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Issue 31  |  14 October 2015
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From the Principal

Expectations for the Final Weeks of Year 12 

As we move into the final week of formal Year 12 classes I take this opportunity to outline the expectations we have for our students so that they finish the year well enhancing their and our school reputation.

After 13 years of schooling it is important that we celebrate the hard work that our students have put into to get to the end of their VCE. It is not something that has been achieved by themselves and we therefore look forward to the formal celebrations of the Graduation Mass and Valedictory which allow family, friends and teachers to join in our community celebrations in acknowledgment of their achievement.

We are also very aware that some Year 12 celebrations which are often publicised at this time of the year can very easily damage the reputation of individuals and our school.  I therefore wish to make it clear to our students that behaviour which publicly detracts from our hard earned reputation will not be tolerated. Person’s and property must be respected at all times and where students are deemed responsible for inappropriate behaviour then the school reserves the right to exclude those students from sitting their final exams at St Peter’s College and other formal functions of farewell.

On Tuesday I spoke to our Year 12 students outlining these expectations with the aim that they finish the school year well individually and as a group. Over the years our students on the whole have been exemplary in their behaviour and I believe that this year’s group will live up to that standard.

I also ask parents to consider these expectations in the light of informal Year 12 celebrations which are held at this time of the year. Should parents choose to stage any Year 12 celebrations then I emphasise the importance of adequate supervision given the numbers attending which can often swell to more than 100 young people.  I have also instructed staff as a matter of school policy not to attend any informal Year 12 celebrations as from a legal perspective staff in these circumstances would be seen as being in a supervisory capacity whether this was the intended arrangement or not. 

The Graduation Mass will take place on Tuesday the 20th of October at 6pm at St Agatha’s Church followed by the Valedictory Dinner at the Multi-Purpose Hall at St Peter’s College.  A final College Assembly highlighting the contribution of our graduating students will be held at 11.30am on the same day and all parents are invited to attend followed by a lunchtime BBQ (12noon) from which our Year 12 students will be dismissed to allow them to prepare for their graduation mass and dinner held in the evening.

I look forward to celebrating with the Class of 2015 and their families on these formal occasions and having the opportunity to give thanks for all they have given to and all they received from their school community.


Our Debating team from the East Campus impressed again in the final of the Intermediate  Section of the SIS Debating Competition.  Although just beaten by Woodleigh School the team consisting of Laura Wootton, Sarah Newlands and Tiffany Forbes have improved at each outing this year a reflection of their determination, preparation and talent.  I also congratulate Coach Ms Crozier who continues to do an outstanding job in building the confidence and skills of our East Campus Debating Team.

debaters 14 Oct

SIS Athletics Competition

On Monday of this week, Sports Co-ordinator Mr Justin De Goldi lead our combined East & West Campus Athletics team in Division A of the SIS Athletics competition. In a sign of our growing strength in Athletics, we finished 4th overall behind St Francis Xavier, Padua and Woodleigh School. This is our highest ranking in the history of the SIS Division A Athletics and I congratulate the team of 90 students who participated to the best of their ability on the day.  I also acknowledge Mr De Goldi and his support team who prepared our students for the day.

Grade 5 Orientation Day

On Thursday of last week, Grade 5 students from St Therese's, St Thomas the Apostle and St Agatha's attended an Orientation Program prepared by Ms Pereira and Ms Connell at both the East and West Campus. The Grade 5 students were involved in activities from subject areas such as Art and Technology, PE and Drama which were run by senior students at the College. The Primary Students had a wonderful day and I thank all the staff and senior students who prepared activities and gave the students a little taste of what it is like to be a student at St Peter’s College.

Grade 5 visit 2   

 Grade 5 visit

James Tharle - Fundraiser

James Tharle is a student in Year 7 at the West Campus of St Peter’s College who has been undergoing cancer treatment at the Peter Maccallum Hospital. We continue to hold James and his family in our prayers and I attach this link to a community fundraising site which has been set up for James and his family to meet some of the more immediate medical costs that they have incurred. Our school community will also be involved in some fundraising activities led by our students for James over the next few weeks.

