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Issue 28  |  09 September 2015
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From the Principal

East Campus Building Projects

A number of building and landscaping projects are under way at the East Campus as students numbers progress towards 550 in 2016.  Landscaping around the new Art & Technology building will be completed by the end of Term 3 and the new Admin and Temporary Year 9 facility will be in place for the beginning of Term 1 2016. This building will be completed off site and installed in late November of this year. The opening of the Art & Technology Centre, Admin/Year 9 Facility and New Sculpture of St Peter will take place at the opening mass for the East Campus on the 11th of February 2016.

Our New Bishop Patrick O’Reagan will bless and dedicate the new facilities alongside our local member of Parliament Anthony Byrne and Director of Education for the Sale Diocese Ms Maria Kirkwood

east campus 2

East campus 1

“R U oK” ?

On Thursday the 10th of September, our school along with others around the country will participate in  R U Ok? Day. It is an event that encourages everyone to ask someone the question ‘are you okay?’ to raise awareness about mental health in Australia and to contribute to suicide prevention. The preparedness to ask the question is an important starting point in intervening with mental health issues as is the capacity to connect people to further assistance when their responses require it. Students will participate in a number of activities aimed at  building empathy for those around them and their capacity  to ask simply “R U oK?” I thank our Student Well-beingTeam lead by Mrs Carter for their preparation of the day's events and their on-going support of the mental health of our students.  


I congratulate our 2014 College Captain Mitchell White who debuted for the Melbourne Demons last Sunday against the GWS Giants. Mitch was very impressive playing off half-back collecting 16 possessions before being subbed in the last quarter. Mitch joins other ex-students who have been drafted over the last 5 years including Luke Parker at the Sydney Swans and Andy McInnes at Carlton. We wish him well for a long and rewarding career at the Melbourne Football Club.

melbourne captain

Footy Colours Day

In the last week of term St Peter’s traditionally holds a footy colours day to raise funds for cancer related charities. Through discussions in Tutor Group this week our students have chosen to redirect our fundraising efforts to assist those caught up in the Syrian Refugee crisis.  This is the 5th year of the Syrian Conflict which has seen up to 4 million refugees flee to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt where in worsening conditions they see no prospect of returning home in the near future, and have little opportunity to restart their lives in exile.

When Christ said “for I was a stranger and you welcomed me" he showed us the way forward.  It was uplifting to see the warm welcome extended to the Refugees by the German people over the last week. I pray that our Australian Community will be just as generous over the coming months.


Choir Practice

Throughout the course of the year Ms Warde has been conducting choir practise with Year 7 & 8 students to develop their ability to participate in school masses and encourage school spirit. The students have been learning our school Hymn “Be Not Afraid”, the Aboriginal Our father and the National Anthem. They are improving each week and I look forward to their contribution at the final Year 12 assembly next term when they will sing “Be Not Afraid” in prayer and in farewell for the class of 2015.



I acknowledge the contribution of Ms Romi Bennett who will be leaving St Peter’s College at the end of this school year. Ms Bennett as the inaugural House Leader for Marian House has done a wonderful job developing the charism and delivering pastoral care to both students and families for that House. Ms Bennett will be taking up the position of Year 10 Level Co-ordinator at Salesian College Chadstone in 2016.


Mr Tim Hogan

Latest News
East Campus News

Parent Teacher Interviews

It was fantastic to see the number of students that attended Parent Teacher Interviews on Wednesday with their parents. I encourage all parents to discuss further the parent teacher interview and the feedback they have received regarding their child’s learning. Michael Grose, author of 8 parenting books, suggests some positive ways in which a discussion could take place:

  • Avoid giving generalisations or simplistic appraisals such as: “The teacher says you are a good student.”
  • Discuss areas that need work in positive terms. Talk about strengths or successes first before discussing areas that may need more work.
  • A clear message such as, “We talked about your writing and the teacher suggested that we should try...” is far more helpful.
  • Involve your child in discussing any plans for improvement. 
  • Avoid making big plans for your child to improve in a subject area without consulting him or her. 

By involving children and taking notice of their ideas, plans are more likely to be successful. There is much research on the assertion that parents’ attitudes, behaviours, and actions in relation to their children’s education have a substantial impact on student learning and educational attainment. The key to facilitating positive change in a child’s academic attainment is the engagement of parents in learning outcomes in the home. International research has shown that parental engagement (of various kinds) has a positive impact on

  • higher grades and test scores, 
  • enrolment in higher level programs and advanced classes, 
  • higher successful completion of classes, 
  • lower drop-out rates, 
  • higher graduation rates, and 
  • a greater likelihood of commencing postsecondary education. 

Beyond educational achievement, parental engagement is associated with various indicators of student development. These include: 

  • more regular school attendance, 
  • better social skills, 
  • improved behaviour, 
  • better adaptation to school, 
  • increased social capital, 
  • a greater sense of personal competence and efficacy for learning, greater engagement in school work, and a stronger belief in the importance of education. 

