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Issue 32  |  21 October 2015
Featured Story
From the Principal

The Class of 2015

I congratulate the Class of 2015 on their Graduation from St Peter’s College. Over the last six years through their enthusiasm, passion and hard work they have helped to create an environment of learning where people are treated with dignity and respect and I wish to acknowledge and thank them for their generosity of spirit. It has certainly been evident in their celebrations at their Final Assembly, Graduation Mass and Valedictory Dinner that this group of students love their school. This does not happen overnight and I wish to thank our House Leaders, Learning Advisors and Administration Support Staff who have all played a significant part in the development of these young men and women.  I also extend my thanks to Ms Gina Goss for the organization of the Valedictory Dinner and Mr Nash & Mr Nelson for our wonderful Graduation Mass celebrated by Fr Denis, Fr Joseph and Seminarian Avernash.

Class of 2015

Long Tan Awards

I congratulate our students Stacey Corrigan and Brittany Phillips on their receipt of the Long Tan Leadership Awards. The awards were presented by former student of St Peter’s College, Major James Lawlor, on behalf of the Australian Defence Forces and recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the College and broader community. Congratulations to Stacey and Brittany.

Stacey Corrigan  Brittany Phillips

Valedictorian Medal

The Valedictorian Medal is awarded each year at the Valedictory Dinner in acknowledgment of a staff member’s outstanding contribution to the St Peter’s College Community. This year Mr Peter Brannan has been recognised for his excellence in teaching and development of the VET and VCAL Programs at St Peter’s College. Peter understands that students learn in different ways and this has been his fundamental philosophy as he has worked with the Curriculum Team to reshape the VCAL and VET Programs so that they cater for the individual learning needs of our students. 

Under his leadership the VET & VCAL Pathway continues to grow as a quality curriculum offering for our students. Congratulations Mr Brannan.

James Tharle Fundraiser

On Friday week, the 30th of Oct, Augustine House is conducting a Walk-a-thon on behalf of Year 7 House Member James Tharle.  As many in our community would be aware James is undergoing treatment for cancer which has resulted in him requiring surgery to replace his knee and femur. The cost of the prosthetic alone amounts to $70,000 and the Walk-a-thon is being conducted at St Peter’s West Campus at 1.45pm to assist in the payment of these costs along with costs for other immediate needs for James.

Wider members of our community are welcome to attend and full details of how you can raise sponsorship for the Walk-a-thon are contained in this newsletter. 

East Campus Art & Technology Exhibition

On Monday evening of this week, our new Art & Technology facility was used to showcase the talents of our students who presented work from the Arts and Technology as well as a number of musical performances. Parents and students enjoyed touring through the gallery of displayed work and listening to the East Campus choir which will also perform on Presentation Night later this year.

I congratulate all the award winners who were recognised for their outstanding work and thank the Arts and Technology team consisting of Teaching & Learning Coach - Art, Miss Kirsty Molesworth, Miss Karen Willams, Ms Carol Whimpey, Ms Jo Porch, Mr Ziggy Wolinski and Mr Damien Cardona for the way they inspire, challenge and foster creativity in our students.

School Registration Years 7 to 12 : East Campus

St Peter’s College has successfully registered the East Campus through to Year 12 with the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority (VRQA) for the beginning of next year. From 2016 onwards both the East & West Campuses of St Peter’s College will offer a full Year 7-12 Curriculum. This has been a wonderful team effort conducted by staff from both campuses over the last 5 years. I particularly wish to acknowledge our Curriculum Leaders: Business Manager Mr Mustey, VCE Co-ordinator, East Campus Ms Dissenga, Acting Head of Campus Ms Canal and former Head of Campus Mr Roberts for their diligence and professionalism throughout this process.

aerial east

Baby News

Congratulations to Rhiannon and Ricky Clark on the birth of their beautiful daughter Daisy Maree. 

Year 7, 2017 Enrolment Information Evening - East Campus

A reminder that our East Campus Information Evening will take place this evening - Thursday the 22nd of October at 6.30pm for all those seeking enrolment for a Catholic Secondary Education at St Peter's College in 2017. The evenings will provide an opportunity for families to discuss with senior staff the educational and pastoral needs of their children as well as listen to the experiences of some of our current students.