Please click here to donate


We send our condolences and prayers to staff members  Ms Janelle McRae and Ms Karen Brewster who lost respectively their father and brother in recent weeks. 

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.


Mr Tim Hogan

Latest News
Teaching and Learning News

My Form 3 (Year 9) teacher, Miss McDermott was a wonderful women. She introduced me to Shakespeare in a way that made the ancient words come alive. She pushed me beyond the meagre goals I set for myself and gave me a lifelong love of learning. Her motto that “Knowledge is no burden to bear” has stuck with me for many years.  

One day towards the commencement of Term 4 Miss McDermott wrote P.P.P.P.P in bold letters on the board. In those days it was in chalk and the acronym has been a mantra for me ever since.  Miss McDermott explained that with exams approaching it would be important to commence studies and to prepare for exams well before the due date. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. This prior preparation has a number of advantages. Students who feel well prepared are more confident and experience less stress during exam times. If other commitments crop up there is less pressure to squeeze in examination preparation.  In terms of learning, the commitment of information to long term memory takes constant repetition in order to establish well-worn neuron pathways. These advantages cannot be achieved by cramming for exams the night before.

In 2015 the College introduced several initiatives in order to assist students in preparing for exams. Our library is open until 5.30 each weekday and each Tuesday Staff are available for specific VCE Study questions. Each Thursday in the Global Learning Centre various staff, led by Mrs Smith run our Accelerated Studies hub.

Each Monday, maths staff run the Maths Homework club. At various other times throughout the week our staff offer a wide variety of extension or reinforcement classes for students. Opportunities therefore abound! The trick is to take advantage of all that is offered. Students in Year 10 and 11 will commence exams on Wednesday 4th November. Exams will run until Friday 13th November. While the focus in Year 7- 9 is on formative assessment, most students will have summative assessment for which to prepare. Now is the time to begin preparations and to ensure that each and every student is well prepared to undertake end of year examinations. 


Year 12 Examinations 

The final Year 12 VCE examinations have already commenced with Japanese and French students undertaking the oral component of their exams. I take this opportunity to wish all Year 12 students all the very best for the upcoming VCE examinations. I feel confident that you have been well prepared by the very  best teachers possible. You should feel confident that you are capable and able to achieve excellent results. 

Year 11/12 Induction 

A reminder that Year 11 and 12, 2016 students will commence Induction from 16th November until 27th November. Students in Year 10 who have been accepted into an Accelerated Program will also be required to commence this jump start program. The Induction period is an invaluable start to VCE studies. Students will be given Unit Outlines, receive coursework and be given holiday homework. 

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

East Campus News

Social Networking

Chat and social networking are very common today and have tremendous effects and influence over the lives of many adolescents. There are of course benefits to social networking such as maintaining contact with friends and relatives from around the world 24/7.  Social networking forms a part of the social identity of many young people, therefore it is imperative that they think twice before posting comments, photos or videos of themselves and/or others, which add to or may detract from their reputation. 

With the prevalence of online social networking in today’s society and its potential for cyberbullying and harassment, it is vital that we have conversations with our children about what cyber bullying is. ‘Cyber bullying is the deliberate use of communications and media technologies (email, phones, chatrooms, discussion groups, instant messaging, video clips, cameras, hate websites/pages, blogs and gaming sites) to repeatedly harass, threaten, harm, humiliate, and victimise another with the intention to cause harm, discomfort and intimidation.’ 

I remind all students that words and particular images do hurt, and that they have a responsibility when utilising social media at all times to treat others with dignity and respect and to ensure the good reputation of themselves, members of the community and the good name of the College. 

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing. For, whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech. They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it’ (1 Peter 3:8).

