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Issue 33  |  28 October 2015
Featured Story
From the Principal

Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Office and Secondary Schools sign partnership agreement with Federation University Australia 

uni partnership 29 oct

On Wednesday of this week, the Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Office and its seven secondary schools signed a five year Memorandum of Understanding with Federation University Australia (FedUni) to work together on a range of common goals to improve student learning. The agreement will see the teaching staff from Federation University and our seven secondary schools work together with a focus on the following:

  1. improving secondary students’ literacy;
  2. enriching the teacher education experience for FedUni students;
  3. enhancing educational attainment and aspirations for communities across the region; and, 
  4. enhancing students’ learning and achievement through whole school improvement within each of the Diocese of Sale secondary schools. 

The full press release is attached to this newsletter and the teaching staff at St Peter’s are certainly looking forward to accessing the latest research on improving learning in  literacy and working alongside some of the leaders in this field of academic study.


I congratulate Ms Gina Goss on her appointment to a House Leader role at Padua College for 2016. Ms Goss over the last 12 years has held significant Senior Leadership position at St Peter’s College, including Year Level Co-ordinator and the inaugural Glowrey House Leader at the West Campus.
I wish her well on her new position for 2016.

Gina Goss

I also announce the retirement of Mr Pat Grant after 27 years of service to our school community. Mr Grant started at the West Campus when it was a campus of St Francis Xavier in 1987. He has been a been a great role model and mentor to many staff and students over the years taking a particular interest in the development of cricket at St Peter’s College, where he has coached and encouraged many students to take their game to the highest level.  Mr Grant will be formally acknowledged for his contribution to this community at our annual St Peter’s Dinner in 2016.

 Pat Grant

In other staffing news Mr Chris O’Hara has been appointed to the position of VET & VCAL Co-ordinator, West Campus, for the next 3 years beginning 2016. Mr O’Hara will replace Mr Brannan who has been appointed to a House Leadership Role for 2016.

Class of 2005 Reunion

On Saturday Night the class of 2005 held their 10 Year Reunion at St Peter’s College. Over 50 past students and teachers returned to the College to reminisce about their time wearing the Burgundy and Grey uniform,  but also to share stories of where the last 10 years have taken them. As a group they reconnected with a familiar ease and warmth and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing of the many different pathways they have attacked with great passion over the last 10 years.

I thank current and former staff members Mr Grant, Mr Gyulavary, Mr Carmody and Mr Picinali, who shared their stories with our ex-students. I also extend a warm appreciation to Ms Louise Schultze – President of the Past Pupils Association, Mrs April Hampson (St Peter’s Marketing Officer) and Admin Officer Ms Kerrie Birrell for organising the evening.

2005 reunion 22005 reunion 1

Welcome Back Jade

It is pleasing to advise that student Jade Robson-Whitehouse has been reunited with her family by authorities during the course of this week. On behalf of the family I thank all in our community for their support and prayers over the last few weeks.

James Tharle Fundraiser

The Walk-a-thon for Year 7 student James Tharle will take place on Friday in Period 5 at both the West & East Campus. The generosity of our community has been amazing and highlights to me the number of people of goodwill in our community who only need to be shown those in need to prompt a response. It is inspiring, reinforcing to me what a privilege it is to belong to this community.

Wider members of our community are welcome to attend and full details of how you can raise sponsorship for the Walk-a-thon are contained in this e-Newlsetter and further donation options Please click here for the link


Mr Tim Hogan

Latest News
Teaching and Learning News

Year 10 and 11 students commence examinations on Wednesday 4th November. Students are only required at school during exam times. The libary at West and the Discovery Centre at East will be open for students who wish to undertake quiet study in between exams.

  • All students should wear full correct summer uniform. Students should arrive 10 min before each exam and line up in class groups.
  • A student must enter the exam room in silence, remain in silence and seated during, and at the end of the examination. When response materials have been collected, and an announcement is made to students, they should leave the examination room, in silence.
  • A student must not cheat or assist another student to cheat.
  • A student must not take any action that gives or attempts to give that student or another student an unfair advantage in an examination.
  • A student must obey and observe all proper instructions or directions given by an examination supervisor.
  • A student attending an examination may bring only materials and equipment approved for that examination into the examination room.
  • A student must not possess in an examination room mobile phones and electronic devices such as recorded music and video players, organisers, dictionaries and computerised watches.
  • A student detected with a mobile phone or electronic device must upon the direction of a supervisor, surrender that device for inspection and to be retained pending any investigation into an alleged breach of school rules*.
  • A student must not bring into or possess in the examination room any drinks or food. Bottled water is allowed in the examination room under approved conditions. (a small clear plastic drink bottle, label removed) 
  • A student must not communicate with another student while the examination is being conducted.
  • A student must not cause any nuisance, annoyance or interference to any other student while in an examination.
  • A student must not remove, tear out or damage, including graffiti, any part of a bound reference, scriptbook, lined paper, question and answer book. Formula sheets or similar permitted examination materials may be separated from an examination booklet for use by the student in reading time.
  • A student must not remove any response material, used or unused, from the examination room.
  • A student must not begin to write or mark his or her paper or response material in any way, or use a calculator, until advised by a supervisor that writing may commence.
  • A student must raise his or her hand if he or she wishes to communicate with a supervisor.
  • A student must cease writing when instructed to do so by a supervisor.
  • A student must not leave his or her place until directed by a supervisor.