So please, over a hot cup of milo or perhaps a bite to eat at Maccas, have the one to one conversation, affirming your child’s strengths, recognising areas to work on and possible strategies that could be tried in an effort to improve your child’s learning and success. 

Ms Marjorie Canal
Acting Deputy Principal, Head of East Campus

Year 11 Physical Education

Last Friday 4th of September Ms Stewart’s Year 11 PE class spent the morning with the grade 3 and 4 students from St Thomas primary school.  As part of the area of study for coaching in the Year 11 Physical Education course, the Year 11 students coached the primary students on different ball skills and conducted fitness activities with them. The primary students thoroughly enjoyed the games and the skill base stations. We hope to continue working with the students at St Thomas to not only improve their fitness and ball skills, but importantly the relationship between the two schools and easing the transition to secondary school. 

Ms Rebecca Stewart
Sports Teacher



West Campus News

Footy Colours Day – Tuesday 15 September

Students have the opportunity to celebrate their favourite football team, no matter what the code, on Footy Colours Day.  This year, students have elected to donate all the proceeds to the Syrian Refugee Crisis.  This is a most worthy cause especially coming soon after Migrant and Refugee Sunday, when the church asked us to consider the needs of so many people in our global village who have been displaced.  

Students and parents are asked to take note of the following so as to fully participate in the day:

  • Students may wear casual clothes.  This is a once only event to support the Syrian Refugee Crisis.
  • Students are encouraged to wear a jersey/polo of the footy team of their choice (any football code-eg, Australian Rules,Rugby Union, Rugby League, Soccer). If you wear a Footy Guernsey.
  • Students may also wish to wear a football scarf or beanie.
  • Any student in casual clothes or footy colours (including scarf or beanie) is to make a gold coin donation to the Syrian Refugee crisis.
  • There will be hot dogs for sale at lunchtime in the Central Courtyard.

Activities at lunchtime in the courtyard or onthe soccer oval include:

  • Feed the Hippo (a football handball competition run by Augustine House)
  • a soccer goal shooting competition (run by Marian house).
  • BABY RACE - bring a group of friends to the courtyard and have some fun. $2 per person and the winner gets a lollipop :)

West Campus Athletics Carnival Rescheduled – Friday 11 September

The West Campus Athletics Carnival has been rescheduled for Friday, 11 September.  Students may be picked up at approximately 2.45 pm or make their own way home from the athletics.  Bus transport back to school in the afternoon is only available to those students who have indicated that it was required on their return permission slips.  All students are required to start the day at the College. Students may not drive to the athletics carnival from school. Students are to wear their Sports Uniform.  Year 11 & 12 students may dress in the house colours.  VCAL student are not required at the carnival because of their Friday outside school commitments.

New Concrete Pathway

Contractors have begun construction of a new pathway from the back pedestrian gate on Navarre Drive into the College grounds.  This path will ensure students can safely enter the College without having to travel on wet grass.  While construction is taking place, students will have to use the back gateway alongside cars.  We will ensure staff are at hand to minimise this risk and ensure the safety of our children.  We do ask all drivers using this back gate to be particularly careful during the pathway construction.

Mr David Hansen
Deputy Principal, Head of West Campus

Teaching and Learning News

Year 12 September school holidays  Compulsory Exams        

All Year 12 VCE students and any Year 11 student who is currently studying a Unit 3/4 subject is required to attend the Practise Examinations held in the September school holidays. Students shouldwear full school uniform. All examinations are held at the West campus Multi Purpose Hall.

Please click here to view exam schedule

Ms Marlene Jorgensen
Deputy Principal, Teaching and Learning

St Therese's Twilight Carnival

November 6, 2015 from 4:00pm until 9:00pm.  Come and support St Therese’s Twilight Carnival and enjoy Carnival Rides and over 30 stalls.  A fantastic family event ending in a Fireworks Display!!  Stay up to date with the latest information by viewing our Carnival Facebook Page. Click here  We have a Children’s Second Hand Stall and a White Elephant stall, so if you have anything to donate, please don’t hesitate to contact our school on 5996 7525.  No furniture can be accepted, however all other donations will be appreciated.


Exchange News


Mayumi Matsumoto has been with St Peter’s College since the beginning of Term 2 when she arrived from Japan for a 5 month internship.  She has been an invaluable member of the languages staff at both east and west campuses where she has given her time to assist students with improving their comprehension and speaking skills in the Japanese language.

Mayumi will return to Japan next week.  On behalf of the St Peter’s College Exchange program, I would like to express sincere gratitude to Mayumi and to all the host families and staff who have given her a wonderful experience during her stay, often going out of their way to make her internship a truly unforgettable one.   The photo above was taken by Ms Carolyn McNeil during a recent outing to Luna Park

Ms Olimpia Rosenblum
Exchange Coordinator

Science Fair Winners West Campus 2015

At the whole School Assembly last week, the Science Faculty announced the winners from the Science Fair for each homeroom. The overall winners were also announced.