Ms Marjorie Canal
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

SIS Athletics

Monday 12th October saw the annual SIS Athletics Carnival take place. With the weather not in our favour to begin with it was a cold start to the day. As the day progressed we saw the St Peter’s students participating excellently in all events across both track and field and some good results across various age groups. As the sun came out towards the end of the day it was just in time for the relays. St Peter’s had some tough competition throughout the day but still managed to finish fourth behind Padua, St Francis Xavier and Woodleigh. Congratulations to all the students from both the East and West Campus for coming together to form a great team and giving it 100%. 

Ms Chloe Thomas
Sports Manager - East Campus

SIS Debating Grand Final

On Wednesday the 7th of October, our intermediate debating team, consisting of Tiffany Forbes, Sarah Newlands and Laura Wootton competed in the SIS Debating Grand Final. They had the challenge of arguing on the affirmative side of the topic “That employers should not be allowed to hire or fire based on information found on social media”. The students delivered excellent debates on what was a thought-provoking and at times challenging topic, however, despite their excellent efforts, they were narrowly defeated on the day, losing by only one point.

Laura, Sarah and Tiffany should be commended for their outstanding achievements; not only did they make it into the grand final but were undefeated throughout the earlier competition. This is a reflection of the effort and dedication shown by the girls. As a Debating Coach it has been a privilege to witness the growth of the team over the past year and I am looking forward to what they will achieve next year. 

Ms Rebecca Crozier
English and Humanities Coach - East Campus

West Campus News

Japan Study Tour

I have only just returned with Ms Debra Preston and a number of our Year 9 & 10 students from a study tour of Japan.  What a wonderful experience for our students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and language.  Travel really is a great educator.  Our students from the West Campus were Jessica Le Gall  Lachlan Le Grande, Jacob Ralston & Austin Yarde.  The students from the East Campus were Dakota Dempsie-Cotterell, Beverly Mu, & Sarah Trew. Austin Yarde has arranged to stay on until the end of the year which will no doubt further improve his language skills.

Our tour began in Kyoto, the former capital of Japan and led us to the cities of Nara, Hiroshima and Tokyo before we enjoyed five days at our sister school, Seishu High School, in Sapporo on the far northern island called Hokkaido.  It was here that the winter Olympic Games were held in 1972. While in Sapporo, the students had homestay arrangements, attended some classes and went on excursion with their Japanese host students.  It was undoubtedly in this context that the students developed their Japanese language skills and enjoyed themselves the most.  The relationships forged with the friendly and hospitable Japanese students and families were wonderful to see.

For me personally, I was incredibly moved by the Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum in Hiroshima.  The Japanese people have turned a horrific event into an important memorial and gift of peace to the whole world.  I was honored to be present when we hung the paper cranes folded by St Peter’s College students beside Sadako’s memorial in the peace park.  My prayer was for peace in the hearts of all people and consequently between all nations. 

Year 12 End of Year Program

As the end of Year 12 approaches, our students are caught up in so many final celebrations.  It may be a House event or a Student Representative Council Luncheon.  While these are important, our students need to remain focussed on finishing well and not losing sight of the goal to achieve their best in VCE or VCAL.  

Can I remind parents of the Year 12 Program next week and encourage you to join us in celebrating your child’s final school day on Tuesday.  Parents are welcome to attend the Campus Assembly and are asked to be present in the Multipurpose Hall by 11.30am.  There is a BBQ immediately afterwards on the basketball courts.  Please return the reply slip for catering purposes (hand delivered by your child and sent by email). We envisage all celebrations finishing at 1.15pm.

In the evening we will celebrate the Graduation Mass at 6.00pm at St Agatha’s Church, Cranbourne and then return to the Hall for the Valedictory Dinner at 7.00pm. I look forward to meeting you at the dinner and celebrating these wonderful young men and women, your children and our students on what has been a very good year.

