey into life. School pressure, family pressure, social pressure and toxic thoughts, can all see anxiety spiral out of control.

To read more and for details on an information session please click here:

Mr David Hansen, Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

West Campus News

James Tharle Fundraiser & Our Amazing Students

As this article is being written, James Tharle will be undergoing  an operation to give him a prosthetic for his leg costing $70,000 to continue his battle against cancer.  A fortnight ago, a couple of our staff, Mr Roger Hampson & Mr Gerard Brown started the ball rolling setting the goal to raise $5,000 in our school community.  The resulting Walk-a-Thon last Friday saw the entire school participate, including numerous Year 12 students who returned to participate during their exam period.  Even our Year 9 students on camp ran their own Walk-a-thon the night before the big event. Time and again students came forward with ideas on how to help raise money for our student. Parents and the local Parish Community joined the fundraising effort.  Students, Parents, Staff and the wider community were inspired to a compassionate response.  As of Friday afternoon, we had raised $40,000 including the Go-Fund-Me site set up in the 3 weeks prior, result and the figure was still growing. 

I draw your attention to all of this, not for our College Community to be praised, in the same way that a school in a wealthy area does not deserve to be criticised for the foolish public remarks of an individual student.  In my role, I know all too well that our students can make similar mistakes on social media every day and I don’t think any school can claim otherwise.  However, our young people are too often criticised publically by the media and hung out to dry by a community wanting to feel righteous anger at human failure.  I was disappointed with the public berating that a student, school and parents received at the hands of a media and members of our community that were rightly disgusted by certain comments on social media.  Our young people will fail from time to time and with our new technology, they will do so very publicly.  So all I hope to do, is remind us all that while they certainly need consequences when they fail so spectacularly, our youth are truly remarkable.  It is good for us to celebrate the amazing compassion and generosity of our students and College community.  As adults, we can be quick to criticise, but at times fail to realise what our young people can actually achieve…I have to admit to underestimating our students. I commit to not expecting less of our fantastic youth in the future and helping them to believe in themselves.

David Hansen, Deputy Principal - Head of West Campus

Change to Summer Uniform

With students currently wearing Summer Uniform we would like to remind our Parents of the College Uniform regulations:

Summer Dress Length:

Particular attention should be given to the Girls Summer Uniform Dress length, which is required to be on the knee or below. Students whose uniform does not meet this will be given, in the first instance a notice to recify it.

Boys White shirt:

Boys white shirt will change as of 2016, and all boys will be required to wear the new College Shirt which is an untucked style and has the College emblem embroidered on the pocket. The shirts are designed to be worn with or without a tie so are relevant throughout the year. These shirts can now be purchased from our Uniform Shop at the West Campus or online.

To read full uniform standards please click here:

Uniform Shop Opening Hours Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday Morning, the next Saturday morning opening is 21st November.

Uniform can be ordered and paid on-line and then collected by the student during opening hours.

To order new items on line please click here:

To purchase secondhand items on line please click here:

Portrait Summer Uniform

St Agatha's Parish News

Annual Rosary & Blessing of the Graves at Cranbourne Cemetery will take place on Sunday 8th November at 2.00pm.

Farewell from Sr Grace:  It’s very hard for me to find the appropriate words to express my gratitude and appreciation to you for your constant love, support and friendship, not just to me, but to the Sisters of the Nativity ever since we arrived here.  I want you to know that I have been touched, fed, nourished and inspired by your beautiful faith, prayerfulness and caring nature which has been a great source of strength and challenge to me.  I promise I will put all that I have learnt from you into practice back home.  I pray for God’s grace upon each one of you as you stay true and faithful to Him in all your endeavours.  I will miss you all very dearly.  Thank you to all. Sr Grace.

On behalf of the Sisters of the Nativity, we the Sisters here in Cranbourne, would love to thank you for your generosity and show of loving kindness to Sr Grace.  May God bless and reward you all accordingly.  The Sisters.

First Saturday Devotion in honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will take place next Saturday 7th November. This devotion includes the reciting of 1 Rosary and meditating on the other 3 Mysteries of the Rosary and concluding with a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It will start at 5:30pm.  All Welcome. For more details please contact Regina Abraham on 0433 156 419.

Monthly All Night Prayer Vigil will take place this Friday 6th November.  It will begin with Divine Office at 7.00pm, Mass at 7.30pm followed by a spiritual teaching and All Night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  The Vigil will conclude on Saturday morning with Morning Prayer of the Church at 9.00am, followed by Mass at 9.30am. The all night Prayer Vigil is held on the first Friday of each month.  All Welcome!

St Therese's Twilight Carnival – November 6, 2015 from 4:00pm until 9:00pm.  Come and support St Therese’s Twilight Carnival and enjoy Carnival Rides and over 30 stalls.  A fantastic family event ending in a Fireworks Display!!  Stay up to date with the latest information by viewing our Carnival Facebook Page www.facebook.com/StTheresesCarnival. 

Preparing for the 'Holy Year of Mercy' with Bishop Patrick O’Regan. Marist-Sion College Hall foyer, 165 Burke St Warragul. Saturday November 14th 9.30am-4pm. BYO lunch or to share. Refreshments provided. Enquiries M&W Power 56782271. Sponsored by CCR Sale Diocese.

Parish Christmas Concert which was advertised for 11th December has been cancelled.  

St Agatha's Parish

MY HIGHLIGHT OF YR9 CAMP WAS………  The highlight of my Y9 camp would have to be becoming closer and spending time with my friends and participating in the activities such as body boarding and surfing. I really enjoyed body boarding because it was something that everyone enjoyed and surfing because it challenged me and kept me persistent.


