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Issue 29  |  16 September 2015
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From the Principal

End of Term 

I wish all families a safe and happy holidays and hopefully some better weather than what we have been having throughout the term. In particular we bring to mind our Year 12 students and give them every encouragement as they move into the last 6 weeks before their final exams.

At this stage of the year completing practice exams and gaining feedback from their teachers is the most important preparation that a Year 12 student can complete. To this aim practice exams have been scheduled for the second week of the school holidays in the multi-purpose hall for all Year 12 students completing their VCE.  I also acknowledge and thank the many Year 12 staff who will be conducting extra sessions over the 2 week holiday period to assist students in their final preparations.


It is always pleasing to highlight in our weekly newsletter some of the wonderful achievements our students have earned through dedication and application of their creative talents I draw to your attention and congratulate the following students.

SIS Debaters 

Our intermediate team from the East Campus have won their way to the final of the SIS Debating competition which will take place next term against Woodleigh College. The team consisting of Laura Wootton, Sarah Newlands and Tiffany Forbes have worked extremely hard over the last few years developing their debating skills and deserve recognition for their effort and dedication. I also thank their coach Miss Crozier for the many hours she has spent preparing these students.

Debaters 16 Sept

The Senior Debating Team of Nathan Martens, Ryan Trost and Mikaela Tai were narrowly defeated by Woodleigh College in the Semi Final 229 to 227. This team has been representing the College for a number of years and won the title last year as Year 11 students. They have been wonderful role models for our junior students and I thank them for their contribution to our school debating program.


Congratulations to Nathan Willett in Year 7 at the East Campus who has just received an invitation to compete in the 2015 Victorian Golf pennant season. This is a wonderful achievement for a Year 7 students and indicating that he is playing golf at a very high standard at a young age.

Nathan Willett


I congratulate Joanna Picerni who finished in the Top 10 in the State 15 Year Old Short Course Swimming Titles. In order to finish in the top 10 Joanna earned high level performances  in the 200 medley, 100 backstroke and the 100 Breaststroke demonstrating her outstanding all round swimming talents.

Joanna Picerni


I thank Ms Tracy Alles for her contribution to St Peter’s over the last 8 years. Ms Alles started her teaching career at St Peter’s and has been a wonderful teacher in the area of Science and Psychology. We wish her well as she takes on a position at Fintona Girls School in 2016.

Positions of Leadership - 2016 

I congratulate the following new and existing staff members who have been appointed to Positions of Leadership at the East and West Campus of St Peter’s College for 2016.  It is a good sign for St Peter’s that we are attracting a quality field of applicants both internally and externally for our advertised positions.  All positions commence at the start of the next school year and will continue to focus on the goals outlined in our 2015-2018 strategic plan.

East Campus Positions of Leadership

Augustine & Glowrey House Leader  Ms Jodie Connell
Avila & Assisi House Leader  Ms Marjorie Canal
Kolbe & Marian House Leader  Mr Greg Furlong
MacKillop & Romero House Leader  Ms Caroline Passagne
Yr 7-10 Curriculum Leader   Miss Emily McClelland
   (Ex-St Joseph's College)
Senior Curriculum Leader   Ms Julie Banda 
Assistant RE Leader   Mr Roger Hampson
ICT Coach   Mr Duane Cox
Assistant House Leader  Mr Jean-Paul Antoine 
Assistant House Leader  Mr Alex Prins 
   (Ex- Monash University)
Assistant House Leader  Miss Rebecca Stewart
Assistant House Leader  Miss Meaghan Atkins
LEC Coach   TBA

West Campus Positions of Leadership

Glowrey House Leader                    Ms Gina Goss
Avila House Leader   Ms Mona Esmaty
House Leader Mr Peter Brannan
House Leader   Mr Peter Woodhouse
House Leader   Mr Jason Blackburn 
  (Ex- Marist Sion College)
Assistant RE Leader  Miss Marissa Joyce
Careers Co-ordinator Ms Melissa Dillon
Sports Manager  Mr Justin De Goldi
Production Co-ordinator Mr Frank Carter 


I wish to thank the following staff for their dedicated service and stewardship who are no longer continuing in their roles beyond 2015.