* If a phone is confiscated during any exam, it will not be returned until the end of the exam week, at the earliest.

Senior students should not miss an examination due to illness. Approved consideration will be given to students with a medical condition ONLY if they attend the examination. Please ask your PARENTS to contact your House Leader to allow the Approved Consideration to be appropriately managed.

I wish all of our Year 10 and 11 students the best of luck in their exams.

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning

West Campus News

James Tharle Fundraiser

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and enthusiastic ideas of staff and students for the James Tharle Fundraiser this Friday.  The whole school community has stepped up to help this courageous young man. The aim is to raise some of the $70,000 required for James’ operation in his battle against cancer.  Many students have come forward with fundraising ideas and their own personal pledges including a percentage of profits from their own business ventures and donation of items for a silent auction.  

What we are doing at this stage is a Walk-a-thon this Friday and I encourage you to sponsor your child and assist them to seek sponsorship widely for their 5 laps around the school.  Students can wear sports uniform for the day.  We will begin with a sausage sizzle at lunchtime at The Avenue and then commence the walk at the beginning of Period 5. Our Yr 9 students on camp will be doing their own version of the Walk-a-thon in Anglesea. The compassion and generosity of our St Peter’s College community has been wonderful to see. Our prayers, love and support will continue for James and his family.

Year 11 & Leadership

With the Year 12 students having finished, our Year 11 students should now be taking their place as the next Student Leaders.  Practically, this means taking a lead amongst the student body in school service and by striving for success in learning, whether that be academic or applied.  Later this term, we will begin the 2016 Leadership process to elect School Captains and House Captains.

Success in learning will involve a thorough preparation for Years 10 & 11 examinations that begin on Wednesday, 4th November.  If VCE students are wishing to do a scored VCE in 2016, they need to demonstrate a commitment to the examination process and the study required for academic success.  We have already spoken to the students and emphasized the need for 3 hours of study per night, 5 nights per week. Students also need to balance their work, rest, family commitments and study and should seek assistance from their Learning Advisors to prepare a study timetable if they are struggling.  

VCE Study Hub on Tuesday after school and VCE Extension classes on Thursday with Ms Helen Smith are good opportunities to consolidate and further develop the skills and knowledge learnt and these are already underway for our Year 12, 2016 student cohort. Students who do not do well in the exams or are not submitting assessment tasks punctually will attend a SMaRT (Student Mentoring and Review Teacher) Meeting with parents later this term.  This will be an opportunity to refocus on realistic goals and outline what the school can do to assist your child to gain success in Year 12 in 2016.

Anxiety in Children

Anxiety is something we all experience and is in fact a natural survival response. But anxiety can start to impact our children in an unhealthy way, negatively affecting their journey into life. 

To read more about stategies to help please click here:

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

East Campus News


Exam stress is normal and common; both teenagers and adults feel pressured around exam time. Why?  Simply, we want to do well, we want to achieve and we want to know that all our hard work throughout the year has not been in vain. It is important to remember that exam stress is not forever, whilst it may feel like an extended period of time, in fact, it is only for a short period in your life. What is important is how we manage the stress in order to maximise our performance in exams. To get the most out of our brains we need to look after ourselves. We need to eat and sleep well, exercise and socialise (not too much), which will assist in bringing down stress levels and maintaining concentration during study periods.  

Psychologist Dr Michael Carr–Gregg suggests six steps to stress–free exams:

  1. Plan. Set goals and a study plan (50 minute study blocks) for each day. Ensure that your study space is comfortable and quiet and that you have everything you need.  
  2. Look after yourself. Reward yourself for the all the hard work – catch up with friends, exercise, play a sport, which help reduce stress levels. Snack on healthy food and eat regularly.
  3. Rest. When do you study best? Morning? Afternoon? After or before exercise? Study for 50 minutes at a time then have a short break. Relaxation and a good night’s sleep is important so try to slow down the brain activity before going to bed.
  4. Focus. When studying … study. Place phones in another room and avoid social media during study blocks. If you have to check, do it during the breaks or at the end of the day. Don’t get involved in gossip and squabbles, stay focused. Say ‘no’ to parties and late nights during exam time, stay focused; there will time for that after exams.
  5. Ask for help. Seek help and support from your teachers and peers. Ask them what is the best way to study for that subject. Write essays and have your teachers read over and provide feedback on ways to improve your writing. Chat with family members and friends about what you are studying; this will help you to retain information that you might need to recall in exams.
  6. Be Prepared. Read and write down key information three times, as this also helps you commit information to memory. Use practice exams to focus on what areas you need to study further. Try to use previous papers to familiarise yourself with the paper and to know what you need to focus on. 