The focus of the information evenings will be on our 2017 intake however opportunities still exist for enrolments at both the East and West Campus for 2016 and all enquires in this regard should be directed to the school registrar Mrs Kelley Cooper. 


Mr Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

Farewell Year 12 -2015

I take this opportunity to wish our Year 12 students the very best not only for their upcoming VCE exams but also for their journey ahead. I am confident that the Catholic education they have received has prepared them well for the challenges, joys and success in the years ahead. The College has provided learning experiences that have challenged our Year 12 students to acquire skills, knowledge, wisdom and a social conscience that has enabled them to grow in confidence, resilience, discernment, integrity, faith and leadership, so that they may become active and compassionate  citizens within our society.

To the Year 12 students,

It is my wish that you do not forget the Catholic learning community that you are a member of and that you continue to actively live out the gospel values and the Catholic social teachings you have learnt over the years. ‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity’ (1 Tim 4:12). I hope that faith continues to play a significant role in your life that it becomes part of who you are and influences your actions, behaviour and fuels you to make a difference in this world, and to be the best person you can be.   

Art and Technology Exhibition

Last Monday many students and parents attended the Arts and Technology Exhibition, which was held at the East Campus. The artworks displayed the remarkable creative skills and abilities of our students. Much effort, time and work went into the artworks that were on display so I would like to acknowledge and congratulate both our students and the staff of the Arts and Technology faculty, under the leadership of Miss Molesworth, for the innovative artworks created. I thank all the Arts and Technology staff for sharing their passion, energy and love of the arts with our students.

Early Departures and Late Arrivals

Students who arrive late to school should have a note from parents and MUST sign in at Student Reception.  Students who sign in late with no note will be issued with a lunchtime detention.

Students who leave the school early MUST have a signed note from parents. The note should be shown to the House Leader at the start of the day and then presented at Student Reception when the student officially signs out. Please note that PA announcements cannot be made during class time.  Students leaving MUST meet their parent at Student Reception.

Admin staff are unable collect students from class.

Students who need to depart early due to illness MUST report to the Sick Bay. The Office Staff will arrange for parents to collect their child from the General Office.

Students are responsible for catching up on missed work. They should ask their teachers about work on their return to school.

Visitors to the College

Without exception, all visitors to the College are required to present at the General Office and collect a Visitor’s Pass.

Ms Marjorie Canal
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

West Campus News

Year 12 

Congratulations to the Year 12 students on finishing their formal schooling so well.  This has been an emotional week for our students as they participated in Final House and College Assemblies.  They shared morning tea in the staff room and had the opportunity to thank many of their teachers and get shirts, dresses and booklets signed. They listened to the local Youth Liaison Police Officer, Acting Sergeant Dave Smith, give some wise advice on celebrating safely.  We are confident that they will hear the message to celebrate their hard work and achievements, but make good decisions and look out for one another.  We also want many to remember that the race is not yet over for most and that the time leading up to exams is crucial in ensuring the best possible result.

The final day is always action packed with the final Campus Assembly.  It was a celebration of a number of fun House Activities and individual student achievement in Athletics, Reading and Theatresports.  We also celebrated the inaugural Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award. The recipients are a Year 10 and Year 12 student who are each given a certificate and cheque for $250 and $550 respectively. The selection criteria includes Leadership, Teamwork, Values, Problem Solving, Resourcefulness, Communication, Cooperation and Community Involvement.  Britney Phillips and Stacey Corrigan were both very worthy winners and we warmly congratulate them on this achievement.

The latter half of the assembly focussed on the Year 12 Students.  We were moved by Mr Hogan’s tribute to the Graduating Class of 2016 and our College Captains’ response.  Mikaela Tai and Nathan Martens have been exceptional Student Leaders.  They have embraced the servant leadership model we espouse and have never complained or recoiled from what has been asked of them.  They have, without fail, done all tasks to an exceptional standard while balancing their commitment to study and co-curricular activities.  