Assisi House Leader   Mr Roger Hampson (West)
Kolbe House Leader    Mr David Bardi (West)
Humanities Leader                               Ms Julie Banda (West)
RE Assistant   Mr Greg Nelson (West)
Senior Curriculum Leader  Ms Janine Dissenga (East)



Mr Tim Hogan

Latest News
Teaching and Learning News


The Oxford Dictionary defines Redemption as “to recover by expenditure of effort”.

I love this definition because it speaks to the intent of our College Redemption process. The Redemption process was established to provide students with a second opportunity to complete assessment tasks that for a variety of reasons are overdue. The Thursday afternoon sessions are deliberately NOT called detention. This would send a message of punitive punishment to students which is the opposite of what is expected. The message that all staff send to student through the process of redemption is that all assessment must be submitted. There are no opportunities to simply opt out. Just as in the work place we as adults can not simply choose not to complete our set tasks, so too students are expected to complete each assessment task in each subject. 

The second part of the definition is important – “expenditure of effort”. While parents and staff can make every effort to facilitate the learning, it is up to each individual student to expend the effort required to gain success at school. Students must be prepared to apply themselves to the tasks set in this last term. Term 4 is a short term and an organised and focused approach will be required if students are to fulfil the goals set way back at the beginning of the year. 

To our Year 12 students and Year 11 Accelerated students – I wish you all the best for the upcoming weeks. As exams approach I encourage you to plan your study and to use the resources available to you such as EDROLO, the Library and your teachers. Remember the words of Gary Player “The harder I practice, the luckier I get”. Be sure to submit many practice exams to your teachers, reflect on the feedback and strive to obtain the best possible result for yourselves. 

Please click here to view exam schedule

Literacy, Numeracy and Technology

This week, a report was published in the media showing the negative correlation around the world between growth in numeracy and literacy and the use of computers.  In other words, students that have increasingly used technology at school have grown at a slower rate or even declined in their literacy and numeracy skills compared to countries where computers and iPads have been used less.  A couple of points need to be made in understanding this useful study.

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning


West Campus News

Sports Uniform

Unfortunately, a significant number of students have chosen to wear their sports uniform at times when they are not entitled.  A number of parents have recently asked that the school continue to enforce this policy recognising its importance in preparing our students for the workforce, helping parents to maintain standards with their children and to protect the school’s good reputation in the community.

From the beginning of Term 4, the rules governing the wearing of Sports Uniform have been modified.

Please note:

  • The College Uniform is to be worn to and from school, to formal exams for students in Years 10-12 and during excursions. Year 12 students are permitted to wear casual clothes to the final examinations only.
  • The Sports Uniform is only permitted to be worn during practical Physical Education classes, during SIS competitions, House Sports Carnivals, certain excursions as designated by the teacher-in-charge and every Thursday, Week 2.
  • Sports Uniform may also be worn home by students who are required to wear this uniform during Period 5.  This is a privilege for students, designed to make it easier for them and avoid changing simply for travelling home.  
  • Students are NOT to wear the Sports Uniform to school simply because they have a PE class some time during the day.

Our Zero Tolerance Policy will be strictly enforced.  If students are unclear of the expectations they should speak with their Learning Advisor or House Leader.

Where a breach of uniform is able to be immediately rectified, this will occur and the student will be placed on lunchtime detention.  The only exception to this policy is where on evident medical grounds a student cannot wear part or parts of the school uniform.

September Holidays

I am fortunate enough to be travelling to Japan with Ms Debra Preston and seven of our students on a Language Study Tour in the holiday period. Whatever, you have planned, I hope that it is enjoyable and restful for our students and that you have a chance for some positive family time. For our Year 12 students, I trust that they will use this non-instruction period wisely through preparation for their final examinations and attendance at their practice examinations.  If your football team is still in the competition…good luck.  I pray that all our students have a safe and happy holiday.