The winners announced were as follows:

  • 7A: Eggs experiment – Tayla Cunnington, Maddie McKay and Abbi                Robshaw
  • 7B: Food Dyed Flowers – Sophie Allen, Tania Bobby-Simon and Jessica       Smith
  • 7C: The Effects of Different Light Conditions on Plant Growth – Bethany          Tai, Charlotte Dawson and Georgia Clover
  • 7D: Coloured Candles – Ella Martin, Ruby Albrecht and Laticia Nocera
  • 7E: Fastest Way to Cool Soda – Arnie Kaushal, Josh Bennett and                 Nathan Hennekam
  • 7F: Impact of Different Magnets on Ferrs Fluid – Jordan Dinuzzo, Ethan         Turnbull and Lachlan Davie
  • Overall Winners from 7A: How Different Temperatures Affect the Collapsing of a Can – Brendon Quintal, Darcy Fox and Nitin Dogra

The Science Faculty would like to congratulate the hard work put in by all students involved in the Science Fair this year. Well Done!

Mrs Tania Brown
Teaching and Learning Coach – Science 

Sports News


St Peter’s  2- 0 Waverley Grammar
St Peter’s 0 – 5 Carey Grammar
St Peter’s 0 – 2 Westbourne Grammar

Having qualified for a second successive year, by winning the SIS Senior Girls Soccer tournament, the collection of Y9 to 12 girls travelled to the Darebin International Sports Complex, bleary eyed after an early morning meet time of 7.30am. We began in dominant fashion, crushing Waverley with our “route one” approach – Dakic (N) and Jones scoring the goals. After a long break before the next match, we were caught cold and found ourselves 4-0 down at half time to Carey …. Last year’s overall winners.

A much better second half performance saw us only concede one more in what was a tough game, as clearly the Carey side had far more experiences soccer players than us ! Our final fixture could have gone either way, but we failed to capitalise on the half chances we created and went down 2-0 to Westbourne. The girls’ behaviour was exemplary throughout the day and their effort and commitment was never in question. With almost all players still available next year, we can perhaps stand a better chance of competing for the overall prize of being presented the trophy at half time of a Melbourne City A-League game.

The girls all now qualify for a free ticket to Melbourne City vs Western Sydney Wanderers on Fri. 13th Nov (kick off 7.40pm – AAMI park) … see Mr Broadley to claim. Well Done to all !

Mr Andy Broadley
Soccer Coach

Religious Education

Tuesday 8 September marks the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Catholic Church has celebrated Mary’s birth since at least the sixth century. A September birth was chosen as the Eastern Church begins its Church year with September. There is no scriptural account of Mary’s birth however there are writings recounting the birth dating to the second century. Subsequent tradition is based on these writings.

St Augustine connects Mary’s birth with Jesus’ saving work. He tells the earth to rejoice and shine forth in the light of her birth. 

Today we can see every human birth as a call for new hope in the world. The new child has the potential to be a channel of God’s love and peace to the world.

This is all true in a magnificent way in Mary.

If Jesus is the perfect expression of God’s love, Mary is the foreshadowing of that love.

If Jesus has brought the fullness of salvation, Mary is its dawning.

Birthday celebrations bring happiness to the celebrant as well as to family and friends.

Next to the birth of Jesus, Mary’s birth offers the greatest possible happiness to the world. Each time we celebrate her birth we can confidently hope for an increase of peace in our hearts and in the world at large.       

Mr Peter Woodhouse 
Assistant Religious Education Coordinator- Cranbourne East

St Agatha's Parish News

A Sausage Sizzle to raise funds for the works of Mercy of the Samoan Divine Mercy Prayer group will be held next Saturday 13 September after 9.00am and 10.45 Masses

St Vincent De Paul Society in Cranbourne continues to assist over 1200 families and 700 individuals each year.  We are seeking volunteers to help us in our work.  Come and see how you can help us to help others at an information session on Tuesday 15 September, 7.00pm in the Parish Hall.

St Agatha’s Parish Voice for Life Dinner:  We are having a dinner on Friday 30 October at 7.00pm in the Parish Hall.  Our Guest speaker will be Anne Lastman, a renowned speaker and counsellor who will be speaking on “Healing, Love & Hope.  To book tickets, please contact the Parish office.  Cost $18.00 per person.

Agape Youth Meetings are now held on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.  Next meeting is 15 September

Spread Joy Youth Camp during the school holidays for Year 7 – 10 students on how to be your true self and share your God given gifts with the world to be held on 28 September 7.00pm – 30 September 11.00am at The Island Christian Youth Camp, 41 – 53 Church Street Cowes, $60.00 pp

St Agatha's Parish

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