And finally, good luck.

Ms Marjorie Canal

Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Year 9 Camp East Campus

The Anglesea Camp has proven to be one of highlights of the year for our Year 9 students. The camp that took place last week, provided students with opportunities to experience outdoor recreation through a wide range of activities – surfing, river and ocean kayaking, surf carnival and initiative courses are just some of the fun and enjoyable activities that students experienced. Students participated in many group activities, developing their communication, decision making, leadership and interpersonal skills. The time away from the school setting enabled students to learn more about their capabilities, make connections and foster positive relationships with their peers and teachers. I congratulate all Year 9 students on their participation and would like to acknowledge and thank the staff under the leadership of Miss Stewart, Miss Whimpey, Miss Thomas, Mr Green, Mr Cox, Mr Barber, Ms Dissenga, Mr Wolinski, Miss Molesworth, Ms Minnaar,  Miss Gonsalvez, Miss Van Rens and Mr Furlong for their energy, time and leadership, which contributed to the success of the camp.

Some of our Year 9 students have shared their experience of the camp:

  • "Year 9 Camp, well what a great time I had! The journey to Anglesea was great with a mixture of bus and ferry transport. The activities were mostly water based and I had a great time learning to surf and other beach skills like lifesaving, kayaking and bodyboarding. It was great to go on a walk every day to see some of the great sights and views of Anglesea. Overall I had a great time and would like to thank the teachers for organising the camp and all the camp staff for looking after us and cooking our meals"  Michael Miller
  • "Camp was so fun and adventurous. We had so much fun doing different activities and experiencing things we never really tried before, like Kayaking, Surfing, and Body Boarding and so on. This camp allowed us to interact and connect with other students from our year level which definitely brought us all closer together".  Loretta Faalili
  • "Year 9 camp was one of the best and most enjoyable time I have had as a student of St Peter’s College. All the activities were really simple and fun. The staff at the camp and the staff in charge of all our activities were really friendly. All the teachers were also really involved in the activities and took great care of us as no one got hurt. Something else that I enjoyed was making new friends and getting to know people. Overall this is the best camp I have ever been to and it is one of the most enjoyable moments of my life". Akash Perera
  • "Year 9 camp was a great experience that helped us develop team work skills and created a lot of good memories. It was a warm and welcoming place with friendly staff; everybody enjoyed themselves and had a great time". Sheena Luthra

Ms Marjorie Canal

Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Enrolments Year 7 2017

Applications for 2016 VCE

We currently have some vacancies for students in Year 10, 11 or 12 for 2016

Please contact the College Office or our Registrar Kelley Cooper phone: 5990 7777 or click Contact Us for an Enrolment Application Pack to be posted.  

Applications for Year 7 in 2017.  

Please contact the College Office or our Registrar Kelley Cooper phone: 5990 7777 or click Contact Us for an Enrolment Application Pack to be posted.  

Applications close on Friday 11 March 2016 for 2017 Year 7 Enrolments


Family Prayer Group

Dear Families

Please take note that the next Family Prayer Group meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday 29th instead of Friday 30th October as shown on the Calendar. 
Looking forward to welcoming you for a prayerful night.

God Bless

Mr Jean-Paul Antoine
Family Prayer Group Coordinator

Walk for James

James’ Journey

In July of this year James Tharle, one of our Year 7 Students, after what was thought to be a bruise was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma an aggressive bone cancer in his right lower femur. Within weeks of diagnosis James’ and his family found their world to have turned upside down. James started one of the toughest chemotherapy regimes for childhood cancer. This means Rachael, his Mum, has had to give up her teaching position at St Agatha's Primary to care for James. 

To allow James to get his 15 hour operation on Nov 2nd, they need to get a replacement femur and knee and from overseas. This cost alone is $70,000. Money no one has spare in their pockets. As James is over the age of 7, the family is unable to claim the money that is given to children with life threatening diseases. 

How Can You Help……So No Matter What House

All Staff, Students and Families are asked to support this family. 

No matter how small every dollar counts!