The songs, dance and videos at the Final Year 12 Assembly were very entertaining and uplifting as the students moved outside, after their final bell, for the annual Balloon Release and a BBQ with parents. The Graduation Mass and Valedictory Dinner capped of a busy but fulfilling day.

No matter what they achieve, we are proud of our Year 12 students.  An enter score, a number, does not define them.  We are confident that they leave St Peter’s College with skills and knowledge that have prepared them for life ahead.  Go out into the world without fear…you are ready.

Year 9 Camps

Our second group of Year 9 students (Kolbe, MacKillop, Marian & Romero) will leave next week, on Tues, 27th Oct for their four day Team Building Camp at Anglesea.  The aim of this Camp is to help students to grow in self-confidence, develop their leadership skills and further build relationships with each other and the staff who are joining them. I hope they are as fortunate with the weather as the first group so that they enjoy surfing, canoeing and swimming.  This camp will be led by Ms Jessica Chakman.

Mr David Hansen 
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Teaching and Learning News

Last Wednesday evening the College conducted our Year 7, 2017 Information evening at the West Campus. Over 200 parents and children gathered to tour the school and learn more about St Peter's College. As I followed with a group of 20 or so, led by our Student Leaders, I could not help but be filled with pride. Our students spoke with animation about their Teachers, about House Activities, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals and about the wide variety of Curriculum offerings at the College. The pride in their College was palpable.

Yr 7 info

This is what we mean when we say that St Peter's College offers a diverse curriculum that caters for the whole person. Through the 6 year partnership with parents what is produced are confident, articulate men and women who are passionate about their learning. They can articulate what we stand for as Catholics and appreciate the richness of a holistic education that balances the academic with the spiritual, emotional and social aspects of learning. Thank you to the parents who have placed your trust in us as teachers. The enormity of the responsibility is not underestimated.

But mostly, THANK YOU, to the students, who take up the challenge each day to come to school and to embrace the opportunities that are offered. You are a credit to yourselves and should be congratulated for the fine young men and women you have become. 

Year 10/11 Exams

From Wednesday 4th Nov until Friday 13th Nov. Students are required to wear full, correct school uniform. Students will only be required to attend school during these examination times. Study areas will be provided for those students who wish to stay at the College to study. Individual student timetables will be distributed this week.


All students who have been accepted into an Accelerated Subject are reminded that they will be required to attend Induction. Induction for Years 11/12 2016 students will take place from Monday 16th Nov until Friday 27th Nov. 

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

Walk for James

James’ Journey

In July of this year James Tharle, one of our Year 7 Students, after what was thought to be a bruise was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma an aggressive bone cancer in his right lower femur. Within weeks of diagnosis James’ and his family found their world to have turned upside down. James started one of the toughest chemotherapy regimes for childhood cancer. This means Rachael, his Mum, has had to give up her teaching position at St Agatha's Primary to care for James. 

To allow James to get his 15 hour operation on Nov 2nd, they need to get a replacement femur and knee and from overseas. This cost alone is $70,000. Money no one has spare in their pockets. As James is over the age of 7, the family is unable to claim the money that is given to children with life threatening diseases. 

How Can You Help……So No Matter What House

All Staff & Students and Families are asked…to support this family. 

No matter how small every dollar counts!

St Peter’s College is supporting James by putting on a Walkathon on October 30th to raise funds for James:

  • Students & Staff. You can support James by getting people to sponsor you in the walkathon
  • We are aiming to walk five laps of a course within the school. 
  • Walk by yourself, or put a Team together and ‘Walk for James’
  • Walkathon sponsor forms will be distributed this week in Tutor Group

Our aim is to raise a minimum of $5,000.00 for James. To reach this we only need to raise $5 each:

  • $1.00 a lap if you are walking or $5.00 donation per person
  • If you just want to make a donation just drop your donation off at the College Office or www.gofundme.com/8752mwav

Thank You

Ms April Hampson

College Marketing Manager


SIS Athletics Carnival

Just over 100 students travelled to Lakeside Athletics Stadium, Albert Park on Mon 12th Oct to represent St Peter's College in the Division ‘A’ Athletics Carnival. Every student is to be congratulated on the way they conducted themselves and the way they gave 100% in the events they competed in. At the end of the day the team finished 4th overall, which equals last year’s results as the best ever result for our College. 