An outline of the remaining Year 12 Program attached:

Year 9 Camps

The first group of Year 9 students (Assisi, Augustine, Avila & Glowrey) left on Tuesday, 13 October for their four day team building camp at Anglesea. The aim of this camp is to help students to grow in self-confidence, develop their leadership skills and further build relationships with each other and the staff who are joining them. No doubt they will develop their surfing, canoeing and swimming skills as well, but in many ways this is secondary. The second Year 9 camp (Kolbe, MacKillop, Marian & Romero) will leave on Tues. 27th October.  Thank you to all the teaching staff who generously give up family time to attend these camps and in particular to Mr David Bardi and Ms Jessica Chakman for their organisation and leadership of the camps.

Facts About Head Lice

Head lice will be a problem from time to time in St Peter’s College and it is important to work together as a school community to minimise the frustration caused by the problem.

Click here to read more:

Run For Diabetes Event

click here to view details of Run4Diabetes Event:

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Health and Human Development - Aged Care Facility Excursion

Throughout Unit 2, area of study 2 within Health and Human Development our students are required to explore adulthood (19 years of age until death) as the last stage of the lifespan. Each student is required to understand adult health and development that occurs within early, middle and late adulthood. Confusion is often apparent within students as to the difference between middle adulthood (40-64 years) and late adulthood (65+). To allow students to see, learn and evaluate the changes which occur in such a diverse group, an excursion took place at Lifeview Willow Wood - an aged care facility located in Duff Street, Cranbourne. 

As the weather has become brighter, on Wednesday the 7th of October during periods 1 and 2, the first challenge was the painful 20 minute walk to Lifeview Willow Wood; most showing the signs of suffering as we walked out of the school gates (2 minutes in). We arrived at 9.30am to be greeted by the Social Activities Coordinator, Amanda and students were briefed on some of the residents and how the session would run. 

In small groups, students interacted with the residents, engaging with them in games, reading and discussion whilst learning about their physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Students’ found it difficult at first to engage with the residents, some stating they had no grandparents of their own and therefore were unsure of what to talk about and how they would be received. However, with a little motivation and a handful of discussion topics, students began to show confidence within themselves to talk with a range of elderly adults about their daily activities at Lifeview Willow Wood, their families, social activities and life experiences which have shaped them into the people they are today. 

The discussion continued over morning tea where students were able to move around and socialise with the residents as they enjoyed their cake and tea. At the conclusion, most students did not want to leave, feeling they still had more to share with the new friends they had made. The walk back to school felt a lot shorter, as students shared their stories with one another and boasted of their new friends. Many insisting we should return for another excursion to the aged care facility. 

We would like to thank Amanda, the other staff, and the residents at Lifeview Willow Wood for allowing us into their beautiful facilities and sharing their stories with staff and students alike. This information is vital to students upcoming Examinations in November for Units 1 and 2 Health and Human Development and each student spoke so highly of the learning experience; feeling that they had gained an insight which would not have been possible from completing theory in a classroom. 

Mrs Sarah Slykerman
Health and Human Development Teacher

Art and Technology Exhibition

Tuesday night’s opening of The Arts and Technology Exhibition for 2015 showcased the many talents of our students and was a great chance to celebrate success with family and friends. 

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures” Henry Beecher.

As we looked around at the diversity, quality and range of style this sentiment was very evident. These events are not possible without the support and efforts of the arts and technology staff and also a range of support staff so I would very much like to thank them.

The following students are to be congratulated for receiving individual House awards:


Art Award: Mikaela Giaquinta
Commendation Award: Meg Horlock, Breanne Wood


Art Award: Adam Perera
Commendation Award: Dierdre Peterson


Art Award: Aaron Hoernlein
Commendation Award: Anil Cetoupe


Art Award: Susana Keni
Commendation Award: Mikayla Van Der Velden


Art Award: Natasha Gubic
Commendation: Nicholas Spiteri, Charlotte Lampard


Art Award: Latisha Dalton
Commendation Award: Hayden Billing


Art Award: Katherine Atkins
Commendation Award: Bridget Wakartschuk


Art Award: Kirra Harris
Commendation Award: Georgia Campbell, Chyan Waiti,
Claire Patterson.