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

East Campus News

Alopecia Fundraising

What a turnout we had at lunch time on Tuesday to the Alopecia Fundraising. ‘Alopecia is a general term used for hair loss; this can be a small bald patch on the head or the loss of all the hair over the entire body.’ Thank you to Miss Chloe Thomas for assisting the students, Michaela, Paige, Alex and Glen with the organisation of the event and for all those who supported the cause. It was great to see many students support and watch the students cut so much of their beautiful hair! The students raised $208.55 and there is still more money coming in; we will keep everyone posted on our final tally. 

Footy Colours Day

Footy Colours Day was a success despite the weather. The hand ball activities at recess were cancelled due to the rain, but fortunately the weather had cleared by lunch and the Longest Kick activity was held on the oval. Thank you to both boys and girls for participating in the event and donating to the Syrian refugees’ crisis.

Prayer for Refugees

Almighty and merciful God,
whose Son became a refugee
and had no place to call his own;

look with mercy on those who today
are fleeing from danger,
homeless and hungry.

Bless those who work to bring them relief;
inspire generosity and compassion in all our hearts; 
and guide the nations of the world towards that day
when all will rejoice in your Kingdom of justice and of peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

SIS Debating

Congratulations to Tiffany Forbes, Sarah Newlands and Laura Wootton, who won the SIS Debating Semi Finals. They proceed to the finals, which will be held in Term 4. I congratulate Ms Crozier, who has supported and guided the girls over the last four years. Ms Crozier and the girls are to be commended on their efforts and achievement. We wish them every success in the finals.

I wish all students and staff a restful and safe holiday and look forward to both the finer weather and seeing you all in Term 4. 

Ms Marjorie Canal
Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Maths Effort and Excellence Awards Term 3 - West Campus

In Maths we have been celebrating the admirable effort and pursuit of excellence that is seen in all of our classrooms this term. Across a wide range of topics, students have performed exceptionally. The following students have been recognised by their teachers for the dedication, determination and focus they have demonstrated in Mathematics during Term 3. I would personally like to congratulate all students achieving excellent results and showing a dedication to their studies this term.

Alyssa Di Nuzzo, Andrew Dawson, Anghelo De La Cruz, Atamjeet Singh, Austin Bitanga, Austin Yarde, Bethany Dodgson, Britney Phillips, Cameron Walker, Chloe Harbour, Claire Rankin, Cliona Barrientos, Costa Zorotheos, Daniela Osafo-Kwaako, Emelia Van Soest, Grace De Felice, Hayden Sproul, Imogen Stoneman, James Toskov, Jason Danielides, Jeremy D’Lima, Jesse McGuigan, Joanna Picerni, Joey Kariman, Josh Smith, Lauren Theodore, Lavinia Popov, Luke Schreurs, Madeline Smith, Max Collins, Michael Prinzi, Mikaela Dakic, Mikaela Tai, Morgan-Lee Davies, Myra Wood, Natasha Dakic, Natasha Xerri, Nathan Martens, Nathan Peipers, Rachel Affas, Rachel Camilleri, Ramon Kwek, Renee Allen, Ryan Kissick, Ryan Thompson, Santhosh Siva, Sarah Hamilton, Sebastian Lipiszko, Seth Fowler, Stefan Van Der Velden, Tyson Wood, Victoria Hitchcock and Zane Hyde

Congratulations also goes to Joanna Picerni who was selected from all the nominees to win a $30 Typo voucher. 

We hope to see more names on the list for Term 4. Keep up the excellent effort and achievement. Remember, Mathematics is a skill we can all improve with dedication and practice. Small amounts of regular work can help to improve skills enormously. Parents are reminded that all students should be doing at least 4 short sessions of maths homework each week. Homework might include, completing tasks which have not been completed in class; reviewing a concept via the online tools available on Mathletics and PearsonPlaces; or checking for accuracy on work that was completed in class. Discuss with your teacher if you need further materials to help you reach your goals.