Congratulations to the following students who placed first in their event:

  • Riley Byl-Under 15, Shot Put
  • Natasha Dakic-Under 17, High Jump
  • Suhad Mohammed-Under 13, Triple Jump
  • Chloe Anderson-Under 21, 1500m
  • Vincent Atulia-Under 15, Long Jump
  • Annabel De La Saussaye Briet-Under 14 400m, Long Jump
  • Abraham Madul-Under 16, 100m
  • Blake Cowden-Under 13, Long Jump
  • Martin Martin-Under 17, High Jump
  • Shima Mohammed-Under 17, 100m, 200m
  • Matt Cottrell-Under 15, 800m
  • Hayley Schofield-Under 13, Long Jump
  • Mikaela Dakic-Under 15, 200m

Mr Justin De Goldi
Sports Manager, West Campus

Parents & Friends Association


7.15pm Tea and Coffee

7.30 - 9.00pm St Peter's College EAST CAMPUS

(Enter via Heather Grove Gates please) 

Cert. lll Children’s Services, B.A., Dip. Ed., B.Ed.(Hons) VCE French, Integrated Learning, French

Ms Olimpia Rosenblum joined the College in 2014 and this year has taken up the position of Teaching and Learning Coach – Languages at our East Campus, as well as continuing her role as Exchange Coordinator. The role of Exchange Coordinator encompasses both our East and West Campus. Olimpia has a strong background in languages and the Arts, having lived and worked in Paris for over 9 years. Olimpia will focus her presentation on the College Exchange Program for the meeting.


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Items of Interest

Year 12's Final Day Photo's

All photo's taken by the College Photographer will be available at No Charge after Exams. Students are asked to leave a USB of 16MG at the College Office in an envelope with their name and contact phone number. 

Photo's taken at Valedictory Dinner by Happy Medium are available for sale via their website www.happymedium.com.au using Access Code:pe2010vc

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St Agatha's Parish News

Next Sunday we will formally farewell Sr Grace at the 10.45am Mass.  After 8 years of service to St Agatha’s Parish with the Sisters of the Nativity, Sr Grace will be returning home to become Principal at Nativity Private School in Makurdi.  Please mark the date for Sr Grace’s farewell on your calendar.

St Vincent De Paul Society: The next meeting will be held in the McGuigan room of the Parish hall this Tuesday commencing with the rosary at 7.00pm.  If you missed the opportunity to volunteer a few weeks ago, please come along and talk with us. Also we are seeking ladies or gentleman who would be able to help in the Piety Stall after Mass.  

If you can help please ring Mary on 5996 1758.

Oversea’s Volunteer Opportunities: Communities in East Timor, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kiribathi, PNG Samoa and elsewhere are asking for Volunteers to assist mentor local workers and to assist poverty reduction.  They believe this approach promotes self reliant, sustainable development and have asked Palms Australia to recruit, prepare and support those who volunteer. 2016 positions close soon!! Please contact palms@palms.org.au or call 02 9518 9551

St Agatha's Parish

St Therese's Twilight Carnival

November 6, 2015 from 4:00pm until 9:00pm.  Come and support St Therese’s Twilight Carnival and enjoy Carnival Rides and over 30 stalls.  A fantastic family event ending in a Fireworks Display!!  Stay up to date with the latest information by viewing our Carnival Facebook Page. Click here  We have a Children’s Second Hand Stall and a White Elephant stall, so if you have anything to donate, please don’t hesitate to contact our school on 5996 7525.  No furniture can be accepted, however all other donations will be appreciated.

Upcoming Events

Thursday 22 October


  • 2017 Yr 7 East Campus info evening - 6.30 - 8.30pm

Friday 23 October

  • East Campus Yr 7 Immunisations
  • East Campus Yr 9 Camp return

Saturday 24 October

  • Detention
  • Graduating Class of 2005 10 Year Reunion

Tuesday 27 October

  • West Campus Yr 9 2nd Camp
  • Parents and Friends Meeting 7.00pm East Campus

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