St Peter’s College is supporting James by putting on a Walkathon on October 30th October to raise funds for James:

Students & Staff. You can support James by getting people to sponsor you in the walkathon
We are aiming to walk five laps of a course within the school. 
Walk by yourself, or put a Team together and ‘Walk for James’
Walkathon sponsor forms will be distributed this week in Tutor Group

Our aim is to raise a minimum of $5,000.00 for James. To reach this we only need to raise $5 each:

$1.00 a lap if you are walking or $5.00 donation per person
If you just want to make a donation just drop your donation off at the College Office or www.gofundme.com/8752mwav

Thank You

Ms April Hampson

College Marketing Manager

Change to Summer Uniform

With students currently wearing Summer Uniform we would like to remind our Parents of the College Uniform regulations:

  • Particular attention should be given to the Girls Summer Uniform Dress length, which is required to be on the knee or below. Students whose uniform does not meet this will be given, in the first instance a notice to recify it.
  • Boys White shirt will change as of 2016, and all boys will be required to wear the new College Shirt which is an untucked style and has the College emblem embroidered on the pocket. The shirts are designed to be worn with or without a tie so are relevant throughout the year. These shirts can now be purchased from our Uniform Shop at the West Campus or online.

To read full uniform standards please click here:

Uniform Shop Opening Hours Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday Morning, next Saturday morning opening is 21st November.

Uniform can be ordered and paid on-line and then collected by the student during opening hours.

To order new items on line please click here:

To purchase secondhand items on line please click here:

West Campus Textile Classes

We are again seeking donations to allow us to maintain these great classes, minimising or ideally without further costs to the students for materials.
Those Parents who attended our last Parents & Friends Meeting saw and heard about the great projects these students are able to undertake.

The Department would really appreciate any donations of cotton dress fabrics (plain or pattern), sewing threads, bias-binding and fabric ribbon. At this stage we have more than enough upholstery or stretch fabric.

Thank You if you are able to donate, these can be left at either the West Campus or East Campus Reception.

Mrs Annette Marschner
Textiles Co Ordinator

Religious Education

This week ended the Bishop's synod on the family. The bishops discussed a range of issues impacting on people and on families throughout the world. The Pope is encouraging all people to open their hearts to others and particularly those in need and those who are hurting. Reflecting on the day’s Gospel reading, which recalled Jesus’s healing of Bartimaeus, a blind beggar from Jericho, Pope Francis said Christ was not content with giving the poor man alms, but preferred to “personally encounter him.”

This spirit is with us this week as we raise funds for James Tharle.  Though many of us have yet to personally meet James we feel for him and his family. Actually, it is the sense of family that pervades this school that brings us all together in an hour of need. Family spirit is more easily seen and felt when there is something to be done. It is being seen and felt this week.

Mr Stephen Nash
Religous Education Leader


Save the Date

St Peter’s College

2015 Presentation Night

Wednesday November 25th

Students Artworks on Display in Foyer from 6.15 to 7.00pm

Presentation Night starts at 7.00pm

Students receiving awards will be sent an Invitation for them and their family to join us to see them presented with their award

As in recent years we will only be able to offer each family 2 tickets, and requests for more tickets will be able to be filled, only if room permits at the last minute. Tickets will be sent home with students in the week prior.

Parents of students who are undertaking positions of Leadership within the College in 2016 – College Captains & Campus House Captains will also be invited to join them on this night, as we see them take up their roles for the first time.

We aim to keep the evening length to a minimum, please note that all students will not be able to leave the Theatre until the close of the Program.

St Agatha's Parish News

All Souls Day:  Monday 2 November – Mass Times are 9.30am, 12noon and 7.00pm at St Agatha’s Church.

Prayers for November:  From All Souls Day parishioners are invited to write the names of their deceased loved ones on the cardboard provided and place them on the cross which will be placed near the statue of Our Lady at St Agatha’s Church.

Alter Servers:  A general meeting will be held on 10 November at 4.00pm in the church for all Alter Servers from St Agatha’s and St Thomas.  Please collect your new roster for November from the church foyer. 

St Hollow’s Eve Day:  a catholic feast day in honour of the Saints is celebrated on 31 October, the eve of All Saint’s Day.  In modern times, it is popularly known as Halloween.  This weekend  at 6.30pm there is Mass. We would like to invite all children to come dressed up as saint’s.  Let’s give glory to God and honour the Saint’s once again.

St Agatha’s Parish


Items of Interest

Year 12's Final Day Photo's

All photo's taken by the College Photographer will be available at No Charge after Exams. Students are asked to leave a USB of 16MG at the College Office in an envelope with their name and contact phone number. 

Photo's taken at Valedictory Dinner by Happy Medium are available for sale via their website www.happymedium.com.au using Access Code:pe2010vc

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2016 Book List Ordering

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Donations of Uniform Items

Items in good condition are able to be left at our College Reception for use within our Community

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