Mrs Louise Mansfield 
Mathematics Coach - West Campus

Maths Effort and Excellence Awards Term 3 - East Campus

We would very much like to congratulate and celebrate the effort and achievement of the following students in Mathematics. Their commitment to their studies and consistent work ethic has not gone unnoticed in their pursuit of excellence. Many also have won awards with their dedicated attendance at Maths Help on Mondays. 

I would personally like to congratulate all students and encourage every student to strive for their best. 

Congratulations to our winning students:

Nadia Carosella, Austin Hour, Shantelle Lazarus, Prateeksha Prasad
Braydon Hillman,Tais Lildaree, Emily Hoyle, Sarah Newlands, Chloe Shrimpton, Andrea Garcia, Mikaela Gardner, Cheyenne D'Costa, Anna Andronis, Prerna Singh, Angelica Capacete, Francis Teanio, Angelin Tom
Alica Sieben, Natalia D'Rozario, Mariel Garcia, Hayden Lay, Shruti Naushad, Reanne Bareno, Patricia Dy, Sefina Heng, Connor O'Riordan, Jessica Van Eede, Taylah Reader, Mecia Cruz, Emma Collins, Natasha Clayton, Yvette Garcia, Liam Wong, Monique Jose, Bradley Fielden, James Madrisa, Andy Breheny-Bailey, Emma Carusi, Liam Oliver, Hiral Sethi and Nivya Benny.

If they have not received their certificate please come and see me.

Thank you once again for your hard work and dedication to your studies.

Mr Brett Barber 
Mathematics Coach - East Campus

Backpacks 4 Vic Kids


Thank you to all those who have made contributions already:

We are delivering our Backpacks on Tuesday 6th October. Items can be left at College Reception throughout the Holidays and on the first day back. If you would like more information or have any questions please don’t hesitate contacting me.

As a community I think we can assist Backpacks 4 Vic Kids in providing the items or backpacks to help support the children being placed into foster care. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like for these children to be placed into care & not having anything of their own. We can assist by making a small difference to these children lives. 

Often children are placed quickly into foster care without much more than what they are wearing at the time. 

They need our help.

Backpacks 4 Vic Kids is a Cranbourne based community group but supports children in foster care throughout Victoria.  They are a registered non-profit community group run by volunteers. 

They assist by providing quality Back Packs and Nappy Bags to children ages 0-17 years entering in foster care in Victoria. Backpacks or Nappy Bags contain size and gender appropriate contents including essential items (such as toiletries), clothing, pyjamas, a torch, blanket and a toy or activity which will belong to the child and will stay with them should they be relocated.

To veiw and print sample lists please click here:

Mrs April Hampson
Marketing Manager

Term 4 Tues 6th October

A reminder that students will be required to wear Summer Uniform on their return for Term 4.

Please check that Uniform items meet College standards prior end of Term 3 to allow time (if required) for purchases and/or repairs and alterations.

Past experience tells us that particular attention should be given to the Girls Summer Uniform Dress length, which is required to be on the knee or below. To read full uniform standards please click 'READ MORE'

Uniform Shop Opening Hours:

Thurs 17th Sept 8.00 - 12noon

To order new items on line please click here:

To purchase secondhand items on line please click here:



Graduating Class of 2005

The Graduates' Association of St Peter's College 
cordially invites Graduating Class of 2005 Students and Partners

to celebrate

the Class of 2005 Ten Year Reunion

•    Date:       Saturday 24th October 2015
•    Time:       7.10 pm for a College Tour; Welcome Drinks from 7.30 pm;
•    Finishes: 11.30 pm.
•    Venue:    St. Peter's College Hall. Navarre Drive entrance
•    Dress:     Formal
•    Ticket:     $65.00 per head - includes finger food and beverages

RSVP:    Post or email your RSVP to reach us no later than 9th Oct 2015 

To update your contact details please click the link and update via our website Alumni Section.  Click here:


Invest in your most precious asset......Your Marriage!