Arts expo 2015

Congratulations once again

Ms Vivienne Hayes
Arts Coach


Human Powered Vehicle and Cycling Races

Last weekend was a very busy and exciting time with two major events occurring on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the final race of the year for the Bass Coast HPV Circuit. The morning began with beautiful sunny weather as the 128 teams gathered and set up at the Casey Fields Criterium Cycling Track for the 6 hour race.

The St Peter’s HPV Team was made up of the two vehicles, Shadowcat and Stripy Tiger, ridden by Damon Quirk, Charlie Ratten, Darcy Paulka, Rhys Davidson, Michael Miller, Tim Miller, Emily Clahsen, Dylan Powell, Joshua Bartlett, Glen Sieben, Jack Johns and Sean Humble. The 10am start arrived quickly and the two teams were ready compete. From the beginning, the competition was fierce with vehicles jockeying for positions. By lunchtime the weather turned and rain started to fall. Quickly the wet conditions affected the riders resulting in several rollovers and crashes. The two teams rode strongly and by the end of the race had placed 7th and 15th in the Open Category where they were competing against Year 12 students. Overall, a fantastic conclusion to the race.

On Sunday, Rhys Davidson travelled to Bendigo for the School Cycling State Finals. This included the top riders from the Regional competitions around Victoria. The race was tight with two crashes on the last lap. Rhys rode hard and kept with the lead pack, but just missed out on a placing with only a few metres between riders.

Between the two races, the Human Powered Vehicle Team had a fantastic weekend and are lookin forward to the upcoming Maryborough HPV competition and the start of next year’s racing circuit.

Mr Ziggy Wolinski
HPV Coordinator

East Campus Arts & Technology Exhibition

St Peter's East Campus presents: IT'S MAD Arts & Technology Exhibition on Monday 19 October in the Arts & Technology Building.

Exhibition starts at 7.00pm and Awards begin at 7.30pm

Come along and enjoy Live Performances, Sweets, Art and Technology all in one place

Exchange News


Expression of interest forms have been distributed to all Japanese teachers on both campuses for travel to Japan in 2016. Please be sure to return this slip as soon as possible. 

Forms can also be obtained from the office at both campuses. An Information evening will be held during Term 4.

Ms Olimpia Rosenblum
Exchange Coordinator

Parents & Friends Association


7.15pm Tea and Coffee

7.30 - 9.00pm St Peter's College EAST CAMPUS

(Enter via Heather Grove Gates please) 

Cert. lll Children’s Services, B.A., Dip. Ed., B.Ed.(Hons) VCE French, Integrated Learning, French

Ms Olimpia Rosenblum joined the College in 2014 and this year has taken up the position of Teaching and Learning Coach – Languages at our East Campus, as well as continuing her role as Exchange Coordinator. The role of Exchange Coordinator encompasses both our East and West Campus. Olimpia has a strong background in languages and the Arts, having lived and worked in Paris for over 9 years. Olimpia will focus her presentation on the College Exchange Program for the meeting.


2015/16 Entertainment Books 

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Memorial Pavers

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Upcoming Events

Thursday 15 October


Friday 16 October

East Campus Tour

Yr 9 Camp 1 returns

Saturday 17 October

Uniform Shop Open 8.00am - 12 noon

Monday 19 October

East Campus Arts & Technology Expo - 7.00pm

Tuesday 20 October

Yr 12's Last Day

Graduation Mass 5,45pm at St Agatha's Church

Valedictory Dinner - 7.00pm - College Hall

Thursday 22 October

East Campus 2017 Information Evening - 6.30pm

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