ON CAMP I LEARNT THAT………. On camp I learnt that enjoying yourself all depends on yourself and your attitude. I also learnt that team work is something that takes time and that you need to be coordinated to do a lot of things.

Brooklyn Faamausili - Kolbe

Please click 'Read More' for many more students reflections

Donations of Material Needed

We are again seeking donations to allow us to maintain these great classes, minimising or ideally without further costs to the students for materials.
Those Parents who attended our last Parents & Friends Meeting saw and heard about the great projects these students are able to undertake.

The Department would really appreciate any donations of cotton dress fabrics (plain or pattern), sewing threads, bias-binding and fabric ribbon. At this stage we have more than enough upholstery or stretch fabric.

Thank You if you are able to donate, these can be left at either the West Campus or East Campus Reception.

Mrs Annette Marschner
Teacher Textiles 

Enrolments 2016 & 2017

Applications for Year 7 in 2017  

Please contact the College Office or our Registrar Kelley Cooper phone: 5990 7777 or click Contact Us for an Enrolment Application Pack to be posted.  

Applications close on Friday 11 March 2016 for 2017 Year 7 Enrolments

Applications for 2016 VCE

We currently have some vacancies for students in Year 10, 11 or 12 for 2016

Please contact the College Office or our Registrar Kelley Cooper phone: 5990 7777 or  contact us via link below for an Enrolment Application Pack to be posted

Applications for 2016

We currently have some vacanicies for students to join St Peter's Collge in 2016

Please contact our College Registrar for further details of these opportunities.

To contact us please click here:

Save The Date

St Peter’s College

2015 Presentation Night

Wednesday November 25th

Students Artworks on Display in Foyer from 6.15 to 7.00pm

Presentation Night starts at 7.00pm

Students receiving awards will be sent an Invitation for them and their family to join us to see them presented with their award

As in recent years we will only be able to offer each family 2 tickets, and requests for more tickets will be able to be filled, only if room permits at the last minute. Tickets will be sent home with students in the week prior.

Parents of students who are undertaking positions of Leadership within the College in 2016 – College Captains & Campus House Captains will also be invited to join them on this night, as we see them take up their roles for the first time.

We aim to keep the evening length to a minimum, please note that all students will not be able to leave the Theatre until the close of the Program.

Items of Interest

James Tharle Fundraising

To donate please click here

Year 12's Final Day Photo's

All photo's taken by the College Photographer will be available at No Charge after Exams. Students are asked to leave a USB of 16MG at the College Office in an envelope with their name and contact phone number. 

Photo's taken at Valedictory Dinner by Happy Medium are available for sale via their website www.happymedium.com.au using Access Code:pe2010vc

College Allumni

2016 will see us hold our 10 Year Reunion for our Graduating Class of 2006

We will also be holding our Inaugural 1 Year Reunion for the Graduating Class of 2015

To register your interest and details please visit our Alumni Section of our website

Please click here:

NEW St Peter's College Website

To visit please click here:

St Peter's College Community Portal

To visit please click here:

Catholic Life 

To veiw the latest edition online please click here:

2016 Book List Ordering

Our current book lists will be available to order online, click here:

St Peter's College Uniform Shop

To visit please click here:

Second Hand Uniform Sales via Sustainable School Shop

To visit please click here:

To read more click here:

Donations of Uniform Items

Items in good condition are able to be left at our College Reception for use within our Community

We have now completed our Meeting schedule for 2015.

Thank you for all the parents who found the time to join us one one or more of our evenings.

For those of you who couldn't join us, I know many of you follow us via the Newsletter and website.

2016 Meeting Program will be published in early 2016.

If you have any suggestions for Topics and Guest Speakers please contact us via this link 'Contact Us'


2015/16 Entertainment Book - On-line Version is still available

Buy now so you can get the full benefit of saving on a host of activities during the upcoming School Holidays.  

Going away this Christmas, why not look and see if their is an Entertainment Book available for your destination. You could make great savings on all of your holiday activities.

To order your Membership please click here:

Memorial Pavers

Your Name Can Go Down in History. 
Engraved pavers to be laid in St Peter's Sculpture Garden.

We continue our Fundraising Program to secure enough pavers to complete the pathways around the St Peter's Sculpture Gardens.

Cost of your personalised paver, is $30.00 including engraving.

Pavers are available with up to 34 characters including spaces, so you can choose to have a student name or family name immortalised in the garden.

To download your Memorial Paver Order form please click here:

Language Exchange News 2016

Japan stamp image


An Information Session for the 2016 Japan Study Tour will be held on Monday 16th November from 7.00 – 8.00pm in the Global Learning Centre, West Campus.  Please enter the school from the gates at the Cranbourne-Frankston Road school carpark.

If you would like to attend the evening, please email Miss Rosenblum on arosenblum@stpeters.vic.edu.au

The Information Session will cover the College purpose in offering this program, the itinerary and the approximate cost. 

There will also be time for you to ask questions.

To contact us please click here:

Olimpia Rosenblum

Language Exchange Program Co-ordinator

Thursday 5th November


Friday 6th November

East Campus Tour

Monday 9th November

SIS Gallery Exhibition Opening Night

Tuesday 10th November

SIS Studio Exhibition

Wednesday 11th November

SIS Studio Exhibition

Wednesday 25th November

Presentation Night

Frankston Arts Centre

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