Forget life’s tensions and interruptions and rekindle the closeness, intimacy, love and romance that brought you together. Recharge your relationship batteries and explore the precious nature of your marriage, allowing you both to share your feelings, hopes and dreams with each other in ways that normal, daily living tends to inhibit.

There is no group sharing. Couples and a priest present the weekend. It is based around Catholic values but couples of all faiths are welcome.
Melbourne weekend dates : 23-25 Oct (last one for 2015), 8-10 April, 17-19 June, 19-21 Aug, 11-13 Nov in 2016

Starts 7pm on Friday. Ends 5pm Sunday. Accommodation and all meals provided.

Information/Bookings: PH: Marianne & Marcel (03) 9733 0997 Email: vicbookings@wwme.org.au Website:www.wwme.org.au

SIS Debating

The Senior Team of Nathan Martens, Ryan Trost and Mikaela Tai were narrowly defeated by Woodleigh  College in the Semi Final 229 to 227.

The team have been together for four years and won the title last year.

They were gracious in defeat  and were great role models for our six teams that competed in SIS Debating this Semseter.

We thank them for their contribution to the College. 

Congratulations go to St Peter's College East Campus  Intermediate Team who won their way to the SIS Grand Final that will be on October 7th against Woodleigh College.

Mr Roger Hampson
Assisi House Leade

Religious Education

To non-Catholics, some Catholic traditions may seem a little strange. For instance, Catholics celebrate the birth of special people, the deaths of people such as the martyrs and saints, special events and sometimes objects. 

This week the universal church celebrates one of these latter events: The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The feast celebrates three historical events: the finding of the True Cross by Saint Helena, the mother of the emperor Constantine; the dedication of churches built by Constantine on the site of the Holy Sepulchre and Mount Calvary; and the restoration of the True Cross to Jerusalem by the emperor Heraclius II. But in a deeper sense, the feast also celebrates the Holy Cross as the instrument of our salvation. This instrument of torture, designed to degrade the worst of criminals, became the life-giving tree that reversed Adam's Original Sin when he ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. After the death and resurrection of Christ, both the Jewish and Roman authorities in Jerusalem made efforts to obscure the Holy Sepulchre, Christ's tomb in the garden near the site of His crucifixion. The earth had been mounded up over the site, and pagan temples had been built on top of it. The Cross on which Christ had died had been hidden (tradition said) by the Jewish authorities somewhere in the vicinity.

Traditionally, St. Helena is said to have found three crosses this spot. In order to identify the true cross, St Helena took the three crosses to a woman who was near death; when she touched the True Cross, she was healed. In celebration of the discovery of the Holy Cross, Constantine ordered the construction of churches at the site of the Holy Sepulchre and on Mount Calvary. Those churches were dedicated on September 13 and 14, 335, and shortly thereafter the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross began to be celebrated on the latter date. The feast is now universal.

St. Peter, Pray for Us.

Mr Greg Nelson
Assistant Religious Education Leader, West Campus


7.15pm Tea and Coffee

7.30 - 9.00pm St Peter's College EAST CAMPUS

(Enter via Heather Grove Gates please) 

Cert. lll Children’s Services, B.A., Dip. Ed., B.Ed.(Hons) VCE French, Integrated Learning, French

Ms Olimpia Rosenblum joined the College in 2014 and this year has taken up the position of Teaching and Learning Coach – Languages at our East Campus, as well as continuing her role as Exchange Coordinator. The role of Exchange Coordinator encompasses both our East and West Campus. Olimpia has a strong background in languages and the Arts, having lived and worked in Paris for over 9 years. Olimpia will focus her presentation on the College Exchange Program for the meeting.


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Tuesday 6 October

Term 3 begins

Summer Uniform

Friday 9 October

Japan Trip Return


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